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My Very Special Weekend (complete)

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I have already posted parts 1 and 2 but now that it is finished decided to post the whole thing so you could enjoy it all in one place. For those that have already written to tell me how much you have enjoyed it, Thank-you. For those that haven't read any of the others I hope you like it. I know it is long but wanted to tell you as much as I could and still keep it interesting.


My Very Special Weekend (complete)

I was excited and nervous. I had never done anything like this before. My husband Mark had set me up with a weekend getaway at the beach that was to include a special surprise for the weekend. As I pulled up to the condo in the Red convertible Mustang that he had arranged for me when I landed at the airport, I immediately noticed how secluded this place was. I gave my name to the guard. As he checked the computer for my reservation, I gave him the once over. He was probably in his mid 20's and was well built. His muscles bulged beneath his tan uniform shirt and his shorts highlighted his well tanned legs. As he turned back to me, I noticed the nice bulge in the front of his shorts. When I looked up at him, he flashed me a big smile and welcomed me to the property. He told gave me directions to the front desk and then told me that if there was anything else he could do for me just to let him know. I smiled back at him and told him that if I needed any assistance I would let him know to come right up.

After checking in and getting settled into the condo there was a knock at my door. When I opened the door a cute young girl in a bikini stood before me holding an envelope. She told me that she had a message for me and handed me the envelope. When I tried to give her a tip she told me that the gentleman had already taken care of it. I thanked her and closed the door. I opened the envelope and found a hand written note from Mark.

"My Dearest Vi, I truly hope that you enjoy your weekend. I know that you are probably wondering what I have in mind for you this weekend but I am not going to give it away. It should now be close to two o'clock; I glanced over at the clock on the stove and saw that it was just before two. There are several varieties of bubble bath in the bathroom for you to use to freshen up from your trip. I have arranged for you to receive a massage at three. They will come to the condo so just relax and enjoy yourself." It was signed Love, Mark

I went to the bathroom and looked at the different bottles of bubble bath. Mark must have specified which ones to have because every one was one that I had tried and liked. I picked out the tropical one and started the hot water. After getting the tub started filling I noticed the music system in the wall. I selected a relaxing smooth jazz and turned it up just enough for me to hear over top of the water.

I stood and looked at my self in the mirror. At 45 years old I liked what I saw. I pulled off my bra and realized that even though my breasts were not as perky as they had been when I was younger; my 36 DD's still stood up. I slid my hands down my sides and rested them on my 26 inch waist. I turned back and forth looking ad my flat stomach and well toned legs and hips. I guess working out at the gym for an hour every day really has paid off. I slid my panties down my legs and noticed my bush was still nice and trimmed.

I could see the lips of my pussy parting slightly as I lifted my legs to step out. The pearls of moisture glistened at the edges and I could smell the fragrance of my sex organ. I brushed my hand across my nether region giving a slight flick of the finger on my clit before I turned to get into the bath.

With the tub brimming over with bubbles I stepped into the hot water and slid down until the bubbles almost completely my face. I reached over, turned the Jacuzzi jets on low and lay back as the pulsating action of the water relaxed and stimulated me. I laid back on the head rest and must have dozed off because the next thing I knew I heard someone knocking on the door. I yelled "Coming" as I stepped out of the now cool water, turned off the jets and opened the drain. I grabbed the robe off of the hook and wrapped it around me as I went to answer the door.

I opened the door and was greeted by a stunning young man with a massage table. I invited him in and he handed me another envelope. Without saying a word he setup his table while I read the note.

"I hope you enjoyed the bubble bath. Shaun is the young man that will be giving you your massage. He has been instructed explain everything to you and then not to say anything unless you tell him otherwise. He has been book for the next two hours to give you a Sensual Massage. During the massage, you may request that he pay special attention to any part of your body. He is to comply with your request no questions asked.

You have dinner reservations at 7:30 and will be picked up at 7:00. Someone will arrive around 5:00 to bring your dinner attire and to help you get ready. Love, Mark."

I turned around and found that Shaun was already setup and waiting on me.

"How do we do this?" I asked. "Do I leave on my robe or what?"

Shaun looked at me and smiled. His rippling muscles, curly dark hair and rich brown eyes were enough to cause sexual fantasies to start running through my head. He explained that I was to lie on the table face down to start off and that he would begin at my shoulders and work his way down. Then I would turn over and he would do the same thing on my front. I was already getting moist at the thought of him having his hands all over my body. He told me that I had the option to wear the robe if I wanted to but that usually the massage was done nude. Since this was to be a special weekend for me and somewhat of an adventure I decided to go for it. As I dropped the robe I saw the look of appreciation in Shaun's eyes. I stood there for a moment letting him take me all in. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he just smiled and nodded his head. He patted the table and I climbed aboard.

He began massaging my shoulders and boy did it feel good. His hands were magic to my muscles. He was firm but not hard as his fingers pushed and pulled every muscle in my back. He worked his way down my back to making me feel totally alive. When he began to massage my legs slid his hands between them ever so slightly brushing my twat causing me to tremble. I spread them open slightly to give him better access and felt myself getting wetter and wetter as his touches caressed my body. After doing my feet and toes he walked back around to the head of the table to massage my head before turning me over. Looking through the face hole in the table I could see that I was not the only one affected by his massage. I could see his manhood straining behind the well fitting shorts he was wearing. I let my arms fall off the table and swing forward brushing my hands across his bulge. I felt his cock twitch at my touch so I placed my hands over it and gave it a gentle rubbing.

He finished massaging my head and indicated for me to turn over. I laid there and looked up at him as he rubbed the front of my body down with oil. I could see that he was enjoying the view as I lay exposing myself completely to him. I thought about how much Mark would enjoy seeing me like this. As Shaun began to massage my breast I could feel my nipples getting hard. He kept flicking them with his fingers and rolling them between his forefinger and thumb. I was about to have an orgasm right then and there. I really love to have my nipples played with and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Shaun was showing that he really knew how to please a woman. I asked him if everyone he gave the Sensual Massage to, got as turned on as I was. He said that there had been some that had multiple orgasms during their massage. I asked him if he enjoyed doing them he smiled and said yes, especially when they are as sexy as you. I asked him if there was anything extra he did for sexy ladies and he reminded me that he was to do anything I asked. He emphasized the word anything. I asked him if that included sucking my nipples. He replied by taking one of them in his mouth and began to suck on it.

