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Their is always a first time for everything

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I had brought up the subject of swapping with my wife Jen, a couple of times, mostly in a joking manner. She always responded the same way ? NO WAY. Jen likes to flirt and frequently does so. She is cute blue eyed dirty blond at a petite 5 foot 2, size 8, with natural 36D boobs that hang nicely. On occasion she displays a little cleavage, which I enjoy and have noticed others enjoy as well. I am pretty average, 6 foot 1, 175, and keep my head shaved. While not overly flirtatious, I do respond when received. Things started innocently enough (as these type of things usually do). Friends up the street were having a dinner party for several couples, no kids. Most of the couples we knew including the host couples brother Bob and his wife Leslie. Bob is a pretty normal guy, enjoys watching football and playing golf, drinking beer and according to Jen, attractive. Jen had joked and flirted with Bob in the past, nothing serious. Leslie is surprisingly similar to my wife 5 foot 3, probably a couple of ponds lighter, big boobs but is raven haired with brown eyes. She has a very sexy laugh and pours on the flirtatious and the sexual innuendos. I mentioned Leslie?s flirting to Jen in the past and she didn’t mind and had a few laughs herself.

This night, Leslie was fired up. She was wearing a nice black skirt with a white blouse that had the top couple of buttons undone giving just a hint of cleavage, very sexy. She started chatting with me very soon after we arrived while Jen mingled around. She touched my forearm several times and she bumped me in the arm a few times with her boobs. With each touch I could feel the tingle in my cock. .After a few drinks she upped her normal flirting game with me and upon returning from the powder room she had undid another button revealing very nice boobage and passing glimpses of her white lace bra. Leslie, like me, enjoys small batch bourbon. The host couple usually does not have a good bottle of bourbon in the house, so I offered to walk up a grab a bottle of Basil Hayden. With that I spotted Jen and told her I was walking up to the house and I would be right back.

As a started to walk towards the door, Leslie came up beside me and clutching my arm and said that I could not walk up there without her. So, needless to say, I did not. The whole way up I was thinking, oh shit what am I getting myself into? Do not get carried away! Well, that was easier said than done.

After entering the house, I directed her towards the basement and the bar. The lights were off and she had not been to our house before, so I led. I pointed out a few things about the basement as we walked and finally turned around when we had reached the bar. When I turned around, she tossed her unbuttoned blouse to the floor exposing her lace covered tits to me. The tops of her tits heaving out of the demi cup and hard nipples pushing through the fabric. I was in boob heaven!! She threw her arms around me pulling me down just enough to plant her lips on me. I could feel her boobs mashed against me and cock starting to stiffen. I was successful in not grabbing those huge mounds and managed to pull away from her. I told her, I can t do this, Jen would divorce me in a minute if I fooled around. She said that she wouldn t tell. I just said I am sorry; we need to go back to the party. She gave a little pout and proceeded to slowly put her blouse back on, I tried not to watch and she knew I was and slowly adjusted her boobs within her bra.

Feeling guilty as hell, I immediately found Jen and told her what happened. I figured it would be better to hear it from me than from Leslie. Jen was not angry and thanked me for being honest. She also told me that Bob’s comment to her now made sense. Bob was looking for Leslie when we were gone, Jen said that she must have gone with me to get a bottle of bourbon and that we would be back in a few minutes. Bob made a comment like not if Leslie was with him. Jen took that to mean that Leslie dragged her feet, but now we were thinking that maybe they were swingers.

As the evening went on I continued to flirt with Leslie, stealing glances at those nice mounds. Jen flirted with Bob as well. Towards the end of the evening, Leslie was chatting with Jen and invited us over for dinner the following week and Jen accepted.

We talked about Bob and Leslie the entire week ... what if this and what if they were swingers and so on. We decided that they were probably swingers and that we would see how it goes but Jen was not interested in being with another man.

The evening finally arrived. Jen was wearing a nice skirt and a form fitting top that was sexy but not overtly so. Leslie answered the door wearing a short skirt and an opaque silk blouse that gave a nice image of her black lace bra.

After pouring of drinks and some flirting, Bob suggested getting into the hot tub. Jen teasingly replied, that I guess you guys know we didn?t bring our suits. Leslie replied that we never use them and guided us towards the deck. As Bob pulled the cover off, Leslie positioned herself in front of Jen and me and unbuttoned her blouse, removed her skirt, dropped her panties exposing her shaved puss and then slowly reached around to unhook her bra. She slowly dropped the bra and smiled and said she was ready. Her boobs were firmer looking that Jen’s with enormous dark areolas. With that I pulled off my shirt and dropped trowel, I was already semi hard, which of course Leslie noticed and commented on. Jen looked at me as she peeled off her clothes. The night air and excitement had made her nipples rock hard and huge. Her dark hairy pubes had been trimmed down a bit for tonight. I glanced over as Bob was now undressed and getting ready to climb in. I looked like his cock was about the same length as mine, the seven inch range, but it was very thick.

