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Hedonism Made Us Swingers

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time after a late dinner when they saw my wife trying to get the sliding door open (damn things can be tricky). They stopped to help her get in the room which led to a few drinks. As Dave put it, “Hanging out with my wife, enjoying their last night seemed to be the right thing to do”. They were a nice couple and I thanked them for looking out for Susan. We chatted for the next 30 minutes until Dave said he thought it was time to let us go to bed.

As they were about to leave, Dave turned to my wife and asked, “Sweetie, please don’t think I’m a pervert, but could I see those incredible tits once more”. Susan still had her dress on from earlier. My wife jumped up out of her seat, stripped her dress off and squeezed her tits together for Dave’s pleasure. He groaned out his approval which was met by Susan placing his head between her tits and pulling him into her. Dave’s moan clearly showed this is what he had wanted all night.

Susan glanced at Marsha and then looked over to me. Getting no objection or reaction from either of us she knelt down and undid Dave’s zipper. The expression on his face was priceless, but when Susan reached into his fly he grabbed both arms of the chair he was sitting in and held on. The look on his face was laughable.

Susan pulled Dave’s cock out of his shorts. It was not very big, but hard as a rock. I remember thinking “I hope I can still get that hard at his age”. She ran her fingers up and down his shaft and looked back over for my reaction. I was just waiting for her next move and wondering what had gotten into my wife over the last few days, besides a bunch of guys and at least one big, black dildo.

Susan stood up and rubbed her tits in Dave’s face as she held Dave’s cock in her hand. She began stroking him up and down as Dave buried his face in my wife’s tits. When I looked over to Marsha she said, “I’m not as beautiful as your wife, but I’ll do my best”. I stood up, stripped off my pants and presented my now, very hard cock to this lovely, older lady to do with as she pleased.

Marsha pushed me back onto the edge of the hot tub. She knelt down on a cushion before me and grabbed my hard dick in one hand while cupping my balls with the other. She stroked me a few times and said, “This is a nice one to suck on”. She then slipped half my cock into her mouth with one move. She held still and I could feel her working her tongue around the underside of my shaft.

I let out a groan of pleasure which made Susan look over at me. She still had Dave’s cock in her hand and was working her body up and down his chest. Susan moved down and straddled one of Dave’s legs. She began rubbing her pussy back and forth along his leg while pumping his cock with her hand. This made Dave groan in approval and he joked, “Just don’t break me sweetie”.

Marsha was now moving my cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue worked around the tip and then she would go back to holding me in her mouth while her magic tongue slid around the shaft. She then took only the head in her mouth and pushed down slowly, taking me inch by inch.

As she went more than half way down my cock I thought she would stop, but she kept going and actually worked the entire length of my dick into her throat. She held still for a few seconds then slowly worked my cock back out as she squeezed her lips around the length. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and held it while looking up at me. I assumed she wanted some feedback on her performance, but all I could muster at this point was, “Oh my God, PLEASE don’t stop”! Marsha smiled and did her deep throating trick on me again.

As Marsha was working my cock into her mouth, I heard Dave groan out and Susan say, “Squirt for me honey”. She was working his cock rapidly with her hand and had her tits in Dave’s face again. When he moaned louder Susan knelt between his legs and really pumped his dick. He moaned out again and shot a rather large stream of come out onto his chest. Susan cried out at being pleased having brought him off so hard and watched as he shot a few more small streams onto his stomach.

Surprisingly, the old guy was still packing quite a punch in the come department. Watching my wife had put me over the top and there was no way I could take Marsha’s magical mouth. I tensed my legs which caused Marsha to let out a “UUUUMMMMM” moan and I took it a she was ready to taste my come. As she flicked her wonderful tongue around the underside of my dick I let go inside her sweet mouth. This had been one of the most incredible (if not the best) blow-jobs I had ever received. The way I felt when I came was intense and my cock pulsed as Marsha sucked and took my come from me.

Susan went into the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean Dave’s come up as Marsha finished me off and pulled my dick from her mouth. She had taken every last drop of cum out of me and it took a few moments for my balls to drop back down and my cock to soften in her hand. She smiled at me as she slowly pumped my dick in her hand. Usually I can’t take being toyed with after coming, but Marsha also had a very talented touch and it felt great.

As she let go and stood up, she leaned in and kissed my cheek. She whispered in my ear, “Thank you for giving an old lady a treat”. She gave me a quick kiss and said, “Your wife is lucky, you have a nice cock”. I kissed her back a little longer this time and remembered thinking to myself “Damn”, this was another first.

Dave cleaned up and hugged Susan. He asked to kiss her tits once more and Susan willingly obliged. We said good night to our new friends and they walked down the beach toward their room.

Susan and I took a quick shower together and crawled into bed. We only talked about what had just happened for a minute when Susan asked me, “So, did you get a good blow-job”. I only answered, “Yeah, she was ok”. There was no way I was going to tell my wife the truth about Marsha having just given me the most incredible oral sex of my life. Don’t get me wrong, my wife is wonderful and loves to suck my cock, but I wished Marsha was staying for another day so I could ask her to teach my wife “HER” techniques.

The following morning Susan found a note taped to the sliding glass door. It was from Dave and Marsha and simply read, “Thank you guys for making our last night very special”. They had written their address and phone number on the note and added if we ever wanted to stay at their place in Myrtle Beach we were welcome anytime.

