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A Gift of Love

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A gift of love.

The love of my life my wife Tina and I (Tom) are best friends, lovers and life long partners. For the past 18 years we’ve had the most wonderful relationship any couple could ask for.

I’m sharing this story in hopes it may help others with similar circumstances. It does get a bit graphic and intense in details (my decision to share) which made our story a little more interesting.

About two years ago I started developing some frustrating erectile disfunction issues which turned out to be medically related. We tried many different avenues, lotions, potions and pills but the issue kept gradually getting more of a problem in our intimacy..

Tina has always been so attentive and in tune with our sexual activities and enjoyed our sensual times tremendously. Tina and I explored many erotic ideas, toys and soft porn between us and kept our intimate love making interesting and satisfying just a couple only.

This now brings me to the devastating issue of my E.D. problem. Tina has alway thoroughly enjoyed feeling my manhood deep within her womb. She would alway climax and cum so intensely when she felt my hard cock deep inside her. For the past two years it’s been hit or miss with my performance and lately has been more a miss.

Even though Tina would never say anything, I could feel her needs not being satisfied as they were two years ago. She would always where this thin loose cotton top and just her panties when walking around the house and it would always turn me on and cause us to have spontaneous sex which now was becoming less often due to my condition and her enthusiasm has slowed much to my condition.

Tina has always maintained her youthful look and took great care in keeping her body in fantastic shape as we enjoyed looking at each other with desire. Tina has gone above and beyond doing her best to please me sexually but I was feeling so frustrated I couldn’t make thing happen like they did a couple years ago. She had concerns that I wasn’t attracted to her as much due to my lack of performance. I would alway reassure her it was me and I would apologize for not making her feel fulfilled as she once was and enjoyed so much.

We discovered watching porn together would help a little and that got us talking about various vanilla fantasies we would play around with. Tina even said she thought it would be fun to go to one of those all inclusive nude resorts and make love to each other non stop. Her fantasies were pretty mild and always entailed of doing things together strictly as a loving couple only.

I knew Tina’s desires weren’t being fully met and during one evening trying to get things up. (pun intended). We were watching a porn flick and it happened to be about wife sharing. Tina and I have role played and teased each other with sexual fantasies but never truly suggested or asked if we would consider anything involving additional partners. I waited until Tina was gently masturbating getting aroused and I casually asked her if she thought she ever thought or fantasied about having a shared experience involving another man? Tina looked at me with disbelief and said No Way!. This was just something we considered taboo and never considered it. I’m sure she may have imagined it at some point in her life, but would never tell me that. Tina asked why I would ask such a question with so much concern in her eyes? I just said I felt like I wasn’t meeting her needs and was wondering if this was something that would fulfill what she had been missing lately? Tina said she was perfectly happy with our relationship and sexual life and said don’t worry Tom things will get better.

I said that’s just it Tina, what if things don’t get better? I don’t want you to ever leave me because I can’t perform like I used to. She grabbed my face and said I’m never leaving the love of my life! Then I said, I sure do miss how intense your orgasms were and wished I could make you feel that intense again. She said thank you honey but I’m just fine with our relationship then and now.

I couldn’t help but to think about how much my wife enjoyed sex with me. I’m fairly well endowed (I think), but just can’t give her that deep penetration I used to. The kind that drove her crazy wanting more. My desire to please her the way I used to was still there and she surely must still want that too? But???

Later that evening Tina said, I want to thank you for thinking of me and I know you were only suggesting something like that for my benefit and she appreciated my concerns. She said, Tom, how on earth could you or I even let something like that happen? She said, I could never, never be comfortable doing anything with anyone but you. I said, well I just felt you deserved to enjoy that wonderful climatic sex we used to have. She said, How could you possibly watch another man with me?…..(referring to the porn flick we watched about wife sharing). I said if this would make you feel that way again I would be willing to let this happen because I love you so much.

Tina just sat there, looking at me with a dazed, shocked look. I assume she was trying to picture or imagine what was going through my mind. I said let’s watch another porn flick tomorrow and do a little role playing to see how it goes, but I want you to participate in the role play too. Tina said she would be willing to role play if it would arouse me but in now way wanted to be shared for real. I know she was only going to do this to see if it could arouse me as she wanted to please me.

The next evening after dinner we retired to our bedroom and Tina just came out of the shower looking so refreshed and smelled great. I searched a couple on line porn sites that I could mirror to our big screen tv and highlighted a few and asked her which one should we view first? She said no, no mister I’m not choosing any porn that shares a wife, this was your idea and you choose. I chose the one where the couple invited a friend over for some erotic fun. I thought this might be more of a realistic type of scenario? We got comfortable on the bed and snuggled up. I told Tina how about we pretend we’re inviting my old friend Jim over for some fun? Jim was and old buddy I used to do a lot of biking with. He’s an attractive guy and would be a good choice to role play with. Tina said oh god Jim, are you serious? Why suggest our friend Jim? I said I’m getting a little excited that we’re doing something different with role playing and he just the person I thought we could do a fun role play experiment between us only.

