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Lesson Part 2

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The Lesson Part 2 The next morning, or more like afternoon, when she woke up I asked her:

“You came home really late last night. What happened?”

“I just went to a bar with some of the girls from class.” She replied while sipping her coffee.

“Did you do anything interesting?” I asked.

“No.” she lied “Just hung out with the girls talking girl stuff.”

The lying made me very angry.  I had concluded last night that I would be OK with the cheating if she owned up to it, but lying!  That I couldn’t take.  I decided to teach her a little lesson.  That afternoon I sent an email to the sender of the photos.  I asked him if my wife was aware that her infidelity was caught on video and pictures.  He replied that he did not think so.

“OK.” I replied “I want to teach my wife a lesson and I would like you  guys to help.  Here’s what I want you to do.  Show her the pictures and threaten to send them to her professors, her classmates, her family, her husband, basically everyone she knew, unless she does exactly what you tell her.  Stress the ‘exactly’.  I’m sure she will agree, and when she does tell her that she is to show up at your house on Saturday at 10 pm exactly wearing only the following: A tight white tank top, a black micro skirt, a mask covering only her eyes, a pair of high heels and nothing else.  Again stress that she has to follow these instruction to the letter or you will send the pictures out.  Let me know what her response is.”

Wednesday evening, when my wife returned from class I could tell she had been crying.  Her eyes were puffy and red.  I asked:

“Are you OK?  Is anything wrong?”

“It’s OK.” She replied.  “I just got a bad grade in my class.  I got a C.”

“Really?” I thought to myself.  “It’s alright.”  I said in a comforting voice.  “I’m sure if you work hard you can make it up in the second half of the course.”  Then I hugged her all the while thinking what a lying little bitch she was.

Thursday I received an email from the guys.  As I knew she would, she had agreed to their demands.  My plan was in action.  On Friday, my wife told me she was going out with some of the girls on Saturday night to drown her sorrow about her grade.  She then suggested that I go out to with some friends.

“Nah.” I said “I was thinking of just staying home and watch the game on TV.”

“No.” she insisted, “I really think you should go out.  Why don’t you and your friends watch the game at a bar or something?”

“Why?” I asked suspiciously.

“Well…” she thought for a moment, “I’ll just be getting ready and would only interrupt your game with the blow drying and all that noise.”  What a shitty excuse, but I played along.

“Maybe you’re right.”  I said.  “I haven’t been out for a beer in a while.”

Saturday came and my wife was fidgety all day.  She just couldn’t sit still for more then ten minutes.  After supper, at around 8pm, she asked nervously:

“What time are you leaving for the bar?”

“At around 9:30.” I replied.

Her eyes grew wide and I could see the panic on her face.

“No!” she almost screamed, “Aren’t you going to miss the game?” she tried to recover herself.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said.  “My friends aren’t available until 9:30 and the bar is only 5 minutes away.”

She looked like she was going to argue but thought better and disappeared upstairs.  At around 8:30pm I sneaked out of the house, walked down a couple of blocks and hopped into a waiting cab.  I didn’t want to use my car.  I arrived at the guys’ house at around 9:15 and explained the plan and rules for the evening.  There were already a couple of dozen guys there already and Mike, one of the guys she had fucked last week, said a few more were planning on showing up later that night.  We were all wearing masks and we were not to take them off for the entire evening.  At around quarter to ten, we saw my wife walking up the sidewalk and into the driveway.  The driveway was full and there were cars parked on the street for a couple of blocks.  She must have parked 2 or 3 blocks away because we could not see her car on the street.  She was wearing a mask, a jacket, a micro skirt so short it barely covered her butt cheeks, a white tank top so tight that you could clearly see her nipples and aureoles through it which she kept the jacket closed over, and a pair of ‘come-fuck-me’ high heels.  I spoke quickly to Brad, he was the other partner in crime that had previously fucked my wife.  My wife rang the doorbell and Brad went to answer it.  He opened the door and stared at my wife for a few seconds.

“You’re early.” He said abruptly “and you didn’t wear what I told you.  Since you can’t follow instructions, you can go home.  I’ll be sending those pictures to everyone now.”  He made to close the door but my wife stopped him.