Susan admitted she felt a little weird about messing with Dave. In her words, he was old enough to be my father. I just smiled at her and said, “Hey baby, I’ll be that old one day”. She smiled, took in what I’d just joked about and replied, “Well I hope you can still get your cock hard and come like he can”. I thought to myself, “I hope you learn to suck cock like Marsha can”. We threw on some clothes and headed to the buffet for breakfast.

I was relieved to see Bill and Sara sitting at a table when we walked into the restaurant. Sara looked stunning as usual, but Bill was most obviously hung over as hell. They waved us over to their table and Susan went to sit down while I grabbed us some mimosas.

When I put our drinks down on the table, Bill stood up, shook my hand and then gave me a bear hug. He apologized for last night and said, “That will not happen again, I promise”. He told me I was a good guy and he appreciated me looking out for him last night. Sara chimed in with, “He had double duty”.

Bill acknowledged my extra effort at having babysat both he and his wife and thanked me again. When he said, “I’m sorry we fucked up everyone’s fun last night”, my wife laughed and gave me a sexy look. Sara clued in on it and we had to finally explain what had happened with Dave and Marsha. Both Bill and Sara said, ‘Well, we wish we could have made the party too”.

Bill said he was going back to the room to grab another hour of sleep after breakfast. He explained they were taking the bar-hopping bus around town this afternoon and he asked us if we wanted to go. Susan said yes and Bill responded back, “Good, I already reserved two seats for you guys”. Just before he got up to go back to the room he told me, “Make sure you bring a roll of toilet paper with you”. With no further explanation he walked away.

Sara then told me some of the places we would stop at did not have “necessities” and if I brought toilet paper I would be a popular guy with the girls on the bus trip. I thought this was funny as hell, however I later found out it was very much a true statement.

The eight of us met in the lobby around noon. The bus was running a little late so I had time to grab some extra beers and stuff from the bar while we waited. There were about four other couples who appeared to be waiting and Bill took no time in asking them if they were going. When they responded yes, introductions went around so quick I didn’t catch half the names.

There was one very big, muscular guy who was standing off to the side with whom I assumed was his wife. She was a very pretty, petite girl with short hair and a perfect heart shaped ass. They seemed a little quite, but having just met our group I kinda understood why they might be stand-offish. The other three couples seemed to be in their own click so we just kinda let them be.

We loaded up on the bus and took the back seats while the click group sat up front. The big guy and his girl sat a seat in front of us and just talked between themselves. Bill wasted no time in pulling out his tequila and offering everyone a shot. When Sara scolded him he said, “Baby, I’m pouring today, I’m not drinking”. Everyone in our group laughed and Stephen and I exchanged glances which said, “Thank God”.

The first bar was on the water and was almost empty when we got there. I guess they knew the bus was coming because there were two bartenders at the main bar. We started ordering and while I waited for our drinks I introduced myself to the big guy and his wife. His name was also Mike and his wife’s name was Cyndi. Both were in their early thirties and had been married for five years. They decided to try the Hedo resort because friends told them what a blast it was to be naked for a week. Even though they wanted to try, they had booked their room on the “prude” side of the resort.

Mike told me he was a dentist. This surprised me at first and he could tell by the expression on my face. He said, “Yeah, I get that look a lot”. He went on to say he had played college football on a scholarship and after graduating he went on to dental school. Cyndi was a dental tech and this is how they met. Once the formalities were over, I invited them to join us and have some fun. Our brief conversation seemed to have loosened them up and they came over to our side of the bar. As it turns out, they were a welcome addition to our group.

The girls immediately took Cyndi into their fold and dragged her to the bar to do a shot. Mike and I talked with Stephen for a bit and watched our girls torture the bartender with quick tit flashes. Mike seemed to now be really relaxed with our group. When his wife flashed one of her small, but very cute tits back at us he smiled and said, “Now she’s having fun”. Apparently they had not met any people they meshed with on their side of the resort and were glad to have taken the bus trip today. I was glad they did too because Cyndi’s blond hair and cute ass were very nice. My wife later told me the “NEW MIKE” was nice to look at as he resembled a much more muscular version of Ashton Kutcher. Yeah she has a crush on Michael Kelso….lol.

As we jumped back on board the bus, Sara and Bree waited at the door and gave each of us guys a number from one thru five. When everyone was back on she said, “OK, get your guy”. It seems the girls had made a plan to do some “Bus Teasing” on our way to the next bar and had already chosen numbers while doing shots. My wife got Stephen (OF COURSE) and Lori got Bill. Bree was with Tim, Sara got Mike (which I am very sure made him happy as he had been eyeing her the whole time at the bar) and Cyndi wound up with me. Each of the girls jumped into the seat with their chosen guy and the torture began.

The girls started playing with the guys cocks through their pants and whispering in their ears. It was apparent the game was to make us hard as could be and have to wait till later on for relief. Cyndi kind of looked at me with the “I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing” look on her face. I just smiled and told her if she didn’t want to play it was OK. She looked over at her husband who had his eyes closed and Sara working her hand over the front of his shorts. Cyndi seemed to get the object of the game rather quickly and jumped right in.

Cyndi was a very pretty girl and her small body was just sexy as hell. Just looking at her was making me start to get hard, but when she ran her hand over my crotch I got an instant rock hard dick. Cyndi began kissing the side of my neck and squeezed my now fully hard cock. She whispered, “You got a big one” and went back to kissing my neck. This torture lasted for the next fifteen minutes until we came to a sudden halt. I looked over and we were parked next to what appeared to be the very first “HOLE-IN-THE-WALL” bar on the planet. The girls all got up to get off the bus which was met by groans of disapproval from the guys. Cyndi gave me on last rub, kissed me quickly and went after the girls. Yeah, it took a few minutes, but we all made it off the bus. Bill was the only one who didn’t give a shit. His hard cock was still very visible in his shorts even though we were now in public in the center of a small town and not at the resort.