Tina said ok Tom but I’m not liking this…. so what do you want me to do with a bit of an angry look? I said let’s just watch the flick and add lib as we watch. She said your so damn crazy Tom! But seemed willing to go along with a little roll playing just for me. The flick started and in the film the wife answered the door wearing a very sexy outfit and greeted their guest with a hug, a kiss and a brief squeeze on his crotch to show her excitement of seeing him. I said I could picture you answering our door wearing something sexy inviting Jim in for an evening of fun. Tina said, oh yea? Should I grab his crotch too, like she did? I said of corse, that’s what he’s there for. Tina said oh god Tom…. What if I squeezed his crotch and he had a hard on? I said I guess that would be a good thing? Tina said Not Happening! But I’ll play along The porn flick got into some action pretty quickly as it’s a short film. The husband was standing behind his wife feeling her breast in front of their guest. I said I could probably do that. Tina said could you really? I said, hummm, I think so. I would probably pull your top up and let him feel your beautiful tits. Tina said you’d let Jim feel my tits!!!? I said sure, you have great tits and he’d die to get chance to play with them, I’d maybe even let him kiss them? I reached over and felt how hard Tina’s nipples were and I said you would probably like Jim sucking on your nipples making them hard wouldn’t you. Tina was quiet for a moment……and said hmmm. Not really knowing how my wife was feeling we continued watching the flick and the two men had the wife sandwiched between them and their guest now had his hand down her panties feeling her pussy.

I reached over and began playing with Tina’s pussy. She was being responsive letting me explore her love canal. She said, Tom this role playing isn’t right or fare and you wouldn’t let Jim do that to me would you? I said, I don’t know, would you let him if I wanted him to? She looked at me and said, ok I’ll play along with this role play and let him if you really want to play this game. I’ll let Jim touch my pussy. I smiled at her as the porn flick got more intense and I could feel her getting wet with this kind of pillow talk.

The porn trio moved to the bedroom where their guest stood before the wife and began disrobing her. Her clothing dropped to the floor and she stood there totally nude for the taking. She was very lovely with a shaven pussy just like my wife’s. He began kissing her deeply and as his fingers explored her pussy. The husband was standing behind her with his hands massaging her tits and rolling her nipples. Tina was enjoying the finger action I was giving her and got her in the mood to ask more role play questions. She said, would you do that with me and Jim? I said yes, Tina played along and said hummm, that might be nice!

Thats when the husband placed his hands on his wife’s shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. This is when you could see the guest had a very large hard cock right in front of her face. Tina looked at me with uncertainty about how to react to this role playing as we watched.

I kept fingering my wife’s pussy and she said, Damn it Tom, this isn’t fare asking me tis stuff when your playing with me like that. I didn’t say anything and just kept fingering her.

The guys wife reached out and wrapped both hands around his cock and kissed the swollen head. The husband pushed his wife’s head forward wanting her to take that large cock in her mouth. Tina said Jesus Tom, this is crazy! I can’t imagine you or I doing that stuff, can you? Tina was rubbing my cock and noticed I was a little harder than usual. She do you like watching that? I said well it seems to be arousing me more than normal. Tina said, yes I can see. Tina paused the video and said, Tom, you wouldn’t actually want to watch me with another mans cock in my mouth would you? Tina had her hand on my cock and began twitching aggressively and Tina said, Jesus Tom, I guess that answers my question. Tina realized how much I was getting turned on and stepped it up our role playing a notch by saying I guess I could do that then to get my reaction.

In a smart as voice she yea baby, I could let you watch me suck your friends hard cock while she was stroking my cock. The twitching continued as Tina role played more and more describing how she would suck Jims cock in front of me. She said she would take it deep in her throat like they were doing in the video. My dick was getting so hard hearing her talk like that! I said damn Honey, I think I could actually watch you do that. She looked at me to see if I was role playing or meant it for real? I just smiled and let her wonder if I was role playing or really meant it.

