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Exploring In The Hot Tub

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I felt warm, relaxed, and incredibly self-satisfied sitting in the hot tub, completely content to watch my beautiful bride?s breasts swimming in the turbulent blue-lighted water. Sitting next to her was the fascinating twenty-four-year-old creature who had recently become a part of our lives. The words my wife had just articulated hung in the air for a moment and snapped me out of my blissful stupor. I could barely believe I had heard her correctly. I repeated the words in my mind just to make sure I wasn?t dreaming and looked at her quizzically as if to say, ?Are you sure you want to go there??

Let me back up a little. My wife Sabrina and I are in our forties, own our own media company, and although we look much younger and keep ourselves in excellent shape, we are still? well, in our forties. The naked young woman in the hot tub with us had just recently come to work for us right out of college. She was new to town, didn?t have a boyfriend, and had yet to set up her own network of friends. Therefore, she spent an inordinate amount of her free time with us.

In addition to being beautiful, bright, and precocious, she had the gift of being completely at ease around people of any age ? in fact, she had stated that she preferred being around people in their forties and fifties to those her own age. As we got to know her we learned she had led an extremely sheltered life. She was the only child of elderly parents, schooled in very strict boarding schools and a University run by her family?s fundamentalist church. She came to us with an unusually keen business mind, a desire to succeed and boundless curiosity about all things sexual. She had also correctly guessed that my wife and I might have a base of knowledge and experience that could help her get some of those questions answered. It had become a habit that we would close the office, head to the house, open a bottle of wine, and lower ourselves into a 104-degree hot tub to discuss the day.

The second week of that routine, Kelli said she had taken her bikini home to wash, and forgotten to bring it back. My wife, Sabrina, tried to find a suit that would fit her, but Sabrina is 5?9? with very long slender legs, a tiny waist, and breasts that require we spend a lot of time searching for pretty lingerie in size 34G. Kelli was barely 5?2? and wears a size 2 dress and a 32C bikini top. Although we keep a number of suits around for guests, we really didn?t have anything that worked for her. Kelli finally said, ?You know, most people don?t wear bathing suits into a hot tub. And, I have a feeling that when I?m not around you two would never wear a bathing suit in there. Am I right??

Well, she had us there. We confessed that we never wore suits in the hot tub, and that most of the friends we have didn?t either. We took the time to explain that because she was very young and an employee, and because we wanted her to feel comfortable and safe around us, we wore suits when she joined us. Her answer to that was, ?That?s silly. Nudity is so natural.?

With that settled we all went to separate rooms, removed our clothes, met back in the hallway wearing towels and headed for the cabana that housed our hot tub. Sabrina got in first, then Kelli. No matter how I tried, I could not help savoring their beauty as they very casually threw their towels on the bar stool and disappeared inch-by-inch into the water. Sabrina?s form had held my attention for every moment of the fifteen years we have been together. Kelli?s body was perfect and even though she was petite, she was very athletic. Her skin was like marble without a single visible imperfection. Her breasts were unbelievably perfect; full and round with slightly tumescent areolae and tiny pink nipples. I wondered how many women had gone to a plastic surgeon hoping the end result would be breasts that looked exactly like Kelli?s. However, the feature that struck me most as I viewed her au naturel was the same feature that had distracted me when she was clothed in the jeans or leggings she frequently wore to the office. She had the most perfect derriere I had ever seen. It was not small, but rounded and strong, perfectly shaped and maddeningly inviting.

Once we got settled into the tub, I asked, ?Kelli, are you sure you?re comfortable with this??

Kelli laughed, ?Yes, I?m sure. This feels so wonderful. You need to relax, Mark.?

?I just want to make sure.?

Kelli was almost chiding me now, ?You worry about me too much. I?m not a child. It?s not necessary and I always feel really comfortable and (holding up her fingers to create quotation marks in the air) ?safe? around you two. Is there any reason I shouldn?t??