This is where our stash of toilet paper came into use. It wasn’t two minutes inside the bar when Bree yelled out for a roll. Bill had carried one in with him and tossed it over to Bree and Lori. They both headed to the bathroom.

The bartender was a very old man who only had a few teeth left. He was doing his best to try and keep up with making drinks so we all decided to just grab beers and make his life easier. Even though my wife hates beer, she choked it down and let out one of the loudest burps I have ever heard. This caused the whole group to laugh and Susan to take a bow at having “entertained” them so well. The old guy behind the bar was very grateful at the large tip he received. He also thanked us for the extra toilet paper we left under the tip money. We piled back on the bus with Sara giving the instructions, “OK ladies, same guys, make em really suffer this time”.

As Cyndi took her seat next to me she leaned in and kissed me deeply this time. I guess a few beers had done the trick because she was really loose now. I took the opportunity to run my hand over those sweet tanned legs. She spread them to allow me to run my hand over her crotch and breathed deeply as I did. I wasn’t going to need her to tease me, I was already throbbing and my dick was aching for attention.

Cyndi broke free from our kiss and went back to teasing me through my shorts. I could feel my dick pulsing every time she touched me and at one point I thought I would come in my pants just from her touch. She whispered, “I’m so glad we met you guys, hopefully we can have fun later on”. The thought made me sigh and I had to think of something else to prevent an unwanted orgasm.

Fortunately the next bar was only a five minute drive from the last one. The girls piled out quickly and this time I didn’t care. I stood up and got off the bus with a raging hard-on clearly visible for anyone to see. Since this last stop was somewhat secluded, I just walked in the bar and my wife gave me a sexy smile and very knowing once over as she eyed the bulge in my shorts.

The girls had ordered drinks and claimed a table near the window which overlooked the water. Since there were only enough seats for the girls, the guys hung at the bar and allowed them to have some more girl time. They were all pretty much flying high at this point and Sara and Bree had taken over as the ring leaders. They were all laughing and looking back over at us, which was no big deal at first. However, when they huddled and started whispering, we knew they were up to something.

Bree asked the bartender for a pen. She then wrote numbers on each of the guy’s hand. She went back to the table and wrote on napkins and folded them up. They waited for the waitress to bring them one last round of shots and they all cheered when she arrived.

Sara did her shot and grabbed a napkin. She was followed by Bree, then Lori and finally my wife. Cyndi did her shot and grabbed the last napkin off the table. When she opened it, Bree let out a laugh and grabbed Cyndi to hug her. I only made out Bree saying, “Girl” as the rest of them cheered each other and downed the last of their drinks. It was now time to go and find out what Sara and Bree had in store for the ride back to the resort. As we started to walk out, Sara told us guys to wait a minute before leaving.

We all walked out five minutes later to the waiting bus. As we got on, the girls were seated holding up their napkins which were numbered 1-5. Obviously the numbers on our hand indicted who we were sitting with on the way back. I did remember Cyndi giving her husband Mike a hesitant look, but she seemed to be playing along and the mood right now was the girls were in total control. I sat down next to Lori who kissed me and just smiled. Her husband Tim was with my wife while Bree and Bill took the back seat. Mike wound up with Sara again and Cyndi was next to Stephen. As the bus pulled out Bree stood up and announced, OK guys, get em out”!

Bill stood up first and stripped his shorts completely off. His lead was followed by the rest of us with Mike being the reluctant holdout. He hesitated for a few moments then pulled his shorts down exposing a cock which was not long, but very thick with a huge head.

A minute later Lori was sucking my cock and I was watching from the side as my wife ran her hand up and down on Tim’s dick. Bill and Mike were behind me so I couldn’t see them, but Stephen was in the seat right across from me. His big cock was sticking straight up and Cyndi was still running her hand along its length. She finally kissed the head and placed it in her mouth. The group in the front of the bus only cheered us on.

Lori stroked my shaft with my cock in her mouth and never stopped her motions. It only took about two minutes and I felt my orgasm building. I wanted to hold off, but her relentless sucking made me give her my load. I moaned out and just let go inside her mouth. After she swallowed she raised her head up and said, “I win”! Apparently this was the object of the game.

I didn’t feel so bad at having come first because the other Mike blew his load into Sara’s mouth a few moments after Lori announced her first place position. Mike was moaning so loud it was almost funny as he grunted while Sara made him spasm.

Tim gave out a few minutes later and I saw my wife raise one of her hands holding up three fingers as she sucked Tim’s cum out of him. He laid his head back and finally had to beg my wife to let up after he was done. This left two contestants……with Bree coming in fourth.

Cyndi was still working Stephen’s big dick in and out of her mouth and running her hand up and down the length. Her husband Mike leaned over the seat to watch her as she sucked Stephen’s cock and all eyes were now on her as she worked that big dick as best she could. She was a tiny girl and her small hands only made Stephen’s cock look bigger.

It was finally Bree who helped her when she leaned behind Stephen and told him, “Quit holding back. Give it to her”. A minute later Stephen tensed and released his come into Cyndi’s mouth. She gagged a little at first, but never let go of his cock from her grip. Her success was met by cheers from the girls and us guys applauding. All in all, the BEST fucking contest I’ve ever been in.