After several minutes of sucking on my breast, Shaun continued giving me my massage.

As his hands moved slowly across my stomach and down towards my pussy I could feel the excitement building deep within my womanly recesses and the juices that were flowing out from between my swollen lips. When his hands reached the top of my thighs I spread my legs to be able to give him full access. His fingers teased me as they brushed over my bush causing me to shiver in anticipation. I was slightly disappointed when he did not massage my love organ but instead opted to finish massaging my legs and feet. I was quite pleased when he didn't stop there but began to work his way back up. As he neared my nether regions again I told him that I still needed him to do a deep tissue massage and spread my legs even wider. He immediately understood and placed his hand on my now soaked pussy.

With a mixture of determination and tenderness he began to massage between my legs.

Every stroke of his hand caused my clit to become more and more engorged. My love juices were flowing freely and he was using them to lubricate his fingers and hand as he gave me his special attention. Even though I could feel my orgasm building his master manipulations kept me right on the edge without pushing me over. I had never felt such pleasure or agony. I begged him to finger fuck me. He responded by sliding his middle finger deep inside of me. As he stroked in and out he began to massage my g-spot as well as my clit. Suddenly the dam burst and my entire body racked as a series Tsunami size waves of pleasure rolled and crashed through body. I felt myself gushing all over his hand but was unable to do anything but cum again and again. After what seemed like hours but was probably only minutes, the orgasmic spasms stopped and I laid back in pleasurable exhaustion. I was totally weak and not even able to speak. The smile on my face said it all. Shaun got me some juice from the fridge and lifted me up enough to be able to drink it. After several minutes of recuperating, Shaun was able to help me get up off of the massage table and walked me to the bed. I lay down on the bed and Shaun covered me up. It was then that I saw how excited he had become and realized the he hadn't had his release. Since I knew that I had him for two hours and my time wasn't up I motioned for him to lie down beside of me.

As he laid there beside of me I reached over and began to play with his nipples. It only took a moment of tweaking before they were hard and perky. I could see the giant tent in his shorts and slid my hand across his stomach and down his pants to reach his engorged manhood. As I wrapped my hands around him I was surprised at how thick he was. It was like grabbing a log. I pulled my hand out and unfastened his pants. I slid them down and released his pent up cock. As it sprang up I grabbed it and began to stroke it.

The head was all purple and swollen. I could tell that it wasn't going to take much to get him to cum. I watched as with each stroke the pre-cum oozed out of the tip. After several strokes there was enough for it to start rolling down the side of his mushroom shaped head. I leaned over and with a quick flick of my tongue scooped up the clear liquid. The taste was different from what I was used to but was still delicious.

Desiring to get more I lowered my mouth onto his now twitching phallus. As I lowered my mouth onto him I reached out my tongue and licked up the bottom of his shaft. I gathered his balls in one hand and began to play with them teasing his anus with the tip of my finger. After several moments of bobbing my head on his endowment, I felt it expand knowing that he was getting ready to explode in my mouth. The first shot hit the back of my throat with a startling force. It took me a second to recover and as I began to swallow his second shot filled my mouth. I drank it down like a woman in the desert dying of thirst. He unloaded several more streams of cum before he finished. Although I tried my best to drink it all down, his load was so large that it was spilling down from my lips like a drooling dog. Using my fingers to push it back in to my mouth I managed to clean it all up. Not wanting to waste a single drop I sucked his cock until I drained every last drop.

Liking the taste and feel of it in my mouth I just laid there with it in my mouth like a baby with a pacifier. After a while he began to get soft but never got any smaller. Even flaccid his dick must have been 9 inches. I wondered how it would feel buried inside of me. At that point though I was worn out and fell asleep with my face buried in his crotch and his cock in my mouth.

When the alarm clock went off and woke me up it took me a second to realize that Shaun had cleaned up and gone and left me there to rest. I looked at the time and watched as the clock changed from 4:59 to 5:00. As soon as the clock changed there was another knock on the door. I grabbed my robe and made my way from the bedroom.

I opened the door to find a well dressed young man somewhere in his mid to late 20's. He had an envelope in his left hand and gave it to me as he stepped inside. As I opened the envelope he brought in several small cases and a long hang up bag.

"My Dearest Vi, I hope you enjoyed your massage and took full advantage of all of Shaun's abilities. I'm sure that after his "Sensual Massage" you were tired and probably took a little nap. Rene'

is here to help you freshen up and get you dressed. Please follow his directions and let him help with everything. He is a fashion consultant as well as a licensed cosmetologist and will be doing both your hair and makeup as well as getting you dressed. I have picked out an outfit that I think you will find is fun, flirty and sexy. Mark."

"Come now." Said Rene', "You look like you just woke up from a nap. Let's get you freshened up and show off how beautiful you are."

He guided me to the shower and after getting the water temperature set, helped me take off my robe. As I stood in the shower letting the warm water splash my face and run down the front of my body, I never noticed that he had gotten undressed until I heard the shower door close and he began running his hands through my hair. I was slightly startled and started to protest when I realized that he was just washing my hair. I began to relax as his fingers massaged my scalp and were pulled through my hair. He was very thorough making sure that every piece of hair was completely clean. It was only when he turned me around to rinse my hair that I realized that he was just as naked as I was. His chest was well toned and he had very little hair anywhere on his body. I glanced down and saw his manhood hanging down in front of him. He looked like he was about 7" and not nearly as thick as Shaun. Before I could examine him further he turned me around again and began to condition my hair. Rubbing the thick white liquid through my hair he showed his attention to detail as he pulled the silky fluid all the way to the ends. Once he had applied the conditioner I expected him to turn me around and rinse it but instead I felt a warm wash cloth with body wash being applied to my back. He started at my neck and slowly caressed the back side of my body. When his hand reached my ass I spread my legs slightly to give him better access. I could feel my feminine parts tingle with excitement as he carefully washed between my legs and down my thighs. When he reached my feet he turned me around and then began to wash my front. Using both of his hands he gently washed around and underneath my breast. As my nipples we sticking out like the eraser end of a pencil the sensation he caused when he washed my breast caused me to sharply inhale. Not even acting like there was anything sexual he continued to was the rest of my body. When he reached my pubic area, he placed aside the wash cloth and used his bare hand explaining that he did not want to cause me any distress down there. I opened my legs to allow him full access to clean my areas of womanly desire. As he washed my vagina he was using his fingers to move aside the folds of skin covering my most private of areas. His delicate touch was somewhat stimulating and by the time he finished washing me, I was almost to the point of orgasm. Giving a slight moan I opened myself even wider and when his finger was rubbing across my lips, I shoved my hips forward and down causing his finger to enter my love tunnel. I grabbed his arm to keep him from pulling out as I thrust my hips back and forth. It only took a couple of moments before my thighs pulled in tightly and the throbbing forces of orgasm pulsed through my body. As I collapsed into his arms I noticed that his 7" cock had grown somewhat and was not as hard as a rock. I turned around and bent over telling him to enter me from behind. He placed his bulbous head against my waiting lips. Teasing me by rubbing it up and down across my clit I waited until he had it at the right spot and pressed back against him burying his manhood deep inside of my cock needing pussy. He began to slowly pump and I could feel his dick growing inside of me. The feeling of his long deep strokes inside of me, were incredible. Within moments he began to pick up his pace bring us both closer to the edge of ecstasy. With one final shove, he grabbed my hips and pulled me as close to him as he possible could. I could feel him empty his load inside of me. Using my movements to milk out every last drop was enough to bring me over the edge and I once again exploded. Our combined juices were too much for me to hold and they began to spill out. Rene' pulled out and quickly washed me off taking special care as I was now extremely sensitive.

