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How My wife Became A Vixen

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Dave had lived down the street for us for almost a month before we finally ran into each other at the local bar. He recognized me from the numerous friendly waves back and forth as he had driven by our house while I was out doing yard work. I apologized for not being a better neighbor and he simply said, “Well, it’s about time we had a beer.

About an hour later, Dave and I were practically best friends. Both of us had served in the military, which led to a few bonding stores, as well as our mutual interest in do-it-yourself projects around the house. He had basically redone his entire basement in less than a month and was now looking to redo the master bed and bath. As he talked about the details and problems he’d corrected, I knew this was a good neighbor to have as he certainly sounded like knew what he was doing. Dave had been in construction and he was going to flip the house he bought once he was done fixing it up.

When I got home I told my wife Susan about the new neighbor I’d finally met. She regretted us not walking down and introducing ourselves earlier, but was looking forward to meeting Dave on Friday. As soon as I told her he was single, she went straight into matchmaker mode and started naming off her girlfriends. I got about 100 questions about what he was like and if he was a nice guy. Having only met the guy myself, what was I supposed to say? All I could say was he seemed nice, was tall and had blond hair. She knew the two facts already, but took my assessment about him being nice at face value.

Two months later, Dave was now one our best friends. He helped me rebuild most of my basement and when Susan would get home from work, we sat on the back deck and had drinks almost every night. I could tell Dave was attracted to my wife, but he never made any remark or gestures which would lead me to believe the attraction went anything beyond looking. Besides, Susan was on a mission to set him up with Linda, one of her girlfriends who she decided might be a good fit for him.

One Friday night we were having margaritas and Susan asked Dave if he would come over tomorrow night to meet her friend Linda. He smiled and joked about her always wanting to set him up. His decision was easy after Susan showed him one of Linda’s pictures in a bikini and we made plans for dinner at 7.

Dave came by around 6:30 the following night. Susan was in the bedroom getting ready and he and I sat on the back deck to have a drink. I could tell he was nervous about meeting Linda so I just told him to relax and have fun. It wasn’t two minutes later my phone buzzed. It was Susan texting me. The message read, “I need to talk to you now”! I excused myself saying Susan needed her drink refilled and went to the bedroom to see what was wrong.

Susan was sitting on the bed and the expression on her face already told me what she had to say. Linda had texted her and cancelled. She had called Linda back and learned Linda and her ex-boyfriend had been talking and they were going to get back together.

Susan said, “I can’t believe her, she’s going back to that piece of shit”. Knowing the backstory, Linda was definitely making a mistake as her ex was a complete idiot and asshole who had knocked her around on at least two occasions. I just shook my head and told Susan to finish getting ready and I would let Dave know about Linda. Since I hadn’t even started putting the steaks out I said I was just going to just skip dinner right now as it seemed our night was not going to work out.

Susan’s face showed she was obviously upset so I joked, “Hey sweetie, you get to have two men again tonight”. She smiled and joked back, “Well, you’ve always wanted to watch me with another guy, tonight may be the night”.

Her look and the air-kiss she blew me was a little confusing. We had talked about her being with another guy, but up until now it had only been dirty sex talk and joking around. The manner in which she made her joke tonight caused some doubt she was joking. I’ll admit my dick stared to get hard and I told her, “Honey, you can do whatever you want”. She just smiled and said “We’ll see”. Why don’t you and Dave have another drink and you can feel out whether he’d be into it. I’ll be out in about 15 minutes so just text me what I should do.

Susan kissed me and said,” I know you really want this because you keep talking about it. I want to make happy”. I just smiled and kissed her back while she reached down and grabbed my now, very hard cock. She said, “Well I know I’ll get one hard cock tonight, go see if it can be two”. Her tone, the fact she was on her second margarita and now a little tipsy told me she was dead serious and my dick was throbbing.

I went into the kitchen to make Dave and I another drink and to allow time for my hard-on to subside as Susan’s kisses and the thought her wanting this to happen had my dick practically ripping a hole through my pants. I hollered out to Dave I’d be a minute and he replied by asking me to not make the next drink as strong as the first had been. He added, “I’m already a little buzzed”. I tipped the tequila into the blender and counted out my three second pour which was actually about 10 seconds long. I handed Dave his drink and sat back down. I told him, “I have some good news and some bad news”.

His face dropped a little as I suspected he already knew what one of the newsflashes was going to be. I said, “Bad news, Linda just cancelled”. I gave him a brief history, or at least what I knew about Linda and her ex. His face showed he was disappointed but he did say maybe it was best he hadn’t met her since she seemed to have a little too much drama going on in her life.

