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Another Adventure with Dick and Jane !!!!!

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This happened a few years back when Jane's sister was living with us. Jane came to me one afternoon and said that her sister Betty had heard us many times getting it on. I said "so what" as I was thinking to myself about the afternoon fun Betty and I had had. Jane told that she was alittle uncomfortable because Betty had made a request and that she(Jane) felt uncomfortable. I asked what was the request and Jane stated "Betty wants to watch us have sex" I of course was all for the idea, but had to pretent that I was shocked I said to Jane how do you feel about it,she said that she felt sorry for Betty as it had been years since she was with a man. I said to Jane it is up to you and if you want to take your time trying to come up with an answer.

Afew days later Jane, Betty and I were sitting aroundchatting after dinner,when Jane said to us why don't we play truth or dare. Both Betty and I agreed with Jane asking the 1st question as the game went on the questions started to get alttle more sexual and to be honest not only was I getting turned on but both Jane and Betty nipples were getting very hard and I could see them thru there tops. After awhile we all grew tired of the game, so Jane and I retird to our room and Betty to hers. I had almost competly forgot about Betty's request until Jane mentioned it when we got into bed. I said what have you decied and she staed that she told Betty yes she could watch us but with some ground rules. Those rules being all Betty could do was watch, no touching or anything else and that Betty had to use her own toys and not Janes. I then asked "when is this going to take place and Jane said "tonight" Well you could have bowled mr over with a feather, I asked Jane if there was some type of siginal that had come up with or what. Jane told me not to worry about anything as it was all taked care of. So Jane and I started kissing and feeling each other up, to be honest it did not take Jane long to have my dick to full mast in no time. Iwas playing with Jane's pussy which was super wet and I could hear the door to our room open and in walked Betty.She was dressed in just a very sexy black bra and matching panties. Both Jane and I smiles at Betty and continued with what we were doing.After afew minutes Jane told Betty to pull up a chair and to please remeber the rules.Betty pulled a chair right to the edge of our bed and started rubbing her tits and pinching the nipples, I of course I an eye on Betty and was getting more turned on by the second. Jane started sucking my dick and may I said Jane gives a great blow job.I almost popped my load in Jane mouth when Betty oped her legs and started playing with her pussy.She then started slowly rubbing her clit and I mean Betty has a beauitful big clit, in no time Betty was maoning and started cumming for all she was worth. This got to Jane as she really started sucking and licking my dick. I had to amkle her stop otherwise she would have gotten a mouth full of cum. I told Jane to lay back and let me eat her pussy, when I spread Jane"a legs I could see how wet she was. I started licking her outter lips and then slowly started licking her clit, Itook Janes clit in between my teeth and just sucked on it. Jane started cumming and cumming, I had NEVER seen her cum so much. As I continued to eat hear pussy I felt a hand reach for my dick, I stopped eating Jane and looked up and saw it was Betty playing with me. I looked at Jane and all she did was give me to OK sign. I was in pardaise, here I was eating Jane with Betty starting to suck my dick. I made a move that she wanted to get up and do something, what she did was join Betty in sucking my dick, that was all I could take I shot my load and both of them licked and sucked me dry.

Ater we had all rested for awhile things started heating up again, when both the ladys grapped there favorit toys and started playing with them. I sat watching for abit and when I reached for Jane she shook her head and made a motion for me to play with Betty. I started sucking Betty's tits and gently bitting the nipples. I do not know if it was the toys or me but Betty started rocking back and forth and cumming like mad. Jane said to me " lay her sdown and give her a good fucking." So I did what I was told and laid Betty back and with my Janes help I put my dick into Betty;s hot wet pussy. Man what I ride I got from Betty,she must have cum 4 or 5 times and each time she got louder and louder. By this time I was ready to shot Betty's pussy full of cum and man did I ever cum. After I was done cumming Betty wanted to lack me clean so I laid back as Betty did her job.

After a full nights fun and games Betty went to her room and Jane and I stayed in ours. As we laid there talking and hugging each other Jane asked me if I had a good time, I of course said yes yes yes. She then told me that she had a great time also and who knows that it might become a weekly thing, all I could do was smile and hope.

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