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Master makes me do it.

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My Master took me to this house and before we enter he ask me if I was ready to be his slave tonight and I said "YES".

We enter and as we got though the door their was a lady with two glasses of wine and showed us to a door and said he would be right with you.

I am drinking the wine best I ever drank.

This man walked in a said hello to my Master and then ask me if I was ready to please my Master and I said "YES".

He gave me another glass of what I thought was wine and told me to drink it.

Him and My Master talked a while and I was told to stand by the door and drink my wine while they talked, After they spoke, my Master took me into this room where the lights were on real low and tolds me to sit down and I did.

And he gave me one more glass of wine and ask to me in a soft voice, You are to do as you are told, do you understand me? "YES Master" He made me drink it fast and then he put a blind fold on me. I heard the door open and close and then I felt a hand touch mine so soft I knew it was a ladies touch, pulled me from my chair and said to me. You are mine tonight do you know that?

I said Yes!

I was taking to another room where I was tied up with my hands above my head and then my legs where pulled apart as far as they would go. The next thing I can remember is some one talking and saying she is about ready I think, the wine they gave me was working.

But not in a way wine works as you get drunk I was a women in heat from it and loving the feeling it was giving me inside.

I could hear people talking and saying she is gonna get it good tonight and then I heard my Master say GOOD.

I felt a touch again but not a ladies ,it was rough but firm saying to me, your Master has giving you away tonight and he had giving you to us, and before I could say any thing he put a gag in my mouth while some one else was grabing my tits and tieing them tight and around this poll and saying things like he told us you like it rough and thats the way you are gonna get it.

The men were talking sounded like 4 or 5 of them and then I heard the door up and some one said the fun starts now and it was a ladies voice again she walked over to me and said ok slut you like it rough they say, so here you go and she stood back and whipped my tits hard and fast until tears were running down my face after about 30 smacks she comes over and grabs my nipples and says did that hurt?

I could not say any thing because of the gag so she whipped then 20 more times and they were red and sore.

She turned me around and said to me ,if you don't tell me to stop when will I know and started whipping my ass, trying to speak she will keep saying I can't hear you and would just keep whipping harder each time it hit my ass.

All the men were saying hit the slut harder her Master says she like it hard and she would until I was crying and she comes to me and holds me close and says to me now its time for me to leave and left.

One man came over and took the gag out and says to me don't be to load or we will put this back.

I was asking if my Master was there and he said shut up slut or else so I was quite.

My Master comes over and said I am here never to leave you But do as you are told or like he says or else.

"YES Master" Three men came over and took me down and gave me more wine to drink and said drink it fast and I did.

tieing me on all fours one takes his dick and put it in my mouth and says you like you Master watching don't you not able to say any thing I just move my head.

Taking my head and shoving his dick in my mouth until I gagged and says you are a little whore for us tonight.

They placed this thing behind me and shoved one in my pussy and one in my ass and the guy with his dick in my mouth shoved real hard and made them things pop right inside both my holes shoving me all the way down on them both,start fucking my mouth hard and fast and it shoved the didlos in both my holes even deeper.

Saying before we are done with you tonight you will be begging us to fuck of them.

I felt some thing inside of me go crazy and I was bucking back on this toy and taking him in my mouth as deep as I could get him.

He took his dick out and put the gag back in and told the other guys to come on she is ready for first big O and they came over and started whipping me a crop and a paddle and the other started pulling her hair and saying fuck them toys like you want us to fuck you here in a little bit, and I rocked on them as they turned them higher and higher until I was bucking hard and trying to scream until I just gave out.

They gave me a drink and talked about what else I needed tonight and I heard mt Master say Fucked and hard.

they came over to me a said did you here what you Master said to do to you and I said No and he said that we may fuck you hard and long and where we want and you are to take what ever we give and love it. You are here only to please him right and I said Yes.

That a good slut and slave. They took the blind fold off and the gag out but tied me a different way.

They tied my hands to a hook in the floor and my knees and ankles to, tied my tits to two of them in front of me.

Two men one on each side of me strated pulling on my nipples and hard after they were out there the clipped two claps on them and they pulled on my nipples each time I moved, and one crawled up under me and sliding his 10 inch dick in my pussy I could hear my Master say open up wide and whipped me across the back hard and told me I was nothing but a slut for him to do with as he wishes at an time.

Then I felt one behind me shoving his dick in my ass and my Master saying while grabbing my hair, You are to take them both so I can tape my whore getting it in the pussy and ass with two big dicks.

His dick popped in my ass now both holes were fill one 10 in my pussy and at least a 8 in my ass, My Master says now that you have one in both you sweet holes let me show you what I want you to do to them and he shoved his dick in my mouth and shoved me as far as I would go back on both their dicks.

Taking his dick out he says to me now the fun began and a dick replaced his about 7 to 8 inches at least, then two ladies came in and my Master started playing with them in front of me,while I was being fucked in all holes I had. And then I heard my Master say go do to her what you would like done if you were getting fucked like a whore and these ladies came over and pulled off the claps on my nipple and started pulling then hard and fast whipping my ass what they could reach and saying things like you are a slut and slut like all there holes filled and they both grabbed my nipples between there teeth and bit them and suck real hard and between that and these three men pounding into me I went over the edge and and was having one wave after another the one in my ass rammed in my ass while he filled that hole with his juices and the one in my pussy did right after him and the one in my mouth shot cum all over my face and in my mouth.

They moved and the two ladies the was biteing my tits let go and got up leaving me tied they went over and put a starp-on on and came back and one said we are gonna fuck you now and these didlos were at least 12 inches long putting the gag back in my mouth, one get under me a forces the moster into my pussy tears coming down my faces not because it hurt but becasue the same size was going in my ass here in sec,the lady came up behind me saying yes I tight one, barely open even after that dick been there.

And she slide that didlo in my ass while the men were saying give it to that slut harder then we did .

And she shoved it in saying your gonna take it all in the ass, you know why your Master says you are, look at him and he will tell you and I did and he said you take it all or else And the next thing I remember was her shoving hard and all was in my ass and the tears running down my faces,they got there pace working together and riding me hard and fast and my Master says please tape this for me and he came over removed the gag and shoving his dick in my mouth saying to me, you like big dicks don't you and lots of them and I just look up at him and he says to the ladies fuck her harder I am about ready to feed her and he just shoved and shot his cum in her mouth and holding her head so I would not loose a drop while saying fuck that slut until she screams for you to stop and they started fucking harder and faster while my Master whipped me and I just passed out with the next big O and they just fucked even harder until I was back to my sences and fucked even harder until I was begging them to stop My Master saying give it to her more and they just fucked harder and more until I said our safe word and that is HOTTUB and he told them that was enough they untied me and he held me tight and ask if I was ok and we laid there holding each other, and where the others went I don't know.

Next thing I remeber was waking up at my house and my Master there beside me telling me he loved me fully and I was a good slave and for being such a good one I will be getting this once a month.

Waiting for next month!!! Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy.

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