I changed the subject and asked if he was going to watch any of the Sunday games. He began making plans with me about going down to the local waterfront bar to watch the late game and then stopped mid- sentence. He said,” Well I got stood up, so what’s the good news”? I replied in a joking manner, “Oh yeah I almost forgot, Susan said she would do both of us since your date is a no-show”.

Dave smiled and at first brushed off what I’d said as just a joke. However, when I didn’t say anything he sat forward and with all seriousness asked, “Are you fucking with me”? I replied by only shaking my head no. Dave took another drink and said, “If you are serious, I’ve never done anything like that before”. He then repeated the question as to whether Susan was serious or not. I told him we could both find out right now.

I grabbed my phone and texted my wife. The message was “Dave has no problem with it if you are serious”. I sent the message and then handed my phone to Dave. I said, “Here, you can see what she says”. He took another big pull off his almost now empty drink and laid the phone down on the table halfway between us. After about two minutes it chirped and the message read “I’ll be out in a few minutes”. Underneath the message was a picture of my wife’s waist area. She had on a pair of pink panties with the words “She Wants Attention” written on the crotch and an arrow pointing down.

Dave looked at me and asked, “Are you sure you are cool with this”? I nodded and told him Susan and I had talked about doing a three way before and I guess the night had finally come. His still puzzled and confused look on his face made me say,” She’s the boss, whatever she wants”. I then told him a couple golden rules. Do not pull her hair and do not pinch her nipples, she fucking hates it. Dave smiled and said “No problem”.

He and I went into the kitchen to refill our drinks. I was getting hard again thinking about finally watching my wife with another guy. I also thought Dave must be getting excited as well with what is about to happen. I glanced down and saw a bulge from his crotch running down the inside of his pants leg. Just by the glance, I could tell my buddy had a really big ass dick. Music suddenly filled the house. Realizing Susan had put her favorite CD in the system I said, “Well it looks like she is ready”. Dave gave me another look and before he could ask again, I told him I was cool with whatever happens as long as Susan calls the shots. He didn’t have enough time to answer because the sound of high heels was coming down the hall toward the kitchen area from the bedroom. He just nodded and filled his drink up.

Susan walked into the room and when I looked at her I actually felt my dick strain against my jeans. She was wearing black lace shorts and a top so small it barely covered her 36DDDs. She looked at me and asked if this outfit was ok. Before I could say anything Dave said, “OH my dear lord, you are gorgeous”. Susan smiled at Dave and said, “You need to dance with me, come on”. With that, she walked back out toward the living room area with Dave and me following.

Susan took Dave by the hand and pulled him to the middle of the room. She leaned into his chest and put her arms around his neck. Dave held her and they started to slow dance together. Even in high heels, Dave towered over Susan as he stood about 6’4. He began rubbing her back and worked his way down caressing her hips. Susan was looking up at him and he slowly moved in to kiss her after looking over for my approval.

As I watched my beautiful wife with another man, I will admit I felt a little jealousy. I also had the thought of the package my wife was about to discover. I’m almost 8 inches and thick, but I knew Dave’s cock was bigger. Much bigger!

At that very moment Susan must have rubbed against what he was packing because she stepped slightly back and reached down to Dave’s crotch. She grabbed the bulge in his pants and ran her hand up and down. Dave pulled her back and kissed her while he grabbed her waist and ran one of his hands down into the back of her shorts. My wife pulled him in harder and they kissed in this manner for a few more minutes.

Susan let go of Dave and looked over at me as she began to knee down in front of him. She didn’t stop looking at me until I nodded and smiled. She knew immediately I approved on things about to come and she ran her hand up the bulge a few more times before she unzipped Dave’s pants. Dave glanced over toward me and I simply gave another approving nod. He undid his belt while Susan undid the button. Susan pulled his pants down and the bulge now became a giant tent in his shorts. She didn’t even allow him to take his pants off before she grabbed his shorts and pulled them down.

Dave’s cock sprang away from his shorts and almost slapped Susan across the face. My earlier thoughts were not even close to the monster size dick he was swinging. It was almost as thick as a beer can at the base and stayed that way for at least 6 inches. The other end was somewhat smaller, but not by much, and went on for at least 5 more inches. Yep, Dave had one big, white cock and it was ready for attention.