When we pulled back up to the resort, five very satisfied guys got off the bus accompanied by five very drunk women. I knew my wife was also very horny, as sucking cock always turns her on. We all planned to meet for dinner at 7 and made our way back to the rooms.

Susan was walking a little sideways as we made our way back. She kept laughing when I tried to help her along the way and I can’t remember the last time she was so drunk and having this much fun. However, she was out the second she hit the bed and I crashed a few minutes later.

We slept through dinner waking up around 9. Susan looked at me and just said, “Baby, I just want to lay here and sleep, I need a break”. I fully agreed with my wife as it had been a hard week of partying and tonight it had caught up to both of us. She rolled over and went back to sleep while I tried to find something on the TV to watch other than a porn movie. I listened to my wife lightly snoring and thought about what the hell we had done over the last several days. Tomorrow was our last full day and the way I felt tonight (EXHAUSTED) I was split between being happy and sad about it.

Susan woke me up around 5 in the morning. She had my cock in her hand and was kissing my neck. As soon as I was up she got out of bed and told me to come with her. I hit the bathroom quickly and went out onto the beach. She had already placed a lounge chair halfway in the water with one of our room blankets across it. Her instruction, “Lay down mister”, was complied with without any hesitation.

My wife grabbed my now very hard dick, sucked it a few times and then straddled me. She lowered her sweet pussy down on my cock without any trouble what so ever. Apparently she had been up for a while and planned his little fuck session out as she was already wet and horny.

This had always been my favorite position when my wife and I make love. She looks so incredible on top of me with her big tits jutting out and her long hair hanging down as she rides my dick. She loves being able to fuck me and work my cock inside her to the exact spot which almost always makes her come very hard. This morning she wasted no time and as soon as she found her satisfying spot, she began her slow steady rocking. My dick was now so hard I felt it pulse as she pleasured me.

My wife rotated her hips from side to side. A few moments later she began her very familiar chant of, “Oh fuck, OH Fuck, OH FUCK”! She let out one last, “FUUCCCKKK” and exploded on top of me in one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had with me. Her scream had to have been heard by anyone awake and more than likely had woken up a few people as well.

My wife shook for a few moments then lay down on top of me. Her breathing was still very heavy, but slowed after a minute of her relaxing on my chest. All I did was hold still because if she wanted to fuck me, I was going to let her fuck me the way she wanted.

She sat back up and began her slow steady rocking. Her pussy was so wet now every motion she made caused the wetness to make sounds and I actually felt her juices run down between my legs. Her breathing increased as she began her side to side motions and played with her nipples. She looked so incredible on top of me I felt like this was our first time being together. As an added bonus, the sun was just coming up and outlined her perfectly as she rode my dick.

Susan’s second orgasm was not as big as the first, but still caused her to lie back down on my chest to recover. Once she had, she kissed me and whispered, “I love fucking you, come for me baby”. Being a good husband, I always do what my wife tells me and was thankful it was time for me to relieve my aching hard cock.

Susan bounced on my dick as she held my chest. Her moans only made my cock strain as she rode it for all she was worth. She sat straight up and held still for several moments and I took in how beautiful this woman truly was. Her hair was hanging around her shoulders and her tits were pushed out further. Yes she’s my wife and I’m bias, but at that moment I felt I was the luckiest man on the planet having such an incredibly sexy woman fucking me.

She began her rocking motions which started pushing me over the edge. As I tensed my legs she cried out, “Give it to me baby”! This was the final touch and I let loose inside her with a huge orgasm. I know Susan felt each stream of my come as she held her tits and let out a long, “UUUUUMMMMMMM”. She once told me having a guy come inside you is a very erotic and satisfying feeling for a woman…..I am sure she was a very happy girl at this moment.

I don’t want to sound sentimental, but there are three specific times I will always remember making love with my wife. Of course the first night we were together after we started dating years ago is one. When I first saw her with her clothes off she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. The second would be our wedding night. Even though we were both pretty drunk from the reception, when she came into the bedroom wearing her lace undergarments and high heels my dick stood right up and I took her. Might not have been great sex for her as I came so quickly, but the sight of her that night is still embedded in my mind.

This morning was another memory I will never forget. Susan was so gorgeous and the setting was absolutely perfect. She lay on my chest and I rubbed her body as my cock softened and finally slipped out of her sweet pussy. We laid there for almost an hour just kissing and I felt like this had been our first time together. Once again I thought to myself, “You are one lucky motherfucker”! Might sound weird to some, but I think our experience at Hedo made us more passionate towards each other than we had been in several years.

Bree actually woke us up because we had fallen asleep holding each other on the lounge chair. She asked if we wanted to go to breakfast with Stephen and her. As we were getting up she said, “Oh, I really enjoyed your show”. Susan thanked Bree for the compliment and gave her a quick kiss before heading into the room to take a quick shower and grab some clothes. As I followed Bree said, “Too bad we have to leave this afternoon, you guys are fun and we would love to stay”.

Over breakfast we learned Stephen had been contacted by his restaurant manager. The manager’s wife had been involved in an accident out of state and he was leaving to go be with her. Stephen had to cut their trip a few days short because there was no one else he trusted to fill in and run his business. This scenario led to yet another first’s for my wife and me.

After breakfast we took a quick walk on the beach because I had not seen the other side of the resort and the adjacent Sandals Resort. Bree snapped a few pictures of my wife and me posing next to the Sandal’s sign so we would have a fallback story on where we had gone if any of our friends pressed us for info when we got home.