“Wait!” she pleaded.  “Don’t! I’ll do anything! Please!”  She was nearly in tears.

“Well…” Brad paused for several seconds. “Here’s what I want you to do, remember this is your last chance so you have to follow these instructions to the letter.  I want you to walk back to your car, take off all your clothes, and walk back here at precisely 10 o’clock wearing only a mask and your heels.”  He paused to see the look on her face.  “Do you understand?” he asked.

My wife nodded her headed in acceptance.  She turned around, walked back down the block and disappeared around the corner.  Brad then turned to me and said:

“Dude, she’s not coming back.”

“We’ll see.” Was my only reply.  In my mind I was thinking that he had already fucked her so he had nothing to whine about.  The house was on a fairly busy street.  A car would drive by every couple of minutes or so.  Not a dead end but not a busy thorough fare either.  At a couple of minutes before ten my wife came around the corner.  She was naked except for the mask and the heels.  As she walked down the block with her beautiful tits swaying and her clean shaved pussy for all to see, cars would slow down, the passengers would gawk, make lewd comments and sometimes honk their horns.  My wife ignored them and continued walking to the house.  She walked up the driveway and rang the doorbell at precisely ten o’clock.  I signal Brad to hold off.  She waited a minute before ringing again, I’m sure to her it must have seemed an eternity.  After another minute or so of standing naked on the doorstep she rang again.  I signal Brad to let her in.  He opened the door, stood in the doorway and stared at her for a couple of minutes.

“Now that’s better.” He said finally.  He took her by the hand and walked her into the middle of the room.  I can't imagine what was going through my wife’s mind.  There she was in the middle of a room, naked, surrounded by a couple of dozen men wearing masks of all kinds.

“Gentlemen!” Brad said loudly.  “This slut will be our entertainment for the night.  Just a few things we need to go over before we begin.  We are to leave absolutely no marks on her body.”

“Except cum stains!” someone shouted and everyone laughed.

“Except cum stains.” Brad continued.  “We are to leave no bruises, cuts, bite marks, or scratches.  Apart from that anything goes.”  My wife looked around.  Even through her mask you could see she was scared.  Brad pulled his pants down and said:

“Well I’m going to get this started.”

He held out his cock and pulled my wife down to her knees.  She began to suck the monster cock.  After he was hard he stood her up walked her to the couch and made her kneel on the couch facing away from him.  She must have thought he was going to enter her from behind, so she bent over to give him a better access to her cunt.  But he walked around to the back of the couch and continued to face fuck her.  She did however feel someone enter her. The penetration sent shivers up and down her spine.  With all the anticipation, walking around naked in public and being surrounded by men, she was extremely wet and more excited than she had realized.  The cock inside her began slide in an out easily, increasing the tempo gradually until it was pumping her so hard that her face kept hitting into Brad's stomach.  Then there was one last thrust and she felt jets of cum erupt inside her.  She contracted her pussy's wall muscles to squeeze every last drop out.  The cock stayed inside for a few seconds; what she didn't know was that was her husband's cock, that was part of the deal: he was to be the first to cum inside her cunt that night.  When the cock slipped out, it was quickly replaced with another and then things changed.  Hands were touching her all over, tongues were licking her breasts, lips were nibbling at her nipples and fingers were probing in her cracks and crevices.  All the while she was sucking on Brad's cock and her pussy was being pounded from behind.  Soon the cock inside her pulled out and she felt hot streams of semen land on her lower back and drip into her ass crack.  It didn't take long for another cock to slip inside of her and start fucking her.  Soon after Brad grabbed the back of her head and shot his load.  It hit the back of her throat and she began to cough around his cock, cum dribble out on her chin.  She was a little disappointed that Brad had not fucked her pussy, but that soon passed as another cock was placed in front of her and the dick slamming into her pussy erupted inside her.  Time seemed to stand still as cock after cock fucked her mouth and cunt.  Then someone said:

“Fuck!  This cunt is too stretched out.  I can’t get any traction.”

She noticed that she could not feel any cock in her pussy.  She heard laughter and someone said: “Just fuck her ass Tiny.”

