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Wife cucked me with family

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Well my wife and had been married for about 5 yrs,, sex started out normal I’d say 2 /3 times a week. Always missionary nothing special,well in yr6 my wife Susan started hanging out with our neighbor who had just gotten divorced and started going out to bars and staying over at Jill’s house,, I didn’t mind much as long as she wasn’t bitching at me,, I’d work on my 68 vette I was restoring and drink a few beers,, well my dad would often come over and help me with the car, so it wasn’t any big deal to see his truck in the drive when I got from work on Friday,,I got my lunch box and went in the back door,, hollared out for Susan but no answer,, so I grabbed a beer and headed out back to the garage, I figured dad was out there already,, well as right I could hear him talking as I was coming in the side door,,,I heard him say damn Suzy girl suck it!!!! I stopped dead in my tracks, dad was leaned back on the hood of my vette all I could see was his back. He was moaning and groaning. I gotbpissed quick and just about yelled out but I didn’t I slipped back out the door and crept around back,, I snuck up and peeked in the window,, there was dad with his pants around his ankles and Susan on her knees sucking his big old uncut dick!!!!! Of course I’d seen my dads dick over the yrs,, mom always joked about him bein big as a horse!!! Anyway he had both hands on Susan’s head fuckin her mouth like it was a pussy!!! She was slurping and spit was hanging off her chin like a 2 bit whore!!!! I started gettin mad again and I realized my dick was hard as a rock,,,that’s when she dropped his dick and stood up,, I could hear every outta her mouth,,, she said dad your dick is twice as big as mikes!!!! Then she laughed, she unbuttoned her shorts and dropped them to her ankles and bent over the hood of my car and said go ahead daddy fuck your sons pussy!!!!! That sob didn’t waste a second , he scooted up behind her and rubbed his horse cock up her oussy and shoved it all the way in!!!! I mean rough!!!!! She hollared out hell yes!!! A man’s dick!!!!!he went to slamming her pussy like he had never had any,, he grabbed her shoulders so he wouldn’t knock her over the car,, by now I’ve got my hand in my pants rubbing my dick!!i I mean it was hot watching that whore fuckmy dad!!!! I couldn’t take any more and I ran around the garage and ducked in the door and screamed what the fuck are y’all doin!!!!!! Susan swung her head up and dad just held on to her shoulders and looked at me,,, Susan said I’m gettin fucked by a man ,, with a man’s dick!!!!! And it’s good!!! And she hollared at dad to fuck her and he went right back to it!!!!! I screamed you fuckin whore!!! She laughed and pushed back on dad and he shook and grunted and thrust in her as hard as he could and filled her whore cunt full of his old man cum,,,,, she said damn dad ,,, that’s a load!!!! I stood there lookin as he pulled his fat meat from her dripping cunt and cum oozed down her legs,, she swung around to me and said from now on I’ll fuck who I want and you’ll like it!!!! If you ever want this pussy agsin you’ll get on your knees and clean this pussy right now!!!!!!! I looked at my dad and he just nodded and I slowly got to my knees and she came over and slung one leg over my shoulder and shoved her swollen dripping musky cunt in my mouth and yelled clean it up you sorry sob!!!!!! I started lapping her cream filled cunt like a dog in a bowl. She cooed and laughed at me and said look at your boy eating your cum!!!!! He loves it!!! And she smacked me in the side of the head and said so t you????? I mumbled yes and kept sucking and licking,, she finally stepped back and said get up you fag,,,, I stood up and she pointed at dads fat uncut flaccid dick with cum drippin off the foreskin and said get down and clean him up too!!!!! I slid over and dad shoved his dick in my mouth,, I ducked him clean,, and of course he started gettin hard again,, Susan said well we’ll look at that. You like suckin daddy dick too,, she ask dad if I was any good and he said I’ll take one every day!!!!!susan said dad he’s yours when ever you want him… I bet he likes it in the ass too!!!! lol dad started fuckin my mouth and Susan pulled up her shorts and saod I’ll leave you 2 lovers alone. I’m goin over to Jill’s ,, so out the door she went. With dads dick still in my mouth,, damn ,,, what’s next

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