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Watching my young wife Lori being seduced and then

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My wife Lori is 27 and I am 34. We have been married a couple of years and she is without doubt the cutest, sexiest woman I have ever known. Her green-grey eyes, pouting lips and sparkling smile are captivating. Her long legs, slender body and firm real breasts invite exploration and she shares herself with me passionately in every way. She has a prominent pussy mound that she keeps immaculately shaved, showing off her full labia lips that flower open when she is aroused. I love to drink from her sensual pool of charms and immerse myself in her welcoming womanhood. In short, I consider myself the luckiest man alive and I worship my true love. And until six weeks ago, I thought I would be the only man to ever have that privilege!

I am a private banking consultant for a very exclusive wealth management firm, so when a high society charity ball came up recently, the managing partner in my group bought two $1000 tickets for Lori and I to attend, so I could expand my network amongst the rich and famous. He also instructed me to 'spend big' on Lori so she could look a million dollars and agreed to cover up to $10,000 on 'outfitting' her for the night because these things matter in the glamorous circles we were about to enter. Lori of course was delighted and somehow managed to burn through more than that on just a sexy little black cocktail dress, a tiny little little clutch purse and a pair of shoes - I suddenly realized that I would need to win a lot of new business if Lori wants this to become her lifestyle!

We decided to stay for the weekend in the hotel where the ball was to be held. We checked in on Friday and Lori spent the whole of Saturday getting ready. Like most guys, I couldn't understand why a woman who is already so beautiful needs so much preparation but when I saw her return from the spa and salon, hair perfect, exquisitely manicured and immaculately made up, I could see she was oozing confidence. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than knowing she is so!

Complete with erotic black lingerie hidden beneath her figure hugging dress, Lori was ready and looked an equal to any super-model. She smelled amazing too, filling my senses and swelling my lust. My only regret (and hers too, I suspect), was that she did not have a jewelry collection to match the moment. I told her how amazing she looked, triggering a wry smile from her and the simple comment, "Watch out - I could get used to this and more!"

With my bride proudly on my arm, we entered the heady excitement of the cocktail reception preluding the ball. My boss was there with his third wife, a Ukrainian ex-model not much older than Lori. Fortunately, the girls hit it off immediately and chatted while I circulated with my boss for a round of introductions. When we returned, an elegant couple were talking with Lori and Ulya. It turned out they were the hosts of the sponsored table where we would be sitting. The man, a massively successful real estate developer and retail tycoon in his mid forties was accompanied by his poised and self-confident blonde wife Gail, whose penetrating electric blue eyes sparkled in the reflection of massive diamonds that adorned every available space on her perfect creamy skin. The conversation was light and frivolous, the mood was heavy with power, money and sex.

Duke, (as I will call him), concentrated all his attention on Lori, while I was occupied with Gail and a man who I considered a great business prospect. Occasionally I glanced over at Lori and I could see how intently she was absorbed in her conversation with Duke. I thought nothing of it as our eyes met occasionally and we exchanged smiles.

When it was time for dinner, Duke placed his hand gently in the small of Lori's back and guided her into the ballroom and I courteously offered my arm to Gail. We slowly made our way to our allotted table, through a sea of greetings and small talk as Gail was recognized by almost everyone. At our table, Duke ushered Lori to the seat beside him that bore Gail's name card.

"I hope you don't mind me borrowing your wife", he said with gracious charm, "we're having such a delightful conversation. Besides, poor Gail has heard all of my stories and I am sure she would enjoy a break!"

I didn't object and Lori flashed me a huge smile. She was loving the attention and sat happily next to Duke, immediately locked again in conversation with him. Gail joined me on the other side of the table and we sipped champagne, settling in for the evening. The seating was boy-girl and I was flanked by Gail and a Brazilian woman with the longest sensual fingers I have ever seen, tipped with wickedly long crimson nails, married to my prospect customer Allan, who was a soccer promoter and sports agent. More than half an hour must have passed and I had been so busy talking to my two beautiful neighbors that I hardly even glanced at Lori. Now that I looked at her, Duke was pressed close to her. Lori was mesmerized by whatever he was saying and occasionally threw her head back laughing or looked at him intently with wide incredulous eyes.

Gail could see me watching Lori and placed her hand over mine.

"You know that he's trying to seduce her, don't you?" she said shockingly. I couldn't believe her matter of fact tone and was lost for an answer.

"And he will probably succeed too", she added, "he almost always does!"

Gail squeezed my hand as she felt me tense up. My first reaction was anger.

"Stay calm and think about it a little", she said. "Don't get upset. Every woman finds a powerful wealthy man like Duke attractive".

I couldn't believe she was talking about her husband this way, watching him pay all his attention to my lovely wife. At that moment Duke pulled Lori close to him and whispered in her ear. A wicked smile flashed across her face - then after a moment's hesitation, she shook her head as if to say 'no' and looked over to me. She looked radiant, excited and a little confused. I wondered about the subject of their last exchange and wished I could eavesdrop on every word. What did he ask? What did she say 'no' to? Strangely, with mixed emotions, I was becoming fascinated watching this unfold. I was slightly reassured when Lori blew me a kiss across the table, although I recognized the horny look in her eyes.

I turned to Gail.

"How come you don't have a problem with Duke flirting with other women?" I asked innocently.

