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Our New Friends

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As an early 50th birthday present for myself, I booked seats in the VIP section at a concert along with a nice room at the closest hotel. This included a private shuttle to and from the venue, drinks and a segregated seating area. Hell, you only turn fifty once and I wanted to see Aerosmith one more time before it was too late.

When I told her, my wife Susan was excited about the weekend away but was a little upset about me doing all the arrangements for my birthday. She asked what she could do for the trip and I joked, “Just dress like my sexy girl”. She smiled and said, “I’ll do whatever makes you happy”, which led to my joking about us finally hooking up with another couple and trying swinging. We’d talked about it in the past and although Susan seemed curious, she only showed an interest after a few Cosmo’s saying if the chemistry was right maybe we would try some night.

We checked into the hotel and were surprised with the size of the room. I asked for a suite and they delivered beyond what I thought would be available. There was a large seating area, a wet bar area next to the balcony which overlooked the river and a big Jacuzi/hot-tub in living room. Susan smiled and said, “Well, we should have planned a party”. She threw her bag onto the king size bed, kicked her shoes to the corner and began looking through the stocked refrigerator for a cocktail.

The shuttle was due to pick us up in about two hours so I had a drink and watched her begin to get ready for the evening. Even after all these years of marriage, I still love to watch her. Wearing just her panties and doing her make up reminds me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful woman in my life. Her gorgeous big tits and sexy curved waist makes my cock stir every time I see her naked.

When we got to the venue, we went to the VIP bar and grabbed two open seats. The guy sitting next to us immediately started a conversation and I could tell he was obviously staring at Susan’s low cut top and exposed cleavage. Can’t blame him, who wouldn’t? She chatted with him for a few minutes and then gave me the “I am ready to leave look”, so grabbed our drinks and walked to the seating area. I joked with her, “Damn, only took you a minute to get hit on”. She smiled and joked back saying, “He was already too drunk and if I want some guy, I will pick him out”. The earlier drinks had made her more relaxed and she was now in her sexy, party girl mood.

Our seats were in an enclosed section about twenty feet from the stage. We had the middle table. I wondered who the other four people would be joining us and hoped they would not be drunken jackasses. I was very happy when a young blond walked into the section and sat down at the table to our right. She was about twenty five or so and was absolutely gorgeous. Her tight jeans and small cut away t-shirt showed off her perfect frame and her short hair accented her face and shape.

As she sat down she smiled over at us and said hello to my wife. Susan replied back and then complimented her on her shirt. The two then began the usual chit-chat conversation about the concert and their earlier efforts of picking out the right clothes to wear. After a few minutes, I interrupted and said, “Hi, I’m Mike”. My wife laughed, apologized and introduced herself. We met Denise, the lovely blond to our right.

As I listened to the girls chat, someone behind me said, “You already made friends”. Turning around I saw Denise’s husband Dave. My first thought was “What football team does this guy play for”? He was about 6’6” and weighed in at about 250lbs. He looked to be solid muscle as the shirt he had on showed off his huge arms and chest. He sat down, introduced himself and offered us one of the shooters from the tray full he’d brought to the table. We accepted and cheered ourselves to a good concert ahead.

The music started about fifteen minutes later and the girls both stood up and started dancing with the opening song. I glanced over at Dave and he shook his head smiling with obvious approval at the sight of Denise and Susan grinding with the music. This was the same thought I had and I was definitely enjoying watching the girls have fun.

Throughout the concert, the girls continued dancing with each other and their moves became more flirtatious and bold as the next rounds of shots went down. There were even a few onlookers who could see into the private box area and they encouraged the girls to continue with hoots and yells of approval. Denise’s tight little ass in those jeans was a sight to behold. My wife also has a nice ass and the 6 inch cleavage of her 36 DDDs was on full display.

Dave complimented me on how beautiful my wife was to which I returned the same compliment about Denise. We both drank a toast to being lucky ass guys. I appreciated the fact we got lucky in meeting such a nice, sexy couple to share the evening and the fact whoever had reserved the other table in our section was a no show.

Over the next two hours we became quick friends as the chemistry between the four of us was different from just a casual, friendly meeting. Even though they were in their twenties, both seemed far more mature and down to earth than one would expect for a couple their age.

As the band went into “Dream On”(usually the final number) Susan and Denise rocked back and forth slowly with their arms around each other’s waist. Dave nudged me with his arm and said, “I think the show is about to get better”. He was absolutely right because Denise pulled Susan into her and the two locked in a long kiss while rubbing each other’s waist and ass. I was surprised at my wife, but she was obviously returning the affection and the sight of these two making out was dick hardening. Yep, the show was most definitely getting better and I thought to myself, “Well Happy Birthday”.