We then walked back to our room with Bree and Stephen and sat on our deck to enjoy the rest of the morning. Susan asked me to go back to the buffet and grab some drinks as we didn’t have anything left in our mini fridge. When I was gone the girls must have talked and come up with their plan.

When I came back with a pitcher full of screwdrivers, Bree was sitting on the deck alone. Seeing the look on my face she just stood up, kissed me and said, “Come inside with me sweetie”. She slipped her top off and lay on our bed. I knew what I was supposed to do, but it was obvious I wanted to know where my wife was at this point. Bree smiled and said, “Stephen’s with Susan, you come play with me”. She slipped her shorts off and kicked them to the floor.

The thought of my wife being fucked by another man a few doors down turned me on. As Bree lay back on the bed I went straight for her shaven pussy. I licked and sucked her clit which made her moan in pleasure and run her legs up and down my back. I had my face buried in her pussy and both hands holding that incredible ass.

I wasn’t sure the first time I heard the click, but the second click told me Bree had her phone and was taking pictures of me between her legs. This turned me on even more. My cock was ready and more than willing to try and satisfy this sexy woman.

Bree pulled me up into position over her and said, “Just fuck me”. I did as I was told and held the tip of my cock next to her pussy. She sighed as I rubbed it up and down her slit. She pushed her hips at me trying to take my cock into her. Just before pushing in I said, “I meant to tell you this the other night, I’m sorry I’m not as big as your husband”. She giggled and replied, “Sometimes he’s TOO big”. She then pulled at my neck. I stopped teasing with her and slid my cock into her warm pussy.

Bree moaned out as I worked half my dick in and out of her. She was pinching both her nipples and biting on her lower lip. Her moans were so sexy it made my cock even harder inside her. Even though I had fucked Bree the other night, today was a very different. She looked amazing with her eyes closed and head lying back on the pillow. I was very happy to have had the chance to fuck her again. This time I was determined I would bust a load inside her after making her come for me.

As I began to pound into her, Bree told me to stop. I pulled out of her and she rolled onto her stomach. She raised that gorgeous butt in the air and presented herself to be taken from behind. She said, “Your wife told me you liked looking at my ass”. Like I said, I have always been an ass man and Bree’s was incredible. I held the ass cheek with the tattoo and worked my cock into her pussy with the other. This was turning out to be one great day.

Bree’s moaning increased as I worked my cock into her. She then screamed out when I pushed all the way inside and hit the back of her pussy. I began slow fucking her while I held that ass in both hands. It was about a minute later when Bree let loose in an orgasm. It caught me by surprise because it came on so quickly. I must have really found the sweet spot inside her and hit it just right because Bree’s pussy tightened hard around my cock and she exploded. I just held my cock in place deep inside her and moved my hips to make the head rub around the inner walls of her pussy while she clenched around my dick. As she subsided she pushed back into me and I took this as she was now ready to be fucked again.

I was now in full lust mode and wanted to come inside this woman. Bree on the other hand wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. I repositioned her on the bed so her ass was in the perfect place for me to stand next to the bed and ram into her. I thrust all the way in and she cried out in pleasure as I began to jackhammer into her as I pulled her hips back into me to meet each push of my dick. This morning I had made love to my sweet wife. This moment was not about love. It was about pure sex and I was enjoying a sexy woman who only wanted my cock in her.

About five minutes later, Bree came once more. Not as intense as the first time, but she made me stop for a few seconds so she could calm back down. Once she was ready, I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could making her scream out in pleasure as I built toward my own orgasm. When I released inside Bree I just held my cock in place and she pushed back on me hard. I felt my dick pulse inside her and she moaned out a long, “YYEEEESSSSSSS” as I filed her with what little come I had in me from this morning. We stayed in this position for a few minutes until I finally slipped my now softening cock out of her and she fell onto the bed with a sigh.

I lay next to Bree stroking my hand over that wonderful ass for the next ten minutes or so. She only said, “I wish we didn’t have to go”, and closed her eyes. I wished they didn’t have to go either as I would have loved to have fucked her a few more times…..or a hundred more times!

Stephen opened the door to my room and walked in with his big dick swinging. He was sweating his ass off and asked me if I had any water in the fridge. Unfortunately, water was the only thing left in there and he downed a bottle very quickly. Just by his appearance I gathered my wife had just gotten the living hell fucked out of her and I wanted to know the details. He never said a word about it as he grabbed another bottle of water out of the fridge and walked back out the door. He only said, “Baby, we got to get moving soon” which made Bree sigh out in displeasure.

Bree got up a few minutes later and kissed me very long and deep. She ran her hand over my face and said, “I’m glad we met you guys, hopefully we will see you soon”. She grabbed her clothes and blew me one more air-kiss as she went out the door. Just as she walked out on the deck I heard her say something to Susan who was coming up the beach as she left. They laughed at something, slapped hands and hugged before Bree went back to her room to pack.

When my wife came in the room I was laying back on the pillows. I could see the look on her face was concerned about what we had just done so I joked,” Doing the walk of shame are we”? She laughed, ran her hands through her hair, which was completely messed up and told me, “Looks like you are happy”. Even though I can assume she cleaned up afterwards, Stephen’s come was still on the inside of her leg. When she saw what I was looking at she said, “Give me a break” and went to the bathroom to turn the shower on.

