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my wifes secret

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?????my wife Ashley and me have been wanting to go to an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean for many years. we finally decided a couple years ago was the time to do it. we wanted to get some info on what to expect from someone who has been to one before. my wife said she was pretty sure her best friend from work used to go before she got divorced. she said she'd check with her and see what she could tell us. that next day when my wife got home from work she told me she was right. Alisa used to go every year before she got a divorce from her husband. then my wife suggested inviting Alisa over for dinner some evening so she could fill us in on her experiences. I thought that sounded like a good idea. Alisa is my wife's best friend at work and they do a lot of things together. I've met her several times. she is a good looking tall brunette who is about 10 years younger than me and Ashley. the next day Ashley invited Alisa over and Alisa said she'd bring some literature for us to look at for where she used to stay.

after we got done eating we started discussing the resort. as we talked Alisa mentioned a few times how she missed going there. after she left that night my wife said to me, "I think Alisa would really like to go along with us, would you mind if I asked her?". I told her I was fine with it. the next day Ashley came home and said, "good news, Alisa wants to go along with us". she told me how excited she was when she asked her to go. she then said, "would you mind if we all stayed in one room?" I kinda didn't know what to say. we always thought this would be like a second honeymoon for us and if Alisa was staying in the same room how could we have any sexual fun. I told my wife my concerns and she thought a minute and then said, "I guess I agree with you, but it would save us and her so much money." we could barely afford this trip and by doing this I had to agree, we would save a ton of money. she looked at me and said, "we'll figure something out to have some fun, I promise". so I agreed. over the next few weeks the girls got together quite a bit to make the arrangements. Alisa was coming over to our house a lot and I was beginning to think about her staying in the same room for a week with us. I began to look at her and imagine her in a nice little bikini and a small teddy as we head to bed at night. she had a great body. I can't lie, I've checked her out in the summer when she comes to our picnics in her short shorts and tank tops. she has very large, firm breasts and a tight ass. the more I thought about it the more I realized I was dreaming, nothing would never happen between us, she was so much younger and so hot.

the day had come. we boarded the plane and we were on our way. we got to the resort about 4pm local time and after getting to our room we went to grab some dinner. afterwards we checked out some of the resort. Alisa commented that some things changed but mostly it was as she remembered it. we all agreed an early night would be best so we headed back to the room and got showers. Alisa went first and when she came out of the bathroom I was speechless. she was wearing a very small teddy much like I had imagined her in my day dreams. it had a very low cut neckline and low cut sides and spaghetti straps. as she walked passed her boobs jiggled and I swear almost popped out once. it was also very short and as she stood in front of the mirror brushing her hair the bottom part of her ass stuck out below the teddy. I didn't want to stare but I couldn't help myself. Ashley went to take her shower as Alisa kept brushing her hair and wiggling her ass and jiggling her boobs. as she turned around and faced me to head to her bed the teddy was so short in front that just one more inch higher and I could have seen her panties. as she put her knees up on the bed and crawled in the teddy climbed up her ass even further. as she did I had a great view and oh my God, she wasn't wearing any thong. at least I couldn't see any and I had a very good view, although for just a few seconds, but definitely no panties or thong. I was so turned on by the time my wife came out of the shower I had a full erection. she crawled into bed and noticed right away. she smiled and said, looks like somebody likes the view". I smiled and didn't say anything and then got up and went for my shower. I ended up taking a cool shower to help keep my hormones at bay. when I came out the 2 girls had almost fallen asleep already. It took me awhile to go to sleep. all I could think about was Alisa in that teddy with no underwear. but I finally did get to sleep.

through the night I was wakened by my wife's hand on my cock. she whispered, "are you awake". I said, "I am now". she said, "I want to fuck". I said, "now? Alisa is right over there". she said, " I'll be quiet, I promise". that's like a Harley trying to sneak through a nursery without waking the babies. wasn't gonna happen, my wife is very load during sex. but I was so horny I climbed on top of her and began to pound her pussy with my cock. she began to moan and I covered her mouth and she laughed a little and said, "sorry I'll keep it down". as I ejaculated my wife came to climax and let out one loud moan. loud enough I was sure to wake Alisa, if she wasn't already awake before that. right after we finished I saw Alisa turn towards us but she never said a word.

the next morning I woke up early. I didn't want to miss Alisa in that revealing teddy getting out of bed and miss the chance on catching a glimpse of her pussy or tits, especially since I was confident she wasn't wearing any underwear under it. I waited and waited for one of them to get awake. finally my wife rolled towards me and asked how long I was awake. I told her a short time. soon after Alisa woke up and asked how we slept. we told her fine. she never let on about us having sex, but she had to have known. as Ashley went to the bathroom Alisa sat up in bed and then sat on the edge of the bed facing me with her legs closed (damn). if she would just crack her legs apart just a little I would have had a great view of her pussy, but not to be. but she did bend over and reach under the bed for her flip flops. as she did I had a great view down her teddy and of her large breasts. I saw all of them except her nipples (again damn). as she sat back up on the edge of the bed her one breast was almost fully exposed. I did catch a glimpse of her nipple before she quickly readjusted the teddy to cover it up. my cock had grown fully and was sticking up through the sheets. I could have turned on my side to hide it but I wanted Alisa to notice it. she didn't let on if she did or not but she had to have seen the sheets sticking up over my erection. I also noticed her nipples had grown hard and were pointing through her tiny teddy,. she noticed my erection alright, she was turned on too.

