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Moved by the moving men

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Moved by the moving men It was maybe the most stressful day we had experienced as a couple. We had made the difficult decision to up and move our family from North Carolina to California. It was a good career move, and we hoped it would be a good personal move for all of us as well.

Having made this decision, we also thought we had planned it well. Turns out, we were wrong about that. We of course wanted to save every penny, and so we rented the biggest rental truck we could, and figured we were ready to go. Well, less than two hours into loading the truck, I realized I was not going to be able to handle this on my own. So, we called a moving company.

They quoted a rate for a three man team. They would pack and load the truck for us, and they were available the next afternoon. This was perfect! We signed up for the movers, and my in-laws kept our kids for the evening. Beth and I would finish packing over the evening. The next morning we would finish up any lingering details, we would supervise the moving team, and then we would head off to her parents to pick up the kids.

The next day comes around, we are still busy putting things in boxes and packing this or that, and our movers arrive. Beth hears them pull into the driveway, and we both look out our second story window. As they jump out of their pickup and head up to the house, Beth says, ?I guess I better throw a bra on and make myself look a little more presentable.?

As she turns I grab her by the arm and tell her to wait a minute. Now Beth is used to me playing games with her. I love having her dress sexy around other men, and have often watched in amazement as she let them have glimpses of her body in one setting or another. So, she knew what was coming. I told her that we should go greet our guests, and she could decide what to change into and when to change, after that.

She smiled back at me and agreed. We got downstairs just as they were knocking on our open door. We greeted them, and I was delighted to meet our crew. They were all very nice and presentable, and seemed eager to get to work. One of them, the big guy, seemed eager to introduce himself to Beth, as he had clearly noticed her braless tits jiggling under her shirt, and he did nothing to hide his approval. He stared right at them, looking up in to her face and smiling when he had been caught.

We decided on a plan of action, and everyone got to work. The foreman had the two other workers, the big guy and the older guy, get to work loading some of the bigger items in the truck. As I said, we still had some packing of some little items left to do, and we worked on that. The foreman continued to line up items for the other two, and he did so with his plan in mind for how to best fit all our belongings on the truck.

About an hour into the loading, the guys took a break. Beth was already out behind the house smoking, and the big guy and the older guy joined her. Myself and the foreman looked over where we were, and tried to see what all was left to do. As I looked out the window to the backyard, I could see Beth laughing it up with the other two movers.

She is a very touchy/feely kind of person, and every time they made her laugh, she would reach out and touch the big guy on the arm or shoulder, no doubt enjoying the feel of his muscles. I also noticed how pronounced her laughter was, and just how much she was making her braless titties jiggle with each laugh. She was clearly flirting her ass off and they all three seemed to be enjoying themselves.

As they came back in, we all met up in the garage to discuss the future plans. The truck was coming along nicely. They were going to start bringing some of the bigger items down from upstairs and staging them for loading into the truck. There were some curtain rods in the bedroom, mostly upstairs, that I was going to start taking down. Beth turned to me and stated that if I didn?t need her help with the curtains, she was going to finish up a few little things in the Master Bath, and then jump in the shower and get that out of the way now.

As I began to answer her, I noticed the mood of the room. All three men were listening intently, and I noticed the big guy sort of raise and eye brow and smile over towards the older guy. I told her that was not a problem. I simply reminded her, and I did so loud enough for the movers to hear, that I had already packed the shower curtain for our bathroom, so she would have to be careful not to be too messy and splash a lot of water out around the bathroom. She assured me she would be careful

As we all moved off to our tasks, I looked back over towards the two movers, who were sort of whispering to each other. They shared a quick chuckle, high-fived each other, and headed off to start their tasking. As I went upstairs and began the annoying job of taking down curtains, it wasn?t long before I was lost in my duties.

Sometime later, I heard Beth call out to me. She was in our bedroom. She told me she was about to jump in the shower, and insisted that I better not try any funny stuff. I told her to relax. Beth closed the bathroom door, and went in. A few moments later, I heard the shower start up from one of the kids? rooms I was working in. The two movers were also in there, about to take a desk downstairs.