Susan looked over at me and by the expression on her face she was excited and a little intimidated. She then looked up at Dave and started stroking his dick with both hands. She said, “What I am supposed to do with this”? I replied, “Just don’t hurt yourself baby” as I watched her run her hands up and down the length of Dave’s cock. Dave stood over her smiling while rubbing his hand on the side of her face.

Susan leaned forward and lightly kissed the head of Dave’s dick. She then looked up at Dave as he smiled and begged, “Please”. Susan leaned forward again and started lightly kissing all around the head of Dave’s cock while continuing to rub up and down the side of his shaft. When she does this to me it absolutely drives me crazy and she knows the longer she does it, the more it is pure pleasure combined with torture. I moved to a chair for a closer view. I sat down and sipped my drink while I watched my wife play with my friend’s cock. All the dirty sex talk we’d had about this moment was happening and I will admit I was enjoying watching her.

Susan stopped her kissing for a moment and held Dave’s cock in front of her. She then leaned in and put her mouth around the head of his dick. Dave moaned and started to reach for the back of her head then put his arm back down.

Susan sucked back and forth on the head of his cock and then slowly started to take more of him into her mouth. She backed off to the tip and then took as much as she could before gagging and pulling him out quickly. Susan coughed a few times, wiped at her eyes and said, “Sweetie! That is one big dick”. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or Dave, but before either of us could answer she began sucking the head and rubbing her hands around his shaft again.

Dave’s breathing was getting harder and this time he put his hand on the back of Susan’s head and moved it back and forth as she sucked his dick in and out of her mouth. Susan put as much in as she could and slowly backed off Dave’s cock. She was still holding his cock when she looked over at me and in her sexy, “dirty girl” voice asked, “Honey, do you want to watch me suck him off or fuck him”. I replied, “Baby, you can do whatever you want, I really don’t think he’s going to mind”.

She licked the head of his cock and started to run her mouth all the way up and down the side of his shaft. Dave whispered, “Oh my god you are making me crazy”. Something I knew was true because Susan loves to suck cock and it makes her super horny.

Susan stopped playing with Dave’s dick and stood up telling him to strip. Dave didn’t waste any time removing the rest of his clothes and stood there waiting for his next command. Susan told Dave to sit on the couch and he did exactly as told. He was holding his cock with one hand causing it to stick straight up.

Susan started slowly dancing to the music. She told Dave to stroke his dick while he watched her take off her clothes (what little there were) then she told me to get undressed. I followed my directions as I watched her remove her shorts, then her top and rub her fingers lightly over her nipples. When I had striped, Susan told me to come to her. She backed into my rock hard cock and moved her incredible ass in slow back and forth motions. She then whispered, “Take my panties off if you want to watch me to fuck him”.

I rubbed her body on both sides from her face down around tits and waist. I knelt down and she turned to me. I looked up in her eyes and slowly pulled her panties down to around her knees and stopped. I leaned into her and kissed her pussy. She opened her legs slightly and pushed my head into her. I licked and I could feel and taste how wet she was. I pulled her panties all the way off and stood back up.

Susan kissed me and whispered in my ear, “I want to watch you jerk your dick while I fuck him”. I kissed her back and groaned my approval. She then told me, “I don’t want you to cum, I just want to watch you stroke that dick”. With that she turned and slowly danced her way to where Dave was sitting on the couch.

Susan knelt in front of Dave and started sucking his cock again. This time she was on a mission. She stroked his shaft faster and her sucking was harder. She pulled away, stood up and turned her back to Dave. Susan reached between her legs and took Dave’s monster dick in her hand. She then lowered herself down onto his tool.

I couldn’t see Dave’s face, but I could hear his groan of pleasure as his dick entered my wife’s pussy. Susan moved her hips from side to side and slowly lowered herself down taking the first inch. She pulled him back out to the tip and repeated these motions several times finally taking in about a quarter of his dick into her pussy.

Dave was holding her under her hips and helped move her up and down on his cock while Susan braced her arms behind her on his shoulders. She kept trying to take more of Dave’s cock, but found the point where enough was enough which was about eight inches. She told Dave, “That’s as far as it will go”, and he only moaned in pleasure.

After another minute she said I can’t do this position, we got to move. She made Dave lie sideways on the couch and she lay in front of him. Dave worked his dick back into her pussy and slowly stared pumping. This is when she really started to enjoy her fuck. Her moans were steady and loud and she repeated to Dave, ”Just fuck my pussy baby, give me that big dick”. She looked over at me and seeing I was not doing as I had been told said, “I wanna watch you jerk your cock while I get fucked”. I immediately did what I was told and slowly started stroking on my now rock hard, aching dick.

