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Friends and Neighbors

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. Meanwhile, Tina returned to milking my cock with her swollen vaginal muscles. Even in rapture, she was not as tight as Kris was, and I marveled at the difference. Within a minute, Tina sat down solidly on me and began to shudder.

"Oh yes, fuck me Jeff. Fuck me with your thick cock. Feels so good with you inside me," she croaked as she rubbed back and forth against me, trapping my balls and covering me with her sticky love juice.

The combination of sensations I just felt and witnessed overcame my ability to hold back. I felt my balls tighten, and then my dick began to throb. Tina felt it too.

"Yeah, baby, give me your cum. Squirt your cum into my hot pussy. Let me feel you cum in me."

Her urging was all it took. I unloaded deep within my neighbor and jet after jet painted her walls with a thick coating. I was groaning and gasping as I spent myself freely.

Kris rolled off of my face and lay with her feet up near my head. Tina continued her rolling motion on my cock until she felt the stiffness depart. Tina leaned forward, looked me in the eye and planted a deep kiss on my lips before rolling to my other side, her head next to mine.

"That was extra yummy," Tina cooed contentedly. "I feel so full now, and fulfilled. You were amazing."

I rolled my head to look at my neighbor and smiled. "Thanks for the compliment. You surprised me with your ardor too. I would never have guessed that you could make me cum so hard."

Turning the other direction, I looked down my wife's nude body and she rose up on one elbow to gaze into my eyes.

”Jon doesn't owe you anymore, honey," she grinned. Her lipstick was smeared and her breasts showed signs of having been roughly fondled.

"Are you okay?" I asked Kris. "Is everything still good with you?"

"Better than good," my wife replied. "I didn't know that Tina and I were going to get so...intimate, but it was pretty incredible. Are you okay with what happened, Jeff?"

I could sense that Kris was about to become guilty about the girl/girl exchange that seemed to just happen. I wanted to reassure her.

"Frankly, honey, that just got me more aroused. The three of us together like that was hard to describe. Believe me; I'm okay with whatever you want to experience."

"I love you," Kris murmured as she sat up and stroked my leg with her hand. "You're so patient with me." My wife leaned forward and we enjoyed a lingering kiss.

"I love you even more," I told Kris. "You're the greatest."

Tina broke the awkward silence. "Kris, are you going to clean up this mess?" she asked, pointing to my now-limp cock.

Kris followed Tina's pointing finger. "Let's share that chore," she suggested.

The women took turns licking and sucking on me, and Tina again took my balls into her mouth to remove our combined stickiness from them. The feeling of two beautiful women vying for the honor of sucking your cock is hard to describe. I began to think about getting hard all over again.

"What about me?" Tina asked as they completed their clean up job on me.

Kris looked at Tina, confused. "Huh? What do you mean?"

"I'm all sticky and I'm full of your husband's semen. Will you think I'm wicked if I ask you to clean me?"

My wife looked surprised. "I've never done anything like that," she began. "I don't know...Jeff?"

Kris looked to me for something, support, approval, I don't really know for sure.

"Why don't we share Tina like you and Tina shared me?" I suggested greedily. "You've already had a taste of our stuff on me, so why not finish the job?"

"I like that idea," Tina immediately agreed. "There's surely enough for both of you."

Kris still looked a bit bewildered as Tina rearranged herself on the bed so that I could move down between her widespread legs. Her lower lips were still spread open and I could see a gob of cum as it began to hang up on the bottom of her gaping sex. Quickly, I bent forward and licked it up before it could soil the sheet.

"Mmm, now that's tasty," I exclaimed. "Here, Kris, have a taste."

I moved to one side and my wife attacked Tina's sticky twat from above, licking her bush and finally letting her tongue explore between our neighbor's folds.

Tina was moaning with renewed pleasure as we took turns cleaning up. "Put your leg over me, Kris," Tina requested. "I want to taste you too."

I decided to move away and let the two girls enjoy their first sixty-nine together. Believe me; it was very hot to see my wife on top of my neighbor, lapping at her with abandon. I could also hear Tina as she slurped at Kris’ sex and explored her warm cavern with her tongue.

Finally, Kris came up for air and looked between her legs at Tina. "I'm getting a little sore. Let's stop now."

Tina nodded and Kris dismounted, rolling onto her back with a long sigh. "Damn, I can't believe it. I just had sex with another woman."

"It was my first time too, Kris," Tina confessed. "I've seen movies, of course, but they can't adequately portray what we just enjoyed. I don't know about you, but I loved it."

