Jan. 11, 2005

Hedonism II vs. Hedonism III

Where the party really started.....and be wicked for a week.

Thanks to the publishers for asking us to contribute this to the magazine!

Hedonism II and Hedonism III are both great resorts for one thing:
Meeting people: compatible people, party people, fun people.
Whatever your sexual persuasion, more than likely you'll find someone compatible at either resort: couples, singles, threesomes or "moresomes."

Hedonism II in Jamaica, is probably considered the grandfather of the
adults only, all inclusive resorts in the western hemisphere. Opened
originally in the late 70's as Negril Beach Village Resort, after a
change in the short-lived socialist government that unshackled the
Jamaican tourism industry, the name was changed to Hedonism II which emerged as the original "mother of all parties" in the early 80s. There was never a Hedonism I. The official birth date the resort observes is November 1 each year and Hedonism II just celebrated its 24th anniversary.

Owned by the John Issa family of Jamaica, SuperClubs is the company that operates Hedonism II and its newest addition, Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Hedonism III began operation in September, 1999. Both resorts are located about 50 miles from Montego Bay: Hedonism II in Negril to the west and Hedonism III at Runaway Bay to the east. Rooms at Hedonism II total 280 and Hedonism III, 225. All rooms at Hedonism II are essentially the same while Hedonism III offers both hotel rooms and suites.

While both resorts have similar daily and night time activities and
entertainment, the ambiance is quite different. Hedonism II is located in a beautiful tropical setting on 28 acres at the far western end of Jamaica. Lots of existing foliage and natural scenery surround the property that faces west and overlooks Bloody Bay in front of Negril. Hedonism III, in Runaway Bay built on 19 acres in a man made setting is well designed and manicured. The foliage and infrastructure has been imported and built more as a formula resort. Terrific sunsets are perfect at either resort, happening daily between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.,
depending upon the season and weather.

The most defining elements that set the resorts apart are their beaches. Both resorts cater to both clothed and clothing-optional clientele. The "prude" and the "nude" beach categories are at both resorts providing something for everyone.

Hedonism II has a natural beach in a terrific setting with lots of natural foliage along the coastline. The beautiful white sand beach stretches about 1,000 feet from Point Village family resort on one side of Hedonism II to the Sandals Negril resort on the other. The nude and prude beaches are split along the middle of the resort.

The nude beach at Hedonism III is man made, about 200 feet wide, blasted out of the coral outcropping along the north shore
coastline. Actually, the beach water is shallow and well protected by a
break water from ocean swells that kick up on the north side of the
island. A more natural setting and foreshore comprise the 400 ft. prude beach at Hedonism III. A big wish is that Hedonism III will reverse the use of both beaches some day, since most guests use the nude side anyway.

You'll find services closely duplicated at both resorts ranging from daily adult games to night time theme parties.

Similar activities have been successful for years at Hedonism # 2 and most of the same events have been transferred to Hedonism # 3, including some of the staff led by General Manager, Kevin Levee, who was General
Manager previously at Hedonism # 2. Hedonism # 2 is ably led now by Richard Bourke, a Super Clubs veteran with many years' experience who's managed at Grand Lido Braco, Sans Souci and Breezes Curacao.

Both resorts are for adults only, 18 years and older. The "all inclusive" concept has been successfully pioneered at both properties.
You can read the full list on line but here's a quick summary: Selected
room accommodations, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid night snacks), beverages including soft drinks, beer, house wines, bar drinks and after dinner liquors, daily and evening activities (almost hourly), water sports, entertainment nightly, themed events, airport transfers, hotel taxes and gratuities.

You can get married for free on site and the resort supplies the minister, cake, champagne, witnesses if necessary, basic photos and options for VCR taping and a deluxe photo package. There is an administrative charge of $150 for filing the paperwork with the local parish.

A fitness center, internet service, tour desk, jewelry and sundry shops and more are included on site. You can even learn the trapeze but you can't drink during the day before your lessons...but you can make up for it when you finish. You will want for virtually nothing.

All the bells and whistles combine to let you do one thing: Have fun.


Variety? You want variety? You'll get it at both resorts. Not necessarily gourmet fare but you won't go away hungry either.

Buffet lines rule both resorts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great
local dishes combined with classic hearty fare will keep you satisfied. Veggies abound so you non-meat eaters, low carbers and South
Beach dieters will find something friendly to put in your mouth.
Terrific local fruit and vegetables give you a real tropical shot of
the island including papaya and mango as well as kalaloo, ackee and salt fish, probably Jamaica's most popular local dish beside jerk meat;
more about this later.

