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An intense evening with my slave

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(This is a true story.)

"Remove your clothes" I instructed her the moment she walked in the door. She quickly slipped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her shirt, laying them on a nearby chair. Kicking off her heels, she pulled down her pantyhose and unclasped her bra. Now naked, she stood before me legs spread, arms behind her back, wrists clasped in her hands, head bowed, her large breasts thrust out.

I smiled and stepped towards her, placing my hand behind her head and gently grasping her hair. “What do we have here?” I asked.

“A slave for your use, Master” she replied.

“What would I do with a slave?” I asked.

“Anything you wish, Master” she replied.

I smiled and pinched one of her nipples between a thumb and forefinger. My other hand moved to her shaved pussy, grasping and gently pulling the ring piercing her clit-hood. Her pussy instantly became wet, and her clit firm.

I produced the clamps I carried in my pocket, and fastened them to her now-hard and protruding nipples. A silver chain stretched between the clamps, and the jewelry made a beautiful adornment to her magnificent breasts.

“Come” I said, taking the chain in my hand. I led her into the playroom, to a very large pillow I had placed in the center of the floor. (The pillow was sold as a pet bed, but I had purchased it for my slave.) “Kneel here with your legs far apart” I said. As she kneeled, I picked up the vibrator-dildo I had prepared, and handed it to her. “Use this on your clit” I instructed, “but you are not to make yourself cum with it. When you feel you are very close to orgasm, you are to stop using the vibe and begin swatting your clit sharply with your hand. As the urge to orgasm passes, return to using the vibe.”

“Yes Sir” she said.

As she began using the vibe, I walked out of the playroom toward the adjacent kitchen and poured myself a glass of juice. I sipped my drink, listening to the soft hum of the vibe. Much sooner than I expected I heard sounds of slapping. ‘My girl must be turned on’, I thought smiling. The slapping stopped after a minute, and I heard her begin groaning to the humming of the vibe. It went back and forth, every few minutes the slapping sounds returned. The groaning became louder.

“Master, may your slave cum?” she cried. I stood at the door of the playroom. “No. You are not to cum. Slap your clit harder” I said. She returned to the to the vibing and slapping, groaning and squirming as she did.

Knowing the point of no return would soon arrive, I walked over to her and said “Stop. Stand up.” Taking her by the hand, I helped her to her feet and led her over to a chain and shackles hanging from the ceiling. I raised her arm high above her head and fastened one cuff to her wrist, followed by the other. “Spread your legs” I told her, placing my hand on her bald mound. She was sopping wet. I began spanking her pussy with my bare hand. She groaned in pleasure.

I picked up a blindfold, placing it on her head and over her eyes, and returned to slapping her clit with my hand. “Is my girl turned on?” I asked.

“Oh yes Master!”

I began to gently bite and pinch her breasts, and belly, and chest, and arms, and tug on the chain stretched between the nipple clamps I’d placed earlier. She moaned in delight. “Wait for me” I told her, and left the playroom. After a minute or two I returned, but being blindfolded she wasn’t aware, until I began stroking her clit and spanking her bottom with my hand. I left and returned to the room again and again. She groaned in pleasure each time I returned.

Unknown to my slave, I had set up in advance for a solo guy to come and use her – a 29 year old military man with a large cock. He had arrived after I’d blindfolded her and chained her to the ceiling. I told him to not say a word the entire time.

I led him into the playroom and said out loud to him “Here is a slut for you to use. Fuck all her holes and be sure to cum in her face.” This was the first moment my slave had any idea what was to come.

He stripped off his clothes and moved to her. As he began to caress her breasts and belly, I unfastened her from the chain above. The blindfold stayed in place.

I stood by while he used her, making sure he used condoms and all was well. His cock was rock hard and without any oral or preliminaries, he plunged his cock into her as she stood, bent over touching her toes. My slave groaned loudly “Oh yessss!” as he moved her through many positions - standing, laying down, on her knees, against the wall. After he fucked her pussy hard for quite a while in many ways, he plunged his cock into her ass. She groaned loudly “Oh yes! Fuck my ass!” He pounded her ass as she quivered and groaned. “Oh yes, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!” Then he groaned loudly and came hard.

Spent, he pulled out and removed the cum-filled condom. He was about to get dressed, by my girl said “I want your cock in my mouth!” He looked at me and I nodded, so he put his cum soaked cock in her mouth. She sucked greedily. It wasn’t long before his erection returned. My slave pushed his now hard cock down her throat. She worked the tip in her mouth and stroked the shaft with her hand. She was not to be denied. She worked his cock harder and harder, deep throating him to the hilt, making gagging noises. She licked his balls and stroked, begging him to cum in her face. Finally his back stiffened, and he shot his second load. Her lips and tongue and chin were covered in hot jizz. She slurped it greedily, her body covered in sweat, her fresh fucked hair in a tangle, smiling from ear to ear.

He dressed and left the playroom without a word.

After I saw him out, I returned to the playroom to find my slave moaning happily, stroking her clit, and licking the last of his cum off her face. “Well, slut,” I said. “Did you enjoy your appetizer?” “Oh yes Master!” she sighed.

“Time for the main course” I said.

I removed the blindfold and slid my cock between her lips. “Thank you Master”, she moaned. My cock was already hard, and I throat fucked her for a few minutes. Then I took her by the hand and led her to the spanking bench. She stood next to the bench and I had her lean over and rest her torso on the padded surface.

I picked up a flogger and began to lightly swat her ass cheeks. Every so often I paused, and caressed her bottom and clit with my hands. Gradually I increased the intensity of my strokes with the flogger. I began to whip her back, along with her ass, intermittently kneading her ass cheeks with my hand and stroking her clit.

Next, I began to move between fucking her pussy from behind and thrusting my cock in her mouth, as I continued to flog her. Her back and bottom became very red, and she groaned in pleasure. I gradually increased the intensity of the flogging, as I continued to pound her pussy with my cock. “Oh yes!” she cried, as I fucked her and flogged her. Tears streamed from her eyes.

“Stroke your clit!” I commanded. She instantly obeyed, as I pulled from her pussy and plunged my hard cock into her ass.

“Oh! Oh! Yes!” she cried. “I’m going to cum!”

“Yes!” I shouted. “Cum my slut! Cum hard!”

She groaned and quivered and began to cry out. “Yesssssss!”

I pounded her ass with my cock, and she began to squirt and orgasm very hard. She screamed and shook. She came for 15 minutes at least, and by the time she was done there was a large puddle on the tile floor.

After she stopped quivering, I moved her from the spanking bench to the pillow, laying down beside her and holding her. She continued to moan and whimper softly as I cuddled and caressed her.

She smiled and kissed me, her face covered in sweat. “Thank you, Master”, she whispered.

I held her close. "Good girl" I purred. "You are a wonderful, amazing slut. I am very pleased."

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