after we all got up and dressed we headed for breakfast. after we ate we walked around and checked out the rest of the resort. Ashley then said, "lets go check out the beach". as we walked out to the entrance to the beach I saw a sign with an arrow that said, "clothing optional beach". my wife said as we walked past, "oh, they have a nude beach". Alisa responded, "yes, I've never bee to that section but we can go if you'd like". Ashley replied, "we can if you want but we don't need to for me". I thought to myself, "damn it woman I want to see Alisa naked, don't say stuff like that". after we walked on the normal section of beach for awhile it was getting lunch time. Alisa said, "lets go get some lunch and we'll get our bikinis on and come back to soak up some sun". after we ate we went back to the room and the girls put on their bikinis and I changed into swim trunks. as we ate all I could think about was seeing Alisa in a skimpy bikini. I was curious how skimpy it would be after what she wore to bed last night. plus as we walked on the beach there were some women wearing some pretty small suits so if she did have a tiny bikini on she wouldn't be out of place on this beach. I was hopeful, but when she came out of the bathroom from changing I was disappointed. it was just a normal bikini. although it wasn't what I was hoping for she still looked good and I got a small erection looking at her.

as we walked to the beach Alisa said to Ashley, "do you want to go check out the clothing optional side? we can just go look, we don't need to get naked." Ashley said, "its up to you, we can". my hopes just grew again along with my cock of seeing Alisa naked. when we got to the clothing optional sign the girls turned and headed that direction. once we reached that part of the beach and went through the fence all I saw were naked bodies. the beach was full. we walked for awhile looking for a spot to put our blankets down. as we walked Alisa looked at Ashley and said, "maybe we should take our tops off, we kinda look out of place". Alisa agreed and the two reached behind their backs and simultaneously untied their tops. I was so excited, at least I was going to see Alisa's tits fully exposed. as she pulled off her top her large boobs popped out. her nipples were large and puffy and her areolas were large and well tanned. I instantly got hard. as we continued to walk both Ashley's and Alisa's boobs jiggled as they walked. I tried not to stare but I couldn't help it. we finally found a spot to lay. as the girls spread out the beach towels to sunbath on Alisa said to Ashley, "I think I'm going to take my bottoms off too, that way I will get an all over tan, besides no one else is wearing anything and I will never see these people again after this trip". before I knew it both girls were completely naked. I was surprised at my wife. she is usually very conservative (at least that's what I thought before this trip), but she never blinked an eye at removing her bikini. I watched Alisa as she moved to position her beach towel and I caught some views of her pussy, although no great views. my erection was so large and the bulge in my swim suit was so evident. my wife looked at me and said, "well, what are you waiting for?" I was hesitant for several reasons. first, I had a huge erection and I was always told that if a guy gets an erection on a nude beach he should cover up. second, I've always been self conscious about my cock, not the size because I'm rather well endowed down there, but rather the shape of it. its not straight at all. as you start from the base it begins a gradual curve to the right. as you work your way up my cock's shaft the curve increases so that by the time you get to my cock head it is pointing at about a 45 degree angle. in addition to the curve it also has a turn or rotation to it so that my urethral opening at the tip of my cock is not straight up and down but rotated about 45 degrees on a slant. my wife tells me she likes its shape, but I've always thought it wasn't normal. also, I usually keep my foreskin pulled back for hygiene reasons and I've also grown to like the feeling I have with it pulled back all the time. seems to have made the sensation I get during sex or when my wife gives me a handjob incredibly more enjoyable than when I used to keep my foreskin up over my cock head. I wasn't sure about having my exposed cock head out on a nude beach either and I didn't want to pull it over in front of Alisa after I'm naked. I was in a bind what to do. I hesitated for awhile and then Alisa said, "aw are you shy?" I said, no, but I have an erection if you must know". she said, "I can see that. that's ok, nothing to be ashamed of, I saw several guys with erections as we walked." I didn't see any men with erections, I think she was just telling me that so she could see my cock. but, I did look out of place when everybody else was naked so I thought here goes. as I pushed down on my suit it got stuck on my large cock. I had to reach in my suit and hold my cock back tight against my body to get the suit past it. once I did, it sprang free like a pent up spring. Alisa looked at me and said, "now isn't that better?" I told her I guessed, but that I am self conscience about its shape. she said, "I think it looks nice, nothing wrong with a little uniqueness". she then turned to Ashley and said,"your a very lucky girl". neither of them said anything about my cock head being exposed so I figured I would just let it out and not worry about pulling my foreskin up. Ashley then said to Alisa, "do you want me to put lotion on you?" Alisa said, "that would be great. Alisa then flipped on her stomach and my wife proceeded to lotion her up. I watched as she rubbed her back and sides. she made sure to rub lotion on the sides of Alisa's boobs that were exposed as they were mushed up against the towel. she then did her legs and ass. Ashley