It was almost amusing that neither one of us chose to answer that question directly. My infatuation with this young woman was obvious. But what was not so obvious is that my beautiful bride, who is quietly bisexual, was even more fixated on this incredible young woman than I was. It had gotten so intense for both of us that we had found it necessary to have a long, private discussion. We had agreed that with all of Kelli?s curiosity, we would have to be the ones to control this situation. We agreed that we would be completely open with her, we would answer any questions she had with candor, we would share our experiences, be her ?guides? through any facet of sexuality she wanted to explore, but would not allow ourselves to step over that extremely compelling line and become sexually involved with her on a physical level.

That same night marked a change in the conversation that occupied us as we sat poaching ourselves under the stars. Kelli wanted to play conversational games. She had a number of questions about us and our personal lives. The first game she wanted to play was ?Truth or Dare.? That was followed the next night by the introduction of a game called ?I Never.? We were unfamiliar with the game, so Kelli quickly explained. ?I?ll say ?I never? and then I?ll say something I?ve never done. Now, if you?ve never done that either, then you raise your wine glass. If you have done it before, then you have to take a drink.? We agreed to the deceptively simple rules, and she started the game.? The first never was ?I?ve never kissed a girl,? Kelli paused, and then continued with ?below the waist.?

Sabrina and I just sat there, dumbfounded. I had no idea what Sabrina was thinking, but I knew she wasn?t going to be raising her glass if she intended to be truthful. I took a quick drink of wine and set my wine glass down. Sabrina stared right into Kelli?s eyes and took a slow drink of her wine. As she lowered the glass down to stop the flow, a drop of wine escaped over the edge. Sabrina caught it with her tongue and licked it off the glass. That admittedly cheesy little move gave me an instant erection, and Kelli started bouncing up and down in her seat clapping her hands.

?Really!?? she exclaimed. ?Really!!!? I had guessed you liked girls, but I didn?t know for sure! Oh, I want to know more. It?s something I?ve wanted to do so many times, but I was so scared. Will you tell me more??

And that?s how it went night after night. The little round redwood tub, which we had always prized because it was so conducive to conversation and intimacy between three or four people, became warmer and more interesting than it had ever been in its life. As the location for our nightly sessions with Kelli, it became my most prized possession. The conversations became more intense, more intimate, and more revealing night after night. Our sexuality, which had been widely varied through our lives and remained quite adventurous, ended up being bared completely over the course of our nightly explorations.

Kelli learned that we were polyamorous, that we had experimented with the swinging lifestyle (even though we weren?t really very good at trying to do it full-time), that we had done enough experimenting with bondage and discipline to realize we weren?t part of that scene (but had kept a few select practices that worked to make us smile), that we had a very interesting and open relationship with a younger couple that lived next door to us for five years, and a number of other ?secrets?. We learned that she had an uncanny ability to make us ?come clean? with information, no matter how personal.

So, to get back to where this story began, during the early part of an evening in the tub, Kelli had asked Sabrina a question about how to have sex during ?that time of month?. Sabrina giggled. She said, ?Well, sweetie, I don?t have periods any more. That all stopped about two years ago.?

?You are so lucky! I wish I could say that!?

?It?s kind of a mixed bag Kelli. I can?t really say that I miss them, but there are some tradeoffs. All I can tell you is that you need to cherish everything you have while you have it, then embrace the changes too as they come your way. All those muscles you have now change to something else, your skin changes from porcelain to well, skin. Your breasts change, your butt drops. The one thing that doesn?t change is that a great many people will always see something in you that they find beautiful. You need to appreciate the gifts you have and see yourself the way they see you.?

?Okay, I understand all that, but I really have trouble with that particular one. I get mean and crampy and I don?t feel like having sex vaginally. But, I also get extremely horny right then. Other than masturbating, on the outside, like with a vibrator on my clit, I haven?t found a way to have sex during that time that I can get comfortable with.?

Sabrina smiled like she was remembering something pleasant, and I knew what it was. I was dying to know if she was going to reveal more truth to her inquisitor. ?Well, I felt the same way when I was your age, and I personally felt it was a great excuse to have anal sex!? Well, there it was. No dare, just truth.

