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Friends and Neighbors

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We were in another world when we were transferred from West Coast to Texas. Before, we only knew a couple of our neighbors and seldom saw them socially. At the time, we were in our early twenties. Our Texas neighbors were party animals and we were quickly assimilated into the group. We met the nearest neighbors during the first few days, found that they all drank a lot more heavily, and enjoyed partying very late.

Soon, we were invited to join the neighborhood gourmet club. The first club dinner was two doors away and started with a lengthy bout of appetizers and drinks. Later, we had a fine dinner with copious quantities of wine, then after dinner drinks. We staggered home very drunk.

My wife heard the other wives discussing what they called the 'hangover hots.' It seems that several of the couples (more used to a lot of booze) enjoyed heavy sex sessions, after either the gourmet dinners, or early the next morning. Jon, one of our next-door neighbors, my wife learned, was a real horndog. He also had a reputation for baking pot-laced brownies.

Several months later, Jon and Tina hosted the gourmet club dinner. As usual, there was a lot of preliminary drinking and the party lasted into the early hours of the morning. People finally began to filter out and I was ready to go home, but Kris, my wife, was flying high and wanted to stay. I could tell that there was no polite way to convince her to leave, so I kissed her and told her I was going to bed. I said that I would leave the door open for her.

I stumbled home, shed my clothes, and quickly fell asleep. Some time later, someone shook my shoulder and called my name. "Jeff, Jeff, wake up, wake up!"

I opened my eyes and saw Tina standing over me.

"You need to come help me get Kris home," she insisted. "She's really drunk and she needs your help to get home."

I came out of my alcoholic fog and slid out of bed, forgetting that I sleep nude. Tina took a step back when I stood up and faced her...weaving a bit.

"Guess I need to get dressed, I mumbled.

Tina shook her head. "Here let me help you."

She found my pants and a pair of house slippers and helped me get my legs into the pants while I sat on the edge of the bed. "That's all you'll need," she assured me. "Let's go get Kris."

Tina and I walked across the yards and up to their family room door together. She reached for the doorknob and stopped. "Oh shit, Jon, you son-of-a-bitch!" she cursed as she looked through the door's little glass pane.

Curious, I pushed Tina aside enough to peer through the glass to see what had upset Tina. My eyes opened wide as I saw Kris sprawled on my neighbor's sofa with her head in Jon's lap. My neighbor had one hand down her blouse and his other hand up her dress, obviously wetting his fingers in my wife's pussy. He had his pants open and his cock semi-stiff prick was lying alongside Kris' face.

Tina raised her fist to bang on the door, but I grabbed her wrist to stop her.

"Wait a minute," I whispered, "I want to see what he'll do."

Tina whispered back, "He'll fuck her if he can get his little cock hard enough. He's always been that way."

We stood unseen at the door for a few more minutes while Jon hiked up Kris’ dress and pulled her panties to one side, surveying her light brown bush and slowly fingering her. He managed to get her blouse unbuttoned and pulled her left breast out of her bra. I watched as he squeezed her 38C boob and pulled on her little pink nipple. My stomach tightened but my cock was twitching at the same time.

"That's more than enough for me," Tina rasped. I looked over at her and noticed that she had her right hand between her legs, pressed tightly against her own mound right through her dress.

This time, when she raised her fist to bang on the door, I didn't stop her. She whacked the doorframe and Jon jumped as if he'd been shot!

We both saw him zip up his pants and push Kris' dress back down before he hurried to the door.

The meek look on his face was laughable. He didn't know if I was going to slug him or hug him. Frankly, I was in no condition to do either one.

"I was just keeping Kris company until you got here," he tried to lie.

Tina pushed him aside briskly. "Yeah, we saw how you were keeping her company, stud," she barked. "We'll discuss that later."

Tina and I picked Kris up, one on each side, and gently lifted and carried her back across the yards, in our door, and up the stairs to our bedroom.

"Does she sleep like you do?" Tina asked me.

"Most of the time...unless it's really cold," I replied.

"Okay, help me get her out of her clothes then," Tina ordered.

We had no problem with her blouse because it was still mostly unbuttoned. I raised her up and removed her bra while Tina unzipped my wife's dress and slowly pulled her panties down her legs and off her now bare feet. I rolled Kris onto her side and pulled the sheet up over her inert form.

"I'll walk you home, Tina," I volunteered.

"Not necessary," she countered. "I know my way and there's nobody around this time of morning anyhow. Take care of Kris. Let me know what she has to say when she wakes up. If she wants to talk, have her call me anytime. I'm sorry about what happened. Jon just can't help himself sometime. Don't be too upset, okay?"

"I'm okay, Tina, don't worry about it," I half-lied.


The next morning, Kris woke up with a splitting headache. I got up but she just rolled over and groaned.

"What happened last night?" she mumbled. "I feel like I was hit by a train."

I looked down at her nude body and felt sorry for her. I wasn't feeling all that great myself, but I wanted coffee and something solid to eat.

"You partied a little too hard, I think. Time is on your side, you know. Take it easy and maybe you'll feel better by noon."

"How did I get home," Kris asked before I could retreat.

I looked into her bleary eyes and smiled. "Tina and I half-carried you home and then we put you to bed."

"I should have left when you did," she admitted. "After you were gone, Jon started getting crazy and he wouldn't let me leave until I had another drink."

Not wanting to get into the details of what had taken place, I headed for the door. "Take a nap and you'll feel better later on."

The world looked better after two mugs of coffee and a few slices of toast. I wondered what had happened after Tina went back home to confront Jon. That is when our telephone rang. It was Tina.

"Meet me on your back porch in a couple of minutes," she said curtly.


Tina was waiting when I opened the door to our back porch, carrying two cups and what was left of the coffee. She was wearing the short dress that she wore the night before.

"How is Kris?" Tina asked with concern in her voice. "Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she has a major hangover and is still sleeping."

Tina nodded. "Was she upset about what happened last night?"

"I don't believe she remembers a thing about it, frankly," I replied. "She just said that Jon got crazy and insisted that she drink some more. It seems that's about all she recalls."

Tina seemed relieved. "Maybe that's best then. I gave Jon a good tongue lashing this morning. I don't think it did any good, though. Before I was through, he had me on my hands and knees, and we were fucking like two rabbits! It's those' hangover hots that take charge after so much booze. I want to apologize again, for what happened...what you saw. I hope it doesn't spoil our friendship."

I thought about it for a few moments. "Well, since Kris doesn't remember any of it, and we were all pretty drunk, I don't see why we have to create a big scene," I finally stated.

"I'm so glad you are being so mature about it," Tina responded. "I really like you both and I want to stay friends. After all, I've seen you both naked, so what's the big deal, right?"

Her smile made me chuckle. "Yeah, when you woke me up, I wasn't thinking. I forgot that I was nude when I crawled out of bed. Don't bring that up to Jon, okay?"

"My lips are sealed," Tina promised, "but you know it might not be a bad idea to arrange a little get together where we can put everything on display and eliminate all the intrigue."

"What do you mean, Tina?"

"I'm thinking about hosting another party in a week or two with you guys and two other couples who have indicated that they enjoy sexy games sometime. We could have drinks and stuff and play some strip poker or something so that we all end up naked. Take the mystery out of the relationships, so to speak. What do you think?"

I smiled at her earnest expression. "So that would mean that I would get to see you naked, right Tina?"

"Hell, Kris and I are built so much alike; you have already basically seen me!"

"Still, it would be a nice treat to view the real you," I countered. "You've got more freckles. Who else are you thinking about?"

Tina grinned. "Petra and Sam are Europeans and they are very casual about things she's told me. Then, Kevin and Jessica from our couples bowling league. From what I've overheard, they like adult fun sometime."

"Fine with me, but you must promise to keep Jon under control and make sure we don't all end up smashed on the living room floor."

"Leave it to me," Tina confirmed. "I'll set it up with the others, then call Kris and talk her into coming...without giving away too many details."

We sipped our coffee and talked for a while longer, during which time I admired Tina's long legs and painted toenails. As she rose to leave, she leaned over to put down her cup and I got a quick glimpse of her firm breasts and the very top of a small, pink nipple.

"Yes, you really do look very much like Kris," I quipped as she stood up.

"Hell, you're almost as bad as Jon!" she replied sarcastically. "He's always looking down women's tops. Anyway, thanks for the coffee and thanks even more for being a good guy."

She leaned close and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"You've got a nice big cock, too," she added over her shoulder as she stepped off my porch.


Later that day, I was out in the backyard clearing some brush from under the trees and I noticed Jon standing on his back porch. He was drinking a beer and watching me. I paused and waved him over. He went inside briefly and sauntered over with two beers in his hands.

"Hi neighbor," he began, "I brought you a beer, sort of as a peace offering."

I took the beer and clicked bottles with him. "Thanks, I can use a cold one right about now."

We stood in silence for a long moment before he spoke again. "I guess you caught me pretty good last night. I'm sorry for losing my cool and getting fresh with Kris. Tina really gave me a hard time about it. I guess you both saw me messing around, huh?"

"We saw enough, Jon," I agreed. "Shit like that happens sometimes when people have had too much to drink. If I was going to go ballistic, I would have done so last night, so don't worry about it. But keep in mind, you owe me one."

Jon took a sip of beer and looked up, smiling. "Yeah, I suppose I do, but Tina has a mind of her own. I can't tell her what to do or not do, you know."

"Kris is the same way," I replied seriously. In fact, Tina expressed some interesting ideas this morning when she shared a cup of coffee with me. Did she tell you what she has in mind?"

Jon shook his head. "Nah, she's giving me the silent treatment. After the "hangover hots" wore off, she's been a bit standoffish with me. What did she say?"

"She's planning to have a party soon. She talked about inviting two or more other couples plus us and playing some adult games. Tina’s planning to convince Kris to join the party."

"Damn, I can never figure out my wife. One minute she's acting like a prude and the next minute she's planning a hot party! I guess that's why I love her so much, she's unpredictable."

I had to laugh. "That's what she says about you too, Jon. I don't think she was expecting to bring me back to your house last night to observe you with your fingers up Kris’ pussy and your other hand feeling her tits."

"Oh, you saw that too, eh?" Jon stammered.

"Yes, I think we got back just in time. In another five minutes, I'm afraid you might have been in even deeper. By the way, did you ever get your limp prick into her mouth?"

Jon stepped back. "Damn, Jeff, I think the whole situation turned you on. It did, didn't it?"