I climbed in next and Jen sat beside me. I was slightly surprised when Leslie slid in on the other side of me, on the adjacent corner. I had my arms out of the tub behind me and I could feel her boobs graze against me as she climbed in and as she sat her lower leg came to rest on mine.

The conversation turned a little sexual as Bob and Leslie made innuendos about what goes on in the hot tub. Leslie was sitting with her arms out of the water as well her arm resting in contact with mine. The out stretched arms position lifted her boobs up to the surface of the water as they jiggled with the flow of bubbles. Jen kept her arms inside the tub. I then slid my hand down Jen’s thigh and gave a gentle squeeze. With that she relaxed a little and did the same to me. She slid her hand over to my cock, I think she was surprised to find it fully erect, because she let out a little ooh. Leslie picked up on this and asked if I was hard, with which Jen replied very and gave me a couple of strokes. Leslie then smiled, looked at me and asked Jen if she could find out for herself. Jen hesitated and then said sure. With that Leslie slid a little closer reached over and wrapped her hand around my shaft and giving it several pumps. She commented on how nice my big mushroom head felt. She then asked Jen if she liked to give head, Jen replied that she loves to take me into her mouth. Leslie, not missing a beat asked if she could watch Jen suck me. Jen said ,just watch? With a smile and then gave a little pull to my cock so that I would get up out of the water and sit on the side.

My wife then repositioned herself in front me, with her ass towards Bob before lowering her mouth on to my cock. Leslie raised herself out of the water and started massaging her boobs. After several minutes sucking, bobbing, and stroking, Jen held my cock and looked over at Leslie and offered her a taste. Bob was now sitting on the side of the tub with his cock in hand watching his wife slide over to me and wrap her tits around my rock hard cock. She then reached down and pulled my cock into her mouth. I looked at Jen and couldn’t believe that I was sitting here getting my cock sucked with her approval. I couldn’t help but to let out a moan. She sucked and stroked my cock for several minutes with Jen and Bob watching.

Then Bob moved around and positioned himself beside me and within reach of either of the girls. Leslie stopped for a minute glanced over at Jen and then wrapped her mouth around Bob’s fat dick while still stroking mine. Jen then paused again, looked at Jen and asked her if she wanted to suck Bob’s cock. Jen looked at me and I responded - only if you want to. With that Leslie and I watched as Jen reach out and wrap her hand around Bob’s erection and slowly started to stroke it. I couldn’t believe how excited I was watching my wife with another guy s cock in her hand and anticipating her going down on him.

I slid back into the water beside Leslie as we watched as Jen slowly lowered her face closer to Bob’s dick. It was coming oh so close to her lips as she stroked him, finally she parted her lips and took him in. She had to open wide to accommodate his girth. Once his cock was in her mouth she went all out bobbing, slurping, licking his shaft, and smacking his head to her tongue. I could feel Leslie s hand still wrapped around my dick and slowly stroking.

I turned around and started to kiss Leslie driving my tongue into her mouth. I then moved her around and lifted her out of the water exposing those big titties and her shaved muff. I pushed her legs apart and lowered my face to pussy. I licked the warm water off her lips before sliding my tongue into her puss. I then parted her lips with my fingers to give me easy access to her huge clit. I put her clit between my lips and managed to suck on it a little, she then pushed my head into her pussy as she moaned. After a few minutes she started to buck a little as her pussy gave me a little squirt, which I eagerly lapped up.

I leaned back and looked over to see Bob sucking on Jen’s tits as she moaned and noticed that he had a couple of fingers in her pussy. Leslie then leaned over towards Jen and Bob and Bob moved back a little. Leslie then reached out and grabbed one of Jen’s tits and gave it a squeeze. She then leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Jen nodded as she repositioned herself. With that Leslie bent over and started sucking on Jen’s tits. I almost blew my load right there. I glanced over at Bob and he had his hard cock in hand slowly stroking. After several minutes, Leslie stood up, stepped out of the hot tub and asked if anyone was interested in going up to the bedroom.

I looked over at Jen and she smiled, reached over and grabbed hold of my cock and said I think Martin is a yes. With that she stood up and wrapped her arms around me, my hard cock pressed against her abdomen and her tits mashed against my chest. She kissed me hard and then whispered in my ear that she was nervous but excited also. She asked me if I wanted to and I replied yes.