Kelli got quiet for a moment, and then said, ?You know, I?ve always been curious about anal sex, but honestly, I just don?t know if I could do it. It?s seems like it would really hurt. Does it hurt??

?You know Kelli, there?s a way to approach anal sex your first time. If you try it sometime in the heat of passion with your boyfriend, and you?re both turned on and he just shoves it in there, it?s going to hurt like hell and you?re probably never going to want to do it again. You need your first time to be with someone who cares about you, who is very patient and very skilled and willing to take his sweet time to make it pleasurable for you without any expectations.?

Kelli looked thoughtful for a moment, and then said, ?You?re probably right. Problem is all the guys I date seem to be in a big hurry for everything.?

All I could think was, ?Yup, I can believe that!?

The very next statement Sabrina made, the one that had stopped the earth on its axis, the statement that had made me forget how to breathe was when Sabrina leaned toward Kelli and whispered, ?You need to be in more experienced hands. The very best teacher I could recommend to you is Mark.?

?Really?? Kelli queried.

?He?s the perfect man for the job, I promise.?

My brained also screamed, ?Really?? but nothing came out of my mouth.

Kelli continued, ?That would be okay with you??

?Yes, it would be okay with me, with certain restrictions.?

?Yes, I know you two have told me you have rules worked out for every situation. What would the rules be for you to be okay with that??

Sabrina looked thoughtful for a moment, and then said, ?Okay, rule number one is I get to be there to observe and coach. I get to lend a helping hand if you or Mark requests it. I will be right beside you, very close to your face so I can judge whether it?s going well, or Mark needs to slow down or stop. And, lastly you have to promise me that you and your perfect little ass will not run off with my husband ? I get him back, no matter what.?

?Deal!? declared Kelli. She was fairly bouncing when she said, ?Rather than try to plan something and ruin the moment, let?s do it right now, tonight, right here in the hot tub. I want to do it here, all three of us together in our special place.?

Sabrina and I looked at each other, and she stood up lifting her leg over the side of the tub to leave. I asked, ?Where you going, Hon??

?I?ll be right back. You two just relax and try your best not to talk about Kelli?s butt until I get back.? She disappeared into the house.

It was a little uncomfortable there in the tub alone with Kelli. I didn?t really want to say anything stupid that would have her reconsidering her decision. Looking at Kelli made me feel weird, but it was difficult not to. The tension, with neither one of us knowing where Sabrina went or when she would return, was palpable. I finally said, ?Okay, truth or dare.?

Kelli looked up contemplating for a moment then blurted out, ?Truth!?

?Okay, truth.? Without pausing I asked, ?You are not really twenty-four years old, are you. You are one-thousand years old, you were once a mermaid then a siren, but since the seas are no longer full of sailing ships, you prowl hot tubs in search of inquisitive susceptible couples, make them fall in love with you and drag them to a drowning death in the depths of their deep blue mini-oceans, never to be heard from again.? The moment the words left my mouth, I regretted it. My sense of humor is a little strange, and doesn?t fit every occasion, especially when I?m nervous.

Kelli touched my face so very gently, looked directly in my eyes and asked, ?Do you feel victimized??

?No, I don?t feel victimized, far from it! But I sometimes wonder how it is that you ?get to me? the way you do. In two months of sitting in this hot tub, you have learned every secret that the two of us have. You know more personal details about me than anyone else on earth, except Sabrina. I cannot keep a secret from you and I?m not sure I understand why.?

Kelli placed the softest, sweetest kiss unabashedly on my lips and said, ?Because, you know your secrets are safe with me. You two are like my spirit guides. You are my mentor. Sabrina is my maven. I trust you with my life and I want to earn that level of trust in return. I think somewhere deep inside you, you can sense that. Together, you are the most devoted and happy couple I have ever seen. I want to learn from you. I am willing to turn myself over to you without reservation. And, I would never do anything to harm or embarrass you.?