Rene' got out of the shower first and dried and dressed before inviting me to step out. He dried me off and then wrapped my robe around me. He led me over to the vanity where he then began to dry and style my hair. He then retrieved another case and began to apply my makeup. I watched as he took years off of my face. When he was finished he opened a small bag and pulled out a couple of pieces of silky lingerie. He slid his hands under my robe and as I stepped into the panties I realized that it was nothing more than a thong, the kind that they call butt floss. He slid them up my legs and adjusted them so that they were properly placed. When he picked up the bra I could see that it was the kind that just held you up but left the tops and nipples showing. Together we managed to get it on and the twins settled into place. I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. I could not believe that I was looking at the same woman that had come on this weekend adventure.

Standing her in my bra and "panties" I was stunned at how beautiful I looked. Rene'

certainly knew what to do to make a woman look beautiful. As I stood twisting and turning in the mirror I realized that Rene' was standing there holding my evening attire.

The dress was long and black with deep V's in both the front and back. There were also slits coming up both sides. Rene' helped as I stepped in and pulled it up on me. The slits at the side came almost to the top of my thighs leaving me feeling very exposed and somewhat naughty. But then after this afternoon I knew that I had been both already.

Although the dress appeared to be completely slit up to the top of my thigh there was some lacy material inside that while letting it open some, kept it from completely showing off my barely existent thong. After putting on a pair of four inch black heels and providing me with appropriate jewelry he declared that I was now dressed and ready for dinner. With that, he packed up all of his stuff, leaving the bags for my clothing, and left.

I stood and admired myself in the mirror thinking how much my husband loved me and wishing that he could see me like this. The knock on the door captured my attention and I picked up my purse before stepping out into the evening air. A tuxedoed young man escorted me to the waiting limousine. Settling into the limo he handed me another note from Mark.

"Your escort for the ride is David. He is there to make sure that you have a comfortable and pleasant ride to and from your evening out. Your special guest will be waiting at the restaurant. David has one of your favorite drinks already prepared if you would like to have something for the ride to the restaurant. It will take about thirty minutes to get there so relax, have a drink, listen to some music and enjoy the ride."

I asked David for my drink, had him turn on the music and sat back to enjoy the ride. I found out that David was just out of college and working at the resort before starting his career in the fall. His father had his own company and David had grown up working there before heading off to college and was now going to go back and help his father grow their family business. I was impressed and told him so. He responded by telling me that he was impressed with how good I looked. When I laughingly told him that I was old enough to be his mother, he replied by telling me that if that was the case I was certainly a M.I.L.F. I asked him if he really thought I looked good enough to fuck and he told me that if I wasn't headed for dinner that he would fuck me right here in the limo. I wondered if Mark knew that all of the young men that he had helping me this weekend wanted to screw his 45 year old wife. After thinking about it for a moment, I figured that not only did he know he probably expected me to do just that. I told David that maybe on the way home I would let him fuck me. From the look on his face I could tell that he had not expected me to respond that way. He asked if my husband would get mad and I explained to him that we have an open marriage and enjoy swinging. I told him that not only did I have sex with other men, I would share my experiences with him and he would share his experiences with other women with me. This usually caused us to both get all worked and we usually had some of the most incredible sex. When the limo came to a stop it took David a minute to realize it before he opened the door and helped me out of the limo. He walked me to the door of the restaurant, said something to the Matre'de and then got back into the limo.

I was led to a booth in a secluded room in the back of the restaurant. The door closed behind me and as my eyes adjusted to the darkened room I saw him sitting there. He flashed me a smile, said hello and indicated for me to join him in the booth. This must be my surprise. There is a man that works in my husband's office that I have always thought was absolutely gorgeous. I have seen him in the gym several times and from the bulge he always had in his shorts knew that he must be well hung. Although I knew he was married I had heard that before he was married the women lined up to get a piece of his meat. And though Mark and I have been experimenting with the lifestyle, he had always led me to believe that he was completely monogamous. I've told Mark several times that I wished we had known him in his pre-marriage days as I would like to find out if he was as good in bed as the rumors I had heard. I guess Mark wanted me to find out.

I'm sure from the look on my face he could tell that I was surprised yet pleased to see him. He told me how good I looked and that he had noticed me checking him out in the gym. He said that he had been checking me out too. When I asked him about his wife he laughed and told me that yes she knew he was there and that she was on her own adventure weekend. I asked if this was an adventure for him and he said that this was a fantasy come true. When I asked him what he meant by that he said that I would find out later. We continued to flirt all through dinner and I could feel myself getting wet. I reached up with my foot and placed it on his crotch and from the long hard bulge in his pants knew that he was just as excited as I was. I could hardly wait for dessert. I was hoping it would be him.

