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Boot Play 2 - Alternate Ending

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Knowing she was meeting her Master following work, she had to choose her office attire carefully. Conservative enough to be professional, while hiding her stockings and garters beneath. He had promised her a surprise that night, if she behaved and followed his instructions. She was usually good at following instructions, the “behaving,” part was more difficult if she were honest. She arrived at the specified hotel, knocking on door 402 precisely at 7:00 pm. Master met her mouth with a claiming kiss, making her already wet pussy, dampen her panties. He asked for his favorite whiskey over ice. After serving him, she made one for herself as well. He then proceeded to tell her of their arriving guest, a gentleman that Master said, “might be perfect for what he (Master) had in mind for her.” Her apprehension ran deep. She could think of many ways that things could go wrong, but she trusted her Master to make sure things went right as he had done so many times before. He pulled her close to him and said, “Trust me.” She looked up into his dark, strong eyes and she knew she could trust him, “Yes Master”, was all she could say. At 7:15 PM there was a knock at the door. She looked at her Master and started to rise as she always did when they expected guests, but he said, “I will get it this time”, and she knew better than to argue. Master let the striking Gentleman in, he was maybe 10 years younger than Master and fit. Slighter of build than Master but confident and attractive. Introductions were made and they sat down to chat and get to know each other. This time Master seated her and the Gentleman on opposite ends of the couch and Master took a chair facing both. The usual small talk ensued, with each of the three sharing the usual background and history. After a few moments Master stood up and said, “Lisa and I enjoy sipping a shot of a good Tequila with friends from time to time, would you join us in one?” to which the Gentleman agreed. As they slowly enjoyed their shots, Master began to lay out the plans and the guidance for the evening. “Each of us will have a safe word, if the safe word is called, everything stops, and we will all return to these positions to talk. Nothing moves forward until we are all aligned, Agreed?” And they all agreed. Master stood up and said, “Lisa, go to the bedroom, prepare the bed, and return to us without your dress, Understand?” To which she replied, “Yes Master”. A few moments later, as Master and the Gentleman were talking, she opened the door and walked back into the room. Although she normally would be self-conscious, she wanted her Master to be proud of her, so she held her head high and walked into the room in her stockings and garters, her thigh-high boots and her under cup bra with her nipples exposed. She wanted to exude confidence and she was sure she had when Master and the Gentleman both commented approvingly. She sat down on the couch, which Master had prepared with a pad, crossed her legs to hide her dripping pussy, and slowly took another sip of her remaining Tequila shot. “Very good girl” her Master stated. “Beautiful” stated the Gentleman, “Just Beautiful”. Master began to take control as he called the Gentleman by name, and said, “Stand up, look her in the eyes and slowly strip for her. Fold your clothes neatly and place them on the table. Slowly, and deliberately the Gentleman complied, locking his gaze on her as he did. When the final garment was folded and put away, Master said. “Down on all fours, and crawl to her. I want to see if you know how to properly worship and appreciate a pussy” ….and the Gentlemen did. Master guided him, “start at the toe of her left foot, and kiss her boot. Work your way up the boot to the top, then switch to the right boot, kiss and lick to the toe of the right, showing that you aim to please her…. then start back up….as she spreads her legs for you, look at her pussy and see how wet it is…. stop and wait for further instruction from me.” …and the Gentleman did. Lisa’s mind was racing as he kissed and licked back up. As the Gentleman reached the top of the boot, she heard Master say, “Spread for him Lisa”, and she gladly followed her Masters guidance by spreading her legs apart opening herself for the Gentleman. Master said, “softly, very softly, lick the outer lips of her pussy” and the Gentleman tried to be as delicate as he could be, as his tongue touched her, Lisa gasped at the touch. As the Gentleman continued to lick, Master said to her, “Lisa, don’t cum without asking permission…” and she thought, “Just like Master, always in charge…. lol”. But she replied, “Yes Master, of course” …. Master told the Gentleman, “Slip your middle two fingers inside her and stroke the top wall of her vagina in a “come here motion”. As the Gentleman complied Lisa became more and more excited and she pleaded, “Master, may I cum??? Please may I cum?” And Master softly said, “Cum for Us…. Cum my slut…. Cum for us” And she exploded into what was to be the first of Master’s many “Proxy orgasms” where he controlled, but did not have to physically participate in her pleasure. Realizing that the Gentleman might need release, Master called him by name and told him, “for the first time you cum, I want you to concentrate on giving her the pleasure of having a man cum on her boots as she watches. She deserves to feel like a Goddess to begin. Try to fuck her boots with her toes under your balls while you rub your cock between the soft leather of her ankles. The Gentleman looked at Lisa and said...”is that what you want Lisa?” And she replied, “Yes please”. Master stood up from his chair and moved across the room as the Gentleman moved into position. He sat down beside her and put his right arm around and over her shoulders. Master being fully clothed contrasted to her, and the Gentleman’s nakedness only served to heighten her arousal. As the Gentleman slowly used her soft leather boots for his pleasure, her pussy grew wetter. Master told her, “Watch his cock disappear into the soft folds of leather. It’s like a second pussy for him to use for his pleasure. Look into his eyes and then look at his cock, back and forth and experience what we are giving you.” As she complied, she felt all reservations and inhibitions slipping away. She heard Master say softly, “Tell him what you want him to do.” And she heard her voice saying, “Cum for me, Cum for me so I can cum with you.” As she watched his face, Master moved his left hand to her pussy, softly stroking it, and then softly brought his right hand to her throat in a way that he knew she loved so much. As the waves started to rise in her she could tell the Gentleman was also close to his release and Master ordered, “Cum”. She felt herself go over the edge as everything around her seemed to stop in time. She felt a trickle of a tear roll down her cheek as her pussy spasmed into a squirting orgasm and she saw her Gentleman explode white hot shots of cum all over her boots and thighs. She came until she thought she might never stop cuming, then folded into Master to let the emotion out onto those shoulders she leaned on so much, then pulled her Gentleman to her for a kiss and the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

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