As I sat there, inches from those huge green eyes, I almost lost my senses. I was right. There was no way this young woman could be quite so eloquent or wise at her age. She was at least a thousand years old, maybe more. At that moment we heard Sabrina open the door and turned to help her because her arms were full. She had returned with another bottle of wine, a corkscrew, a very tiny waterproof silicone vibrator, and a full bottle of Kama Sutra almond scented massage oil, my favorite.

As Kelli took them from her hands and arranged them on the deck around the tub, Sabrina discreetly removed a handful of condoms from the pocket of her robe and placed them on the wooden deck behind me. She gave me a little wink that said, ?You?re going to need these.? In other words, I had just received permission from my wife to forget about the previous agreement.

Sabrina poured a glass of wine, and handed it to Kelli. Kelli took a drink, set the glass down on the deck in front of her, rolled over and rested her head on the side of the tub, her arms folded underneath to form a pillow with her elbows out. Stretching her legs out behind her, her body floated up to where she was still submerged just under the water. I poured some oil on my hands and moved beside her, to where her neck and shoulders were accessible, and began a slow tender massage.

Although we had known her for quite some time, other than friendly hugs, I had never allowed myself to touch her. At the moment of contact I realized why that had been a really good idea. As I spread the warm oil across her strong feminine upper shoulders, the contact was electric. The feel of her skin was undeniably arousing to the touch. It was hot and smooth, taut and yet at the same time supple. I had forgotten what a woman this young felt like. My hands and my mind were becoming intoxicated. I lingered at her neck, her shoulders, and her back for at least fifteen minutes. My hands slid down her ribs, my fingertips just barely teasing her breasts at the bottom of her armpits. As I touched them, Kelli let out the slightest of moans letting me know all was good.

I reached down into the water and just slightly brushed against her beautiful pink nipples. She turned her head toward me, looked up into my face with barely-opened eyes and said, ?Mmm, that?s really nice. You have a great touch.?

Well, I didn?t need too much more reward than that. Placing my left hand under her abdomen, lifting her ever so slightly, I continued to massage my way down her back. I took time, lots of time, and I concentrated on giving the best massage I could concoct ? trying to forget, to the best of my abilities, where I was headed. It was not an easy task. Reaching her lower back I continued to knead each individual muscle and tendon. I caught myself becoming fascinated with the two tiny dimples just above her buttocks. I was fascinated by them, and they were treated to what I knew in my heart had to be the very best massage two sacral dimples had ever been given.

I looked at Sabrina who was siting silently in the tub, her drink in hand watching the scene in front of her. She smiled and pursed her lips into a silent kiss. At that moment I knew. The woman I loved with all my heart was giving one of the greatest gifts of my life.

From where I was at Kelli?s side, I moved my hand gently up and over each of the perfect arcs that rested just below the water. Kelli released a low quiet moan of approval. I had reached as far as I could comfortably and needed to move. I slipped off my seat and kneeling, moved between her floating legs. Replenishing the supply of oil on my hands, I placed my palms on her hips, my thumbs and forefingers around her tiny waist. There was something about holding her like that that made my brain feel drugged. It was as if all of my consciousness and reality was floating in the warm blue water in front of me. At that moment, Kelli crossed her ankles behind me and squeezed my ribs gently with her thighs. Feeling her warm, strong, silken inner thighs against me just above my waist, I feared an explosion ? but I managed to continue, somehow. She used her legs to lift her nearly weightless torso slightly out of the water with her delicious backside now completely out of the water. The golden light from the candles around the tub created reflections from the narrow rivulets of water meandering down her cheeks, and steam rose from her skin.

After massaging each of her lovely mounds together then individually for quite some time, she began using her legs around my waist to push herself into my hands. I was surprised by her strength and her apparent level of arousal. I took the heel of my hand and pushed deeply against the separation between her cheeks. She rose up ever so slightly asking for more. I slid my hand up and down between the fleshy mounds with steadily increasing pressure until my hand settled firmly against her perineum and the virgin orifice. Her verbal and physical feedback was urging me forward, but there was some part of my brain that was still aware enough to slow things down for a moment.