The movie trio continued their play as their guest assisted the wife back on the bed and their friend climbed on top of the wife. The husband lay next to them holding her hand as the guys placed his hard cock at the opening of her wet pussy. Tina laid back watching as I reached over and grabbed our special over sized dildo and began rubbing it against her pussy. I grabbed her hand to imitate what was going on in the film and pushed the head of the dildo into my wife’s wet pussy. I noticed how easy it went in and she moaned ever so slightly as she was adjusting to the sensual treatment I was giving her. Tina looked over at me and said, is that Jims big hard cock in my pussy? I said it sure is as I pushed it in further. Tina closed her eyes and squeeze my hand as I started to make nice long strokes with her favorite dildo. She moaned ever more and started hunching on the hard shaft that was pleasing her. She said oh god Tom…. This feels good! I said, you mean Jim’s cock feels good? Yes…. could you really watch him do this to me? I said, if it would make you feel good I could. I asked if Jim’s hard cock was deep inside her right now, could she cum on it?…. That’s when she raised back pulling my hand and dildo in deep and said Oh Fuck Tom, I’m Cumming!

I let her enjoy her climax and as she calmed down as I caressed her body keeping her peaked as long as I could. She rolled over and wanted me to hold her. We looked each other in the eyes and I said, well that was a bit intense wasn’t it. She leaned her head into my shoulder and said God Tom, I couldn’t do this even though it seemed to turn you on, I’m so afraid you will think badly of me if we ever done something like this.

I’m thinking she has actually visualized this happening and was concerned of how I would feel about her afterwards!

I hugged her tightly and said, Honey, I would never think badly of you for doing something like this. It would be a mutual agreement and all I want is for you to enjoy a quality sex life like we used to have and I’m not sure I can provide that? She gazed into my eyes and could see my love and desire in my heart to make her totally happy. I said I’m willing to try if your willing? Tina said, How? What if…. What if Jim wan’t interested in doing something like this? I said I’m sure Jim would be ecstatic to be with a beautiful women of your caliber. Honey, any man die at the opportunity to make love to you!

Jim had divorced about three years ago and Tina and I have only seen him a five or six times since. We used to hang out years ago when he was married but we didn’t get along with his ex to well as she was a control freak and a bit of a snobby bitch. Tina and I tolerated her because Tina and I was such good friends with Jim plus Tina aways liked Jim’s warm personality and friendly smile. Not to mention his was a good looking man that took goo care of his body.

I asked my wife, should I invite Jim over sometime, flirt with him a little to see how it goes? If your'e not comfortable then we don’t have to do anything. Tina said I’m not promising anything Tom and I need to have plenty of drinks in me to even consider it! I said you can have anything you want to make you feel comfortable.

After discussing a few more details and we agreed that we test it out and maybe get our feet wet, I told Tina I would approach Jim and cast the idea of our interest. Tina said I think Jim is big like you? I said what do you mean? She said I think he has a big one like you? I asked why she thought that? She said when we used to do a lot of bike riding, Jim would wear those tight biker riding pants and she noticed he looked pretty large with the bulge in the front of his crotch and wondered if he was as big as you. I said well that would be a good thing wouldn’t it? She just gave me an ornery smile and said I suppose? Now I was wondering if she really has ever fantasized about other men or Jim? wellI said, I’m glad that you noticed that. She said women notice things like that, just like men notice things about women.

I got in touch with Jim and he was thrilled to hear from me and we planned to met at a local Tavern for a couple of beers. Jim had been dating someone pretty regular until about a month ago, when his girlfriend decided she wanted to take on a great job opportunity out of the country, as it was going to be life changing for her. Jim said their relationship just wasn’t strong enough for him to quit his job and make the move with her because he only had seven more years with his company for a full retirement. That was an ice breaker and my chance to chime in on his manly needs. I said, Damn Jim you must miss her? He said yea but was looking forward to get out and mingle again soon. Jim asked how Tina and I have been and I said great. But we’re having some life changing concerns. I decided to get to the point quickly and said, to be honest Jim, I have concerns about keeping her happy. Jim looked puzzled and was hoping not to hear bad news.

I said for the past two years I’ve been having performance issues in the bedroom do to my medical issue. Jim said damn Tom, sorry to hear this. I said Tina and I have tried different lotions, potions and stuff, but it seems not be working. I said we always enjoyed our vibrant sex life and it wasn’t fare to Tina because of my condition. Jim felt so sorry for me and said damn buddy I wished I could advise you but I’m no doctor. I said, well Jim….. Tina and I have been talking things over and we thought about experimenting adding a third person to help satisfy her in areas I’ve been unable too Jim was floored and just starred at me! I said we’v talked about this for a while now, but didn’t want some stranger and she and thought a good friend we’re comfortable with might be our best option if we were to do something like this? Jim looked at me and could tell it was him we wanted help out. Damn Tom, are you asking me? I said, yes Jim, Tina and I know and trust you and Tina has alway like you as a good friend. I said I just want to throw it out there for you to consider if your interested?

