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Marco Mates I - First time Swingers, FFM, Exhibitionism, Romantic

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Our first time started about 5 months after Di and I had finished moving to Marco Island, Fl. We had just built a new stilt home near Tigertail Beach and the back of our house faced a canal and had a long water view. On the far side of the canal is a mangrove tree area, which belongs to Tigertail Beach Park. So, no one lives across the canal, except for some raccoons.

There are two other stilt homes on either side of ours. The downstairs areas of stilt homes on Marco Island are usually where the garage, storage, and game rooms are located. The living areas, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and family rooms are upstairs, due to Hurricane flood zone insurance restrictions. One home was owned by snowbirds, which meant the owners were rarely there and they rented the house out to seasonal tourists most of the time, or at least tried to rent it out, as an investment property.

A professional couple, named Joe and Jenny, had just purchased the pretty pink house on the other side of us and we went over and met with them as they were moving in. They seemed to be a nice couple and Jenny seemed enthusiastic about moving to Florida from Wisconsin. She already had a dark tan and I figured she was a sun-worshipper. All three homes, Jenny and Joe's, the snowbird's, and ours, have private backyards with pools, due to the mangroves across the canal.

Joe traveled a lot with the advertising firm he owned and managed "up-north," so he was gone 2 to 3 weeks a month. He was older than Jenny, around 55, and Jenny was his "trophy" wife. Jenny loved to "chat" every time we encountered her. We figured she was lonely with Joe's extensive absences

Di and I had always been outdoor nudists when an opportunity presented itself. It wasn't long before we noticed that Jenny had picked up our nudist habit when she was by her pool. From her tan, she may have already been a nudist, or used tanning booths a lot.

Marco Island can be laid back, especially in our neighborhood. Therefore Jenny, Di and I, and sometimes renters at the snowbird's house, would sunbathe nude, weather, jobs, and personalities permitting. We sometimes glimpsed each other through the tropical landscaping and pool fences separating our respective lots.

Jenny has a beautiful ass and small perky tits with great looking dark brown nipples about the size of a silver dollar. I knew this because Jenny had gotten in the habit of walking around her backyard nude, like us, and even mowing her front yard and washing her car in the driveway while wearing a dental floss string bikini. The top didn't really cover all of her nipples, and the bottom, well it was usually stuck between her labia, not covering them. The back of her micro bikini had clear plastic straps, which when she was viewed from the back, looked like she was totally nude.

She got away with that due to the fact we lived on a cul-de-sac and had very little traffic, especially during the summer months. Plus, she has a 10+ body and face and knew it. She did stop a few cars driving down the street though. LOL. No one was going to complain. She obviously loved showing off, and I used to think she was a big tease. She has that fresh "girl next door look," even though she is 41, with short blonde hair, is 5'9" and only 120 pounds with great abs and perky tits (Oh. I already mentioned her tits before, LOL).

During the few days Joe was at home each month, Jenny maintained her nudist lifestyle, but Joe always wore swim trunks around the pool or on their boat. We had met them on several occasions, around the yard, and even did the cursory, "going out to dinner with the neighbors" thing, when he was in town. But Joe always seemed distracted and to be thinking about business. He wasn't very "social" unless there was a profit margin involved.

Di, my wife is a brunette, with green eyes, and is considered "strikingly beautiful." Di is only 5'2" and 105 pounds with long dark hair, a runner, not a jogger (private joke), with "million dollar legs," and great "C" cup breasts (yes, they are natural) with large dark-pink nipples that could poke your eye out when they are hard. She is a size 4 with 34-20-32 measurements. Neither Jenny nor Di has any cellulite on them and both have shaved pussies.

I'm 5'10" and weigh in at 185 pounds. I used to be in great shape, as a long distance runner, but as my knees started to wear out, I quit running and have added 15 pounds. Now, I go to the gym and lift weights to try and stay in shape.

Anyway, Di and I had been nudist friends with another couple, Dustin and Gayle, who had just moved from Marco Island, to Orlando, because of a job promotion, and we both missed their company. We used to go boating with them (nude of course), travel on vacations, visit some clothing optional clubs in the Tampa area, and do Key West's Fantasy Fest every October with them. We had developed a "soft swap" relationship, where we'd have oral sex and intercourse in the same room (with the lights dimmed) or on the beach, but at a distance, and only with our respective spouses. We'd never had a full swap and Di always indicated she didn't want to go there. Di had been raised in a very religious environment as a child. Although she accepted nudism and drinking (light drinking) she had her "moral limits."