I had to admit that I had many mixed emotions during and after the arousing event we watched.

Jon grinned. "Well, it looks like we both enjoy seeing naked women. Maybe Tina is planning another party just so she can show off for you and some of the other neighbors. I'm sure not one to complain."

I just had to goad Jon a little more to see what he would say. "So, Jon, you would welcome the opportunity to see Kris completely naked again, right? And you wouldn't mind having her suck on your cock and maybe get the chance to do even more?"

"I'd be lying if I said no," Jon admitted. "Kris is hot, you know. However, she was passed out last night, so she really didn't let me do anything; I saw the opportunity and I decided to take it. I doubt that she would do anything while aware. I know my little package wouldn't impress her."

"Well, Jon, I guess we'll just have to see what happens. Stay cool and don't tell Tina that you know anything about her party plans. If she's able to pull it off, we both might enjoy some unexpected fun."

Jon smiled and held up his hand for a high five. "Here's hoping all goes well," he proposed as our palms slapped together.

I decided to omit telling him that Tina kissed me that morning as she left my back porch.


A week or so later, I came home to find my wife, Kris, and our neighbor, Tina, in quiet conversation in our den. It was obvious that neither of them wanted me involved in their conversation. After a quick kiss hello from Kris, I retreated to my home office to finish some work.

I heard the gal's say goodbye about an hour later, but continued working. Kris came into the office and hugged me from behind.

"Enough work for tonight, Jeff," she prodded. "Come help me fix dinner and I'll tell you why Tina came over this afternoon."

Dutifully, I followed my attractive wife to the kitchen and found a nice bottle of red wine to open before dinner. Strangely, Kris had said nothing about the earlier party since that fateful night.

"Tina came over to invite us to a party this next Saturday evening," Kris stated. "She said two other neighbor couples would be there too."

I tried to seem only mildly interested, but I was almost holding my breath. "What did you say? Are we going?"

"At first, I tried to beg off," Kris admitted, "but Tina kept insisting that we join the party. She said we'd have a nice evening and maybe stay sober enough to indulge in some games and stuff."

"Sounds like fun, and we aren't doing anything else are we?" I responded offhandedly.

"Well, the last time we were at their house, we definitely had too much to drink. I was embarrassed."

"Oh? Embarrassed about what?" I asked dumbly.

"You know," Kris said, "I actually passed out with my head in Jon's lap. I don't remember much of what happened after he helped me lie down, but I have a feeling that he might have taken advantage of the situation. You were home in bed, so I just don't know."

I shuffled around the kitchen for a few moments to organize my thoughts. "Well, we'll just have to be sure that you don't over indulge next time, won't we?"

"That's right. I told Tina how embarrassed I was and she assured me that she would watch and make sure my drinks were weak and that I would be okay. She also told me that she helped you undress me and put me to bed. I almost died when she told me, but she said didn't mind helping out one of her best friends. I guess it doesn't matter that Tina saw me naked and all messed up."

I decided to flatter my wife a bit. "You have nothing to be ashamed about. You have a gorgeous body and you looked so cute and innocent the other night. So, who else is coming to the party?"

"Tina said that Petra and Sam will be there. They are the European couple up on the corner. Jessica and Kevin is the other couple that she's invited. They are the cute couple in our bowling league. Do you remember them?"

"Jessica is the gal who wears those tight jeans and has the cute butt, right?" I replied without thinking.

Kris punched my arm. "You men, all you see are tits and asses! In this case, you are correct, and Kevin is the tall, good-looking blonde guy with the big muscles."

"Okay, I know him now. He's actually a very nice guy, by the way." I responded with a laugh. "So did you accept Tina's invitation?"

Kris nodded. "She finally convinced me and I said we would be there. I'm going to make a couple of cold snacks, maybe some spicy boiled shrimp, and I told her you would pick out a few bottles of good wine to contribute."

When I heard Kris say that she accepted Tina's invitation, a vision of my next-door neighbor's wife nude in front of me flashed across my brain like a bolt of lightning. "I've got four bottles that should be perfect," I replied as casually as I could, given the stiffness I was feeling in my slacks.


Kris and I walked across the yards to our next-door neighbor's house carrying trays of food and the wine that I'd chosen. We weren't the first couple to arrive. Kevin and Jessica's Lincoln was at the curb. Sam and Petra could walk over, so we weren't surprised to find the six others standing together in the den when we let ourselves in the door.

"Here, let me help you get the trays unwrapped, Tina offered smiling broadly.

I shook hands with the men and gave Petra and Jessica hugs. Petra hugged tight and seemed to glue her body to me just a few seconds longer than necessary for a greeting. Her small, firm breasts pressed into my chest as she smiled, her eyes twinkling. Petra was English and Sam was a mixture of Scot and Norwegian. They were always ready for a party and they seemed to have a rather carefree attitude. Sam was tall and ruggedly muscular, with a prominent mustache and a thick shock of brown hair.

As Petra slipped out of my arms, she walked to the doorway leading to the kitchen. "Hey, Tina, what's this sheet doing over the door?" she asked as she pushed it aside with her hand.

Tina called back from the kitchen. "It's part of our first game this evening. You'll find out soon enough."

"Sounds interesting," Jessica volunteered. "Why would we need a sheet to play a game? I was hoping for a game of Twister," she added with a low chuckle.

"That's because you're lean and supple," Kevin said with a laugh. "You're the only one who can get in those outlandish positions."

Jessica was long and lean. She was almost too slender and I guessed that she must wear a padded bra to give her some curves in front. On the other hand, Jessica had one of the cutest asses imaginable. She wore very tight jeans when we bowled and it was hard not to stare at her sweet buns.

Tina invited everybody to join her in the dining room, where she and Kris had set up the buffet of snacks and wine. We took plates and grazed for the next hour or so, chatting and drinking wine. It was obvious that we were all good friends and there was a lot of good-natured teasing and flirting.

I was opening another bottle of wine when Tina called everyone into the den.

"I'm sure you are all curious about the sheet over the door," she began. "Well, we are going to see how observant you each are tonight. I read about this little game last month and it sounded like a lot of fun. We will have prize for the male and a female winner when the game is over. Here's how it works," she said. "The men will go behind the sheet first. The gals will each have a notepad and pencil and will sit in a semi-circle here. One at a time, each man will expose a part of the body for exactly five seconds. The gals will try to guess which man is which based on the quick exposures. The men will note down the order of their exposures on their master list. Is that all clear?"

Petra giggled. "What part of the body will we get to see?"

"Actually, you will get four different views, but the men will change the order, so we each will make sixteen guesses. Once the men are done, we will compare our scores with their master list and name the winner. After that, the men will get their turn to guess and we will each expose four parts for them."

Jessica held up her hand, as if she was back in school. "Do we get to pick the body parts?" she asked rather timidly.

"No, I have already determined the parts for exposure. This is an adult game, so you can count on some fun," tina replied with a sly grin.

Clearly, Jessica was uncomfortable with Tina's response.

"Don't be a party pooper, Jessica," Petra soothed, "we're all friends here and we all have our strong and weak points, right?"

Jessica shrugged as she looked around the room. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Great, let's get started," Tina exclaimed as she passed out the pads and pencils. She handed Walt the master list pad and put him in charge of keeping track of who is who. Then she ushered us men behind the sheet.

"The first task for the boys is to remove their right shoes and socks. One at a time, you will stick your right foot under the sheet and expose your foot for the count of exactly five seconds. We will try to guess the man who belongs to each foot."

Dutifully, each man stuck his foot under the sheet as the women hooted and chattered while noting their individual guesses.

"This is hard," Kris said through her laughter. I thought I knew which one was Jeff's foot, but now I'm not sure."

Tina laughed. "That's the point of this game. It will get harder as we move on."

"Next, fellows, you will notice a small hole in the sheet about chest level. It is covered by a piece of cloth. Got it?"

Jon said that we saw it.

"Each of you will now stick your left index finger through that hole for exactly five seconds, and we will make our second group of guesses," Tina stated.

We shuffled the order and each exposed his left index finger. We were beginning to think this was going to be rather boring.

"Now, boys, using the same hole, you will each expose your right nipple for five seconds," Tina ordered.

Suddenly, we were laughing and slapping each other on the back as we stripped off our shirts and complied with Tina's request.

"Two of them were pretty hairy," Jessica said. "I think I'll get the nipples right!"

Jon spoke up from our side of the sheet. "Well, what's our final part, Tina?"

We heard a lot of giggling before Tina stated solemnly, "Your final part requires the use of the other covered slit that you will find just below waist level. See it?"

"Yeah, we see it," Jon replied. "Are you thinking that we're going to stick our cocks through that slit for you gals?"

"Not all, that would make it too easy," Linda countered. "You will just put the head through the slit for five seconds each. That way, length won't be exposed."

Jon turned to us and shrugged. "Well, guys, shall we do it?"

"Maybe we'll get the same parts from the gals," Sam said hopefully. "I don't mind, but I'll have to pull my foreskin back so it can't be spotted."

"Okay," Jon challenged, "you can go first this time, Sam."

We watched as Sam unzipped his pants and lowered his briefs. He gave his cock a few strokes and pulled his long foreskin back to expose the head of his cock. Slowly, he approached the sheet and quickly slid his prick through the narrow slit. Walt counted to five, and then said "Time."

The gals were giggling and making lewd comments as Jon followed Sam. Jon was circumcised and had a rather small member. He was fully erect as he stuck his cock head through the slit and quickly counted to five.

I looked at Kevin and shrugged. My pants fell and I followed the other two, first stroking a bit to 'plump' it up, then sliding my thick cock head through the slit for the prescribed time. Hearing some oohs and ahhs made me blush as I pulled back and grabbed my pants.

Kevin went last. He slipped his briefs down and we couldn't help but look. Kevin had about 8 inches and was thicker than the rest of us. Oddly, when he pulled his foreskin back, the head of his penis was more pointed rather than the usual helmet shape, but he had us all beat. With little ceremony, Kevin exposed his pink head for five seconds and received more hoots and gasps.

"Well done, gentlemen," Tina announced like a master of ceremonies. We will give the ladies a couple of minutes to consider their answers, and then compare the results. You may stay behind the sheet until we are done."

There were a variety of looks on their faces after we rejoined them in the den. Jon and Tina huddled at the game table, scoring each set of answers. We all sat around rather sheepishly, waiting for them.