Variety continues with the addition of Oriental fare at Munasan and the Pastafari Italian bistros located at both resorts. Both restaurants
serve plated meals with entrees and table service; reservations are
required. No coats, no ties, guys, but bring a pair of long pants and a collared shirt to at least look presentable. Feel free to dress up a bit instead of dressing down. Leave your jeans and T-shirts in the drawer. Gals, dress up or dress down anyway you please: you can always get away with anything anyway!

The Scotch Bonnet Restaurants serve killer jerk fare including jerk pork, chicken, beef and local side dishes. Robert's Diner (burger bar) next to the nude pool at Hedonism # 2 arguably serves up the best grilled burgers, chicken, fish, fries and hot dogs on the island. At the end of the day, you can stand in line long enough to
get some of Robert's jerk chicken, served around 5-6 p.m.

Jerk preparation is a combination of local spices mixed in a witches' brew of hot sauce stuffed and spread over whatever meat is handy and then barbecued. Mmmmmm, good. The only rap on those two eateries: both close down early evening. Hey, stretch your enjoyment: Wrap up a little jerk chicken in aluminum foil and take it with you for dinner or for a mid night snack. You won't find these jerk dishes at home, wherever you live. Hedonism III has a grill at its swim up bar, too, for burgers, fries and finger food.


Where to start? When they say "all inclusive" they mean it.
Snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, glass bottom boating, sea kayaking and more are included in your room cost. Want to get certified as a Scuba diver? Do it in one week at either resort, but be prepared to spend much of your holiday studying, swimming or diving in the pool and in open water.

Water sports provides day time diving, mostly in the morning and early afternoon, while night diving is popular both places, but it's an extra charge.

Sports include pool, basketball, tennis, darts, gambling (slots only),

Most fun besides sex: Try the giant waterslides at both resorts, you'll feel like a kid again.

Mmmmmm....feel better now?

You'll be totally pampered at the Hedonism II spa. A recent addition
in 2002, spa facilities are some of the best on the island, unsurpassed
by any other resort of its size and category in Jamaica. Services
include manicures, pedicures, hair and nail salon, massages,
thelastopyx, face rubs, body scrubs, etc.

There's even a private plunge pool and open air relaxation pool within
the spa itself plus a Jacuzzi hot tub nearby, a great spot for private
parties in the spa area in the evenings. Hint: if you and your group want an on premises party spot, this is the place to ask for in the evening and for night time private adult events of your own.

Most similar spa treatments are available at Hedonism # 3, facilities
are limited but unique additions include a steam room as well as a
separate sauna. There's no hair salon at Hedonism # 3 and spa services are located in a couple of separate small boutique buildings adjacent to the main lobby.

Beauty salon and spa services at both resorts are extra cost which can be added to your room charge.


Singles, couples, triples and quads are welcome. How, you ask: "I
thought the most the resort allows is two persons per room?" Actually, triples are easy: One couple can rent a resort room and the third person can purchase a single share accommodation. Once you're on the property, there aren't any bed checks, so the third person can bed down where ever he or she prefers. The single share program allows a single person to
buy essentially "half a room" where you can share a room to avoid the
single supplement, the scourge of budget-minded single travelers
everywhere. You will be assigned by the resort a room mate of the same gender to share your accommodations.

Triples and quads are welcomed as long as it's three or four females in
a room. Hedonism Resorts offers this incentive: Three girls can stay
the price of two and four girls can stay for the price of three.

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, so much for the travelogue. How about the good stuff?

The people, both guests and employees, make the party happen. Most guests range between the mid 20s to the 60s with most in the middle. You will probably find just about any type of guest there at the resort but few introverts. If you like to hang out and watch the party, Hedonism resorts are great for voyeurs. If you want to lead the party, this is the place for you.

Employees at Hedonism resorts are fantastic and a national treasure. Although tipping is included, each of the employees appreciates your extra thoughtfulness, but be discreet about your tipping. Make sure you get to know your maids, bar tenders, waiters and waitresses and the entertainment staff, they will make your day (and your night)! Treat all of them with respect and they will return your kind gestures 10 fold.