With dinner finished and my juices flowing I was ready to rip his clothes off and eat him right on the table. He must have had the same idea because as soon as the waiter cleared the dishes he came around to my side of the table placed his hands on the side of my face and kissed me with such passion that I nearly came right there. I kissed him back pressing myself against him and letting my hand fall into his crotch. I began rubbing the massive log in his pants feeling it twitch as I gently caressed the top of it with my nails. When my hand reached the tip I gently gave his mushroom head a slight squeeze. He shoved me back and slid his hand up my thigh, pushing aside my thong. When he inserted his finger into my well lubed hole I trembled with anticipation. He took his thumb and rubbed my clit as he stroked me with his finger. I responded by pressing into his hand and rocking my pelvis. His touch was electrifying. If he could fuck this good I knew why the girls had lined up to do him. With one hand between my legs he placed his other on my back and lifted me onto the table. He then used his free hand to drop his pants and free his massive tool. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and placed the tip of his huge cock onto my drenched pussy lips. Holding his dick in his hand he rubbed it up and down across my lips and clit. Desperately wanting to feel him buried inside of me, I used my legs to pull him closer causing the bulbous head to pop inside of my fiery hot cunt. Wiggling my pelvis up and down I quickly worked his dick inside of me. I guess it must have felt as good to him as it did for me because he pulled out slightly and then slammed it deep into my waiting hole.

With each stroke it seemed like he was going deeper and deeper inside of me filling me with his giant tool. He began to pound my pussy, slamming his ever growing cock into my love hole. I was finally fucking this Greek god of a man and enjoying every minute of it. I had totally forgotten that we were in a restaurant. The tension kept mounting until I reached the point that I could hold back no longer and with a sudden gush, released a flood of pleasure. My orgasmic waves pushed him over the edge causing him to release his load, shooting deep inside of me.

It was then that I realized that there were several other people standing there watching.

With a brief round of applause they brought out wet cloths for us to clean up with. They carefully and gently cleaned up our mess and helped us regain our composure. Once we were ready to leave, he thanked me, gave me a kiss and walked out the back door. Before I could think about why he had left without me, I was ushered out of the room and escorted back to the limo.

David was there waiting for me. After the door was closed David asked me if I had enjoyed my dinner. I laughingly told him that I had but was left wanting a little more.

David smiled and asked if there was anything that he could do to help. I answered by raising my skirt. He hesitated for only a second before he buried his face into my freshly fucked twat. He began to eat me like a starving man at a buffet. He licked and sucked on my clit and ran his tongue deep into my hole. There is nothing better than being eaten out after having been fucked. And David was doing an excellent job of eating me out. I told him that he was eating me out after another man had fucked me. He mumbled that he knew and dived in deeper. After having cum already it didn't take nearly as long for me to reach that peak of release. As the waves of pleasure subsided, I motioned for David to move around to where I could reach his cock with my mouth. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his young stiff rod. It looked delicious. His swollen purple head was slick with pre-cum. I lapped it up and began to lick the bottom of his shaft with long slow strokes while rubbing my finger around his mushroomed tip. Pursing my lips, I pressed them down onto his shaft, sucking on him as my tongue teased his most sensitive area. I began bobbing up and down on him and he responded by thrusting deep inside of my mouth. I did my best to deep throat him but had to back off a little to keep from gagging. Using my mouth and hands I pumped him until I could feel the slight swelling indicating that he was getting ready to cum. I clamped down with my lips and began sucking just as he released his seed into my mouth. I began to swallow as quickly as I could, doing my best to not lose a single drop.

After finishing up with David I felt the limo slowing down and realized that we were back at the resort. David handed me a warm cloth that he pulled from a hidden compartment and helped me clean up and get straightened up just as the limo came to a stop in front of the condo I was staying in. When he walked me to my door he thanked me for the pleasurable ride, kissed me and said goodnight.

I closed the door and noticed the bouquet of roses sitting in the middle of the table. There was an envelope leaning up against the vase that the flowers were in. I saw my name written on the outside of the envelope.

"My Dearest Vi, I trust your day has been enjoyable. Get a good nights rest so you can be prepared for a most exciting day tomorrow. Someone will come and prepare breakfast for you when you ready. All you will have to do is to dial the operator and let them know you are ready for breakfast. Sweet Dreams and Goodnight.

Love, Mark

I woke up the next morning with the sun shining through the bedroom windows. I flipped back the covers and let the bright rays cover every part of my exposed body. I slowly stretched a moment before finally moving to get out of the bed. I felt so relaxed after a good night's sleep and walked over to the windows to get some fresh air. I stood there for a moment looking out at the scenery and on impulse, opened the door to the balcony and stepped outside. I closed my eyes and leaned back my head basking in the warmth of the sun.

"Beautiful day" said the voice below me. I opened my eyes, looked over the rail to see who had spoken. It was a beautiful young woman, probably in her late twenties to early thirties. She was lying on the chaise lounge with nothing on but a pair of dark sunglasses.

Lying beside her was a dark haired man with nothing more on than she had.

"It really is a beautiful day" I finally responded.

"Hi neighbor. I'm Shannon and this is Jason. "She said indicating the naked man beside her."We heard you come in last night. You here all by yourself?"

I explained that my husband had given me this special weekend of pampering and that since I had never been here before was still experiencing the newness of it all.

She laughed and told me that it sounded like I didn't know that I was at a swingers resort.

She asked me if I had eaten breakfast and when I told her no she promptly invited me come on down. I told her that Mark had arranged for someone to come fix me breakfast she said that it was part of the resort package. I told he to give me a minute to get dressed and she said why bother we aren't. With that being said I went to the bathroom, washed my face, combed my hair and headed downstairs.

Shannon opened the door as I arrived and greeted me with an enormous smile. She gave me a quick hug as I entered and offered me a cup of coffee which I gladly accepted. She told me that the cook would be there in a few minutes as we walked out to the patio.

Jason was still sunning and I couldn't help but notice that even though he was flaccid his dick had to be at least 7 inches. I could barely take my eyes off of it as I wondered how big it would get when fully engorged.

We engaged in small talk as we waited for our breakfast to be prepared. Eventually I was somewhat able to get my mind off of that delicious manhood and was pleased to discover how many things that Shannon and I had in common. During breakfast we made plans to go shopping at the mall and go swimming later this afternoon.

Suddenly Jason asked me if I liked looking at his dick. I stammered yes and he said that he had noticed that I had kept staring at it since I had been there. And though everyone was naked I really hadn't thought that he had noticed me checking him out. Shannon just laughed and said that all the women like looking at his dick and that they all want to touch, taste and feel it. I was no exception. I wanted to reach over and wrap my fingers around his shaft and bounce his balls on my fingers. I wanted to feel my lips wrap around it and taste his maleness. I then tried not to even look at it but couldn't keep my eyes away.

