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Mona's Big Mistake

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Mona arrived at her job at 45 minutes earlier than normal. Mr.

Powers usually was behind his big walnut desk,working at eight,so Mona had the big corner office to herself for the next half hour or so. Mona Darenton : 28 year old,blonde with the Powers Company now for one year was John R. Powers personal secretary and had improved her typing skills so much that she had not had any of the Boss's "Instructions" given to her,not since the last time when he took her panties down and spanked her! She blushed deeply now just thinking about it. How she had misspelled so many words on a letter. . . and how he had taken her over his knees and pulled her lacy panties down and paddeled her rear till she had cried and pleaded for him to stop and how she had promised him a "Blow Job" if he did. Her hands felt her rounded bottom as she remembered the tears running down her hot face and then later as she was on her knees before Mr. Powers,fumbling with his zipper, drawing out his erect penis and having him instruct her as to what she must do with her lips and tongue. That "Blow" was not really part of it and that she needed to SUCK harder, to swirl her tongue and move her head in a "Bobbing" motion and to humm a little and to be so very carefull with her sharp,white teeth. Powers had a eye for sexy young women and had always liked the way Mona looked; the way she resembled the late Hollywood film star Marilyn Monroe. Her hair and figure and her bigger,rounder,fuller breasts had always excited him and her submissive attitude towards him when it came to sex and his power over her.

Mona had noticed that Mr. Powers kept a sizeable amount of cash in his bottom drawer,in an old cigar box. She sat in his chair, behind his desk and opened the drawer. She opened the box and began to count the money. It appeared that there was over $5000.00 in bills there. Mona took $1000.00 out and put it into her bra. She wore the white lacy Maiden Form bra that Powers had given her and pushed the bills inside. She wore a tight white,low cut sweater and a dark blue suit with a tiny skirt. She hated the too short skirt, but Powers insisted she wear it. She wore sheer black thigh high hose and black 4 inch heels. She liked the outfit,but disliked the way her dress rose up when she sat and everyone could see the lace tops of her stockings.

The day went along as usual , for the most part,with Mona typing letters,answering phone calls and getting coffee for her boss: John Powers. At closing time,Powers asked Mona to come into his private office and view a "special" video he wanted to show her. With a smile Powers sat her down in front of a large TV monitor,part of his large walnut media wall. "I think you'l be interested in this Mona!", he said as she felt her heartbeat increase and was suddenly aware of a dryness in her throat. Powers switched on the equipment with a remote control and watched her face as the video recorder played back a view of his office. The screen showed the date and hour: 6:45 AM, 12/17/96 and a clear picture of Mona slipping Powers money box out and then as she took the $1000. out and put it into her bosom. Mona gasped and sunk down into the chair as she realized that she had been taped taking the money. With a wavering voice, Mona tried to explain,but Mr. Powers cut her off with: "Mona! Stealing from me! Don't I pay you enought? To think I trusted you with everything in here!. Mona wailed: "Ohhhh Mister Powers! . . . . .I don't know what came over me. . .I. .Ohhhhh !", she burst into tears; hot burning tears covered her face as she sank lower, her shoulders trembling. "Now Mona".Powers said, "You deserve to be sent to jail. . . .or we can work on a way you can skip that,and continue working for me". Mona,looked up at her Boss and tried to stop crying.

"First, go get the money you took, then when you return; lock the door to my office and slowly remove all your clothing", Powers quietly spoke as she got to her feet and went out.

When Mona returned with the money she stood before him and did as he demanded. Her face turning more scarlet as each piece of her outfit fell to the thick blue carpet.Powers enjoyed the sight of her nude body,her blond,shoulder length hair,her smooth long legs and her large,full,pink nippled breasts.He spun her around,when she was naked,and grasped her cool,firm breasts with each hand,pulling her back into his chest and a rapidly growing cock,that Mona could feel in her ass cheeks. Mona had more that a handfull and they felt great ;squeezing each one separately and then at once,feeling her hard nipples expanding in his palms. She tried to think of anything but what was sure to happen next as he pulled her closer and kissed her neck. "You are one gorgeous hunk of woman,Mona!

Too bad you are a thief also!", he whispered into her ear, as he moved her to face him and began to kiss and suck her erect nipples. Mona was starting to moan and tryed to pull away as Powers tried to push his two fingers into her damp pussy. "Now Mona Darling!, you are to stop this resistance and begin to be more lovable towards me or I'll see you in court and JAIL!", Powers said ,turning more serious.