then said, "ok, flip over and I'll do your front". I was transfixed as Ashley began to rub lotion on Alisa's shoulders and then her tits. she rubbed them for awhile taking her thumb and forefinger and gently caressing Alisa's large puffy nipples on numerous occasions. she then worked her way down to her stomach and then her thighs. she then moved to her feet and worked up her legs to her crotch. I watched as she took her thumbs and gently rubbed Alisa's clit. Ashley said, "we want to make sure that area doesn't get sunburned". Alisa replied, "no, that wouldn't be good". Ashley the looked at me and said, "your turn". she did my back and then told me to roll over. as I did my cock was still rock hard and sticking up in he air like a curved telephone pole. much like she did to Alisa she worked my entire body and left my crotch area for last. as she began to rub lotion on my cock she said, "we need to keep this protected". I didn't say a word, I was just enjoying the events that were unfolding. she spent several minutes rubbing my cock and my exposed head and at times she almost seemed like she was giving me a handjob. finally she finished. good thing because much more of that and I probably would have ejaculated. then I heard Alisa say, "your turn". as my wife lay down on the towel Alisa positioned herself to the side of Ashley with her back and ass facing me. she then spread her legs and as she did I had a great view of her pussy from behind under her ass cheeks. she had very long dangling labia that swayed back and forth as she moved. I was so horny. I noticed as I looked down at my cock that I had pre ejaculate fluid oozing from my urethra opening and running down my cock head. Alisa lotioned my wife's back and then told her to flip. she did her top half first, spending a lot of time rubbing Ashley's boobs. these girls were putting on quite the show for me. she then positioned herself between my wife's legs and began at her feet and worked her way up to her pussy. from this position I had a great view of Alisa's big tits and large nipples. they were amazing. as she began lotioning Ashley'groin area my wife began to slightly arch her back. she was horny too. Alisa worked mostly to the sides of my wife's cunt at first but as she rubbed more she also worked closer and closer to her vagina. eventually she started gently rubbing the top of Ashley's clit with her thumbs. then it looked like she moved down her pussy more to her vaginal opening, although my vantage point wasn't the best. as Alisa continued to rub her pussy I could swear, although from my vantage point I couldn't be sure, that she entered my wife's pussy with a finger or 2. just the way her hand was positioned led me to think that plus my wife began to sign in pleasure. a sure sign she was getting some internal fingering. what a sight. I was actually surprised nobody yelled at us or kicked us off the beach because I always thought that kind of thing wasn't permitted. but we were pretty far down the beach and I noticed others doing some similar stuff so I guess we were good. after the lotion show we all relaxed and soaked up some sun. my erection eventually faded into a slightly less erect state, although I was still larger than normal. after a few hours the girls decide to go for a swim. as they were leaving Ashley looked at me and said, "are you coming?" I decided to go along, although I knew watching them swim naked would just get me fully erect again. when we got to the water the girls didn't really swim, they just splashed water on each other and froliced around giggling like teenagers. I guess being naked gave them a feeling of youth or freedom or whatever. I know it was making me feel horny watching them and I was right I had grown into a full erection again. after they had their fun with each other they came over to me and splashed me with water. I splashed them back and then began to chase them, splashing water on them as we went. I loved watching their wet boobs jiggle as they ran from me. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed watching my large cock sway back and forth as I ran after them. I was so horny I could have fucked both of them right there while everybody else that was on the beach watched. finally they calmed down and we headed back to our towels. we all dried off and decide we had enough beach for the day. Ashley asked Alisa if she was going to put her bikini back on or just wear her cover up. Alisa replied, "I was just going to wear my cover up shirt, we're going straight back to the room aren't we?" Ashley and I both told her we were planning on going back and getting showers before doing anything else. now these cover up shirts they had were nothing extravagant. Alisa's was very short and as she put it on it barely covered her pussy. Ashley's was longer but it was semi see through and as she put ti on I could see the darker outline of her nipples against the white shirt. plus she wasn't completely dried off and the shirt got semi wet which made it even more see through. basically after she had the shirt on for a few seconds her nipples were clearly and plainly visible. I obviously needed to pull my trunk back on. as I did my large cock stuck out above the elastic waist and I had to push it down into my suit. as we walked back to the room Alisa'a shirt kept riding up. I was walking behind her and on many occasions I could see her entire ass. I was sure from the front her pussy was visible from time to time for anyone watching her walk towards them. and I was also sure Ashley's nipples were also visible from for anyone looking at her from the front. this really turned me on, especially as we headed away from the nude beach area. the girls seemed to enjoy showing off their bodies and I think it was even more of a turn on for them as we walked in the normal areas of the resort. again I was surprised nobody told them to cover up.