"Go ahead." Shannon told me. "I don't think Jason will mind."

He said "Not at all." and lifted his man sausage up for me to play with. I took it from him and felt the weight of it in my hand. His response to my touch was almost immediate. I could feel him growing in my hand and was pleased that my touch could arouse this young man with such a beautiful wife. With Shannon's encouragement I fondled Jason and watched as his excitement grew to eight, nine then ten inches. The longer it grew the thicker it got and by the time it was fully engorged I couldn't even reach my fingers all the way around it.

Holding it in both hands I stroked it up and down bring a pearl of clear liquid to the tip of his mushroom head. I looked over at Shannon and saw that she was enjoying watching me play with her husband. From his response I knew that Jason was enjoying himself too.

Looking over at Shannon again and seeing her approval I leaned over and placed my lips on his bulbous head. I flicked my tongue across the slit at the end and tasted the warm salty juice I was milking from his tool. I pushed my lips down and let them slid down around his hard shaft until I could take no more. I began to suck on his cock and used my tongue to tease his glans while stroking him and playing with his balls. When I stroked him just beneath his balls he let out a soft moan and began to fuck my mouth. I looked over at Shannon and saw that she was fingering herself while I gave her husband a blowjob. While I don't think there is too much to give a good blowjob my husband thinks that I am really great at it so I proceeded to use every trick in my arsenal to insure that I was giving Jason the best blowjob of his life. It didn't take long before I could feel his dick to swell a little more and I knew that he was about to explode. I thought that I was prepared to take his load but there was so much with his first explosion that I could not hold it all in my mouth. Suddenly Shannon was there to help me with it and for the first time in my life I was sharing a dick with another woman. I had never experienced anything like it but knew that I would definitely do this again.

After we had finished cleaning up Jason, Shannon suggested that we go ahead and go shopping before we got too involved in playing. Already worked up and wanting some release I didn't want to stop but Shannon assured me that I would get mine this afternoon and that the delay would build the excitement. I could hardly wait. As I left to go upstairs, Shannon walked me to the door and then kissed me. As her soft lips pressed against mine I felt a different stirring deep inside of me. She opened he mouth slightly and offered me her tongue. Deciding to go with the flow and experience everything I could this weekend, I opened my mouth and let her tongue enter my mouth. She placed her hands on my cheeks and softly caressed my face as our tongues danced in our mouths. I could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume along with the smell of Jason's maleness on her lips.

It was maddenly sexy. She broke away and pushed me out the door saying that she would be ready in thirty minutes. I hurried upstairs to get ready.

After a quick shower I looked at what I had brought to she what I wanted to wear. I finally decided on a short jean skirt and a tight fitting T-shirt. I put on my Victory's Secret bra and panties, fixed up my hair and was just about to put on my clothes when Shannon knocked on the door and let me know she was ready. I invited her in and saw that she was wearing a cute pair of boy-toy shorts and a matching bikini top. I showed her what I was going to wear and she said that the only thing she would do different would be to not wear the panties. When I protested that she wouldn't be showing anything she quickly pulled aside the cloth between her legs and revealed that she had on nothing under the shorts. I laughed and then agreed that I would join her without panties.

We decided to take my Mustang so that Jason could have their car to pickup some refreshments and stuff. Since it was a beautiful day I lowered the convertible top and off we went. Shannon gave directions and off we headed to the mall. When ever we would pass a good looking guy or group of guys Shannon would pull down her top and flash them. The inevitably brought forth the hoots and hollers of appreciation. Once we got into the mall I figured that Shannon would not be quite so brazen but I was wrong. When we went into the shoe store she flashed her pussy to the shoe salesman. Taking her lead I opened my legs to let the cute young man that was helping us get a clear view of my womanly treasure. He was so appreciative that he gave us a big discount saying that the shoes we were buying were being discontinued. We smiled and thanked him and then moved on to the other stores. We always tried to find a man to wait on us and made sure that we gave them a nice view of either our breast or our nether region. All of them seemed to appreciate what we showed them and most of them gave us huge discounts for being such good customers.

After several hours of shopping we were getting hungry and decided that it was time to head back to the resort. Having exposed myself to so many men at the mall had left me excited and in need of satisfaction. Throwing all of our purchases in the trunk we jumped in the car and started back. Shannon called Jason to let him know that we were on our way and asked if he would have lunch waiting for us. He said that he would take care of it and that he couldn't wait to see what us model what we had bought. Shannon said that she had something that she wanted to show him but that he would have to wait to find out what it was.

After hanging up the phone Shannon reached into the back seat and pulled a brown paper bag out of her purse. She said that she wanted to show me what she had bought Jason and brought out a ten inch strap-on. When I asked her when and where she told me that when I was teasing that one young man as I went in and out of the dressing room that she had slipped out and went into the Adult store across the street and picked it up. She had seen it there earlier and had wanted to get it to surprise Jason with it. She asked me what I thought and I said that it looked like it would feel good. Shannon said let's find out. She slipped off her shorts and placed the substitute male member at the juicy wet lips between her legs. She slowly pushed and I nearly ran off the road as I watched the long pink shaft enter her love hole. She leaned her head back and began to moan with each stroke she gave herself. From all of the wetness I knew that she was excited. I kept glancing over and saw that her pace was quickening as she came closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy. With one final push she pulled it up against her clit and after wiggling her hips against it a couple of times, folded over shuddering. I thought that it was a good thing that the seats were leather because the flood coming from between her legs would have left a huge wet spot in cloth.

When Shannon sat back up she had the soaking wet dildo in her hand and began to lick it like a lollipop. She stuck inside her again and when she pulled it out offered it to me. As she touched it to my lips I stuck out my tongue and tasted the salty sweet juices of this beautiful young woman beside me. I wrapped my tongue around the soft rubber head lapping off the white creamy liquid that covered it. I then cleaned off the shaft before Shannon put it back inside of her love tunnel. As she began to stroke herself with it again, I made the turn into the resort. That same cute guard that had greeted me upon my arrival was at the gate again and smiled as I pulled up. He smiled and asked if we needed any help. Shannon said sure and told him to come on over when he got off work. He said that he would be off at three and Shannon then told him that we would probably be at the pool by then. He said that he would see us there and then raised the gate for us to proceed on through.

