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Hedonism Made Us Swingers

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If you have never been to Hedonism, this may be the story you want to look over. I’m not saying I am in any way an expert in the Lifestyle world, but I thought I’d share some of the experiences my wife and I had while at the resort. This was a trip which actually changed our marriage.

I heard about Hedo a long time ago when there were still several resorts. I worked with a guy on the police department who had been and he shared a few stories about the place. Right away I wanted to go, but my wife only entertained my desire with a half-hearted smile and always said, “Maybe one day babe”. Knowing her so well I knew this was a polite “NO” we are not going, but I brought the subject back up every now and again. She knew Hedo somewhat revolved around the swinging lifestyle and although we had talked about the subject, we never explored any further.

My wife and I had gone out for dinner two days before my 49th birthday as an early celebration. Imagine my surprise and immediate shock when I opened the heavy, shoe box size present she gave me after dinner. Inside I found a large rock and a card which read, “I booked us a beachfront room for 5 days”. Folded up inside the card were printouts of the reservation at the resort and the flight confirmation. My cock got a little hard as I realized I would be at Hedo three weeks from now.

My wife said she had done a little checking and the rock was also part of my gift. We were supposed to paint our names or whatever we wanted to put on it and leave it at the resort. Realizing my wife was apparently on board to experience something very different made me excited. Her sexy smile seeing my pleased face made me want her right in the middle of the restaurant.

My wife Susan is a year younger than I. She could pass for a much younger woman though and seemed to have never changed in her appearance since the day I married her. She has an incredible, shapely curved body and her 36 DDD breasts are absolutely perfect. Although she says it’s too big, I love her ass because it is the perfect size in my taste. Just enough to grab onto and so smooth I always run my hands over her when she is naked…..even after all these years of marriage.

When we left the restaurant and got into the car Susan leaned over from her seat and kissed me. She then undid my jeans and I got one fantastic blow job right there in the parking lot. Fortunately, it was kind of late and no one interrupted as she sucked my cock and gave me a tremendous orgasm. As I was trying to regain my composure she kissed me and whispered in my ear, “I hope you liked this present”. I know you will like the other one because I’m going to do whatever you want”. As I looked her in the eye she said, “Yeah, I think I can be a bad girl for a little while”.

Her comment confirmed my earlier assumption of her being on board with going to a lifestyle resort. Like I said, we had talked about swinging in the past but, really had never explored anything. There had been a couple times when she did some playful kissing with another woman, but nothing ever came of those encounters. She did know one of my fantasies was to watch her have sex with another woman or another couple, but it was only bedroom talk while we were fooling around. Her comment this night told me maybe the fantasy talk might now become reality.

Three weeks later we landed in Jamaica. We made our way through the airport process rather quickly and went out to a bar area to wait on the shuttle bus to the resort. As soon as we got to the bar another couple eyed us over and I heard the guy say under his breath, “Yeah”? My glance back and smile confirmed his suspicions and he said, “Yeah, we’re waiting on the bus too”.

We introduced ourselves and met Tim and Lori. A couple also in their forties who looked like your typical suburban neighbors, but knowing we were all heading to Hedo, I had to give them a second assessment. Tim was about my size, thinner, but looked like he worked out every day of the week. Lori was a very pretty blonde. Even though she was carrying a few extra pounds, she was a very sexy woman especially when she flashed her perfect smile.

I ordered a beer and Tim told me, “You may want to get a few more for the trip”. I knew the resort was about two hours away, but didn’t know you could take drinks on the bus ride. He laughed when I admitted this and told me the bus ride is where the party starts. I ordered several beers for myself and a small bottle of rum with a mixer for Susan. We then made small talk with Tim and Lori while we waited. Mostly the conversation was about the resort as they had been there three times. Lucky for us, we’d met some “experts” and were getting a little more information about the days ahead.

The shuttle arrived 15 minutes later. Tim led the way as I threw the bags into the back while Susan and Lori carried the drinks we’d gotten for the ride. Besides us, there were four other couples who boarded the bus. Everyone was in a partying mood and although I thought a two hour ride would be a pain in the ass, the atmosphere of the group told me this was going to be a fun trip.

Susan and Lori grabbed a seat together as they were quickly building a girl bond started at the bar over their first drink. Tim and I got the seats on the other side of the isle. He seemed like a pretty laid back guy and I was happy to have met another couple who we had a connection with from the first moment we started talking.

The driver climbed on and got into his seat. His announcement, “Ok, we are all going to Sandals”, was met with some laughs and a little booing. He then said, “Just let me get out of the airport before the party starts”. Tim elbowed me and told me on their last trip there was a blowjob contest on the bus ride. I didn’t ask for details but my imagination already filled in the blanks.

As soon as we pulled out of the airport one of the young girls in the front took her bikini top off and flashed her small, but very nice tits at the back of the bus. She was in her mid-twenties and was as skinny as a rail, but her little tits and tight ass looked incredible. Everyone cheered as she raised her bottle of rum in the air before she took a drink. Her boyfriend, husband, or whoever the guy she was with looked to be already passed out in his seat with his head lying against the window.

We made one mid-way stop at a small bar which looked like it would fall down at any moment. We all got off and went inside where I bought a few more beers and the girls used the ladies room. On our way back out to the bus I was asked by a local if I wanted to buy “anything”. Saying no, he looked at Tim who also shook his head no. Back on the bus Tim told me you better get used to that, they go up and down the beach all day trying to sell weed.

An hour later we pulled into the resort and I got my first look at the place. It looked just like any other hotel I been too, however I had not come there to admire the decor of the building. Inside the lobby area a woman in her late fifties waved to our group. She asked who is with “Tom’s Trips” to which Susan, Lori and one of the other couples affirmed. She said her name was Kat and she had everything ready for us at her table. Lori asked if they could go first because they didn’t need all the information we were about to be told. They got their packet and left the lobby area saying we would grab drinks at the pool later on.

It took about 15 minutes for Kat to give us her run down of the resort and a few of the special events her group had planned throughout the week. I guess she couldn’t tell by my face she was taking too long to explain, but since she was so nice I bared through it.

We were walked to our room by a staff member named David. He gave us some guidelines for the resort and pointed out some of the main facilities. The pool area we passed had a few people lying around it in bathing suits and an older couple having lunch at a table. This seemed just like any other resort I had seen.

As we continued down the walkway David stopped and showed us a line in the concrete. He said, “Ok folks, you must be naked beyond this point”. I laughed at first until I realized he was being dead serious. My wife asked, “Do I have to now”? He shook his head no and told us the rule really didn’t apply when we were checking in or out of the hotel, just during the stay. He pointed back to the way we had come and told us that side is clothing, this side is nude.

Our room was beachfront on the ground floor. Although the direct view of the water is partially blocked by trees, it was still a very nice layout. Small compared to most hotel rooms, but appeared to have been recently painted with new furniture added and a stocked mini fridge in the corner. Our guide checked the fridge and then clicked on the TV saying he wanted to ensure the remote worked. As a porn movie appeared on the screen he quickly cut it off and joked he’d seen that one before.

I started to tip him but he refused saying they were not supposed take tips from the guests. He asked us if we needed anything else and I jokingly said, “Just 12 beers and a bottle of rum, you want anything baby”. My wife chimed back with her usual quip, “Just a young, rich guy who likes to give foot rubs”. She was in the bathroom brushing out her hair. I offered a tip to David one more time and he said, “No, thank you mon”, and closed the door behind him.

As Susan primped in the bathroom, I stepped out onto the deck and looked down the beach. There were about twenty or so people lying out along the area I could see and a dozen or so more on floats in the water. The music coming from the area David had pointed us to locate the pool would make it very easy to find.

Since I was the only person in view wearing clothes, I decided now was as good as time as any. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my shirt off over my head. As I was undoing the zipper on my jeans I had a quick thought about how long I’ve wanted to try something like this. I will admit I felt my dick start to swell just a little at the thought of what my wife and I may experience over the next week. I stripped the rest of my clothes off and tossed them onto the lounge chair on the deck.

Other than mooning a car once, this was my first time at being nude in public. However, since I was still standing on my deck, pretty much hidden from the view of those on the beach, we weren’t quit there just yet.

My wife walked out onto the deck and said,”Nice cock mister”! I turned around to face her and saw she was still wearing her bra and shorts. Seeing me naked she undid her bra and released her wonderful 36DDDs. Even after all these years of marriage, I still love to watch my wife take her clothes off. Her body is amazing with not only her big tits, but her shapely curved waist and nice ass.

Susan slipped out of her shorts and began rubbing the red marks around her hips caused by the day spent wearing them. She told me she wasn’t going out until these disappeared and went back into the bathroom. I opened the fridge and grabbed one of the beers from inside. I then asked Susan if she wanted anything. Getting no response, I decided I would just make her a vodka and soda water.

She came out when I yelled I had a drink ready for her and was rubbing some lotion around her waist and stomach. She sat on the bed and gave me a quick kiss as a thank you. Just then there was a knock on our door. As I went over to answer it Susan pulled at the blanket on the bed and said, “Honey, I’m fucking naked”. I stopped, looked at her with a half-smile and waited for her to realize the “blonde moment” she had just had. She dropped the blanket and went back to her lotion rubbing.

David was at the door. He was carrying a small basket which had two pint size bottles of rum and four beers. He raised the basket and said, “I apologize, this is all I could find on short notice”. He handed me the basket, glanced over to Susan on the bed and said, “Now you look more like you are ready to have fun”. He stepped inside to hand me the basket and I saw him run his eyes up and down my wife’s body. I guess even when you work at a place where people are naked all the time you still like to take in the view.

About thirty minutes later we were ready to head out and explore the resort. Being stark naked was a different feeling and I was a little apprehensive when we went out onto the beach, but it quickly disappeared as everyone else was naked also. We simply followed the music to the end of the beach and found the pool compound which was not really packed with people, but the crowd was definitely having a good time.