?Kelli?? I whispered.

?Mmm?? was her reply.

?Kelli, listen to me, okay??


?From this moment forward, if there?s anything I do, or anything that makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable, for any reason, I want you to tell me and we?ll stop, okay??


?I don?t want you to feel like you need to continue if you feel anything weird, okay??

?Okay. You worry too much. I?m feeling great.?

?Okay, sweetie. Just remember, it?s okay to stop, and it?s okay to say ?no?.?

?Okay, I say ?no? to more talking, and ?yes?, go back to what you were doing. I believe you can find something better to do with your mouth than talk, don?t you?? She and Sabrina both got a good giggle from that one.

I continued to massage her, sliding my hands from her most intimate area, up over her now-lustrous curvature, up to her waist. I wrapped my hands around her hips and pulled her firmly against my chest. She instantly started the slightest of gyrations against my chest. I pushed her forward a little and lowered my head. I kissed her where her right thigh met the bottom of her cheek. I kissed all around the area very gently at first, then delivered the slightest and gentlest bite on her perfect ass cheek. I licked and kissed and nibbled my way across her cheek until I reached the center. I moved to her left thigh, repeating the pattern in reverse. I traced and flicked my tongue slowly down valley until I reached the tiny opening. It was as beautiful as the rest of her. No darkening, no mark or imperfection of any kind. It was like kissing a Michelangelo sculpture, only much softer and infinitely warmer. I flicked my tongue across it, slowly and gently at first, then quickening the pace until she panted, ?Oh my God. Nobody ever did that to me before. I can?t believe how good that feels. Please don?t stop.?

I continued to flick and twirl my tongue all around the virgin site until I could begin to feel the muscles around it alternately begin to contract and release. I placed my thumbs on either side of my target and pulled apart ever so slightly as I quickly drummed and tickled her with my tongue.

I placed my thumb against her unpiloted opening, and holding a light pressure waited while it tentatively contracted and released. Kelli pushed back against my thumb, and suddenly her muscle relaxed and swallowed the tip of my digit. ?Oh? oh,? she breathed. I wouldn?t allow more than an inch of penetration although Kelli was making that very difficult. Her hips were gyrating n small slow circles, and her sphincter muscle was actually sucking at my thumb trying to pull it in father. I twisted my thumb around very slowly sliding a half-inch then a half-inch back in. Then I slid it slowly back out. ?Please, Mark, put it back in, please.?

I repeated the gentle entry, with my left thumb this time. In a little, out a little, back in, push to the side to stretch it slightly, then all the way out again. ?Kelli, do you want to continue??

?Give it back, please, I want more.?

Making certain that my hands were covered with lubricant, I pushed her cheeks apart and slid both my thumbs in just the inch she was already comfortable with. Out, in, out, in then in another inch, out, then pushed very slowly until both my thumbs disappeared into her. I heard her in a tone of voice I had never heard from her before, the husky breathy voice of a woman. ?Oh, fuck, mmm? That feels so good. Keep going, I want more.?

I looked over at Sabrina. She smiled devilishly and raised an eyebrow. It was as if she was saying, ?Well, look at you!? I was in heaven. My erection was pulling so hard at my skin that it almost hurt. My heart was beating so loudly I was certain both of them could hear it. I pulled my thumbs apart very gently then relaxed, trying to help Kelli stretch a little. She exhaled sharply and her orifice clamped down on my thumbs. Sabrina moved toward us placing one hand under Kelli the other hand rubbing and massaging her lower back and buttocks. We continued like that for another ten minutes, massaging, stretching, teasing and exploring this beautiful woman-child. Sabrina looked lovingly at me and said, ?She?s beautiful isn?t she??

I nodded.

Kelli became increasingly vocal in her sounds of pleasure. I couldn?t figure out what I had done that pleased her that much more. Then, Sabrina said, ?She?s soaking wet too.? Looking down I saw for the first time that Sabrina had two fingers inside Kelli, giving her the G-spot massage that Sabrina?s long slender fingers seemed to do so well. Sabrina leaned close to my ear, ?I think she likes this.?