"I don't have a problem with anything he does. I'm not stupid - I know things will happen with other women, if I like it or not. That's just who he is. Honestly, I'm turned on by the same things as Lori. He's charming and sexy. When you're with him you feel like you're the only person in his world. That intensity is a very powerful aphrodisiac to a woman!"

"So you're OK that he has other women?" I asked incredulously.

"I'm more than OK. I even encourage him. He needs more sex than I can give him. He comes to me for love".

This was a whole new world for me. Gail could see that I was confused.

"Look at her", said Gail, motioning towards Lori, "see how alive and excited she is talking to him. Right now, she will be flush with lust for him. She can sense his power and dominance. She wants to submit. I know how that feels - it's what he does for me too. Let her enjoy herself".

While I was shocked to hear Gail's candor, I was even more surprised that despite my stomach churning with jealousy, I was getting aroused and my cock was beginning to stir.

"Do you have affairs too?" I asked. Gail laughed and squeezed my hand again.

"Of course not!" she burst out, "he would never let me do that. We've had some pretty wild parties at our ranch, with lots of swinging and I do fuck his friends and business associates whenever he wants me to. He loves me to do that while he watches!"

I looked over at Lori again and by now the signs were unmistakable that she was getting aroused, making eyes at Duke and slowly falling under his spell. I was even more surprised at myself - I had decided not to intervene. I just wanted to see if he would succeed.

Gail continued.

"It will probably be the best sex she's ever had. It always is for me. I even like it when he's had a new conquest, especially another man's wife, because he comes home afterwards and does me like crazy, boasting about how he wore down her resistance and in the end she begged him!"

By now I was becoming hard and my mind was starting to fill with wild images, when I was interrupted by the master of ceremonies calling for the first auction of the evening.

"Watch this", instructed Gail. "This will be his first big move on Lori".

"How so?"

"Just watch - he's a master at this. Very soon we will know if he can conquer your wife!"

The auctioneer announced a beautiful Dior necklace, valued at over $60,000 dollars and its images were flashed up on the screen. All the women at the table commented on how lovely it was. Lori pointed to it and called over to me that I should bid on it for her. I nodded to acknowledge, knowing it was out of my league! Then Duke asked me loudly:

"Hey Brett, are you going to bid on that for Lori, 'cos if you are I will stay out of the bids?"

"Out of my range!" I had to reply, reluctantly, feeling very insignificant in the moment.

"OK then", said Duke, "Its mine". He flashed a knowing look at Gail.

The bidding was frantic and Duke competed furiously with other guests until finally he prevailed at $92,000. There was much applause and cheering at our table, with Lori the most enthusiastic. Duke pulled a check book out of his tuxedo and scribbled out the check. Then he went up to the podium to get his prize, taking the microphone, joking that he was so ashamed with the other bidders underpaying that he had decided to pay $100,000 after all. He returned triumphant to our table and passed the necklace around for all to see.

When the necklace reached me and Gail, she pressed in close to me.

"He's going to offer to let Lori wear it this evening, in exchange for some small sexual token".

Now I was spellbound as the necklace was passed a few more times until it came to Lori. She looked at it adoringly and Duke leaned over to whisper in her ear. Her surprised look told me he had put his question to her. I realized Gail was right and I was witnessing my young wife being seduced in front of my eyes by a very powerful man.

Duke stood up and towered over Lori. Slightly fearful, she looked up at him as he took the necklace from it's box, unclipping it and offering it towards her neck.

"Shall I?" he said loudly enough for me to hear. Lori simply nodded silently and he stepped behind her while she pulled up her hair to give him access to her slender neck to fasten the necklace. Now my wife wore his trophy. I knew what this meant.

Duke took Lori's hand and lifted her up, placing a kiss on her cheek. Then he turned towards me and said,

"I could see how much Lori wants the necklace, so it only seems fair to let her try it on to see if it suits her. Doesn't she look beautiful?"

I admitted that she looked amazing, and told Lori that the necklace suited her. Lori looked at me intensely as if to trying to communicate a deep question. I'm sure she had no idea that Gail had told me what was happening. I didn't give her any indication that I understood. I abandoned her at that moment and chose to become complicit in her seduction. She would have to decide if she would succumb.

"I'm sorry I can't buy it for you, darling!" I called across to Lori.

"You won't have to pay for it", replied Duke, "there's always a deal to be done. We can find a way". To others at the table, it probably sounded like a joust between businessmen. To me it was a lance to my heart. I knew what he meant and wanted. By now, I was hoping Lori would too.

Gail leaned over to me.

"Don't worry, he never asks for too much at first", reassured Gail, "maybe her panties, or to feel her under the table, or for her to get his cock out secretly. He will pick something like that to break down her resistance. From then it's only a matter of time before he puts the big question".

Duke leaned in to Lori and whispered in her ear. She nodded submissively and excused herself to go to the restroom. She looked a little flushed and agitated and hardly glanced in my direction.

"Is she wearing sexy lingerie?" asked Gail.

"Yes, something from La Perla", I confided.

"Then that's what he wants from her. He will have already found out what she's wearing and demanded it to test her".

I watched my gorgeous wife thread her way through the tables. Now I had a raging hard-on and couldn't wait for her to return to see what happened next. Gail could sense my tension and I felt her hand under the table find my crotch as she tested my arousal.

"Good - I'm glad you're getting excited too!" she exclaimed.