Jim said wow Tom, I’m, shocked, honored, and excited all at the same time that you’d ask me for help with something so personal and intimate. I’ve always found Tina a very beautiful woman and I know she loves you very much. Are you sure she’s ok with this? I said she thinks so, but very nervous about it and so am I. I said we discussed this and decided this would be a shared experience with me being present as she doesn’t want this to be what she calls a cheating thing and would want me there for my loving support. It’s kind of my way to give her the fulfillment she a young healthy vibrant women needs used to have with me. I’m sure she’d love to experience this again. Besides I would want to see her enjoy herself like we used to.

Jim said are you sure you would be ok watching me and Tina being intimate? That remark coming from Jim really brought this to a whole idea to a new level of realism. Her I am asking a good friend to possibly have sex with my wife and I wanted to watch! Was I sick in the head? What was I doing?

Jim said if we were serious he would love to try this wife share thing and do his very best to make us happy. Then wanted to know what to expect, ? I said I don’t think we have any rules as of yet and we don’t know how, when , where and what to expect? How far do we want to go with this. I said we don’t know how far Tina is willing to take it as this is all new. We’ve been watching a few porn videos to get Ideas of how we might visualize what we’d do and that may be the way we approach to get things started?

Tina and I are vanilla to the stuff and so far open to what we’ve seen on porn. Tina and I know meeting up for a kiss only is not the excitement we’re hoping for. Jim, Tina and I have watched enough porn to know what can happen and how far they go and I guess I’m trying to say at this point we have now rules at this point and we would want you to feel comfortable with what ever you would like to do with Tina as long as she’s not degraded or hurt in any way.

Tina told me she was curious as to how large you were? I said that’s something she needs to find out for herself. She said back when you and I used to do a lot of biking, she noticed you appeared to be well endowed. That tells me at least she likes to look at mens packages when we’re not paying attention. We both laughed.

I said Jim lets just play it by ear and see where it goes. I promise you I won’t be a jealous or get crazy if or when this happens. This is strictly a loving gesture / gift for my loving wife and making sure Tina is happy as can be. Jim said great , let’s see how it go and he very much was looking forward to our get together. I set up a date and went home to confirm with Tina.

She had a million questions!!!! What did he say??? What did you tell him??? What did you tell him we would do??? What did you tell him he could do??? What did you tell him I would do? Etc…… This was the beginning of my wife being a nervous wreck until us meeting in the next few days.

Plans were set for this coming weekend. We thought it would be best to meet at our local tavern for a few drinks first. This will help calm everyones nerves especially Tina’s to start off in a neutral public place to break the ice.

Tina spent the next few days trying on different outfits, shoes, panties, and anything else that was driving her absolutely bonkers about what to do or wear.. She had this one particular one piece skirt / dress that fit her beautifully and she looked so sexy and hot in it. I’ve always love it on her and it showed a lot of cleavage and turned a lot of heads when she wore it. I kept telling her how hot she looked and no way Jim would be able to keep his hands to himself. It was time to leave and Tina was a nervous wreck saying, Tom I don’t think I can do this? I said let’s just go meet Jim, have a few drinks and see how things go. She reluctantly said ok.

We arrived at the tavern around 2:30 and I noticed Jim was already there and had seats for us at the end of the bar. We walked over, Jim stood up and gave Tina a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. It was so awkward as they kind of leaned into each other ever so slightly like they were afraid to touch each other. I thought that was comical and understood they were nervous just like I was. I shook Jims hand with a firm grip letting him know I was happy to see him and us and the three of us getting to meet. Tina sat between us and said I’ll have a double margarita with salt and a lime right away please! The bartender seen Tina’s impatient need for a drink quickly and served it up first. Jim and I ordered rum and cokes. Tina drank about half her drink within a few seconds!

Jim was very well dressed to impress, manicured and had on a pleasant cologne. Right away Jim spoke up and told Tina how beautiful she was and said you get better looking each time I see you. Tina said thank you Jim, your’er looking great yourself. It’s been about eight months since Tina has seen Jim and she said she was sorry his girlfriend decided to move out of the country. Jim said they were both good with is as their relationship hadn’t got too serious. Tina asked, Are you dating anyone now? Jim said not at this time and just letting things come as they may.