As I watched my wife through the glass wall of the bathroom showering off and cleaning up I thought about how gorgeous she really was. I also thought about how sweet Bree’s ass had felt and how damn lucky I was to have had such a fantastic vacation. As my wife soaped her body, I watched her rub those big beautiful tits as the water ran down. Yes sir, I am one LUCKY man!

When she dried off and jumped into bed with me I only asked once. Getting only a sexy smile she said, “Use your imagination”. This told me her fuck session with Stephen would be between them and I did just what I was told, I used my imagination. I am sure Stephen’s big cock very much satisfied my wife that morning and he had fucked her for all he was worth. I grabbed a quick shower and we fell asleep for about an hour before we were woken by Stephen banging on the deck door.

They were packed and heading out. He shook my hand, gave Susan a kiss and said, “You guys call us”. Bree came up and did the same. She playfully spanked Susan on the ass after she kissed her and said, “Call me girl”.

Lori and Tim walked up followed by Sara and Bill. The girls all hugged and told us to grab our phones and head to the wall. We walked down the beach to the wall which has the word HEDONISM” written on it. Bree quickly stripped off her shorts and top so she was naked with the rest of the girls. As they made their way out onto the wall I could not help to think to myself how damn lucky I was to have such a beautiful wife. Not only was I admiring her, but I was also taking in the sight of three other gorgeous women prancing naked out to pose for us.

The guys took numerous pictures of the four girls as they posed and played with each other. One of the sexiest ones was all the girls turned away from us with their asses pushed back as they looked out over the water. There was a boat passing by at this point and the horn sounded constantly as the girls waved and shook their tits at whoever was on it.

After they had left, Susan explained she and Bree had made plans for us in about two months. Stephen’s business partner owned a house on the beach in Florida. We had been invited to come down and stay with them for another week’s worth of fun and Stephen had promised he would ensure dinner every night would be memorable. Since he was the damn owner of the restaurant, I assumed it would be.

I also assumed we would be having some great sex. The thought of fucking Bree again made my cock start to harden. I also knew my wife wanted Stephen’s big dick in her again. Although a little jealous, I accepted the fact she wanted what she wanted and “give and take” is part of the Lifestyle World.

Tim, Bill and I went down to the pool bar while Lori, Susan and Sara walked up to the clothing shop. They each wanted to get a new outfit for tonight. I knew there was a foam party in one of the bars and some type of game contest in another. At this point I really wasn’t concerned about tonight. I had been fucked twice this morning and was now ready to sit back and chill with a beer at the pool bar.

We hooked up with Cindy and Mike who had abandoned the prude side of the resort. We all grabbed seats along the back side of the bar as the sun was already blazing down. Although Cyndi looked sexy as hell with her little shaven pussy rubbed in sun tan lotion, I was drained from this morning and could only admire her at this point. The five of us hung out at the bar waiting for the rest of the girls to finish their shopping spree.

Even in the partial shade, the sun was just too damn hot today and I finally called it quits after waiting for the girls for more than an hour. This morning’s workout (as well as the last few days) had taken its toll on my old ass and I wanted to go lay down in the AC. I told the guys we would catch up later and made my way back to the room.

As I was walking down the beach, a young couple, probably in their mid-twenties were walking toward the pool. Both were wearing shorts and tops and looked like they were a little confused. They asked me where the main pool bar was located. I just pointed and said, “You guys look lost”.

They introduced themselves as Carrie and Dean. They were staying at the Sandals resort next door and had decided they would purchase a day pass to walk over and see what everyone at Sandals was talking about. I just laughed and told them, “Well, strip off your clothes and go have a drink”. I pointed to Bill who was standing out toward the water and said, “If you want entertainment, go talk to him”. Since Carrie was a very pretty young blond, I was sure Bill would have no problem making them welcome. Fifteen minutes later I had finished off a couple bottles of water and was crashed in the bed with the AC cranked.

Susan woke me up late in the afternoon. I had slept longer than I thought I would, but damn I felt a hell of a lot better having finally really relaxed for a few hours. She was just a little drunk as the girls had gone shopping and then hit the piano bar early. It wasn’t supposed to open until 5, but they had talked a staff member into letting them in and they had their own little private party.

We were going to meet everyone at 7 for dinner so I had an hour or so to get myself together. Susan jumped in the shower and as I watched her, my dick started to get hard as my wife looked so incredibly sexy. The days in the sun had turned her already tan skin into a very dark tan and just thinking about what she and I had done made me want her so badly. I later learned this was one of the turn-ons when a guy’s wife is with another man…..her husband wants to “reclaim” her. Might be a bad word to use, but seems appropriate for the thoughts I was having.

I cleaned up and waited on the deck as Susan did her final touches. When she walked out I was stunned by the outfit she was wearing and how sexy she looked. She was dressed in a tight fishnet dress which only came down around her ass with a thong of the same color….HOT PINK! Her nipples were jutting out and I got an instant hard-on looking at her. My baby doll had also done some extra time on her makeup and hair resulting in her looking absolutely gorgeous. The choker collar she wore around her neck read “Vixen” and only made her look sexier.

We made our way up the walkway toward the restaurant. Bill and Sara met us halfway along the path. Sara was wearing the same outfit as my wife, except hers was bright yellow. Sara’s six inch “Fuck Me Pumps” made her taller than Bill and she looked stunning. Sara’s choker collar read “Hotwife” which was most definitely a correct label.

Tim and Lori met us at the courtyard. As I suspected, Lori was dressed in the same outfit. Hers was a bright shade of blue. Her choker collar said, “FUCK TOY”. All three of our girls looked amazing and by the expression on Tim and Bill’s face, they fully agreed with my assessment.