"We have a winner," Jon announced as we waited anxiously. "The gal with the best eye for feet, fingers, nipples, and cocks is...Petra!

We all clapped and Petra held her arms up in victory. "That was fun," she announced.

Tina interrupted, offering more wine and passing out the pads and pencils to the men. After another glass of wine, she ushered the women behind the sheet to quite a lot of wolf calls and giggles.

Now, my wife, Kris, has long, narrow feet, so I thought it would be easy to get that one right. Actually, three of the four feet looked too much alike and I was confused. Petra had short, wider feet so I guessed her easily. I noticed that the other guys were equally confused for the most part.

We guessed at their right little fingers and the confusion continued. I wrote down my answers, but was unsure about them all.

The hole in the sheet failed to offer much help either. Each of the women exposed a nipple, but three of the four were pink, and the hole wasn't big enough to expose the entire areola, so it was hard to tell who was who for sure. I couldn't decide if it was Jessica or Petra who sported the dark nipple, but I decided to guess Petra.

Finally, we got to showing bushes and slits. We heard quite a bit of laughter before the slit in the sheet opened slightly to expose a light brown bush and a visible slit in a mound. "That's got to be Kris," I thought to myself. "It looks just like her."

Next, the slit exposed another light brown bush...slightly thicker than the first. More confusion as we each studied the pussy quickly before it was withdrawn. "That could be Kris too," I thought.

The third bush was darker and trimmed to show the sides of the mound. "That's Petra for sure," I guessed. "She has the darkest hair."

Finally, the sheet exposed a completely smooth pussy with narrow a mound. "Wow," I thought, "is that's Jessica or does Petra shave her pussy bare?"

We all struggled with our answers. It's just natural that we were being competitive, I suppose. I decided to go with my first impulse rather than second-guess myself.

Again, Jon and Tina convened at the game table and tallied the results.

Tina stood to get everyone's attention. "The winner of the men's competition is...Jeff!"

There was applause and I followed Petra's lead and raised my arms, making V for Victory signs with both hands. I guess your first impression is the best.

"Now for our prize," Tina shouted. "The two winners get to retire to our bedroom and close the door for exactly five minutes. Isn't that a fitting prize?"

I glanced over at Kris and saw the smile on her face. "A lot can happen in only five minutes with Jeff," she giggled, seemingly unconcerned.

The others had a nice laugh on me, and then Petra stood up and started walking down the hall to Tina and Jon's bedroom. She turned and looked over her shoulder at me. "Coming, Jeff?" she asked coyly.

Petra entered the bedroom, turned to sit on the corner of the king size bed, and smiled.

"I have a question," I told her. "Were you the one with the dark trimmed bush, or were you the smoothie?"

Petra leaned her head to one side. "Answer my question and I might show you."

"What's your question, Petra?"

Petra's face reddened slightly. "We only have a couple of minutes, so would you let me suck your cock? I've never touched a circumcised one...and yours looked very nice," she gushed hurriedly.

I only hesitated a few moments, during which time I heard a lot of laughing and squealing coming from the den. I wondered what was going on, but forced myself to focus on Petra's request.

It only took another moment to unzip my pants and present my half-erect cock to my neighbor's wife.

"Come closer," Petra asked as she slipped off the bed and onto her knees.

I came to full erection when I felt her lips on the exposed head of my stiff cock. She kissed it gently before opening her mouth and sliding my prick along her wet tongue.

"You have to show me your pussy when you're through," I told her as she worked her head up and down.

"Ummm hum," she hummed as she worked feverishly to get me off.

Fortunately, it didn't take long. I felt my balls tighten and my shaft throb as Petra sucked for all she was worth. Within a minute, I squirted several times and she made a valiant effort to capture all of it. As she pulled off, my cum leaked out and ran down her chin, but she used her finger to get most of it back into her mouth and swallow. Quickly, she stood and kissed me deeply and I could taste my slightly salty cum on her tongue and lips.

Time was almost up. Petra took a step back and raised her dress. She pulled her thin panties aside and flashed her dark, trimmed bush at me.

"You guessed me right, I know," she said giggling. "Do you like my little pussy?"

"Very delicious-looking," I confirmed as she rearranged her dress. "Maybe I'll get a taste sometime, if Sam doesn't mind," I added with a sly grin.

Petra laughed. "You never know. Something like that might be arranged."

"Time's up," Tina called as she opened the bedroom door. "What have you two been up to, huh?"

Marge licked her lips. "We'll never tell, will we, Jeff?"

I nodded toward Tina. "Our little secret," I confirmed. "No rule said we had to make any confessions."


There were more than a few suggestive comments when we returned to the den. Things like, "Boy, that was quick!" and "Wish I was a fly on the bedroom wall," and other teases. I noticed that Kris was now sitting on the soft, sandwiched between Jon and Sam. Naturally, Jon had his right arm around Kris and he was toying with the collar of her blouse. Kris’ hands were in her lap, pressing her dress down between her legs.

"Looks like you acquired a couple of admirers while I was away," I chuckled as I surveyed the sofa scene.

Kris looked a bit peeved and I figured that she was upset with me being with Petra. I was wrong!

"The guys kept trying to look up my dress," Kris fussed. "I had to sit this way to keep them at bay."

I turned to Jon. "Did you get a shot of my wife's pretty blue panties?"

Jon grinned. "I just got a brief peek before she noticed me sitting on the floor across from her. I really like sheer panties," he teased as he stroked the side of my wife's arm.

Kris ignored his comments, but I noticed that she was slowly moving her fingers between her tightly closed legs and pressing her hands against her mound through her clothes. It was obvious that she was enjoying both men's attention. Perhaps it was a reaction to my recent escapade with Petra.

Meanwhile, Petra went to Sam's end of the couch and sat on the arm, pressing her thigh against his arm. When he looked up at his wife, she leaned down and gave him a lingering kiss.

"Oh damn," I thought, "Sam's going to know what Petra did for me!"

They parted their lips and I saw Petra's tongue slide into her husband's mouth, providing more evidence of her naughty spree with me. She rose, smiling at Sam, and instinctively licked her lips again. I held my breath. Sam looked over at me and I knew he knew what his wife had done. Then, he smiled at me and then up at her. We all waited for his reaction.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself," Sam told his wife. "Did you guess Jeff correctly in that last round?"

Petra returned her husband's smile. "Oh yes, I certainly did," she confirmed.

Sam patted his wife on the rump and chuckled. "I just had a feeling," he added good-naturedly.

Tina asked me to refresh everyone's glasses so that we could discuss the next game. Filling wine glasses gave everyone to resume their proper roles. Kris slid off the sofa and came over to sit on the floor beside my chair. That is when I noticed that two buttons of her white blouse were undone and her lacy bra was showing an enticing cleavage. She either didn't realize that her blouse was open, or more likely, she didn't care at that point.

"As a group, you have a choice for the next game," Tina announced. We can play Twister, Spin the Empty Wine Bottle, or we can go with strip poker. By show of hands, who wants Twister?"

"Naked or with clothes on?" Jon called out.

Tina shook her head and laughed. "With clothes on, you horny devil."

Jessica held up her hand, knowing she would certainly win that game and wouldn't have to expose her tiny breasts. Fortunately, nobody else joined her.

"Okay, how about Spin the Empty Wine Bottle?"

"Maybe that should follow a game of strip poker," Sam offered.

Kris and Tina held up their hands in spite of Sam's comment.

"All right, how many votes for strip poker?" Tina asked.

Petra and all four men held up their hands immediately.

"Strip poker it is, then," Tina announced. "I have a new deck and we'll make Joker's wild. Form a circle here on the floor. Seating must be boy girl and you can't sit next to your spouse, okay?"

Dutifully, we all made a circle after pouring from the third bottle of my wine. Kris sat between Kevin and Jon and I noticed that she kept her legs tucked under her. I also noticed that Kevin had a nice view down her still-unbuttoned blouse. I briefly wondered who loosened those two buttons.

The poker game proceeded in the usual fashion. Each participant had to ante a piece of clothing at the start of each round. We all had to agree that rings and other jewelry didn't count (which served to accelerate the game). The winner of each hand got to retrieve one piece of their clothing.

One of the highlights came when Kevin finally had to ante his boxer shorts and the gals got to see the full length and thickness of his uncut cock. Another highlight developed as his wife, Jessica, had to decide whether to ante her panties or her bra. I think we were all curious to see if she even had tits. Bashfully, she stood and slipped her panties off, exposing her smoothly shaven pussy.

"Gosh, Jessica," Petra sputtered, "can you really take Kevin's thick pole into your small, slender body?"

Jessica blushed. "I manage somehow," she said with a bit of sarcasm. "He fills me up, that's for damn sure!"

Soon, Kris lost her blouse and then her skirt. I glanced over at my wife and noticed that her little blue panties now sported a sizable wet spot. She had her legs up against her chest and her feet on the floor, offering a nice view of her damp panties to Ian and me.

Petra chose to ante her bra and we all finally confirmed that she was the gal with the dark nipples. Her breasts were conical, firm, and her small nipples pointed straight ahead.

"I really don't need a bra," Petra confessed. "My boobs are too small to require support, but if I don't wear one, my nipples show too much."

"They're just about perfect," Tina offered as she too contributed her bra to the pot. "Mine are already beginning to sag."

"I like all the freckles," Sam responded. "You have a redhead somewhere in the family, I suspect."

My glance to my left confirmed that Tina's nipples and Kris’ nipples were almost identical in size and in light pink color. Except for the freckles, I could be looking at Kris’ tits.

Kris finally had to ante her bra in the same round that I contributed my jockey briefs. I sat looking at my wife's bare breasts (with erect pink nipples) while she stared at my recently exposed and semi-erect dick.

Kris won that hand and retrieved her bra, and Jessica finally had to ante her bra. We all watched her as she slowly unsnapped the front of her thin bra and tossed it into the center of the circle.

"There, now you know," Jessica stated flatly. "I have tiny tits."

Petra spoke up. "I think they're cute, Jessica. You have cones too, like me, just not as big around.

Kevin also came to his wife's defense. "They are very sensitive. She can cum just from me sucking on them. I love the way she looks when we make love."

Sam won the hand, Kevin and I had nothing with which to ante, and Jon was down to his bikini briefs. Kris slowly slipped her blue panties off and folded them into a square before placing them in the circle.

"What's wrong, Kris," Sam laughed, "are you afraid that we'll see the wet spot in those panties?"