Di and Gayle would often rub suntan lotion on each other and Dustin or me. Gayle and I would rub lotion on each other, and Di and Dustin would even rub lotion on each other. But that was rare. It was exciting too. I always (as did Dustin) hoped it was going to lead somewhere. The girls knew it too. Di wasn't interested in any swinging or bi-curious action, but Dustin had told me that Gayle was, and would have bedded down with Di on a moments notice. However, Gayle was afraid of scaring Di off and losing her friendship if she pursued her yearnings.

Only on one occasion did we ever really "bust out" and have raw sex in front of each other, in broad daylight. We had boated to our beach, on Keewaydin Island. We had all been drinking Sangria that Di had mixed before leaving the dock. After a half a day of drinking and lying in the sun, Gayle, who is fair, asked Di to put some suntan lotion on her.

Gayle was sitting upright in a beach chair. Di, who was standing by the cooler, grabbed the lotion and bent over at the waist to rub the lotion on Gayle's front. Dustin and I both noticed that Di was rubbing Gayle's breasts in a very sensual manner. Di, standing straight-legged had her ass in the air. It was too great a temptation. I immediately became hard and walked up to Di's beautiful tanned butt, put my hands on her hips and pushed my hard dick against her crack. Surprisingly, she didn't pull away embarrassed. Instead, she pushed back hard, reached between her legs, grabbed my cock and started rubbing it against her labia. Well, that was the green light for me and I shoved my throbbing dick into her.

She gasped and I followed her down onto her knees and we landed right in front of Gayle, with Di's head on Gayle's lap. I fucked Di hard. While we were fucking, Gayle was stroking Di's face and hair. What a turn on that was. Dustin, who was clearly watching us, quickly got up out of his chair, walked over behind Gayle and started massaging her shoulders while watching us. Dustin had a raging hard on now and Gayle noticed it because it was thumping her on the top of her head. She turned her face up, licked the bottom of Dustin's dick and turning her head, took it into her mouth sucking him hard. She continued stroking Di's hair. Di and I eventually came, strong and noisily.

Gayle was still sucking Dustin. We backed away and while cleaning the sand from our shins and knees continued to watch Gayle suck Dustin. Gayle had twisted in her chair for a more comfortable angle on Dustin's cock. Suddenly, Dustin erupted, almost choking Gayle with cum. She was sputtering and cum was dribbling down the corners of her mouth and onto her breasts. Everyone started giggling. So much for suntan oil.

Afterwards, Di, who was now sobering up, had apologized. Yes, apologized to Dustin and Gayle for "our" behavior and admonished me for being "crazy." I thought Dustin was going to split a gut laughing so hard. Gayle slapped Dustin and told him to stop it, pretending to be on Di's side.

Anyway, things had started to happen almost immediately after Joe and Jenny moved into their home. Di and Jenny would routinely "talk over" the pool fences and "through the foliage" when each was by the pools in the backyards. (We only have 15 feet between houses.) Then, Jenny started trimming her landscaping foliage weekly, especially on our side. Eventually Di and I noted that, on our side of Jenny's lot, the hibiscus plants, that had at one time been quite thick and tall, and had provided some seclusion and privacy for us, were now trimmed, having been thinned out, and were also much shorter.

Di and I frequently made love in the pool, around the pool deck, and even on our dock, if there was no boat traffic around, feeling somewhat secure that no one could see us. In any event, we have a slight exhibitionist nature and the possibility of "getting caught" has always excited us. The loss of privacy didn't bother us too much and we had continued having sex around the pool while the landscaping had been steadily reduced over the weeks due to Jenny's constant pruning. We sort of figured, "what the hell." She is over "there" and we are over "here."

Needless to say, the conversations between Jenny and Di became more frequent as the landscaping had been trimmed back. Then Jenny, while nude by her pool, began walking around to the outside of our pool fence and resting her elbows on it while we would be sunbathing nude on our deck or on pool floats and begin casual conversations with us.