I asked Gail why Duke didn't just buy the best and sexiest hookers in the world and she explained how it was about power not money. For him, seducing another man's wife and fucking her in front of him was the ultimate power trip. I had to admit, the idea was beginning to excite me too.

I took out my phone and with shaking fingers, texted Lori.

> Are you having a good evening? < > Wonderful! < was her instant reply > Nice of Duke to let you try the necklace < > I know! Can you believe it? < > I think its what you do when you're rich and famous, like him < > I don't mind! Anything to wear this necklace! <

I didn't give any indication that I suspected what was happening and Lori offered no clue. She seemed perfectly happy concealing her feelings from me and it turned me on.

> Have fun then < I added > I'm sure I will. You too <

About five minutes later, Lori returned and sat back down next to Duke. I watched from the corner of my eye and after a short pause, I could see her pass something under the table to Duke. He had her panties. His first victory. Lori looked at me innocently and I just smiled back.

Conversation returned to normal around the table and there were two more auctions but this time Duke didn't bid. I kept stealing glances at Lori and Duke and could see she was completely absorbed in conversation with him. Soon the dancing started and Lori called over to me and Gail, fingering the necklace which adorned her neck.

"I'm going to dance with Duke. I hope you don't mind".

"She has to", added Duke with a huge smirk on his face, "that's part of the price for wearing the necklace tonight!"

I wondered what the other part would be!

Gail and I wished them well and my wife set off hand in hand with Duke. Soon they were dancing intimately on one side of the dance floor. Her body melted into his and she rested her head on his chest. The lights were lowered and the evening took on a romantic mood.

After three dances, Lori and Duke returned to the table. He had his arm around her waist and she was smiling, giggling and flirtatious. As they sat down, Duke pulled his chair closer to Lori. Then to my surprise, Duke started a business conversation with me, asking about my firm. As we discussed various investments and he shared some information about his businesses I started to realize that Lori's eyes were glazing over. But it wasn't from boredom. Judging by the position of his arm and how she sat forward, it was obvious that Duke was fingering her under the table. Then it struck me - this was my test!

I just continued the conversation looking straight at Duke. I both hated him for his arrogance and admired him for his confidence.

After a few moments, Gail got up and walked behind Duke, gently massaging his shoulders. She also looked intently at me, to see if I would flinch. She ran her fingers through Duke's hair and teased the back of his neck. As Lori began to breathe more heavily and her eyes closed, Gail winked knowingly at me. Duke didn't miss a beat and kept up his conversation with me as I watched my wife silently give a tiny shudder and I knew she had come on his fingers.

Lori's eyes flashed open and she stared straight into mine. Apart from a slight curling smile, again Lori gave me no clue of what was happening. I looked back at Duke. His smile was now smug satisfaction. He knew that I knew. I had passed my test and he knew I wouldn't stop him with Lori.

"Come on Lori, let's do what girls do best", Gail said. "Let's go to the restroom".

As they left, I expected Duke to confront me and tell me his intentions with Lori. Instead, he asked me to join him and introduced me to several of his wealthy acquaintances on other tables. We spent a little longer to two men, Grant and Davis who Duke said were two of his best friends. He told them to make me and my 'exquisitely charming' wife welcome to their world and said he hoped to see them later in the evening. As Duke steered me back to our table, he put his hand on my shoulder.

"It's good that you have such a beautiful wife" he said, "Lori will be a great asset for your business career". Then he turned and shook my hand firmly, fixing me in a knowing stare, continuing. "Think about it. I would be a very valuable customer and so would those two guys".

Before I could answer, I could see the women coming back to the table.

"Say nothing to Lori", was Duke's command to me. "This is all up to her now".

"I understand", I said, really not sure where this was leading.

As they returned, Lori made her way directly to Duke and stood dutifully beside him with longing eyes.

"Surely I owe you another dance?" she asked him. "I can't imagine I've paid the rent on this necklace yet!"

"You certainly haven't!" He laughed, taking her back to the dance floor.

"Let's dance too", Gail asked and soon we were dancing close together. I deliberately positioned us away from Duke and Lori so as not to interrupt her seduction. Pressed close to me, I know Gail could feel my bulging cock.

"Aren't you going to ask me what I said to Lori?"

"I'm dying to know!"

"I told her I'm OK whatever she does with Duke!"

"What was her reaction?"

"She was very surprised, then she thanked me, asked me not to tell you anything and keep you occupied, in case she decides to do it".

"So she still thinks I don't know!"


That answer was a huge turn on. Less than fifty feet away, my wife was dancing with another man and thinking of giving herself to him, keeping it secret from me! As I watched Lori dance with him he whispered something to her and she looked longingly up into his eyes and nodded yes. They immediately broke the dance and started towards the door. She never looked back to check where I was.

"They're leaving", I told Gail. I was trembling with excitement and Gail knew it.

"You want her to do it, don't you?"

"I can't help it", I confessed.

Gail felt my cock between my legs.

"I'm sorry I can't help you with this", she said genuinely. "Maybe if you do business with Duke, one day he will tell me to fuck you. I hope he does!"

I thanked her but of course my mind was on other matters as I wondered how Lori was doing. Gail and I went back to the table. She could see how nervous I was and started to reassure me.

"Don't worry, she's not going to leave you! Try to relax. He won't hurt her. Let her enjoy herself - he's an amazing fuck".