After a little small talk and Tina starting on her third drink, Jim finally got up the nerve to reach over and place his hand on Tina’s and said how thrilled he was to be invited to join our date night. Tina almost turned beat red as she blushed, praying the subject wasn’t going to come up so soon. I know she wasn’t prepared to comment on Jims statement just yet, so I spoke up and made the conversation as comfortable as I could since we all now know what we’re here for. I decided to speak for Tina and I both and said this was just and Idea we had and thought about exploring our feelings. I said We are so nervous and not sure how to react or approach this situation. That’s when Jim leaned over and placed his warm hand on my wife’s upper thigh and said don’t worry Tina, I’m nervous as hell too! Tina reached down and clenched my leg as this was this first time another man has ever touched her in a way that’s not acceptable before tonight. Jim kept his hand there and Tina looked at me with with wide eyes and rolled them a bit (like what should I do?). Her tight squeeze on my leg let me know she was nervous with his hand on her leg. Jim moved his hand and said I’m sorry Tina, I didn’t mean to make you nervous. Tina being the gentle polite lady she is, said that’s ok Jim, I just didn’t know what to expect as she mumbled and fumble a few more words. We all laughed over this first little hurdle and began to relax a bit more.

Tina said guys, please excuse me while I go to the ladies room. I asked Tina should I come with her and she said no she was fine.

Jim asked me if she was ok and was he being to forward? I said I don’t think so and her nervousness should be calm after another drink and hopefully before we get back home. Tina came back and sat down and seemed to be a little more relaxed. I imagine it was the drinks that loosened her up some. Jim said a couple comical remarks and Tina placed her hand on his arm. She usually doesn’t do that touch unless she feels comfortable with her company. That gave Jim the signal maybe he should place his hand on her leg again. He did and Tina didn’t flinch like she did the first time. She let him keep his hand there and I said I need to run to the restroom now. I wanted to give them a little space or breathing room in case he or her wanted to say something to each other while I wasn’t there.

I returned and noticed Jims hand was much further up my wife’s leg and had the edge of her dress pushed up slightly. Tina was in much better spirits and Jim had purchase her another drink, rum and coke this time. Jim said it was his turn for the restroom and I couldn’t wait to ask Tina how she was doing? She said she was ok and she felt ok for Jim to have his hand on her leg. I said I seen he casually kept moving his hand up your leg. She smiled that I noticed. I felt much more comfortable that Tina was warming up. Tina went back to the restroom again as Jim was coming back. I said Jim it looks like Tina is relaxing some now. He said was it ok to keep his hand on her leg? I said sure as long as she wants it there. Tina came back and gave me a nice soft kiss and said I love you Tom in front of Jim. I loved it, it was such a gentle caring kiss and gave me confirmation we were doing this together as a loving couple.

Tina looked over to Jim and said well Jim, has it been difficult for you since your girlfriend moved away. Jim said I get a little lonely at times and took the opportunity to put his hand back on Tina’s leg to converse and he definitely moved it further up her dress this time. Tina turned towards Jim to show concern to his loneliness and the casual experimental touching Jim was trying to give her. I couldn’t see Jim’s hand as well with Tina turned away from me. Jim also said he hasn’t met anyone yet because he was kinda busy with work and just wanted to enjoy the single life a while. Tina said hmmm, yes Jim you should enjoy the single life and all it has to offer for a good looking man like yourself. Some hottie will snatch you up soon enough.

I could see Tina adjusting her legs as she turned back around to the bar they were spread further apart and Jims hand was totally higher up under her dress as he leaned over to talk with us. Tina turned her head away so that Jim couldn’t see her mouth the words at me, Oh My God!!! Her eyes wide open looking at me now while Jims hand up her dress. I just had to say to my wife how beautiful she looked right now. She knew what I meant. She knew I could see and approved of Jims hand up her dress. Tina closed her eyes briefly and I knew Jim had touched the golden spot of my wife’s love canal. Tina looked at me again with wide open eyes as she spread her legs a little more to give Jim better access. Tina knew I was good with this at this point and I could tell she was getting excited with another man touching her pussy right in front of me.

I spoke up and said I think we should invite Jim to the house for a couple of drinks, What do you think Tina? She just dazed at me as she reached down and held Jim’s hand tight where it was and seen that I could see Jim’s hand exploring and obviously fingering her right there at the bar and said ok Honey with eager puppy dog eyes. I paid our bar tab, Tina gathered her composure and we headed home while Jim followed us.

We got in our car and I said damn babe, you looked a little flustered back there. She said I wonder why as she smiled at me. I reached over and slid my hand under her dress to find her panties were missing and she was very wet between her legs. I looked over and she smiled again and said I know, I took them off when I went back to the bathroom. I don’t really know why but I did. I said good for you Honey I like your positive thinking. I asked my wife if she was ok and she said, this was the craziest thing she’s ever done and not sure how she feels but so far It’s kind of exciting.

We all pulled in the driveway and welcomed Jim into our home. We headed for our large eat in kitchen to make a drink for us. Tina left to the other room to freshen up while Jim and I chatted. I said Tina was feeling pretty good and it drove her crazy when you slid your hand up her dress. Jim smiled and said I seen you wink at me with approval and hoped she would respond well.