Naturally, Jon grabbed my wife's panties, unfolded them, and held them up to his face. "Oh ho, I smell the aroma of pussy!" he teased as Kris unsuccessfully grabbed for them.

"Stop that!" Tina barked. "You shouldn't try to embarrass our guest like that. I think we're all a little aroused, aren't we girls?"

Petra spread her legs before the group. Sure enough, there was a wet spot. She slipped off her panties and handed them to me.

"Here, Jeff, you were anxious to have a taste a while ago. Be my guest!"

I took Petra's panties and held them up for all to see, then opened the crotch and licked the wet spot.

"Delicious," I announced as I tossed the panties into the circle.

Everyone laughed hysterically, and those with clothes shed them and tossed everything into the center of the circle. We sprawled on the floor laughing and looking around at everyone else. I looked over at Kris and saw that she was giggling like the rest of us and enjoying the groping that Jon and Kevin were providing. Jon was squeezing my wife's right breast and Kevin was working his hand up between Kris’ legs, trying to get his long fingers into her slit. My stomach seemed to turn at the sight, but then I realized that my cock was now as stiff as a steel rod.

I felt Tina lean on my left shoulder just as fingers closed around my erect cock. Petra was stroking me while her head lay on my right leg. Soon, she was sucking again and Tina decided to join her.

Sam gave Jessica a kiss, and then slid down to suck her little right nub into his mouth.

"Oh God," Jessica gasped as her finger slipped into her bare pussy and furiously moved up and down.

Our mini-orgy only lasted a few minutes before Tina again took charge of the proceedings.

"All right, group, knock it off and listen for a minute. We need to decide just how far we're all willing to take this. We sure don't want to have any problems, once the wine wears off."

The possibility that there would be negative repercussions sobered everyone up for the moment. Here were four naked couples sprawled in a circle on the floor, playing with other people's spouses. Wives looked at husbands, and we looked at our wives. The same questions seemed to be on everyone's mind. "How far shall we go with this? Am I okay with seeing my spouse fucking someone else? Is my spouse okay with all this?"

After a couple of minutes of silence (that seemed like an hour) Ian spoke up. "I guess we should tell you that Petra and I have had some earlier encounters. We shared with other like-minded couples in Europe several years ago. We don't have any problems now, because we really like and enjoy all of you, but you have to decide for yourselves."

"Jessica and I have fantasized about doing other people before, but we haven't really done it," Kevin admitted. "I wouldn't mind giving it a try, but that is really up to Jessica."

Heads turned toward Jessica. "I don't know," she stammered, "I want to wait and hear what the others have to say. I know that Kevin would be popular (for obvious reasons), but I'm not sure anybody would want to be with me."

"Count me in," Sam reassured.

"Me too," Jon offered with a wide grin, "that is if Tina wouldn't mind," he added sheepishly.

"How about you, Kris," Tina asked. "You've been very quiet so far."

Kris looked over at me and seemed deep in thought. "I'm like Jessica," she started. "I want some time to think and talk. Maybe we have gone far enough for tonight. Maybe we should stop while we are still friends and think about all the implications. Later, we can meet and discuss things like adults and each couple can make up their minds. Is that too much to ask?"

I felt like I needed to support my wife and give everybody a chance to ponder the situation. "So far, we have had fun getting naked and messing around a little with each other. I noticed that everyone seemed to be responding favorably, so there has been no harm."

"I want to talk to Kris and I think Kevin wants to talk to Jessica. I would like to amend my wife's suggestion slightly, however. As a fitting end to this arousing evening, I think we should all stay in this circle and masturbate. That way, we can all go home partially satisfied and those couples with enough stamina can fuck each other's brains out remembering what we did tonight!"

Tina gave a hearty laugh. "I've never diddled myself in front of anybody before, except Jon. That sounds like even more fun than Spin the Wine Bottle, and it is getting rather late for another game. Raise your hand if you are in favor of Jeff's plan."

The vote was unanimous! We each used the sights and sounds around us to arrive at our individual orgasmic destinations. Once complete, we cleaned up our messes and polished off the last of the wine. Kevin and Jessica got dressed and, after hugs and kisses, drove away.

Kris and I picked up our clothes. "It's silly to get dressed just to walk next door," I stated. "We'll just leave the way we are."

Petra giggled. "We're just up two houses and across the street. We'll walk home naked with you."

Kris hugged Tina. "I'll come over and get my trays tomorrow, after I've sobered up," Kris said. Then, she turned and gave Jon a tight hug. His hands cupped her round ass cheeks as he pressed his stiff little dick between her legs.

We walked across the lawns and we started to turn toward our door. There we stood, four naked people in our front yard in the middle of the night. Kris hugged Sam and Petra slid into my arms.

"I really enjoyed getting to know you better, Jeff," she whispered. "You and Kris are welcome to come over any time. Don't wait too long, okay?"


Kris and I went home and fondled each other for a few minutes, but neither of us really felt like fucking. I was limp, having recently jacked off in front of everybody, and she was sore from the evening's fingering. We giggled like a couple of teenagers, then kissed goodnight and immediately fell asleep in a tangle of each other's arms and legs.

It was hard to get a conversation started the next morning. Kris made coffee and I went outside to retrieve the paper. We sipped coffee and ate muffins as we scanned the paper. I would look up ever so often and catch Kris eying me, but she wouldn't open up. I decided to wait her out. It was past eleven when she finally spoke.

"Well, that was some party, huh?" she stated tentatively.

"Yeah, different, that's for sure. I'm not sure what to make of the whole affair. I think everyone had a good time, at least for a while."

Kris nodded. "The sheet game was fun. I didn't do too well with my guesses though." she responded.

"I was a bit confused too, and I couldn't believe that I actually won," I replied.

"What did you do when you and Petra left the room?" Kris quizzed. "Did know."

I laughed. "In five minutes?" I asked. "It was pretty funny, actually. Petra sucked me a little and showed me her pussy...that's all. I did guess her right." I figured it was best to tell the truth.

"Really? She sucked you off that fast? She must be very good."

This was a lose/lose situation, so I decided to punt. "She goes too fast. It wasn't nearly as good as how you do," I stated as strongly as I could.

Kris chuckled. "Well, I usually have more time, don't I?"

I decided not to answer her rhetorical question. I was a bit surprised that Kris didn't seem to be all that upset by my admission. Maybe, she was relieved that I hadn't fucked Petra during our brief encounter.

"Now, what did you do while we were gone?" I challenged.

I saw my wife's face redden slightly. "Sam was the one, not me," she began. "He got down on the floor and put his head up my dress. I couldn't believe it! Tina told him to behave and he pulled back, but Jon jumped down next to him and before I knew it, they were both looking up my dress at my panties."

"Tina and Jessica made them stop, but I know they saw plenty."

I saw my opening. "I think they turned you on a little, didn't they?"

"To be perfectly honest, they did I guess," she admitted. "After that, I was a lot more curious and more willing to go along with Tina's silly games."

"Are you glad we stopped when we did?" I asked her, hoping to get an idea of how she felt now that we were both sober.

Kris thought for a minute or so, and I stayed quiet.

"I think it was good to stop for Jessica's sake. I know she was a little embarrassed and maybe a little scared. It surprised me that she went ahead and did her thing there at the end like everyone else. She must have needed some relief as much as I did."

"Yeah, I was watching you most of the time," I admitted. "It was such a turn on for me to see you fingering yourself in front of everyone. That was more arousing than seeing the other gals."

My wife looked genuinely surprised. "Really? You actually liked watching me finger myself?"

I nodded. "That and seeing Jon and Kevin fondling you and getting you all hot and bothered. I almost squirted when you finally had to shed your bra and panties and let everybody see your beautiful, nude body," I confessed.

"Would you enjoy seeing me doing to Sam what Petra did to you?" she asked softly, tentatively.

I was going to respond when I noticed Kris looking down at the stiff member now stretching against my slacks. She was smiling broadly.

"I think you just gave me a positive answer," she chuckled. "You got a real boner just thinking about it, didn't you?"

I could only nod and smile back. "I was just visualizing how that might look. I know that it would turn me on big time. You know, Petra invited us to visit any time," I added casually.

"Petra seems to have a thing for you," Kris accused. "She must have enjoyed your brief encounter. I think she and Sam have a very liberal perspective when it comes to things like last night."

"They admitted that they have done stuff before," I confirmed. "It doesn't look like it has hurt their relationship in the least," I replied. "How would you feel about accepting her invitation sometime?"

"They are a fun couple," Kris responded without actually agreeing.

"Then, maybe I could get even with Petra," Kris teased as she filled up our coffee cups.

I decided to expand the idea. "What about another party with the whole group? Are you okay with more fun and games?"

Kris looked at me seriously. "It depends on how you would react if things went past little fun and games. Can we do whatever the group does without giving ourselves problems? Are you that open and without jealousy?"

Now, it was my turn to think. "I think the test for me was when Tina and I had to take you home that time. You know, we watched through the door while Jon felt you up and put his fingers in your pussy. Watching him play with you got me very aroused. He and I talked about it later, and I was surprised by how much I really liked what I saw. I think it turned Tina on also."

Kris put her hand to her face. "My God, why didn't you tell me about all that?"

"I just thought it best to leave it alone so you wouldn't be embarrassed to be around Tina and Jon," I admitted. "Now, it really doesn't matter. Everything's out in the open."

"Are you okay with Jon and Sam, and maybe Kevin now? I mean, if anything happens again, it could involve all three of them, you know."

"Yeah, I know," I replied. "Frankly, the thought of another get together is pretty fascinating. Maybe we are agreeing that we would both be willing to attend another party. Am I reading you right?"

Kris looked deeply into my eyes. I think she was trying to tell if I was serious or just kidding.

"I'll go if you'll go and not get crazy afterward, or treat me mean."

"Did I treat you mean after Jon got his hands full? Did I treat you mean this morning?" I asked in return.

Kris shook her head. "No, you did just fine. I love you, you know that you big lug?"

"Yes, and I love you too. We're talking about having fun, not getting involved seriously. I know that our relationship is too strong to let some playing around get in the way. Who knows, it might pull us closer together, if that's possible."

Kris polished off her coffee and took our dishes to the sink. She pulled me up from my chair. "Okay, then, our decision is made, let's change the subject. All this talk has made me quite horny. Let's have our own play time upstairs."

The telephone rang three days later. Kris answered. It was Petra extending an invitation to join Sam and her for a Scandinavian dinner on Friday evening. They chatted for a while and I could tell from Diane's tone that she was going to accept.