That didn't really make me feel any better - just harder!

"How long will they be gone?"

"Not long. He just wants to conquer her initially. Then he'll want come back and parade his victory in front of you. He'll want you to know she enjoyed fucking him. It's all about his power over both of you".

"I don't know how I let this happen!" I confided.

"Because he's the alpha male".

Gail was right. Then she started to explain what could happen next.

"If Lori's wearing the necklace when she comes back, it may be a long night for both or you. It means she totally submitted and pleased him and she has agreed to his conditions".

Gail took a sip of her champagne and smiled at me. She was enjoying this too and I realized she was an accomplice in her husband's conquests and was preparing me for something. I begged to know the conditions.

"If Lori wants to keep the necklace after tonight, she has to confess to you, describe what she did with Duke and get you to join them upstairs to watch him fuck her again and again".

My head was spinning and I nearly came spontaneously. Gail continued.

"Do you want Lori to have that beautiful necklace?"

"Yes...yes I do", I stammered, completely helpless to my own sordid desires.

"Duke may have also conditions for you, depending on his plans for Lori".

"What kind of conditions?" I was now a little nervous.

"That I can't predict", explained Gail, "except he will have decided how he wants to enjoy Lori by now and he will want you to admit you want to see it happen. Then he's conquered you both. That's what turns him on".

A few other people returned from the dance floor and our conversation was interrupted. About ten minutes later, I saw Duke and Lori enter the ballroom and make their way over to us. They stopped briefly at a few tables and Duke introduced her to some of his friends I had met earlier. As they got closer, I could see Lori was wearing the necklace and a very satisfied grin. She was flushed and radiant - just like I remembered her on our wedding night.

"Sorry I stole your lovely wife - but she didn't seem to mind", Duke said to me triumphantly, flashing a smile at Lori. Turning to Gail, he invited her to dance and left me alone with Lori.

"Come on, let's dance too", she said simply and I followed her to the dance floor.

I couldn't believe how composed Lori was as she slipped into my arms on the dance floor. She felt warm and I caught the faint aroma of sex mixed with her perfume. Lori pressed up close to me.

"I have something to confess and I need you to promise you won't make a scene here or get angry until I finish explaining".

"I promise!"

Lori looked intently into my eyes and a smile started to crinkle her eyes. She was actually looking forward to telling me!

"I just went upstairs and had sex with Duke. I couldn't help myself - he's the sexiest man I've ever met. He has my panties in his pocket and his come is dripping down my inner thighs.".

I gasped and was speechless. I just stared into Lori's eyes as she continued.

"I know I should say I'm sorry but I can't. It was amazing - he just seemed to break down my resistance so easily and then all of a sudden I knew I wanted him. I couldn't think of anything else. I didn't even think of you".

Lori looked up at me with questioning eyes, waiting for my reaction.

"So you're glad you did it?" I asked calmly.

"Yes - more than I can explain," She answered, letting it sink in for a moment. "And the sex was amazing too. He's an incredible lover and he fucked me beautifully. I came twice in fifteen minutes. I hope you can cope with that. I need to make sure that you still love me?"

I kissed Lori tenderly on the lips and told her I still loved her.

"Good, because I have a really difficult question to ask you".

"Ask away!"

"I want to have sex with Duke again tonight - all night if possible".

"That wasn't really a question".

"No it wasn't but this time I need something from you".

Lori bit her lower lip, hesitating.

"Duke has offered to give me this necklace if I have sex with him while you watch. Could you do that for me?"

"So it's all about the necklace?"

"No it's all about us. I want to spend the night with him anyway, I really do. But I want you to get me the necklace by agreeing to watch".

I put my hand on Lori's tight bum and pulled her to me so she could feel my rigid cock.

"There's your answer", I declared as we locked mouths in a deep passionate kiss. "I would love you to have that necklace!"

Now it was Lori's turn to be surprised. I'm sure she had expected me to be furious.

"So you're turned on by this?"

"Yes, I've been watching him slowly seduce you all night!"

"And you didn't try to stop him?"

"It was so sexy to watch! I wanted him to succeed. By the time he fingered you under the table, I knew I wanted you to fuck him too!"

Lori called me a dirty bastard and we laughed and kissed some more. Suddenly, the tension was gone and we were sharing the thrill together. She told me Gail had explained what she does for Duke and she could do the same. I liked the idea that Lori could fuck for fun and profit. I told her I was proud to have such a sexy slut as my wife.

Then she hit me with the big one.

"Duke has some more conditions that he wants you to accept. Please don't be too shocked when he asks you - I know what he wants and it's OK with me. But you have to agree too".

"What are they?" I begged.

"He has to tell you", she laughed, enjoying seeing me cringe.

Lori asked me to steer us next to Duke and Gail. When we were dancing next to them, she simply called out "Yes" to Duke, giggling with a huge sexy smile on her face.

At the end of the dance, we broke apart and Lori went off to the toilets again with Gail. Duke took me back to our table. This time he sat next to me and we refreshed our glasses of champagne. This was his moment to prove he could dominate me too.

"I enjoyed your delicious wife more than any woman I've had for a long time", he declared with great satisfaction, "Lori is so sexy and she has such a sweet body. She was so willing. Lori begged me to fuck her. Her pussy just opened up and she pulled me into her with her legs behind my back. She kept calling out my name and telling me how much she wanted me. She came twice before I came in her - did Lori tell you that just now when you were dancing?"

