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I looked at his cum, coating my wifes wedding band

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I am Doug, the best part of me is Leanne, my wife of 11 years. Leanne stands high at 5’1”, weights in at around 130 sexy pounds. All of her is small. Small cup sized breast, tight small ass, even her smoothly waxed pussy is small, being so snug on my seven inches. She has silky smooth blond hair that reaches her shoulders, blue eyes and a quirky smile.

Me, well I’m your average guy I suppose. At 5’11” 170 I’m in decent shape, still have hair on my thick skull, no beer gut yet, and decent package I guess, at about 7”, shaved average thickness of circumcised man stuff.

Leanne and I are both 42, married as mentioned 11 wonderful years, conservative in all things and took our wedding vows most seriously. To have and to hold, forsaking all others and so forth.

One year ago, in June of ‘21 Leanne and I moved, relocating to Titusville Fl, a small town on the east coast, and next door to a nice married couple, Steven and Stacy, who are swingers.

We were for several months unaware of this fact but, got to know them pretty well, having had a few cookouts and hanging out at either their or our pool. Seemingly monthly we would hear parties going on at their home and knew they liked to entertain. At times these parties sounded to get pretty wild.

Leanne and I would be in our pool, and hear some pretty interesting things going on beyond the privacy fence. Later, Stacy and Leanne were enjoying drinks at our pool and apparently learned Stacy and Steven were swingers, or into the lifestyle as Leanne explained it to me.

Steven and Stacy like to host these lifestyle parties at their home and Stacy gave us an open invitation to any of their parties, adding we could always leave early before things went from vanilla to platinum sparkles. In that conversation we did not see swinging as something that appealed to us, however did not affect our friendship with our neighbors.

Leanne and I actually accepted their invite to three or four of these lifestyle parties, but as the evenings wore on and the tiki lights and pool lights began to come one, more and more tits, ass and romance started breaking out, and we would make a courteous departure and walk home. Despite the fun atmosphere, we had not found comfort in group nudity and hedonistic activities.

Then in April of ‘22 we walked next door for one such party and all was fun and good. A couple hours later, the approaching darkness set off the timer and the tiki lights flickered on, so I knew this was our clue to be saying good bye to some of the people, we’d gotten to know.

The tiki lights were used to let guest know it was okay to get naked and play pool side if they wished and they no longer had to use private bedrooms but walk about the entire property nude and openly play.

I sat on an eight foot bench near the pool waiting on Leanne. She spotted me and headed my way with a fresh margarita, when she slightly twisted her ankle just as she got near to me, so she flopped down onto my lap.

She put her right ankle on top of her left knee and we were checking out her slight discomfort, when all of a sudden Jane, a party goer we’d seen here a few times, sat down next to us, takes off her bikini top, revealing nearly perfect 34c’s and her husband Paul steps up with his hard 7” cock in his grasp, jerking off.

Jane looks at us, as if this were a normal everyday occurrence, and said, Paul wants to fuck Lindsay tonight, so I’m letting him cum on my tits, so he will last longer with her. I want him to enjoy her without cumming too soon.

Leanne and I were slightly mortified. We’d been engaged in conversation with guest before when the tiki lights came on, warning us it was swingers time, resulting in us inadvertently seeing some nakedness before leaving, however no one had yet been so close to us, and certainly not engaging in public displays of adult actions, inches from us.

Leanne slowly turns her head and looks at me. She seems about as frozen as her margarita. I did not notice the tiki lights came on, she said softly. I patted her bikini butt in acknowledgment. How’s the ankle I ask, can you walk on it yet, I ask. It feels a little better, I think I can take it easy and make it home, she replies. All the while, only inches away Paul is jerking off over Jane’s ample breast.

Lindsay is going to love your nice hard cock fucking her so good, baby. Jane’s voice tugs us back to reality. That’s it, cum on my tits. You’re going to fuck Lindsay’s tight little pussy so good, I bet she cums so hard on your nice cock, Jane says as encouragement to Paul.

I glance upward and see his head tilt back, then as I begin to look away, he grunts loud and from my peripheral I see a string of white flash across my left side vision. That’s it baby, cum on my tits Jane squeals with delight.

Then I feel Leanne jump in a quiver of startled shock and see a glob of Paul’s jizz has missed Jane’s tits altogether, and splatted onto Leanne’s left hand, still clutching her frozen margarita, that also took a dollop of pearly sperm almost centered in her drink.

I see the white goo plastered on her ring finger, coating no less than her golden wedding band in a viscus wad of Paul’s cum. And apparently they both are oblivious to the fact he just jizzed Leanne’s hand and cold beverage.

I roll my eyes in the direction of Paul and Jane and see her tits have been literally pasted with puddles of his cum and she is rubbing it in like a fine lotion. That’s good baby, oh you came so much, but I know you’ll still have a good load for Lindsay in a while.

Jane rises up off the bench and walks a few feet away, stepping under the pool side shower and letting the water cleans her husbands cum off her breast.