Jason opened the door for us and told us that the fish and steaks were ready. It smelled delicious. The young girl that had brought me the first note from Mark was there. I found out that her name was Cathi. She had come over to prepare lunch and had apparently taken advantage of the fact that Jason was still naked. Shannon looked over at me and told me not to worry that I would get my turn. Cathi joined us for lunch and when we finished cleaned up and headed out to her duties. Shannon, Jason and I got into our swim suits, gathered up some beach towels and headed off to the pool.

As we opened the gate it quickly became apparent that swim suits were not only optional they were probably forbidden. There were naked men and women of all shapes and sizes.

I had never been in such a place as this. Even though I was somewhat of an exhibitionist, I had never seen this many naked people. I stood there gawking for what seemed like minutes but was probably only a couple of seconds before Shannon nudged me and said "You can look while you keep moving." She guided me over to some chaise lounges, set down our stuff and then jumped into the pool. I stood there on the side of the pool for a minute before I realized how many of the men were checking me out. I kept looking at the buffet of men that surrounded the pool. Shannon popped up from under the water and hollered for me to come on in. I tossed my stuff into the chaise lounge behind me and dived in.

When I came up I saw that Shannon had already removed her top and was sandwiching herself between a couple of men. I stood there looking around when suddenly I felt a pair of hands grabbing my sides and out of the water popped Jason. I laughed at the surprise and reached around and pinched Jason on the ass. He responded by grabbing my ass and pulling me close. I could feel the bulge of his manhood rubbing up against my leg. He whispered in my ear that he thought I was hot and sexy and that he heard Shannon tell me that I would get my turn and that he couldn't wait. Even if I hadn't been surrounded by water I would have still been all wet. I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him. I opened my mouth and let my tongue search out his. His kiss was tender and electrifying.

I almost had an orgasm stranding there in the pool. As he cupped my face in his hands I wanted to feel him inside of me right then and there. Not know the protocol around the pool I broke off the kiss and dived between his legs to cool off our passions for the time being.

When I came up I saw that Shannon was in a three-way groping session at the edge of the pool. She no longer had on her swim suit and neither did the two guys she was making out with. She had a cock in each hand and a man on each of her tits. I watched as she slid onto the older man's cock. He must have liked it because he grabbed her waist and began to pump her. Jason came up behind me and asked me if I liked watching his wife get fucked. I nodded yes. He told me to look around and I saw that there were other people having sex. Seeing all these people so openly pleasuring each other emboldened me. I pulled down Jason's swim suit releasing his very hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and felt the warmth pulsing through it. I guided him to the side and told him that I wanted to suck his giant tool. He jumped up on the side of the pool and let his legs dangle in the water. I stroked him several times before placing my lips on his bulbous head. I took my tongue and licked the tip causing it to twitch and jump. Cupping his balls in one hand and holding his stiffness in the other I began to press my lips down his shaft. He tasted so delicious. The texture of his glans rubbing across the roof of my mouth felt so good. I could not stop myself. I was sucking, and licking and thoroughly enjoying giving Jason a blowjob. Mark always said I give good blowjobs but I was so excited that I used every trick I had ever learned and tried some I had only heard about. He must have thought it was good because he was leaning back with his head thrown back moaning with pleasure.

As I pumped him I felt his cock swell and knew that he was about to cum. I deep throated him just as he released his load filling my throat and mouth with his warm sweet salty seed. I gulped down every drop sucking him until there was nothing left. I didn't realize that Shannon had come up behind me and was watching me suck off her husband.

"He's wanted you to do that ever since we heard you last night. And I know he plans on returning the favor later this afternoon. I really enjoyed watching you give him a blow job. He says that I don't know quite how to do it but after watching you I'm sure I can do it better." She then asked me if I would like to help her out with the two that she had been making out with earlier. I agreed and we climbed out of the pool and went over and joined them in the hot tub.

Tom was 53 but was in good shape. He was only about 4 1/2 inches but was fairly thick.

Eric was 28 and though not a thick as Tom, was not a long as Jason at around 6 inches.

Shannon went down on Eric and left me with Tom. I spent a few minutes getting to know Tom and discovered that he was a widower. His wife had passed away the previous year and this was his first outing without her. He told me that he thought I was one of the sexiest women there and that he had almost come just watching me give Jason his blowjob. I laughed and asked him how long it had been since he had had one and he said that it had been several years since his wife hadn't been able to perform for the last couple of years before she passed away. He touched my heart and I leaned over and kissed him. His kiss was tender and manly. I ran my fingers through his thick salt and pepper hair. He caressed me, gently cupping my breast in his hand. He complimented me on them and leaned over to suck my hard nipple. He definitely knew how to please a woman. I could feel the moisture building between my legs and guided his hand to my lower lips. He told me that he liked that I had full lips as he took his middle finger and parted them. He gingerly teased my swollen clit massaging, pinching and tweaking it with hands of a master. When he finally slid his middle finger into my honey pot I was almost on the verge of cumming. He began to tap on the rough skin of my G-spot building my pleasure wave into a Tsunami. I needed a dick inside of me and promptly moved his hand and slammed down on his small thick member. Facing away from him I began to grind and rock. He reached around me and grabbed my tits squeezing them and tweaking my nipples. I pumped him back and forth working my way to that orgasmic rush that I so desperately wanted to come. Sliding up and down and back and forth I finally reached the brink and came crashing over. Tom grabbed me and held me up to keep my face out of the water. I felt him push up against me and the swell of his cock as he released his load into my hungry womanly flower. I sat there for a minute letting the waves of pleasure pass. I noticed that after shooting his load that he was starting to shrink. Before he fell out I stood up and kissed him thanking him for the pleasure he had given me. He said that he didn't know how to thank me for the pleasure I had given him.

I told him that no thanks were necessary as he had done as much if not more for me than I could have done for him. I then told him that I was exhausted and was going to go lay down and get some sun. I spent the rest of my time at the pool getting some sun and watching as Shannon and Jason played around with several others that they apparently knew from their previous visits.

After several hours in the sun I decided that it was time for me to head back to the room and freshen up. When I arrived I found a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table with a note attached.

My Dearest Vi, By now I am sure you have made some friends and had some fun with them. I have arranged one more surprise for you this evening. Your outfit is already laid out for you in the guest room. You can get dressed at anytime and dinner will arrive around 7:00. Since this is your last night I have tried to make it as special as you are to me.

