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My First night with a Black Woman

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It happened about 9years ago. L is a tall (5?8?) black woman (45years old) living in a major city about an hour form me. She is a widowed working 3 jobs to put her children through collage. Since she works so much she doesn?t have much time for a conventional relationship. But she was hopping to find someone for sex and a stress relief on AFF. That is where I came in. I was a 52year old married man looking for my first time with a black woman. My wife had found a black man locally and she had seen him several times and was hopping to see him again while I was gone.

I had seen L once all ready. She and I had spent the day sight seeing a couple weeks before and on the way back to the city I asked her if she would like to find a hotel room. She had said yes but she need to be home in a couple hours. I was able to find a room but since it was and hour drive to get her home we only had time for a quickie. While it was good I thought it left us both wanting more.

So that time had come. It was a Saturday afternoon and we would be spending the night together. As I picked her up I noticed she seamed very tired. I had arranged a room by the ocean, since it was off-season the cost was reasonable but it was an hour from where L lived. We had planed to do a little sight seeing on the way. But the place I had planed to take her was closed. Probably just as well since L had fallen fast a sleep while we were driving. I found out later she had worked late every night that week and had even worked Saturday morning. As I drove I was beginning to wonder if she would really be up for sex. We got to the hotel room and I checked in and we put our things in the room. I decided as tired, as L was we would go eat and then return to the room. That way she could get right in bed and stay there.

After supper we returned to our room and she put on the TV. It was early as the news was on but L went and took a shower. It took so long I was beginning to wonder if she had fallen a sleep. She returned looking more beautiful then I could have imagined. She had on a silver shiny silk nightgown with large red and orange spots on it. Set against her lovely dark skin she looked truly splendid. I now quickly jumped in the shower. I had left on my under shorts so as I returned to the room, I turned my back to her and took them off and slid under the covers. She was watching the TV and pretended not to notice as I slid up beside her. I stared running my hands all over her and while the silky nightgown had looked wonderful, it?s style offered little access to her and she did not seam to be helping. I now began wondering, if she was having second thoughts, or was just to tired for sex. So with that, ? I said you know we don?t have to do this or not to night if you would rather wait till morning?. With that she set straight up in bed and pulled the nightgown over her head and gave it a toss into the chair. Woow did that answer the question. So I asked her to roll over on her tummy so I could explore. She did so with out saying a word. I stared with her very sexy ears running my finger over them and then using my tongue to explore them and at first she giggled and moved like I was tickling her but that soon changed to a small almost inaudible moan. I then worked my way down her nick to her shoulders. There I moved down her right arm using my hands and tongue. I went down the top of her arm to her fingers. She had obviously had her nails done a couple days earlier. They were painted a dark purple with white stars with little blue stars at the end of the white stars. They were quite simply beautiful against her dark skin. As I sucked on each finger I notice she had dainty hands with the longest fingers than I had ever seen. I now worked my way back up the bottom of her right arm and did the same to her left arm and fingers. As I started down her back, I noticed when I was about half way down she begun to wiggle her butt. Thinking it a fluke I went over this area several times each time getting the same result but it now included a small moan. Woow was this gal sexy. When I reached her butt she again began to wiggle and move like she was lying on an anthill. She has the bubbly kind of butt so very smooth and soft made for pleasure. As I explored her butt she kept spreading her legs and pushing her pussy up towards me but I ignore this. As I slide past her pussy lips I could feel her warmth and lightly touching them on my way down to her right leg. This brought an immediate shudder. At her feet the light bottoms were lovely against the rest of her skin I tickled them and she began to giggle like a school girl but as I massaged them the giggle turned into a soft moan. I now went back up her right leg and again lightly touched her pussy lips. An other shutter. She wiggled trying to push me into them but I pasted right by and went down her left leg and played with her foot as I had done on the right.

I now asked her to roll over so I could explore her front. She again did so with out saying a word. In fact she had not said a thing since she had thrown the nightgown. I now started kissing her neck that brought a wonderful moan and she began moving her butt like it was on fire. After spending a few minutes there I moved down the middle of her chest and then to her right breast. I ran my tongue under it and began to circle it moving ever closer to the beautiful dark black areola and her nipple. I teased and sucked her nipple it was small about the size and shape of a frozen pea. Every time I touched it she would sway her head and wiggle her butt. Not wanting to wear it out I moved across the top of it to her left breast. But it was hard to reach lying on my left side. So straddled her laying my cock on the middle of her stomach as I did so. She moaned quite loud and began moving again like her butt was on fire. I now began to circle her left breast as I had her right. But as I reached the left nipple I realized it was very different then the right. It was bigger around and stood straight up like a pencil eraser. I soon found out, like the left it had a direct route to her butt. Every time I sucked on it she would move like she was on fire. I now slid down a little letting my now hard cock slide over the front of her pussy and down between her legs. She immediately push her pussy up at me, my cock jumped as she did. I tried to ignore it and began running my tongue over and into her navel like it was a pussy. She was now moaning, swaying her head, and pushing her pussy up at me nonstop. So I did not spend much time on her navel but moved down pushing her legs apart with mine as I did so. With her legs apart and the light from the TV and bathroom, I could now see her beautiful dark black pussy lips glistening with lubrication. I now started to use my tongue and began exploring between her legs. She was in another world as I did so, moving nonstop like her whole body was on fire. Using my tongue I ran it and up and down her crack each time going a little farther down and in. Woow did she ever taste good. As I got to her ass hole I gave it a good riming but she reached down and pushed me away. So I went to fucking her with my tongue and she went wild. Thrashing and cumming over and over. I alternated between sliding my tongue into her and using it on her clit. I also went back to her butt a couple times quick before she could push me way. It was now time and I slid up running my cock up and down her slit till it was well lubed with her cum. I then, began to push into her. This drove her wild she was squeezing her legs so hard and I was sure she would knock me out of her before I got all the way in. I had to push hard to keep that from happening. She was now cumming over and over and her whole body moved as if it were on fire. I continued fucking her for a while to give her as much pleasure as I could. Finally it was time for me, so I asked her to turn over and get on her knees so I could enter her from behind doggy style. As she turned over I could now see her wonderful bubbly ass and her pussy now dripping with her lube. I slid into her and began to pumping, using her soft butt as a bump stop. As I picked up speed I was surprised to feel her long fingers massaging my balls. That was all I need and I started to cum deep inside her. My orgasm was so strong and lasted so long I thought I would fall down. I held on to her hips for support. As I finally regained my strength I pulled my now softening cock out of her. It came out with a loud pop, as the vacuum was broken. I could now see I need to move quickly as my seed and her juices were all ready running down her legs.

I ran to the bathroom grabbed a wash cloth wet it with warm water and went back to her. She was now on her back pulling up the covers. I pulled the covers down she spread her legs and began at her butt wiping her, trying to catch all of our cum. I had to rinse the wash cloth a couple times to get the job done. Finally I was able to run my finger up her slit with out a big wash out, she moaned in pleasure as I did so. I then went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I returned to bed she was laying on her left side. I turned the TV off and slid in behind her. Laying my now soft cock along her crack and cuddled up. In doing so I reached around and cupped her right breast and began rubbing it very softly. She pushed back up against me and was soon fast a sleep.

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