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The Ex-Boyfriend, Part 1

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I awoke with my legs tied open, my arms bound above my head. I fuzzily remembered getting to the bar last night, and that one drink... My eyes snapped open. I was stark naked, and blindfolded... I shifted uncomfortably... "Ah, she's awake," said a voice. I heard the sound of paper rustling, his chair scooting as he got up, and the sound of his boot heels as he crossed the room to where I lay. I shrank from his fingers that touched my pussy lips, and he laughed. "You were always such a commanding bitch," he mused, spreading my ass cheeks and experimentally pushing a finger up my ass. "Never sucked cock, always had to be on top, you wouldnt even do doggy." He grabbed my nipple and rolled it in his fingers. "And then on top of all that, you think you can just break it off and call it good. But soon, love, that's all gonna change. You're gonna be calling me Master, or suffer the consequences!" He walked off, and I didn't dare breathe. With the gag he had in my mouth, there was no chance of me screaming for help, and chances were he had me stashed someplace in the middle of nowhere anyhow. The sound of his footsteps approaching broke my reverie, and I waited motionless. The feeling of something cold and hard invading my pussy made me gasp. It was a large metal hook, and he inserted it into my pussy and then tied it off somewhere above me; I could feel the end of the rope brushing my stomach as he finished the knots. Then he set a vibrator near my clit, and switched it on.

My first thought was, he's got it in the wrong place. But then as he held it there, I realized that he had it against the side of my clit, and the sensation it created was like an elusive orgasm. The feeling would start to build in my stomach and then fade. I started grinding forward with my hips, trying to get it into the right spot, and when he laughed, I realized this was what he wanted. He wanted me to look like a horny little bitch, desperate for pleasure, and so I set my teeth and resolved to not give him the satisfaction. But it was torture! The cold hook in my pussy warmed, and he started slowly thrusting it in and out, still holding the vibrator in place, and I could hold out no longer. My hips thrust up and sideways, the vibrator hit the perfect spot, and I let out a low moan as my stomach muscles started clenching in anticipation. It built and then erupted, my pubic muscles spasming and my pussy clenching around the hook. Once the orgasm subsided, I slumped back onto the table, breathing heavily, and all at once he yanked the hook out, leaving me feeling curiously empty and wanting more. I was alarmed at myself. He left, taking vibrator and hook with him, and closed the door, leaving me dripping and bound on the table.

I have no idea how long he left me there. I finally fell asleep from boredom, and woke up when I heard the door open. I could hear him as he came over to stand by my head... It sounded like he was unzipping his pants... And then the gag in my mouth was removed. I had barely gasped in one mouthful of air when his swollen, huge cock forced its way between my lips.

I gagged. This was horrible, I had never allowed this when we were together. He pinched my nose shut, my mouth opened in reflex, and he shoved his dick further into my throat. Then he began thrusting, in, out, in, out. I was struggling in my bonds on the table... And then a curious feeling started in my stomach. I almost liked--no, I did like, this feeling of helplessness as he fucked my face, and so I opened my mouth wider and his full length slid down my throat, his balls slapping my chin. He started pumping faster and harder, and I moaned around his member in my mouth as I felt it swell larger... Then suddenly he pulled out and shot cum over my body. He wiped off his dick on my face, replaced the gag in my mouth and then walked off. I could hear him rustling around, and then suddenly something sharp whipped across my pussy lips. I cried out in pain, but the whipping continued... My lips got swollen, and my pussy started to drip. He took a second to laugh, then jammed his again-swollen dick between my lips into my cunt. He was very swollen, and I cried out as he filled me. He slid in, then partway out... in, out, in, out, inoutinout and faster, then deeper. He grabbed my hips and used them to lever himself further and further in, till our hips slapped together and his balls were kissing my ass cheeks. The sensation was great, then all of a sudden, the vibrator returned and I was building. His cock pounded deeper into me and the vibrator purred against my clit, and then I erupted, screaming and choking his cock with my pussy as my hands clenched and my back arched off the table. When he had pulled out and sprayed his load onto me, he collapsed on top of me, gasping... Then got up and began cutting off my bonds. I went very still. He finished the ones on my hands, and I slowly started to remove my blindfold and gag. He made no move to stop me and I pulled them all the way off... Then with a surge, I made a quick lunge off the table and stretched for the door.

Or tried to. There was a belt on my waist I had not noticed, and the rope on it yanked me back, so I ended up sprawled on the floor. He stood over me with a leer, and I scrambled backward, hitting my head on the table... Everything faded to black.

I woke up on all fours, tied down to the floor and held up by the role attached to my waist. There was a collar on my neck... My breasts were bound as well, turning a dark red as they hung down. Suddenly he entered me from behind. My aching cunt protested more abuse, but my mind welcomed it. I was feeling more aroused by this cursory fucking than I had all the times we had had sex in the bedroom. I started pushing myself back on him, and when he deployed the vibrator against my hungry clitoris again, it was all I could do not to scream. I already was gasping. And then he stopped thrusting.

I went limp, hanging on the rope attached to my waist despite the vibrator. "Nooooo!" I moaned. "No what, whore?" he asked, setting the head of his cock against my cunt but not pushing it in. "More!" I whined, pushing back, but he moved so it didn't go in. "I don't believe you're asking properly, bitch," he said. Any other time I would have been infuriated, but I was too far gone. The vibrator was going, but it wasn't enough; I knew I could not come unless he was buried in me. "What do I have to say!" I nearly screamed. I could hear that he was grinning as he told me what to say. "OH PLEASE MASTER, PUSH YOUR COCK IN MY SLUTTY LITTLE PUSSY, SIR!" I shrieked it, stumbling over some of the words, made nearly incoherent by the vibrator, which he had now put up to full power but still not on my clit... Just barely enough to feel it. I needed to come! "OH PLEASE SIR, I NEED YOUR DICK!" "Alright slut, if you want my dick you can have it," he said, and then he shoved his penis into me so hard that I jolted forward as he thrust in. He groped my left breast with his free hand and started pumping in and out, pulling on my collar when I screamed. "Do you like me fucking you?"'he asked, but breathlessly between thrusts, more like, "Do-you...LIKE... me...!!" "Oh yeah!" I screamed. "Ooooh!" my orgasm was building, I could feel it. The wordplay had me even more aroused, so I continued. "OH?MY-GOSH...SIR IM GOING TO COOME! MAKE IT BIG, MASTER, OH PL-EASE MASTER, USE...MY?FUCKING?CUNT SIR FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!"

I came. I squirted, my muscles clenching rhythmically, I twisted back and forth, working his cock even further into me, and then he tilted and hit my G-spot. I came continuously for about two minutes, screaming fuck all the while, and then he shot his load of cum all over my back. I passed out, hanging limply from the ropes... But it was not he end, it was the beginning.

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