Bob and Leslie had already stepped out and grabbed some towels. Leslie handed me one and asked me to dry her off. With that I rubbed her down while my hard cock bounced around and brushed up against her. Out of habit, Jen wrapped the towel around herself covering her tits while Bob towel himself off. Leslie jokingly asked why Jen was covering herself up, with that everyone had a good laugh as Jen removed her towel. Leslie said that was much better and gave Jen’s tits a playful touch.

Leslie then led the way into the house with Bob following offering drinks. Jen needing something to calm her nerves said yes as Bob poured for everyone. Leslie then pressed against me and started tugging at my cock. she was so horny! She turned to Jen and asked if she could kiss me, Jen replied sure. Leslie wasted no time, letting her tongue explore my mouth, her hot tits pressed up against me and my hard dripping cock smashed against her. Jen was watching as Bob came up from behind her, lightly coming in contact with her. She then leaned back a little giving him the OK to reach around and cup her big tits. She leaned her head back and moaned as he massaged her tits and played with her nipples. I glanced down as Bob s hard cock was resting in between Jen’s ass cheeks. Jen attempted to make a little small talk but it went nowhere. Leslie then asked if we wanted to be in the same room or separate. I think Jen was a little surprised at the question because of the look on her face. She looked at me and I said same? From Jen’s look that was the right answer.

With that Leslie said let’s go! She grabbed my hand and started to lead me up the stairs. I grabbed her ass she playfully shook it in front of me heading up the stairs. As we got into the bedroom Leslie spun around, dropped to her knees and grabbed my dick. She wasted no time at all pumping and sucking on my cock. Bob then stood beside me and Leslie reached out and grabbed his cock as well. She pulled him closer and then started to suck his dick, while stroking mine and rubbing the two cocks together. Jen watched at first then she too dropped to her knees, closer to me and then started sucking my dick. Leslie then aimed Bob’s dick at Jen which she eagearly took it her mouth. It was so hot watching my wife sucking our dicks .

Leslie motioned me to come over to the bed as we stated to kiss and grope. She then playfully pushed me down to the bed and told me she wanted to ride me. My favorite position!

With that she climed up on my and dropped herself down on my cock. I reached for those big bouncing titties and starting sucking on them. I felt some movement on the bed as Jen crawled up beside me on all fours as Bob positioned himself behind her. I reaced up and drew her closer as we kissed deep and hard. I could taste Bob’s pre cum on her lips. I couldn’t believe that I was lying there kissing my wife while she has another guys cock buried in her and a hottie riding my cock.

It didn’t take long before Jen started to cum. I could feel her nipples harden even more than they already were. I let out an oh shit and Leslie started riding me harder and started to cum herself. I was so close and held off as long as could. As soon as Leslie stopped I started banging my cock into her and grabbed two handfuls of tit. I came hard. After Jen watched me cum she rolled over and let Bob come in from the top. I watched her big tits bounce up and down as Bob thrust into her. Leslie climbed off me and moved around to the other side of Jen and grabbed a tit and started sucking. I grabbed the other and did the same. She started cumming yet again as Bob ground and dumped his load into her.

I felt myself getting hard again so I kneeled up and placed my cock near Jen’s face. She then took my wet cock into her mouth and got me completely hard again as Bob pulled out. We repositioned a little so that Leslie had access to Jen’s pussy. With that she dove it and starting licking Jen. It didn t take long for Jen to cum yet again. With that Bob moved over and Jen rolled over and sucked him hard again as Leslie played with my cock. She pressed up against me and told me she wanted to be double penetrated.

With that I laid down let Leslie climb on top again and Bob moved in from behind. I felt his dick rub his dick along my shaft and balls before stuffing Leslie’ss ass. I could feel the pressure of his cock as we slowly built a rhythm. Leslie s big tits were smashed against me as I helped spread her ass cheeks.

Jen watched as the three of us went at it. Leslie came quickly and groaned for more. Bob was happy to oblige and kept pounding away. He then pulled out and said watch this to Jen and blew a huge load all over Leslie’s ass and my balls.

It didn’t take me too much longer before I shot another load. We all collapsed on the bed for a short break before Leslie suggested cleaning up in the shower. We all strolled in and climbed into there huge multi-head shower. We took turns soaping each other up, sucking, stroking, rubbing and what not. Bob and played with each others cock to the delight of the girls. Leslie let me titty fuck her with my last load of the night. Bob s last load ended up down Jen’s throat.

As we dried off we realized that our clothes were still downstairs so we strolled down there to get dressed. We thanked out host and vowed to do it again soon.

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