Actually, both resorts have probably the best action, all around
entertainment and day time and nightly activities than any other adults only resort. Yes, there are pretenders but you'll find no better combination of adult themed entertainment, activities, services and liberal venues than those at Hedonism II and Hedonism III.

Here's a glimpse why:


Daytime fun includes body painting, adult games, body shots, water slide contests, bloody marys in the hot tub at 5 AM in the morning after a night of partying, daytime spin after lunch at the main restaurant at both resorts. Lunch time spin events include the wet T-shirt contest, musical mates and loads of other foolish adult frolic....the best reason to put on your swim suit for lunch and take a hike to the main stage and buffet restaurant to watch the action.

Evening mellow out time includes chillin' out around the pool, watching the sunset from the hot tub or from your chaise lounge at either resort or especially watching the last rays from the patio atop the Scotch Bonnet at Hedonism # 3.

Actually, "chillin' out" may be the wrong words, if you're in the hot
tub late in the day, it may get a lot steamier than cooler. The edge of
the hot tub seems to be the favorite place most women want their men to stay. Hey, guys: just sit there and take it!

Night life is icing on the cake after a day of mischief.

Night time fun starts at dinner, followed by entertainment on the main stage, then off to the piano bar, then to the disco and finally to the nude pools and hot tubs to continue the night, habitually to 3-4 a.m. and sometimes to dawn.

Theme nights are great excuses to dress up, wear masquerade costumes, act crazy and meet new people. Both resorts have nightly themes listed below but they can change without notice, especially for holidays and special occasions...such as Halloween or New Years.

Hedonism II

Monday - Reggae Night and Dance Off
Tuesday - Battle of the Sexes & Pajama Party
Wednesday - Disco Welcome Party
Thursday - Guest/Staff Talent Show & Toga Party
Friday - Reggae Beach Party, Games & Circus Show
Saturday - International Cabaret Night
Sunday - Oldies Cabaret & Dance Contest

Hedonism III

Sunday - Popping the Cherry/Battle of the Sexes
Monday - Island Carnival
Tuesday - Sheer Fantasy & Pajama Party
Wednesday - Pimp & Ho 70's Party
Thursday - Amateur Talent Show & Toga Party
Friday - Roots & Culture Fetish Fantasy
Saturday - Grand Gala Erotic formal

Toga and Pajama nights seem to be the most popular themes followed by 70s night and Battle of the Sexes. Generally, more than half the crowd seem to get into the themes and when there's a big group in house, the participation picks up markedly.

Disco fever and dancing starts after 11 p.m. nightly. The night club
disco at Hedonism III seems to be a bit better suited for crowds since
the air conditioning feels more effective there. One thing everyone
disagrees on at both resorts: Music to dance to, it's either too loud or too soft or too much reggae, too much rap, not enough hip hop, on and on and depending upon your age or how much you've had to drink, you'll
probably love it or hate it. At least a diversion around the discos
are the water slides that are adjacent to them, providing a hilarious continuous show.

Unless you get lucky, most guests split their night time between the
piano bars at both resorts, the disco/night clubs, nude hot tubs and nude pools. During the evening buffet meal, nightly entertainment is featured on the main stage during dinner with most acts starting at 9 PM nightly.

No doubt the most adult mischief occurs at the nude pool and nude hot tub at both resorts, when the sun don't shine. Don't forget the
hot tub in the Quad at Hedonism III either. The oft forgotten Quad
pool and hot tub are great places to sort of hide away at night. The
Quad carries that name because four guest buildings face each other and form a square, which includes a pool, swim up bar and hot tub. For great exhibitionism, try a Quad room.

Flash em? Every bathroom at Hedonism III includes a mirror over the bath tub in the guest room. Plus, each tub fronts a set of double windows which can be opened to "show your stuff." A convenient pull down shade is provided for those who just have to have privacy.

Target your best shot for fun in the outside hot tubs for the end of the
day before dinner or late in the evening and after midnight. A nice
touch at Hedonism # 3: The swim up bar on the nude side stays open
until 5 a.m. At Hedonism # 2, take your liquid fun with you in a cup.

For all around adult fun with the most variety of day time and evening themes and entertainment, Hedonism resorts offer the best value and biggest bang for your buck compared to any other adults only resort, worldwide.

Warning: You'll need a vacation to rest up after your first visit to Hedonism. There's so much to do and so many people to meet, you'll run out of time to rest until your body finally says: Stop!

Hedonism resorts have the highest repeat guest percentage in the
Caribbean. Go and see why.


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