We had dinner and shared several bottles of wine. Afterwards we hit the piano bar for a few drinks and made our way to the foam party room. This was another first for me and although I almost busted my ass stepping into the room, it was a very different experience. The dance floor was filled with foam about four feet high and foam was shooting in from either side to refill the room.

The best part was when my wife and her two girlfriends were standing next to me chest high in foam. They were all sharing a mutual kiss while holding onto my cock and balls. They then took turns kissing me as they stroked my extremely hard cock. Tim and Bill had missed out because they didn’t feel like getting undressed to wade into the foam. They were a little pissed later on when I told them about the foam “dancing”.

My wife and I were leaving in the early afternoon the next day. Like I said, the last days of partying had taken its toll and our original plan was to simply have dinner, a couple drinks and relax on the deck before going to bed. As it turns out, we ended up back in our room having a small orgy on the bed with Bill, Tim, Lori and Sara. Most of it I don’t remember because we had also hit the shots pretty hard during the foam party, but there are a couple of VERY memorable moments about our last night at Hedo.

I finally got to fuck Sara and it was definitely worth the wait. I was going down on her on one side of the bed while Lori and my wife were sucking Bill’s cock on the other side. Sara had Tim’s cock in her mouth as he kneeled over her from the side of the bed. All of a sudden Sara let go of Tim and pulled me up onto her and guided my cock into her sweet pussy.

As I proclaimed before, I love my wife. She is beautiful and I love being with her. However, fucking Sara was something I will never forget. Sara is simply a desirable woman and so gorgeous I almost exploded right as I pushed my cock into her. Fortunately, I was able to hold off for about 15 minutes and made Sara come once. Her pussy was surprisingly very small and I easily filled her and hit the right places with my cock.

What made me come was when I saw my wife get on top of Bill and straddle his cock. She lowered down and took him into her with ease. Tim moved on the bed and was now trying to work his cock into her pussy from behind at the same time. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, she looked so fucking sexy I just released everything I had inside Sara. My wife being penetrated by two cocks at once was yet another first for our trip to Hedo. Unfortunately….seeing it ended my little fantasy fuck with Sara.

I sat back and watched as Tim and Bill coordinated working their dicks into my wife’s pussy. She was lying on Bill’s chest moaning in pleasure as they took her. Lori was kneeling on the bed next to her and rubbing her back as the guys did what they had to do. Sara moved to the other side and did the same thing and Susan just sighed out in pleasure as the girls rubbed her body. I guess having two cocks in her pussy and two women rubbing her body put my wife over the edge. She grabbed Bills head, screamed out “OH HOLY FUCK” and orgasmed so hard I thought she was going to hurt herself.

As she spasmed, Tim picked up his pace fucking her. This made her rise up a little and Bill’s cock slipped out of her pussy as Tim began to jackhammer my wife from behind. She locked Bill in a kiss and held onto him as Tim fucked her. I liked Tim, but right now he was banging my wife like she was nothing but a whore.

Sara knelt next to Tim as he pounded into my wife. She slapped his ass and said, “Fuck that girl harder”. This only made him slam my wife with several long hard strokes before going back to his rapid fucking. My wife was still holding onto Bill and yelling out in pleasure as Tim rammed into her. Lori was now holding my wife around the waist so there was no way she could get away from Tim’s cock. By the way she was crying out in pleasure, she would not have wanted to anyway.

Tim rammed into my wife one last time. He was holding her back on his dick as he grunted. Lori knelt up to kiss him and he released his come into my wife as Lori rubbed his chest. Lori said, “That’s my man”, and lightly spanked my wife’s ass a few times. Tim passionately kissed Lori until he finally pulled his cock out of my wife. The two of them moved to the side of the bed and continuing kissing.

I later learned this was one of Lori and Tim’s “things”. When he has his fun he still has to remember who the boss is. Now that my wife and I are a little experienced in the world of swinging, I fully agree with their “thing”. My wife allowing me to fuck other women is what most people would call crazy. However, even when I was fucking other women, I still know who the “boss” is and she is my girl.

My wife rolled off Bill and almost fell off the bed except for Sara saving her. Sara pushed my wife’s legs open and Bill took his cue by moving on top and rubbing his dick along Susan’s pussy. Susan said, “Sweetie, I don’t think I can take much more”. This thought apparently disappeared as Bill pushed his fat cock in causing her to sigh out in pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his waist to allow Bill to fuck her while Sara lay down to kiss her.

The orgasm Bill gave to my wife was not as intense as the one before. When Susan suddenly screamed out, “FUCK ME TO TEARS”, we all laughed and watched as Bill pounded into her and made her come yet again. And to think she and I were planning on just getting some sleep tonight before heading home.

Bill rolled off and Susan lay there with her legs spread as Sara continued kissing her. Bill and Tim’s come was running out of her pussy and I took this moment to grab my phone. I popped off a few pictures of my wife and Sara kissing. My wife’s “cream-pied” vagina was at the focal point of most of the shots and I often masturbate to these pictures when I’m home alone, along with all the others which were taken by our friends during our playtime.

Sara was still lying next to Susan rubbing her tits when she said, “OK, who hasn’t come yet? Glancing around room, we all looked toward Lori as she raised her hand in a playfully, sheepish manner. Sara pushed at Bill and he rolled off the bed. Sara pulled Lori down in his place and the three girls shared some mutual kissing for a few minutes. These were also some great pictures.