Lori came up behind us as we were checking out where we might grab a seat and she lightly spanked Susan on the butt. As I said, Lori is a pretty lady, but seeing her naked I could not help taking in an extra-long glance. Her tits were shapely. Not very big but, her shapely ass was nice. Kinda big but, it looked sexy. I knew she was carrying a few extra pounds, but now that she had stripped, they didn’t matter and the word voluptuous came to mind.

We grabbed seats at the bar and Lori ordered some shots. She said Tim would be by in a little while because he always wanted to unpack and make the room organized before starting to party. We had our shots and ordered a few more drinks while the girls continued chatting. I just looked around at the pool and admired all the naked women. Some were beautiful….others not so much but, hell if you whip em out I’m going to take a look.

Susan, Lori and I made our way over to the separate pool on the back side of the area and waded into the 4 foot water. There were about 15 people in small groups carrying on their conversations and enjoying the afternoon sun. I was feeling the effects of my earlier shot and was happy to just chill for a few minutes and relax as the sun baked down on us. I was also enjoying admiring how sexy my wife looked as she talked with Lori.

They were talking about tonight’s dinner reservations Tim had made for us in one of restaurants when Lori stopped mid-sentence. She was staring directly at me. Susan was also staring at me and it took a few seconds for me to realize……they were not looking at me, but behind me.

I turned and saw a guy coming down the steps into the water. He was an average size guy, but he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It hung down almost seven inches and was fat as hell. Now I am in no way Bi or even the slightest way interested in guys, but I’ll have to admit….this guy had one BIG ass fucking dick.

When I turned back, both girls started to laugh because I now knew why they been looking. Lori said, “That is one big cock”, to which my wife quickly agreed. Susan slid over through the water, kissed me and said, “Don’t worry baby, yours is big too”. She was followed by Lori who pushed in and the three of us shared a mutual kiss. Something I had never experienced before.

Kissing two women at the same time made me immediately get hard as a rock. When we stopped kissing, Susan pulled Lori toward her and they locked in a long passionate kiss between each other. The little show they were putting on immediately attracted attention as I saw several people look over toward us. One of the people was the guy with the big dick and he seemed really interested as he stared at the girls. He looked at me with an expression on his face which said, “Is it ok for me to join you”, and I nodded my head yes.

Mr. Big Dick moved in behind my wife and watched them from a few feet away. Sensing his presence, Susan broke away from Lori’s kiss and turned quickly toward him. He backed up and said, “I’m sorry, I thought it was Ok”, while looking over toward me. His heavy European accent was distinct and the expression on his face was very sincere in his regret at startling my wife.

Susan looked at me and instantly realized I had invited him to join us. Her face changed immediately and she said, “Hi, I’m Susan, this is Lori”. He responded with, “I’m Stephen. You are both very pretty ladies”. He then shook my hand and I introduced myself.

As he did, I saw my wife eye him over and glance down into the water for another look at his cock. Lori wasn’t as discrete. She was staring down at his manhood when she said, “That is one big ass dick”. This caused all of us to laugh and the girls grabbing their cups from the pool deck and toasting to “Big Dicks”.

Stephen was here with his wife Bree. He said they usually go to another resort in Mexico, but wanted to try this one just once. He was originally from Spain and now lived in Miami where he and Bree owned a restaurant. My wife chimed in, “You can cook and have a big dick”, causing another round of laughter.

Over the next hour we got to know Stephen better as we talked, made jokes and learned more about his business. His wife Bree was asleep in their room because she had overdone the tequila sunrises this morning at brunch and needed to grab a quick nap if she wanted to make it out tonight.

Tim finally jumped in the pool with us and apologized for being late. He said we were booked for dinner at 7 tonight and he ensured me I would love the lamb chops.

As the drinks went down in the hot sun, I could tell Susan was really feeling good. She was laughing very hard at silly comments and by the way she was hugging on Tim and Stephen, she had definitely loosened up and was probably ready to have a little fun with our new friends.

It was Lori who started things going when she asked Stephen, “Ok, so how big is it”? He asked her if she wanted to find out for herself. Lori moved over to the side of the pool, put her drink down and patted the concrete smiling at Stephen to sit where she could get a better look. He immediately did as he was told and sat facing us with his cock hanging in Lori’s face.

Lori took it in both hands and moved her hands around in slow half-circles. This made Stephen groan and lean back a little to give Lori move room. His dick was now an impressive 8 inches long and growing, but the girth on the base was as thick as a beer can.

Lori was working her hand around the tip of his cock trying to get more pre-cum out for lubrication. As Susan moved closer to watch, Lori told her to get the bottle of sun tan lotion under her towel. Susan grabbed it and opened the bottle as she waded back over to Lori. My wife poured sun tan oil down the length of Stephen’s cock while Lori held his dick in place. Susan tossed the bottle, looked back at me for an approving nod and then took hold of the very top of his dick while Lori held the bottom.

Stephen’s dick was now well over ten inches long. As the girls played with him, his cock swelled even bigger and they laughed at each other as they held onto his monster size cock. The big mushroom head looked like it was ready to pop and the girls were now putting on a show for everyone.

Stephen leaned back and braced himself on his arms. He was grunting and gritting his teeth as his orgasm built and this only made the girls pump his cock even faster. They were both on a mission to make this guy come and were laughing at each other as they ran their hands up and down the length of his cock. The expression on his face was one of pure ecstasy as he begged, “Oh God…..PLEASE don’t stop”.

Lori reached up and pinched his nipple and said, “Come for us sweetie”, which obviously put Stephen over the top. He yelled out, “Oh fuck”, locked his legs out and watched as Susan and Lori stroked his dick from the tip to the base.

The first stream of cum flew onto his stomach. This caused both girls to cheer in having pumped his cock to completion. The second stream hit Lori on the side of her arm making her laugh out and pump on his cock harder than she was before. The following spurts of cum were not as big as the first two. They slowly came out and ran over my wife and Lori’s hands as they continued pumping Stephen’s dick. There was a quick round of applause from the other people in the pool which I thought was funny as hell.

Lori released her hold on Stephen and waded over toward Tim where he was already holding out a towel for her to clean up. My wife now had both hands on Stephen’s cock and was not letting up on her slow up and down pumping even though he had finished and was now squirming back and forth while my wife teased his sensitive cock. Susan kept this up for another minute or so until Stephen took her hand and said, “Please, you got to stop, its driving me crazy”. She laughed and released her hold on his softening cock and Stephen lay back on the pool deck where he took in a deep breath and sighed.

As Susan moved over to me she had a sexy smile on her face. Her eyes locked with mind and in that moment, I knew she was looking for some type of reaction to what she had just done. When she got close enough, I pulled her in to me and kissed her deeply. She whispered in my ear, “I know you wanted me to be a bad girl, how am I doing”?

My now, very hard cock rubbed against her waist as she pressed into me and kissed me more passionately. It may be strange to some people, but watching my sweet wife jerk off another man made me want her more now than any other time I could recall in recent years. I’ve never taken for granted how beautiful and sexy she is, but right now I wanted to fuck her so bad it ached. Susan kissed me once more and said she needed to go to the ladies. I watched her sexy ass as she walked up the steps and headed toward the bathrooms. I thought to myself, you are one lucky man.

Lori and Tim moved back over to me as Stephen slipped back into the pool joining us. Lori was holding Tim’s hard dick. When she noticed mine, she took hold and said, “Looks like we need to take care of you guys too”. This was the first time another woman had touched my cock since I married Susan and the feeling was so exciting I almost came. Lori kissed her husband, then turned and kissed me deeply while squeezing my hard cock. The combination of her touch, soft lips, the alcohol and hot sun made this one of the most memorable moments of the trip.

Lori released my cock and said, “Maybe we should wait for Susan to get back”. I only nodded and took a deep breath to calm myself down. She had almost made me come while we were just kissing. Something I would have been very embarrassed about doing.

Susan came back and slipped into the pool a few minutes later. She hugged Stephen as she passed him and asked in a joking manner if he felt better. He only laughed and said, “I’m ready for another round if you are”.

Stephen asked if we all wanted to come over to his room. He said they also had one of beachfront rooms with a hot tub and we could have a private party. He needed to check on Bree anyways because he didn’t want her to sleep the whole day away. Hangover or not, she needed to get up and have fun with us.

Stephen’s room was only five doors away from the pool area and two down from ours. He walked in and crawled onto the bed. Bree was sound asleep and all I could see from the blanket wrapped around her was her long dark hair. As Stephen tried to gently wake her, I said I was going back to top off my beer and Susan asked me to get her another frozen drink. Tim and Lori had already gotten into the hot tub and Susan joined them after giving me a quick thank you kiss as a pre- reward for fetching another cocktail.

The bar area was packed now so I was glad my wife only wanted one of the pre-mixed frozen drinks out of the machine next to the bar. Might not be the best, but there was no line and no wait. I filled her up and topped off my beer. Carib tastes good when the sun is hot, and it was blazing today. As I was walking back to Stephen’s room I saw Tim standing on the beach smoking a cigarette. Susan and Lori were in the tub with Stephen. Tim told me Bree had come out for a second, but went right back into the room after saying a quick hello.

Tim jokingly said Bree was still not looking very well and more than likely went into the bathroom to throw up. We joined Stephen and the girls on the deck and they were talking about all of us going to the restaurant Tim had booked for dinner tonight. Sounded good to me because I always liked a nice sit down dinner where I thought we could all get to know each other even more.

At that moment Bree walked out onto the deck to join us. The first thought I had was she looked just like Kristie Alley from the old TV show Cheers. She was wearing a tee-shirt which said, “Stop staring at my tits” By the size of them I immediately got the joke, but could not stop staring. Even though you could tell she was still very much hungover, she still looked sexy as hell.

Bree told Stephen she needed to get in the shower to wake up. She was definitely still not feeling well and gave Stephen a dirty look when he asked if she wanted another shot of tequila. As she turned to go back in the room, she pulled her tee-shirt up to show her ass and said, ‘‘Suck on this”. The quick glimpse of her large, but very sexy, bubble-butt ass revealed a tattoo on one cheek which I couldn’t make out as she disappeared back into the room. Having always been an ass man myself, the quick shot of Bree’s ass made my cock start to get hard.