Dave’s grunting was getting more pronounced and I watched him pump into my wife even faster than he had been. Susan reached down and held her hand against Dave’s cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. She told him, “Just fuck it and give me that cum”. She repeated this a few more times until Dave let out a moan and announced she was about to get what she wanted.

His orgasm was loud and I could actually see his dick pulsing as he gave my wife his load of cum. Susan just kept repeating, “Give it all to me” while moving her hips and milking his cock. Dave’s pumping slowed and finally stopped. I heard a couple of “Oh my gods” from him and watched as he pumped a few more times into Susan. He then moved down and pulled away from her as his dick slipped out of her pussy. Good thing our couch was not made of cloth as Dave’s cum had trailed out of my wife and was now all over one of the cushions. (Yeah, I made him clean it up later)

They both lay on the couch for a few minutes to catch their breath. Susan reached down and brushed Dave’s cock with her hand and asked him if that was ok? His response was a moaning, “Oh God yes”. I had stopped stroking my dick since the show was over for now and asked who wanted a drink. Susan responded by saying, “I still want to be fucked”.

She got off the couch and threw some pillows on the floor and lay down on her back. When she spread her legs I could see there was cum running out of her pussy and stuck to the side of her leg. I asked if she wanted me to get a towel. Her response somewhat caught me off guard as she said,” No, fuck me now. I want both of you in me”.

My cock was throbbing as a knelt down between Susan’s legs. She looked into my eyes and said, “Fuck me good baby”. My only thought was I damn well better as I rubbed the head of dick on her swollen clit. I will admit I had been turned on by watching her with another man, but going second on her now cum filled pussy wasn’t really in my plan. This thought quickly disappeared when she reached up to pull me down on her and whispered, “Make it yours baby”.

I easily pushed into her and she moaned while I thrust in a few inches and slowly pulled back out. Susan always loved when I fucked her slow and steady and only gave her a little a first. Tonight was not going to be one of those fucks because I wanted her pussy bad. I pushed in half way and slowly pulled back out then pushed in the entire length of my cock. She tensed and cried out a little and on the next thrust pulled me into her with her legs. I began fucking my wife hard and fast. She cried out in pleasure on every thrust and I felt her legs release from around my waist and spread wider so I could fuck her harder.

I only glanced over at Dave once. He was watching us and stroking his cock which was now getting hard again. Susan was also looking over at him and staring at his big dick. The look on her face only made want to please her and fuck her harder.

I pumped my cock into her slowly a few times then pulled out to the tip and held it there a few seconds before slowly pushing all the way back in. She moaned in pleasure, played with one of her nipples and said,” Yes, please fuck me”. After a few minutes of slow fucking her my dick wanted more so I pushed in hard and deep, grabbed her under her ass and started to pound away. She was now yelling with pleasure with every thrust and I knew she was getting close to orgasm. I slow fucked her again and this did it, she began to tense and whispered, “Please don’t stop, oh please baby”.

The next stroke put her over the edge. Susan tensed and screamed out, “Oh Fuck”. Her legs wrapped around me tight, spread back open and tightened around me again. Her hips thrust upward as she let out a loud moan and her legs locked around me so tightly I could not move. She said,” Don’t move, just please don’t move for a second”. I could feel her spasms near her waist and felt her leg quivering as she pulled me in tighter.

After about a minute of waiting for her orgasm to subside, Susan spread her legs back open and said, “Now give me your cum baby”. I began pumping slowly into her, but was now so in need of release I couldn’t wait much longer. Susan pulled my head down and began whispering in my ear. Usually her sexy talk is just fantasy which helps me cum, but tonight she talked about how she loved being fucked by two men, one right after another….a fantasy which was happening right now.

Her whispering took me over the top and I pushed into her as deep as I could and came inside her. Susan wrapped her legs around me and kept whispering in my ear, “Give me that cum, yeah sweetie, its mine”. I filled her pussy with all I could push out and kissed her neck while she continued to whisper in my ear.

It took me a minute or so to recover and I kissed Susan before I slowly pulled my cock out of her. I moved out from between her legs and sat next to her rubbing her waist. Her pussy was glistening wet. Cum was running out of her and she reached down to open her pussy lips which allowed more to spill out and run down to her ass. Susan put one finger into her pussy. When she took it out she rubbed her swollen clit which caused her leg to quiver.