once back at the room Ashley immediately stripped off her cover up shirt and went for a shower while Alisa got on the one bed and me on the other. she asked me if I was having fun. I told her yes, especially the nude beach. she agreed she enjoyed it also. after a bit I got up and walked over to the fridge to get us both a drink. as I walked past her I had a great view of her pussy. she was leaning back against the headboard and her one leg was straight and the other bent under the straight one. her short cover up shirt did very little to hide her pussy, she didn't even attempt to pull it down as I walked towards her. I think she wanted me to look and look I did. as I handed her the drink she was looking right at my erection in my swim suit. she smiled and thanked me. shortly after Ashley emerged from the bathroom and she came out completely naked, not even a thong. I was shocked. down on the beach was one thing but to prance around the room naked was something else. I wasn't offended mind you, just shocked. Alisa then pulled off her cover up and went in the bathroom for her shower. my wife came over laid beside me and asked if I was having fun. I told her yes, especially the nude beach. she laughed and said, "I thought you'd like that, that's why I suggested it." "I figured you wanted to see Alisa naked." and she was right I did want to see Alisa naked. she then started to rub my erection through my swim suit. she said, "maybe we could get a quickie in while she's in the shower." I wanted to but what if Alisa would come out and catch us? I told her we better wait till we go to bed after Alisa goes to sleep. she seemed disappointed but agreed. good thing too because it wasn't too long Alisa finished with her shower and came out of the bathroom. I again was shocked, Alisa also wasn't wearing any clothes. completely naked. she laid down on the other bed as my wife said to me, "well I guess its your turn". as I showered I couldn't get the thoughts and images of those 2 naked women out of my head. I began to rub my hard cock and for a moment had thoughts of beating off. but then I thought no, I'd wait till night so I can shoot my wad inside Ashley. I no more got out of the shower and dried off when I heard Ashley yell to me, "are you done?" I said "yes, but I'm still naked." she said, "come here.". I told her to wait till I get some shorts on. she said, "no, you need to come here right now and see this.". I thought what could be that important that I couldn't even take the time t throw a pair of shorts on. but I went anyway. when I came around the corner my jaw dropped at what i saw. Ashley and Alisa were in the same bed naked with their backs leaning up against the headboard and their legs spread wide open. Alisa had her one arm dr*ped over my wife's bent leg and positioned in her crotch. my wife had her right arm around Alisa's back. I was speechless for a minute and then I said, "what are you 2 doing?" Ashley looked at Alisa and said to her, "should we show him what we were doing?" Alisa replied, "sure." the 2 girls then started kissing. I watched as they began to really get into it and give each other some tongue. then I saw Alisa's hand reach over and begin to rub Ashley's clit. I sat on the other bed and just watched. Alisa then began to suck on Ashley's boobs. she then went down on Ashley and began to eat her out. my cock was so wet from my oozing fluids. I began to rub it. after a few minutes Alisa then got back in the position she was in next to Ashley when I first came out of the bathroom. both girls arched their backs, pushing their tits in the air. Ashley then looked at me and said, "well are gonna come over and suck on them?" I immediately hoped over and began to suck on my wife's one breast. I quickly made my way to Alisa's large tits. I hated to make Ashley feel deprived but quite honestly I couldn't wait to suck on Alisa's big tits and puffy nipples. as I first put her nipple in my mouth I thought, "oh my God, what an amazing nipple". the more I sucked on them the larger they got. as I was doing that my wife went down and began to suck my cock. eventually Alisa moved to position to help my wife suck my cock. but before she did I had made her nipples grow to at least twice the size they were before I started sucking them, and they were huge to begin with. once Alisa got down in position my wife gave her my cock and the 2 took turns giving me head. Alisa had a great mouth and tongue. not that my wife didn't but Alisa, wow. maybe it just seemed special because it was somebody else doing it instead of my wife, but just wow, amazing. after a bit Ashley began to make a move towards Alisa's pussy. Alisa responded by laying down on the bed. I got myself into position near Alisa's head in hopes she'd suck me more. she didn't disappoint. she immediately grabbed my cock and shoved it in her mouth. there was something she was doing with her tongue that drove me crazy., couldn't tell exactly what but incredible. after awhile Ashley looked up at me and said, fuck me from the rear". I almost couldn't pull my self away from the head Alisa was giving me but I thought I better give my wife some loving or I'd be in big trouble. as I got into position behind her Alisa really began to moan from my wife's tongue in her cunt. I slowly pushed my hard cock into my wife's ass. as I continued to go deeper I heard her let out several moans of half pain half pleasure. I continued the slow push in until I had my large 8" cock completely buried in her ass hole. I then began to work in and out as she began to moan with more pleasurable sounds and less pain. the pre ejaculate fluids my cock was oozing must have lubed up her hole. after awhile my wife pulled my cock out and got into a position facing me straddling Alisa's face with her pussy lips dangling right above Alisa's mouth. she then bent over and the 2 began a 69 on each other. I was positioned in between Alisa's spread legs and it wasn't too long I felt my wife grab my cock and begin to stroke me. she then started pulling on it as if to pull me in closer to her mouth and Alisa's cunt. once she got me close enough she started sucking on me. back and forth she went from my cock to Alisa's wet pussy. she then took my cock and began rubbing Alisa's clit with it. she spread Alisa's large labia with the head of my cock. each time she did I could see deep inside Alisa's wide open pink pussy. after a few minutes she took my cock head and positioned it directly in front of Alisa's cunt opening. she then tugged on it to pull me in closer. what was she doing? did she actually want me to fuck Alisa? she then looked up at me and said, "fuck her". I couldn't believe my ears. my wife actually told me to fuck another woman. she then sat up over top Alisa's face. I hesitated for a second or 2 and she said, "go ahead, stick it deep inside her". I was never one to disobey my wife and I sure wasn't gonna start now. I slowly pushed my cock in. her pussy was wide open and dripping wet and there was very little resistance for even my large cock. as I began to move in and out Ashley was getting some great tongue from Alisa. both girls were really starting to moan as we were all getting plenty of pleasure. as I continued I really started to get into pounding Alisa. she was beginning to scream, at least as much as she could with my wife's pussy buried in her mouth. I could feel I was getting close to cumming. I yelled, "I;m getting close". Ashley looked at me in between moans and smiled and said, "do it". I replied, "I'm gonna cum". she yelled back, "oh yes cum inside her, do it". then it happened, I could feel my first wad surge deep inside her. as I did she let out a crazy loud moan and said, "oh yes, that feels so good, give me more". I shot another wad and another, each time making her squeal and scream. finally I was done. I slowly pulled out and watched as my cum slowly began to ooze from her wide open pussy. she reached down and held her pussy lips apart as the cum started to gush from deep inside her. just then Ashley bent over and began to lick my cum from her pussy. I tried to get a good view but Ashley's head was in the way. I repositioned myself down so my head was almost on the bed so I could see. at that position I had a great view of my wife eating my cum from Alisa's pink pussy. she buried her tongue deep inside her and then licked all the cum that had previously oozed out. making sure to lick and suck on her large pussy lips. the 2 girls worked a 69 on each other until they both had orgasms. what a first day of vacation. nothing like I had thought would happen in my most wildest dreams.