Love, Mark

Before I could head off to the shower, there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find Jason, Shannon and Cathi there at the door. Jason was carrying margaritas and wanted to know if I would join them. I said why not and invited them in. I told them that I wanted to get a quick shower to freshen up and told them to make themselves at home. After my shower I put on a lightweight robe, walked into the living room and realized that they had been discussing what had happened at the pool because Shannon turned to me and said that when she went to give Tom a blowjob he told her that I already had fucked him and that it was one of the best times he had ever experienced.

I told her that I had always liked giving blowjobs and that was what I was known for back in school. I told her that since I got married I hadn't given many to anyone other than Mark but that I really enjoyed it and wished I had more opportunities to give them. I told her that I had given more men blowjobs this weekend than I had in the past several years.

Jason said that he had really enjoyed the one I had given him. He told me that he would like to return the favor. Before I could respond there was another knock on the door.

Shannon said she hoped I didn't mind but that she had invited over a couple more people to party with. She opened the door to reveal the cute guard I had seen twice at the gate.

She introduced him as Chad and walking in behind him was David. I could already feel my juices flowing as I knew that this was going to be a night of delicious fun.

Jason poured everyone a round of drinks and proceeded to make some more margaritas. I noticed that Chad kept looking over at me and realized that by the way I was sitting he could see one of my tits, I asked him if he liked what he say and he emphatically said yes.

He said that from the moment that I pulled in that he was hoping that he would get to see more of me. I could tell that I was having an effect on him from the log growing in his shorts. From what I could see he was as big as Jason if not bigger. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around it; both sets of lips. I decided that I would tease Chad for a while before I took advantage of his youthful exuberance. I placed my hand between my legs and rubbed my middle finger across my well moistened slit getting my finger nice and wet. I pointed it at Chad and then turned it up indicating for him to come here. As he moved closer I slid it into my mouth licking and sucking on it like it was the best tasting finger in the world.

"Mmmmmmm." I teased. "Taste so delicious. Wanna try some?"

I realized that David and Jason were watching this display also. I decided that I needed to show these young kids what an experienced sexy woman could do. I started by standing up and pushing Chad back into the chair that I had vacated. He reached out to touch me but I pushed his hands down and turned to put on some slow dance music. I moved back over in front of him and proceeded to dance a slow sensual dance. I let my hands trace up and down my body. I let the robe fall open and with the twisting and twirling gave Chad and everyone else quite the show. As I gave a quick twirl I quickly slid the robe off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor so I was now dancing naked in front of this room of people.

I proceeded to rub my hands all over my body. I gently caressed each boob, tweaking each nipple so that it stood up rock hard. I slid my hands down by sides and moved them all across my stomach and sides. As I reached down between my legs and brushed across my swollen nether region I could hear the gasp of the men. I knew that they desired me and that I was getting them sexually excited. I could tell from the way Chad's cock was straining against the fabric that he needed to release his massive manhood. I reached over and unbuttoned his shorts, then slowly lowered his zipper. When I was about halfway down his man pole popped up nearly smacking me in the face. I took my nails and gently scr*ped them up the shaft before reaching out and pulling his pants off. The girls were laughing at the way the guys had all of their attention on me. I knew that tonight was going to be a night that I would never forget but I wanted to start everything off with Chad. After I had Chad's pants off he removed his shirt and I got to see the whole package.

Now that it was free his dick continued to grow. He had what you would call a horse dick. It must have been at least 6 inches around and 11 inches long. I had never seen a dick that big before except in porno but I was eager to try it. I wrapped both hands around that monster and began to lick the pearly drops of pre-cum oozing out of the tip. He tasted a little salty but not bad. I swirled my tongue around the outer most ring of his mushroom shaped head and then licked up the slit. I began to stroke him with both hands as I slowly engulfed his massive tree in my mouth. I could barely get it all in but kept stroking him and working to take as much of his giant tool as I possible could. I managed to get several inches in my mouth but realized that he was just too big to deep throat. He seemed to enjoy what I was doing because he placed his hands on the back of my head and helped pump my mouth up and down on his cock. Not knowing how long he could last, when I felt his dick begin to swell, I pinched the base to keep him from cumming. I then turned around and placed my ass in his face indicating that I wanted him to eat me.

He wasted no time diving in and he began to lick and suck my pussy. He used his tongue to caress my labia lips and gently nibbled on my clit with his teeth. He stuck his tongue into my pussy and swirled it around the inside like a kid licking a cake batter bowl.

OMG!. His tongue must have been as long as his dick. He reached into places with it that I had never had licked before. Soon he began to fuck me with his tongue. It didn't take me long before I pressed into his face and flooded it with my hot slick fluids. I could feel wave after wave of pleasure crashing through my body and into his face. It was such an incredible feeling. Once the orgasmic pleasure waves ceased my knees got weak and I started to sit down. Chad guided me onto his still erect penis and I felt my pussy stretch as I slowly slid down on it. Holding me in his arms Chad began to pump me going deeper and deeper with each stroke. After the third or fourth stroke I could feel him hitting my cervix. I had never felt that before. It was such an incredible feeling having my pussy filled like that. I began to grind back and forth. Every time I went back I would raise up slightly so that I was stroking his cock with my pussy. What a feeling of satisfaction! I continued my action and he reached around and started playing with my tits. My nipples were so hard they felt like little rocks. I began to pump and grind faster and faster bring my self to the edge of another orgasmic release. Sensing that I was close Chad took one hand and began to play with my clit. That was all it took to push me over the edge and bring on the hardest orgasm I had ever experienced. My vagina was pulsing with wave after wave of release. This caused Chad to finally be able to release his load and he exploded deep inside of me. I could feel his load hit my cervix and then pour out of my well filled pussy. I thought he would never stop cumming and by the time he was finished there was a huge puddle of cum on the chair. I pulled off of him and collapsed on the couch to the applause of everyone else in the room.

I looked over and saw that Chad was still rock hard. I also noticed that everyone else had taken off their clothes and were playing with themselves as they watched the show that Chad and I had put on. After that, if I had ever not considered my self an exhibitionist, I certainly could now. I watched as Shannon promptly impaled herself on Chad's still hard pole. She began to ride him like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco. She was definitely enjoying herself.