"Will it be just the four of us?" Diane inquired.

Marge happily told Diane that Linda and Juanita had also accepted, so it should be another fun evening. She told Diane that Juanita was a little hesitant, but called back later and said that she and Bob had talked it over and that they were happy to join all of us. Evidently, Bob was successful in helping Juanita conquer her self-image problem.


The dinner was a huge success. Petra served whole boiled shrimp with heads and feelers attached. She said it was Norwegian style seafood. She also served a drink called glug, a strong potion that soon made us all forget about the gruesome looking shrimp and we all ate our fill. Every few minutes, Sam or Petra would raise their glug and toast someone, saying "skoal." If you were toasted, you had to drink with them while looking directly into the other's eyes. If you glanced away, you had to polish off the whole glass of glug. By the time the dinner was over, we were all well-oiled and definitely ready for fun.

Meeting in their big living room, we sat around laughing and reliving all of the toasts and those who looked away. Sam got everyone's attention. "I am holding eight cards," he bellowed, "the four kings and the four queens. Each couple will represent a suit. Kris and I were the diamonds. Sam and Petra were hearts, Tina and Jon were the spades, and Jessica and Kevin were the clubs. Sam shuffled the four kings and each wife selected a card. The one rule was if someone drew their own spouse, all had to draw again. After two deals, the couples were mixed.

"Now, the queens must go to their kings and when the music starts, give your king a lap dance," Petra announced.

I watched my wife slide away from me and approach Kevin while he sat in an armless chair. Kevin's long, thick member was already making a bulge in his slacks as Kris stood before him smiling.

Tina came over and stood in front of me. Her form reminded me so much of Kris, and I could almost foretell how she would feel on my lap.

Jessica moved to Sam, and Petra strolled over to Jon. Sam hit his remote and music filled the room. The gals began to do various versions of a bump and grind before moving onto our laps and doing their best to arouse us. It didn't take long!

The music stopped and Kris jumped up and down with glee, her braless tits swaying and flopping.

"Honey, I did really good, didn't I?" Kris asked me.

Everyone laughed at her antics, including me. My wife's earlier inhibitions seemed to be drowned in glug and high spirits. My own cock swelled to its limit with that revelation.

Kevin struggled to adjust his massive bulge. "Damn it, Kris, you really got me going. I need some relief here."

My wife glanced at me and sensually licked her lips. "Can I help poor Kevin?" she asked me.

I remembered our earlier discussion, smiled and nodded my tacit permission.

Kris knelt in front of Kevin and coyly began to unbuckle and unzip his trousers. I looked over at Jessica and saw her watching intently as my wife pulled her husband's long, thick prick out of his slacks. Kevin wore no underwear. As I watched, Jessica crammed her hand between her legs and rubbed herself through her thin sundress.

All eyes turned to my wife. Kris held Kevin's big dick in her thin fingers, then she leaned forward and lightly kissed the torpedo-shaped head, licking off a drop of precum from the eye. Kevin closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the chair. A low groan escaped his lips as my sweet wife slid his throbbing member past her full lips. Slowly, she milked him with her mouth and tongue, humming for that extra effect that I love so much.

"I'd sure like some of that treatment too," Sam stammered. "You're a lucky man, Jeff," he added.

"You can be next, Sam," I replied, again giving my wife permission to apply her oral talents to our host.

"No more, no more," Kevin gasped as Kris licked her way up his shaft. "I don't want to cum so early in the evening," he added sheepishly.

Obviously, Kris had overheard my exchange with Sam. She gave Kevin one more kiss on his dick, then on his lips, before turning her attention to Sam. She crawled to him on her hands and knees and looked at Petra, who was seated next to him.

"This will make us even," she grinned. "You got to do Jeff last time, didn't you?"

Marge giggled. "He told you, didn't he? Oh well, go ahead. I want to watch and learn your special technique."

Kris quickly uncovered Sam's stiff shaft and began to play with him. She took her time and she didn't seem to mind when Petra slid onto the floor beside her to get a close up view.

"Sam likes it when I suck on his balls," Petra prompted. "Here, let me show you."

Petra proceeded to put her husband's balls in her mouth, and then she moved aside to let my wife duplicate her moves. Sam was gripping the sofa and moaning as the two women traded positions and gave him a double treat.

I was curious about my wife's condition, so I moved behind Kris and lifted her skirt up over her rear, exposing her thin panties. My suspicions were confirmed when my fingers touched the wet spot between her legs.

"Stop, stop," Sam cried after three or four minutes. He, too, wanted to save himself for additional fun.

Petra and Kris laughed and rose up to hug each other. Petra turned my wife's head and kissed her full on the lips. "I got a taste of cum, did you?" she asked Kris.

"I think so, and it was on your tongue for sure."

Jon had his cock out and Tina was slowly stroking him. "Don't leave my hubby out," Tina ordered. "I know he's ready for some TLC from you two."

"Come over to the couch," Petra replied. "We can make you a happy man, can't we, Kris?"

Sam moved next to Tina to make room for Jon on the couch. I watched and stroked my own cock as Petra and Kris gave Jon the same oral pleasure that Sam had just enjoyed. Jon wasn't so lucky, he couldn't hold back and, within the first minute or so, he squirted a jet of thick cum onto their faces. Petra moved quickest and swallowed Jon's small cock, capturing the balance in her mouth.

"Wow, that was a lot of sauce," she said after she swallowed Jon's load. "You must have been saving up for a few days."

Jon looked crestfallen. "Damn, that was too quick. I'm going to need a lot of help later on."

We all laughed at Jon's comment. "I'm sure that can be arranged," I reassured my neighbor.

"I feel so left out," Jessica exclaimed to everyone's surprise.

Kevin went to his pouting wife, kissed her and gave her a tight hug. "It's your turn now, honey," he stated firmly. "You can be the center of attention...if you are ready. Do you want that?"

Jessica looked down at her feet; then she raised her head. "Yes, I'd like that," she murmured.

Gently, her husband pulled her from her chair and positioned her in the center of the room. Jessica stood with her arms dangling at her sides. Kevin began to unbutton her dress and kiss her bare skin as he exposed more and more of his wife. We all sat silently, observing their show.

Jessica's dress fell to the carpet and she raised her feet to allow her husband to toss it away. She stood in her small, pushup bra and tiny black panties. Kevin turned her so she was facing us and carefully unsnapped her bra, revealing her small conical boobs. Before she could react or become embarrassed by her tiny tits, he tucked his thumbs into her panties and quickly pulled them down, displaying her baby-smooth mound.

I saw Jessica shudder slightly as she stood fully exposed to our collective view. Kevin pulled a black blindfold mask from his pocket and placed it over his wife's eyes. The blindfold and her wedding rings were the only items she wore.

"With your permission, Petra, I am going to conduct Jessica to your bedroom and place her in the middle of your bed. There, she will remain blindfolded as the men, and any woman who might be so inclined, will take turns giving my wife pleasure. This will fulfill one of Jessica's confessed fantasies, so feel free to enjoy her in any way you choose. I will wait out here and determine the random order."

Needless to say, we were all rather surprised by Kevin's revelations. I could tell that three men were more than willing to do their part. I wondered if any of the wives would take a turn. In particular, I wondered if Kris would want to try another woman. The thought made my cock throb, I must admit.


The three men, other than Jessica's husband, Kevin, drew cards to establish the 'pecker order,' as Kevin indelicately put it. "As the spouse, I elect to go last," he said with a chuckle.

Then he turned to the ladies. "Would any of you like to participate? Jessica won't know for sure who is with her."

"I'd like a card," Petra said quietly. "This should be a lot of fun."

I was mildly disappointed when Kris and Tina remained silent.

Jon drew the high card and left us to walk down the long hall to the master suite.

"Aren't you wondering what is happening?" Tina asked Kevin.

Kevin nodded. "Yes, I'm dying to sneak down the there and take a peek, but I promised Jessica that I wouldn't spy on her. I think she is still to shy to allow me one of my own fantasies. Maybe at some later time..." he trailed off.

Petra turned to Tina. "What about you, Tina? Did you make any promises to Jon about not peeking?"

"No, I didn't promise him anything. I did agree that I would participate in whatever took place. Jon already knows that I've seen him diddling another woman. He's a horny devil, but I love him dearly. His addiction to sex does keep our life rather lively and fun."

I saw my wife, Kris, grow crimson when Tina mentioned diddling. She knew exactly to whom she was referring, as did I.

Kris finally spoke up. "Well, Tina, if you didn't promise not to peek, you could go take a quick look, couldn't you?"

Tina's face broke into a grin. "Yeah, I could...and so could you, Kris. Let's go take a quiet peek right quick. We can come back and tell Kevin if Jon is doing anything. Okay?"

"Can we, Kevin?" Kris asked. "That wouldn't break your promise would it?"

"I guess not," Kevin replied. "It's okay if you want to."

Tina took Kris by the hand and the pair slowly crept down the hall and out of sight. A few minutes later, they returned to the living room, smiling like two cats that ate a canary.

"Well, Kevin, your wife is getting her wish," Tina stated. "The door was open a crack, so we didn't have to make any noise. Jessica's on the bed on her hands and knees and Jon's right behind her with his naked butt facing the door. We couldn't tell if he was doing her big hole or her little hole, but she was moaning like it was feeling very good."

Kris followed. "I'm guessing Jon was having some anal fun with your wife. Have you done that with Jessica?"

"We've tried it a couple of times," Kevin answered, "but I'm too thick. Jessica says it hurts too much, so we've never really been able to do it. Jon should have better success. I hope so for her sake."

Sam joined the discussion. "I'll be able to confirm or deny your guess, Kris. I had the second highest card, so I can tell if Jon left a deposit in Jessica's pussy."

"Either way, it should be a tasty treat for me," Petra told her husband. "There's nothing like the taste of lovemaking."

Kris was a bit taken aback by Petra's brazen comment. "I take it you've had previous experience with other gals, Petra, right?"

"A few, as Sam can attest. "He's enjoyed the encounters right along with me. We both like the taste of love nectar, don't we, honey?"

Sam smiled and nodded. "Yes, it certainly adds to the sensuality of an experience, I must say."

There was more discussion until Jon returned to the room carrying his clothes under his left arm. We all noticed that is small dick was limp, and the wide grin on his face said it all. He dropped his clothes at Tina's feet and sprawled next to her.