We just couldn't let her stand there, as that would have been rude. So we started inviting her through the gate to join us for some refreshments. She'd sit under our large pool umbrella and enjoy a cool drink or a glass of wine with us. Sometimes I'd grill burgers and she'd even have lunch or dinner with us while Joe was out of town. This was all done in the buff, unless we went out to a restaurant. We had become regular "nudist" friends, especially on the weekends and enjoyed nude sunbathing together. We talked about how great it was to be nudists. But in hindsight, we were just pretending to be nudists and while we all had sexual thoughts and fantasies, no one was vocalizing them. At least I hadn't said anything.

Then Jenny started surprising us, with her plant clippers in hand, yelling a friendly "hello" as I was performing cunninglingus on Di or Di was giving me a blowjob, or we were testing positions from the Kama Sutra, utilizing our pool lounges and noodles as props. We would immediately stop our activity, being slightly embarrassed (yet turned on) at being discovered. Jenny always acted as if she hadn't seen us doing anything, but her eyes never looked away or left us as we would separate and halt our activity.

Oddly, but due primarily to the fact that Jenny seemed to be trying to catch us in the act, we increased our sexual activities even more. It had became an exciting game for us. And, Jenny continued to catch us even more frequently. Did that make us the winners or losers? LOL.

When Jenny would sit around the pool with us, no one broached the subject of Jenny catching or interrupting us in various sex acts. It became the "elephant in the room" that we all knew, but no one spoke about. I also started to realize that Di began instigating our lovemaking when she knew Jenny was nearby or possibly watching us. My suspicions about Di grew, when one time, while we were making love in the pool, Jenny had apparently walked over to our pool fence and quietly stood there watching us until we had both came.

I had been sitting on one of the pool steps, down in the water, with Di's legs wrapped around my waist, her breasts, wet and shiny, bouncing just above the waterline with my cock buried deep inside of her. My hands were alternating between squeezing the cheeks of her ass and playing with her breasts. I was also sucking her nipples as they would bounce past my lips as she rode my shaft slowly up and down. I had my back towards the fence, and Di, who was facing me, should have seen Jenny standing there, over my shoulder, while we were fucking. After we both came, I heard Jenny's gentle voice do a soft "ahem" from somewhere behind me. Di had casually responded, "Hi Jenny."

I was still semi-hard inside of Di, after having just cum, and being startled, I tried to pull out, due to Jenny's unexpected presence. However, Di had already tightened her legs and pushed me in deeper and slowly kept humping me in the pool. Her pulsating vagina gave me plenty of encouragement to regain my hard-on. I found it exciting having my wife slowly fucking me while another woman watched and talked to us. "Did Jenny know, or didn't she?" I couldn't turn around. I didn't dare turn around to look at her face. I was in an excited state of shock.

From Jenny's viewpoint (about 10' away from the other side of our fence), I guessed she could probably only see the back of my head, my shoulders and upper back, along with Di's face and breasts. Di's breasts continued to gently sway, slowing dipping in and out of the water. From the gentle waves we were creating, and Di's breasts bouncing, Jenny had to realize something else was still going on below the water. Di kept pumping me slowly with her vaginal muscles all the while she was carrying on a casual conversation with Jenny. I was amazed at Di's "multi-tasking" ability. I could barely speak. I was totally confused, shocked, and even a little scared, and tremendously excited.

When Jenny finally went back home, we got out of the pool. The only thing Di asked me as we exited the pool, was if I had "liked that?" I replied, "yes, Oh Yes," but inside I was still feeling confused about the whole situation.

Di noticed that I was still hard as a rock, getting out of the pool, as neither of us had cum a second time from the additional slow fucking, while Jenny had been watching us. It had only enhanced my hard-on and Di noticed it right away. The next thing Di did was pull me over to a corner of the pool deck, where our coconuts palms provided shade and some privacy. She gently pushed me down on the chaise lounge located there, knelt down and preceded to give me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had. My balls tingled for hours afterward. It still rates in the "top 3" for me.

When the dust had settled a couple of days later, I had asked Di, why she hadn't noticed Jenny's appearance at the fence and warn me while we had been fucking in the pool. Di confessed that she had noticed Jenny's arrival, apparently a lot earlier than I had realized, as Di said Jenny had probably seen "most of the show." But Di claimed she had been so far gone when Jenny arrived that she couldn't stop until she had an orgasm. In fact, Di admitted that Jenny standing at the fence, in the nude, watching us, had actually enhanced her excitement and orgasm. Di confessed to liking that "got caught" feeling too.