the next day we decide to do some activities other than sex, lol. I'll skip those boring details and get right back to the meat of the story. oh, by the way the girls each had some very sexy dresses they wore dancing that got me all charged up and ready for what they may have had planned for the 3 of us later that evening back in the room. once back in the room we all agreed we needed showers again. I went first this time. when I came out Alisa went next. she no more got in the shower than my wife said, "Alisa wants to suck your cock again". "she didn't feel she did a good job, she was a bit nervous". didn't do a good job? I thought she was amazing. I told my wife she did fine (I didn't want to make it sound like she did better than her) and then she told me this, ":well she feels she can do better. I never told you this but she is known around work for giving incredible blow jobs." I just looked at her and said, "what do you ladies talk about at work?" she said, "well, you know when a bunch of horny women get together the conversation can quickly get in the gutter". and then she laughed and said, "you don't mind her sucking you again do you?" I immediately shook my head no. as soon as Alisa was done my wife headed for her shower. Ashley was no more in the shower when Alisa said, "are you ready for some amazing head"? I just nodded. she said, "last night was just a warm up, get ready for something really special". she started by sticking her tongue out completely and with the tip of it just gently licking the base of my cock. she then slowly and gradually worked all around it and then up the shaft towards my cock head. then she took the tip of her tongue and went all around the base of my head where my foreskin was bunched up. then she licked the top of my head and the sides and then the bottom. she ran the tip of her tongue up and down under my cock head in the groove where my foreskin attaches. then she gradually made her way to the very tip of my head and began ever so gently licking my urethra opening. after a few minutes she took both her hands and with 1 thumb on each side of my cock head, pulled back to open my urethra hole. with my hole opened as wide as she could get it she stuck the tip of her tongue in it and began working it ever so slightly around. what an incredible sensation. my wife could occasionally hit that spot momentarily while giving me handjobs, but this was constant. I was so helpless. this was incredible. she continued and continued and the sensation got more intense with each passing moment. pretty soon I heard my wife yell out from the bathroom, "did you cum yet?" I couldn't answer. she repeated herself. finally I was able to muster enough awareness to answer and said, "no". shortly after she came out of the shower and walked over and watched and said, "yup she's doing her thing". doe a moment I wondered how my wife knew her what her "thing" was, but then I quickly forgot about it. later after our trip I would find out how she knew. Ashley then went over to the mirror and started brushing her hair while Alisa continued her penis magic. I couldn't take it anymore. I was actually wishing I was ready to cum, because the sensation was becoming almost unbearable, still pleasurable but really intense. finally, without warning I started cumming. my first surge shot all over everywhere because she still had her tongue lodged in my urethra and my cum had nowhere to go but to explode out any hole alongside her tongue there was. much like if you'd stick your finger over the end of a turned on garden hose. as I screamed with elation in my first burst of cum Ashley came running over to watch. by the time I ejected my next explosion of cum. by this time Alisa had pulled her tongue from my urethra and laid my cock on top of the tip of her tongue with her mouth opened wide. the next wad went square in the back of her throat with explosive force. she almost gagged, but recomposed herself in time to catch my next load. I don't know how many wads I ended up shooting in her mouth but by the time I was done her mouth was pretty full. she then closed her lips on just my cock head and began using the tip of her tongue to rub my urethra again. I momentarily lost my full erection after ejaculating but once she started doing this I quickly grew again. I don't know how she did this but once I was fully erect again I could feel her force the tip of her tongue into my urethra opening again. I could feel her doing the same as she did before with her tongue only this time she had her lips around my cock head and it was entirely inside her mouth. that incredible sensation began to emerge again and grew very quickly as she continued her mastery of sucking cock. this whore was going to make me cum twice in less than 5 minutes, great job on her part. in a short time I ejaculated again, filling her mouth with even more cum. I could see her cheeks begin to bulge as I kept pumping it in her. what an incredible feeling with both of those ejaculations. sensations I never felt before during an ejaculation, definitely something special. once I totally finished I pulled my cock slowly from her mouth. as I did cum oozed from her lips. she could hardly contain all my cum in her mouth. I then watched as she went over to my wife, who opened her mouth, and deposited some of my cum into it. then they both showed it to me and they both simultaneously took a big gulp and down it went. they then started kissing and licking the cum from each other's face that had dribbled free. they then began doing a 69 on each other. as they did I felt myself rubbing my again hard cock. in no time i came again, this time all over myself. after they both had orgasms they came over and licked the cum from my 3rd ejaculation from my body. we were all exhausted. what an experience, what an amazing blowjob, what an incredible tongue Alisa has. I couldn't wait to see what would happen the next several nights.