"Did you have fun?" Tina asked, halfway accusatory.

Jon put his arm around his wife and kissed her deeply. "Yes, as a matter of fact," he boldly stated. "Jessica's got the sweetest ass you can imagine. I think she liked what I had to offer too. But don't pout, baby, you're still my only offense, Kevin."

"None taken. Now, I believe Sam is next up, right?"

We watched Sam stand and amble down the hall. He began shedding his clothes as he made his way to Jessica.


"Jon definitely did her ass," Sam announced as he returned carrying his clothes. His cock, buried in a nest of dark hair, also hung limply and glistened in the lamplight.

Petra moved to her husband and examined him closely. "You're still coated in cum, aren't you? Here, let me clean you off before you sit down."

Petra knelt, took Sam's cock into her mouth, and very deliberately sucked him until she was convinced that her husband's member was spic and span. By the time she finished, Sam was semi-erect and seemed well satisfied.

"Did you leave something for me?" she asked Sam.

"Go find Jessica and see for yourself," he responded.

Petra clapped her hands and grinned. She rose and hesitated for only a moment before deciding to shed her clothes there in front of us. Her small, firm breasts sported erect nipples and her form seemed to curve forward, accenting her taut tummy before it plunged down to her trimmed dark bush.

I watched her bottom cheeks move and jiggle as she strode out of the room and down the hall. Petra was definitely a very sensuous and adventurous gal.

Tina and Kris were whispering and giggling. I correctly guessed that the two of them would be creeping down the hall again soon to observe Petra as she pleasured Jessica in ways only a woman could do.

A few minutes later, the gals returned. They went to Kevin and sat on each side of him. I watched as they hugged on him and rubbed his legs.

"Petra is between your wife's legs and she is making slurping sounds," Tina teased. "I think Jessica is really enjoying what Petra is doing, don't you, Kris?"

Kris squeezed Kevin's arm tightly. "Yeah, Jessica's squirming all around on the bed and moaning like crazy. We couldn't see very much, but we sure heard her and she had her legs spread wider than you can imagine. It was really hot to peek in and watch them."

The two of them continued to tease poor Kevin. Tina moved her hand up and rubbed his dick through his pants, which only made it harder for Kevin to keep his composure. Finally, he got up and poured himself another drink.

"I have to stay calm so that I can give Jessica her final experience," he said as he sipped his drink. "You gals need to wait until I'm done with my wife, then you can play all you want."

Petra reentered the living room, sporting a satisfied smile on her wet face. "You gals don't know what you're missing," she taunted as she took the seat between Tina and Kris that Kevin had recently vacated. "Here, have a taste," she added as she turned my wife's face to hers and kissed her on the mouth.

My cock throbbed as I saw Kris' mouth open as Petra fed her tongue between my wife's lips.

"Oh, my God, I could taste it," Kris exclaimed. "Damn, that is amazing."

Petra laughed, and then put her hand up Kris’ dress. "Here, let me compare," she ordered as she obviously poked her fingers into my wife's damp canal.

"You are both very sweet," Petra judged as she licked her sticky fingers. "I'll bet Tina is too."

Before Tina could respond, Petra turned to her and repeated her invasion, again sucking some sticky liquid off her fingers.

"Mmm, also nice and sweet...just a little different, but yummy," she proclaimed to us.

The three gals sat together whispering and giggling. Jon and Sam were sitting nude, watching the girls while Kevin and I sat across from each other, still clothed.

"Jessica is going to wonder where you are, Jeff," he said. "Are you ready?"

I nodded and stood, revealing the hard cock in the crotch of my slacks. I heard the gals laughing at my discomfort as I walked down the hall.

I quietly entered the bedroom and my gaze fell on Jessica. She was lying on the bed on her tummy, her legs akimbo, displaying her hairless and already well-fucked holes. I slowly undressed and stroked my stiff prick as I took in her slender form. As I approached the bed, I could hear her nervous breathing. Her rear and back were rising and falling with each deep breath. My fingers lightly traced up and down her right leg and she moaned low in her throat. The lips of her pussy were red and wet. It was difficult to tell whether it was Sam's cum or Petra's ministrations that had caused the dampness.

"Is that you, Jeff?" she murmured. "Are you next?"

I didn't respond to her question directly. Instead, I inserted my finger in her warm pussy and curled it down to find her G spot. It felt like a spongy bean and I gently massaged it wordlessly. She groaned and her puckered rear bud pulsed invitingly. Removing my finger, I spread her cheeks and touched my tongue tip to her tight rear. Jessica emitted a shrill squeak and lifted her hips off the cum-spotted bed as an orgasm coursed through her. My cock throbbed at the thought that I had given Jessica a climax using nothing but my tongue tip.

Once she came back to planet Earth, I slipped between her outstretched legs and rubbed the head of my cock along her wet slit. "Where do you want it?" I whispered.

"I know it's you, Jeff. You are so gentle and nice. Please fuck me now. Fuck my little cunt," she begged.

Raising her hips, I got her on her knees and traced a path up and down her slick lips. Surprisingly, she was still tight for my sloppy seconds. The head moved inside, and then I slowly fed the rest of my hard cock into her warm channel. I waited for a few moments and she used her muscles to squeeze around me. It was heavenly when I began to move within her. By my calculations, she should have been rather loose because Kevin was so much thicker than the rest of us. My hands roamed forward and I toyed with her small cones. Her response was instantaneous. Her nipples hardened and she gasped loudly.

I could slide easily due to the combination of Jessica's natural lubrication and Sam's previous deposit. My balls slapped against her mound as we began a regular rhythm.

"Oh yes, yes," Jessica moaned into her pillow. "Feels so good, so good."

Jessica began to rotate her hips as I fucked her and I knew that I wouldn't last much longer. "Cum with me," I pleaded, accelerating my pace and hearing the sexy squishing sounds of our coupling.

As the pressure in my balls increased, I pressed my thumb into her rear and felt her jerk with gleeful surprise. Jessica's body began to shudder and I rammed my cock in to the hilt as pent-up jets blasted her clinging cunt.

I collapsed over her and continued to play with her little nipples as we each caught our breath. I am sure she could feel me begin to shrink inside and I eventually slipped out. Jessica rolled over onto her back. She had a smile on her face, as she lay sprawled before me. I decided to make a request.

"Suck my cock now, Jessica?"

"Uh huh," she replied, licking her dry lips.

I moved up farther on the bed and her hand touched me, searching for my limp dick. She found my chest and worked her way down my belly until she encountered her target.

"Lay back and let me return the pleasure you just gave me," she stated.

I did as she asked and the next thing I felt was her teasing my cock with her tongue. Soon, she had my entire length in her mouth. She was sucking gently while she fondled my shrunken balls with her slim fingers.

"There, you're nice and clean again," she whispered as my cock popped out of her mouth a few minutes later. "I liked tasting all of that, thanks, Jeff," she added.

"I'm going to leave and let Kevin have his turn now," I whispered. "He's been aching to come back here and see how you are doing. I hope you have enjoyed your fantasy come true."

"Yes, tell Kevin I am anxious for him to come to me. He's been so understanding and all..." she trailed off.

Following Jon and Sam's example, I picked up my clothes and carried them under my arm back to the living room. I was surprised to find that I had been with Jessica for almost 45 minutes!

"Well, Kevin, your lovely wife is anxiously awaiting you. When I left, she was still wearing her blindfold, but she seemed to know it was me, I'll have to admit."

Kevin stood and looked around the room. "Am I the last? Everybody done? Tina? Kris?"

"Can we just watch?" Tina asked quietly. "We won't get in the way or anything."

I waited to see what Kevin would say. He looked a little bewildered, yet very aroused.

"If you promise not to say anything, or let Jessica know you are near, I don't mind," Kevin replied finally. "Give me a few minutes first, okay?"

Tina nodded her assent and Kevin quickly left for the bedroom.

"I want to see if Jessica can really take all of that," Tina said after Kevin left. "He's huge, and she's so petite and slender. I can't imagine how she could do it."

Petra spoke up. "She's very limber. I think we could all accommodate Kevin and maybe even bigger men, that is, if we are turned on enough. I would love to try, anyhow."

We all laughed at Petra's comment. Sam chuckled and said he was sure Petra could do it and probably would if Kevin had anything left after Jessica finished.

Jon piped up, then. "Why should we let Kevin and Jessica have all the fun?" he asked. "We've got this big room and most of us are already naked. Let's do some experimenting of our own. What do you all say?"

"Always looking to get into another gals pants, aren't you?" Tina scolded her husband.

"Don't be so hard on him, Tina," Sam responded. "I was having similar thoughts as Kevin was leaving us. I'll be happy to share Petra with either of you, just as long as I can have the same privilege."

"Right here? Together?" Kris gasped. "I don't know about that, Sam."

"I'd love to see that," I quickly replied. "Maybe Sam or Jon would be willing to show me how you look while doing a different man."

Kris looked at me as if I was crazy. "You're really weird, you know that?"

"I've seen Petra with other men," Sam volunteered. "It's quite an exciting thing for both to experience, believe me."

"I think it would be embarrassing," Kris persisted, "don't you, Tina?"

Tina eyed me. "Well, your husband sounds like he is keen to watch you, Kris. Who would be embarrassed, you or Jeff?"

"Well, I would think he would be, just sitting there watching another man play with me," Kris offered.

"Who said he would just be sitting there?" Petra countered. "I wouldn't mind taking Jeff's mind off of his 'embarrassment.'

"Maybe I could convince Sam to help me avoid embarrassment, too," Tina added with a chuckle. "Have we accidentally chosen our new partners for the next round?"

My wife glanced around the room and found no support for her position. She sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, Jon has already seen me and, I understand, has even done some uninvited exploration. In fact, we've all been naked together before, so I guess it might not be such a big deal after all."

I saw Jon eying Kris and stroking his small dick in anticipation. Tina was checking Sam out and I felt Petra's warm breath on my neck.

"Why don't you help Jon out, Kris," I suggested to my wife.

She looked at me, shrugged again and scooted across the floor to Jon's end of the sofa. "Here, let me," she mumbled as she replaced his hand and slowly began to stroke him to full erection.

After that, things became a bit of a blur. Petra took me into her mouth and began to lick and suck me as I watched Kris do the same to Jon, just a few feet away. Sam moved to Tina and began to undress her. Soon, his face was between Tina's legs and he was avidly licking her as she pressed his head into her love nest.

