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Our Introduction to Lifestyle Overseas

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My wife, Pam, is my best friend in the world. We have been married just over 25 years and have traveled the world thanks to the military. I am out now, so I guess it is safe to talk about our exciting entry into a whole new world. It was about five years ago, and I was stationed overseas flying fighters. The fighter community is tight-knit, especially at overseas bases. We are known for working hard and playing harder. And that usually involves drinking. The typical Friday night starts with all the pilots gathering to tell stories, sing songs and drink. After a few hours, we will usually make our way to the Officers Club where our wives or girlfriends are waiting, drinking and dancing to the latest hits. At overseas bases, the clubs are usually hopping on Friday night since many couples live on base.

On this Friday night, a group of about 8 of us pilots rolled out of the mini-van driven by the one of the young wingmen who had sworn off alcohol. That is a whole other story, but it meant we had a built-in designated driver. Wandering into the packed club, we made our way to the bar to order the first of many rounds for the night. The music was loud and pumping, and the lights were low except for the colored spot lights flashing to the beat on the dance floor. The crowd was mostly men. About half wore flightsuits, and the rest were in jeans and polo shirts. A squadron of Marines were in town, hosted by one of the other fighter squadrons. Fifteen to twenty wives were dancing; some with their husbands, some with the Marines, some with each other, and some just by themselves. They were a beautiful crowd, mostly in their 20s and 30s. Being in our early 40s, Pam and I were the "old fogeys". But at 5 foot 6 inches tall, and 115 pounds, with a runner's body, Pam looked all of 30 years old.

From my circle of six pilots telling exaggerated stories by the bar, I spotted Pam moving to the music as she made her way around the dance floor. Her red spandex dress matched her red high heels and jet black hair that reached midway down her back. While I liked to imagine she wasn't wearing anything underneath, I know she would be wearing that red lace thong I bought for her on my last trip to the states. Taking those off later would be her gift to me when we got home.

For the last couple weeks, I noticed that as Pam moved from partner to partner, oblivious to whom she was dancing with; invariably she would spend more time dancing with Tim and his wife, Sarah. Tim is a sharp guy. He was recently promoted to Major. While he flies with one of the other squadrons on base, his ground job had him working with one of my subordinates. Pam had helped Sarah feel welcomed as one of the wives, inviting her to participate in the many events around the base. We had chatted a few times at various events, but I had be careful not to be caught staring at her too much. She was a beautiful blonde, 5 foot 2, thin but with large full breasts, and a smile that makes you want to cum in her mouth. The beauty of Pam dancing with Tim and Sarah was that I could stare at Sarah and have a cover story that I was watching Pam. It was awesome watching them dance together!

Needing another drink, I found a gap in the wall of people around the bar and bellied up next to the vertical brass rail that denoted the area reserved for waitresses to place and pick up orders. After a couple of minutes I was finally able to get the bartender's attention and order drinks for Pam and myself. The crowd was packed, and I was starting to feel like I was in a mosh pit. As I waited for the drinks, I turned around to make sure Pam was doing okay. As I did so, I bumped Sarah's breasts with my elbow. Surprised that she was there, and in such close contact, I apologized, "Oh gawd, sorry!" She said, "That's alright. You can do that anytime." I asked what she and Tim would like from the bar, and had the bartender add it to my tab as he handed me my drinks.

While we waited for her drinks, she mentioned that Pam sure is pretty, and don't I mind seeing her dance with other guys? I told her, "No, I like to see her have a good time. She's having fun and that's all that matters. Besides, it looks like Tim is enjoying himself, too." Sarah said she likes to watch him have fun. The bartender returned with the drinks. Sarah and I grabbed them and walked to the edge of the dance floor. Motioning to Tim and Pam, they came over and took their drinks. After a swig from her wine, Pam held the cold glass to her neck and said, "Wow! It is hot in here!" With a wink, I told her, "Yes, you are!"