Leanne, now has the ewww look on her face. Sort of like she’d taken a bite into a lemon. Eyebrows clinched together and lifted, eyes scrunched almost closed, and a mix of disgust and disbelieving half smile of what just transpired.

I look down at her wedding band, coated in a wad of cum. Leanne looks down at it. It was the only time in 11 years another man’s sperm had came into contact with Leanne, or that she’d even seen cum, other than mine.

My hand was nearly touching hers, and I don’t know what came over me, pity I think, that she’d been somewhat violated, despite it being an accident, but I extended my finger and slowly ran it across her cum coated wedding band, clearing a bit of his jizz off her ring, I was thinking, poor baby, sorry about this. But as I gently raked some of the warm jizz off her ring and down her finger I felt my cock swell and firm up in my swim suit.

Leanne was quick to feel my growing and unintentional hardon springing to life as she sat in my lap. Her realization of my boner caused her eyes to instantly grow big, and I seen more shock in her expression than when Paul’s sperm splatted down onto her hand. I almost felt ashamed over it.

We just sat there, her in my lap, my cock pressing up at her bikini clad ass. Our eyes were locked into each other’s and we searched back and forth for some indication of what was happening at that second.

My finger stayed in the cum on her gold band and I smeared it back up her finger, slowly and deliberately. We both felt my cock throb against her ass cheeks and Leanne was still searching my eyes for what where we doing, or what the fuck was going on in my mind.

After what seemed an eternity, Leanne’s eyes abandoned mine, rolling down to look at her wedding band, wet with another man’s cum. She lifts her glass toward me and I take it from her hand. I see two thick drops of white cum floating in her adult beverage.

Leanne is still looking at her ring as her other hand takes the ring between her fingers and twist it in a circle around her ring finger. My cock throbbed hard again, so hard I felt it push firmly against her ass. Leanne slowly rolled her eyes up to mine again, but this time there a different look. Mischievous, daring as if what she was doing would bring an unknown response, perhaps she should not do, what she knew she was going to do.

We both looked back at her hands and she slowly twist the wedding band back and forth, using the slimy cum as lubricant to slide her wedding band off her finger. My dick throbs harder.

The ring slips easily off finger. She looks back up and me and we again are searching for direction. She lifts the ring, cum clinging to it’s shiny gold surface, and while still looking into my eyes she every so slowly, cautiously lifts the ring to her lips.

I feel my cock get so hard it could slice a diamond, Leanne felt it too. Her lips part and in what seemed eternity, I watch the ring creep past her lips, she pauses to search my thoughts again but my cock nearly pushes her off my lap, and she closes her mouth over the wedding band.

I watch her chin and lips move slowly and know she is cleaning her wedding band with her tongue, sucking Paul’s cum off her symbol of love and faithfulness. My dick pulses and throbs, actually hurting for release against her bikini covered ass and I’m still almost ashamed my cock has taken on a life of it’s own.

She is still staring into my eyes but her lips form a sheepish, naughty smile, knowing she was turning me on. Leanne pushes the ring into view from her lips and takes it with her fingers. I notice the rest of Paul’s cum still sparkling on her ring finger.

She does not break her stare, but again there is that look, a curiosity if she should do what she knows she is about to. Leanne opens her mouth just a bit I watch her jizz coated finger disappear into her mouth. She closes her lips around the digit, and I watch her suck another mans cum off her finger.

My dick it ready to explode and we’ve become oblivious to our surroundings. I am fixated, looking at my wife’s lips as she sucks Paul’s cum off her finger, then twist her wedding band back where it belongs on her finger. We are quiet, still looking at each other as if some new revelation about ourselves has came to light. The moment was very surreal and seemed to just stop time for a moment, but my dick was not stopping it’s hard pulsing.

Leanne reaches for the forgotten margarita in my hand and pulls me back to the moment. I see the two drops of cum still floating atop the drink. She lifts the margarita to her lips and her eyes again demand I look into them.

I watch her lips gently touch the rim of the glass, and as she continues to look into my whole being, she swallows her drink. I actually see the pearly white drops of Paul’s cum ride the drink into her mouth. She licks her lips and asks, are you ready to go home, or do you want to fuck me here, now.

The pause was deafening, the world stood still as I pulled the string on her bikini bottom until it fell away. Leanne turns in my lap to face me, her hands tugging my swim trunks to the side at the leg and frees my hard cock from it’s prison.

Leanne’s bikini bottom slips to the side as she scoots forward and mounted me. She looks at me as I feel her wet pussy on the head of my cock, then she lowers fully onto me, taking my aching cock deep into her body.

This was heated passion. Leanne was fucking me and her pussy never felt better. I was totally oblivious to my surroundings and focused on her pussy, wet, hot, with an urgency from deep that just wanted fucked.

It wasn’t two minutes of blissful fucking my wife when a voice brought us both back to reality, we are at a swingers party and a man just stepped up to us as we were lost in each others lust.