"Me too, Kris admitted. "Maybe not right at first, but pretty quickly for sure."

I spoke up. "Hey, I am getting hungry. It's past dinnertime and all I've had to eat was two juicy pussies. Shall we get a bite of dinner and then see if I can make a miraculous comeback?"

Tina and Kris laughed heartily at my speech. We all finished cleaning ourselves up, but nobody felt the need to get dressed. We went to the kitchen and worked together to prepare an easy meal, along with another bottle of wine. There was plenty of teasing and poking as we devoured dinner. Each seemed to be anticipating round two, but we talked about other things during the meal.

Everyone pitched in to clear the dishes and, without prior planning, we took the wine back up to the bedroom.

Needless to say, the two gals went to work on me for the second time. I am happy to report that they were successful! That night, Kris watched as Tina guided me into her rear passage with ease and I deposited a second load there. Once I cleaned up again, the three of us stayed on the bed, a tangle of legs and arms.

Later that evening, Tina borrowed my cell phone and called Jon at his hotel. She told him that she had consumed a lot of wine and had decided to spend the night at our house.

"By the way," Tina told Jon as I fingered her slit, "you and Jeff are even now."


Two weeks later, Kris informed me that Jessica had called to invite us over for burgers and a swim on Saturday evening. It had been rather quiet among the eight of us, so I was a bit surprised at the new invitation.

"What did you say?" I asked my wife, wondering where her mind was after our previous encounters.

Kris put her arms around my waist and reached up for a kiss hello. "I thanked her and told her we'd be happy to join them."

"Your acceptance wouldn't have anything to do with getting naked with Kevin would it?" I asked with a wink.

"Maybe," my wife replied honestly. "I've had some rather naughty thoughts after seeing him, I must admit. I'm not the only one, either. Tina said she's anxious to try Kevin on for size too."

I had to laugh. "Size is the right word for the monster he carries in his pants. He's got a whopper, that's for sure. Do you think you can handle him?"

"I don't know, but I'd like to try," Kris teased. "He's not that much thicker than you, but he's a couple of inches longer I think. It might be uncomfortable, but Jessica seems to do okay."

I kissed my wife again. "I'd like to see you try, so if you get the opportunity, make sure I'm around to watch."

Kris hugged me tightly. "Don't worry, you can watch and even join in if you wish. It's more exciting when I know you are there. By the way, Petra and Sam are out of town, but Tina and Jon will be there too."

The images of Tina's lush body and Jessica's slender shape flashed across my mind. "It sounds like Kevin is in for the same treatment you and Tina gave me last time. That means Jon and I will be free to tend to Jessica's pleasure, right?"

"I suppose so, dear. That'll be up to Jessica. She would probably enjoy a double penetration and you two are well equipped for that, aren't you?"

"Yeah, and Jon seems to enjoy back door pleasure pretty well," I replied offhandedly. "Tina sure took me that way with ease. She knew just how to relax and help me do it."

Kris nodded. "Jon's little weenie is about all that I can take. Even he made me sore, so I know Kevin will have to settle for my pussy. Maybe, Tina will want to give it a try, but I'd be surprised if she's brave enough."

Jessica said it was a swim party, not a sex party, so maybe that's all we will be doing," I reminded my wife.

"I'll be surprised if Kevin doesn't have other activities in mind too," Kris chuckled. "He's been checking Tina and me every time we're together."

I nodded my agreement. "Yeah, I've seen him leering. You are probably right. In any case it sounds like fun."


The four of us drove to Kevin and Jessica's in Jon's car. We pulled into their driveway, situated at the rear of the house and found Kevin standing naked next to his grill, cleaning the grates with a wire brush. He smiled and pointed to a sign attached to the side of the garage, next to the walkway to their pool. The sign said, "Our pool is clothing optional."

"Where's Jessica?" Tina asked as we all climbed out of Jon's car. "I brought some chips and dip, and a couple of bottles of cold wine."

"In the kitchen," Kevin told her, "take the stuff inside and she'll put it into bowls.

Kris stood beside me and I followed her gaze to Kevin's ample package, now hanging limply halfway down his thigh. "Damn, he's even bigger than I remember," I thought to myself.

Jon wasted no time getting naked. He opened the car door and pitched his clothes into the back seat.

"The pool looks good," Jon said, "mind if I take a quick dip?"

"Be my guest...literally," Kevin laughed. "After all, it's a swim party."

Kevin turned to me. "Be a pal, Jeff, grab the bag of charcoal out of the garage for me, will you?"

