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How my husband and his best friend came to share me

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I turned to my husband Matt and told him I'd be sunning pool side at our home and to come out and rub some sunscreen on my backside before he and his best friend Eric, took off to play some disc golf. I wore my tiny white bikini and Eric eyed me up and down then just said “Damn”, as I passed them both in the kitchen. The three of us often us a lot of harmless innuendos.

I keep in shape, just makes sense. I'm a petite 5'1” and have a decent shape, I like my butt, it's still firm and bubbly and Matt says my doggy style is a mega nut buster. My breast are proportional, a good handful and like my butt, still firm and get their fair share of approval looks.

Eric and Matt have been pals since high school and at 33 they are still best friends. I've heard about and seen for myself, many antics and brotherly rivalry between the atomic duo as the call themselves. They have shared everything over the years including a girl or two back in their school days. Sometimes, I wonder which one I married, they are always doing something.

Eric has seen me in about every scenario you could imagine, but not fully naked. Sure, some loose tops and short shorts have given him a few peeks at my treasures and he constantly tells Matt how much he'd like to ravage me just once. Eric is single and just hasn't found the right lady yet. When I tell him he needs wife, he just grins and says maybe someday Matt will just share me like they share everything else. I always laugh and say hold your breath. I go to the pool and stretch out on our elevated cedar plank bench. I had my ear buds in and my dark sunglasses and cold beer within reach. I was about to turn on my music and block out the world when the duo comes out to the pool. I was only expecting Matt, but I could hear Eric tagging along.

As they near me, I hear Matt's phone ring, “Hey, it's my brother, I need to get this,, here rub some lotion on Mary”. I was almost annoyed that Matt just pawned of something a little personal, tasking it to his friend to rub lotion on me, and with out even asking me. I hear Eric catch the sunscreen as it was tossed to him. “Alright !” Eric said ecstatically. I said nothing, I just lay there and soon felt Eric's lotion coated hands lightly rubbing sunscreen on my shoulders. It seemed to me, Matt didn't think I could tell who was putting sunscreen on me or bother to just take his call then put lotion on me.

Eric went slow and easy, gently but thoroughly circling and stroking softly the lotion onto my back. “How does that feel” Eric asked. I started to say okay, but Matt says “Ear buds man, she couldn't hear a hand grenade over that music” then goes on with his conversation with his brother. “Man, I'm getting into this” Eric laughs as he squirts more lotion onto my lower back.

I felt perhaps I would shock my husband into stopping Eric's rubbing lotion on me and apply it himself, as he should have. So, I reached back and untied my tops string in the back and let it fall aside. After all, I was supposed to believe this was my husband. Eric was quick to run his hands over the area where the string was. “Bro, she thinks I'm you, she undid her top” Eric says. “So what, she won't open her eyes and she's into her music, just get it done man, I need to deal with this call” Matt says and continues with his brother on the phone. I thought, seriously, you must be kidding me.

I thought if my husband pawned my flesh off so easily, I decide to go further, and force Matt to take over. “Take my bottom off baby, you know I don't like tan lines” I say. I figure that would shock them and the laugh is on them. I don't fool so easily. No way he'd let Eric pull my bottoms off.

“Bro, She want's her bottom off” Eric stammers with a grade school giggle. “Whatever, I'm on a call don't bug me” my husband says. I don't think he even heard what Eric told him. “Damn” Eric says, but his hands find my bikini bottom and he begins to slide them off my butt. I could not believe my husband was letting his friend not only lotion me up, but also take my bikini off ! I was beginning to wonder who the joke was on now. “Fuck me, look at that perfect ass” Eric stammers out, then “Oh my god”. This just backfired and now my I'm naked on my stomach.

Suddenly oily hands are on both my naked ass cheeks, gently rubbing the slick sunscreen on my skin. His hands travel up both sides of my thigh and as he reaches the top his fingers run dangerously near my pussy. I feel a twinge of sexuality bloom in my pussy. Eric had seen my butt before but now his hands were taking great liberties with my butt.

After a minute or so, I hear my husband, “Eric, you got a fucking boner man, he laughs” “Well ya, I mean look at that ass, and it feels so nice” he says. “Hey, I'm watching you” Matt warns. I'm feeling a little horny now, but still a little confused as to why my husband knows his friend has a hardon from rubbing lotion on my backside but lets him continue touching his wife's naked ass.

I think I can still trick them though, so I say “Matt baby, do my front too”, and I roll over onto my back and am fully exposed, full frontal nudity. “Oh wow, holy shit Matt, she want's the front done” Eric gasped to my husband. Eric had seen most all of me over the years anyway, and I was not being pawned off so easily. I knew Matt would shoo Eric off his wife now.