As my wife continued kissing Lori, Sara moved and got in between Lori’s legs. She played with her shaven pussy for a few minutes before diving right down onto her ready clit. Lori’s moan when Sara sucked her clit into her mouth told us Lori was on the way to her orgasm in record time.

Sara worked two fingers into Lori and licked her pussy from top to bottom as she searched for the right spot to please her. She found it very quickly and Lori’s moaning caused her to stop kissing my wife and reach down to hold Sara’s head.

Sara was obviously a very experienced pussy eater as Lori’s orgasm built in less than two minutes. Her sighs increased and increased until she finally took in a deep breath and held it. Two seconds later, she exploded in a very intense orgasm which made her leg shake uncontrollably. Yep, Ms. Sara knew what she was doing in the pussy eating department and watching her made me get hard again.

Sara climbed over Lori as she was subsiding from her orgasm and kissed her deeply. She then leaned over and kissed my wife who was laying there watching the show. I could already tell by the look on my wife’s face she was one very satisfied, thoroughly fucked woman who now only wanted to go to sleep. Unfortunately, our last night was now coming to an end.

Sara kissed my wife once more and said goodnight. Lori followed the same. Just as soon as they moved off the bed, Susan rolled into her pillow and closed her eyes. She told me to grab a warm washcloth so she could clean up and I realized my girl was done for the night. Since it was now 3 in the morning, both of us needed to catch a couple hours of sleep before our trip home.

Sara kissed me long as she rubbed my now very hardening cock. When Lori joined her and rubbed my back I was now not only hard, but aching. Bill and Tim were out on the deck waiting for the girls, but opened the door when they saw the three of us engaged in a mutual kiss. I guess the fact my cock was sticking straight out may have told them my night was not over just yet.

Sara asked Susan, “Sweetie, we can’t leave your boy like this”. Susan only managed an “Ummm, OK” before she pulled the pillow in and was now obviously only interested in falling asleep. Sara kissed me once more and then knelt down. Lori took over the kissing task and pulled me into her hard. Even though I knew what was coming, when Sara put her lips around my cock I groaned out in pleasure and pulled Lori into me even harder.

I only lasted a few minutes before I felt my balls tighten and my orgasm build. Sara only had the head of my dick in her mouth but was using her tongue to flick around the bottom as she ran her hand up and down the length of my cock. I grabbed Lori’s ass and pulled her in for one more kiss before I let loose into Sara’s sweet mouth. Gentlemen, if you ever have a chance to experience something like this do whatever you need to do (legally) to make it happen. The feeling of Lori’s body next to me as Sara took the last tiny bit of come out of my cock was incredible.

As I regained my breath, Sara stood back up and kissed me once more. I am very sure she intentionally left my come in her mouth because I could taste something very different and assumed it was my own jizz as she forced her tongue into my mouth. She then kissed my cheek and said, “Goodnight sweetie”.

Lori gave me another big hug before she went out on the deck with the others. She said they would try to see us in the morning, but if we didn’t, everyone had already exchanged numbers and addresses. I took one last look at Lori and Sara and now knew the night was very much over for me.

We left our rock along the walkway which was in front of our room. You can try and figure out which one it is if you ever go to the resort. Everyone’s name in our little group is painted on it, but unfortunately we were running late and did not have a chance to hook with anyone before jumping on the shuttle.

The bus ride back to the airport was quick. It was quick because both my wife and I slept the whole way. It was a good thing because I actually was over my hangover when we got to the airport. We both fell back asleep as soon as we got on the plane. The days had taken their toll however If you want to have fun you gotta pay the price eventually.

Since we got home my wife and I have made love every day. Often, it has been multiple times a day and I feel like a young guy who has just learned what women are all about. After years of marriage most couples fall into the same-old, same-old routines. Hindsight tells me my wife and I fell into the “same-old” routine prior to our little trip to Hedo. As weird as it sounds, dipping our toes (well actually jumping head first) in the world of swinging has made our relationship feel like it is brand new and I love my wife more than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I always loved her, but I now know a different side of her which I had never seen before. She confirmed my thoughts and feelings the other night when she told me the same thing about me. We then made love until dawn. Afterwards, we hung out in our pool naked all day which is something we had not done in years. And yes, a blow job from your sweet wife as you float on a raft in your own backyard is a wonderful thing.

We are supposed to meet Stephen and Bree in about two months at their place in Florida. Susan and Bree talk every day and have already made plans for the trip which should be another memorable event. I know my wife is craving Stephen’s big cock in her again. Like I said I’m a little jealous, but my girl can have what she wants. She knows I love Bree’s ass and teases me sometimes when we are in bed about whether I want her to get a unicorn tattoo on her ass also.

As a special surprise, Bree mailed a framed picture secretly she took of us the morning my wife and I made love on the beach. Susan is perfectly silhouetted by the sun straddling me and she looks gorgeous. I really can’t put it on the wall in the living room, but I do have it in my home office which is always locked. It looks so sexy with my wife perfectly outlined by the morning sun and her gorgeous body on top of me. If you’re wondering, yes, I jerked off looking at it a few times….lol.

However, I am really looking forward to the next Hedo trip which has already been planned by all the girls. One night my wife said, “Give me your credit card”. I later learned she had booked our trip with the whole group of us in October for a whole week of fun. This time I will have to get a blow job in the pool cave which is specifically the blow job capital of Hedo. I regret not doing it on our first trip, but I think I had enough fun.

October will be another story.

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