I moved out of the room, into the Master Bedroom, and opened the bathroom door. I asked her if everything was alright. She stated it was, but asked me to get her a washcloth and towel. She had forgotten that they were already packed and were in a box in the kitchen. I told her sure, and left to get them. As I did, I left the bathroom door cracked about eight inches.

Now, from this view, someone would be able to look straight on from the door, with it ajar that much, and see right into the shower. With her having no shower curtain, she was completely exposed. However, someone could also look in from the side, and they would be able to see Beth completely from her reflection in the large mirror as well. As I started to go, she called me. She said for me to close the door, and she shot me one of her disapproving looks.

I smiled back and told her to relax, no one was around, and that having it cracked would help let the steam out. She asked if that was the real reason I was leaving it open, and I assured her it was. I told her everyone was downstairs, and that I would be right back anyway. I gave her a smirking smile as I backed away from the door opening, and she just shook her head, knowing I was indeed up to no good, but going along whole heartedly. She just wanted to at least appear as though she was protesting!

Now let me describe Beth to you. She is about 5?4?, with flowing, shoulder length auburn hair. She has beautiful green eyes, and despite being 35 and the mother of two, she has a body built purely for sin. She has all natural 38DD?s, and wears size eight panties. She has a taught stomach that she works on constantly, and a perfect heart shaped ass. Although her tits sag oh so slightly, just from their sheer size and from having two children, they still have retained their tear drop shape, silver dollar size areolas, and nipples that poke out like 45 slugs.

She is amazing, and every man who has ever gotten a glimpse of her can not take his eyes off of her. I love showing her and that body of hers off, as we have done so on many occasions, and I didn?t see any reason why today should be any different. We were leaving North Carolina, so we would never have to worry about seeing these guys again, and besides, they were perfect candidates for one other reason?I may have failed to mention that all three of the moving men were black.

Beth and I had often fantasized about her being with another man, and she more than once commented on how sexy she found some black men to be. She would always say she could never do that however, as she was raised as this sweet, innocent little Southern Belle who didn?t dare do such dirty things. She wanted it though. And both she and I knew it.

Her roommate and best friend in college was black, and they shared their apartment for 3 years. On many occasions Beth would hear Regina getting the shit fucked out of her by some stud, and she would lie in her bed, fingering herself, wondering what it would be like. In addition, I played college sports, which is how we met, and I have many friends who are people of color. Beth spent a lot time with them, and she found more than one of them attractive and desirable as well.

She had confessed these things to me in bed, as we would lie there, sharing fantasies and making each other cum. She loved to think about other men, sometimes black men, helping me fuck her, holding her legs open while I ate her, or holding her down and pounding her while I watched and cheered them on. We had never had the guts to make these fantasies a reality, but who knows, maybe today is the day.

So I left the room and saw the two movers standing sort of in the doorway to the room where they still were working on getting that desk moved. They had clearly paused and moved closer to hear our conversation. I asked them if they had seen a box downstairs labeled ?towels?. They said they had not. I sighed and told them it was probably going to take me a fucking year to find that box and get her a damn towel! As I stormed off, making my apparent frustration clear, I was smiling inside, hoping they would take the bait.

I was downstairs less than ten seconds when I heard the creaking of footsteps moving about me. I could tell from the sounds that someone was moving into the Master Bedroom. Based on the sounds, I came to the conclusion it was probably the big guy walking up there, and I smiled to myself as I busied myself looking through some boxes.

Just then the older guy came around the corner at the bottom of the stairs. He said hello and said he had to get some gloves. I realized then that he was sent down as the lookout as the big guy was getting an eyeful. I imagined his expression and reaction as he looked in and saw Beth rubbing soap all over her big tits and round ass. The older guy took his time, drinking a glass of water, and making some small talk.

I then heard the creaks of the big guy beginning to move out of the bedroom. I coughed loudly several times, to be certain the older guy wouldn?t hear the noises and realize I would be able to hear their moving around. Just then the big guy called down to the older guy. As he took off to run back upstairs, I quietly crept over beside the staircase, out of their view, but within earshot. I could hear everything they said.