I leaned over and asked Dave where they were heading after the show. He looked at the girls, who were still kissing each other, smiled and replied “Where do you all want to go”? I said we had a nice room at the hotel about 10 minutes from here and he immediately started to gather up Denise’s stuff. I asked the girls if they wanted to continue the party at our place, to which my wife gave me a sexy grin while Denise grabbed both my wife’s ass cheeks and pulled Susan into her.

As we made our way through the crowd to the shuttle pick-up, Dave told me he could not leave his car and they would meet us at the hotel in about 30 minutes. I gave him the room number and said I’d have some drinks waiting. The two girls kissed one more time and I had to say something about our ride being here as they were drawing an appreciative crowd of onlookers.

As soon as Susan and I got in the shuttle van, she grabbed my cock and kissed me deeply saying, I can’t wait for you to be in me tonight. I asked her if she was OK with what might happen tonight. She kissed me again and said, “I’m going to make you happy tonight, I told you if I wanted someone else I was going to pick out who I wanted”. She said Denise was so pretty and she really liked her. She then added, “Plus, I might get to fuck that big mother”. I’ll admit I was a little jealous she was so attracted to Dave, but I was also turned on by the thought of the possible future events.

When we go into the room, Susan kicked off her shoes and went straight to the bathroom. As the shower turned on she yelled out for me to turn on some music and make some drinks. As I went about mixing up some cocktails I began to wonder if I should make four drinks. I was starting to doubt Denise and Dave would show. The knock on the door about 15 minutes later removed all doubts and my cock got a little hard at the thought of what may happen tonight.

When I answered the door, Denise pulled her top up, flashing a set of small, but gorgeous tits. She kissed me on the cheek as she walked into the room asking, “Where’s my girl”? I didn’t have to answer as Denise opened the bathroom door and slipped inside, being met with my wife’s cheer of, “Hey baby”!

Dave apologized by saying Denise was a little wound up. I shook my head adding that they both were on a good roll but, they were having fun. He and I then asked the same question at the same time. “You Ok with this”? To which the replies of “Oh yeah”, were also identical. I handed him a drink as we went over to the sofa to wait on the girls. Judging by the laugher coming from the bathroom, we might have a long wait.

Dave told me that during the ride over, Denise confessed she wanted Susan as soon as they met tonight. He told me Denise was very bi and Susan was built exactly how she loved women to be. “Big tits and curves are her thing and your wife is beautiful”. I returned the compliment, admitting I had been staring at Denise’s ass all night long, to which he just smiled and said, “Who doesn’t”? I also mentioned my wife’s earlier comment about possibly being with him tonight. He said, “Hey, the girls call the shots and as long as you are ok with it, we’ll see what happens”.

It was almost ten minutes later when the bathroom door opened and Susan walked out with a towel wrapped around her body from the chest down. She giggled about her hair being somewhat wet as she came over to where we were seated. She turned her back to Dave, pulled the towel slightly up to expose her ass checks and sat down on his lap saying, “I just need to sit down for a minute”.

Dave glanced at me and immediately understood I had no issue with what was going on. He ran his hands over my wife’s shoulders as she slowly began grinding her hips to the music and moved back and forth on his crotch. Susan blew me a kiss and asked, “You ok baby”? My smile of approval caused her to move her hips faster while she leaned back into Dave so he could kiss the side of her neck.

I didn’t even notice Denise had come out the bathroom stark naked as the shower was still running and I had assumed she was in it. Finally seeing her taught body was incredible. Like Dave, she was pure muscle and her sweet, shaven pussy was perfect. And her ass, her beautiful, perfect, heart shaped ass was even more amazing than I had been imagining all night.

Denise walked over to Susan, kissed her once and as she pulled her up off of Dave she said, “Me first”. She undid the towel around Susan and pulled her toward the bed. I noticed Dave’s face as he admired my wife’s big tits and curvy waist. I actually smiled with pride because my girl, even at almost fifty, can still turn heads anywhere we go.

The girls jumped into the bed and lay side by side kissing and rubbing each other’s body. The sight of my wife with her leg wrapped over Denise as they pushed their hips into one another almost made me come in my pants right then and there. I took this opportunity to quickly shut off the shower so I could calm down and enjoy the show without having an unwanted “early ending”.