Man that ass sure looks nice fucking away on his cock, the voice pulls us to the here and now. We both look up and it’s Ricky, a guy we’d seen at a couple of the parties but never really interacted with, because we always left early.

In Ricky’s hand was his eight inch, thick hardon and he was stroking it while looking at Leanne’s ass hunching away at my dick. His looking at her naked ass seemed to make my dick harder which I would of considered impossible.

You like that, Leanne says more than ask. Hell yea, you have perfect ass, nice tits I bet too, Ricky says. I had to register that we were in his world now, a swingers environment and watching such a public display was perfectly acceptable. We knew the rules, no touching without asking or invitation.

My hands are one Leanne’s naked butt cheeks, assisting her in fucking my mahogany cock, but I slide my right hand up her back and find her bikini top string. She is still looking at me, and her expression did not change, so I slowly pull it, Leanne smiles. I pull the string until it swings free and her top falls off her breast exposing them to Ricky.

Oh fuck yes, I knew they were perfect, Ricky says. He is stroking his cock faster. Leanne’s breast are in full view, nipples perky tight and hard, jiggling as she rocks back and forth fucking me.

Can I cum on your tits, Ricky ask. Leanne says nothing, she simply leans back a few inches, which takes my cock deeper into her wetness, and she is clearly offering her breast to Ricky.

He steps up close and puts his left hand on Leanne’s back and is jerking his cock off with fast strokes. His eight inch cock almost touching her right nipple. I see his balls swinging back and forth and swollen cock head aiming at her flesh.

Cumming, Ricky moans just seconds before a stream of milky white cum exploded from his cock and splashed across my wife’s tits. Fuck yes, oh yes, he calls out as another stream is jettisoned onto her nipples and breast.

Leanne does not stop fucking me or looking me in the eye she leans down and takes Ricky’s cock into her mouth and sucks all eight inches out of sight. Oh fuck that feels so good, oh goddamn that’s, umm fuck yes, he babbles as the last few drops of his cum are sucked into her throat and swallowed.

Leanne spits out his spent dick and begins to fuck me faster. I never look away from her, but hear Ricky say thanks and walk off to our left out of sight. I look at Leann’s breast, cum soaked and running in small thick streams down her breast towards her belly.

She leans back again, placing her hands behind on her and on my knees and begins to fuck me harder. I reach out with my right hand and take her cum soaked breast in my grasp and smear Ricky’s cum across her tit. Oh yes, oh yes, I’m cumming, Leanne cries out and begins smashing her hips up and down hard into my lap taking every inch I have into her.

Cumming she calls out, but she did not have to , I felt her body snap and jolt, quivering as her pussy munched on my cock like a mouth. Ah, ah, she moans and rides out her orgasm.

Suddenly in her heated state she grabs my wrist jerks my hand off her cum covered breast and brings it to her mouth and begins licking my palm and finger clean of Ricky’s cum. Holy shit I about self pollinated, there was no way her pussy did not feel my cock steel up inside her.

I was totally blown away by Leanne’s actions and enjoying her new sexual awareness. Then she stops completely, no movement, just looking at me with this new, sexual lusty look then her right hand begins running through the cum on her tits. She is scooping it, troweling it off her nipples and cleavage.

Then from nowhere came yet another shocker. Leanne slides back off my hard cock and her cum filled hand grabs my dick and rubs Ricky’s cum all up and down my erection. I feel the sticky wetness and her grasp makes my dick throb in her hand.

It felt wonderful but was short lived as Leanne suddenly scooted forward and took my cum coated cock deep inside her pussy. We both moaned at the mental and physical sensation.

I grabbed her naked ass and tried to match her every stroke as she rode me like a pony. I’m cumming again, she moans out, and I say me too just before I nutted deep inside my wife’s hot wet pussy. The knowledge that another man’s cum was in my wife’s hot pussy, was the most powerful aphrodisiac I’d ever experienced.

We came together and hard. We just clutched onto each other and rode out our bodies paying the dividends of our lust. Leanne kissed me deep and as our tongues mingled I could taste Paul’s cum. I felt odd about that, but my brain processed it as all in pleasing my wife, and there can be no better feeling than pleasing her.

We sat there a few minutes, her still in my lap and just hugged, calming from the rush of sex and I felt my cock shrinking inside her wet hole, allowing my nut juice and her liquids to drain from around my dying dick and out of Leanne’s hole.

I looked at her chest, still glistening with remnants of Ricky’s cum spread like butter across her breast. Even in my present state, I felt my cock pulse to come alive again. First time taking three loads, I asked just to inject some humor into the moment. Leanne nods yes and leans back a few inches showing off her wet tits. Does this sperm make me look fat, she giggles.

I laugh, a gallon of jizz would not make you look fat, I replied. Can you walk home on that ankle I asked. Leanne said she thought it would be fine, then looked at Steve and Stacy’s pool. I know I can make it that far she says. We get up and drop our suits and walked naked to the pool, and into the lifestyle.

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