As Jenny's weekend visits became even more frequent, Di and I longed for the old days to have sex in and around our pool or spa again. At least I did. But with Jenny almost a constant visitor, those days were disappearing fast.

At my suggestion, Di and I decided to escape on our boat. We'd go out to Keewaydin Island, anchor up, and find a secluded piece of beach and fuck and suck each other like bunny rabbits. It had been a favorite pastime of ours while we were building the house, and now, with Jenny's frequent backyard visits, the beach became our personal paradise again.

Of course, we loved the fact that there was always the danger of someone discovering our lovemaking on the beach. And, on more than one occasion, some beach walkers or passing boaters would catch us. Nothing serious ever happened, and in fact, a lot of times other couples would realize we were nude as they walked towards our location.

You could tell right away when they realized we were nude, because they'd stop, talk to each other, gesture or nod in our direction, and eventually they'd either get nude too, or turn around and walk in the other direction. Amazingly, several couples would actually walk over to us, nude, having just stripped their swimsuits off, and say "Hi, we've never done this before, but thank you for the great idea" or something along those lines.

The male side of the couples, especially had wanted to visit our little spot on the beach, as Di is "hot" looking all of the time, but when she's nude, WOW. Some couples would even disappear into the tree line or behind a sand dune for a short while, probably to "get a little." There are a lot of quick learners out there.

Our friendship with Jenny had continued, but Di quickly began to feel guilty about us disappearing on the weekends when the sea conditions or weather permitted. Di felt we had somehow abandoned Jenny. They had become fast friends and while I was at work they would go shopping, workout at the gym, or sunbathe together. The guilt finally got the better of Di and one Sunday she had unexpectedly invited Jenny to go along with us for a beach trip. I was disappointed.

Naturally, as soon as we cleared Marco Pass, the girls disposed of their micro-bikinis, which didn't cover much to begin with. Jenny had purchased several different colored micro-bikinis and given a couple to Di, which Di now wore almost exclusively around our yard too.

Di teasingly pulled my trunks off and we boated onward toward our "beach of paradise." I really missed the "usual" that first trip. The "usual" is a blowjob that Di "usually" provides, if the Gulf water is smooth, mainly just to get me excited, as we headed to our beach. When she had pulled my trunks down, she gave me that look, "like, should I or not?" With Jenny our captive audience in the boat I shook my head "no."

The problem now was, our favorite beach activity had seemingly become impossible. Our pool was out, and now the beach, because of Jenny's constant company.

There we were, sitting in our beach chairs, nude, and all that Di and I could do was hold hands, or take a walk along the beach picking up seashells with Jenny in tow. I felt escape was now impossible, and Di felt horrible about it, as we both missed the wild and zany sex we'd been having before.

On one beach visit, after Jenny had surprisingly consumed the better part of a bottle of chardonnay, she fell fast asleep in a lounge chair under our beach umbrella. Di decided to get frisky with me. I was extremely horny after watching Jenny and Di apply suntan lotion on each other throughout the morning and early afternoon. Di and Jenny seemed to delight in rubbing each other with the oily lotion and they weren't shy about touching each other's sensitive parts either. I began to have suspicions about the two of them.

I knew Di could push my buttons and she loved to tease me. But, in the past, she had always said she was not the least bit bi-curious. So, when she rubbed oil on Jenny, I figured she was just teasing me in that "high school girl fashion" and that her really being with Jenny was a dead end. Di knew that I and probably every red-blooded man would love to see their wife with another woman. I certainly wanted to, especially one as beautiful as Jenny.

But, back to the story. Jenny was sleeping in her beach chair, and Di sat up on her towel, looked over at me, then looking at Jenny, put her finger to her lips, as if to say, "Shhhh." She quietly rolled over to my towel and started sucking my dick, which immediately sprang into action. After only about a minute or two, I couldn't stand it and pushed Di down on my towel, entered her wet pussy, and fucked her hard and fast.

With her lying on the firm sand, unlike a soft mattress, her pubic bone was especially prominent. It was easy to push hard against her clitoris with my pubic bone and cock, while my dick rammed her as hard as I could. Her clitoris couldn't escape, not that she wanted it to. I could feel her getting drenched as we fucked hard. It was one of those lustful fucks, fast and furious. Di refers to them as "icebreakers." LOL.