Tina came back in the kitchen wearing a new flimsy real thin cotton lounge shirt / dress thingy and bare foot. She looks so gorgeous with her nipples very hard and noticeable and the low cut top showed most of her breast as the material dr*ped her body so well and her level legs looked so smooth and sexy. Feeling like we notice how hot she looked, she said she was glad to see Jim come over and walked over to me and kiss me. She stood on her toes to reach my lips and I could feeler say shirt hike up as she held my face in her hands. She gave me a long deep kiss and learned back, then stared into my eyes. She was looking for direction and approval for what we were about to do. I motioned for Jim to come over and he slipped behind her and placed his hands on her waist and leaned over and kissed her neck. Tina never took her eyes off of mine as I winked at Jim. He slowly slid his hands up my wife’s sides and to gently cup her breasts. I had my hands on her waist now and could feel her tremble form the touch of another mans hands on her breasts for the first time! Tina tilted her head to give Jim her full neck to kiss. Jim was rolling her nipples and cup one hand inside her shirt with one hand directly on her bare breast.

I could tell my wife was having a feeling like she’s not had in a long time and it was exciting for me to see her this way.

Tina was nervously shaking and so was I. She looked at me as I gently persuaded her to turn and face Jim. Her arms raised form her her sides up over her head to hold the back of my head. As she faces Jim and her eyes were closed as Jim pulled her top down enough to put both hands on her bare breast and kissed her deeply. I was so emotional and had a strange knot in my stomach watching my wife kissing another man as he fondled her tits. Tina kept her eyes closed enjoying the moment as Jim slid his hand down her arm and grabbed her hand and pulled it to his crotch to show her he was hard for her. I heard a slight moan through them kissing as she held her hand against the outer layer of Jims pants. Jim leaned forward and began to suck on each of my wife’s tit’s and she leaned her head back on my chest and enjoyed the seductive attention she was getting.

I reached up and massaged her shoulders to ensure her I was good with what she was doing. I could see her arm moving up and down and I knew she was feeling his cock through his pants. I could feel my stomach churn in knots watching what was happing! I whispered in my wife’s ear, should we take this in the other room? Without saying a word she reached back and grabbed my hand and Jims hand and led us to the bedroom.

I was shocked and very surprised when Tina had already turned on a porno flick when we she went in to change into something comfortable. It was porn flick very similar to the wife sharing video we were watching the other night . We all stood in the middle of the bedroom and I said this is exciting!!! Tina stood there looking for direction from me or Jim and I spoke up and said Jim, do you like the porn video Tina picked out for us?

Tina looked at me and I smiled with approval how things were going and I pulled her in to kiss her again. Tina reached down and grabbed my cock and it was growing more than it has in many months! She smiled with enthusiasm, winked at me, then reached behind her to clutch Jims crotch. I said if we were going to enjoy this porn flick properly we should remove our clothes. Tina reached over and undone my pants and pulled them to the floor as I pulled off my shirt. She turned and kissed Jim as she undone his pants and pushed them to the floor. Jim removed his shirt and Tina reached out and held both of our cocks in her bare hands. It was amazing my cock was actually getting a little hard and I watched as Tina stroked Jims cock and it rapidly grew in size.

Jim and I both grabbed one tit each and began to massage and suck on her tits. I could tell my wife was in heaven and loving the erotic attention. Jim began fingering my wife’s pussy again and it was such a strange feeling watching my wife enjoy the finger play of a naked man and her with two hard cocks in her hands

I used to be pretty well endowed when erect but I can now plainly see Jim had me beat by about a good inch, maybe two? He was definitely thicker than me from what I could see. He was fully shave smooth and cut with the head of his cock being massaged by my wife hand! Tina was on cloud nine!!!

Tina looked at me to see if I was still ok with her stroking Jim’s hard cock and what we were about to do. I nodded yes and smiled as Jim and I help pull her sheer cotton shirt off. My wife kept looking at me to make sure I was good with her being completely naked and Jims hard cock in her hand. I said you look so hot and sexy Honey and I love you more than you’ll ever know.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying next, but I told my wife the scene on the porn video looked super hot and what did she think?

We looked over and the girl was on her knees sucking off both men!

My wife gave me one last look and a wink to make sure this is what her and I wanted to do? My heart raced and pounded as she turned, leaned over, and placed her lips on Jims cock!!!