"Yes, and she told me how much she enjoyed it" I revealed, knowing this was what he wanted to hear. He looked pleased.

"Would you like to see me do it again? Because I've decided she deserves to keep that necklace, if you watch".

I did want to watch. The thought was consuming me. Duke could sense my reaction.

"Admit it - you want to watch me fuck Lori don't you?"

"Yes" I confessed willingly. "She's there for you tonight and I want to see it".

"Good! I want you to watch how much she enjoys it too and take photos and video to record the pleasure I will give her. Will you do that?"

"Yes!" I think I was enjoying my humiliation more that Duke was!

"Good", he chuckled, taking a small silver pill box from his pocket and taking a blue pill from it. "I am going to make sure I can fuck her for hours!" He sipped down his Viagra with some more champagne.

"And finally, from this moment you will follow my instructions, you cannot put a stop to anything, intervene, touch her or enjoy her in any way unless I tell you to, or until I say I've finished with her. Be absolutely sure that you understand you're handing over your wife to me completely. OK?" "I agree", I conceded, sacrificing my wife and surrendering to Duke.

Duke gave me a room key and told me to go and get Lori when she came out of the restrooms and take her upstairs to get Lori ready for him.

Then my next surprise.

"By the way, I offered Lori to Grant and Davis in exchange for meeting up with you sometime. I thought it might be good for your business. Lori agrees and had promised to show them a good time".

Duke instructed me what drinks to fix and would bring his friends up when he was ready.

When Lori came out with Gail, she had reapplied her lipstick, her hair was perfect again, she looked refreshed and incredible!

Gail kissed Lori on the cheek and wished her luck. They exchanged a quick hug and Lori thanked Gail for encouraging her. Then Gail turned to me.

"Are you ready to watch your wife do this Brett?"

"Ready and willing!"

"Then I hope you both have a very erotic night!"

I took Lori's hand and led her away to her fate. We rode the elevator with other guests and looked silently and knowingly into each other's eyes. The sexual tension and anticipation between us was electric.

Once inside Duke's amazing suite, Lori said she wanted to rinse off her pussy first. I stopped her and slipped my hand up her skirt and dipped a finger into her used hole. She let out a little moan. I was expecting her to be wetter and messier but she must have wiped herself well in the restroom.

"Stop it! You're not supposed to touch me until Duke has finished with me. If he comes in and catches us, I'll lose the necklace".

I drove my finger in a little deeper and withdrew it quickly, collecting as much from inside her as I could. Then I smelled my finger and sucked the juices off it.

"I just wanted to taste your pussy mixed with Duke's come".

"You're filthy!"

"So are you honey and I can't wait to see your pussy full of come!"

"If that's what you want, I'm sure you'll see plenty tonight. Did Duke tell you he's invited two friends to join him. I'm aching to fuck them - I love the idea!"

I told her I knew and wanted it too. I loved her dirty talk. Could this really be my wife Lori?

"Pour some drinks while I get ready", she instructed.

The lounge was enormous and there was a great bar. I found some white wine for Lori and opened another bottle of champagne. Duke arrived with Grant and Davis and I fixed them all drinks too while we waited for Lori to come out of the bathroom. Grant and Davis told me how much they were looking forward to fucking my wife and thanked me for letting Duke invite them. Grant said they promised to reward me with some business and it was obvious Duke had transacted my wife for me. I didn't tell them I had no choice!

When Lori did arrive wearing a white bath robe, she went straight over to Duke obediently as if he was her master.

"Hello darling, I'm ready to do whatever you want", she said as he pulled her close and kissed her. I watched her eyes close as she responded to him passionately like she normally would for me. Duke untied the robe and it fell open to reveal Lori's perfect body, slipping his arms around her naked torso. Another surge of jealousy reignited my lust and my cock sprang to attention again.

Duke passed Lori to Davis who took his turn kissing her and running his hands all over her body under the robe and then Grant did the same. Then Duke told his friends to sit on the lounges and he positioned himself in a large chair facing them.

"Get their cocks out and let me see you suck them - just don't bring them off yet" was Duke's first command.

Lori knelt in front of Davis first and I was so absorbed in the moment that I almost forgot to start taking pictures until Duke reminded me.

Lori released a good looking normal sized cock like mine and set about sucking it. She loves to suck cock and soon Davis had thrown back his head moaning about how hot and sexy my wife's mouth was. I got some great close up pictures of her adoring his cock. Lori could sense Davis was getting close to coming and left him to start on Grant.

Grant had already released his cock, which was much bigger.

"Suck it Lori" he ordered, "show me how much you are prepared to do for your husband's business!"

Lori started her expert sucking and Grant was immediately impressed. "Oh yes baby, you're a hot little cock sucking wife. I'm gonna love fucking you!"

Lori's eyes flashed open and she smiled up at Grant, briefly releasing his cock.

"I guarantee you will!" she said lasciviously and dropped her mouth back over his cock, closing her eyes and enjoying herself. Pretty soon she had Grant on the edge and broke away.

Then it was Duke's turn and she unzipped him releasing his handsome strong cock that was as large as Grant's.

Lori caressed Duke's cock tip with her lips and tongue.

"Am I doing OK?" she quizzed, seeking Duke's approval.

