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While at the VA the other day I ran into Rob. He and his wife Laurie are featured in my story ....UNEXPECTED MASSAGE.....1....2.....and 3. All true stories and erotic.........We got to talking and he said Laurie was ready for another grand slam massage.......I thought for a second and said that my wife's birthday was coming up and that would be a nice time to treat the ladies.

So, we got our heads together and planned a super evening......He suggested we do this Friday evening, which was also Mary's birthday, and start things off by going to the "RENDEZVOUS" for a nice supper and spirits......Tell the lady's about our plan to again give them wonderful massages later on......I got home and told Mary about her birthday evening out, which was her 57th, and a nice massage at Rob's house after we leave the Rendezvous.

Mary got excited and said Friday couldn't come quick enough. I told her that we decided not to use seperate rooms as we did on our first massage, but to use the large bedroom which has a king-size bed in it. Mary on one side with Rob her masseur, Laurie on the other side with me doing the honors on her..Rob called me during the week and wanted to meet at Denny's and have coffee, as he had one good idea.

We met and he suggested a mind-blowing idea to add to the eroticism for the event. He suggested we call some of our friends that we had gotten together with and have them get there to the house ahead of us and hide. So the lady's thought it would just be the four of us. We figured after the massages got going they could come into the room one at a time and help us with them. We couldn't get everybody as that would be too many, but we did manage to contact Ted, the single fellow vet, Max and Selma, Paul (our Saturday night fever guest), Eddie, and Joe and Elsie. We explained to them where the house was and where the key was hidden so they would get there ahead of us and hide in one of the five bedrooms. We didn't know for sure, but some of these people hadn't met before so a few of them were in with strange swingers.

We had a nice supper and a few drinks afterward. The lady's were getting a little giddy and were even asked to dance, with our permission, by a couple of loose hunks , and I do mean hunks.....These two were friends and about 40 years old. They danced with the lady's and got them horny by telling them how nice they looked, rubbed their titties, grabbed their asses, and more or less laid the foundation for what was to come. We asked the lady's if we should ask them over for a drink and they both said YESSSSSSSS. So we did and they followed us to Rob's house.

We got to the house and Rob mixed a blender of Margueritas. He told me earlier that he had a little something to add to the Margueritas that would make us all a little hornier than usual. The six of us sat at the kitchen table downstairs. Rob put the stereo on which had speakers in the kitchen. One of the hunks asked Mary to dance. He figured we were going to have a party so he wasted no time getting familiar with her. The other hunk asked us what was happening. We told him we were swingers and intended to have a good time. We didn't tell them that there were other people hiding somewhere in the house. He wasted no time getting Laurie to dance as we just sat at the table and watched. It didn't take long and they were rubbing their boners into our lady's and playing with their titties. Mary's guy had her skirt up over her ass and had his hand inside her panties squeezing her beautiful cheeks.

About this time when the ladies were getting horny Rob asked everyone to sit down and have a sip of their drink. The two hunks had beer which they brought with them. We explained to them that the evening's plan was for the ladies to get a nice massage, and that they were welcome to watch. They looked a little disappointed but also excited. So we took a nice swig of our drinks, went upstairs to the big bedroom, which not only had the king-size bed but also a standard bed, several chairs, lites with dimmers, and scented candles.. It appeared that the potion Rob put in the Margueritas was working on the ladies, but it was also affecting me. My dick was as hard as I could ever remember and I hadn't even felt a titty yet.

We waited outside the room until the ladies said ready. They had a towel across their naked asses and that's all. The hunks each pulled up a chair and sat down, me and Rob stripped to our tee shirts and boxers. I bent over Laurie and whispered in her ear "are you ready for this" and she whispered back " you better believe it". The two gals were thinking the two gents were the spares for this evening.

Rob had music on and we grabbed the scented oil and started on their backs. The potion must have been working because they were both already moaning and breathing hard. The two guys were now in their boxers and had their cocks in their hands. Neither on of them had to be ashamed of what he had hold of. I'm not going to get into to much detail here but we had touched every sensative part of their body on this side. It was time to turn over.

When they did the two hunks were now sporting steel hard rods. Lauries pussy was oozing cream like a squeeze bottle. About this time TED, the fellow vet comes into the room with MAX and SELMA, and they are all in their underware. Ted gets beside me and gets his hands oily and is rubbing Laurie's legs up to her pussy. Max and Selma go over by Rob and start in on Mary. The girls open their eyes and are surprised but spread their legs as a welcome gesture. One of the hunks reaches over and starts rubbing Selma's beautiful round ass, and pulls her panties down.

