What a Site/What a Night!
A Connection that Goes from Virtual to Very Real

Barb and Alan relied on the Internet for everything from Automobile rating services to Zebra protection foundations. They described themselves as "savvy surfers." They were also a typical married couple who kept their sex lives very private. Behind their bedroom door, they stashed a few magazines in the closet and a few, choice X-rated DVDs in the night stand. Oh, and there was also one wonderful mega-dildo Barb would bring out when the mood got really playful.

To bring about a really playful mood one night, they flipped through their "adult" mags and spotted an ad for a LifeStyle site. "I though it might be fun to browse together," Alan says. So off they went to their home-office to fire up the PC.

The site they surfed offered free personal profiles of couples as well as paid memberships with different levels of benefits. "We were amazed," Barb says. "Not by how many profiles there were, but how many seemed `real.' So we figured it might be a blast to try and e-mail some we found attractive. And that's exactly what we did. It all seemed so safe at `virtual' distance."

After filling in the required registration and profile data for a free membership, Alan says they sent out six e-mails that night, with simple Hello, introductory messages.

Checking the next evening, they received two responses, including one very appealing response from Vicki and Ted. "They sounded intelligent, humorous, and easy-going" Barb says. "Not at all pushy." With Barb's agreement, Alan wrote back, adding more details about who they were and their reasons for writing, which, at that point, was purely exploratory. Vicki and Ted replied, in turn, suggesting a four-way phone conversation. That call happened the following night. "We all just hit it off during the conversation," Alan says, "and Barb and I felt comfortable about the next step."
Fueled by a mix of new realities and instant fantasies, they set a date with Vicki and Ted.

8 p.m. A restaurant located conveniently mid-point. Our two couples meet. Physical attractions grow. Conversation flows. Sexual tension overflows. Vicki and Ted offer an invitation to their apartment -- Barb and Alan enter the LifeStyle!

"I certainly don't recommend that everyone should run off to a strange apartment with almost complete strangers," Barb says, "But we had good feelings from our phone conversations and our dinner meeting; lots of laughs, lots of common ground, and no heavy come-ons. So we let spontaneity take its course."

Once at Vicki and Ted's, conversation about the LifeStyle intensified into a more focused exchange of interests and desires.
Vicki and Ted enthusiastically covered a few experiences they had at clubs, and with another couple they'd met through the Web site. They explained a few basics about LifeStyle etiquette: participate only as you wish, and only when mutually agreeable, and No means No. When Barb and Alan asked how things evolved at clubs, Ted cued up some appropriately sexy music and the context changed from a lecture to a lab!

"We got up to dance at Vicki's invitation," Barb says. "Frankly, I was primed from the conversation, so the thought of holding Alan and feeling him all over me was something I craved. But I wasn't sure what was going to happen."
"And I was just plain horny," says Alan.

The foursome danced as respective couples for one, disco-ish song. Following the upbeat number, a slow, grinding ballad drifted from the CD player, and Barb and Alan soon felt Vicki's hand softly placed between them, fondling one, then the other. Before long, both Vicki's hands were going at it. She leaned in with her whole body, alternating kisses on Barb's neck and then Alan's neck. Within a minute, they were in a three-way embrace. Then Ted joined behind Barb for a four-way sex-clutch. They fondled away. Fabulously! The two men played up and down with the two women. The two women played up and down with the two men. And the two women played up and down with each other.

"The evening unfolded so naturally, so easily," Barb says. "Ted wasn't rude or rough, just gently feeling my body all over. And though I had never played with a woman before, Vicki was so sensual. I just drifted into the moment, it all felt so good." Any lingering reservations drifted away once an initial layer of clothing came off and familiarity grew.

"We laid down on their livingroom carpet, and the level of caressing really intensified," Barb says. "I found myself enjoying, and being enjoyed, by my husband, and by Vicki and Ted. It was an entirely new and pleasurable experience, from my head to my toes, in front and in back. Hands, legs, tongues were everywhere. It was simply a long session of hot, hot sex."

That long session of torrid sex led to happy endings for all. Alan says, "And I have to say, the bagel and coffee conversation at day-break sure beat the usual review of the newspaper, including the comics."

Since that memorable evening, Barb and Alan have "dated" Vicki and Ted and others they've met from their new-found Web resource. They've also discovered local club listings and reviews, and even lined up a LifeStyle related travel destination for their summer vacation.

"We've found that, with certain precautions, the site is a terrific way to ease into the LifeStyle, meeting people we feel are right for us," Barb says. "So, now, we're not only savvy surfers, we're sexy surfers, too!"

A Quick Guide to Sexy Surfing

 Once you select a LifeStlye Website, read couples' (or individual's) profiles to gain an idea of the language, tone, and style you find appealing for your own profile.

 When writing your profile, provide only information you feel is appropriately relevant for others to know: use only first names, nick names or initials, briefly describe your sexy characteristics, relate your LifeStyle interests and expectations. Make sure you're emphatic about wishing to meet couples only, or if you're open to meeting single woman or single men.

 After several comfortable e-mail exchanges via the site, you should arrange a phone conversation with all the potential participants.

 Set up a date with those you are attracted to at a neutral, non-LifeStyle, public place perhaps a bar or restaurant for drinks or a dinner. If all goes well, plan a follow-up, maybe at a club rather than a more private venue.

 Most importantly, maintain the proven, good rules of LifeStyle etiquette. Among the most important: do only what's comfortable for you and your partner, and No means No - always.

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