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We met in the lobby of a hotel. He looked just like in his photograph. "Hi," I said and smiled. His eyes met me and I knew he knew I was the one he was waiting for in this moment. He moved over a little on the loveseat and I sat next to him. " I had a little bit of a stomachache toward the end of the day, " I told him. " I didn’t know if it was because I was meeting you or because of the meeting at work I just came from."

"And how do you feel now?" he asked.

"I feel better now that I’m here," "I’m glad you made it," he said then greeted me like a lover, kissing me long, wet, deep.

We moved together to the hotel lounge, sitting at the end of the bar. We moved our barstools facing one another. I closed mine in so our legs overlapped. His hands held my thighs and we blushed at each other…gazed. It was personal, moreso than I had expected.

We exchanged stories about previous sexual experiences. Neither of us had numerous encounters to report. He was especially interested to hear about my near miss experiences with women. As we talked, he rubbed my thighs. We kissed now and then and I leaned forward and rested my chin on his shoulder or buried my face in his neck and he would do the same. He smelled sooo good and I would rest my lips on his cheek, lick and breathe deeply. Now and then I could see in the periphery of men sitting around the bar, that we were a focus of others’ attention; we were being observed, pointed at and remarked about. It was titillating to know our innocent play at intimate flirtation had the attention and perhaps envy of others. As I told him about my experiences, he asked me to demonstrate sensuous hugs so close as to experience contours of body. My hands were sweaty and my cheeks felt flushed with heat. I sipped my drink and forgot my thoughts mid-sentence as he stroked the inside of my legs. "Are you excited?" I asked.

"Yes, very excited" he said and I inched my hand forward to feel his erection. I rubbed it slightly and retreated with a sigh. We decided we should move on to another place more private. While he paid for our drinks, I went to find a restroom. I would meet him in the lobby. The restroom across from the bar was being repaired and I was told I had to go to another near the hotel desk. The restroom was down a hall that led to some of the hotel rooms.

I met him in the lobby. He held my hand and kissed my lips. "I want to show you something," I said. "What," he asked. "Come on" and I pilled his hand in the direction of the hall. We turned into the deserted hallway. "I wanted to show you this beautiful hallway. Isn’t it a great hallway?"

"This hallway?" He pulled me close. "I love this hallway," he breathed into my neck, his mouth finding mine. He looked around, noticed the wall near the pay phones. He kissed me deep, stepping me back against the wall. We were both breathing hard and very hot. He rubbed himself against me, ran his hands up and down my thighs and butt. I showed his hand the hills of my breasts. We were kissing, licking, panting rubbing.

"Wonderful hall," I gasped. "Do you think this hall might have cameras?" I wondered aloud.

"Wait here," he said and walked down the hall, seeking what, I didn’t know. He took me by the hand. "Come here," and he led me to an elevator. Once in the elevator, he pushed the button for the highest floor. The doors closed and we resumed embrace. At the top floor, we exited the elevator. He looked around. "Here." He led me by the hand to the stairwell,. In the stairwell, I asked, "Where are we going?"

"Up, " he said "There’s got to be an exit to the roof or somewhere," Crazy, I thought but climbed stairs with him 4-5 flights. It was extremely hot, hotter as we rose till we could go no further. There was no accessible exit to the roof, only a fire escape ladder. We stayed where we were, kissing, rubbing against each other in a hot frenzy. I stepped up a stair to meet his height, raised a leg to open myself so I could feel the length of his hard on as he rubbed it against me. We had not removed any clothing—it was sooo hot—and I orgasmed and it seemed somehow he knew because we just melted into an embrace and breathed until we found a calm. We kissed and laughed and went down the stairs again to the lobby and to his car where we kissed some more. Eventually, he drove me to my car. He was going to follow me to our next place.

Once there, we found a couch on which to lay side by side or top over bottom I don’t exactly recall how the intertwining of bodies began or how we became naked, his body gleamed white in the twilight. I could have had nothing but his kisses, so luscious and tasty they were but he had to have breasts and nipples in his mouth. "Yum," he said. How much heat could we take. His mouth found another place. "you don’t have to" I said. "You’re so wet" he licked and his mouth explored the valley of my screams. My legs shook as I felt a feeling all the way to the soles of my feet and I orgasmed again. But he continued and new twitches rose—how could this be, there was no time to recover myself and he did it to me again and again, making twitches in my legs, streaming feelings down to my feet, up to my head—orgasm after orgasm. I became an ocean of warm waves.

O lost count of the times my valley peaked and his lips were at my mouth once more. My turn to lick him clean. I made my way. He smelled so good. Down between his legs licking his hood, taking him into my mouth, a little, a lot. Now his legs were twitching and he was moaning and screaming "Oh God," He was getting harder and longer. He drew me up and rolled on top of me not entering. "Higher," I said and he groaned a laugh as higher gave him entrance. Oh, the steam, God, the groans as he pushed and I drew my legs higher and he pushed in deeper. This can go on and on, yes! So many comes to go. He roared like a monster. It was good, so good, the electricity flickered off, then on, then off and on again. "It was because of you," I said. "A frenetic energy explosion. I hope he enjoyed those six hours as much as I did. This is merely from my womanly perspective. …Gingerly

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