With another sip of her drink, Pam was off again to the dance floor. I took the opportunity to excuse myself, exit the bar area and head down the hall to the men's room. Coming out of the men's room, I was surprised to see Sarah standing in the hall. She asked if we could talk privately for a moment, and I said, "Sure. Is everything okay?" She said yes and suggested we move to somewhere quieter and less crowded. Sarah led me into the dimly-lit empty ballroom, letting the door close behind. She turned to me, placing her hand on my chest saying, "You and Pam seem to be a fun couple." I responded that I like to think we are. Sarah said, "You seem to like watching Pam dance with other guys. Is that all you like to watch her do?" Before I could figure out where she was going with this, she asked, "Do the two of you swing?" Taken aback, I asked, "You mean, like wife swapping?!" Sarah said, "Pam is beautiful, and she and Tim seem to get along very well. And well, I think you might enjoy it." As I explained that Pam is very conservative and would never go for it, Sarah's hand slowly slid down from my chest, along the long flightsuit zipper, to my now growing cock. Giving it a rub, she moved closer and began to unzip the flightsuit from the bottom upward. She reached in pulling my hard cock free and slowly sank to her knees. Unable to speak, I placed my hands on her blonde hair as Sarah guided her mouth over my 7 inch cock. Slowly at first, she began to ride her warm lips up and down from the head to midway down the shaft. Her hands were expertly stroking the shaft and my balls. I had never experienced such an amazing blowjob. Her tongue was magical. Soon her pace picked up, and I began to thrust and fuck her mouth. After only a couple of minutes, I could feel that tingling feeling as my balls began to contract. Thrusting deeper into Sarah's mouth, I shot pulse after pulse of hot cum into her warm mouth. With a moan of satisfaction, she swallowed my load, then stood up to give me a deep wet salty kiss. Spent, I leaned back against the wall as she leaned her body against mine placing my still hard cock between her thighs, up against her hot pussy. My hands moved down to her beautiful tight ass, and under her short blue dress to find that she wasn't wearing any panties. Breaking our kiss, Sarah said, "Maybe you should ask Pam. I think you would both like it." And with that, she turned and walked out the ballroom door pulling her dress back down over her beautiful ass.

I put my cock away, walked back to the bar and bought another beer. With my mind still blown away by what had just happened, I downed the beer and tried to pretend to pay attention to the other pilots telling stories. Sarah entered the bar and struck up a conversation with a group of wives before taking Tim by the hand and exiting with a few friends; giving me a smile and a wink as she walked by. As the DJ finished up for the night, Pam and I caught a cab home with our neighbors from across the street. We checked on our kids and paid our oldest daughter for watching the younger ones and retired to our bedroom.

Still horny from the blowjob and offer, Pam's striptease out of her red dress and lacy thong had me hard and longing to fuck. With a renewed zeal, I mounted her from behind; ramming my cock fast and deep, and pulling her dark hair as I imagined fucking Sarah. Burying my cock deep into her wet pussy, I shot my load into her love box. Collapsing onto her, I asked her if she ever fantasized screwing another guy. She said, "Of course not!" I asked, "But what if I said it was okay? Or if it was me and another guy at the same time?" "What do you mean?" she asked. And with that, I told her that I have fantasized about sharing her with someone else. And that it turned me on. "And you would be okay with that?" Pam asked. I could tell she was starting to think, but still protested that she could never do that. We cuddled and drifted off to sleep.

Around 5 in the morning, I was awakened by the feel of a warm mouth around my hard cock. What was this? Quickly, I realized that I was no longer in the dream where I had been driving Sarah into the mattress with powerful thrusts into her bald pussy. It was Pam sucking my hard cock. She had never woken me up for sex before. Shaking off the sleep, I pulled her hips over to me. She rose to her knees, straddling my face with her pussy as she continued to suck my manhood. Licking her already wet pussy, I could taste the salty remnants of last night. Grasping her ass cheeks, I pulled her pussy down tight on my mouth and began to lick and suck her clit. Soon she stopped sucking and began to moan and shudder. Rolling her over on her back, I rose to my knees, flipped around, put her legs over my shoulder and began driving her hard into the mattress, just as I had been dreaming of doing to Sarah a few minutes earlier. Closing my eyes, she became Sarah in my mind and I could feel each thrust bring me closer until at last I came deep into her wet pussy. I laid on top of her, my softening cock still deep inside, and asked her, "So, what got you so excited this early?" "Just some dreams," she said as we cuddled and fell back to sleep.