I patted Kris on her cute rear. "See if you can help Jessica while I help Kevin get the grill started."

Kevin filled the grill with charcoal and got the fire going. Jessica came out with three glasses of chilled wine for us.

"Shame on you, Jeff, you're still fully dressed," she scolded. "You can't have any wine until you're bare assed."

I bowed and began to disrobe. Everything went into the back seat next to Jon's stuff. Walking back, I surveyed Jessica's thin figure and tiny tits. It was still a mystery to me how she could handle Kevin.

"Here's to a fun party," I said as Kevin, Jessica, and I touched our glasses together.

Tina and Kris joined us from the kitchen. They carried bowls of goodies and obviously they had shed their clothes while in the house. Both of them were now nude.

We drank our wine and indulged in snacks for a few minutes, and then the girls joined Jon in the pool while Kevin and I presided over the burger patties.

"Kris is a fine looking woman," Kevin stated as we tended the grill.

"I agree, and I'll let you in on a little secret, Kevin," I replied. "She has been having some very naughty thoughts about you since our previous sessions."

Kevin grinned. "I was hoping...I mean if it's okay with you...I was hoping that I'd have an opportunity to get together with Kris tonight."

"She'll be disappointed if that doesn't happen," I chuckled. "I have reason to believe that Tina feels the same way, Kev."

"Damn, the two of them together? Now, that would be a treat," he replied dreamily.

I watched him turn the patties. "I'm sure that Jon and I can keep Jessica entertained for you, if you like."

"That sounds like a marvelous plan," Kevin quickly agreed. I was hoping you would still be ready for some fun and games later on."

Jon was sitting on the pool steps with his wife and my wife on either side when I walked up. Kris was holding his round scrotum while Tina slowly stroked his thin, rigid prick. "The burgers are about ready. Who's hungry?"

"You would come and interrupt things just when they were getting good," Jon groaned.

The women released their hold, stood, and toweled themselves dry. Finally, Jon exited and did the same. We feasted on grilled burgers, chips, pickles, and more good wine, sitting around the round patio table. Kevin made several trips to his bar to open more bottles as we laughed and teased each other.

"A swim at sundown is always nice," Jessica suggested. "Let's get in the pool and watch the sunset."

The six of us skinny-dipped for quite a while, splashing each other, then sitting, touching and fondling as the mood took us. Almost naturally, Kris gravitated to Kevin's side, chatting quietly, her hand placed strategically to feel his thick member. Tina also moved to Kevin and the three of them made a cozy trio on the steps.

I saw Jon toward the deep end next to Jessica and swam over to them. She had her arms up on the coving and Jon's hand was between her outstretched legs. His fingers had found their target and Jessica, with eyes closed, was enjoying his attention. I leaned forward and began to suck on her erect nipple, using my lips to pull on it. She moaned deep in her throat.

"Let's go inside," Jessica requested. "We will have more room and I want you both."

Jon had to remove his fingers as Jessica pushed away from the edge and swam to the steps. We followed dutifully and dried off. Kevin saw us and whispered something to Tina and Kris. Soon, we were all in the house with glasses full. Choices had been made, and with little ceremony we found two open areas in the middle of the den.

I watched as Tina and Kris pushed Kevin onto his back. Tina took the lead and began to kiss and suck on the bulbous head of Kevin's big dick. My wife fondled his sack and leaned in to kiss his lips. Kevin grew to full erection as I looked on in amazement. Sure enough, the wives replayed the scenario they had worked on me. This time, I was able to watch as Tina mounted Kevin's erection and my wife straddled his head. Slowly, but surely, Tina impaled herself on his thick meat until their bodies met and she raised up to expose his now-glistening rod half in and half out of her stretched orifice.

Meanwhile, Kris placed her pussy on Kevin's face and the two women put their arms over each other. I saw them kiss and exchange tongue licks as Tina enjoyed Kevin's cunt-filling shaft. Kris took one of Tina's breasts in her hand and squeezed gently, urging her friend to new heights.

"How is he?" my wife asked. "Does it hurt?"

Tina looked into Kris’ eyes. "Oh, damn, honey, he feels great. You've got to see how big he feels inside."

Jon wasted no time. He had Jessica on her hands and knees and he was rapidly pressing his thin member between her wet nether lips. Jessica watched as her husband took on our two wives. She was out of control with passion.

"I want you both," Jessica begged. "Lay down, Jeff, and let me get on you. Walt can take me from the back at the same time," she blurted.