Petra straddled my hard cock, facing me, her firm cones inches from my mouth. She partially obstructed my view of Kris, but I managed to tilt my head far enough to watch as my wife mounted Jon in a similar manner and quickly settled herself onto his manhood. Petra grasped my throbbing member and began to slide it up and over her clitoris...then down along her wet slit. Moments later, she slipped my cock into her sticky passage and moaned deep in her throat.

"I just knew you would feel wonderful," Petra muttered as she used her vaginal muscles to grip my thickness and move slowly against me.

I was enjoying Petra, but my mind kept slipping back to the vision of my lovely wife, now impaled on my neighbor's thin prick. Jon was trying to capture one of her tits in his mouth, but Kris was moving furiously up and down, making his effort almost comical. Minutes later, Kris moaned...a sure sign that she was about to have an orgasm.

"Oh yes, yes," I heard her exclaim. "Give it all to me, all the way."

As Kris slowed, Jon whispered something to her. Then, my wife rose up and Jon used his hand to guide his thin dick to my wife's rear. Was he going to attempt anal penetration?

The answer soon became obvious. As I watched over Petra's shoulder, Jon skewered my wife's butt and she slowly sat back down on him. Jon leaned back and Kris fell forward, clearly showing me that she was fully impaled.

"You're so tight," Jon exclaimed. "I won't last long like this," he added, gasping.

Petra heard him and glanced back to see what I was watching. "Want to do my ass like that?" she asked.

"Uh huh," I grunted in reply.

Petra rose, grabbed my slippery cock with her hand, and quickly found the magic spot. I was surprised at how easily I slipped up her rear. The new feeling almost made me squirt immediately, but I gripped the base of my cock and managed to hold off as she gave me time to adjust.

"That's it, honey. We'll take our time so we can enjoy it for a while longer," Petra cooed.

Her ploy worked well until Jon groaned. "I'm gonna cum," he squealed as Kris sat firmly down on him. I watched as Jon's hips bucked and my wife fell forward, hugging him tight while sticky liquid began to flow out of my wife's bottom. I felt my balls contract and before I could squeeze my fingers around my cock, I shot jets of semen into Petra's rear.

"Oh, yeah, sweetie," Petra gasped as she felt the additional warmth fill her. "Feels so good, so good."

I fell back, exhausted against my chair. I looked down and watched as Tina wrapped her legs around Sam and began to pant. Sam was pounding Jon's wife hard and fast.

"Fuck me, Sam, fuck me good with your hot cock," Tina urged.

Was this my normally sedate next-door neighbor begging another neighbor to plow her with his thick Scandinavian root? Was this the coy neighbor lady who watched her husband finger my drunken wife and later kiss me temptingly? Obviously, the eight of us had crossed over to a new set of relationships this night.

Petra stood and made her way to the bathroom. Kris dismounted from Jon and was now sprawled nude on the living room carpet. Jon and I stumbled down the hall to the master bath to clean up, while Tina and Sam remained inert in each other's arms on the floor.

The door to the master bedroom was open. Jon and I walked past the sleeping Kevin and Jessica and closed the bathroom door.

"Here's a wash cloth," Jon rasped as he turned on the faucets. I retrieved the jug of liquid soap and wet my cloth.

I caught Jon watching me in the mirror. His sheepish look told me he was a little uncomfortable now that he'd finally fucked my pretty wife.

"Well, Jon, how was she? Was Kris as good a fuck as you thought she would be?"

Jon blanched. "Oh, man, I'm sorry. Things just sort of got out of control. You were there, even egging everybody on, right?"

"Hey, no problem, Jon," I assured my neighbor. "I watched the whole thing and it got me unbelievably aroused. Petra didn't help matters either," I quipped.

Jon seemed relieved. "No hard feelings, then?"

I stuck out my damp hand. "No hard feelings," I repeated. "But, Jon, you owe me one now. I want to see just how similar our two ladies are in bed. They look a lot alike, but maybe they feel different."

Jon shook my hand. "That'll be up to Tina, but I don't have any problems with it. I'll say this; I think Kris is tighter than Tina is. Of course, you are somewhat bigger than me, so you might fit Tina a lot better."

Hanging up my towel, I turned to Jon. "I'm sure we'll find the answer to that in the very near future," I replied with a wide smile.

Kevin and Jessica were awake when we went back into the bedroom. The four of us returned to the others and noticed that they were dressing. I found my clothes and began to slip into my slacks as I watched my wife put her dress over her head.

"It's very late, and we've all had more than enough to drink. Kevin, why don't you and Jessica stay the night? We have an empty guest room and you are welcome to stay."

Petra stepped between the couple. "Yes, that's a great idea. Kevin, you and I will take the guest room so Jessica and Sam can have the big bed, okay?"

"Sounds reasonable," Jessica accepted before Kevin could gather his wits. "That way, we don't have to dress and risk a DUI going home."

To me, that was our cue that the party was officially adjourned. Kris and I, along with Jon and Tina, made our way across the street.

"What's your pleasure, honey?" Jon asked Tina tentatively. "Want to go home with me, or would you rather go to Jeff's for the night?"

Tina turned to Kris. "I knew this was bound to be the question. I'm okay either way. What would you prefer, Kris?"

My heartbeat stopped momentarily as I awaited my wife's response.

Kris glanced at each of us in the light of our street lamp. "I want to be with Jeff tonight," she replied firmly. "We can talk about the other arrangement tomorrow."

Tina and Jon quickly agreed. "I'll call you tomorrow," Tina affirmed. "We can talk again, like before," she added as my wife nodded her agreement.

"We need a shower," Kris stated as we got to our room. "Let's wash each other, then I want you to take me to our bed and fuck me like you really mean it," she ordered.

"I love you, Kris," I murmured in her ear as I helped her out of her dress.


Kris and I slept in the next morning. She was still sound asleep when I finally rolled out of bed and donned a pair of gray sweats, an old T-shirt, and my flip-flops. I started the coffee pot, and then went out front to retrieve the paper. I'd polished off half of the coffee and a muffin while half-heartedly scanning the paper when Kris finally joined me.

"I've got a headache, and my butt is sore," she mumbled as she poured herself a cup. "What a night we had, huh?"

I looked at my wife's tousled hair and smeared makeup that she'd failed to remove after we finished playing. Wearing one of my extra large T-shirts and nothing else, she never looked sexier to me. "Yeah, a memorable evening for sure. You look ravishing, by the way."

"You mean ravished, I think," Kris countered. "Do you still really love me in the morning after what all we did?"

"Like I said, you're ravishing even with sleep in your eyes," I reassured her. "All that sex has boosted my energy level. I think that I'll take care of some of my 'to do' list this morning. I bought a new hose for the washer and a vent hose for the dryer yesterday. I can replace them both this morning."

Kris looked at me as if I was crazy. "I can barely move, and you are anxious to do chores! All that sex must have different effects on men than on us women," she chuckled. "I think I'm going to need a nap this afternoon."

"How was Jon?" I asked cautiously.

Kris studied me for a few moments. "He was okay, I guess. It was kind of exciting, doing it with somebody else, and he managed to get it in my rear. It went right in, but I can sure feel the effects this morning. I don't think I like anal very much."

I laughed as my wife squirmed in her chair, recalling the previous evening's activities. It was quite arousing to watch my sweet wife riding my neighbor, with his slim member sliding up her butt. I recalled how much I shot into Petra when I saw Jon's cum oozing from Kris’ rear orifice.

"Petra sure seemed to enjoy your attentions," Kris said softly. "Is she better than me?"

"Don't be silly, honey," I replied seriously. "With the others, it's only sex. With you, it's lovemaking. Wouldn't you agree?"

"I guess so, I guess you're right about that," she responded brightly. "I didn't feel anything but momentary lust with Jon. Love or wanting to be with him never entered my mind. I wasn't even jealous of Petra. Were you jealous of Jon?"

I hesitated a moment. I did feel my stomach do flips when my wife straddled my naked neighbor and succumbed to the enjoyment of his stiff prick. Almost as soon as I had that feeling, that other feeling of complete fascination took over and I couldn't take my eyes off of the lustful scene before me. My own cock throbbed and I knew what Jon must have been feeling at that moment.

"I'll admit that it felt funny for a few seconds, but then, I really enjoyed seeing you giving and receiving such pleasure. It formed a rather beautiful picture that I will remember."

"Yeah, me too, I think," Kris seconded. "You describe it very well. I wonder how Petra did with Kevin? I think she was anxious to try out his oversized equipment, you know."

"You sound a bit curious too," I joked. "I caught you looking at his long, thick stick more than once."

Kris laughed and shook her head. "I've been caught in the act. I must confess that he looks intriguing. I don't see how little Jessica manages to handle him."

"I'm sure you'll have your chance at some point. Just make sure that I'm around to watch when you attempt it," I replied, wagging a finger at her.

I was in the basement, fighting with the business end of the new washer hose when our telephone rang. I could hear Kris talking and I was pretty sure that it was Tina. Curiosity got the best of me and I crept back up the stairs and opened the door a crack so I could hear Kris. She laughingly told Tina that she was sore and tired. After a few more ribald comments back and forth, I heard Kris invite Tina to come over for coffee and a chat. Minutes later, Tina opened our den door and Kris greeted her.

"Where's Jeff?" Tina asked.

"He's down in the basement fixing the washer and dryer," Kris replied. "We can talk. He'll be down there for a while, I'm sure."

Tina must have nodded. "Great! Now, Kris, about last night, I hope you and Jeff are okay with everything. I don't want anything to spoil our friendship."

"We're okay," my wife said. "Jeff actually enjoyed seeing me with Jon. He likes to watch me give and receive pleasure. He told me so. I just hope you aren't mad that I let Jon do me."

Tina giggled. "I knew he would if he got the chance, even before we got to Petra’s party. I would rather him be with you, with me there to see, than for him to fuck some strange bimbo at some motel. Jon's a sex addict, but I think that is better than a man who pays no attention."

"Jeff's that way too, I think. I know he enjoyed playing with Petra, but he's already told Jon that Jon owes him one. That means you, Tina."

Tina laughed. "Frankly, I'm looking forward to it. Does that shock you?"

"Not really. It is just a matter of where and when, I think. I just hope that he and you will plan it so that I can be around to supervise," Kris responded.

"That's a promise," Tina assured. "Maybe Jeff would even like to play with both of us. I've often thought that would be a fun new experience."