Over the next week, Pam seemed to be a bit hornier than before. While we fucked, I told her to close her eyes and pretend I was someone else. I told her of each of the guys I knew that stare at her just a little too long. I asked her what she thought of Tim, and she said he just likes her for dancing. I told her of my dream of sharing her with another man, and how it got me excited. At first she seemed a little uneasy that I would have such a dream, but as the days went by she seemed to be more intrigued.

The next Friday was just like many before; drinks, stories and then off to the club for more drinking and watching the girls dance. Again, Pam was dancing her way around the floor. And again, she, Tim and Sarah seemed to gravitate to each other. As they danced Sarah looked my way, winked and licked her lips. Immediately I could feel a rise in my loins. As Pam danced with Tim, she turned her back to him and slowly ground her ass into his hips as she blew me a kiss. Such a tease! The dancing continued until the DJ was wrapping it up for the night. As we walked out of the club to look for a cab, Sarah offered us a ride saying Tim had not had a drink all night. We accepted and hopped in his car. They live just around the corner from us, so Sarah asked if we would like to come by for a night cap before calling it a night. To my surprise, Pam agreed.

Walking into their house, the girls kicked off their shoes and made their way to the stereo. Tim went to his wet bar, poured a couple classes of wine and began mixing a couple Jack and Cokes. Soon the music was playing and the girls began to dance. Tim joined them, and Pam motioned for me to join. I did, and soon we were all chatting and dancing. Someone brought up the subject of weird dreams. Pam was a bit tipsy and mentioned that I had a few "interesting" dreams lately. Sarah looked at me and said, "Oh really! Do tell." Embarrassed, I tried to deflect and talk around it. As I did, Sarah came over and began dancing with her back against me. Mirroring us, Pam began dancing with her back against Tim. Soon, Pam blurted out that I had dreamt of sharing her with another man. "Ooooh, sounds fun," said Tom.

As we continued to sway, Tim and I ran our hands down along the hips of our dance partners. Looking at each other with a smile, we each grasped the hem of our partner's dress and began to slowly lift it. It was like playing a game of "chicken", seeing how far we would go before someone put a stop to it. But nobody did. Soon their dresses were above their waists exposing that neither wife had worn panties. Our left hands moved up to fondle our partner's left breast, while our right hands moved down to their pussies. I began to grind my hard cock against Sarah's ass as I slowly began to massage her clit. Looking over at Pam, I saw her close her eyes and begin to bite her lip as Tim rubbed her clit. Turning Sarah around, I gave her a deep kiss as I unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor. Grabbing her ass, I walked her backwards to the couch, sat her down, and quickly buried my face in her wet pussy. Pam had dropped to her knees and was sucking Tim's 8 inch cock like a woman possessed. Sarah began to grind her pussy into my face as I inserted two fingers and curved them upward to find her g-spot. I sucked and licked her clit. Soon she was bucking and gushed as she came on my face. I stood to strip out of my flightsuit, t-shirt and underwear and saw that Tim had already disrobed and was straddling Pam's face, feeding her his cock as she laid on the rug. Seeing an opportunity, Sarah knelt between Pam's legs and began to lick her pussy. With her ass exposed, I knelt behind Sarah and eased my cock into her beautiful bald pussy. Just the head at first, but quickly she was pushing back causing my cock to go in all the way. Soon my balls we slapping against her clit as I watched Sarah lick Pam, and Pam suck Tim. Pam raised her knees and grabbed Sarah's head pulling her face into her pussy. Immediately, she began to buck and moan as she orgasmed.

Turning around, Sarah had me sit back against the couch. She mounted me reverse cowgirl and began to bounce up and down. Tim came over and stood in front of Sarah, grabbed her head and began to fuck her face. She chocked as he tried to slam his 8 inches of thick meat down her throat. Tim then returned to Pam, rolled her on her stomach, straddled her legs and slid his freshly lubed cock into her pussy from behind. Reaching around Sarah, I fondled her breasts and began to pinch her nipples. She responded by leaning back turning her head to the left and kissing me over her shoulder as she moaned.