?You sure??

?Mark, she?s soaking wet inside, in a hot tub, like someone poured a bottle of lubricant inside her. Do you know how difficult that is?? I smiled in satisfaction. Sabrina continued, ?And her vagina, you would die, it feels like one of those Chinese finger traps lined in velvet. I?m not kidding you. She is gorgeous.?

At that moment, I felt a hand gently cup my scrotum, then wander up to my shaft. I looked at Sabrina, but her attention and both of her hands were occupied elsewhere. Her left hand was gently pushing up on Kelli?s bare mound. Her right hand was rocking rhythmically inside Kelli. It was Kelli?s hand, and the moment I realized that I think I grew another inch. She was checking to see if she had the desired effect on me. That would hardly be a question.

As Sabrina continued her gentle massage of Kelli?s vagina, I continued to slide both my thumbs in and out of her. She started to push back in rhythm taking my thumbs all the way to the joint. Kelli looked around at the two of us and almost growled, ?Oh, this is? so? fucking? good. I feel so good.? I slowly removed my thumbs and slid two fingers into Kelli. I slowly fucked her backside with my fingers. She responded like a woman possessed. As she gained comfort, I made it three. It took her quite a while to accept three fingers, but I could have continued gently introducing her all night if need be. I removed my fingers, then returned one finger sliding in and out more quickly, roughly the same speed I would fuck her if I dared. Once it was obvious she was very comfortable with one, I inserted a second and did the same. The second finger made her vocal again. ?Oh, my God, yes, just like that? yes, mmm, damn, oh, oh, don?t stop! Oh, God, I?m coming!!?

And come she did. I could feel her clamp down hard on my fingers. Sabrina was having difficulty staying inside her as her vaginal muscles contracted and tried to push her fingers out. While Kelli was not a screamer by any means, her orgasm was actually rather quiet and controlled, but her body was reacting in near-convulsions. A moment after she caught her breath, she pushed her bottom up slightly and said, ?Okay, that was incredible, but I?m not done. I am so ready. And? somebody needs to fuck me. I want to feel a cock in me, in my ass, and I?m not kidding.?

Sabrina reached over, opened a condom and slipped it on me. I slid it in between her cheeks pushed them together and let her get used to the presence there. Kelli reached back, pointed the head at her opening and I slid into her ever so carefully. Kelli had been resting on her crossed arms on the side of the tub, but now grabbed the edge of the tub in her hands and extended her arms fully. I continued to press in at a snail?s pace, but deliberately. In a few minutes, she relaxed and the head of my cock disappeared. She was so tight that I was surprised I didn?t hear a popping sound as she closed around the head of my penis. Kelli reached back and put the palms of her hands on the front of my hips. I didn?t move. I watched her remain motionless as she grew accustomed to the object now inside her.

Sabrina was concerned, so she moved around the tub deck, placed her arms under Kelli?s and said, ?You okay sweetie?? Kelli was biting her lower lip, breathing heavily through her nose, and simply nodded her head. Sabrina wrapped her arms around Kelli, lifted her slightly and rested Kelli?s head onto her shoulder. Kelli hugged her tightly as I slid another inch inside her and stopped. Kelli began nuzzling Sabrina, then started to suckle on her neck and collarbone. At the same moment she placed her hands on my buttocks and pulled me forward driving me and inch deeper inside her.

I fed Kelli another inch until she exclaimed, ?Oh, my God, this feels so good. I don?t know how much more of this I can take, but I want it all. Please go slow.? I pushed and my cock slid in a fraction of an inch at a time until it disappeared. My abdomen was up against her gorgeous little ass and I began to pull back out. When I got all but the head of my cock out I pushed it back in. ?Oh, fuck! Oh, shit. Oh?? and I watched as Kelli?s face slid down to Sabrina?s right breast.

The next exclamation was Sabrina?s, ?That?s right baby, you can kiss it, you can suck it.?

