A Tale of Tricks and Treats

By: David Lawrence

"We were dating for eight months when it came time for Halloween," says Andrea. "Mike and I decided that we'd throw a party for couples only, all good friends but none in the LifeStyle. At least none we knew about. As added entertainment, we thought it would be a fun surprise to invite an exotic dancer who would show up at midnight and do her thing for the crowd. Well, she sure showed - and she sure did her thing."

Here's how it all went down... The guests arrived about 8 pm in a perfectly predictable Halloween assortment of costumed couples: there was a swashbuckling pirate and his damsel, a wildly silly cross-dressing duo, a pair of political spoofers, two grotesque monsters, and a couple of Q-tips with Andrea and Mike, humorously wardrobed as circus clowns. "Things were totally normal," Mike says, "We were having an enjoyable time. The food was great. People were telling stories about past Halloweens they recalled as kids. We were dancing a bit, but nothing very alluring. "However, when the doorbell rang at midnight, the party really began. The most sexy witch imaginable swept into the room, humping her broom!"

Bewitched on the Wild Side

"She really was a `bewitching' beauty," says Andrea. "She had a lacey black dress on; it was long but had slits up both legs. She had a cape over that, a wide black hat, and long black gloves. She carried a glowing jack-o-lantern with a fearsome face carved out. Her makeup wasn't horrific, though. Instead, it was expertly applied for what would be an otherwise elegant evening. And her blond hair was thick and long, and contrasted gorgeously with the rest of her outfit. I couldn't help but get caught up by her looks... costume and occasion aside." The guests didn't know what to make of the witch's appearance at first. Some figured she was a late-arriving invitee. Some thought an over-grown trick or treater. Some just figured she was lost. No one expected what followed, even Andrea and Mike.

The wondrous witch began to dance to the pre-arranged music she provided a week earlier as part of a pre-party meeting with the hosts. Amidst the circle of guests in the living room, as Andrea and Mike requested, she danced and bumped and ground away by herself, enjoying her own gyrations. "No doubt, the immediate reaction was shock," Mike says. "But shock, combined with the effects of a few hours of alcohol, probably kept people from walking out of the room. "We had agreed our witch would only invite Mike up to dance with her," Andrea recalls. "That was the arrangement and we'd see where things went from there." And so that's what happened. At first.

"I couldn't believe how turned on I got seeing her dance with my boyfriend," Andrea says. "I wasn't even registering others' reactions as she began to take off her clothing and also started to strip Mike. I was just lost in my own erotic sensations, being a voyeur to what was turning into a live sex show. Then I joined in."

As Andrea and Mike report, their threesome frolicked and fondled to the music, partially undressed, while everyone sat glued, in full costume. After a few dances, the wondrous witch turned to the others and invited everyone to join in. And most did, surprisingly, though one couple did exit quietly. The beat went on. The group's gyrations intensified, and pirates' pants melded with monsters' masks in corners of the room. "Our guests became very un-costumed," Andrea laughs. "But not unhinged."

Mike says that it was his turn to be shocked as the witch and the women played on the dance floor, hugging each other, rubbing breasts, kissing. The men mostly watched while trying to join in the dancing. But after a while, the women became irresistible and the guys, cautiously, even "gentlemanly," as Mike puts it, put their hands in, feeling their own partners, initially, but then getting bolder and reaching out for other women.

The music continued, the witch heated things up by moving among the dancers, men and women. The action got wilder. "It didn't become quite a full-blast orgy," Mike says, "But we had some kind of very hot sexual scene going on, with varying degrees of heat."

As one of the guys later said, "I was in my own soft porn world; just exhilarated by how free I felt." "The crowd got really turned on, more than we could have imagined," Andrea says, "We had our own little lifestyle group.'' And the festivities lasted until dawn.

As for the aftermath, Mike and Andrea think that, for most of the couples, their Halloween trick and treat was a one-time burst of uninhibited bliss. But for one other couple and themselves, their impromptu and largely unintended introduction into swinging has continued ever since.

"Mike and I talked for weeks afterwards, as a couple, and also with some of the others from our party," she says. "I'm most happy to say we've stayed friends with everyone. No one got upset, even the couple who left early. They figured how things might evolve and just decided it wasn't for them. In fact, they were curious about what actually occurred, and we told them over dinner with lots of laughs."

"I think the best result," Mike summarizes, "is that Andrea and I really explored our feelings, actions, and reactions to the party. We both admitted how much we enjoyed it. And we soon took up our more serious efforts to enjoy the fun side of the LifeStyle on a regular basis."

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