"Oh yes - you're going to give me everything I want tonight and more!"

Duke pushed Lori's head down and her mouth engulfed his cock. While she sucked him, Duke told me, Davis and Grant to strip off. Then he called them over. I just stood there with a raging hard on watching the scene unfold.

"Just give her a little bit of cock to open her up" he instructed, then turning to me, "get this on video - you will want to remember the first time you saw another man's cock in your wife!"

He was right, I did!

First Davis knelt behind her and started to finger Lori. She was already wet and open so he quickly placed his cock at her pussy and slid into her. Still with Duke's cock in her mouth she let out a little moan and opened her eyes looking up at him.

"Good girl - you like that don't you?"

"Mmmm" she nodded up and down with her mouth full. Lori didn't miss a beat and I was so proud of my sexy wife seeing her sandwiched between two men.

Lori began to moan more and closed her eyes. Duke could see she was getting excited and told Davis not to let her come so he pulled out.

"No coming until I tell you!" he ordered. Lori's eyes flashed open again and she looked up at him pleadingly. "No!"

Then he motioned to Grant who got ready behind her.

"Ram her hard!"

Grant immediately shoved his much bigger cock deep in my sweet wife's little pussy in a single stroke and then started to pound her with long deliberate strokes. Again her pretty eyes flashed open, this time with surprise at the size of cock. It must have felt good for her because a dreamy expression covered her face. She still kept sucking Duke but now she was beginning to lose control. Duke had no intention of letting her come and took her face between his hands and pulled her mouth off his cock.

"No coming I told you!"

"But Duke, it's feels so good!" she pleaded. "Please let me come!"

Duke motioned to Grant to pull out, which he did.

"Kneel in the middle of the room and suck cock again"

Lori did as she was told and Davis and Grant shoved their cocks in her face. She willingly alternated her mouth between them. Duke stripped off while her watched my obedient little wife fulfil his orders. When he was satisfied she had come down enough he got Grant and Davis to pick her up, with an arm behind each of their necks and holding her legs open in a sort of fireman's lift, so they presented her flowering pussy to Duke at cock height.

Duke stepped forwards and teased her clit with the tip of his cock, playing with her juices as he rubbed his cock around her hole. Lori looked small between the three men. She was completely at Duke's mercy.

"Do you want this?" Duke asked, just easing his tip into her.

"You know I do!"

Duke continued to tease her. Lori realized she would need to beg more.

"I want you more than anything in the world Duke. Please fuck me - I need you so much!"

I was close by recording all this on video.

"Look at your husband and tell him how much you want it!"

Lori looked longingly over to me. She knew exactly what to do.

"Oh Brett, I want Duke to fuck me and make me come. He's the best lover I've ever had. I need his beautiful cock!"

I knew my part too.

"Do it darling. Give him what he wants. Let me see you fuck him!"

Duke clenched his buttocks and impaled Lori with a single push. She wailed with joy as his cock drove deep into her.

"Oh yes! Thank you! That's so good - I love your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Lori's moans increased and she kept begging Duke to fuck her. I thought he would let her come this time but he didn't, suddenly pulling out. I watched her gaping pussy convulsing.

"Oh no, you can't stop. Please Duke, please..."

Lori was almost sobbing and Duke was enjoying the control.

"Bring her over to the bed" he told his friends. "Now she's ready to fuck us properly!"

They took her into the bedroom and laid her out like a sacrifice on the covers.

"Hold her wrists and ankles" commanded Duke. They didn't really need to because Lori was clearly aching for Duke's cock.

"Tell us what you want Lori!"

"I want you to fuck me any way you want to. Just fuck me and fill me with cock and come. I'm yours Duke!"

"Yes you are!" he said triumphantly and climbed on top of my bride, entering her.

Now he started to fuck her properly and tears of joy began to drip down her cheeks.

"Oh Duke, that feels so good! I love you inside me!"

"Let go her arms and legs"

As soon as she was released, Lori threw her arms around Duke's neck and she pulled him into a passionate kiss, her ankles wrapped behind his back. Now she was making love to him. I watched my wife give herself totally to another man - she made the same squealing sounds she did with me. She urged him on with the same words. She kissed him with the same hunger and abandon. Although I was knotted inside with jealousy it was so overwhelmingly erotic that I just stood there recording every moment.

I could hear the telltale sounds that Lori was close to coming. She looked over at me with glazed eyes and smiled.

"Oh yes Duke, that's it. Just like that! Oh I love you! Make me come!"

Gasping and groaning, the waves of orgasm rippled through Lori but Duke didn't stop his pounding. Now she was letting out little mewing noises as he kept her up high and another orgasm started to rack her sensuous body. Again and again she told Duke how amazing he was and how much she loved him and his huge cock, as a third orgasm started to build.

"Are you ready to earn that necklace?"

"I'll do whatever you want darling. I'm yours, lover! Make me earn it!"

Duke pushed up on his arms and stiffened up as he shot his come into Lori "Oh yes! Come in me! I want your come!" she sobbed and Duke loaded her up with his seed.

As he pulled out I got a great view of her pussy clogged with his white cream. Lori put her fingers into her hole and started to massage come onto her clit, then she took her sticky fingers and licked them clean.

Duke wasn't going to let her get any rest and he flipped her over onto her belly, dragging her up into the doggy position. Grant didn't need an invitation and was behind her in seconds taking Dukes place in her pussy. He slid easily into her sloppy box.