"OhhhhhhMisterPowers, Please...don't Ooooohhhhh Please forgive Me!" I'll never do it again!"

she began to cry again.Powers positioned her over his knees and placed his hand on her perfect globular rump. He grasp her wrists and held them tightly together as he began to lightly spank her. "Mona, you are going to stay after work every day and after all my employees are gone for the day,you will come here and after disrobing slowly for me,give me a wonderful BLOW JOB! Something you are becoming very experienced and very talented at!" Then I am planning a vacation weekend party for 6 of my client/friends. You and 5 other lovely young women will be the hostesses and serve dinner. You will also be the entertainment!", Powers said to Mona,as he began to increase the power of his blows and he could see her pink ass rapidly turning red. Mona screamed and twisted in his grasp trying to excape the spanking,but strangely,she was starting to be turned on by the punishment,sexually attracted to her Boss. Might it be related to her childhood? Her father rarely spanked her,but she was thinking of her late Father as she felt Powers hand pound her hot bottom.

Then it was over and she was using his hankerchief to dry her face.

Powers was leading her out of his office and into his private bedroom.

The room was seldom used by Powers,but since Mona had come to work for him,it was going to be their meeting place. Mona still wore the dark hose and Powers gave her a sheer blue Teddy to put on. "Go into the bathroom and put on a little lipstick and perfume,Mona. . .It will seem like we're on a DATE!", he laughed.

Mona did as instructed and as she applied the lipstick,looked into the mirror and saw a scared woman looking back at herself,wondering what the "Weekend Orgy" was going to be like and if she was a "whore" or just a woman trapped by a powerful womanizer?


Mona rode to the weekend mansion of John Powers together with five other young women. They were all blondes and brunettes and one redhead.

All had long legs,slim bodies like swimsuit models and all possessed full,high breasts. Mona tried to remain calm but her heart was beating very fast as the Lincoln Limo sped toward the mansion. Ronda, Norma, Jerri, Diana and maria were the names of the other women. Mona tried to learn how they had all been assembled: through tricks or were they being paid? Mona learned that all worked for Powers and all were being paid for their weekend "services".

The Powers Mansion was a big mountain lodge type with a huge front lawn with many trees and a swimming pool was in back of the house,next to the kitchen and servants quarters. The women were escorted to their own small bedrooms by a friendly,smiling Powers who asked them to put on what each found on their beds and be prepared to serve drinks and dinner to the men guests who would arrive about 8 that evening.

Mona entered her room and put her small overnight case down by the bed.

She saw it was a black and white "French Maid's" outfit. One with a scoopneck blouse,mini skirt and tiny white frilly apron. A pair of new black thigh high hose and garter belt lay next to the dress. A new pair of sky scrapper black heels lay there also. A french type half bra ,also in black and matching bikini panties completed the outfit.

Mona bathed and perfumed herself,shaved her underarms and legs and then about 8 PM dressed in the clothing. The bra was a 36DD cup but it was so tight it pushed Mona's breasts up so far,her nipples could be seen when she put on the Maid's costume. The panties were crotchless,it turned out and the dress hem barely covered her pussy. Her long legs encased in the dark hose and with the impossibly high heels and her blonde hair in a french twist,Mona appeared to be a "Barbie Doll". Together with the other women,all dressed alike,they assembled in the kitchen. Mona waited to hear Powers speak to them,feeling like a prisoner being offered a last meal. . .or perhaps feeling like she was the "desert".


Powers dressed in a open necked sportshirt and dark slacks told the women that they were to be friendly toward his dinner guests and serve the food and drinks to them and if requested, to do anything that the men might suggest. Mona stood with the other women and saw that the big main den was to be the dining area. On one big table ,in the center, was an ice sculpture: Two naked women were sitting,holding hands, around what appeared to be a huge male penis. The testicles were the size of basket balls, the shaft was almost 7 feet tall. Around it were various covered trays of food. A male waiter was preparing a large round of roast beef on another table,next to the towering ice sculpture.

She was thinking that perhaps this night would not be so bad and she might even enjoy it,but her heart sank when she saw how much liquor was being brought into the kitchen and imagined how the men would act when they became drunk with so many sexy females available and so willing to please them. Mona had stopped blushing and was almost use to the "Maid's" costume she was wearing, although her breasts were almost completely exposed and her thin white panties showed below the ultra-short dress hem. All the women looked great and now waited in the kitchen for the arrival of the guests.


Mona served a salad to each of the men seated around the large oval table. The six were all about the same age as Mister Powers; 45 or so.