When I came back, Denise broke away and rolled Susan onto her back. She grabbed her legs and spread them apart while positioning herself in between. Denise kissed Susan’s inner thigh a few times then dove straight down on her pussy which caused my wife to gasp out in a sigh of pleasure. The show was most definitely getting better now.

I had been watching Denise pleasure my wife for a few minutes when I finally looked over toward Dave. He had his cock out and was stroking it as he watched his wife go down on Susan. Dave may have had me beat in the height, muscle and youth departments, but cock wise he was about average and much smaller than my 8 ¾ incher. At least I won one category.

As Denise continued her show, my wife’s breathing and gasps began to build quickly and I knew she would be close to coming in a few moments. I got up and took my clothes off. Making sure we had eye contact with each other. I grabbed my rock hard cock and slowly stroked it for her to see. She sighed and placed her hands on her tits and rubbed her nipples as she pressed her waist into Denise.

The orgasm which followed was loud and long. Susan screamed out and held Denise’s face to her pussy as she wrapped her legs around her head. I am very sure the people at the front desk had to have heard her scream “OH FUCK ME”, as she convulsed in the orgasm Denise had given her. I love making my wife come, but watching her with another person was an absolute turn on, especially since the person who had done it was a beautiful girl half her age.

Denise rolled on her side lying next to Susan as she kissed her waist and stroked the inside of her thighs. Denise spread her legs and I looked over toward Dave and I. She smiled when she saw me standing there with my cock in my hand and her eyes showed an approving look as she measured up my dick size. Dave had everything off by now except his shirt and he simply ripped it off and threw it on the floor. We both advanced on our girls who were obviously ready for more fun.

I lay between Susan’s legs and lightly kissed her pussy, but she pushed my head away because I guess she was still sensitive from the orgasm she had just been given by Denise. She guided my face towards Denise’s open legs and with her approving smile I understood where I should be. I paused for a second or two to take in the sight of Denise’s perfect little pussy and then buried my face into her sweetness. The feeling was incredible as I had not been with another woman since my wife. I wanted to please this girl in the same manner she had just driven my wife crazy.

As I licked her pussy lips and toyed with her clit, I felt Susan rubbing my back and assumed she was watching what I was doing. A quick glace back revealed Dave was standing next to the bed and Susan was stroking his cock with one hand while rubbing my neck and back with the other. Susan then pulled Denise’s leg a little wider, laid next me and moved in to help me please her new friend. This is something we had always talked about doing during our bedroom talk and it was finally happening. Our tongues danced over Denise’s clit and her moans of approval increased by the moment.

Susan repositioned herself by getting on her knees. She kissed me and whispered, “I want dick”, as she raised her ass up toward Dave. My cock was so hard it throbbed, however it now ached and throbbed at the thought of my wife being fucked by another man while I sucked on the clit of a woman 20 plus years younger than me.

Susan moved to the edge of the bed in front of Dave and twerked her ass at him inviting him to take her. She pulled at Denise’s legs, moving Denise into a positon where she could continue eating her out and wrapped her arms around Denise’s legs. I took this to mean I was now just a spectator.

I moved off the bed, grabbed my drink and sat down on the sofa to watch the show get even better as Dave grabbed my wife’s ass with one hand and guided his dick into her pussy with the other. As he pushed in, Susan let out a moan and pulled Denise’s legs more tightly around her face. Dave slowly entered wife, pushing in a little further which each thrust which was met with Susan’s moans of pleasure. She was most definitely enjoying this as she moved her hips back into Dave’s forward thrusts to take him all the way into her.

I’ll admit I did feel a quick jolt of jealousy as I watched Susan willingly push back into Dave and moan as he began to pick up the pace of his thrusts. She was being fucked by this young stud that looked like he could lift a car off the ground. Actually, she was being used like a slut by this young couple who we had only met a few hours before. The throbbing in my cock pushed the jealousy thought out of my mind and I stroked my dick slowly taking in the show of my wife being fucked by this monster sized guy while she went down on his gorgeous young wife.

Denise’s quick orgasm surprised me as she only sighed, took in a breath and then exploded. While letting out a scream of pleasure she arched her back up and pinched her nipples as Susan finished her off with her tongue. This made Dave groan with pleasure and he started pounding into my wife while pulling her ass back into him with his inward thrusts. Susan held onto Denise’s waist, crying out with pleasure every time Dave pushed into her. He was fucking her so hard the mattress was being pushed even with the weight of the two girls on it. Susan released Denise and grabbed the sheets on either side of her while Denise moved off the bed and stood next to her husband. She rubbed his ass and chest while encouraging him to fuck my wife good and hard.