My hands were holding her hands down on the sand, just above her head, pinning her to the ground, my head and chest were inclined upward, so I could watch her breasts bounce and her nipples stick out. They were hard, and were protruding at least an inch. I pounded her hard, our eyes locked on one another. We both came rather quickly and a little noisily. Di had soaked me with her juices, and I had soaked her with mine and it felt fantastic to be "back in the saddle again." As I lifted off of Di and moved onto my side, I looked over at Jenny, who appeared to be staring right at us, but I couldn't tell if her eyes were open or closed because of her dark sunglasses. She didn't move a muscle and never said anything. The one thing I did notice was that her labia appeared wet and glistening in the sunshine. So I didn't know, but I suspected.

One September Saturday renters, who were staying at the snowbird's house on the other side of our home, were sunbathing and partying by the pool. It was odd to have renters then, because it was September, a very hot and muggy time of the year. Plus, September is considered to be the "off season" in Southwest Florida.

There were three couples staying at the house, and by their accents and loud partying, we figured they were from Long Island or Manhattan. They appeared to be healthy, attractive, and wealthy, judging by their appearances as they came and went, and their vehicles parked in the driveway. They were drinking heavily too, and it was only 1030 in the morning. But, they were on vacation, not me, and by the sounds of the music and singing, they were having a great time.

Anyway, it was a Saturday and I was doing yard chores while Di was sunbathing nude by our pool. From my front yard, I could only see the renter's silhouettes at an angle through the dark screen enclosure surrounding the rental house's pool deck. Jenny's house and our home don't have pool screen enclosures. The screen enclosures block out about 25% of the sun, which reduces the pool temperature several degrees. We prefer warmer pools without paying the electric company a fortune.

But back to the story. Jenny had been washing her BMW in her driveway while I mowed my front yard. She looked like a golden tanned goddess wearing her trademark micro bikini. Every time I made a circle around the yard with the mower, Jenny would wave, bend over the bucket of soap and water and rinse out the sponge. I swore she was actually wiggling her ass at me. It was difficult keeping my mind on cutting the yard and I quickly forgot about the renter's party next door. All too soon, Jenny had finished washing and drying the car and disappeared inside her house.

By noon, I had finished trimming the palm trees and plants in the front yard. I glanced over at the rental house as I was returning tools and the mower to the garage. (We have a side loading garage on the rental house side) and I noticed the "renters" were running and jumping into their pool, the music was even louder than I'd remembered and they were all laughing and messing around. They were definitely having a PARTY. From the direct angle from the side of my house through the screen enclosure, I could now clearly see that most of them were naked.

It looked as if all of the guys were naked, as well as two of the women. The remaining woman was only topless, as she had not taken off her bright lime green bikini bottoms, yet. The women were all very pretty and I estimated them to be in their late 30's or early 40's (about the same ages as Jenny, Di, and me). I closed the garage door and went towards the back door leading to the pool. I intended to take a shower and cool off in our pool. I also had something else on my mind.

After having watched Jenny wash and dry her car, I was horny and was hoping to fuck Di by the pool. I was already in the buff, as I opened the back door to the pool, having stripped off my tee shirt and shorts in the garage on my way to take my poolside shower.

Well, there went that idea, AGAIN. To my sudden surprise Di was rubbing Australian Gold sun tanning oil on Jenny's back, buttocks, and long legs, as Jenny lay face down on the chaise lounge. The smell of the suntan lotion hit me like a brick from clear across the pool. I loved the sensual smell of the lotion, as it provided me with many nostalgic memories. The vision of two beautiful naked women, glistening naked in the sunlight hit me even stronger. I instantly felt my dick growing hard.

I should not have been concerned that I was nude when I encountered Di and Jenny by the pool. As you know, we had already spent many hours with Jenny nude together, but while doing the yard work, I had been thinking about fucking Jenny, and various scenarios of doing her. I already had a semi-hard-on. Now, seeing them both, I felt a huge erection starting. Jenny's presence complicated things and having a stiff erection in front of her was somewhat embarrassing for me.

Di looked over at me and winked as she was rubbing Jenny's backside very slowly, knowing damn well she had lit my fire the way she was rubbing Jenny's bronzed cheeks. Di was even slowly moving her hand, slick with oil, up and down Jenny's butt crack. Di suddenly leaned closer to Jenny's ear and whispered something. Jenny tilted her head and looked in my direction, smiling at me as she did with a sultry look. I realized my hard-on had grown significantly, so I stepped under the shower and started working on getting the sweat, grass clippings, and dirt off of me.