Dave moved over to where we were and sat on the other side of Susan to get a better view of her playing with her soaking wet pussy. She continued rubbing her clit and started to brush one of her nipples. Dave and I looked at each other and we both knew we were about to get a show of our own. Dave began running his hands up and down the inside of Susan’s right leg and I followed by caressing her left. She sighed in pleasure as she flicked her finger around and across her clit. I leaned down and kissed around her left breast. Dave followed suit with the right as Susan’s moans began to get deeper.

Now it was my turn to handle the dirty talk and I began to whisper in her ear. “Baby, we are going to fuck you all night tonight”. Her reply was only an approving moan as she quickened the pace on her pretty pussy. I said, “You’re going to get more dick baby, we’re here to fuck you as long as you want”. Her sighs were now coming faster as she moved her hips from side to side. Dave joined in with the dirty talk and I heard him whisper in her other ear, “Play with that pussy, make her cum, I want to watch you cum again”. He was fondling her tit and his cock was brushing against her hip.

Susan’s second orgasm of the night was an incredible sight. With her legs locked out and her hips off the floor she yelled out, “OHHHHHHHHH Fuck me” and came very hard. I could see her stomach muscles convulsing and her hands were now shaking as she held her throbbing pussy. She yelled at both of us “Don’t touch me”, and we watched as her shaking slowed and her breathing came back to normal.

When Susan was finally able she rolled toward Dave and began kissing him while she pressed her ass into my crotch. She grabbed his cock and played with the head while rubbing her ass against my once again rock hard, aching cock. I didn’t waste time and raised her leg so I could enter her from behind. She let out an “Oh” and kissed Dave harder.

As I fell into the normal slow steady rhythm of fucking her how I know she loves, she told Dave to slide up. He moved into a position where she could reach his dick with her mouth and she started sucking the head while stroking him. This was a first for her because she’d told me she had never had two dicks in her at once. The thought of my wife fulfilling yet another of her once considered “never going to happen” fantasies made me push into her harder.

Susan’s sucking was now making noises as she pulled Dave’s cock out of her mouth, jerked her hands around the head and plunged back down on it. This continued for a few more minutes until Susan rolled toward Dave and took a kneeing position. She went straight back to sucking his cock and I took my cue from her gorgeous ass raised up and ready.

I got on my knees behind her and pushed in all the way in to her waiting pussy. She moaned and squeezed Dave’s cock harder while picking up the speed of her sucking motion. As I slow fucked my wife from behind, I reached and moved her hair to the side get a better view of what was happening up front. Susan’s mouth was wide open as she was again trying to fit as much of Dave’s cock in her mouth as she could.

Dave announced he was gonna cum and Susan stroked the length of his dick faster as she sucked the head area. I said, “Suck him off baby, suck that big dick off’. She picked up even more sped and Dave was now groaning and begging her not to stop.

Dave yelled out, “Oh fuck me”, and released his second load of cum into my sweet wife. Susan slowed her sucking motion as Dave convulsed and fed her his cum. When she pulled her mouth away there was still some cum running out of Dave’s dick and she licked it off as it ran down his shaft. This was too much for me to watch and I felt my orgasm come on quickly. I pushed into Susan once more and came inside her.

Once I came I slowed pumped into her a few more times as my dick softened and I caressed her lower back and gorgeous ass. Susan was still playing with Dave’s cock which was now only half the size, but even soft was still about 7 inches. I pulled out of Susan and sat back on the floor. She looked back at me, smiled and said, “Baby we should have done this a long time ago”. Dave laughed and said, “Well I’m glad I was involved”. Susan sat up and kissed Dave, giving his dick one last squeeze before standing up. There was cum running down her leg and her clit was swollen and sticking out. She looked down and felt her pussy and said, “She’s a happy little girl”. I could only smile and admire what an absolutely beautiful woman she was. She told us she needed to clean up and walked back to the bedroom.

I broke the awkward silence by asking Dave if he was OK with everything. He simply said, ”You damn right I’m OK” and repeated the same question to me. I nodded and we both got up to grab a drink. After about an hour break, Dave and I fucked my wife once more that night. She was ready at the beginning, but her “little girl” was feeling the effects of too much cock at one time and she said that was it after Dave tried fucking one last time.

Dave fucked my wife about a couple dozen or so more times over the next few months. Some of the times I just watched her have fun, while participating in the others. We even played in a foursome one night with a girl Dave started dating right before he sold his house and moved…..but that is another story.

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