Denise said, ”Give it to her, she wants you to fuck her good”. He then pounded into my wife so hard the mattress moved about 6 inches and Susan’s cries became louder. She screamed out, “Oh god yes, fuck me harder, give me that dick”, which caused Dave to pound into her so fiercely the mattress slid and they broke apart. Dave pulled the mattress and Susan back into positon and thrust fully back into my wife to continue his pounding. Susan’s cries of pleasure and the sight of her being fucked by this young guy made me ready to explode and I had to stop touching my cock to regain control.

Denise whispered several times, “She wants you to cum” and this put Dave over the top. He immediately grunted and pulled my wife into him while thrusting his dick all the way in. He rocked his hips from side to side and filled my wife’s pussy with his cum.

Susan laid with her head on the bed and ass still high in the air as I watched Dave’s cock slip out of her pussy. A large flow of cum ran out of her pussy lips and streamed down the inside of her thigh. Denise reached between my wife’s legs, placed two fingers into Susan’s pussy and massaged her slowly. When she pulled her hand away a long trail of cum followed from her fingers and she licked them off while rubbing my wife’s ass with the other hand.

My wife rolled onto her back. Still breathing heavy, she pulled at Denise’s hand and she readily followed into her arms. They kissed as Denise stroked Susan’s pussy, rubbing her husband’s cum around my wife’s pussy and thighs.

Susan looked over at me and asked, “Are you still OK baby”? To which I only smiled and nodded. She was holding Denise’s head on her chest and stroking her hair like they had been lovers forever. Denise looked at Susan and said, “No, he’s not alright” and she motioned for me to join them on the bed. I guess it was my turn as Dave had sat down with his drink and reclined back on the couch catching his breath.

Denise pulled me down onto the bed and I lay on my back as my wife started kissing me. Denise kissed Susan once more then moved down and took hold of my aching cock. The next instant it was in her mouth and I groaned in pleasure as my wife sucked my tongue and lightly bit my lower lip.

Denise sucked on the head of my cock while running her hands lightly over the shaft. The feeling was incredible and I was concerned I would cum in seconds, especially after watching the night’s show. Fortunately, she stopped and asked Susan, “You’re still Ok”, to which my wife replied, “Sweetie, ride that cock”. With the go ahead from my wife, Denise spread her legs over me and guided down on my throbbing cock. She was so wet she slipped easily down my dick almost half the length, readjusted and lowered slowly down taking almost my entire cock into her pussy. She giggled at Susan saying, “He’s a big boy,” as she began rocking her hips forward and back in a slow rhythm.

Denise fucked me in this position for about five minutes. All the time I was trying to think of anything to keep from coming too quickly, but the sight and sounds of a 25 year old, gorgeous woman fucking me was all I could think about and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long.

Denise changed her rhythm and bounced up and down on my cock. Apparently we had found the right spot and she began to gasp and cry out in pleasure each time she slid down the length of my dick. She ground down hard and the only reason I didn’t explode was because her weight was pressing down so hard on my balls. A little painful, but it also made me last a bit longer.

Denise’s legs began to shake as she pulled them in tightly around my waist. She leaned her head back and screamed out in pleasure while she orgasmed on my cock. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around my dick and I pressed my ass up off the bed to push into her as far as I could. Denise ground down on me, rotating her hips in a circle as her orgasm subsided.

My wife whispered in my ear, “Your turn baby”. She kissed me and knelt on the bed next to Denise who had started rocking back and forth on my dick once again. She was so wet I was sliding into her with ease and her pussy was making squishing noises as she continued fucking my dick.

Susan rubbed Denise’s tits as they kissed which made Denise pick up her speed in fucking me. Susan placed her hands on Denise’s hips, helping her with her fuck motions and started saying, “Make my baby come sweetie…take it from him”. Her sexy sweet voice and the fact I never would have thought my wife would utter such words put me over the edge.

Denise bounced on my dick with the aid of my wife and I groaned out in incredible pleasure as my orgasm built. As Denise changed from bouncing to grinding back and forth I was ready to give it to her what she wanted. I yelled out, HOLY FUCK!” and released everything I had into her pussy. After watching the events of tonight and needing to come so bad the relief of finally cumming was amazing and my dick pulsed so hard I could feel every stream being forced into her sweet body.