"Oh god that feels good!" she sighed.

Davis got onto the bed and positioned his cock at her face.

"Use her!" commanded Duke and Lori willingly opened her mouth as Davis started to fuck her face. The threesome found a rhythm and Lori started to come again. Pretty soon Davis was ready and Duke issued his next command.

"Hold his come in your mouth! Don't swallow yet!"

Lori nodded obediently as Davis began to unload. I'm sure some of it was squirting down her throat but she did a great job of holding a full mouthful.

"Your wife's got a present for you Brett. Go and kiss her".

I lay down on the bed so my face was under hers while she was still being fucked from behind by Grant. Lori lowered her lips to mine and as our mouths opened to kiss I was rewarded with a hot mouthful of come to drink.

Lori broke the kiss and looked down at me as another orgasm overtook her, saliva and come dripping from her open mouth onto my face.

"Oh god yeah, fuck me!" she called out as Grant quickened his pace. Her eyes were closed and an intense grimace contorted her face.

"Fill my cunt! I want a cunt full of come!" she screamed as she felt Grant spasm inside her.

Lori opened her eyes again and smiled down at me.

"Oops - now I'm full at the other end! And none of it's yours!"

"Go and take a photo of her come filled cunt", ordered Duke, so I slid out from under Lori and went round behind her upturned butt. A thick flow of come was now beginning to drip from her onto the bed. I zoomed in and recorded the moment. Davis and Grant went into the other room to get more drinks.

"She's getting exactly what she wants, aren't you Lori?" asked Duke.

"Yes darling! And I'm ready for more!"

My sweet wife was going wild with lust.

"Do you want Brett's cock?"

"No Duke, I want yours again. I can have Brett any time I want. Tonight is for you!"

"Well I'm not going to fuck a sloppy pussy!" declared Duke. "Lie on the bed again Brett. Lori squat over him and let him clean you up.

Lori did just that and lowered her pungent messy gash onto my mouth. It was hot and puffy, quickly releasing the love goo into my waiting mouth. Above me, Duke stuck his cock in Lori's mouth and she settled back onto my face so I could lick her pussy. Most men would have felt humiliated but for me this was pure excitement and as Lori began to come on my mouth and push out huge globs of turgid sperm, I touched my cock and had an explosive orgasm of my own.

"I think he likes you fucking other men!" said Duke as I squirted.

Lori released Duke's cock from her mouth but continued to pump his shaft with her delicate hand. "I fucking well hope he does, because I love it!"

Duke laughed and told Lori he was ready to do her again. I got off the bed and went into the bathroom to wipe myself off. When I returned, Duke was on his back and Lori was gently riding his stiff cock, occasionally leaning forward to kiss him tenderly, thank him for seducing her and tell him how much she loved having sex with him. They looked perfect as a couple and I wondered what life would be like after tonight.

I didn't have long to think about these things because Duke called the other two back into the bedroom.

"We're going to do something very special to you now Lori. It may hurt a little at first but I know you can do it for me!"

"Yes lover", she said looking longingly into his eyes, "you know you can do whatever you want to me". I knew she really meant it now. She was totally possessed by Duke.

Duke spat on his fingers and reached round to lubricate Lori's virgin black hole with his saliva and I realized I was going to watch a stranger take the prize I had always coveted for myself. Lori knew the significance of the moment and looked over her shoulder towards me.

"Thank you - I really want this".

I just nodded and smiled. So did I.

Davis seemed to know he should go first with a smaller cock and he took up a position behind Lori, pressing his cockhead to her tight pink sphincter. I was videoing everything as his nudging cock slowly pushed past her resistance until his cockhead finally disappeared into my wife's butt and she took her first double penetration.

Lori let out a whimper of pain and Duke pulled her to him to kiss her.

"Is this your first double?"

"Yes. It hurts a little but I'm OK"

Davis took this as an invitation and pushed harder until he had eventually got almost all of his cock into her. Lori screamed out with shock and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Tell me what you want" commanded Duke.

"I want you both to do me!"

"Good girl!" said Duke as he and Davis slowly built up a rhythm inside her.

I could see Lori beginning to relax and gradually her yelps of pain changed to short guttural grunts until eventually she was moving with her two lovers and responding.

"Oh Duke, I love it! Fuck me deep!"

Then Lori started to come with the loudest orgasm I had ever heard, talking filthy to her assailants.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me in the ass. Fuck me! Fuck me! I want it! I want come in me! Do it! Oh yeah, that's it - use me!" Lori's orgasms just seemed to keep going. She looked back over her shoulder to Davis, now with a wide grin lighting up her face. "Am I good?"

"Fucking amazing!" is all he could say as he gasped and came in her with a long series of hard thrusts. As he pulled out, her virgin back hole gaped open and come dribbled down onto Duke's cock that was still pounding her pussy. Lori looked round again, satisfied that she had milked Davis.

"C'mon Grant - I'm open for business! Get in here".

Grant obliged immediately and I watched in awe as Lori took his much bigger cock easily into her ass. His cock was slick with Davis's come as he rammed in and out of my sweet wife.

"Oh yeah!" she called out, "now I can feel it!" and her rolling orgasms started all over again. She was making a lot of noise now and I was getting it all on video.