?Well??, the older one asked.

?Oh shit man, you ain?t gonna believe this. She is buck naked, rubbing all over those big ass titties. Her nipples area all hard and shit, and man, I ain?t bullshittin, she reached down and rubbed that pussy too,? the big guy told him.

?God Damn! Alright mother fucker, my turn. You go watch her old man?s ass!?, the older guy said.

?Wait, there is something else.? the big guy told him, pausing a moment. ?She saw me, man!?

?What?! You dumb mother fucker!?, the older guy exclaimed.

?No, wait, wait a minute man. She just smiled at me. I know, it sounds crazy, but I creeped closer to get a better look at those titties and she looked right up and saw me. I almost shit! I looked away, but then I had to look back at that piece of ass. And when I did, she was just smiling!. You believe that shit man??, the big guy told him.

?I told you, man. I told you. I knew that bitch was down!?, the old guy said. ?Now get the fuck down there and let me get a look!?

At that point, my cock was hard as a rock in my pants, and I was starting to sweat from the excitement. This guy got to see my lovely wife and he found her to be as amazingly hott as I do. On top of that, the little slut was in on it, and she didn?t even try to hide it!! I was going nuts inside!!

Now, the big guy comes leaping down the stairs. I jump away from my spot and greet him. I ask him how its going, and he says, ?man, this is the best job I have ever been on!?

I tell him good, and suggest we go talk to the foreman about how things are progressing outside. He was on his cell phone, which explains why he was busy and not concerned with where his two guys have been for the last fifteen to thirty minutes. The big guy looked sweaty, and that thought was confirmed when I saw him remove his shirt.

?Getting? hot as a mother fucker out here,? he said.

I knew Beth was in trouble now. When she sees this guys chiseled chest and arms her knees are going to buckle. Speaking of Beth, I just remember that she and the older guy had been up there at least thirty minutes alone now, and I was wondering just how bad my slutty my innocent Southern wife was being!

I remained patient however, wanting her to get all the attention she could stand and all that she so justly deserved. She was a wonderful wife to me, and I loved the fact that other men found her desirable. As I thought about her, I hardly paid attention to the conversation I was having with the big guy and foreman. There?s no telling how much more time passed before I was jolted out of my trance and thoughts by the presence of the old guy. He was sweating profusely and could hardly talk. He did manage to let me know he had heard my wife calling for me, asking for her towel So, off I went to check on her.

As I climbed the stairs I noticed the two guys following me up. They headed back up in the bedroom with the desk, I heard another high-five being given, and off they went downstairs with their desk. I went into my bedroom to find the door to the bathroom wide open, no longer just cracked, and Beth just turning off the water to get out. She looked happy, smiling, also looking flushed, and her nipples were are hard as pencil erasers and elongated to about a half inch.

?Enjoy your shower??, I asked.

?Damn sure did!?, she said with a chuckle.

I looked at her quizzically, and she suggested we go grab a bite to eat. I agreed and headed down stairs. A few moments later down came Beth, her hair still wet, her t-shirt damp and clinging to her bouncing, still braless tits, and also wearing a pair of very short sleep shorts. The guys all enjoyed the show, including her visible hard nipple poking through the damp material. She offered to get them food as well, and off we were with our list. As we were leaving, Beth paused by the extra fridge we keep in the garage.

?Ya know, I almost forgot you have all this extra beer in here we are gonna have to waste. Why don?t you let these guys have them??, she asked. As she did so, she reached out and touched the big guy on his arm, which now had no shirt covering it, and I could see her eyes move over his body. He just smiled at her, and the grin on her face was unmistakable.

I agreed, and after some mild resistance from the foreman, they all popped open a cold one as we headed off to the drive thru. We weren?t 100 yards from the house before I was grilling Beth for details.

?Oh Alan, it was amazing. I had so much fun. You won?t believe what a bad little girl I was,? she said, grinning from ear to ear.

So she began?