With that, I began rhythmically stroking in and out of Kelli?s backside. I looked down and tried to take a mental photograph of my long slender cock sliding in and out of this beautiful young ass, just in case this was, as I feared, a once-in-a-lifetime happening. As the pace quickened, I watched Kelli carefully and observed the most unpredictable thing. The less careful I was, the more excited she became. I pushed hard and fast, with a level of force that usually made even Sabrina uncomfortable, and she responded positively. I reached up, and while fucking her hard, ran my nails from her shoulders and down her ribs to her waist. Her reaction was a low and guttural affirmation that she liked it.

At that same moment, Sabrina said, ?Oooo, you want to bite? Okay, you can bite but only if you want it back later? oh, biting it is then sweetie, mmm, yesss!? I reached up to Kelli?s shoulders again, dug my nails in harder and traveled back down her ribs to her waist. Her reaction was instantaneous. Kelli reached up, put her tiny hand in the center of Sabrina?s chest, pushed her down onto the deck and her face disappeared between Sabrina?s thighs. From the sounds Sabrina was making, it was obvious that Kelli, who had never kissed a girl below the waist, had given quite a lot of thought to what she would do if, and when that opportunity ever presented itself.

Sensing that everyone was caught up in the moment, I grabbed Kelli by her hair and literally pounded her ass. She responded, Sabrina was literally shouting Kelli?s praises, Kelli reached up and put two fingers inside my wife and then, slid her thumb into Sabrina?s ass. Sabrina went over the edge right then and there. Kelli, my cock inside her and my right hand on her clit, was the next to go. And, the moment I felt Kelli?s insides clamp down on me, I followed immediately.

It took a couple of minutes for us all to finish our individual orgasm cycles, but when we recovered, we collapsed back into the hot tub laughing.

?Holy shit!?

?Oh my God!?


?That was awesome!?

?Let?s do that again!?

?My ass is worn out, fuck me again!?

?Somebody call an ambulance!?

??Don?t worry, I?ll be gentle.? What was that?!!?

?I didn?t know you liked to be abused while having sex!?

?Well, I didn?t know it either, but I guess the secret?s out now you asshole!?

We continued to laugh and chat and compare notes and tease each other? and drink, and laugh. We discussed surprises and things that met expectations, and we hugged a lot. A good time was had by all. The three of us had become a unit. We were comfortable and happy and found each other totally irresistible. Kelli then asked, ?Sabrina, since you two are like ?sex crazed? you probably have a pretty good selection of sex toys, don?t you??

The truth regarding the number of sex toys we have is actually embarrassing, but Sabrina replied, ?Yes, we have a few.?

?So,? Kelli teased, ?in that collection of sex toys, do you have any big long cocks??

?Yes, there are one or two.?

?Do you have one that?s a little bit longer and a little bit fatter than Mark?s pretty cock??

?Yes, Kelli. There all bigger. That?s why we bought them. That?s why they call them ?toys?. Why? You getting all brave and want to try something bigger??

?No, I?m finished for a while. But I am a sincere believer that turn-about is fair play.? Kelli looked me directly in the eyes and said, ?I know there?s another anal virgin in this tub, and I believe I am going to fix that right now.?

I pointed at my own chest and questioned, ?Moi? No, no, I?m fine. I?m old and I need my rest. We?ll talk about that some other time.?

Kelli stood up, put her hands on her hips, ?Oh no, we?re going to take care of this right now, while it?s still fresh in my mind. You did a perfect job of breaking in my virginal butt. You don?t want me to forget one of the important steps, do you? I could hurt someone!?

I continued to protest, but it was getting me nowhere. Besides, to get my compliance, Kelli had just wrapped her hot lips around my left nipple. Sabrina was leaving the hot tub to gather toys with a giant smile on her face. As Sabrina disappeared into the house, Kelli crawled into my lap, and her warm mouth slid across my collar bone and nuzzled my neck. She quietly spoke into my ear putting everything immediately into perspective. ?I hope you two are going to stop playing hard-to-get now. I have to confess, I have never had to put so much effort into seducing anyone!?

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