While I was taking the shower, I was thinking about how Di and Jenny looked so beautiful, with their almost identical bronze tans, their perfect bodies, and devious smiles. What was going on here? I was really turned on, but why were they teasing me? What kind of game was this?

Well, just as I was finishing the shower and about to turn it off, I looked around and saw Di and Jenny walking towards me. They were both coming around the pool, but from different sides. When they got to me, still standing in the shower, Di came right up to me, rubbing her nipples on my chest and picked up the bar of soap and handed it to me and said, "I'd like a shower too. It is so hot today. How about soaping me up?" I wasn't about to refuse, but I was stunned. We routinely soap each other up and rub our bodies together as part of a slippery fun foreplay game we often do to tease each other.

Our soap game usually leads to some great sex, so I slowly soaped Di up, as requested, spending extra time on her breasts and abs, lower back, and buttocks, aware that Jenny was now standing a few feet away watching us. And, I also knew Di, and probably Jenny, were both aware of my cock standing at full attention.

I knew that Jenny had watched us before, but always from a "discreet" distance, except for the one "pool time" I knew about, and maybe the time on the beach. Jenny was now standing within arms reach and could clearly see my hard-on. I stole a quick glance in Jenny's direction and was floored to see her rubbing her breasts with her hands. She was acting unsure of what to do, as was I, but she kept smiling at us. She would glance quickly at me and then stare intensively at Di's eyes, as if they were communicating.

Di suddenly pulled Jenny towards us and said, "Now we have to soap up Jenny." Di backed away from me and pulled Jenny between us. Then Di grabbed my arms and pulled me tight against Jenny, who happened to be facing Di. Since we already had plenty of soap on our bodies, Di and I started rubbing Jenny's oiled body with our soapy bodies. WOW. OMG!!! I was already hard, but now I felt my dick would explode, it was so stiff. Jenny felt it too, between her buttocks. She began slowly moving her buttocks up and down, left and right, back and forth, pushing her smooth tanned ass into me. My cock was sliding up and down Jenny's beautiful butt crack and my wife was encouraging this? Both women were alternately moaning and giggling. What was happening?

I was bursting. My hands, on Jenny's waist, were taken by Di's hands and guided onto Jenny's perky breasts and hard nipples. As I looked over Jenny's shoulder, Di was smiling at me and proceeded to French kiss Jenny hard on the mouth while staring me directly in the eyes. I'm not a premature ejaculator, but that damn near did me in. That is when I also noticed that both girls were massaging each other's clitorises with their hands.

As the shower had rinsed the soap and some of the tanning oil off, Di pulled us over to the chaise lounges and pushed them together, making a "double" lounge, which they are designed to do. Di placed a thick beach towel on the concrete deck in front of the lounges. (Our chaise lounges are made of solid plastic with thick removal cushions. They don't have the straps like hotel pool lounges, so you don't fall through the plastic straps.) Then Di had Jenny lie down on her back on the chaise lounge and Di knelt down on the towel and proceeded to lick Jenny's pussy like no tomorrow.

I couldn't believe it. This was the first time I'd ever seen my beautiful wife licking and finger fucking another woman. Yes, it was a fantasy of mine, but I never thought I'd see it happen.

As I stood there, staring, I realized that Di, down on her knee's, had her tanned ass directly in front of me, beckoning me to put my cock in her as she ate Jenny's pussy. Di's ass looked smooth and silky from the shower and still had a light bronze sheen from the suntan oil.

I knelt down behind Di and entered her soaking wet pussy like a freight train going down hill without brakes. I felt Di shudder as I entered her and heard her and Jenny both moaning. It was an incredible feeling, looking at two perfect female specimens while thrusting away inside Di.

Evidently Di is as fantastic at cunninglingus as she is at blowjobs, because Jenny started arching her back, and hanging onto the lounge chair with both arms within a very short period of time. Jenny's tanned legs, long and toned, were up in the air, moving all over the place. As her right leg came up over Di's head I leaned forward, and tugged her foot towards my mouth and began sucking on her long toes while still pumping Di from behind.

Suddenly, Di moaned very loudly and Jenny was yelling, "OMG, OMG." Di had stopped fingering Jenny, and was now just slowly licking her pussy like a kitten slowly licks its paws. It was then that I felt a sudden gush of warm liquid flood my entire groin area. At first I thought I'd cum too, without the "brain/groin overload." But the sensation was definitely different and the quantity of liquid was enormous. Then I recognized it for what it was. Di had squirted. She had squirted more than I'd ever seen her do.