She said no longer had I just walked away from the bathroom door than she sensed the movement of a shadow out in the room. In the mirror, she then got a glimpse of the big guy sneaking up to the door. From his angle, he hadn?t seen the mirror and he had no idea she was aware of what he was doing. She enjoyed it, and once he was in position to see her, she made certain she was facing right towards the opening in the door. She then arched her back, pushing her tits straight out in the direction he was watching from, and began slowly rubbing her soapy hands over them.

As she did so, she moved around, making some noises, enjoying both what she was doing to her body and enjoying the fact that she had an audience. As she told me this, Beth reached under the steering wheel and released my rock hard cock from my pants. She began to squeeze and lightly stroke it as she continued.

She paused on her nipples, pulling at them slightly. She looked down, smiling at her tits, and cupped them, pushing her hard nipples right towards her admirer. She heard him groan as she did so, and she hoped he was enjoying it as much as she was. She then turned sideways to him and bent forward.

He was now looking at her tits from the side, hanging down, gently swinging back and forth as she washed her feet and legs. What he didn?t know was that this also allowed her to look in the side mirror and watch him as he watched her. She loved seeing the expression on his face, his eyes wide, his mouth at one moment smiling, in the next gaping open in surprise.

As she brought her hands up her legs, to her thighs, she parted her legs slightly. As she did, she slowly slid one hand to a breast, and slid the other between her legs. She heard him moan very loudly then, and she knew she was killing him. For one, he could not see what she was doing between her legs from that angle, but he could see her fingers digging in there. And secondly, he could see those massive tits swaying, one of her hands exploring them, and all the while he could see her grin of satisfaction.

If he only knew, however, that her grin was also due to the satisfaction she was having in watching him watch her, and the fact that he was totally unaware of this. She slid a finger into her pussy from this angle and let out a gasp, throwing her head back. Not only was she playing for his enjoyment, but she was also actually getting herself off, having gotten hot beyond words from the game. She came quickly.

Her legs shook, her face tightened, and she squeezed tightly on the tit still cupped in her other hand. As the waves subsided, she moved again, this time her back to him. As she let the water run down her back, flowing through the crack in her perfectly shaped ass cheeks, she again could hear him making sounds. She glimpsed over her shoulder, innocently attempting to check him out in the mirror again, but this time she didn?t see what she expected.

This time, when she looked in the mirror, she saw him looking back at her. He had found her trick, had uncovered her rouse, and now he had her, eye to eye. Having been caught, all she could do was smile. He smiled back, licking his lips, appreciating every inch of her, and appreciating her openness, and willingness to be his slut for the last few moments.

As she told me this, I whipped the car to the side of the road and grunted, spewing my cum high into the air. She lurched forward, slamming her mouth onto my cock, catching the remaining spurts in her mouth and drinking them down hungrily. As I finished, she raised up, and with a painted fingertip, she wiped up every last drop she could find, placing each pearly on her outstretched tongue, before sliding it back into her mouth, swallowing it, and savoring the flavor and texture.

She grinned and laughed and said, ?I thought you would approve!?

I assured her I did, and then she reminded me, we were not done yet. I tried to put my cock back in my pants, but she told me not to bother. She told me the rest of her story would surely only make me hard again, so I might as well keep it out for round two.

She returned to her story, and I returned to the road, trying not to end up in a ditch.

After the big guy left, she heard movement again, and she knew who it was before she even saw him. She knew the old guy would be dieing for his chance, and she was right, as she soon saw him in the mirror as well.

As she rubbed her ass for him, her back to the door, she heard him grunt. Only this time it was different, and she quickly realized he was right in the door opening, his face almost poking through the threshold. It sounded differently because he was so close, and she immediately knew this episode would be more adventurous than the last.

As she turned and glanced at the mirror, she noticed he had moved back, fearful she would now be able to see her. As she rubbed her big, swinging tits and her hard nipples, she could feel his eyes taking in every inch of her, exploring her, as he most certainly wished he could with his hands. So, at that moment, perhaps out of excitement, or maybe out of frustration from wanting to do more than just rub her own body, Beth decided to spice things up a little further.