She was about to turn around and object when the guy fucking her mouth grabbed her head and started to shoot his load into her mouth.  She felt someone stick their finger up her ass and start moving it in and out.  Then she heard the guy behind her say:

“Hum…that’s better.”

She realized then that the guy really was ‘tiny’ and that he was fucking her up the ass.  Another cock was put in her mouth and Tiny started to increase his tempo.  Soon Tiny grunted and shot his load in her bowels.  After he pulled out his cock was replaced by another much bigger dick.  Luckily Tiny had stretched and lubricated her anus so the new cock, though bigger didn’t hurt much.  After the cock in her ass shot it’s load and pulled out, someone said:

“Hey, let’s DP this bitch.”

She was made to stand up off the couch.  As she did cum streamed down her leg from her pussy and ass.  She turned around and saw a guy lying on his back on the floor with his hardon pointing straight in the air.  She straddled him and lower herself onto his cock.  He easily glided into her well used pussy.  She then was made to lean forward and then felt a cock enter her ass.  Even when Brad had fucked her that monster cock of his she had not felt as full as she did when that cock slid all the way up her ass.  The two cocks inside her began rocking in rhythm.  Someone step up to her and shot a load of cum right in her face.  Soon both the cocks inside her shot their load, one after the other.  Then she heard Brad say:

"My turn.  Pick up that bitch and carry her over here."

Brad was lying on the floor with his massive tool sticking up the air like a flagpole.

"Face her away from me and drop that ass on this." He said holding his cock.

Two guys each grabbed a leg and a cheek and lifted her in the air.  They carried her to Brad's waiting cock.

"Face her away from me." Brad said.

They positioned her anus on the tip of his cock and a stream of semen dripped onto his cock.  They began lowering her.

"Drop her on three." Brad said.

"No wait!" she cried.

"THREE!" They let go of her and she was impaled on this massive sized dick.  Pain like fire spread through her insides and she flopped back onto Brad's chest.  Brad wrapped his arms around her and fondled her breasts.  Through bleary eyes she saw someone position their cock at the entrance of her cunt and shove it in.  She passed out.  For the rest of the evening she drifted in and out of consciousness.  She would only become vaguely aware when cocks were inserted into both of her holes which by the end she did not even feel that she was so stretched out.  Guys would walk up to her and shoot their load on her tits, her face and every single inch of skin as well as making deposited in her mouth, cunt and ass.  Then finally there was what seemed like an hour where no one was sticking a dick in her or shooting their loads on her.  Then she was turned over and someone began fucking her ass.  He was slower and somehow more gentle than the others, if she would have looked back she would have recognized her husband's body.  That was the last part of the deal: he was to be the last one to cum inside her.  After the cock in her ass added his load the countless already there, she felt herself being carried.  Then there was a temperature change, a car door being opened and she was unceremoniously dropped onto a leather seat.  She drifted into blissful sleep.  Then, like in a dream, she heard tapping on a window and a muffled voice.  She slowly became aware of her surroundings.  She was in the backseat of a car lying completely naked in a pool of cum, it was her car.  Someone was tapping on the window and saying something.

"Are you OK?" A strange man was asking staring at her. "Do you want me to call the police?" He asked with concern in his voice.

She looked around for her clothes but could not see them anywhere.  She noticed that all the car doors were locked and was grateful for small favors.  She saw that her car keys were sitting on the front seat. She climbed over into the driver seat giving the strange man quite a show, what with cum dripping out of both her holes.  Oddly enough the only thing she could think of at that moment was that her husband was going to be mad at her for getting cum stains all over the car.  She started the car and left.  When she looked at the clock in the car it read 11:15am.  She drove as quickly and safely as possible.  Truckers and drivers in big SUVs would stare and honk at her.  She hoped that she wouldn't get pulled over.  She made it home at around 12:30, pulled into the garage and checked to make sure no neighbors were out.  She ran to the back door into the kitchen hoping her husband would be somewhere else in the house.  No such luck, there he was standing in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee staring at her.  She stood frozen until a big glob of cum dripped from her pussy onto the floor with a splat. 

"I see that you had fun last night." he said with sarcasm in his voice.

Then she began to sob uncontrollably.  Her husband took her gently into his arms and said in a soothing voice:

"Let's get you cleaned up."

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