However, my husband seems to not even notice I”m fully naked, tits, pussy, all laid out there and his friend, with a hardon, is about to lotion up my flesh. “Mary, ummm can you hear me” Eric asks me. I keep quite and lay there. Finally I feel lotion dribble onto my chest and tummy then onto my legs. Eric begins to spread the sunscreen over my legs. He is slower now, gentle and very through and working his way up to my treasures.

“Oh my god, look at that pussy” Eric whines. I hear Matt say, “Hey, keep that big boner away from Mary” then tells his brother, that Eric is putting lotion on me, no big deal. I'm thinking ya it is a big deal, when Eric's hand moves across my mound. I feel my pussy juice up. He gives my mound a slight squeeze then moves upward to my tummy and finally my breast.

He has one of my breast in each hand gently spreads the sunscreen across them. I feel my nipples stiffen up. Still they have no clue I hear and see all. I wonder if I could make my Matt a tad jealous, “That feels so nice, make sure my breast are covered well”. Eric dribbles more lotion on my chest and his hands are back on my tits. I hear my husband end his call with his brother and stepped a closer to my sun bench. “You are taking advantage of this situation aren't you buddy” Matt laughs. “She told me to” Eric defends.

I thought it was time to scare them straight. Eric was at my left side, hands memorizing my tits it seems. I let my left hand casually drift to my side and the back of my hand bumps right against Eric's front. I feel his cock against my hand and run the back of my hand up the length of his shaft. Matt was not joking, Eric did seem to have a good sized cock.

“Hey, she is doing this, not me” Eric says in defense but continues to work sunscreen across my breast. “Dude, you had one job, rub some lotion on Mary” my husband says. I wrap my hand around Eric's cock over his pants. He was hard as stone and thick. “Oh husband, your so hard” I say. Eric seemed several inches longer and quite bit thicker than my husband. I hadn't touch another man in seven years. I was feeling horny now and my juices were beginning to flow, but I knew Matt would save me.

“Why is your cock in Mary's hand” Matt says with a fake sternness and slight laugh. “It's her, not me, she thinks it's you” Eric says. I feel his cock throb in my grasp. I stroke it's length over his shorts. His cock seems so lust driven. Sure Matt and I have sex all the time, but you can just tell when a cock simply, wants you in a more primal, lustful way. I push my own limits.

Eric's shorts have an elastic waist band and I hook my fingers into the band hand grasp his naked cock in my fist. Shit, he is thick. His cock is hard and hot and my fingers don't quite touch around his meat. I am memorizing his cock in my hand as I think, surly Matt will end this little thing quickly.

“Mary is stroking my cock, dude, so why are your hard” Eric ask my husband. “I don't know, and stop looking at it. “Well your looking at mine” Eric retorts. I'm thinking of why is my husband's cock hard. His buddy has all but fingered my pussy and he has a hard on over it. I get why Eric was hard, his hands were exploring my body,, but why is my husband's cock hard.

“Oh Matt, you're so hard and big right now” I say. “What do I do man, she has my cock in her hand” Eric pleads. I stroke his shaft and wait for Matt to say enough is enough. But what he said was “Fuck, that's hot”. I was briefly shocked. My husband just said it was hot that I was stroking is best friends cock. I feel it alive in my grasp, stiffening harder and throbbing.

“Oh this feels so good” Eric tells my husband. “Ya, I know. That's my wife” Matt says. So I think, yes, I am your wife and it's about time my husband stopped this little game. but, I felt so wicked stroking this big cock in front of my husband. “Damn that's erotic” my husband says.

“You freak” Eric laughs, “You were jerking off when I fucked Tonya back in high school”. “Ya, and I got sloppy seconds too” giggles my husband. I was learning a whole lot real fast. “Fuck, she is good” Eric says more seriously. My husband seemingly likes to watch, so I thought I'd press on and give him a show. I pull Eric's cock closer and guide him up to my mouth. “Oh fuck dude, she is not going to,,” Eric loudly whispers.

“Really, you going to stick your fat cock in my wife's mouth” Matt ask. “No man, she is doing this, I'm innocent” Eric says. I turn my head towards the cock in my hand and I wonder if my husband will say “okay that's gone far enough”

I felt Eric's cock throb in my grasp and I had to do it. I opened my mouth and guided his cock past my lips. His fat cock filled my mouth. I took about half his length inside my mouth and worked my tongue around the underside of it's thick head. I could see his cock just fine through my sunglasses. His cock looked more threatening than it felt. Thick, long, and a vein run it's length. He tasted good. I could not believe I was blowing Eric right in front of Matt.

