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Factory Bound

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The sexual tension was present from the moment Ana parked her car next to Ryan?s. Ryan?s eyes grew wide as she swung open the door, and seductively unfolded her legs from the car. As her feet hit the ground, he could see she was wearing leather boots that went up to her knees, accented with shiny buckles. It was all he could do to keep his eyes off of her long, toned legs when she stood up. He saw a flash of red lace, showing for a brief moment before Ana readjusted her skirt to cover her thighs. It was black like her boots, but made of layers of torn thin fabric. His eyes slowly probed her upwards, and he loved what he saw from there. Ana was wearing a tight, long-sleeved, low-cut black shirt with silver writing on it. The sleeves went just to her fingertips, and fanned out over her hands from a slit in the end. Ryan could see Goosebumps forming on her breasts where they were exposed to the cold winter air. He could feel his skin tingling, oh what he was going to do to her.

Ana plopped into his car in a blur of black material. As she smiled a hello, he couldn?t help but notice just how beautiful her hair looked today. It was a mix of colors and curls, black, red, and brown, falling over her face and shoulders romantically. Ryan longed to fist his hands in that hair.

?How are you?? She said, interrupting his favorite fantasy. Ryan responded, and they pulled out of the parking lot. They small talked, for most of the way to wherever Ryan was taking her.

?Where are we going?? Ana finally asked.

?To this abandoned factory I know of, you?ll love it.? And indeed she did. The place was huge, with giant gears, huge rooms, and all sorts of weird metal contraptions everywhere. Finally they came to rest on the far side of a printing machine.

?Wow!? Ana marveled at the size of the gears, they were as big as she was! She turned to point this out, when Ryan suddenly grabbed her around the waist. Ana gasped as he pulled her into a deep kiss. This was not what she expected! When she struggled, he only pulled her in tighter, trapping her arms with his. She was no match for Ryan?s strength, and in moments he had pinned against the wall.

A nervous laugh escaped her as he held her there; arms forced above her, and looked into her eyes. The laugh quickly gasped into soft moans when Ryan began to bite her neck. He nibbled around her collarbone, and moved his warm mouth along her neck up the side to her ear. Once at her ear, he gently blew in it, which made Ana squirm. Perfect, he thought, as he plunged a hand up her skirt. She cried out at this sudden act, but Ryan quickly covered her mouth with his. Ana moaned into him, and he flicked his fingers around her clit faster until her knees went weak. He stopped fingering her and ran his hand around back, giving her fine ass a squeeze. Ana squealed into his mouth and wiggled in protest. Bryan then slipped down her skirt, revealing sexy red lace underwear. As nice as they were, he decided they had to go, and he forced them downward over her boots as she stared in disbelief. Her eyes were still wide when he quickly spun Ana her around and shoved her front into the wall. Ryan easily removed her shirt and unhooked her bra. He slipped his hands into the loosened bra and cupped her 36 c?s. They were so supple and warm. He took a break to fold her arms forcefully behind her back, and hug her to him so she couldn?t escape. Ryan fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples until she moaned and writhed in his grasp.

Ana was beginning to get loud as he ran his hand down over her zipper bellying and plunged it into her pussy. The more he rubbed, the more animated she became, until she was wiggling almost beyond his control, and very wet. He turned her to face him again and ravaged her mouth with his. He allowed her arms to be freed, and she felt and scratched him as they passionately kissed. Ryan grabbed Ana by the hair and forced her down so her face was at his crotch, and she unleashed his throbbing erection. Ana gasped at the size, ?Holy Fuck!? but she barely got to finish the exclamation before he shoved his cock in her mouth. Ryan tugged her hair as she sucked him, flicking her tongue over the head, and gripping his shaft with her moist lips. Oh how amazing it felt! Ana jerked her head back as she felt his sweet precum on her tongue. She kissed his tip, and looked him in the eyes as she ran her tongue around her lips. It was all Ryan could take!

He shoved her backwards to the ground, and grabbed her right wrist. *click* was all Ana heard before realizing her right wrist had been handcuffed to the bottom of a gear! Before she could do anything about it, her right arm met the same fate. Now she was on the ground, her upper body resting on a large pipe, and either wrist shackled to a gear. Ana pulled a bit at her bonds to test them, and found the handcuffs uncomfortably tight to move in. She started to panic and wiggled more furiously. Ryan just laughed a bit and took one of her breasts in her mouth. Her frustrated ramblings turned to gasps of pleasure as his warm, moist mouth encased her right nipple. He fondled her other breast with one hand, and tickled her clit with another. She was practically going insane from the pleasure, screaming for more, her pussy juices beginning to flow. Ryan stopped teasing her for a moment to pull a bandana out of his pocket. He rolled it and knotted it quickly, forcing it into Ana's mouth and tying it behind her head. She was now effectively bound and gagged, with no chance of letting herself free.

?There.? He said, ?Picture perfect?. She had other thoughts, as she started to thrash as much as she could in an attempt to escape. As a response, Ryan put the tip of his dick at the mouth of her pussy. Her eyes grew wide and muffled shrieks could just be heard through her gag. He smiled, and wrapped his arms around her and under her ass, raising it off the ground with a squeeze. Her muffled whimpers turned into barely suppressed screams as he slid his hard, throbbing cock as far as it could go into her wet pussy. Ryan slowly pumped in and out of her, watching as she struggled against her bondage. As the speed picked up, her struggling turned to writhing in pleasure. He bit her neck as he fucked her, running his hands all over her body and squeezing her curves. He fucked her hard and fast, and she couldn?t get enough of it! With an explosion of wild movement and sound, she came all over Ryan?s throbbing cock. The handcuffs had began to bruise her wrists, but the combination of pain and pleasure only made Ana cum harder and more as he pounded her on the floor of the factory. It wasn?t long before the pace increased rapidly, and Ryan came close to cumming, From behind her gag, Ana begged him to go harder, and faster, and finally to cum. He was thrown over the edge, and he filled her with his warm self as he came, collapsing on top of her and wrapping around her. They laid there and breathed heavily, recovering from such amazing sex. Ryan stood up, and started to redress. Ana jingled her cuffs and called to him through the cloth stuffed in her mouth. He smiled at her, leaned down, kissed her on her gagged lips, and stood back up to finish dressing. She was too lovely of a sight for him to let go of yet. Ana anxiously rattled her cuffs and shrieked through her gag to be freed. He pretended to ignore her while he gathered her things into a neat pile.

?Get dressed? Ryan ordered her with an amused tone. It was fun to watch her explode in fury, but he supposed fun time was over. He carefully undid the handcuffs, as to not bruise her wrists anymore. Then he lifted the gag from her mouth, and muzzled her with another deep kiss. This time it was more sensual than lusty, and the two wrapped their arms around each other. Ana hooked her legs around his waist, and there they kissed in the old abandoned factory

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