Over dinner we all became very good friends sharing stories about work, family etc. Bree must have regained her composure as she was the most talkative of the group. She was not only sexy as hell, but she was smart and never missed a beat when you fired a joke at her.

After dinner we sat at the prude side pool and had another drink. It was Bree who said, “Why don’t we just go get in our hot tub, I hate to see it go to waste”? Lori and Susan quickly agreed and the girls were up and heading back to the room before any of us guys could say anything.

Before the girls even reached the room they had stripped off their tops. Susan turned and tossed hers back to me followed by Lori and Bree. I joked, “I guess I’m in charge of clothes tonight”, and waited for the remainder of their clothing to be stripped away. All three were naked as they reached Stephen and Bree’s room. They slid into the hot tub and told us (the guys) to go fetch some drinks.

Stephen went into the room to grab a bottle of tequila and Tim and I walked down to the pool bar to gather up some more frozen drinks and beers. There were only a couple people sitting at the bar chatting and none of the staff was in sight. We grabbed a tray from behind the bar, loaded up with our drinks and made our way back to Stephen’s room.

We could hear the girls laughing and carrying on as we neared the room. Then Susan and Lori cheered and laughed hard. Stephen had gotten a bottle of tequila and a shot glass. He was standing next to the hot tub and was shaking salt onto his dick. Bree had just sucked the salt off his dick, threw back a shot and tossed her used lime wedge at me as we walked onto the deck. Both Tim and I said it at the same time, “What the fuck did we miss”?

Lori moved over to Stephen and he didn’t hesitate in shaking out some more salt on his cock. Bree had already poured the tequila while Susan held a small plate with lime wedges. Lori licked Stephen’s big dick up and down removing the salt before she sucked on the head for a few seconds. She slammed back her shot and turned to Susan to get a lime. My wife had put the plate down and had the lime wedge between her teeth holding it out for Lori who moved over and kissed her to retrieve the lime out of her mouth.

Stephen asked my wife, “You wanna a shot sweetie”? My wife glanced at me for approval and then said, “Extra salt please”! Stephen loaded up his dick and held it in front of my wife’s face. She grabbed the base, licked the head a few times and ran her tongue up and down the sides before placing his swollen cock head into her mouth.

I’m sure there was no more salt left on his dick, but my wife continued to suck on the head for about a minute before releasing Stephen from her hold. Bree handed Susan her shot and my wife said, “Honey, I don’t like tequila…..I like to suck dick, but I don’t like tequila”. Bree laughed and fired back Susan’s shot. She then kissed my wife deeply before settling back down in the tub.

The six of us chilled in the hot tub for the next hour. Yeah it overflowed a bit, but the staff would fill her back up in the morning. There was some playful kissing among the girls and a few underwater rubs, but nothing more than three couples having a nice night on the beach naked in a hot tub. In all my previous thoughts about what Hedo would be like, this night was proving to exceed my expectations.

Tim was the first to fad out. He fell asleep siting up in the tub. Lori splashed water into his face to wake him back up. He was OK for a few minutes then started to close his eyes. Lori jokingly said, “Yep, I knew this was coming, too much tequila”. She woke Tim up and told him it was probably time for them to go back to their room for the night so they could be on the beach early.

The two of them got out of the tub followed by Bree, who announced in her best “Forrest Gump” imitation she had to go pee. Bree kissed Lori and Tim before the two made their way down the beach back to their room. My wife gave me a knowing glance as it was very obvious I had not taken my eyes off Bree’s ass when she got out of the hot tub and went into the room. Any other time I guess she would have been pissed, but tonight was different. She only blew me an air kiss and ran her foot up my leg under the water.

Stephen jumped out of the tub and went across the sand to the beach. Since Bree was using their bathroom, he just used a bigger one. While he and Bree were gone, my wife dropped another bomb on me. She said, “Do you want to fuck with them tonight”? Her words were dead serious however the true meaning was not really clear to me as it could have been interpreted in several ways. I simply asked, “What”? Her response this time was more direct. She said, “I know you want Bree…..and I’d like to try him”. My dick immediately stood up and my wife kissed me hard once I gave her the smile of approval.

Susan told me she was going inside with Bree and she jumped out of the tub. I took this moment to get out and follow Stephen’s lead to get rid of all the Carib I had drank earlier. He was coming back as I was going down to the water’s edge. As I passed I simply said, “Hey man, my wife wants to fuck you tonight, you OK with that”? He stopped in his tracks and said, “OH HELL YES”!

I heard him jump into the hot tub to wash off the sand while I stood in the water looking out at the lights across the way. This was turning into one incredible trip and I did not want this night to end. Taking just a moment to think back on our marriage, I would have never expected my wife to act this way. She loves to have fun, but apparently something about this trip had flipped a switch in her.

I washed off in the tub and opened the slider door to Stephen’s room. He was making another drink, but I really didn’t care. My wife was lying on the bed with Bree between her legs. Bree was licking her pussy and my wife was obviously in heaven. Her eyes were closed and her head was pushed back on the pillow. She was rubbing one hand over her tits and had the other on Bree’s head. This was another first as my wife had only done some playful kissing with other women in the past.

Bree’s ass was absolutely stunning. She had it arched in the air while she worked her tongue into my wife’s pussy. The tattoo I’d only caught glimpse of was now clearly visibly in the dim light of the room. It was a cute unicorn with a rainbow over it. To say her butt was incredible is an understatement because it could be on the cover of any magazine in the world. The two of them together looked sexy as hell and my dick shot straight up.

Apparently my wife and Bree had developed a very quick connection tonight as Susan looked relaxed and willing to let Bree do whatever she wanted to her. Her sexy smile at me only made my cock harder as she knew this was what I had always wanted to watch her do. She rubbed her leg along Bree’s side and smiled at me before closing her eyes to enjoy.

Stephen crawled on the bed and moved in to help Bree lick my wife’s pussy. Susan spread her legs wider then wrapped one over Stephen’s back. He and Bree both sucked and toyed with my wife until Susan was gasping. She was now playing with her nipples and even pinched them. Something I know she does not like and was always off limits for me to do. My wife was obviously so turned on by this night she had let all her reservations go and was enjoying being serviced by our two new friends.

Stephen rose up onto his knees and rubbed Bree’s back. Bree moved out from in between my wife’s legs and Stephen positioned himself in between. He grabbed an extra pillow and lifted Susan’s ass up off the bed to place it under her and allow himself better access to her waiting pussy. My wife only glanced over at me quickly before closing her eyes and moaning out in the manner which I knew to mean she wanted dick in her……NOW! Stephen then gave me a quick look. When I nodded my approval, he proceeded.

Stephen held his big cock in one hand while bracing his body over top my wife with the other. Susan was actually pushing her waist up toward his dick trying to make him penetrate her, but Stephen was teasing her by only rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy lips. I had done this to my wife numerous times over the years and I know it drives her crazy when she is horny and wants to get fucked.

My wife looked over at me while she was being tortured by Stephen teasing her and the expression on her face made me feel jealous, but so turned on my dick ached. With her legs spread wide apart waiting for Stephen’s cock to be inside of her she looked so sexy I wanted her more than ever. Just for a second I thought about stopping this altogether, but we had made this trip about our fantasies and my wife willingly giving herself to another man was just another part of Hedo, even if that other man had a monster size cock which I could tell she was dying to try.

As Stephen pushed his dick into my wife, she gasped and grabbed him around his neck. She spread her legs even wider and screamed out, “Just fuck me”! The jealous twinge ran through me again especially since she was staring right into my eyes as she took another man’s cock inside her. She mouthed the words to me “I Love You” before closing her eyes and laying her head back as Stephen worked his big cock further inside her.

Bree hugged me from behind taking hold of my hard cock in one hand while she rubbed my chest with the other. She whispered in my ear, “This is your guys first time….do you like watching your wife get fucked”? I just nodded my reply causing her to squeeze my cock harder. I said, “Yes, this is a first for us”, which made Bree press into me harder. She said, “Glad it was us, come fuck me while you watch her”. She then pulled me over to the bed next to Susan.

Bree knelt on the side of the bed and pushed her ass out to me. She playfully slapped Stephen’s butt a few times and then leaned over to my wife’s ear. She said, “Just fuck him sweetie, it’s Ok, just fuck him”. Susan’s lustful groan was followed by her ramming her hips up to meet Stephen’s inward thrust. She cried out in a little pain when Stephen pushed his big cock into her too far making her yell, “Easy, Easy, EASY”! Her quick glance over to me told me two things. She loved being fucked by a larger cock than mine and was excited at me watching her take another man inside of her.

I felt Bree’s pussy which was already dripping wet. She pushed her ass back to me and I positioned myself behind her. Her ass was so gorgeous I had to admire it for a moment while I held my cock up next to her pussy lips. A quick look over at my wife being fucked by Stephen took away any second thoughts I had about fucking Bree. I wanted Bree now and only paused a second before I pushed the head of my cock into her and took in how incredible it felt to be inside another woman.

My wife had always told me my cock was perfect. It is a little less than 7 inches long, but 6 ½ inches around. She said she loved my cock and had actually bragged to a couple of her girlfriends about my size. I will admit I was feeling a bit unconfident because Bree was used to Stephen’s monster dick, but as I slowly pushed into Bree she moaned with each inward thrust I gave. I was going to fuck her as hard as I could to make sure she enjoyed my cock as much as my wife was enjoying Stephen’s.

Bree suddenly pushed back into me and took the whole length of my dick. She cried out when I hit the back of her pussy, but then started to move herself up and down the length of my cock while sighing in pleasure. Being inside another woman was a strange feeling, but the sight of Bree’s ass moving up and down my dick only made me want to take in the moment and enjoy.

Stephen’s grunting got louder as he pounded his cock into my wife. Susan was gasping out in pleasure each time he thrust into her and had her legs tightly wrapped around his waist. Stephen braced himself with one arm, grabbed Susan’s ass with the other and he then pounded into my wife so hard she screamed out with each push he made. Her screams told me she was in heaven taking his dick into her while pumping her hips up to meet each of his inward thrusts. I will admit I was a jealous husband at this moment as I watched my beautiful wife get fucked by a younger guy with a dick much bigger than mine.