Tim rolled Pam over on her back, put her legs over his shoulders and began to ease his large cock into her pussy. "Ooooooh!" She began to howl as he took it deeper with each thrust. Above the music you could hear my wife howling, "Oooooh, yeah!" and hear his balls began slapping against her asshole as his pace quickened. Getting excited seeing Tim fuck my wife, I had Sarah lay next to Pam, head-to-toe, put her legs over my shoulder and began fucking her deep. Soon Tim and I were fucking each other's wife in unison. This only lasted a couple of minutes before Tim stopped thrusting and buried his cock deep in Pam and held it there as he trembled. He was cumming in my wife as I was fucking his. This was better than I had dreamed! Sarah then looked straight at me and said, "Fuck my ass!" Pulling her knees to her chest, she repeated, "Fuck my ass, now!" I had never done such a thing, but tonight was a night for firsts, so here we go!

Pulling my cock from her soaking wet pussy, I spat on her bunghole. Looking briefly at it, I could tell I was not the first to ever be there. So I placed the head of my cock to her sphincter and slowly pressed it in. Just the head at first, then slowly a little more with each push. It felt tighter than her pussy. Soon I was going all the way in. Slow at first, I began to pick up the pace as she shouted, "Fuck me! Fuck me faster!" Seeing my cock go in and out of her ass, her lovely c-cup breasts with tiny pink nipples standing erect, and her beautiful face making the "O" face as her blue eyes looked back at me was too much. My balls tightened, and with one last thrust I buried my cock all the way in her ass as I shot my cum deep inside. As I finished, I slid my still hard cock in and out of her ass enjoying the fresh lubrication of my cum. Laying forward, I rested on Sarah as my cock slowly began to soften in her ass.

Coming back to my senses, I noticed that Tim and Pam were no longer in the room. Sarah said, "Let's move this to the bedroom." As we walked down the hall, I stopped in the bathroom to clean my cock. Entering the bedroom, I saw Tim standing beside the king-size bed with Pam's legs over his shoulder, fucking her as she lay on the bed. Sarah was beside Pam, sucking her nipples. Knowing it would take a few minutes for me to be ready again, I laid down on the bed next to Sarah and enjoyed the show. Sarah got up and laid on Pam, kissing her neck and fondling her tits. Having two pussies stacked one above the other, Tim began to alternate fucking his wife and mine. This began to excite me, so seeing two mouths waiting, I knelt beside their heads and they both took turns sucking my cock. In no time, I was fucking Sarah's face and watching Tim switching between fucking Pam and Sarah's pussies. Seeing Tim fuck Sarah as she blew me, I shot my cum down her throat. Spent, I laid down and watched as Tim put another load into Pam's pussy. We all fell asleep on the bed.

Just before 6AM, I was awakened by the jostling of the bed. Wiping the sleep out of my eyes, I was greeted by the sight of Tim fucking my wife from behind right next to me. I kissed my wife and said, "Good morning." Then I rolled back over and cuddled with Sarah. When they finished about 10 minutes later, I said, we better get going before our kids wake up and realize we aren't there. Quickly dressing, we walked fast to beat the rising sun. We arrived at home and quickly climbed into bed, but I couldn't get to sleep. So, laying on my wife from behind, I spread her legs and slid my hard cock into her sloppy pussy and whispered in her ear, "So how was it?" Her response was, "Fun. Can we do it again?" I fucked her hard as I thought about last night, Tim's cum in my wife's pussy and me fucking Sarah. I was surprised how quickly I came in her. Rolling her over, I got between her thighs and began to lick the salty load from her pussy, and to suck on her clit. Almost immediately, she came on my face, adding her own sweet juices to the mix. Exhausted, we fell asleep.

Since our first time, Tim and Sarah introduced us to an entire underground network we never knew existed. It includes people we never would have guessed; neighbors, our kids' teachers, people from our church, and even those clean cut folks we work with. The network has introduced us to new couples around the world. And now that I have retired, we attend parties, go to clubs, and joined a lifestyle site. We now have had many more adventures to write about. Standby for more to cum!

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