Finally, Duke looked over Lori's shoulder at Grant and asked him if he was ready to come. When he nodded, Duke began to groan and I saw his balls spasm as he let go in Lori's pussy. A few seconds later Grant started to come too and Lori fell silent, gasping for breath. I couldn't hold back either and shot my load on the floor.

As Grant pulled out, Lori just lay there panting on Duke's chest, making cute little cooing noises, telling him she loved him and thanking him for fucking her so good. I started to take lots of close ups of her distended butt hole as she started to leak come again.

"Is she very messy?" asked Duke.

"Oh yes!"

Duke rolled Lori off him and she flopped exhausted onto her back.

"Well you'd better clean her up then!"

I couldn't have been happier and I began to lap up the come and clean both her pussy and butt hole. Lori wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled my mouth against her pussy, making me eat her harder.

"Did you like watching me Brett?"

"Mmmm" was all I could say, with my mouth full of clit and her puffy pussy lips.

"Do you like seeing your wife being fucked?"

I pulled back a little and looked across her sweat coated body and into my young wife's eyes that were still fiery with excitement.

"You know I do!"

"Aren't you going to thank me?"

"Thank you Lori!"

She jerked my mouth back onto her pussy and I continued to lick and suck at her while she looked up at Duke.

"Did I earn it yet?"

"Yes", he said, leaning down and kissing my wife on her lips.

"Good, because I need a little break!"

"What are we going to do about this" asked Duke, showing his cock, still hard from the Viagra.

"That's OK, I still want to make love to you Duke but I don't think I can do the other guys again".

"Fine, no problem".

Duke got up, tapped me on the shoulder and we went into the other room, leaving Lori spread on the bed, gently fiddling with her pussy. Duke thanked Grant and Davis and then we all shook hands while they told me what and amazing hot wife I had. I was so proud of Lori.

It was like the locker room after a big game as they started to get dressed again, with Duke and me still naked. I poured drinks and we talked for a while, comparing notes about what they had done with Lori. I glanced back into the bedroom and could see she had passed out asleep. After a while, Davis and Grant left, assuring me we would catch up in the next few days for business. For me this was all surreal.

When they had gone we went back to the bedroom and Duke pulled Lori further up the bed and turned her on her side, pulling one leg up and straddling her so he could enter her sideways. She was still asleep as he entered her. I lay beside them and watched him slowly enjoying my delicious wife.

"I loved seducing your wife! Did Gail tell you it's my hobby?"

"Yes and she said you like watching her fuck too".

"Now do you understand why?"

"Yes, I'm totally hooked!"

"Well just be careful and remember it has to be what she wants first of all. Don't push her. You need to look after her. Spoil her. Don't let this one go - you won't find another wife as lovely as Lori".

Of course I agreed. It was bizarre having this conversation watching Duke's cock slide in an out of Lori. Duke told me that Lori reminded him of Gail who had always done everything she could to be a great wife and please him. I assured him that I would look after Lori.

Lori was beginning to stir from her sleep but she kept her eyes closed.

"Mmmm - that feels so nice Duke. Where's Brett?".

"Here on the bed with us".

"Can he join in now?"

"Of course!"

I swapped to the other side of the bed so I could kiss Lori while Duke slowly made love to her. We kissed tenderly and she opened her eyes. She looked happy and pleased with herself.

"Thank you Brett. I love my new necklace!"

"Thank you Lori. I love my new wife!"

We kissed deeply and Duke picked up his pace making Lori moan into my mouth. Another new erotic high for me and suddenly I was completely hard again.

"Could you take it up the back one more time?" I asked hopefully.

"Yes, but I want you underneath in my pussy, so I can look at you".

Duke withdrew and I positioned myself on my back, so Lori could straddle me. Her pussy was so hot from Duke's cock only seconds before and she slid easily down onto my shaft.

"This is for you darling", she whispered tenderly as I felt Duke's cock enter her other hole and rub me through the thin membrane separating them. It was an exquisite sensation, made better by looking into my loving wife's eyes.

"Not too hard Duke. I'm a bit sore and I want this to last".

The three of us made love slowly for what seemed like ages. Lori and I kept kissing and she repeated how much she loved me. Her orgasms were not as violent now but they came in softer gentle waves, when she would shake and tears would well up in her eyes at the intense pleasure. Eventually, I couldn't hold back my come any longer and I told Lori I needed to come in her.

"Yes darling, please come in me. I'm your wife and I'm yours to enjoy.

It seemed to take me ten seconds to reach the edge and I was poised at the perfect pain before orgasm when I felt the heat of Duke's come flooding into Lori from behind making me release into her too, our mouths locked in a kiss.

Now it was my turn for Lori to flop down spent on my chest. Duke got up and said it was time to leave us alone and he would go home. He came over to Lori and kissed her, telling her she was absolutely the best young wife he had ever seduced. She looked so pleased with herself.

"Gail and I have a weekend party next month at our ranch. Why don't you join us - if you don't mind a little swinging?"

"Ask Gail to call me. I gave her my number. I know Brett will enjoy it after tonight - especially if he gets to fuck Gail. I know he fancies her!"

Duke laughed heartily and said he would tell Gail.

When Duke had left, Lori curled up in my arms and we fell asleep as husband and wife. I had never loved her more.

So this is how we got invited to a new lifestyle. Now I can't wait for the party. That's a story for another day!

Look out for more 'Lori & Brett' stories to come.

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