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I traded sex for Cable part 3

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I traded sex for cable Chapter 3: It was Wednesday night I knew Sunny would be here tomorrow and he was going to bring his new work partner. Mike was excited as well and made sure we went to be early. Our sex was hot and he kept making reference to tomorrow I was going to get fucked good by two black cocks. I can?t remember who how many times I came. I could tell Mike was close as he banged me from behind. But instead of filling my pussy he stopped and rubbed his cock on my ass. I have always been one to take a nice cock up the ass so this was nothing new. But this time Mike reminded me that tomorrow I was going to take back dick up the ass. He needed to ride me hard to loosen me up. He used my dripping pussy juice to lube me up and slide all the way balls deep in one swift push. He didn?t build up slowly like he normally did when fucking my ass but instead ripped right into me and pounded me as hard as he could. He kept saying stuff like tomorrow your ass is going to be destroyed and I want you to tell me all about being fucked by a black cock. He managed to hold on about 5 minutes before he came with really loud scream. I?m sure he woke the kids that night. He fell asleep soon after but I stayed up all night not knowing what to expect. Finally morning came and I got the kids off to school and kissed Mike goodbye. His cock was hard and he said he was sure it would be that way all day. I was still in my night shirt and didn?t bother to put on clothes. I remember fingering my self 8 times between 7 and 11 that morning. I made sure I cleaned myself inside and out as good as I could and made sure we had lube in the guest room. 11 o?clock came and no Sunny. 11:15 no Sunny, 11:30 still no Sunny, I stepped out to smoke a cigarette was about ready accept I had been stood up when I heard his cable truck pull up in the drive way. Not wanting to waste time going back through the house I took my night shirt off outside and opened the gate to the back yard knowing full well Sunny and his partner and any of the neighbors who might be looking would see my naked body. I after I opened the door it struck me that Sunny may not have told his partner about me. But then why would they be here. They got out their truck and bother were they smiling big time. Sunny started walking toward me and his partner ?T? said oh now man, make her come out here to us. I was stunned at first, ?T? wanted me basically walk into my front yard naked and greet to strapping black men in daylight for the world to see. But I couldn?t help it. I did it. I approached Sunny first and planted a wet kiss on him while his fingers instantly went to my already dripping pussy. I then turned to ?T? Sunny officially introduced us and ?T? being in his mid twenties said come here and give me a proper hello. He was standing in front of the truck half way between the gate and the road. If any of the neighbors were outside or drove by I would be fully exposed. I don?t know why but I walked over to ?T? and there I was naked outside, French kissing a man I had latterly just met and letting him put his fingers in my pussy. I took both of them by the hand and led them inside. They stripped as soon as we were inside and in no time I had ?T? in my mouth and Sunny ridding me from behind. They traded places a couple of times and I came multiple times almost no stop I?d say. Sunny slowed down his thrust and I knew he was close to coming. I felt his finger on my ass and knew it was going to happen. Just to make sure, I managed to push ?T? out of my mouth, I look up at Sunny and ask, you going fuck my little white asshole with that big black cock? He smiled and asked if I had any lube. I grabbed it and made sure I squirt a bunch up my ass before I bend over again. He rubbed the KY on his cock and slowly entered my ass. ?T? Once again shoved his dick in my mouth and was rattling off nasty things like take it white bitch and oh yea, I?m going to tap that ass too. I Sunny took his time and was trying to be gentle. He lasted a few minutes then let out his now familiar scream as he drained his load in my ass. True to his nature as he pulled out I could tell he shot another enormous load. ?T? wasted no time and got behind me. He didn?t bother to apply more lube but went balls deep as soon as his dick head found it?s mark. I screamed in pleasure and he began to slap my ass hard. I mean hard. I have never been fucked that hard in my life. At least up to that point. ?T? finally came and of course made crude comments about my now destroyed ?little pink white asshole? I got the boys some drinks and we sat around chatting and ?T? kept making crude comments. He treated me like a whore and I was kind of getting off on it. They said they had to go and we walked out the same back door we had entered. I was still naked and dripping cum from my sore ass. I was kissing ?T? good bye when Sunny opened the gate. I noticed a devilish gleam in ?T?s eyes. He said wait a minute Sunny I?m not finished with white girl here. He turned me around and bent me over the outside table. He dropped his pants and was already hard. He rubbed his dick head on my puffy ass and said, let?s see how much of a whore white girl is, he shoved his cock up my ass again with no lube. It hurt as I was not expecting it and not as wet. The only thing keeping him from ripping me apart was the cum left inside from my previous ass ride. He wasted no time and was fucking me hard. Even though it hurt it moaned with pleasure and loved every minute of it. I turned to see Sunny and to my surprise he was not in front of me with his cock out. BUT he left the gate open. Here I was getting with a big black cock up my ass, another about to go down my throat and in the wide open for anyone to see. As soon as Sunny stuck his cock in my mouth, I swear I came. I heard at least two cars drive by. Had they looked our way there would be no chance of them not seeing me pleasing my black fuckers. They both fucked me like this for about 10 minutes until they both blew a load. ?T? up my ass and Sunny down my throat. After they finished I licked Sunny clean swallowing the last drops of his cum I turned to clean ?T? and he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. He kept saying his crude comments about white girls love black cock and that I needed to lick my shit off his cock, stuff like that. They pulled up their pants and both took me by the hands and lead me to the truck. Once again I am standing in my front yard naked, cum oozing out of my ass and covering my face. Just standing there for the world to see. They drove off I went into the house and called my husband. As soon as he answered the phone I told him I did it. I had fucked to black guys and the had tore my little pink white girl asshole apart. He said he?d be home in 15 minutes. I knew he wasn?t at work. He also told me to be in the living room on my hands and knees with my ass ready for him. As Mike pulled in to the drive got on my hands and knees with my sore brown eye staring at the front door. As soon as he saw me he was dropping his pants and said damn, you ass looks so stretched open I could drop a golf ball in it and never touch the sides. He didn?t bother to get totally undressed, just his pants. His cock was rock hard and he instantly fucked my ass asking if I liked taking black cock up the ass and telling me he wanted me to do it again. I know he liked the idea and so did I. He came one with one of his screams and fell back. He wanted to see me push the cum out of my ass. I did and told him I?d take it up the ass any time and any place. I felt both scared and excited when he said good cause that?s what I want you to do.

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