Denise continued her slow grind on top of me while kissing my wife. When I finally gained my composure, she slid off my now softening cock and she and Susan lay down on either side of me. They shared an inside joke between themselves, which I assume was based on their earlier plan of fucking each other’s man. Susan finally got up and went into the bathroom for a towel to clean up. Dave? I’d forgotten Dave was even there and laughed when I admitted this to him. He asked if I had enjoyed myself and I responded dear… Lord…. Yes! He got up from his seat, sporting a now very hard cock and sat down on the foot of the bed. Denise sat up behind him and started rubbing his back. She kissed along his neck and reached down to stroke his hard dick. Susan came out of the bathroom holding a towel. She tossed it to the side saying, “Looks like someone needs more attention,” as she saw Dave’s now ready cock.

Susan knelt on the floor between Dave’s legs and took his dick in both her hands. She stroked it a few times and then lightly kissed and licked the head causing him to moan in approval. Denise rubbed her husband’s neck and chest and asked him, “Is that what you want baby”? To which he just groaned his agreement.

I moved off the bed and back to the chair for a better view. I watched my wife suck on the head of Dave’s cock as she played with his balls with one hand. I learned very early when we started dating, Susan loved to suck my dick and she said it always made her super honey. I again felt the little spark of jealously as she took more of Dave’s cock into her mouth, but like before, the sight was an absolute turn on for me. Judging by her sighs as she moved her mouth up and down his cock, Susan was very turned on as well.

Dave lay back on the bed and scooted half way up. My wife never released her hold on his cock and followed him onto the bed where she was now kneeling with her sweet ass arched in the air. She picked up the intensity of her sucking while stroking the base of Dave’s cock. She was joined in this position by Denise and the two alternated sucking the head of his dick while the other licked up and down on the shaft.

Dave’s breathing and moans indicated he was about to come. As my wife took him back into her mouth, he placed his hand on her head and moaned deep and long. Denise pinched his nipple which caused Dave to moan even deeper. As he tensed a few moments later, Denise said to my wife, “Baby, don’t swallow it” to which Susan replied “ummm” as her mouth was full of Dave’s cock. She picked up her pace and it was now obvious Dave was on the verge.

Dave tensed and let out a moan of pleasure as he came in my wife’s mouth. Every muscle was bulging as he bucked his hips and held my wife’s mouth down on his dick. Susan had stopped her sucking and was holding her mouth around the head of his cock as Dave came in her. They stayed in this position until he relaxed and took his hand off her head. When Susan released his cock Denise immediately kissed her forcing her mouth open and sharing some of the second load Dave had just given my wife.

I had already gotten hard again from watching. Before she could change positions, I knelt on the bed behind Susan and pushed into her sopping wet pussy. Her moan told me she was ready to be fucked and apparently sucking Dave off had made her ready for some more cock. I pushed into her to the point she pulled away (doggy style hurts her when I push my big cock in to far) and I held my dick still while she adjusted her legs and allowed me to better position myself.

I fucked her slowly, pulling out to the tip and slowly pushing back in, which is how she loves to be fucked. I received her satisfied moans with each stroke. She and Denise were lying on Dave’s waist on either side of his dick and they licked his shaft while he laid there with his eyes closed, moaning in pleasure.

As I sped up my pace, my wife began letting out her familiar, “Oh fucks”, which is how I know she is on the point of orgasm. I fucked her as fast as I could and felt her tensing. A few more strokes sent her over the top and she screamed out in an intense orgasm before putting Dave’s cock back in her mouth and sucking him in as far as she could. I held still while her pussy pulsed around my dick, slowly pulling out once she had stopped.

Susan collapsed onto Dave’s chest while Denise rubbed her waist and back. I was very happy to have given her another orgasm. I knew I would not be able to come again this quick, even though my dick was hard and I wanted to. Blame it on age, too many drinks or the fact I just gave Denise everything I had stored up, I retired to the sofa as the three of them lay together.

Denise was the first to fall asleep, followed by my wife. Dave and I moved them up into the bed and covered them for the night. We stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out who was going to get the couch and who got the chair as the girls were spread out leaving no room in the bed for both of us. He joked about arm wrestling over it, but we decided a coin toss would be fairer. He won anyways, so I got the chair.

In the morning we all had breakfast together and made future plans. Dave insisted we stay with them the next time we do a concert so can also go out on his boat. They mentioned a few other couples who would love to meet us who also had boats and ensured us we would have a great time. With that said, both Susan and I are looking forward to more adventures with our new friends.

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