the next evening we were getting ready for bed and my wife says, "Alisa would like you to sleep in her bed with her tonight". I looked at her and said, "what". she repeated that Alisa waned me to sleep with her in her bed. I asked if she was ok with this and she said she was fine. I was having a hard time believing this was the same women that left with me on vacation. she never did stuff like this before, we never did things like this. first the nude beach then the fucking of Alisa and now this. but I figured I would just roll with it so I told her fine as long as she's ok with it. as I got into Alisa's bed and my wife got into our bed I still wasn't sure this was a good idea. Alisa was still in the bathroom showering but when she came out she looked surprised too. she said, "oh, do I get him for the night?" Ashley smiled and said, "yes, happy early birthday present". Alisa no more than got in bed and said to me,"ok where's my present?" I asked her what she wanted. I was dying to taste her juicy sweet pussy. that's the only thing of Alisa that I hadn't experienced yet. she said, "I'm yours do with me what you want". I looked over at my wife who was watching tv and said, "we're gonna play, are you coming to join us?" she said, "no, not tonight, I'm tired, you two have fun. I'm just gonna relax and watch tv." It felt incredibly weird, me and another woman screwing around while my wife is in the bed next to us watching tv. but, whatever, Alisa and I were both horny as hell so I laid her down on the bed and moved down to her beautiful cunt. as I approached it I couldn't help notice her incredibly long elegant looking pussy lips. I took my fingers and spread them to reveal her luscious pink wet pussy hiding behind them. I began by licking her juices from those lips, sucking and tugging on them. they were so long and tasty. after I sucked every bit of juices from them I took my tongue and pushed into her gaping hole and began lapping up all juices from inside. meanwhile I could hear the tv in the background as my wife continued to lay there relaxing while I ate out her friend. I must have licked her pussy for half an hour or more. I then felt Alisa pull on my head as if to pull me away from her pussy. I lifted my head and she looked at me and said, "now fuck me". she said, "I want to feel that amazing cock inside me again and want to feel the surge of your cum invade my cunt". so I positioned myself on top of her and once again looked over at my wife. she was lying on the bed naked watching tv and I noticed she was gently rubbing her pussy with her one hand. I watched her for awhile and then I said, "we're gonna fuck are you sure you don't want to join in?" she replied, "no, I'm good tonight have fun". I thought to myself, ok suits me. I then proceeded to stick my erection inside Alisa's wide open hole and immediately began to pound the hell out of her. I pushed harder and deeper with every thrust. she moaned louder each time. so loud that my wife turned up the tv. I looked back over at Ashley several times while I was fucking Alisa. like I said the first time she was just gently rubbing her cunt and watching the tv, but as Alisa and me really started to fuck I noticed Ashley was watching us more each time I looked over at her. the last time I looked at her she had her fingers buried inside her pussy and was moaning loudly. as I continued to fuck Alisa she screamed in pleasure. her and my wife were moaning and screaming in unison. then I could feel my cock was ready to explode. I yelled, "I'm gonna cum". I heard Alisa scream, "yes do it now, I'm ready, oh God I'm ready" and I heard my wife yell, "yes, yes do it cum in her again". as I erupted inside Alisa's pussy she clinched her legs around me and squeezed and her whole body got stiff and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. as I continued to pump her full of cum she let out one big scream of pleasure and I knew she had a great orgasm. then I heard my wife with a similar scream and I knew she gave herself an orgasm with her fingers. after I finished Alisa held her grip on me and wouldn't let go. I asked her if is she was gonna let me pull my cock out and she said, "I want you to cum again". at that point my cock had begun to deflate. I tried to get it to grow again, I sucked on her large nipples and squeezed her boobs. I did everything I could to stimulate my cock to grow but I was wore out. I wanted in the worse way to fuck her again immediately, but I couldn't get it up. I think the adventures of the vacation so far had finally caught up to me. I felt like I've had an erection the entire 3 days of our vacation so far. I looked at her and said, "I don't think its gonna happen right now". she smiled and looked sad but said, "aw, ok maybe later?" I said, "yes definitely later". then I looked over at my wife and said, "I thought you were too tired". she smiled and said, "you 2 put me in the mood". I told her she could have joined us but she told me she really enjoyed playing with her pussy and watching us. actually it kinda turned me on also. I loved the fact that I was fucking one of my wife's coworkers while she was lying in the bed next to us watching. Alisa finally loosened her grip around me and I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy. as I did I could see my cum start to ooze out from her hole. I was sitting on the bed next to Alisa staring at her oozing pussy when I saw my wife crawl on the bed in between Alisa's spread legs. she said, "I needed a bed time snack." "do you mind if I eat you out?" Alisa responded, "no, not at all please do". she then began to lick my cum that had oozed from Alisa's pussy. she then entered Alisa's dripping cunt with her tongue. as she did Alisa spread her legs even wider, put her arms above her head and arched her back, pushing her large breast high in the air like huge sand dunes. I sat and watched as Ashley buried her tongue deep inside Alisa's pussy. I wanted to go fuck my wife from the rear, but I just couldn't get a hard enough erection so I just sat and watched. after Ashley had another orgasm my wife crawled on top of her and the 2 began to kiss and give each other tongue. I watched Alisa as she licked my wife's lips and around her mouth, licking her own juices which were present from when Ashley was eating her out. after a few minutes Ashley said, "well I'm going to bed now, you 2 try not to wake me through the night". she then crawled into her bed and said goodnight to us. it took me awhile to get sleepy but finally I did. I was no more asleep when I felt a hand on my cock. Alisa said, "are you ready yet?" I could feel my cock grow into a full erection so I replied, "I think so". she promptly jumped on top of me and began riding me. we fucked 2 more times through the night. I think we woke my wife at least once because shortly after we started fucking that time she got up went to the bathroom. as she walked past I asked, "do you want to join us?" she replied, "no, I just need to pee". so we continued to fuck. I was so turned on that my wife didn't care that I was fucking another woman. I didn't sleep much that night and was awake as it started to get day light. after a few minutes I heard Alisa say, "I'm ready again if you are". I felt my cock and it was already hard so I said, "sure". a few minutes later my wife got out of bed and said, "are you 2 still at it?" I said to her, "yes, and you need to come join us". she didn't reply but did come over and crawl over top Alisa's face and position her pussy above her mouth. Alisa then began to lick Ashley's dangling lips. this was becoming my favorite position for the 3 of us. I had the best of everything, I was fucking Alisa, my wife's and Alisa's tits were within easy reach and I had a great view of my wife's pussy being eaten. after I came in Alisa for the 5th time in less than 12 hours was about drained. after I pulled out of Alisa's cunt Ashley again went down on her. after the girls were done with their 69 Ashley said to me, "you must need time to reload, I didn't taste much cum that time mostly just cunt". I looked at her and said, "well gee I'm sorry but I've been a little busy last night". she smiled and said, "I know, that's ok we'll give you time to reload today".