Now PAUL and EDDIE come in and each goes to one of the gals. Laurie feels more hands and she is beginning to squeel, moan, saying ohmygod over and over and she has her first orgasm and I almost have to lean over on her to keep her on the bed. Selma is now naked and has crawled over Mary and is devouring her tittes and massaging her tummy. One of the hunks gets to the foot of the bed and crawls up beside Selma and is hugging, kissing her neck, fondling her titties, and massaging any part of her he can. The other guy does the same thing but concentrates on Laurie and is sucking her toes, rubbing her thighs and I think has a finger up her pussy. After a few moments JOE and ELSIE come in, the two gals who were the target of all this were in the throes of one orgasm after the other..By now just about every one of us males in this orgy has felt a welcome hand on their cock..

My wife Mary looks at one of these handsome, well endowed hunks and pulls him by the cock over to her. He bends over to kiss her, she says something to him and he gets between her legs. She says out loud ohmygod now, now, fuck me now. He wastes no time and sinks his manhood into her about half way. She lets out a scream, grabs him by the ass and he sinks the rest of it in her....The other hunk sees what his friend is doing and straddles one of Lauries legs, rubs his cock which is soaking with pre-cum against her thigh and she wastes no time getting him between her legs. He starts to rub his cock between the lips of her pussy and against her clit. Now she is panting, moaning, screaming and yells out loud, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, I WANT IT NOW WHOEVER THE HELL YOU ARE, FUCK ME....This guy wastes no time and sinks about nine inches of fat cock into her waiting and wet pussy. OH YES, OH YES, YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME HARD. And man he does.

Somehow or another Mary is now on top riding this wonderful piece of manhood. Ted the fellow vet climbs onto the bed. By now Mary's whole ass, pussy, and crotch is one mass of pre-cum and pussy juice. Ted rubs his cock into this soup and stops at Mary's rosebud. He applies just a little pressure, she completely relaxes her ass and the head of his cock slips in. This brings on another loud vocal barrage from her as she is having another orgasm.. He slowly pushes and a little more of his cock slips in. While she's orgasming she screams FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, I CAN'T STAND IT IT FEELS SO GOOD.

Elsie is still beside the bed and I take her by the hand and over to the other bed. She's also naked by now and I'm touching every part of her luscious body, kissing her, kissing her titties, as she moans like the other gals. We lay their kissing and I work my way down from her titties to her tummy, and into her nicely trimmed bush. I put her legs over my shoulders and put my mouth on her pussy. I push down on her pussy as hard as I can and start flicking her clit with just my tongue moving. She wraps her legs aroung my head and lets out the most godawful cry you have ever heard. She didn't ease up on my head so I knew she was cumming violently and then I started to tasted her pussy nectar. Oh god was she cumming. I had my hands on her tummy and it got as rigid and firm as a drum and then it started pulsating as she started grunting, snorting, harumph, harumph, for what must have been at least half minute or longer, and then whe went completely limp. Believe it or not, she passed out but was still breathing hard. I crawled up next to her and grabbed a towel which was on the night stand next to the bed. I wiped the sweat from her face, her lips were quivering, and she was looking at her eybrows. I whispered are you okay and kissed her quivering lips. Slowly her eyes blinked a couple of times, he breathing was still heavy but in moderation. She looked at me and said OH MY GOD and grabbed me and kissed me like I've never beenkissed before.

She looks at me and says I COULD LOVE YOU. Then she starts kissing down my body and has her ass in the air. I've had a hard on for over a half hour and now she starts to kiss it and suck it. I know I won't take too much of this. Selma crawls onto the bed and starts kissing me. Man, this is something else, two beautiful women one kissing me while I fondle her titties, the other just about deep-throating my cock. About this time somebody else is getting on the bed and it's one of ther males in the crowd. He crawls behind Selma and it isn't long he's fucking her while I'm making love to her. Elsie is all bent over sucking my manhood and someone is behind her up turned ass. She's had a better than good orgasm by me eating her and now she's going to feel a cock.

About this time I hear my wife having another orgasm. Nobody else sounds like her when she's cumming. What's happening to Laurie I don't know, but she is competing with Mary for who can cum the loudest. I'm kissing this luscious babe, playing with her titties, and she is about to get her rocks off too. I start to feel my balls getting ready to let off some steam and the guy fucking Elsie is saying I'm gonna cum. I can't hold it anymore and I tell her I'm cumming, she just takes my whole cock in her mouth, deep throats it, and I let it go. She takes it all and slowly moves up and down my withering pride, and swallows.

At this time she has another orgasm, not like the one she passed out on, but a very good one. I hear somebody say,, man I have to have something to drink. We've all been at it for the better part of an hour and all you can hear anymore is heavy breathing and gasping. I hear one of the gals say they never came so good or so many times before. The two hunks are back in their chairs with shriveled up peckers in their laps. This is one party that will never be out-done.

We all went back down to the kitchen at the table, introductions were made for those who didn't know each other, names and phone numbers were exchanged, and we all seemed to be good friends. My wife had the phone numbers of both the hunks. She must have some plans. So now we're finishing up the blender full of spiked margueritas. We're gonna go home but I don't think the evening is over for all of us.


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