“Oh holy mother of god” Eric moaned. “Sorry man” Eric apologized to my husband. I wondered if it registered to Matt, that I knew the cock I was sucking was quite bigger than the one I was used too. Matt has a bit over six inches, nicely thick and he can fuck me so good with it. But this dick in my mouth now, this was a cock. Heavy and so solid and firm and bigger. Did my husband not think I know I'm sucking a much bigger, fatter cock.

I took him deep into my mouth and he moans aloud. “Good isn't she” My husband says. “Fucking awesome,, but if she see's me, she will be so pissed” Eric says. I slow jerk his meat a few strokes and take him deep as I can into my throat. I feel his balls on my chin and know I did it, got all of him in my mouth. My husband seems quite carefree about the whole scenario.

“You freak, you're jerking off”. I hear Eric laugh in muffled tone . So my husband is behind me, jerking off, looking at my backside as I suck is buddy's long fat cock. I wonder how far he would let Eric go.

My pussy is dripping juice like a faucet and I spread my legs wide and begin to rub my pussy while I suck on Eric's hard cock. This will end soon now, I think to my self. “Oh my god” Eric gasped. “Oh my god, oh my god” he repeats. I feel his cock throb in my mouth as I touch my pussy.

“Ya, that is fucking hot, I'm taking a photo” My husband says. I was at a loss for words, not that I wanted to speak with Eric's throbbing dick in my mouth. So I just, play to the camera. I stroke his cock and lick it's full length. I hear my husband's phone camera click off several shots. “Get some video” Eric whispered excitedly. “I want copies too” He added.

I decide to up the game further yet. “Finger me, Matt” I say. “Go ahead, do it” my husband says. I feel Eric's hand on my mound. I let go of my pussy and feel his finger slip into my wet slit. I was soaking wet. He found my entrance and slowly fed his finger fully inside my pussy and it felt so good. I was much hornier than I'd thought. My pussy was on fire. I was sucking another man's cock while he fingered me and my husband was filming it and jerking off behind me. I felt so sexual, I didn't know I was such an exhibitionist, but was fully turned on now.

I was getting close to actually having an orgasm. I'd not came by the actions of another man in seven years, but it seem it was now inevitable. My hips began to pump up and down finding ways to get his finger deeper inside me. He knew well how finger fuck a woman. He found my clit and began to do magic to it. I reciprocated my feeling onto his cock and began to suck his meat with enthusiasm. I taste a drop of his cum escape his cock.

“Oh man, she's going to make me cum, she's so damn good” Eric moans. I feel my own orgasm bloom from my depths and begin to come on strong. I began to moan and slobber all over Eric's thick hardon. Then my orgasm hit me like a bus. I jerk and shutter and my knees come together quickly, then I feel a flood in my mouth. Eric's warm cum is blasting out and filling my mouth. I try to swallow every drop but I feel it run down my chin and drip onto my breast. His cock throbs and pulses as his balls empty into my mouth.

I now feel a tad of quilt and like it was not real. “Fucking awesome” I hear my husband. His words put me back at ease. “Good god that was incredible” Eric gasped. I let his cock flop out of my mouth and I turn back onto my stomach. “Now go, go play disc golf, you're blocking my sun” I say.

I hear them begin to walk off and I turn my head in their direction. “I can't believe Mary gave me head, that was fucking great” Eric was saying to my husband. “I got it on video” my husband boasted. I watched them high five as they headed out of the pool area to the drive. I felt relaxed but my mind was racing around like a whirlwind at what had just occurred. My husband just watched me suck another man's cock to completion and he made me cum as well, and he high fives the guy.

That night Matt got home and he is horny as hell. Touching and feeling me, it's clear he wants to play and we wind up in bed early. “You were so hot, so sexy today” my husbands says. “Did you enjoy that” I asked. “Yes, immensely” he says. I move down and find his cock already hard as stone. “My, you did enjoy that, didn't you” I say. “God yes, that was intense” my husband says. “Well, I do enjoy playing with my husbands cock” I say.

“It went something like this, I think” I said and took my husbands dick into my mouth. He was so hard his cock could cut a diamond. Not as big as Eric's thick cock that I'd sucked just hours earlier but steely. One thing I do know, when Matt's cock is in my mouth, I have his full attention. “Mmm, yes, it was something like that, baby” my husband moans and throbs in my mouth.