after we all got showers we headed for breakfast. I watched as the girls got dressed. Ashley slipped into a tight tank top with large cut out sides under her arms with no bra. she then slipped on a pair of extremely tight very short almost transparent shorts with no underwear. she was so hot in that outfit. the sides of her boobs were entirely visible and her nipples were pointing through the front of the top. as she turned towards me I could clearly see the outline of her pussy through the tight thin shorts. Alisa wore a very opaque loose fitting top with spaghetti straps with a plunging neckline and a open crotch bikini bottom. her large breasts were almost completely exposed and as she moved they both popped out from behind the small section of the top that had no chance to keep them covered. the top was barely long enough to cover her crotch area. I asked if that's what they were wearing. they both looked at me and said, "yes, what's wrong with our outfits?"? I told them not a thing, but I wasn't sure what the other people eating breakfast would think. this wasn't a nude resort. as we walked to breakfast these outfits the girls wore did little to hide anything. once in the breakfast area and we started to get some items on our plates and I noticed the girls getting lots of stares from others. no wonder, this wasn't a nude resort and the girls were as close to naked as you could get. both of them were leaving nothing to the imagination, both of their tits and nipples were exposed from time to time and their pussies were also almost fully exposed. they knew people were staring and they were definitely enjoying showing off their bodies. why not, they both had great bodies. I thought for sure someone would complain, but although this wasn't a nude resort it was an adult only one so there were no children present. after we ate we went to do some activities. the girls never bothered to change. we played tennis ping pong, mini golf, did the gift shops and the whole time the girls were exposing themselves to whoever would look. and there were plenty of takers, they got lots of stares but no escorts out of the areas that we were in, surprisingly. they both really enjoyed showing off their bodies. then I realized something my wife and her friend were whores. I kind of liked it, one point I said, "next time we'll need to try a nude resort". they both agreed that would be fun, although not as much of a turn on as wearing outfits like this in a non nude setting. I gotta admit it turned me on too. so much so that when we did finally go back to the room I grabbed both of them and began sucking their tits. Ashley then said, "we have a question". I asked what it was. she said, "we want an honest opinion". I said, "ok what's the question". she said, "which one of our pussies is the prettiest and which one tastes best?" now this was a loaded question. I was screwed no matter what I said. I replied, "well I'll need to compare them side by side". so they got on the bed and spread their legs. I looked at both of them and said, "well Alisa has longer lips and I've always been partial to long dangling lips, but Ashley, yours is very petite and tight, another quality I like". then I said, "let me taste test each of them". they were both dripping wet and as I stuck my tongue in Ashley I could feel all her warm sweet juices flow into my mouth like a trickling garden hose. I hated to pull my tongue out but I wanted to taste Alisa's and compare. as I entered Alisa I could tell hers wasn't quite as tasty as my wife's but still extremely good to eat. I kept going back and forth licking them both for quite a long time. the girls were enjoying it but finally Alisa said, "well what's the verdict". I told them that they both had very lovely and tasty pussies and I was happy to eat both of them. they seemed happy with that answer and then Ashley said, "I want to see you fuck Alisa again. she was possessed with watching me fuck her. just then I realized I had ejaculated inside Alisa like 7 times and not once inside my wife. she seemed to enjoy eating my cum from her pussy more than having it surge inside her. after we got home I asked her about that and she told me she could have me cum inside her anytime but that she really enjoyed the combination flavor of my cum and Alisa's pussy juices. so I obliged her and proceeded to fuck Alisa again. after I got done she ate her out again. this was turning into a sexfest vacation which was just fine with me.

