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dreaming of a master

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He whispers in my ear, ?I am so delighted you came to see me.? I get goosies as he strokes my arm.

We are walking along the sidewalk to his house. I am very nervous, we had meet for the first time in a local coffee shop. I had done my best to pick someone that seemed sane, but you just never know.

He smiles as he guides me up the steps. I don?t care anymore if this is my last change to back out. I so want this! Whatever he does to me, it will be better than wondering what it could be like.

When we go inside he gives me a safe word and makes me repeat it a couple times. ?Are you ready?? he asks.

?Yes sir,? I say as I shiver.

?Good girl,? he says before he grabs me and pushes me hard against the wall. He has a hand on my throat as he lifts my dress. I have done as he asks. His hands encounter no panties and his hand caresses my shaved mound roughly. His finger finds my wet snatch and thrusts deeply.

?Sir.? I cry out. I am not sure if it is pleasure or pain I feel, realizing I don?t care. His hand tightens on my throat. ?Say nothing to me from now on, till I give you permission.? His fingers, continue their movement in my pussy, thrusting and rubbing. I am so wet it is rather embarrassing and I know I am blushing nonstop. He finds my g spot and rubs fiercely.

I moan and my back arches helplessly. He stops suddenly and turns me to face the wall. He holds me now by the back of my neck. ? Lift your skirt and hold it up.? my new master orders and I obey without thought.

Master now rubs and spanks my bottom. He starts out slowly but I still shake and jump with each smack. I relax each time he rubs it to sooth me. I twitch and jump as he spanks my ass. This is not a hard spanking but he goes on for awhile. I am so new to this, my bottom is very sore quickly. My ass is pink and in my imagination I see his hand prints on my butt clearly. I am panting and trying hard not to say anything or do anything to make him mad at me. I just want him to be happy with me.

Again his fingers delve into my pussy and finding me even wetter than before, he laughs.

?Get on your hands and knees and crawl down the hall.? I drop down and do as he orders. ?Go through the door on your left. Stand, take off all your clothes and get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed.? I know he is watching but I do not look up at him as I do these things. My flirty attitude at the coffee shop is gone, I am so excited I am almost dizzy with it. The hot reminder of my masters possession is still on my bottom. Now what?

I hear him approach the bed. ?Have you been a good girl?? he asks. ?Yes master,? I answer.

?Then why did I spank you??

?I don?t know sir.?

?Because I wanted too. I am going to do whatever I want to you today. How do you feel about that?? He is amused and I can tell.

?Nervous,? I answer and then honestly, ?excited.?

?Good girl.?

He comes up behind me and runs a hand along my bottom. I wait tensing. He puts a small black paddle on the bed in front of me. Then he lays a rather large butt plug next to it, much larger than I have used in the past. Next to that he lays small devices that I know are nipple clamps. I have never used them, I had been waiting for a master. In this I wanted to be a virgin for him. Master knows this, I had confessed this need to him. Then he places the blindfold on the bed.

?Hand me the paddle.? I do so with shaking hands. How will I stand more, my ass is already ablaze. He grabs an ankle and pulls my legs farther apart. ?Head down,? he orders.

Again he spanks me but this time it is not just my cheeks but my thighs and even a few small smacks on my pussy. I do my best to hold still and take it. Time blurs and I think, ?just hold out a few more.? Then he is done and puts the paddle down in front of me again. I almost collapse in relief. ?Hand me the butt plug,? and I do.

Master must be pleased because he covers my ass hole with lube, pushing more in with a finger. But it is big and when he tries to push it in, I tense. He smacks my bottom. ?Do I need to use that paddle again?? he asks. I shake my head franticly. ?Lay down on the bed and hold those cheeks apart.? It is a mixture of pain and pleasure to hold my sore cheeks.

He again begins to push it in and this time I concentrate on relaxing. I draw a breath as it slides in a couple inches, there is so much pleasure with the pain. He slides it out before it gets any further and I moan in protest. He laughs and doesn?t punish me. Master works it in just to the thickest part again. I want to feel it pop in but he withdraws, torturing me. I expect it the next time and am almost shocked when he drives it home firmly. Master watches me while I twitch and jump at the feeling. After a moment he reaches out to push and twist it inside me. I think I may go crazy before he stops and orders me to kneel, facing him. His cock is out and he orders me to worship it. I lick my lips and admire my first sight of it. It is beautiful, thick but not too long. I love the huge mushroom shaped head and the dark red of him. I start by licking him repeatedly balls to tip. I suck him into me and release so I can suck his large balls into my mouth too. I take as much of his cock into my mouth and suck him. I have been holding his hips so I can get some leverage. The butt plug seems to throb in my ass. ?Put your hands behind your neck,? he demands and grabs me by the hair. I do my best then to deep throat him as he fucks my mouth slowly. I am not really good at it and sometimes gag, so I am nervous. I know I am doing ok when he groans and pulls me off.

?Enough,? he says and I can tell how much he likes this by the roughness of his voice. ?Hand me the paddle.? I moan but I do it immediately. He laughs and puts it in a box by the bed. ?Hand me the clamps.? I feel as if I handed him more than the clamps as he takes them. He places them carefully, ignoring my gasps and moans. It is better than I hoped.

Master demands the blindfold next and I have mixed feelings, but he puts it on anyway. He guides me off the bed and leads me somewhere else in the house.

I am soon on my hands and knees again but this time I feel not the softness of a bed but cold metal and my heart is in my throat as he ties me down. There is even a support under my stomach. I am open to anything he wants to do. When he has bound me I can barely move. This is the big barrier for me, the trust I need to give a virtual stranger. He is a good master and he waits while I think about the bonds, the feelings from all he has done. I do not say the safe words.

?Good girl,? he says softly in my ear. I can hear him opening the condom wrapper and he is fucking me very roughly in moments. ?Don?t you dare cum,? he says breathless and threateningly. I can feel his cock stroking me hard and the butt plug jolting me with every thrust. It is hard, I have been on the edge for too long, but just when I think I will go over anyway, he stops and pulls out. ?I felt that, naughty, naughty. You almost disobeyed me.? I say without thinking, ?Sorry master.?

He smacks my butt jolting the butt plug harshly. ?I did not give you permission to speak,? he laughs a little as be grabs the butt plug and jerks it out suddenly. ?I do, however appreciate your apology.? He begins to force his cock into my suddenly emptied ass. I wonder distantly if I will come anyway, it just feels so good. I have always loved anal sex, to the point of obsession. Freak that I am.

He thrusts and thrusts and pulls on the nipple clamps if he feels like I am going to cum. He grunts as he orgasms deep in my bottom. I feel deep satisfaction and no longer care if I cum. But he isn?t done. I hear him moving around in the room and he makes no attempt to release me.

There is the sound of a motor coming on and my eyes behind the mask open wide. He is laughing at me again as he pushes something into my pussy. I am struggling as the machine begins to fuck me. The rhythm is relentless as it hits my g-spot. ?Now you can cum and don?t stop till I tell you too.? I come hard as he whispers in my ear. I am helpless and he knows how much I love it. I already love that evil laugh. He fills my mouth with his cock and I cum again and again.

Please let me know any suggestions you may have. awilson

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