Kris was quiet for a few moments. "Do you really mean it, Tina? Would you want to share Jeff with me like that? How would it work?"

I felt my cock begin to rise in my sweatpants. My wife and my neighbor were planning how they would share me between them.

"I've never done it, so I'm not sure," Tina began, "but maybe we could take turns kissing him and touching him. Then, we could both pull down his pants and play with him and get him hard."

Kris took up the plan. "He would get hard fast if you did a strip tease and let him touch you," she volunteered. "You could let him feel your boobs while I suck on him."

"I'll get naked and let him feel me, and then we can both suck him till he's really hard," Tina countered.

"How can we both suck him?" Kris asked.

Tina laughed. "We can take turns, silly. "I'll lick his balls while you suck, then we'll switch."

"Oh yeah, that would work," my wife stated. "Once we get him up, who would go first?"

"We'll let him choose, how's that?" Tina said. "If he chooses you, I'll straddle his face and get him to eat my pussy. That way, we can get pleasure and see each other at the same time."

"And, if he chooses you," Kris replied, "I'll get on his face while you ride his hard pole."

Tina took up the plan. "We can change places before he squirts so that we both get to enjoy ourselves, in case he goes limp after the first time. Does Jeff recover fast?"

My wife chuckled. "Well, it might take him fifteen or twenty minutes, but if both of work on him, I'm sure he'll be good for at least two rounds."

My ears were burning and my hand was inside my sweats as I listened from the basement steps. It sounded like Tina was influenced by Petra's escapade with Jessica the night before. "Tina may be a little bi curious. Would she also make a move to explore Kris?" I thought to myself. Another question was when their mutual seduction would take place, and whether or not Jon would be there to watch their action.

"Let's wait for a few days, so Jeff will be loaded and ready," Tina suggested. "We need to be sure he's up for the event," she added with a laugh.

Kris seemed to be going along with Tina's plan now. "All right, let's plan on Thursday after work. I won't be available to Jeff until then. Do you think Jon would want to come over too?"

"Thursday would be perfect. Jon's leaving Wednesday for a couple of days and won't be back until Friday night. We will have Jeff all to ourselves."

"Perfect," my wife agreed. "We can take our time and after that, Jon won't owe Jeff anything. It will be the other way around."

As the two women giggled and Tina left our den, I managed to creep back down the stairs without making a sound, Kris and Tina's plot burning in my brain. I rearranged my still stiff dick in my sweatpants and tried to concentrate on finishing installation of the dryer hose. It was going to be a long four days for me.


It was Thursday, mid-afternoon, when Kris called me at work. She wanted to know when I would be home. I was sure that she was nervous and excited by the tone of her voice. I decided to have a little fun at her expense.

"I may have to work late, honey," I told her dejectedly. "I'm working on a big proposal and it has to get done this week. Don't hold dinner for me."

I could hear the desperation in my wife's voice. "Oh, no, surely it can wait until Friday, can't it? I mean, you are working way too hard recently."

"Nothing happens on Thursday night. It will be a perfect time to get caught up, don't you think?"

"If you say so," Kris replied half-heartedly. "Frankly, I was hoping you would be able to leave early."

I laughed, knowing that she and Tina had carefully laid plans for me. "Okay, let's compromise," I suggested. I'll only stay an hour later than normal, if you will promise that we'll take time out for a long love session on Saturday. I'm getting kind of horny."

"It's a deal," Kris quickly accepted. "Hurry home, baby."

"That should convince her that I have no idea what awaits me when I arrive home this evening," I smiled to myself. "The extra hour of suspense should sharpen both Kris' and Tina's appetite for sex."

I arrived home and strolled through the door from the garage to find my wife and Tina sitting on the couch behind a half-empty bottle of white wine. Instead of T-shirts and baggy shorts, both women wore short skirts, tight, stretchy tops, and heels. I felt like a side of hung meat as they both smiled keenly up at me.

"Well, this is a nice surprise," I lied. "Two beautiful ladies to welcome me home. Where is Jon?"

Tina quickly answered, "He's traveling for a few days. I've been home all alone, so Kris invited me to come over."

"Welcome, lonely lady," I responded. "Where is my wine glass?"

I sat in my easy chair and sipped wine with the two women. We polished off the first bottle, so I opened another good white, and then I poured healthy portions into each of their glasses before sitting down on the couch between them. I figured it might help if I made myself more available for their planned seduction.

Tina finally opened with a pointed question. "Jeff, if you don't my asking, how did it feel to watch your wife with my husband the other night? If it makes you uncomfortable, don't answer."

I thought for a few moments, drawing out the suspense as much as possible. "No, it's all right, Tina. I don't mind answering you. First, my gut did flip-flops and it was a little scary, I have to admit. Almost at the same time, I became quite aroused. It was a mixture of emotions that I've not experienced before. I knew that Kris was in control and that it was what she wanted. I found myself wanting it too. Actually, seeing it happen was incredible. I could almost experience the pleasure that I knew Jon and Kris were feeling. Isn't that crazy?"

"No, not at all," Tina replied. "I'm so glad that it was a positive experience for you."

Kris smiled and spoke up. "Perhaps, the fact that Petra was sliding on Jeff's shaft at the time helped him appreciate the situation."

"Sure, I enjoyed what Petra did, but frankly, I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. And, seeing you take Jon in your rear was one of the hottest things I've ever witnessed."

Kris chuckled. "Yeah, I was sore for several days. I'm glad he wasn't so big that he really hurt me. Does Jon do anal with you, Tina?"

Tina nodded. "Not all the time, but we do it every so often to add a little extra spice," she confirmed. "Like you said, he's kind of small, so it's pretty easy."

I poured more wine and sipped mine slowly. "Petra took me there very easily. I guess she and Sam have done it all many times. They're a very open couple. By the way, Tina, how was Sam?"

"He was all right, but he's a little too rough for me. He can last a pretty long time, and he really pounds it hard. It was a big change, but I wouldn't want him as a regular partner."

Kris listened to our exchange, sipped her wine, then she spoke. "Whom would you prefer, other than Jon of course, as another partner?"

A leading question if I'd ever heard one!

Tina let a slow grin start. "Well, I've eliminated Sam and I haven't yet had the pleasure with Kevin or Jeff, so I can't really say for certain. I will need more time to decide," she added coyly.

"Well, Jon owes me one," I reminded. "He also owes Kevin a shot, come to think of it. He's put you in a real pickle," I added with a chuckle.

Kris picked up on my comment. "Perhaps, Tina can repay one of Jon's debts tonight. You're here, she's here, and we have plenty of time," my wife suggested as if it was a new thought.

"Would you be okay with a little hanky panky, Kris?" Tina asked. "Would you like to watch Jeff get frisky with me?"

"I'd sure want to be there to see," Kris confirmed. "I've already seen him fuck Petra, so what's one more encounter? Maybe we could take turns and see if my husband has the stamina to keep up with two of us," my wife added with a wide grin.

I felt Tina's hand slide up my leg and sat back as her fingers traced my erect dick through my slacks. Kris, meanwhile, snaked her arm around my neck and kissed my cheek. Four hands fondling you can be quite a different sensation.

Tina unzipped my pants and tugged at my belt. "Let's get you more comfortable. I want to see your nice thick cock again," she cooed.

Kris removed my shoes and socks, and the two women pulled down my pants. Kris worked on the buttons of my shirt while Tina slipped my briefs down and tossed them onto my pants. I felt her fingers close around my now-stiff dick. Her lips touched the head and her tongue toyed with the opening.

"Mmm, he tastes good," Tina told my wife. "Can I suck your husband's cock?"

"You may," Kris replied formally. "I want to watch you suck Jeff's hard cock."

"Wait!" I struggled to state. "You're both dressed and you've stripped me naked. I want to see you both nude before we go any farther."

Kris shrugged. "Fair enough."

My wife stood, kicked off her heels, and quickly shed her little dress and pulled her tight top over her head.

"Here, Tina," let me help you off with your top," she said as Tina took off her dress and brief silk panties.

I watched as my pretty wife pulled Tina's top over her head, freeing her braless tits.

"Thanks honey," Tina said and she leaned over to hug my wife and kiss her full on the lips.

"Uh, you're welcome," Kris mumbled, a bit confused.

"Here, help me with him," Tina ordered as she slid down to cup my balls and lick my stiff shaft.

Kris moved down too. Soon the two women were taking turns licking and sucking on my manhood. I noticed that several times their tongues would collide and they would kiss each other over and around my throbbing prick. Tina bent and put my balls into her mouth while Kris sucked on my cock's helmet. The feeling was indescribable.

"We need more room," Tina gasped. "Let's go up to the bedroom."

In a minute or so, my nude body was sprawled in the middle of our big bed. "Who's first?" I asked.

"Let me warm him up for you," Kris suggested and Tina nodded her agreement.

My wife gripped my manhood and rubbed it on her slit briefly before sliding it into her wet love channel. I felt her weight on me as my full length filled her. It was a bit of a surprise when Tina straddled my head. I looked up to see her open labia about two inches above my mouth. I reached for Tina's hips and pulled her gaping sex onto my lips. She was wet and sticky with female nectar and I licked her as she leaned forward to meet Kris’ arms. I could hear them kissing as Kris rode my dick and Tina used my mouth and tongue to her advantage.

I was enjoying my first threesome when Kris told Tina that they should change places. I got a good look at two women with flushed faces as they struggled to move around. Tina's pink nipples were erect and sticking out prominently as Kris took me in her hand and guided me into Tina's gaping snatch. I was able to watch my neighbor ride my prick for a minute or so before my wife took her place above my face and allowed me to eat her.

"Give me your tongue," Tina panted.

I heard her request and I could visualize my neighbor sucking voraciously on my wife's tongue. The visage prompted me to spread Kris' cheeks wide and circle her puckered rear with my own tongue tip. Kris’ response was immediate. The combination created spasms as my wife covered my face in her sweet orgasmic nectar and ground her pussy into my mouth. She stopped my breath for a moment and I had to raise her bottom so that I could continue to devour her warm liquid.

"Oh God, oh yes, yes," Kris groaned as her climax continued. "Touch me there, I'm cumming so hard," she begged Tina. "So damn good."

I felt Tina's fingers feverishly working on my wife's clitoris as I lapped up as much juice as possible, trying to keep my wife in ecstasy just a few seconds longer.

"Ahh, so nice," Kris moaned as her spasms abated.

I could feel my wife relax as her mega-orgasm finally washed over her and into her memory

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