David came over to me and kissed the back of my neck. He worked his way down my back and around to my front. He sucked on my tits and worked my nipples with his tongue. I leaned back and let him kiss me lower and lower until he reached my well worn and freshly fucked pussy. Being gentle as I was rather sensitive right then, he used his tongue to clean me up. By the time he was finished I had recovered to the point that I was enjoying him eating me out. Although he was not the first man to clean me up like that he absolutely knew that I liked what he was doing. He flattened his tongue and slowly drug it across my pussy. Then using the tip of his tongue he teased my taint, that area that taint ass and taint pussy. He proceeded further and was giving me a rim job. I had never experienced this before. It was such a different and pleasant sensation. As he continued to work on my lower regions I pulled him around to a 69 position and took his dripping cock into my mouth. Since David was not a big ad Chad I was able to deep throat him and proceeded to use every trick I knew for giving blowjobs to give him the best he had ever had.

Between David eating my ass and pussy and me sucking his dick it didn't take me long to have my third orgasm. This was not as hard or as long as the last one but didn't leave me feeling so wrung out either.

I looked over and saw that Shannon was still having fun with Chad and that Jason was pounding Cathi. When David saw what was going on he bent me over the couch and easily slid his still hard cock into me. He began to pump my pussy, slamming harder and harder against me with each stroke. It seemed like the more I came the easier and faster the orgasms were going to cum. It only took a couple of minutes of him pounding me before I could feel that familiar sensation building and then began to spasm. He continued to pump himself in me and after several more strokes I could feel him swell and release his seed inside of me. Once again I had cum dripping from my pussy.

As many times as I had already cum I still wanted more. I could not believe that I was able to keep going. The excitement I was feeling had my adrenaline rushing and sexual drive in high speed. Shannon told David that she wanted him in her mouth and he pulled out of me and fed her his dick cover with our cum. She told me that I tasted delicious on him and continued to lick and suck off every drop. Meanwhile I could feel the cum starting to run down my leg and told everyone that I was going to go clean up before continuing. Cathi told me that I didn't need to go that she would clean me up herself.

With everything else going on this weekend I figured that I may as well experience it all and moved over to her and Jason lying back and spreading my legs to give her full access.

Her touch was so tender. More so than any of the guys. Quite refreshing in fact. She caressed my leg with her tongue cleaning up the sticky fluid that had created a trail down from my soaking wet pussy. I could feel her breath on my mound as she licked closer and closer to my love hole. This was definitely a huge turn on for me. As her tongue probed the folds of my labia it felt like silk rubbing against me. Her warm breath excited me more even though I didn't think it was possible. After she cleaned out every last drop of David's load she slowly moved up my torso gently kissing my stomach, my breast and finally meeting my lips. Her moist wet kiss tingled all the way down to my toes. I could taste and smell on her lips, the unique blend of fluids that she had just cleaned from between my legs. It was intoxicating. As her lips pressed against mine I opened my mouth slightly and met her tongue searching for mine. The sweetness of her kiss reminded me of a deep dark chocolate. Totally delicious. Her hands caressed my face with such tenderness. I had never been made love to like Cathi was making love to me. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. With every kiss she sucked a little breath almost like she was inhaling my very essence. I was on cloud nine. Not really think about what else was going on, I suddenly realized that Jason was playing with my pussy. I could feel his hands rubbing my mound and his finger sliding up and down my slit teasing my clit. I felt the tip of his cock teasing my opening and in one quick thrust, he entered me filling me with his tool.

This was definitely a first for me. Cathi was laying on top of me kissing me and fondling my breast. I could feel her humping and realized that Jason was finger fucking her, while he was fucking me. This was my first FMF and I was really enjoying it! Every time Jason pounded my cunt, Cathi's breast rubbed against mine. It was like she was teasing my nipples causing them to grow larger and harder with each touch. This was absolutely the best thing my husband had ever done for me. I couldn't wait to tell him all about my adventures. Jason kept switching back and forth between my pussy and Cathi's keeping us both on edge. Finally I felt Cathi's torso lifting off of me and watched as Jason lifted her to his face. With his cock buried deep inside of me he began to eat her out while fucking me. This pushed me over the edge and the tension that had been slowly building was finally released. I felt my pussy tighten around his swollen member. As the waves of pleasure rolled through me I could feel myself squeezing his cock over and over again.

This must have been all it took because I felt his mushroom head swell inside of me and a warm blast hit the back wall of my cervix. It seemed like he was dumping a gallon of cum inside of me. And I was enjoying every minute of it. With the final pulse for both of us it felt like all of my energy had gone with it. I think we were all pretty well spent. We collapsed on the floor and laid there for several minutes before everyone decided that we would call it a night.

Since I knew that I was going to be leaving in the morning I knew that I would need to get cleaned up and packed before heading off to bed. Everyone helped me straighten up before heading home and I went and got in the shower. I was letting the hot water spray onto my face when I heard the shower door open. I opened my eyes and there stood Mark. I was totally surprised because I thought he was on a business trip and would not be home until tomorrow. He took me in his arms and asked me if I had enjoyed my weekend. I told him that I had and that with his arrival made it completely perfect. He held me tight and told me how much he loved me. He told me how much he had enjoyed watching me enjoy myself. I was taken aback! He watched me? I looked at him questioningly and saw a sly smile come across his face. He told me that he had seen everything that had happened. He said that he had arranged to place cameras around this place and that he had been setup in the next condo to be able see it all. I told him that I hoped that he enjoyed it as much as I had. He told me that he had and that it was the most fantastic experience that he had ever enjoyed. I kissed him and then thanked him for the special weekend. He helped me finish showering and then carried me off to bed. I laid there drifting off to sleep in his arms think about the special gift he had given me.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon, eggs and pancakes. I took in another deep breath and inhaled the fragrance of the fresh brewed coffee. I heard voices in the other room and walked in to find Mark cooking and everyone else from last night sitting around the table. Mark was thanking them for helping him fulfill his desire to give me a special weekend. I walked over to the empty chair and sat down at the table and joined everyone to eat. After breakfast we said our goodbyes and Mark helped me pack.

As we started out the gate Chad thanked me for a memorable night. I told him that I had enjoyed it too and told him that I looked forward to seeing him again. I blew him a kiss as Mark drove us off to the airport. We got checked in and once we were settled into our seat Mark handed me a set of discs. He said that we would be able to relive this weekend anytime we wanted as he had it all on DVD. I told him that I couldn't wait to watch it with him because it truly was My Very Special Weekend.

My Very Special Weekend by: cknthisout

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