that night Ashley told me we were all going to try sleeping in the same bed. that sounded like fun. little did I know what they had planned. I got absolutely no sleep that night. as soon as I would get done fucking one the other would grab my cock and stroke me until I was hard and then demand I fuck her. I lost track how many times I ejaculated that night, had to be at least a dozen. but this was uor last night so I guess it was the last hurra. by the time the morning came my cock was sore. the last few ejaculations I had no cum come out of me., not a drop. this was a vacation I'll never forget.

after we got home I asked my wife why she insisted on me fucking Alisa so much. I figured there was more to it than her just liking to eat my cum out of her pussy. she looked at me and said, "well promise you won't get mad". I promised and then she told me the real reason. she said, "you remember back when Alisa was married and I used to go over to her place all the time?" I told her I remembered. she said, "well, um I wasn't going over there just to talk, me and her and her husband, well we um." she stopped for a minute and I said, "you um what?" she said, "well, we used to have um threesomes". I just looked at her and said, "well I'm not mad but I wish you would have told me". she said, "well that's not all, some of their friends would come over and we used to have big orgies". then she said, "there's more". I thought what more could there be. then she told me. "I used to get gangbanged over there". I didn't know what to say. part of me was mad but another part was extremely turned on. I asked how many guys. she said, "well sometimes 4 or 5 and then a few times more like 20 or so". she said, "oh your mad". I said to her, "I won't get mad if you promise me one thing". she asked what that was. I told her, "do the gangbang thing again but this time let me watch". she smiled and said, "really, your ok with it?" I told her yes, sounds like fun. she told me she was feeling guilty about not telling me about her secret sex life and she wanted me to have the same experiences she had. she also promised to try to set up something for me to have a group of women to play with. she said she knew of a few women she worked with that had been to several of Alisa's parties and would probably be happy to help with a reverse gangbang for me.

since then I've watched my wife get gangbanged many times by as many as 35 guys. I love seeing her get fucked multiple times and having cum squirted all over her body. I've also had several reverse gangbangs with as many as 8 women, most times including Alisa. lots of fun and hopefully more to cum.

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