The feeling of regret was pushed away from my mind as I felt Bree’s pussy tighten down around my cock when I pushed and held the tip of my dick on the very back of her vagina. Her orgasm came quick as I moved the head of my cock around from side to side on the very depth of her. The cry she let out told me I had satisfied her need for the time being as I felt her muscles contract around my cock. She regained from her climax, caught her breath and began pushing her ass into my thrusts.

Susan’s orgasm was a little different. I heard her familiar moans and gasps of, “Oh Fuck, Oh fuck, Oh FUCK”, building as Stephen fucked her so hard the head board was slamming into the wall with each downward thrust. Susan opened her mouth wide and moaned out a long,”OHHHHHHHHHH FUUUCCCCKKKK”, before she bucked her hips into Stephen and released herself into an intense orgasm. I did feel the jealous twinge again because I had only been able to make her come in this position a few times during our marriage as she preferred being on top to make herself come. Stephen’s big dick had apparently done the trick and she screamed out as he continued pounding into her pussy.

Knowing my wife wanted a few moments break after having an orgasm because she was always so sensitive, I was waiting for her to tell Stephen to stop. He never let up and now had both his arms locked around her legs holding her ass as he shoved his big dick into her as fast as he could. Susan’s pleas for him to stop fell on deaf ear as he pumped into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly and with one more scream of “Oh Fuck ME”, she began shaking her legs convulsing in another orgasm as Stephen continued to pump into her.

This time she grabbed his hair and pulled it screaming out, “YOU GOT TO STOPPPPP”! Stephen pushed in her once more and then slowly pulled his cock out. When Stephen’s dick came all the way out, Susan grabbed her pussy and rubbed it a few times. She rocked her body to free herself as Stephen released the hold he had around her legs. Susan lay there panting as she looked over to me and said, “Oh my fucking god”. She closed her eyes and gently rubbed her clit which was now swollen and prominently sticking out from her pussy lips. To say I wasn’t jealous at this point would be a lie, but this is what we had been talking about since my wife gave me the present the night at the restaurant.

Stephen pushed up off her and rolled on his side. He began stroking his dick slowly from the tip all the way to the base. The look on his face told me he was pleased at giving my wife a second orgasm with his dick and I felt the regret feeling build once again. My wife was obviously a well fucked woman at this point and the look of lust on her face as she watched Stephen pull on his dick showed a side of her I had not seen in a long time.

As Stephen lay on the bed rubbing his cock, Bree pulled away from me causing my dick to slip out of her. She lay next to Susan and they shared a few light kisses before Susan pulled Bree into her hard and kissed her passionately. This caused Stephen to groan out and begin to stroke his cock harder. The girls whispered something to each other and both sat up to move Stephen into the middle of the bed on his back.

Bree grabbed his big cock and slowly stroked it as he groaned out in pleasure. She raised it up in the air and my wife immediately took the head into her mouth making Stephen tense his muscles and push his head back. As Susan sucked the tip of Stephen’s dick, Bree ran her hand down the length and whispered to him, “She wants it baby, give it to her”. Stephen’s moan at her comment told me my wife was about to suck off another man’s cock.

Susan moved to a kneeling positon and raised her ass up in the air. I didn’t need any other clue on what she wanted at this point. I knelt behind her and eased my dick into her waiting, wet pussy with one stroke causing her to gasp with Stephen’s cock still in her mouth. She sucked up and down on his cock faster while trying to take more of his dick as I began a slow, steady pumping of her pussy. This was yet another first for my wife and me.

Bree knelt up beside me and rubbed her hands over Susan’s back. Bree kissed me deeply while I fucked my wife and I was now thinking “WHY IN THE HELL HAD WE NOT DONE THIS BEFORE”! Bree’s lips were so soft I could feel my dick get even harder inside my wife as she tongued my mouth. Plus, the feeling of running my hand over Bree’s gorgeous ass while fucking my wife was incredible.

Susan sighed out when I pushed all the way into her and rubbed the head of my cock in the “magic” spot I had become so familiar with over the years. She released Stephen’s cock from her mouth and laid her head on his waist and convulsed in an unexpected orgasm which made the three of us laugh at the way she screamed out in pleasure. I held her ass in place while I rubbed the head of my cock around the inside of her pussy. She cried out and pushed back against me so my cock was hitting the right place again. As she subsided in her spasms, it was now my turn to fuck her over sensitive pussy without mercy, the same way Stephen had earlier.

Susan reached back to try and push me back away from her, but I grabbed her hips and began to pound my cock into her as fast I could. She flayed her arm back at me once, then grabbed Stephen’s cock and put the head of his dick back in her mouth sighing out in pleasure. At that moment, I realized my sweet wife was now actually my little fantasy, slutty girl we had joked about during our bedroom talk. By the way she was pushing her ass back into me to take my cock she had nothing else on her mind at that moment other than being fucked.

Susan took as much of Stephen’s cock into her mouth as she could. She worked her hand up and down the rest of the length and sucked the top so hard she was making sounds with each stroke. Stephen’s breathing and groans were increasing as my wife sucked his cock for all she was worth. Even after having been married so long, Susan still loved to suck my dick and I know her blow jobs are incredible. She gets very turned on while doing it so Stephen must have been getting one of her best ones.

Bree was kneeing next to me and she began rubbing my back and ass while I fucked my wife from behind. Bree whispered in my ear, “You can fuck her now sweetie, I’m going to fuck her later”. Her sexy voice put me over the edge and I immediately felt my orgasm building. The next few pushes into my wife’s sweet pussy caused my cock to swell even more. I pushed all the way in and held her tight as I released my cum inside her. Susan moved her ass from side to side making my cock throb with the last pluses of my orgasm as it brushed against the back of her pussy. She wanted to make sure she took every drop out of me and this was her favorite way of driving me crazy.

Susan went back to her efforts on Stephens cock once I released my hold on her hips and started to ease my dick out of her. She was now sucking him faster than before and seemed to be on a mission to take his cum from him. Stephen’s building groans of pleasure at her mouth working over the head of his dick told me he wasn’t going to last much longer and he began grunting as his muscles tensed. Susan took her mouth off his cock only long enough to say, “Fucking give it to me”, then went back to sucking Stephen’s cock while she rapidly rotated her hand around the base of his dick. Stephen leaned his head back further in the pillow, took a deep breath and then yelled out, “Oh, hell, YES”!

Stephen’s cock actually throbbed as he shot his load. Susan never let up sucking him as she took his streams of cum into her mouth. She sighed in pleasure as he locked his muscles and screamed out, “Oh baby, suck that cock off”. This only made her efforts increase as she held the head of his dick in her mouth and pumped his cock with her hand taking his cum. My sexy wife had given me blow jobs on a regular basis throughout our marriage, but watching her do it to another man was a different thing altogether.

Bree pulled Stephen’s dick away from my wife’s mouth. She kissed Susan quickly, then ran her finger along the underside of Stephen’s cock pushing out the last of his cum. Bree swiped it up with her fingers, kissed Stephen and then rubbed his cum all over his lips. Stephen was still moaning from the orgasm my wife had given him and groaned even louder when Bree began to passionately kiss his cum covered mouth. I’ll have to admit, I’ve seen some strange things, but this was a new one to me.

Susan rolled off the bed and rubbed my leg indicating she wanted to talk. She looked sexy as she opened the sliding door and glanced back to me with a little devilish smile on her face before heading out on the porch with a small bottle of rum. I got off the bed and followed her outside leaving Bree and Stephen still kissing.

When I met my wife on the deck she took a drink from the bottle and made the scrunched up face she always did when she drank straight liquor. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and stared into my eyes for a moment until asking, “Honey, you OK”? My pause in response prompted her to ask once more and her expression changed from sexy to being concerned about my answer.

I said, “Baby, watching you turned me on so much I couldn’t stand it”. Her smile came back and she hugged me tightly. I will admit it may have been the alcohol or just the whole experience of being at Hedo, but sharing my beautiful wife with another man did turn me on. My half hard cock was now fully ready again caused by the touch of my wife and the thoughts about what had just happened.

My hardening dick brushed against her leg as it rose up and Susan ran her fingers softly over its length. She looked into my eyes and said, “Well, surprise, I guess you did like it”. Usually it takes some time after I come to get hard again, something age will bring as a special gift for guys. Tonight my cock felt like I was back in my twenties and was rock hard when Susan kissed me softly and told me how much she loved me.

I grabbed a towel off the hot tub and took Susan by the hand to lead her out on the beach to the water’s edge. I threw the towel over one of the lounge chairs and didn’t even have to say a word because she immediately lay down and opened her legs for me.

Remembering Bree’s earlier trick with Stephen, I dropped to my knees and ran my finger up and down her slit feeling her wetness. In the dim light I saw my cum had dripped out of her and run down her leg. I rubbed it around her thighs before I ran my tongue up and down Susan’s pussy lips and lightly flicked her clit. Yeah, I’ve tasted my own cum before by accident (and once out of curiosity), but tonight was a little different. I willing sucked what was left out of her pussy, another first time thing for me.

My wife’s clit was still very swollen and at first she held my head back then moved me slowly around guiding my tongue where she wanted to be touched. I easily pushed one finger into her pussy and swirled it around a few times. She was so wet it made slurping sounds as I toyed with her. When I pulled it out it was covered in cum and a little stream ran out of her. That was it, I buried my tongue into her and licked at her cum soaked pussy without hesitation. I was so fucking horny all I wanted was the feel of her smooth legs wrapped around my neck.

Susan gasped as I sucked her clit into my mouth. She pushed her hips into my mouth and held my head while I sucked her clit and pushed two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. I began to massage the magic spot which caused her to squirm from side to side on the chair.