I was still hard and deep inside Di and the feeling was one of a rush of sticky warm water being poured over my dick and balls, and running down my legs. It was wonderful.

Di has squirted before, usually after an intensive fuck session combined with lots of oral sex. She also frequently squirts when she is on top of me so I can massage her clitoris with my fingers, as she manipulates my dick inside her vagina against her cervix and G-spot. She used to get embarrassed squirting, but soon realized I loved it when she squirted. The taste is actually very sweet. I think it has something to do with her "clean" diet. Her squirting also tells me I did a great job of satisfying her.

Now, she had squirted more than I'd ever thought possible. My legs were wonderfully sticky and drenched with her juices down to my knees.

Di had laid her head on Jenny's stomach for a moment after cumming, breathing heavily and moaning, "Wow, Wow, Wow." Jenny started giggling and stroked Di's hair while I slowed my thrusting, not wanting to cum yet. I was hoping that maybe Di would let me have Jenny, but I had no idea where all of this was going. Di and I had spoken about swinging in the distant past, and she had always indicated she was against it, just like she was not bi-curious. The bi-curious thing had obviously just changed. This was all new to me, and I thought Di, too. I guess I'm a slow learner.

Jenny, while stroking Di's hair, had been staring directly into my eyes. Not saying a word, but saying everything with her eyes. Eventually, Di raised her head, still feeling me hard inside of her, and moved forward, pulling away from me. She moved around Jenny and had her sit up. Di told me to stand up. Then Di placed her hands on Jenny's shoulders and asked her, "We talked about this, do you still want to do it?" Jenny instantly replied in a hot sultry voice, "I don't have a choice, I need it bad."

So, there I am standing with my dick hard as a rock, dripping with Di's slick sweet juice, and Jenny leans forward, grabs my dick and pulls me forward, inhaling my dick in her mouth, moving her tongue around the head and shaft, and holding the base of my dick in her right hand, her left hand cupping and gently massaging my balls. And, Di is looking at me with one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen. OMG!!!

Looking down at this beautiful woman, sucking my dick, as my equally gorgeous wife now sat behind Jenny, playing with and cupping Jenny's breasts and nipples was almost too much. Jenny looked up at me and must have realized it too, because she suddenly said, "wait a minute mister I need you somewhere else first." With that, I looked at Di with a quizzical look, and Di said, "honey, you'd better fuck her like you just did me or she won't talk to us for a long time" and laughed.

Di jumped up, pushed Jenny's back down on the chaise lounge and I mounted her as I was almost ready to explode. I was terrified I was going to loose control instantly and desperately wanted to make this opportunity a great performance by lasting a long time in Jenny. What to do? So the only thing I could think of was to visualize a dentist office visit in my head so that I wouldn't cum too quickly. LOL. What was happening? My dentist office strategy lasted about 3 minutes.

Di is a fantastic lay, and Jenny, well, her pussy is fantastic too. It felt different, a little tighter, very hot, with a different texture, but great, as her smooth tanned body moved below mine. Her lips, as we kissed felt very warm and inviting. Her tongue was sweet and I sucked it into my mouth, gently at first, then harder. It is difficult to explain all of the feelings that went through me, but I exploded with a loud groan as Jenny's pussy tightened and relaxed, tightened and relaxed, over and over again. Her pussy literally milked my dick dry. I laid on top of her, totally drained, breathing deep, just holding her in my arms, as my cock rested. She smelled wonderful, felt wonderful, like soft butter. I had melted into her.

Dizzy, I slowly began to try and stand up as I gently pulled out of Jenny. Jenny didn't move, all she did was moan and say, "God, it has been so long." As I looked over at Di, who was calmly sitting in the chaise next to us, watching. She flashed a big beautiful smile at me and said, "look over at the neighbors." I turned to do as she suggested and realized that all six of the "renters" had been watching us perform on our pool deck. WOW. An extra perk for them and us. Di was especially delighted that we had been "caught."

Two of the men and all of the women gave us a "thumbs up" as I looked over. The third guy just stood there, his mouth wide open, just staring, and staring, and staring at us. I wasn't the least bet embarrassed and felt proud of what we'd just done.