?A little further??, I asked, when she said that.

?Uh huh!?, she replied, as she stroked my once again throbbing hard on.

She continued?

She began washing her face, and feigned that she had gotten soap in her eyes. She called out, ?Is anyone out there?? No reply from her nervous admirer. ?Please, anyone! I have soap in my eyes and can not see! I need a hand!?, she cried.

With that, the old guy came forward.

?Ma?am, you need some help!?, he asked.

?Yes,? she said ?I have soap in my eyes and it burns! I can?t see!?

?Oh, alright.? He said. ?I was in the other room and thought I heard you calling for someone. Should I go get your husband? I don?t think I should come in there with you in the shower and all, ma?am.?

?No, no, that won?t be necessary? Beth replied, ?I want you to help me! Don't worry about my nakedness. With this soap in my eyes I can't see you, so I will just pretend you can't see me either. Just promise you will try not to look any more than you have to."

Of course, he readily agreed.

With that, he entered the bathroom. She instructed him to move over close to the shower, and she turned the water off. She told him that since there were no towels in the bathroom, the best thing she could think to do was to rinse her eyes out with water in the sink. She told him that because of the soap in her hair, she was afraid doing that in the shower would just wash more soap down into her eyes.

He agreed to help her. She instructed him to just stick his arms straight out, and that she would grab on to help her balance, since she could not see. Then, if he could only guide her over to the sink, she would be alright!

My dick was throbbing in her hands as she told me this. The look on her face, that mischievous smile on that sweet, innocent face, was driving me crazy. I had unleashed a beast, and it was clearly on the loose now!!

He told her his arms were outstretched. She reached out and found one. It was about shoulder height in front of her. She grasped it with both hands, and held on as she stepped from the shower stall to the bathroom rug. After stepping down, she turned directly toward the older guy. She could hear his breathing, and knew he was excited by the activities that were going on. She was too! After all, she was standing completely naked, soaked, in front of a complete stranger!!

She took his arms and pulled them to her sides, again, as they were facing each other. His hands were extended to just beyond her back, and she could feel the outer sides of her huge tits rub up against his forearms on each side. She grabbed each arm, and while pushing him back, to indicate she wanted him to move that way, she also stepped back a little as well. As she did, his hands slid forward on her body until they settled against the outsides of her heaving breasts.

In each of his palms was one of the most perfect tits on this earth, and certainly one of the nicest sets he had ever seen. All he had to do was squeeze, and he would be feeling her up as if they were lovers. But the excitement and the fear of the situation held him frozen. After pausing a moment, without warning, she began turning. As she did, her tits, one after the other, drug across the palm of his left hand.

She could feel her rock hard nipples slowly dragging along his skin, across his fingertips, and then away from her, as she was eventually facing directly away from him, his arms still extended, and his hands again resting on each side of her body. She then told him to help guide her to the sink, and he did so. No doubt, he fully enjoyed the view of her perfectly shaped ass as it swayed and jiggled as she moved in front of him.

They both giggled as they did this, and she commented on how silly she felt. He just laughed and assured her that she looked anything but silly from his vantage point. She just thanked him as she reached the sink. She then bent over in front of him, her ass pointing directly back as him, as her neatly trimmed pussy came clearly into his view.

?Oh my god!?, she heard his mutter under his breath, and she pushed back just a little further, for good measure.

?Can you turn the knobs on for me??, she asked.

He leaned forward, fully aware of her game and willing to play now as well, and slid one of his hands along her breast, grazing it all the way, as he reached the water nozzle. She let out the slightest moan as he did so, and she knew he heard it. As he turned the water on, she pushed her body back again.

Now the game was reaching a new level as she pushed her body back into his. Her bare ass was now resting lightly against the front of his body. She apologized and asked if he minded, telling him that it just made her feel a little more on balance to lean up against him. He assured her he did not mind, and took his cue right on time. As she splashed water on her face, pretending to clean her already clear eyes, her ass swayed and jiggled beautifully in front of him. He now slid his hands back, placed them on her hips, and gently pulled her back to him.