She later told me it was not only because she was so sensitive, it was also because of what happened that night had her so aroused she couldn’t hold back. I was only eating her out for about a minute or so when she locked her legs, raised her ass up off the chair and had yet another orgasm.

As she calmed back down she pushed at my head to make me release her clit. I could tell by the force she was using she was not going to allow any more so I stopped. She lay back on the chair breathing hard and rubbed her legs over my back while she caressed her tits. She said, “Oh my god, what was that”, in a manner which said she had just had a VERY good orgasm.

I noticed Stephen and Bree were watching us from the deck. He raised his glass up giving me a toast for making Susan come again then they walked over to the lounge chair and sat down on the beach next to us.

Bree stroked Susan’s tits while Stephen handed me the extra drink he’d brought out. Bree kissed Susan and placed her hand down around her pussy. As she began to massage it my wife kissed her deeply, pulled her hand away and said, “Oh god, no more tonight”! This made us laugh and Bree backed away from her pussy while she continued to run her hands up and down my wife’s legs. I could tell Susan was now very much done for the night because she closed her eyes and just relaxed while Bree stroked her body.

The three of us talked for about 15 minutes until Susan started to lightly snore causing us to laugh and realize the night was in fact over. Bree gently shook Susan awake and told her she was going to take her to bed. Susan pulled Bree down and kissed her and then tried to go back to sleep. Stephen and I helped my wife up out of the chair and they walked with us over to our room which was only two doors down.

We laid my wife on the bed and Bree crawled in next to her. Susan mumbled something before she closed her eyes and went back to sleep. Bree ran her hands over my wife’s tits and said, “You are a lucky man, she is so gorgeous”. She then kissed Susan on the cheek and got up. We stepped out of the room and Stephen said they would call us for breakfast if we wanted. I agreed and got another kiss from Bree as they went back to their room.

I was still very horny from eating my wife’s pussy on the beach. As soon as I saw her naked body with the now dry cum on her legs I got hard again. After I put the blanket over her, I lay down and jerked off in record time. The mirror on the ceiling was an added turn on, but the thought of tonight’s events made it very easy to cum and I fell asleep thinking about what may occur tomorrow.

The bang on the door the next morning woke us up. Stephen and Tim were yelling for us to get out of bed. I let them in and both were laughing at how Susan and I were still asleep. Tim asked Susan if she was getting up. She sighed and rolled back onto her pillow which said she was not going anywhere but back to sleep. I ran my head under the shower for a minute and grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt. Susan had already fallen back asleep by the time I got dressed so the three of us left for the breakfast buffet.

Lori and Bree were already at a table when we got there and both were wearing bikini bottoms and a see-thru sun dress. It appeared this was the acceptable dress in the buffet area as almost every lady had on something similar to what they were wearing. The rule was you had to have clothes on….nothing was said about being able to see through the clothing.

About twenty minutes after sitting down, Tim jumped up and yelled toward the front lobby. A guy in his early thirties with a crew cut and barrel chest was making his way over dragging two suitcases behind him. He and Tim met halfway and they exchanged bear hugs. Lori said, “Oh my god, Bill came”! She jumped up to run over to greet him.

Tim brought Bill over and introduced him to us. Lori then asked, ”Where’s Sara”? Bill motioned his head toward the front lobby. Lori walked away toward the front desk area in search of Sara while Bill joined us at the table. I can honestly say I liked this guy from the get go. He turned out to be one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met and I would find it hard for someone to dislike him. Bill was a great addition to our group however, his wife Sara was incredible.

When Lori came around the corner from the lobby she was being followed by one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. Sara was about 5’10” and built like the proverbial “brick house”. Her tits were as big as my wife’s 36 DDDs and her hips and ass were amazingly sexy. Her blond hair was cut shoulder length and she reminded me of one of a Playboy Playmates I used to dream about when I was younger, but at the time could not recall which year’s issue. All I knew was Sara was not just gorgeous, she was stunningly gorgeous.

We were introduced and Bill and Sara only chatted for a few minutes. They had met Tim and Lori on the last trip here and I assume they were at little more than friends at this point.

Sara wanted to get out on the beach and Bill was ready to start to party. As they walked away I felt bad for basically leering at Sara’s firm ass. Her shorts barely covered her cheeks and those long legs were just incredible. Tim caught me looking and said, “Wait till you see her on the beach”. I knew Lori had heard what he said because she smiled and made a “Yummmmm” sound under her breath.

After breakfast I took my wife a plate of snacks and got her moving. We hooked up with our group at the pool bar. Tim’s earlier statement about Sara was dead on. Seeing her in her clothes was one thing, seeing her naked was most definitely another. Her tits were prefect with light bulb nipples protruding out. Every inch of her was tan and her ass, that sexy ass was amazing. It jutted out from her backside so prominently you could have placed a drink on it.

Bree and Lori were marking out a place for us to hang on the beach while Susan and I loaded up the inflatable cooler we’d brought with us. The eight of us grabbed chairs on the beach near Stephen’s and Bree’s room and began what would turn into a very long day of drinking and firsts.

About an hour later all the girls had made their way out on the rafts and were floating in a small group as us guys took turns wading out to refresh their drinks. They were all laughing at whatever stories were being swapped and I was happy to see my wife having such a great time. She works her ass off almost every day and to see her relaxing in the sun, stark naked with a drink in her hand made me feel like this trip was the best idea she’d ever had for both of us.

Sara finally waded out of the water and all of us guys just kinda groaned as she made her way up on the beach. She kissed Bill quickly and said she was going to the room for some money. Bill said, “Just a little honey, we’ll find better later tonight”. She blew him a kiss and disappeared down the beach heading for their room.

Sara came back about ten minutes later with her money in a zip lock bag and waded out into the water. As she passed the girls they all started laughing and whistled at her. Sara sat on her float and paddled out to the net which is about 75 yards off the beach running the length of the resort. It only took about a minute or so before a boat pulled up next to her. She bought a bag of marijuana from the “fisherman” and paddled back to the girls.

About twenty minutes later, all the girls came out of the water. Sara was leading the way and didn’t even stop to say anything as she made her way down the beach. My wife kissed me quickly and said, “We’ll be back in a little while”. She then followed Lori with Bree in the rear.

After 30 minutes I couldn’t take the curiosity. I asked Bill where the girls had gone. He looked at me and told me his room number. As I stood up he said, “Up to you, just don’t get hurt”. Tim and Stephen didn’t say a thing as they were staring over at an elderly couple on a lounge chair doing a 69 positon. They were probably in their late 60’s, maybe more, but God bless em.

When I found Bill’s room I could hear the girls inside and knocked. Sara answered and the marijuana smoke almost knocked me down. However, when I saw my wife on her knees up on the bed I didn’t give a damn about the smoke smell. She had her face buried in Bree’s pussy and her arms locked around her legs. Bree only glanced at me when I walked in. She gave me a little smile and tapped my wife’s arm before closing her eyes to enjoy what my wife was doing to her.

Susan looked over at me. She blew me a kiss and then ran her tongue from the bottom of Loris’s pussy to the top. She flicked at her clit a few times then locked her mouth down on Bree causing her to gasp in pleasure. This was another first for me as I had never seen my wife eat out another woman. To say she looked sexy as hell would be an understatement… cock was now hard as a rock.

Lori was in the bathroom. When she stepped out she was surprised I was in the room. Not as surprised as I was at the sight of the dildo she had strapped on. It was at least 8 inches long, thick and black. She grabbed it when she saw the look on my face and said, “Sara forgot the big one at home”. She walked over to the edge of the bed behind my wife and ran her hands up and down the inside of her thighs. Susan moved her knees out wider and pushed her ass in the air.

Just then, Sara slapped my ass and playfully pushed me toward the door. She said, “Girls only”, and spanked me once again. I did as I was told and allowed her to lead me out the door. She tugged at my hard cock and before she closed the door said, “Bring him back in a little while”. I stood there with my hard dick thinking about the four of them having their girl’s only orgy and wanted to jerk off right then and there. The feeling was only stronger as I heard my wife through the door cry out in pleasure. I assumed Lori had just impaled her with the black dildo and I would have given anything to have been able to watch. I just made my way back to the beach and joined Tim and Stephen.

When I sat down Tim gave me a knowing look and said, “Sorry man, Lori wanted your wife the moment she saw her at the airport”. I smiled and admitted all I wanted was to be able to watch. He nodded in agreement and said, “It won’t be the last time, Lori wanted all the girls today, it’s kinda of her thing”. He then went on to say she always took pictures and video if everyone was cool with it so I’d be able to check out their show later on.

Bill had gone down to the bar. When he didn’t return, Tim decided we better go find him because he loves to run his mouth and would be there all day. Plus we needed some more beers. We found him talking to a couple in their late fifties. Nice enough looking, but the wife Laura had one of those faces which showed she had had a hard life. Her husband Eric was retired and this was their first trip to Hedo.

As we talked they relaxed a little more and Laura said something to her husband under her breath. He said with no further explanation, “Up to you babe”. However, when Stephen walked up, Laura leaned into her husband and whispered something to him again. He just repeated his earlier statement. “Up to you babe”?

We hung out for the next twenty minutes or so having drinks and getting to know Eric and Laura. Laura whispered into Eric’s ear before she got up to go to the bathroom. When she was out of earshot Eric just blurted out, “She wants a gangbang before we go home tomorrow”. Bill jumped right in by saying, “All aboard”!

Stephen didn’t seem too interested because I think he really wasn’t attracted to Laura’s hard looks at all. Tim and Bill were all in and they looked at me and just went on about the conversation when I gave no response. Eric was very drunk, however he seemed serious and I assumed the earlier whispering had been about Laura sizing us up.

She came back ten minutes later and sat back down. Bill didn’t waste any time and put his arm around her waist and asked, “So you wanna play tonight”. She smiled and gave Eric the knowing look of, “You said something”. Laura eyed the four of us over again and took her time looking at Stephen’s big cock. As I leaned over to grab another beer off the bar, Laura pulled my head and kissed me quickly.

