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My encounter with Mandy

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We have been swing for over 16 years. It has been an on and off experience. My husband was the horny one who started the adventures I guess it is the male who is always looking for a stranger to get it on with. Anyway I want to share a story with you about the first time I fucked another girl.

My husband and I sometimes talk about having sex, sometimes with a stranger, or with a co-worker, or swinger friend. He would take great pleasure in his stories. Once he has found one that would get me hot he would bring it up again and again. Other times he would venture to a new subject just to peak our interest. We would sometimes play it out with one of our swing couples.

So the story goes like this. The evening was spent at the Burns (not their real name but will do). Karl & Mandy are younger than us but never had a bearing on our friendship. After some sandwiches and talking about things the guys went to the basement Karl asked Ted to look at something and they left. Mandy and I were cleaning up and made sangria. Mandy is a cutie; her long black hair contrasted to my short strawberry blonde hair. Her firm 38DD?s sport sensitive nipples that grow larger when played with compared too my set of 36 C?s. Ted has described her once as having a pussy that fit loose enough that his thick cock slipped into her with little work on their part.

As we continued to talk Mandy poured a sample of the drink she took a taste, then handed me the glass. Her seductive eyes watched as I took a sip. We both agreed that the mixture could need a shot or so of rum to help the concoction to be more intoxicating. The remainder of the 101 bottle was added. Before another sample was taken my mine raced. I wonder what if I made a move on her? How would she react? During our love making Ted has described how he thinks the two of us girls would get it together. He says that I would have to be the aggressor and how I should approach her.

Ted?s descriptions of me making what appeared to be accidental contact of my hand to her arm would give me an indication if Mandy was comfortable with it or not. It made sense to me while we continued to talk I walked over to her. Reaching past her to get the sampling glass with my left hand I steadied myself with my right hand on her arm next to me. She didn?t react at all in fact it seamed to be natural. I poured a little in the glass took a sip, ahh I said, here try it now. Mandy place her lips to the edge of the glass while I held it, took a taste and looked at me with those bedroom eyes and said I bet you will taste better.

I?m not sure exactly what happen next but what I could remember is we kissed. I know it hasn?t been since high school that I?ve kissed another girl with such passion. I tongued her lips and she opened her mouth. Our tongues met, I felt her arms wrap around me. We opened our mouths to a full sensual and passionate kiss. My hands were pressing her back I wanted to feel her chest against mine. Within a few moments my right hand was needing her bum cheeks and Mandy moved so our hips were touching, and moving to further fuel our passion. We broke our kiss still holding on to each other she said I wanted to do this ever since Karl told me how much of a good kisser you were. I smiled back at her and said and I want to make love to you ever since Ted told me how good you are in bed. We proceeded to the family room, which was just off of the kitchen. Without a signal we kissed once more as we sat on the sofa. Our kiss was short as I made the move too the floor and she reclined. I removed my shirt and Mandy unclasped my bra. She attacked my tits pulling at the nipples then she sucked and licked them while I helped her out of her shorts. Her cotton panties had a wet spot and the outline of her swollen women hood indicated she was ready for this adventure. I played with her clit through her panties. Mandy reached down and slipped her fingers under the leg opening and pulled it aside to expose herself to me. I watched as she massaged her opening and looked into her eyes. We kissed once more when we parted I told her to wait I?ll be right back. I striped off the rest of my things as I left.

I went to the overnight bag that we brought. I went searching for the dildo ?the rabbet?. While looking for it I came across another box that had a lady with a strap on. I took them both a bottle of lube and a double headed dido and joined her once again. She had removed the rest of her clothes. She was stunning. She held up her arms to welcome me back. We French kissed once more and she whispered what do you have in mine? It?s your choice missy. I told her. I can use the flexible monster or the raging rabbit? She said I need to be fucked soon . . . give me the rabbit. I placed the dildo through the opening of the rubber panty stepped into them and held the rabbit in my hand and lubricating it. While I did this she started to play with herself with two fingers in her and her other hand at the top pinching her clit. She had four fingers working her opening and I knelt between her open legs.

Mandy?s hand replaced mine as she guided the tip in herself. I took hold of her ankles placed them over my shoulders and lowered myself to her. About half of the length of the rabbit was in her when I asked Ready for it? She nodded and I switched on the toy. Humming sound from between us started and she jumped. I bent over and kissed her again. We opened our mouths and our tongs meet. I pushed another button and the insides of the bunny began to rotate. Her hand went to my butt pushing me closer putting the rabbit?s ears at her clit.

Hay girl do you want all of me? She pumped her hips that were the sign for me to fuck her. My pace was slow till she slapped my bottom and said, ?Get-tee up.? I pumped her hard enough for her boobs to rock to the beat of the pumping. Mandy?s breathing became heavy. Her lungs filling her chest with each gasp of air. I saw her clench her hands into a fist. Then she announced between gasps, ?I?m Cumming, Oh God! Don?t stop!? Her face now distorted, biting her lips she took in one large breath she shouted, ?Fuck me you Bitch! I?m Cumming!? Her body started to shake her pelvis thrust up to meet mine with such force I almost lost my balance. I brought her to me and hugged her hard we kissed she was panting like she just ran a race. We were both wet from her squirting orgasm.

I started to break our embrace she held me tight but I was on a mission to taste this lovely?s sex. I attacked her like a lioness hunting pray. She didn?t stand a chance she knew what I wanted. I took her legs and spread them wide. I lowered my mouth on her swollen mound and tongue fucked her. Sex odor filled the room she was about to orgasm again under my tongue.

My hands went to her wet pussy. I open the just fucked pussy to suck out her juices. I fingered her and placed my wet fingers to her mouth. Sucking them with all she had I took my hand from her mouth. I moved her legs up to her chest. She held the back of her knees to watch as I liked and sucked her clit.

I knew I had her now. Mandy?s breathing became heavy once again. She was gasping for air what a wonders sound. Again she announced between gasps, ?I?m Cumming, Oh fuck! I?m Cumming again! God! Don?t stop!? I saw her clench her hands into a fist.

She took in another breath she shouted, ?Eat me you Bitch! I?m Cumming!? Her pelvis thrust up to meet mine mouth and tongue. I licked her till she squirted once again.

We hugged, kissed, and heard the guys clap and say what a performance.

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