The day continued, but at a slower pace. We had sex in the pool, in the spa, on the deck and even on the dock. Sometimes just Di and Jenny, sometimes Di and me, sometimes Jenny and me, and Di. Sometimes it was fast, sometimes slow and playful. And the neighbors continued to watch us. Di and Jenny even started waving at them and laughing, and damn if the renters didn't wave back. They weren't even shy about it. They had moved their chairs so they could all see us, as if they were watching TV. One guy even went so far as to break a large branch off one of the sea gr*pe trees so he could see us better.

Between lovemaking sessions, Di and Jenny slowly related the story that they had developed their close relationship over the past couple of months, while Joe was away, and I was at work. Jenny had confided to Di that she was horny all of the time and became even more so after watching us playing around all of the time. Jenny said she'd love to have sex again, but her marriage to Joe, having started out with a whirlwind romance (Jenny is Joe's third wife) had turned boring and tedious as Joe was pouring himself into his work.

Di felt sympathetic towards Jenny as they had become best friends. They discussed ideas of getting Jenny laid and had been discussing sex one day while sunning themselves and had gotten so turned on, they ended up exploring each other. Both Di and Jenny trusted and loved each other as friends, and it was a short jump for two mutually attracted women, who were already naked, to start playing with each other. So that is how it all started.

Jenny had told Di that she wished she had married a younger man, more her own age. As a complement to me, she had also told Di that she thought I was hot and if Di approved she would love to fuck me. Jenny also said that she found me very sexy and that she had masturbated while thinking about me, doing the same things to her, that she had seen me do to Di by the pool. (Thank you Jenny, for those wonderful thoughts about me. I am now, only too happy to oblige.) Di also told Jenny that one of my fantasies had always been to have two women at the same time. Since Di and Jenny had started enjoying each other, their minds came up with a plan.

Their plan had two parts.

First, to relieve Jenny's unfulfilled sexual tensions, and fulfill one of my fantasies, they were going to throw so much temptation in my face I couldn't say "no." I was just too stupid to figure it all out. LOL. SO WAKE UP OUT THERE GUYS!!!

Di, I subsequently found out, had willingly volunteered me, to relieve Jenny's sexual tensions. Since they knew I was clean, and Jenny was afraid to find someone in a bar for a one-night-stand and end up with an STD, I was their mutual number one pick.

And, secondly and more long term, to re-vitalize Joe and Jenny's marriage, especially the sexual part. One thing about Di, she can be tenacious.

She was obviously working on a plan, as she had just completed part one.

When I look back, I missed so many clues and hints. I've never been much of a flirt, except with Di, so I just "didn't get it." Duh! The girls had been hoping that I would figure it out and start something and they'd just "go with the flow." When I hadn't taken their hints, in desperation they finally decided to take matters into their own hands. The little sluts! LOL.

Anyway, that was a first for me, and a wonderful Saturday. Now, instead of watching, Jenny is a regular part of our weekend action.

We even go out on "date nights." (Jenny's idea.) The girls will get dolled up in their "slut dresses" (neither of them wear panties or bra's) and we proceed to a restaurant or bar. After we get to the place, I give them about five minutes inside, and then walk in, acting like a total stranger. Eventually I walk over to them, start talking, and offer to buy them drinks. The tourists, especially the men, are already focused on the girls, but when I arrive, (I'm sure the men hate me) the girls begin to flirt heavily with me. They rub their breasts against my arms while leaning in close to talk with me. They whisper in my ears, and do all sorts of sensual little actions that are exhibitionistic and teasing in nature. Their outfits are usually sheer and verge on see-thru and the skirts are normally hyper-short. I'm actually surprised we've never been thrown out of anywhere or arrested.

If you're ever in Naples, one of our favorite hangouts is the very sophisticated and low-lit bar at St. George and the Dragon in Naples. We usually find a darkened booth and with the girls sitting on either side of me, as we're talking, I get to fondle and finger both of them. Di and, our new exhibitionist friend, Jenny love it. Even a couple of the waitresses have us figured out. One asked us when she could join our group.

That is pretty much the end of the story, except for the following day, Sunday. Little did I know that Sunday would be even better, but that is another story. Maybe the renters can write that one.

Oh yeah, now the girls are trying to figure out how to get Joe re-vitalized and involved in our little group on his next visit home. Di has a couple of ideas. LOL.

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