As she asked, I reluctantly spread out on my back and allowed her to straddle me. Jon sat back on his heels and waited while she climbed aboard and used her hand to guide my now-stiff prick into her wet cunt. She pressed down and I was quickly buried to the hilt. Jessica fell forward onto my chest, leaving Jon an open target. In a moment, I felt him push his cock against mine and try to reenter Jessica's pussy. It took several tries, but he finally succeeded in getting his cock partly inside her along with me. It was a strange feeling to experience another man next to me.

"That's not comfortable," Jessica gasped as we continued to try the dual fuck position. "Do my rear, Jon," she said.

I felt Jon pull out, and then a moment later, I again felt him through the thin membrane that separated Jessica's two openings. This time she moaned in pleasure and we struck up a rhythm that kept her in paradise for some time.

I couldn't see, but I could still hear my wife, Kevin, and Tina. The two women changed places and now my wife was feeling Kevin's giant shaft while Tina allowed him to feast on her sticky nectar.

"I'm going to cum," Kevin groaned, "where do you want it?"

My wife was evidently into it totally. "Cum inside me, Kevin, give me your hot juice," she begged.

Her words hit me like a hammer and my own cock began to throb with urgency. "I'm cumming too," I grunted to Jessica.

"I want to taste you," Jessica exclaimed as she pulled off and slid down my sweaty body. Her mouth captured my cock and she began to suck and pull on me. Jon kept going and, as I filled Jessica's mouth with my semen, he filled her rear with his warm cum.

Jon rolled over onto the floor and Jessica sprawled next to him panting. I rose up and looked into her brown eyes.

"Kiss me," she said.

I leaned over and let her semen-coated tongue slide into my mouth. We shared a long moment together before she broke the kiss and craned her neck to see what her husband was doing. I did the same.

Kevin was propped on his elbows watching Tina lick his sperm from my wife's gaping hole. Tina's head was moving up and down as she lapped up the sticky deposit that Kevin had left in my wife.

I watched in awe as Tina completed her task. She raised her face and looked over at us. Her face was coated with Kevin and my wife's combined love juices.

"When they are through with Kevin, I want another turn with Kris andTina," I decided right then.

We all rested and swallowed more wine. I reconnected with Kris and we reaffirmed how much we loved each other. I confessed how hot it was to see her receive so much pleasure. She told me that she was too busy to pay attention to what I was doing, but that she hoped I enjoyed myself. Of course, I assured her that I had been part of an unbelievable experience.

We jumped back into the pool, and refreshed ourselves by the light of a full moon. Later, Tina went back to Kevin to see if she could take him in her back door. We all watched and cheered her on. She did manage to take his thick head and about two inches more, but it became painful and she had to give up the effort. The two of them showered together and he returned, marveling at her oral talents.

Following Tina's lead, I thought it would be a good time to try anal with my wife once more. Jessica provided some special lube she'd bought and they all acted as a rooting section, but it just wouldn't work. Kris let me try twice, but she was just too tight to take me.

Later, Kevin and Jessica split us all up. Kris ended up with Kevin in the guest room. Jon got another shot at Jessica on the den hide-a-bed, and I finally got my night with Tina in their guest room.

I thoroughly enjoyed Tina. She was willing to try anything I could think of. I couldn't help but notice how much tighter my wife was. It's a good thing to realize that you prefer your own wife to your neighbor's or friend's.

Even so, the eight of us, including Petra and Sam, continued to get together for parties during the next couple of years. We explored everything we could imagine and most of it was very enjoyable.

All good things come to an end, however. Eventually, Petra and Sam returned to Europe, selling their house to a retired couple. They lived close to Brighton Beach, and wrote about their trips to the nude beach there.

Jon got Tina pregnant and they had a baby girl. Tina decided that they should settle down and act like parents, much to Jon's chagrin. I got a promotion and we moved out of state later that same year. Jon kept tapping Jessica for a while. He and Kevin had a hard time keeping up with her, we were told. Tina finally put her foot down and Jon decided to keep his dick at home rather than risk Tina's wrath. We exchange Christmas cards with the gang each year, and promise each other that we will visit at the first opportunity, but so far, it hasn't happened. I wish Kris and I could wangle a trip for just the two of us to Europe one of these days. It would be fun to get reacquainted with Petra and Sam again, and visit their beach.

Kris and I became parents also and settled into a routine of work and caring for a family. She is still my best girl and we enjoy each other more than ever. Yes, we occasionally relive our wild years. I tell her that once the kids are out of the house and we are empty nesters, we should look around for a few couples in the same situation that might enjoy a burger and pool party at our house. Our pool is "clothing optional" too.

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