My cock twinged as Jim held my wife’s head as she licked the head of his cock then took him into her mouth!. Jim moaned out, Awh Fuck that feels Soooo Good! Tina let go of my cock and got down on her knees now and was stroking and sucking our guests cock making him much bigger and harder. No turning back now. I’m standing there watching the love of my life suck my long time friends cock and actually enjoyed watching her do this. I had the sense to realize this moment should be recorded and I ran over to the closet to grab my video camera. I just felt like I needed to record and save this experience for Tina and I to review a some point. Tina Turned back towards me to see what I was doing and seen that I was filming her with another mans had cock in her mouth. She motioned with her finger for me to get closer and then switched over and began sucking my cock. I was so pleased that my cock was getting hard. I could see Jims cock throbbing in Tinas hand wanting more attention and my wife did not deny it either. I could tell she was finally enjoying a large hard throbbing cock again! She was treating his cock the way she used to treat mine. I was so happy watching her enjoy herself. I knew at this point my wife had lost all her inhibitions and was likely going to take this all the way! I sat in a chair and recorded the fantastic blow job Tina was giving Jim. Tina Seemed to enjoy it when Jim grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. She let him do this and I sit there and let him do it too.

Tina knew I was turned on watching her suck Jim’s hard cock and made sure she was making him enjoy her oral skills!

My wife’s not camera shy and she has let me video her masturbating and using dildos alone. So it was no surprise her sultry skills were on point as she had Jims cock held high and licking his balls letting me film what was taboo only a few days ago and now sucking another mans cock. Tina was showing me that she was enjoying and wanted Jims hard cock now and has submitted to the beginning of been a hot wife.

Jim was close to cumming and pulled my wife to her feet then pushed her back onto the bed, then knelt down between her legs. Tina look at me and reached out for my hand as Jim ran his hands up and down her inner thighs. I moved over and grabbed her hand and she was gripping tight as Jim was running his tongue up and down her inner thighs teasing her. My wife was so horny at this point and was raising her hips trying to put her pussy in his mouth to receive the pleasure she was craving. Jim finally placed his mouth on Tina’s beautifully shaved smooth pussy and licked her from her ass to her clit. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed her wanting pussy in his mouth as hard as she could and screamed OH FUCK!!!! OH FUCK TOM I”M CUMMMING!!!!! Wow what a site watching my wife reach an instant intense orgasm like that again.

She is so beautiful when she’s in this state of mind and emotion.

Jim kept lapping up her wet pussy juice and my wife held his head tight while hunching and fucking his mouth. I held her hand and caressed her tits and asked her if she was ok? She looked at me with a dazed eyes and said oh god Tom I’m going to cum again. She stiffened up and moaned out Oh God Yessss!

Wow two times in less than a couple minutes. I knew right then this is what my wife has needed for a long time. Her shyness was completely gone now and her inner emotions and desires have exploded know she was letting another man orally make her cum so hard!

As she calmed down Jim kept pleasing her soaking wet pussy as I leaned over and kissed her deeply and told her I loved her so much. She started crying from the emotional and intense climax and said she loved me more than I’ll ever know. Thank you Tom, Thank you for this experience! I could see the passion and appreciation in here eyes and in her voice as she reached up and cupped my face with both hands and kissed me passionately. We broke our kiss and I asked her if she was ready to take it all they way? She said I think so?

I said I want you to let it happen Honey. I want you to enjoy this moment and have a fantastic mind blowing orgasm! I want to see you release that sexual sole again! Then I said Jim, My wife wants you to make her cum hard like she used to. I said Honey I want you to feel that again. She looked at me teary eyed and said ok Tom I want to feel that again. I held both of her hands above her head letting her know I was now giving her to another man with a large hard cock to rock her world!

Tina was always verbally expressive when she was having an orgasm. They used to be so intense and uncontrollable and I was hoping Jim could bring out from her inner sole that erotic sex goddess that loves a big hard cock!

Jim crawled up between her legs. I grabbed the recorder and held it so I could record this epic moment.

Jims cock was definitely larger than I was and I hoped that my wife could take his size. Jim rubbed his cock on my wife’s pussy lips. No lube was needed as she was soaking wet. She kept looking at me and squeezed my hand tight as his cock spread the pink lips of her wanting pussy as his swollen cock rubbed her clit and caused her to squeal with excitement. Jim eased his large hard throbbing cock just inside my wife’s love canal! Jim slowly pushed his throbbing rod in deeper and deeper. Tina took his size length and girth and was in ecstasy as she gripped my hand and closed her eyes! She pulled her legs up and apart to take in as much of his hard rigged cock as she could.

I let go of her hands as she reached down to help pull his cock in deep. He held it there for a few moments and Tina started quivering and began her first powerful orgasm with another mans cock deep inside her! Her legs stiffened and her toes curled as her orgasm took over her body with wave after wave! I knew right then Jim was giving her the large hard cock she’d been missing fo a long time. I whispered in her ear, how does it feel Honey? How does it feel to cum on a hard cock again? All she could do was shake her head yes. I said I want to watch you fuck Jim back I want you to cum on his cock over and over! Tina was almost delirious with please and I think this might be the best sexual experience of her life?