She bent low and placed the dish in front of a sandy haired man and was sure her heavy breasts slid up and out of the half bra,the pink nipples popping out from the black silk lace. Mona blushed as the men commented on her figure and whistled at her as she adjusted herself and exited the room. The women served the complete meal to the men and brought out a cart full of fancy deserts and after dinner liquors when the men were through with the main meal. Powers had a professional looking video camera and was starting to record the party. Several of the French Maids were sitting or dancing with the men. Mona was trying to pour a shot of brandy when she felt a pair of hands touch her extended bottom and try to pull her panties down. She tried to act cool and laugh it off,but the man had her panties down to her ankles and pulled Mona close and kissed her deeply,his tongue thrusting into her mouth. Mona was gripped by her sides and now he was kissing/sucking on her breasts,finding her erect nipples and bending her back and causing her to spill the half full bottle of brandy.

In other parts of the mansion, the women were being undressed and giggling laughter of the women could be heard. Powers moved through his party,shooting many scenes of the women as they slowly were losing the best part of their "French Maids" outfits and were down to dark hose and high heels.

Mona had been pushed into a corner of the room and was on a couch with the sandy haired man: Deric Johnson,a client of Powers. Johnson was removing Mona's bra and panties as he tried to pin her arms down and cover her protesting lips with his wet kisses. "Please! Give a girl a chance to catch her breath ! " , Mona gasped as she fought to keep her panties. Johnson was trying to suck her nipples and telling her about how much she would enjoy his 8 inch cock when he took her back to his room. As soon as she would get free of one pair of hands and lips, another pair seemed to take over. Mona tried to get up and run,but now three of the men had joined Johnson and as one held her wrists,another man tied her arms behind her back then assisted Johnson in finally taking her torn panties. Exhausted, Mona was carried out of the room,by Mr.

Johnson to his room. Powers taped the entire scene and followed the pair into the bedroom with his video camera.

"Mona has a talent for giving you a most superior cock tongue-bath", Powers laughed and caught Mona's eyes widen with fear as he said it to Johnson. Mona lay on a blue bed spread and hoped she would wake up and find that this was all a bad dream. "I'll be right back, don't ya start without me!, Powers said. "I want to record some of what's goin'

on in the other bed rooms"! Johnson lay on top of her and was kissing her lips and pinching her pink nippled breasts with both hands. Mona was trying to push him away but was tied too securely. Johnson got off her and sat up, opened his belt buckle,unzipped his pants and removed them and then the rest of his clothing. He tied Mona's right wrist to the bed post and secured her other wrist to the opposite bed post with a pair of long,white scarves. He stuffed her damp panties into her mouth and tied it tightly with another scarf. Her legs still encased in the black hose,were tied to opposite lower bed posts. Mona was now bound and gagged; "spread eagle". Johnson pushed two pillows under her ass and placed himself slowly on top of her. Powers had entered the room and had filmed the actions. Powers adjusted the room dimmer, selected a CD record and poured a drink for both of them. He had a tripod now and fixed the video camera on Mona and her "dinner guest" as he continued recording. Johnson had slipped into Mona's hot,slippery sex and was slowly thrusting into her. His hips driving into her, causing her to gasp and moan , her lips tied shut,but striving to get more air.

Johnson was moving faster now; in and out and Mona was heating up; her fears melting and her dred replaced with a tingling desire in her sex.

As the action of his thrusts increased,she found herself moving with him;

meeting each push or pull with growing passion,feeling so female and starting to like the male musky odor and brandy breath and sweaty heat of his heavy body and the hard fullness of his erect cock and then he erupted just as she tried to scream as a powerful spasm swept over her.

When her orgasm died down,Mona felt her bonds being removed and her gag was taken out. "Care for a drink? Miss Mona?", she heard as Powers handed her a glass.Mona was alone in the bed now. She saw the time on the small clock by the bed: 12:05 AM. "Mona! Freshen up's time for you to show us your talent! In the den!" ,Mr.Powers was saying as he helped her sit up and was slipping a red silk robe around her shoulders.


Powers led Mona out to the dining area where the large oval table had been cleared of all the food and seated around it were all the men, waiting . The women were all sitting on the edges of the table,spaced evenly with their legs dangeling over the sides,bottoms resting along the edges and arms placed in back of them. All were nude and were waiting for Mona. She had the robe taken away and seated herself next to a redhead. Powers had two cans of whipped cream in his hands and he put a generous amount of the cream into each woman's waiting pussy. He covered each nipple also as he walked around the table. Powers returned from the kitchen with a bowl of chopped pecans and a jar of red cherries.

He placed a handfull of nuts and a cherry on each of the women's creme filled pussies and when finished,turned and said to the men: "Now there is a unique and tasty dessert to finish the evening! I urge each to dig in! But you must use only your tongue and lips! No one is to use a . .

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