She said, “I love your eyes”. She let me go and then eyed Stephen once more. Her kiss told me two things. One, she might really want all of us tonight….and two, she had just thrown up in the bathroom because I could smell and unfortunately taste the vomit on her breath. I ordered a Tequila shot and went down to the water’s edge to rinse out my mouth and spit.

When I got back Stephen and I excused ourselves and walked back toward the beach chairs. All he said was, “Not my kinda deal”, to which I replied, “She’ll never make it to tonight anyway”. We both laughed and crashed out in the chairs waiting for the girls to return.

Bill and Tim came back about 15 minutes later. They were joking about how fucked up Laura and Eric were. Both confirmed my earlier thought. There was no way Laura would make it to tonight. Although Bill did tell us they wanted to meet us all in the piano bar around 9…..we all highly doubted it. It was now getting close to 5 and the girls were still in Bill’s room. All I wanted right now was to hear what my wife had been doing for the last hour and then take a damn nap. The sun had kicked my ass today and I was feeling my skin tighten a little from sunburn even though I had used the highest sunblock I could find.

Bree finally came back out to the beach and lay in the chair next to Stephen. She didn’t say anything to us. She just put her sun glasses on and lay back to relax. Lori and my wife came out a few moments later with Sara following. They all had mixed drinks and were laughing about whatever joke there was between the girls.

As soon as my wife walked up she kissed me, took one look at face and said, “Baby, we both need to go lay down for a while”. I just nodded and Tim and Bill also agreed with me. The eight of us made plans to just hit the buffet tonight and meet around 8.

After a long day in the sun, too many drinks and what seemed like a whole week of partying in only two days, I wanted to do nothing more than to crash for a few hours. My wife would not tell me anything about what the girls had done, but I could smell the marijuana smoke on her and judging by her demeanor, someone had made her come very nicely during the girl’s playtime. We hit the bed and both of us were out within seconds.

I woke up to the sound of a hairdryer and was surprised to see my wife in the bathroom. She had gotten up, showered and was now doing her hair for tonight. Usually I’m sitting there waiting on her, but she was almost done with her hair by the time I finally rolled out of bed.

I kissed her shoulder and asked gently, “So, you going to tell me what you girls did today”? She turned, kissed me and said, “I’ll tell you later, but it was fun”. She went back to blowing out her hair and told me I needed to get ready so we wouldn’t be late. I turned on the shower and just jumped into the cold water to wake up and try to shake off the day’s alcohol. I know cold showers are a myth when it comes to making you sober, but DAMN I felt so much better.

Susan and I meet Tim in the courtyard a little after 8. Lori, Sara and Bree were all inside the clothing shop browsing for new sexy wear. Susan shot straight into the shop and I just hollered, “Don’t spend too much baby”.

Tim said, Bill and Stephen already put a couple tables together in the restaurant and were waiting for us. He and I found the table and decided the girls were going to be a while. The four of us grabbed some small stuff off the buffet and waited for the ladies. As I expected, Susan came to the table about 20 minutes later with a large bag and laughed when Bill asked how much Sara had spent. She just smiled and said, “They’re coming”.

The eight of us had dinner and I will truthfully have to say, I have never enjoyed better company. Everyone was in a great mood and the conversation and jokes never stopped. Our table was an attention getter especially since the girls had all dolled themselves up quite well this evening. They were all wearing similar black cocktail dresses and high heels.

After dinner we made our way into the piano bar which was a little crowded. We managed to get the girls seats at a table and the guys just kinda hung at what space there was at the bar. We made up a game of karaoke roulette in which you had to take the mike and the group would decide what song you would sing. It was actually fun and even thought I sucked at my version of “Walk This Way”, this was a great night.

When Bill said something about Laura and Eric not coming, Tim said, “I could have told you she wouldn’t show”. This led to the gangbang scenario being brought up and we all joked back and forth about which one of our wives would be the center of attention tonight. The subject was eventually dropped and we took turns doing duets with the karaoke machine.

When I came back from the bathroom my wife and Lori were having an involved conversation over at the corner table. My wife looked at me with her sexy, “I’m up to no good” smile and went back to talking with Lori. I joined Stephen and Tim at the bar and was told Bree and Sara went back to the room to “indulge” in a little more weed.

As we talked I kept glancing over at my wife and Lori. They were laughing and every once in a while leaned in to whisper into each-others ear. About ten minutes later my wife came up behind me and whispered, “I need to ask you something outside”. She didn’t wait for my reply and just walked out onto the patio area.

Once outside Susan put her arms around my neck and said, “Lori wants me to try a gangbang”. I knew they had been talking about something, but this kind of threw me off for a moment. I looked at my wife with the expression of “what did you just say” on my face. She said, “I want to get gangbanged tonight”. She paused for my answer and asked, “Would you like it”? I could now tell she was not kidding and even though she was a little drunk, she was dead serious in the way she was talking. Once I realized she wasn’t playing around, I quickly agreed.

Back in the bar Lori must have already told Tim about the plan because he was staring right at me trying to determine the outcome of the conversation I just had outside with Susan. He didn’t need me to answer because Lori read Susan’s face and said, “Oh you bad girl”! She hugged her and both giggled. Lori then asked Tim, “Our room”? Tim nodded and told Bill and Stephen to order some more drinks to take back to his room. Bill and Stephen kind of understood what was going on, but now both had the clear picture.

My wife told me she was going back to our room to freshen up and Lori went with her. She gave me a long kiss before she left and asked once more if I would be OK with this tonight. I kissed her back and said, “Whatever you want to do is fine baby”. She gave me the sexy smile and walked out with Lori. Watching her ass as she left made my cock begin to get hard, especially at the thought of what was going to happen to that ass tonight.

Tim told me to come with him while Bill and Stephen waited for the rest of the stuff from the bar. As Tim and I walked to his room I said, “Well I don’t know what made her decide to try this, but it’s a first”. Tim kinda laughed and told me Lori and Susan had been talking about it since he had said something about Laura’s conversation with him at the bar earlier.

He had arranged a “party” for Lori twice in the past and she must have told my wife about it. He asked me if I was cool with this and I nodded. However, I started to change my mind when we got to the room and he pulled a harness with four straps out of his suitcase. However, I was still turned on by the thought of my sweet wife having her fantasy gangbang which she had always joked about in the past. Tim and I moved the mattress off the bed and positioned the four straps. We threw it back on and guessed the right adjustment for the hand and foot holds. I couldn’t help my dick getting hard as I thought about what we were planning for my wife.

Susan and Lori came to the room about ten minutes later. Lori had taken her dress off, but Susan still had her cocktail dress on. She looked sexy as hell wearing her fuck me pumps and the seductive look she had on her face told me she was ready to be taken in whatever way we wanted. She kissed me deeply when she came into the room and seeing the bed arranged for her made her sigh out a little in approval.

Lori said, “This must be for you honey”, as she pushed Susan down onto the bed. Lori pulled Susan’s dress off over her head and flung it into the corner of the room. She pushed my wife back and dove straight down to begin licking my wife’s pussy. This caused Susan to moan out and hold Lori’s head tightly into her crotch. This was most definitely turning into an interesting night. I got a quick picture of my wife with her legs spread and Lori’s head buried in her pussy. It looked sexy as hell with her high heels still on and Lori’s ass up in the air.

Tim took my wife’s left hand and placed it in the strap. Susan looked at me and her face showed a little concern, but she was now committed and I could tell she was not going to change her mind. Lori followed Tim’s lead and tied her feet into place as Tim did her other hand. He kissed her and asked, “Not too tight is it”? My wife kissed him back as she sighed in anticipation of what was coming next.

What came next was Lori eating my wife out for about 15 minutes. She teased Susan with her tongue to the point Susan was panting with pleasure. I have never seen my wife’s nipples so hard with excitement as Lori sucked her clit and worked her fingers in and out of her. I could tell she was going to explode any second now as Lori locked her arms around her and sucked on her clit. However, what made my wife come was when Tim knelt on the bed and placed his cock near her face. She immediately took him into her mouth, sucked the head a few times then sighed out in her familiar, “Oh fuck, Oh fuck OH FUCK” chant leading into a massive orgasm which made her muscles contract and her legs lock out.

Lori released her hold and ran her hand from Susan’s ankle all the way up to the inside of her thigh. She then knelt over my wife’s face and lowered her pussy down. My wife licked at Lori’s wetness like she was crazy. Lori held herself just high enough so Susan had to arch her head up to touch her. Lori said, “That’s my sweet girl, lick her good baby”. I almost came right then watching my wife struggle in the straps to get at Loris pussy, but there was no way I was going to waste my cum without giving it to my wife. I grabbed my phone and took several photos of the two of them in this position having regretted not getting my wife’s first orgasm on video.

Tim was already positioning himself between my wife’s legs and easily pushed his hard cock into Susan. She moaned and forced herself into Lori’s pussy harder as Tim worked his cock inside her. This was one of the sexiest moments from our trip and I took a whole series of pics.

As I was watching Tim fuck my wife and Lori ride her, a rap on the door told me the party was now about to really begin. I opened it and let Stephen and Bill come inside to watch the show. As soon as they saw what was going on both quickly stripped off their clothes. Bill said they went back to his room to check on the girls. Both Sara and Bree were curled up in the bed and “doing their own thing”. Bill went to one side of the bed while Stephen went to the other. Both began rubbing my wife’s legs as Tim continued to pump into her. His pace was now picking up and his groans suggested he was already getting close to coming.

Lori rode my wife’s face for a few more seconds before she eased off the bed. She saw my rock hard cock and pulled me over to the side of the bed to my wife’s left. When Lori bent over and pushed her ass out at me I didn’t hesitate to grab her and push my cock into her very wet pussy. She groaned out when I hit the back walls of her pussy as I buried my length inside her and rubbed the head of my cock back and forth on the depths of her pussy walls. My wife opened her eyes just long enough to see me fucking Lori then closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure as Tim pounded her.

I will always remember how she was pushing her hips up off the bed while Tim pumped into her. She screamed for him to fuck her harder and once he was nearing his orgasm she begged for him to cum inside her. This put Tim over the edge and he let loose and filled my wife’s pussy.