As he did, she moaned lightly again, and she slowly shifted her hips from side to side. As she did, she hit paydirt, and was rewarded with what she wanted more than anything. She felt the undeniable shape of his growing cock, hardening and throbbing right up against her ass. She could tell it was huge, bigger than anything she had ever felt against her bare pussy before, and she wanted it badly.

But this was something she had never discussed with her husband before, and she was not prepared to go quite that far yet. Instead, she let him grind against her for a few moments while she rinsed her eyes, and then she stood, and turned back towards him. The grinned at each other, knowing what they had been doing to and for each other, and knowing what they wanted still to do. She glanced down briefly at the clear bulge in his jeans, and smiled back up him. He looked her up and down, her naked body right before him, and smiled widely again himself.

At that moment she broke the silence and declared she was cold, and asked him to help her back to the shower. He raised his hands back to her sides again, and guided her to the shower. She told him her eyes were still sore and blurry, and noted how much she appreciated his help. As she stepped in to the shower, he again brushed his hand across her massive tits.

This time, she stopped as she entered, and he stopped too, pausing his hand over one of her tits, cupping it fully, feeling her hard nipple in his palm. She looked down as he lifted it slightly, feeling the weight of it for the first time. She grinned back at him and thanked him, telling him what a gentleman he was for wiping that dirt off her breast.

He caught on then, grinning back, and telling her it was his pleasure. He slid his hand forward and rubbed her very hard nipple in between his thumb and forefinger as he did, pausing for several seconds, making her quiver and moan as he firmly but gently pinched it, sending waves through her soaking pussy.

?You let him touch your tits like that, and pinch your nipples??, I asked, in shock, rock hard, about to shoot my cum again.

?Oh my god you are so fucking hott!?, I exclaimed.

She released her hold on my cock, sensing me building towards another orgasm.

?Don?t cum yet baby, your slut ain?t done just yet!? she declared.

I couldn?t believe there was more and begged her to continue.

As Beth finally stepped all the way back into the shower stall, she turned the warm water back on and began rubbing herself again. As the older guy stood there watching, playing back the thrill of the last few moments in his mind, he looked her over once again.

?Well, I hate to leave you, in case you need anything else baby, but I think I need to go take a leak,? he confided.

?Oh, wait!? she yelled back. ?I still can?t see anything with all that stuff that got into my eyes. Just go ahead and pee in here while I finish up. I'm almost done anyway. That way if I do need your help getting out, you won?t be too far away. I promise, I can?t see a thing?, she reassured him, grinning as she did.

?No problem!?, he declared.

She turned directly toward him, not trying to hide her stare. As he faced the toilet, Beth off to his right side, he had some work to do. His cock was rock hard, and snaking it out of his pants was a chore. She loved watching him do that, even giggling softly. He heard her and kept working, anxious for her to see the results of her handy work.

Finally...he freed it. With almost a popping sound it shot out of the front of his pants, so long and thick and black that it almost appeared foreign, as if it had not place being there. It was so huge and hard, that it sprang up, nearly slapping mis stomach, as it popped out of his zipper. Beth's gasp, both loud and deep, nearly sucked all the air out of the bathroom, becoming fogged again from her restarted shower.

But he was mistaken in his thought that she was surprised at its size. She was more than impressed, but she had garnered a pretty good estimation of the measurements of that monster from when it was ground thoroughly into her bare pussy and ass. No, her gasp was not for its size, but for what was attached to it. Laying across its enormous, wide head, in a neat and thick pile, and also dangling a solid eight inches from it, was the thickest, milky whitest precum she had ever seen.

Had she done all that to him? She couldn?t imagine, but yet there it was. She had seem cum in that amount before, but even that occurred on rare occasions. But this was precum. Ounces of it, thick and stringy and dangling and calling her name as if it was intended for her the moment his beautiful cock created it.

And beautiful his cock was. It was thick, and black as night. It was covered in wide, throbbing veins, and its head was bulbous and swollen and she wanted it badly.