As she calmed Jim began giving her long hard strokes driving my wife crazy with desire. Jim picks up the pace and Tina grasped her hands on his ass pulling him in hard on each deep thrust. Tina was begging Jim to keep fucking her and please don’t stop!

My wife has fully given herself to another mans cock begging for him to keep fucking her. Tina knew I was here and watching her every move and showing me how much she was enjoying his cock. No pretending now, this is the real deal and I was so happy to watch her enjoy this erotic moment. I got behind Jim as filmed his cock going in and out of my wife. I was truly enjoying the moment also. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and each time he held his cock deep inside her I could see my wife pussy muscles grip his cock like a vise trying to pull his whole body inside her.

I moved back to the bed and held my wife as she was reaching another massive orgasm. I said, Tina, where do you want him to cum? She looked over at me with tears of passion in eyes again and could only shake her head yes! I know my wife well and that head nod yes meant she wanted him to cum in her hot wet pussy and she knew I was giving my blessing to receive all Jim could deliver! Then about 5 seconds later she grabbed the covers, gripped them with all her might and raised her hips lifting her lover over the bed and screamed out OH GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! GIVE IT TO ME JIM!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP!!! OH GOD I’M GOING TO CUM!!!

This was a first….. I just heard my wife say another mans name asking him to not stop fucking her! I wasn’t sure if I truly wanted him to cum in my wife, but the way she was enjoying it and actually wanted to feel the cum of a hard throbbing cock fill her inner walls and watching her enjoy the feeling of their cum mix during their raw animalistic fuck session, How could I deny such pleasure my wife wanted and enjoyed! Tinas orgasm went on and on as Jim moaned out OH FUCK! and jammed his hard cock deep in Tina and shot steam after stream of cum in her as Tina convulsed with a death grip on Jims ass holding him deep inside he while Jim delivered his hot sperm deep inside her! They both shook with aftershock spasms. My wife was trying to laugh and cry with overwhelming emotions as she just had one the best fucking she’s ever had in her life!

They both lay in each others arms silently for several moments to regain composure. Jim gently pulled out of my wife and rolled over. Tina leaned forward to look at me and said thank you again. She reached over to massage the cock that gave her such pleasure and without hesitation she leaned over and began cleaning his cock with her mouth. She enjoyed cleaning his cock as it twitched when she licked the sensitive underside of his cock head Tina actually looked into the video recorder and put on a cock cleaning show for us to watch later. Tina looked up at Jim and said Thank You So Much Jim! I enjoyed our moment tremendously! Jim said Tina I did too and thank you! I hope Tom enjoyed it as well? Tina said oh yea Tom enjoyed it and if I have anything to do with it, I’ll make sure my Tom enjoys it again as she looks at me with a shit eating grin.

After dressing I walked Tom to the door and Thanked him for being a part of my part of pleasing my wife. Tom said it was a real pleasure and would gladly be a participant anytime we wanted.

I went back in the bedroom and Tina was in the shower. I sat back and uploaded the video I shot to view on the TV. Tina came out smelling wonderful and refreshed. She eagerly hopped on the bed to discuss our encounter. She said she never dreamed anything like this would happen and especially enjoying it as much as she did. I said, this turned out way more exciting than I thought it would. Are you interested in doing this again? She smiled as she held my hard cock and said, what do you think? She said but only if this is what you want to do too. She said she can’t remember the last time she had so many intensive orgasms? We watched a little of the video I made and Tina sucked my cock while watching. I actually got hard and came so much while watching video of my wife clench the covers and hump on Jim’s cock fucking him wildly having a massive orgasm.

We decided to invite Jim over again a few weeks later and it was even better as we all were comfortable with what we wanted and not a sign of shyness this time! We are now exploring the possibility of inviting a different bull over for my wife?. Just to make sure she’s on board for future encounters, I asked her to pick and choose her next bull or (Bulls). She has agreed and now searches this site regularly :)~

Depending if you liked this story and helped you decide what to do in similar circumstances like ours, I’ll upload another interesting encounter we recently had. Please feel free to rate your thoughts in which ever category you see fit?

PS, Our first encounter inviting another man into our bedroom happened about six month ago and we’ve see Jim twice. Tina has been watching porn a little more often and approached me about inviting a BBC over some time? This was a new interest as Tina wanted to experience a larger cock? How could I deny the love of my life her desires? This has been life changing for us and we have absolutely no regrets so far.

More to cum!

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