Once Tim was finished and had rolled off the bed, Stephen pushed his massive cock into her without hesitation as she yelled out, “Yes! Give me that big dick”! Stephen did just what she wanted. He fucked her mercilessly. He was even able to work almost the whole length of his big dick into her before she cried out, “TOOOO MUCH”! My sweet wife had turned into a sexy slut in only a few days and obviously loved Stephen’s big cock.

As before, Susan came hard as Stephen fucked her and she only told him to stop for a moment while she regained. She struggled with the straps and then put her head back down and said, “Fuck me”! Stephen couldn’t manage to come, but he fucked my wife hard for another ten minutes until he finally had to take a break. The boy had just given himself quite a workout and the alcohol tonight must have kicked in. He rolled off my wife and bent over the bed to kiss her tits. He then stood next to the bed and stroked his cock as he watched the show.

Bill untied Susan when it was his turn because Susan begged him to let her go. While a little bondage mat have been fun for her at first, the straps were now just getting in the way. I could tell my wife wanted some control over this night and she also wanted to be able to hold onto the guy who was fucking her.

As soon as Susan was free she pulled Bill down on top of her and reached out for Stephen’s big cock to suck. Lori pulled away from me and my dick slipped out of her. She put her head next to Susan and the two began kissing as Bill pumped into my wife. Susan and Lori then licked at Stephen’s dick and it was comical watching as Bill tried to fuck my wife and keep his face away from what the girls were doing.

Bill repositioned and raised Susan’s legs up. He grabbed her around her ass, tensed rather quickly and pumped his come into her as Susan gasped and tried to force more of Stephen’s big dick into her mouth. Bill’s grunting subsided and he pulled out of her taking a long trail of come with him as he did. Bill was immediately replaced by Tim again who wasted no time pounding into her with all he had. Tim only lasted a few minutes until he came and filled her with what I’m guessing had to be the last of his come. Poor guy had blown two loads in about thirty minutes.

Susan smiled at me and said, “Fuck me baby”. The look on her face was very much different from when we usually made love. So was the feeling I had at this point. I love my wife more than anything and making love to her has always been something special. This night was not about making love. This night was about her getting fucked so long and hard she would finally have to tell us to stop when she couldn’t take anymore. The thought made my cock swell even more and I just took her. This time I did not care about pleasing her as I normally would, I just pushed my cock all the way into her, grabbed the sheets on either side and pumped to get relief. I didn’t even care Stephen’s cock was so close to my face while the girls continued to suck him.

The feeling of my cock sliding into her cum filled pussy was strange. She was so sopping wet I entered her with no effort whatsoever. She stopped licking Stephen just long enough to say, “Give me your cum baby”, and went back to working on his dick. She knew I had been holding back while I was fucking Lori waiting until it was my turn to fuck her.

As I fucked my wife, Lori came off licking Stephen’s dick and rubbed her hands over my back, giving an approving “UUUMMMMM”. At that moment I don’t know who was more turned on…me or my wife. I released the huge load of cum I had wanted out of me since this morning and I hadn’t cum so hard in I can’t remember how long. I felt my cock pulsing with each stream of sperm being ejected. My wife obviously felt the same thing because she moaned out and said, “Fill me baby, give it to me”. Her facial expression showed she could feel how much of my cum I was giving her and her smile made me push into her deeper as I finished shooting my load. I recall thinking…if my wife acting like a whore is going to make me come this hard every time, we are going to be doing these things more often.

I had to roll off the bed to regain my composure and was quickly replaced by Lori. Lori pulled Stephen down in the middle of the bed and she and Susan began sucking his cock. Lucky man was still getting a double blow-job, but with a dick that big, I guess you need two girls working on it.

I leaned back in the couch and took in the show. Susan’s pussy was dripping with cum and she was now no longer worried about me. She wanted Stephen’s cock in her mouth. She only kissed Lori once and they actually pulled his dick back and forth between them to get hold of it. Lori began making circular motions around the base of his dick while Susan worked on the head. Stephen just laid there and groaned out in pleasure. He did however look over at me once. The expression on his face told me those two girls actually “owned” his ass at this particular moment.

When Stephen came he screamed out, “Oh GOD YEEEESSSSS! His cock was still in Susan’s mouth as he let go and my sweet wife sucked him off. She took his come and only let up when Lori put her face next to her. They both ran their hands over Stephens dick while the remaining cum came out and each of them took turns sucking his head to share his load. I had already thought it before, but what a lucky bastard Stephen was at that moment.

The three of them lay in the bed with Susan and Lori playing with Stephen’s softening dick. I grabbed one quick pic and decided I wanted a cigarette. I had quit several years prior, but tonight I was craving one so bad I could care less. I grabbed one out of Tim’s pack and stepped out onto the deck to take in the night on the beach.

Just as I was lighting up I saw Bree and Sara making their way down the beach. Tim’s room was on the second story so I called out to them as they were passing. When they saw me both yelled out at the same time, “What the hell”? They walked around through the breeze-way heading to the steps to the second floor.

Thirty minutes later and after my wife had cleaned up, the fun began. The eight of us fucked for the remainder of the night. Mostly it was with our own spouses and I don’t recall how many times my sweet wife had an orgasm. She was so turned on that night after her little experience she was like a wild woman.

At one point I was fucking Lori from behind again while Susan was fucking Bill and sucking Tim’s dick. She was most definitely having a good time and watching her just made me harder inside Lori. Although I really wanted to, I did not get the opportunity to fuck Sara that night. She did stroke my cock to get me hard again before I fucked Lori, but the moment to have Sara never came.

About 5 am we called it quits and I was now relived to have a chance to lie down. The walk back to our room was only about a 2 minutes, but my legs felt like they were rubber. Susan fell right into our bed after cleaning up and was asleep in about 10 seconds. My sweet wife had just been thoroughly fucked by four guys. Even though the memory of tonight made me want to, my dick was in no way going to get hard until I had some sleep. I drank two bottles of water out of the fridge and lay down. I rubbed my hand on my wife’s sweet ass and went to sleep for the night.

The following morning, or should I say afternoon because we did not wake up until 2pm, both Susan and I headed straight for the buffet. We were in luck to have a very late “breakfast” and a few Bloody Mary’s to take the edge off last night’s party. She and I only spoke about the previous night once during our meal and it was Susan who said, “I can’t believe last night”. She seemed a little regretful until the second Bloody Mary kicked in and her mood changed. The only thing she said after that was, “did you like’? My approving smile got me a long kiss and “I Love You”.

We walked back to our room and just threw our clothes onto the deck as we headed to the pool bar. We could hear a bunch of announcements being made, but could not tell what was being said. As we rounded the corner there was a guy behind a DJ booth. He was giving out T-shirts and cozies to a group of girls who had just done a Hoola-Hoop contest. Bree waved us over to a table at the far end of the pool and we made our way through the crowd to join our friends.

Everyone was there except Bill. He had wandered down the beach in search of something “special” for Sara saying he would be back in about 30 minutes. I went and grabbed us two more drinks as Susan squeezed in at the table next to Stephen and Bree.

Bill came back a few minutes later and told Sara her package was in the room. She started to get up but Bill said, “Please babe, give it a little while”. Sara was already looking a little messed up and she sat back down taking her husband’s advice.

We talked and drank for about an hour and my hangover was now a thing of the past. Judging by the way Susan was laughing, she was feeling no pain either.

The DJ announced a game and asked for female volunteers. Lori grabbed Sara and Bree by the arms and pulled them up. She then looked at Susan and said, “Oh sweetie, you’re coming too”. Susan only got up when Stephen pushed her up out of the chair. She and the girls made their way over to the DJ booth and were met with cheers from the crowd in the pool as they pranced up to the booth.

The DJ took a box out and began throwing multi colored bands into the pool and over at the crowd at the bar. The object of the game was for the crowd to place these bands wherever they felt the appropriate place would be and allow the girls to retrieve as many as they could in five minutes. Whoever had the most at the end of the game won a $200 gift certificate to the clothes shop and a couple bottles of rum.

Just before the game started, the DJ tossed a handful into the large hot tub in the center of the pool compound. He then placed a bunch around his semi hard dick. When he yelled, “Go get em girls”, he cranked on the music and the game was on.

There were three other participants besides our girls and they all jumped into the pool at the same time. Sara walked over to the bar and started easily collecting her bands from the guys waiting for her. Lori spun around and grabbed the DJ to pull the ones off his dick while Bree got a late start into the pool. I’m fairly sure Bree was not into this game, but she put on a good show.

My wife looked at all the girls fighting over the bands in the pool and came up with her own idea. She ran toward the hot tub and dove into the center. It scared the shit out of me when she did it because I knew she might have hurt herself. She came up two seconds later and was surrounded by guys waiting for her to relieve them of their bands. Apparently she had been the only player to notice the DJ toss the box into the hot tub as she was the one standing closer to that end.

Once the music stopped, all the girls made their way over to the pool’s edge and displayed their retrieved bands. As it turns out, Sara had the most and my wife had two less. One player (it was the elderly lady I’d seen doing a 69 with her husband on the beach) only had ten. She came in dead last. Sara collected her prizes and the girls took in the applause of the crowd as they made their way back over to the table.

As we were having drinks and talking, the elderly couple walked over to our table. The husband, Dave introduced himself and his wife Marsha. They both congratulated Sara for winning the contest and started to walk back away. Bill said, “Oh no, you come to our table you have to sit down and have a drink”. They turned back smiling and said, “Absolutely”!

They joined us and we all chatted for a while. Dave and Marsha had been in the Lifestyle since they were in their thirties. They were high school sweethearts and an unplanned, early-life pregnancy led them to being married right out of school. Dave had done his career in the Navy. When their son was old enough he followed dad’s footsteps and was gone from the house. This left them with free time and they started exploring the Lifestyle and fell in love with it. Overall, they were both genuine nice people and very down-to-earth.