"It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," Beth confided in me, her husband of 15 years. I knew then that she had found her ultimate desire, a beautiful black man with a gorgeous black cock. It owned her, and we both knew it. It embarrased her to tell me, but it excited us at the same time. She kissed me deeply, thanking me for letting her experience it.

He loved the look on her face, the disbelief, and adoration, and the sheer lust in her eyes for his cock. As he took it in his enormous hand, still a good four inches of it extending beyond his grasp, he leaned forward as if to begin urinating. Regaining her composure, she looked at his eyes, and knew then that he knew he had her, that she was his to do with as he pleased.

?Guess I got a case of stage fright, huh??, he said with a chuckle.

She giggled with him but offered another opinion.

?I think the trouble is that you seem to have some string or lint or something on you. Again, I still can?t see very clearly, but that is what it looks like to me,? she offered.

?Well what do I do??, he asked shyly.

?Well, since you probably got that on you from helping me,? she gulped and swallowed loudly, the tension showing on her face, ?I should probably get it for you...if that?s OK? I promise, I?ll be careful,? she added.

He grinned widely at her, making eye contact, seeing the lust and apprehension in her eyes. Her big tits were heaving noticeably now as she tried to catch her breath.

He paused some more, making her suffer, just as she had done to him..

?Sure. I trust you baby,? he agreed.

As he swung his massive tool towards her, she dropped to her knees in the shower stall. As it came right before her face, she saw it generate another mass of precum, this one bigger than the rest, at least a tablespoon full oozed from the slit in the tip as he flexed the muscle upward, causing it to expand, to somehow appear even larger than it already did?.if that were possible.

As that fluid slowly escaped and moved out of its chocolate maker, the creamy white substance began to run along the existing strands, still hanging down there, thickening with the new addition. Beth looked up at the stranger, now her dearest of friends, as her head dipped down, her mouth opening, as she caught the stream on her tongue, never removing her eyes from his. As the flavor hit her, she closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure, as he heard her suck in his fluids, the entire strand at once.

For the first time in fifteen years she had another mans cum in her mouth, and she confided to me that she had never tasted anything so sweet. As she took all the precum stringing off his cock into her mouth, she couldn't believe how much there was, and how many times she had to swallow to take it all. But take it all she did.

No sooner had she swallowed that than she moved her head to the tip of that which she now worshiped. The glowing white precum vibrated there, as he flexed the muscle for her, leaning forward now. As he did, she looked up again, closing her eyes once more, and opening her mouth widely.

She heard him mutter, ?that?s right baby,? as she felt the beginnings of it, that lovely taste of the remaining precum entering her mouth first, followed by his thickness. Once it was in she again looked up. His eyes were closed and his head was back. She knew it wouldn?t take long now, as excited as he was, and she immediately began moving her mouth back and forth on his massive cock.

He moaned very loudly and grabbed at the walls to brace himself. As she watched him she sucked his cock like she had never sucked anyone before, and she was quickly rewarded for her efforts. Within a few minutes he lunged backwards, the force of his explosion causing his cock to jerk out of Beth?s mouth with a popping sound and shooting his first load of cum on the shower wall behind her.

Not wanting to miss another drop, Beth grabbed him with both hands and shoved his spewing cock back in her mouth. His loads coated the back of her throat, spasm after spasm, coming out in such volume that she could barely swallow it fast enough. She cupped his balls and stroked him as she continued sucking, making sure to drain every drop of his love juice for her enjoyment.

As she told me that last details, Beth again lunged forward, this time on me, as I joined my friend in shooting a load of cum in my wife?s mouth that day. She drank down every drop as I told her how amazing and sexy and slutty she was.

As she finished, she said, ?that?s exactly what he said to me as I cleaned him up, licking up every drop I missed, and milking his beautiful black cock dry!?

Well, it would be a great story if that was where it ended, but that isn?t. We went and picked up all the food from there and headed back to our house. Suffice it to say, that the rest of the afternoon was an experience we will never forget, and the food that we got from the store, was probably the thing we enjoyed eating the least. Beth had quite a day, and I will share the rest of it with you on my next entry?


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