“Did you like it when I did this” I ask then licked his cock from his balls to the head then sucked his meat to the base. “Fuck yes, that was so hot” he moaned out. I could tell he was very worked up. “That's nice. And did you like it when I did this” I ask then stroked his cock with my hand as I sucked the swollen head of his meat. “Oh my god yes, that was awesome” he replied. His cock was throbbing and jerking hard as I sucked it into my face.

I moved off his cock and extended my tongue, placing it just under the head of his dick then did small circles. “Does it make you proud of how good I suck cock” I asked. “Yes, very proud” my husband replies. “Did you get any good photos of me sucking Eric's cock today” I asked. “Yes, I got”...... “Oh god, you knew” Matt was busted and his tone implied he thought I was unaware of their antics.

“Honey, of course I knew, how could I not know what another man's cock feel's like. You had him rub lotion on me while you talked to your brother. You encouraged Eric to take off my bikini. You Allowed,, him to finger my pussy. I was just seeing how far you would let it go,, and look at your cock now” I say. His meat still hard and pulsing in my hand.

I went back to sucking my husbands cock to the base slowly. “I think you would of let him fuck me” I say as I stroked his meat. “But you tricked us” Matt says. “More like treated you” I laugh. I begin to suck my husbands cock again. “It was so hot, though” my husband moans while I work his shaft into my mouth. “I swallowed Eric's cum, you know” I say, then take Matt's cock fully into my mouth again. He moans louder, saying “That was awesome”

“Let me see the Video” I say. “Oh, you know about that” Matt says to me. I told him I knew and seen it all because I had not turned on my ear buds yet. He reaches for his phone and plays the video. I watch as few seconds and thought, I look pretty hot laying there naked and sucking Eric's cock.

I know if a man's cock is turned on by something, it's just what turns him on. So I told Matt to watch his video, of me sucking Eric's cock. As he stared at the small screen, watching me suck Eric's fat cock, I returned to giving my husband some head. That extra stimulus seemed to charge his hardon with extra firmness.

“Okay, so since you knew you were sucking Eric's cock, and you let him cum in your mouth, you must of enjoyed it” Matt says. “Hey, I would of never sucked his cock had you not tried to trick me. That said, it was kind of fun”. I had to admit. “His cock was so hard” I said. I felt Matt's dick pulse in my grasp, and took him back into my mouth. “Did he cum a lot” my husband asked as he laid his hand on the back of my head. I raised up enough to say “He came so much. I could hardly swallow his load”. Matt moaned and began to pump his hips up slightly to fuck my mouth.

It was clear my husband truly enjoyed having “shared” me. His cock was like steel and lust permeated thick in the moment, so I elaborated further. “His cock was so thick and long” I said. Matt moaned and his breathing quickened. “I could feel his cock swell and pulse in my mouth when I did this to him” I said then took my husband's cock down my throat until my lips touched his balls. “Oh my god” Matt moaned.

“Watch your video, watch him cum in my mouth” I say. He focused on the homemade porn, and in a minute or two, just as the video showed Eric blowing his load down my throat, my husband groaned and shot a massive load of cum into my mouth.

I rolled onto my back and got Matt's head between my legs. I needed to blow my own load. He went right into nibbling my outer lips and gently slipping his tongue up and down my soaking wet slit, lightly teasing my clit. I was feeling particularly dirty tonight from all the new found sexiness we'd experienced and I found myself talking more and dirtier than I normally do.

“Did you see him finger my pussy” I asked my husband. He moaned a vibrating “ummm humm” against my clit and flicked it solidly with the tip of his tongue. “Did you like that” I asked. “God yes” he said then shoved his tongue deep inside my tunnel. I got my hand on the back of his head and pulled him firmly into my snatch.

“He made me cum. I cam so hard all over his fingers” I moaned. Matt kept eating my pussy and I was getting close to cumming. “I bet you'd liked to see his fat cock in my pussy, wouldn't you” I panted out, eyes closed and so near exploding. “Fuck yes” Matt moans into my pussy the shoves two fingers deep inside me and massaged my g-spot about twice and I was overpowered with a powerful orgasm that folded me up like a taco. I felt my juices flood across my husband's face and all I could do was freeze up and quiver in waves of pleasure.

After I'd regained some mental and physical control we lay back on the bed and cuddled up a bit. After a few minutes Matt says, “I need to trick you more often”. I let my breathing get under control and replied. “No need, according to your cock, I just need to start fucking you both”. “You're such a good wife” my husband said. That was six months ago, and I can't count how many times I've fucked them both together now. Best friends like to share.

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