Marsha showed her age, which I guessed to be mid-sixties, but even with the marks of aging, you could still see this woman had been very much a “Hottie” in her younger years. Her thin frame helped her small tits not sag down as you would imagine with a woman her age. She had very long legs and a not so bad an ass for a woman in her golden years. She flirted with all the guys at the table and kept up with the girls as they shared storied about various subjects.

As they were getting up to leave Sara said, “Listen, I really didn’t want this, so I would like you to have it”. Sara handed the gift certificate she had won to Marsha. Marsha at first refused, but with Sara’s insistence and the approval of our group she accepted. Dave joked, “What about the Rum”? This was met with all eight of us replying, “NO”! We had already made plans for those suckers tonight.

Susan and I went to grab a massage on the beach. This was something we had both wanted to do and truthfully, I needed a break from drinking in the sun. The massage tables were right on the water’s edge a few doors down from our room and I had made the appointment yesterday while we all were on the beach. If you have never had a massage by someone who knows what they are doing, I strongly suggest you find a good place to get one. However, lying naked with your wife on the beach is a GREAT massage and cannot be beat. I had to fight to stay awake to enjoy our hour long one and finally did fall asleep about ten minutes before it was over.

My wife and I went straight to the room and crashed after our massage. I was still very much buzzed and so relaxed all I wanted was to sleep for a few hours. Just before Susan fell asleep she kissed me and said, “Honey, there is no way I can party again tonight like we did last night”. She gave me a sexy smile, closed her eyes and said, “My little girl needs a break”. I feel asleep holding my wife and my now very hard cock caused by thinking about what we had done last night.

Around 6pm Susan and I woke up to the phone ringing. It was Bill asking what time we could make dinner. He made a reservation for the Hibachi restaurant because they could accommodate all eight of us tonight without a problem, but he could only get 8 o’clock. We agreed to meet them around 8 and although I debated grabbing another 30 minutes of sleep. Susan smacked my ass and told me to get up and take a shower so she could get ready. We were both still feeling oily from the massage and needed to get cleaned up. She rolled over and went back to sleep while I grabbed a beer and turned on the shower.

We met Sara and Bill halfway to the restaurant. It was apparent neither had stopped drinking during the afternoon. Sara was taking another hit off her pipe as we caught up to them on the walkway. I already said it once, but I’ll say it again, Sara is one gorgeous woman. Her tight blue skirt and white blouse buttoned only far enough so her tits didn’t fall out was a sight to behold. It was at that point I remembered the Playmate of my youth she reminded me of………Terri Wells, Playmate of the Year 1981 and the subject of many nights of me masturbating to her photos….lol.

We met Tim and Lori outside the restaurant and waited for Stephen and Bree for another five minutes. I saw Dave, the elderly guy from the pool sitting in one of the courtyard seats smoking a cigar. I walked over and said a quick hello. I asked where Marsha was. He said she was in the shop using the gift certificate Sara had given her because they were leaving in the morning around ten. We talked for a couple minutes and I had to walk away as Bree playfully yelled for me to get my ass into the restaurant.

During dinner I could see Bill was not going make it much longer. He almost fell over on the hot grill and Sara told him to just go back to the room to sleep. Bill did tough it out through dinner, but once he sat down in one of the chairs in the courtyard, he was out in a minute. Tim and Stephen volunteered to get him back to the room. They put me in charge of the girls and I happily accepted my assignment.

The plan had been for us all to go back and jump in the large hot tub at the pool area. The girls had told us over dinner they had a special surprise in store for us and we would have fun. My mind was spinning because I was not sure how you could top last night.

First the girls wanted to have one drink at the piano bar. It was almost empty tonight and the bartender gave a loud, “OH YES” as the girls walked in and sat down at the bar. Lori ordered a round of shots and Sara flashed her tits at the bartender telling him, “We wanna be bad tonight”! He smiled at me and said, “You in trouble mon”.

Twenty or so minutes later I started to wonder what had happened to Tim and Stephen. So were Lori and Bree. When they mentioned it to Susan she gave me the look of “So are you going to do something about it”? I took my cue and said I was going to walk down to the rooms and try to find the other guys. I joked with the bartender as I walked out and said, “You in charge now mon”. He raised his blender container and said, “They will be bad girls tonight for sure”.

I met Tim halfway down the walkway to the rooms. He said he was just on the way to let us know Bill was really fucked up. Stephen was still in the room with him because Bill had thrown up and passed out on the toilet with his face in the bowl. Even though a little concerned I joked, “Did you at least get a picture”? Tim whipped out his phone to show me Bill face down in the toilet bowl. Tim said, “It happened a couple times on the last trip”. Tim said Bill was fun to be around, but he just did not know when to say enough was enough. Tim headed to the bar to let the girls know while I headed to Bill’s room.

Before Stephen even let me in I could hear Bill snoring from outside the door. Stephen had propped him up seated next to the toilet. There was puke all over Bill’s shirt and the wall in the bathroom was covered. I felt sorry for the guy because I have had a few nights like this myself, but I was also a little pissed because someone would probably have to babysit Bill for a while to make sure he didn’t choke on his own vomit (even though most of it appeared to be on the floor right now). That someone could not be Sara as she was fucked up herself. By the look on Stephen’s face, he was ready to head out the door right now. Can’t blame the guy because, Bill had puked all over his pants leg.

I told Stephen to grab a lounge chair off the beach. As he was gone I cleaned up what I could in the bathroom. We put the chair next to the bed and positioned the head rest so Bill would not be lying on his back. He would be propped in a seated manner…just in case. Since Bill was a pretty big guy and now dead weight, it took both Stephen and I to get him up off the floor and into the chair. Once positioned, Bill went back to his loud snoring and obviously never knew what we’d done with him.

I told Stephen to go get cleaned up and I’d hang out until we figured out what we were doing. He had calmed down, but we were both probably thinking the same thing. “Bill just fucked up what may have been another fun night”. As it turns out, Sara wasn’t far behind Bill’s example. Stephen and Bree came back to the room about ten minutes later walking Sara in between. Everyone else was following and it was apparent this night was pretty much done early. Since we couldn’t do another lounge chair in the small room, we built a pillow pile and propped Sara up in a similar manner.

Stephen and Bree said they were heading back to their room for the night. The mood had most definitely changed as Stephen still had puke on his pants. I think he just stripped em off and threw them in to the trashcan along the pathway as they headed back to their room. This left Lori, Tim, my wife and I watching over our very drunk friends. Since I felt I was the most sober, I took the hit and said I would hang out for at least an hour or so to make sure they were OK. I knew from my years on the job, very intoxicated people can die by not only choking on their own vomit, but by getting up to do something in a half sleep and hurting themselves.

Tim and Lori asked Susan if she wanted to hang out with them a little more. Susan said she would stay with me a while and we would meet up for breakfast early tomorrow. After they left I turned on the TV and took my choice. I had amateur porn, interracial porn or the weather channel as selections. I choose amateur porn because they try harder. Susan and I lay down next to Sara to relax. As it turns out, the night wasn’t a waste. After watching two guys fuck the hell out of a girl in one of the porn movies, I was now sporting a raging hard on. Even with Bill and Sara snoring next to us, I wanted to fool around with my wife. She could see my hard dick and unzipped my pants. She said, ‘”Get em off mister”. I stripped in record time and lay back down.

Susan kissed me and whispered, “You know I’m still sore from last night, but I’ll take care of you”. She grabbed my cock and licked around the head before taking me into her sweet mouth. So I was now watching a porn movie on the TV and watching my wife suck me off via the mirror on the ceiling. Yep, tonight wasn’t the best, but yeah for me!

Susan worked my cock very slowly that night. I think she just wanted to tease me and make me suffer. My fantastic blow-job was ended though as Bill started making puke sounds in his sleep. He woke up just in time to hurl into the trashcan I was holding. He gave me a slurred thank you and went back to sleep. This was enough for my wife as the smell made her also want to get sick. She gave me a quick kiss and said she would be in our room. I joked if she wanted to go play some more she could. This was met with a dirty look and her grabbing her pussy to say, “She needs a break tonight”. She walked out saying, “Honey, make sure they are OK, but don’t be here all night”. Good advice, but who knows how long it would take. I put my pants back on regretting not having gotten the chance for my wife to finish me off.

I watched the movie for another 20 minutes and finally decided I was gonna raid Bill’s fridge. Fortunate for me Bill didn’t drink beer. There were four Carib’s lined up on the door and they were ice-cold. Since I had taken the drinking easy during the night I cracked a few beers and watched a three girl orgy on the TV.

About 30 minutes later I decided to go run my head under the shower to wake up. The Carib’s had made me tired and I didn’t want to fall asleep in the bed. I turned the cold water on, took off my shirt and stuck my head under. Most definitely did the trick as I was now wide awake. I dried my head off and walked back out to the bed.

Just as I sat down, Sara sprang up and said, “What the fuck”? It took her a second to recognize me, but when she did she said, “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry”. She apparently gathered what I was doing in her room once she saw Bill propped up on the lounge chair. Even though she was baked about 2 hours ago, it was like she had flipped a light switch and now appeared to be fine. She jumped out of bed, gave Bill a light slap on his leg and went in the bathroom where I heard the shower come on.

When she came back out she was naked and her erect nipples were sticking out from the cold water. As she dried off she told me Bill does this all the time and she would be fine. She apologized for fucking up everyone’s plans and told me she would make it up to us tomorrow. Sara gave me a quick kiss on the cheek then pulled me in and gave me a long kiss which made my cock scream for her. She thanked me one last time and I knew this was my hint to head on back to my own room. It was now about 1AM as I made my way down the beach.

When I neared our room I could hear voices on the deck. I found Susan sitting with Dave and Marsha, the elderly couple from the pool. They were having drinks and all yelled out, “Hey, finally”! I explained Sara was up and taking charge of her husband. Susan gave me a look and I immediately responded with, “No, I didn’t”! Even though this week had been filled with sex with other people, fucking another woman behind my wife’s back was something I would not do anywhere, including Hedo. I grabbed a seat and Susan went in to find the beers I had stashed in the fridge.

Dave explained they were walking down the beach one last

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