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Exploring 2

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The first thing I noticed about Barb was her boobs. They were huge. I later found out they were 56 quad E and she had to have special bras and bathing suits made for her. I will never forget the first time she allowed me to see them. It was the first time we had sex. I have seen them may times since then, as we have been seeing each other for 2 years. A previous boyfriend had taken some naked pictures of her and she gave me one for my pleasure. Naked she is a wonder to behold. I love her butt as it is round and perfect. She is not over weight at all. Her favorite positions are doggie and her on top. We have sex frequently.

Sometimes she would tell me about her past experiences if she was in the mood. She had been married and her husband wanted her to swap with another couple and she had agreed at the time. She was 25 at the time and is now 35 years old and since her divorce has had sex with 10 men including me. I laughed once and asked who is going to be your 11th. She smiled and said well you could decide. I was confused by her remark until I had time to think about what she meant. Finally I asked her if she meant for me to find her 11th guy which would mean a threesome. She smiled and said well it could be another couple or a single guy. It has been a fantasy from time to time. I had a good time when my ex-husband and I did it before, although that was a long time ago. I was shocked at first when I realized she was serious. I looked at her and said wow, you really want to do that. She smiled again and said maybe if you can find someone I like. I said me and she said yes you. So if it is going to happen, assuming you want it to, you must find someone for me or both of us. I said ok not having a clue on how to do that. Sex was really good that night.

The next day I went on my search. It dawned on me a friend of mine George had told me that him and his wife had fooled around some in their past. I thought I could start with him. I found him at a club we both belonged to and sat down with him. I told him what was happening. He said I know Barb and she is incredible. I asked if he and his wife Joyce would be interested. He said well, certainly I would but not sure about Joyce. Joyce was a lovely lady I had known them both for several years. She had a great figure and I had often wondered what she would look like naked. He added I will ask her and let you know. I told Barb and she said they will do, I know them and they seems like nice people. A couple of days later I heard from George and he said they were interested, that Joyce really liked and trusted me. So we made a plan for Joyce to talk to Barb and a plan a get together soon. I was very excited.

Barb told me later that her and Joyce had talked and we would be meeting this coming weekend. She seems very nice and I think you will enjoy her, she seems open to the experience. She said her and George had done something with another couple a couple of years ago and had fun. She also mentioned that she and the other lady had played as well and would I be interested. I told her I was unsure and would have to wait and see how our get together went. I told her that I was not opposed to some touching, but not sure about anything else. When my ex-husband traded with other couples there was some touching between me and the other women, but that was about it. So we will see how it goes. It does sound interesting though. She told me she had met a girl at a motel and they had played and she had fun. Maybe I will consider something more with her. That could be fun I said.

George and Joyce arrived and you could feel the sexual tension rise in the room. Barb gave Joyce and George both a hub and I hugged Joyce and shook hands with George. How to start, became the question. No one seemed prepared to make the first move. We did know we were going to be in the same room because everyone had agreed that would be the most fun watching each other. I suggested that we could spend a little time alone with each other to set the mood and all seemed relieved that someone had got us started. I took Joyce out to the patio leaving George and Barb in the living room. When we were alone I turned to her and said you look lovely tonight. I have been looking forward to this evening and being with you all week. I had said it be with her. She smiled and said me too. I walked up to her and leaned in and gave her a kiss.

She opened her mouth as I kissed her telling me she was ready. We kissed several times and her face was flushed and her breathing had increased. She said nice. I looked in the living room and George had his arms around Barb kissing her. I turned to Joyce and asked are you ready and she took my hand and we joined them in the living room. Barb was a little flushed and George was a tent as I was and the girls noticed and both smiled at each other. We moved to opposite sides of the room. The time had come.

I reached out and felt Joyce up and she pressed against my hands. We made eye contact and I could see a yes in her eyes. I unbuttoned her top and slid her top off. I glanced to the other side of the room and Barb was topless. I heard George say wonderful as he reached out and cupped her boobs in his hands. Joyce was watching as well and whispered she is very big I hope I get to play with those. I undid her bra and got to see her boobs for the very first time naked. I had watched them moving under her clothes for years. I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth and she gasped and moaned yes. I turned her around and slid her skirt down and off, so all she had on now was panties. I looked over and Barb was already naked and unzipping George. George has 9 inches.

I slid her panties down and off and undressed myself sill behind her. She turned around and looked down at what I was about to give her and said nice. I have about 7 inches, but am big around. I have never had any complaints. She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Her mouth was so hot. I got harder in her mouth and she could tell the difference...She looked up to me and we made eye contact and I could see the lust on her face. I heard slapping sounds and looked up and George had Barb on her back giving it to her. She was watching that big cock going in and out of her. I could see how lustful she had become.

I moved to the floor and Joyce spread for me inviting me inside. I slid in and went deep and she opened wide and moaned, oh feels good. I plowed the field and she was wet and wild as we fucked. She gave me her all. I could hear that George was fucking Barb hard and fast and heard her moan yes cum and knew she had given it up to him. Joyce whispered I want to cum with you and I went deep and hard and she grunted and got off. The room was quite for a few minutes. George and I made eye contact and both could see we were still hard inside the girls ready for more. I whispered to Joyce do you want to change position and she nodded and said doggie is my favorite. I turned her over. She rose up with her butt in the air and looked at me over her shoulder and said I love doing you. I went in and fucked her hard. She was making a lot of noise and George looked up at me fucking his wife. Barb was below him on her hands and knees and I watched him move inside her and heard her moan oh yes do me.

A few minutes later I heard him grunt and slamming into Barb unloaded in her pussy and at the same time Barb gave it up to him grunting as she came. Joyce was so hot as I fucked her she said oh cum and jerking against my cock and moaning loudly got off for her second time. I followed her and exploded in her pussy.

The room got quiet for minutes. We all got dressed and took a break. Barb came over to me and whispered he is really wonderful thanks for inviting him. I said Joyce was a lot of fun she is really interested in you. Barb said maybe. The girls spent some time in the kitchen making food and were talking. I noticed Barb nod a yes and Joyce smile before they brought the food out.

We sat around talking for some of the evening and finally bed time arrived. We had invited them to spend the night and invited them into our bed. This time it was going to be up close and personal. The girls wore see through Barbie dolls and looked sexy. We guys had just had our shorts on. The girls were in the middle next to each other. George slid in behind Barb and me behind Joyce. I watched Barb reach behind her and her arm was moving and she turned her head and whispered something to George and he looked down and nodded a yes. He reached around her and played with those wonderful boobs tweaking her nipples. Every time he did she would jerk back against him. She likes having her nipples tweaked. Her face flushed and she looked ready for him to fuck her again.

Joyce was stroking me and whispered I would like your cock anytime you are ready. I slipped into her. Her expression changed letting everyone know I was giving it to her. Barb watched me fucking Joyce and she said she is lovely. Joyce heard her and smiled back to her. George slipped into Barb and she gasped and looked at me and said he is so big he fills me up. She was telling me we were doing this together. She said I love you and I said I love you too. George gave it to hard and she grunted getting off with us making eye contact as gave it up to him. I thought wow what a scene. I liked watching her cum.

So we fucked the ladies and as we gave it to them and they started to slip closer together until they were face to face with their boobs touching. Joyce reached out and pulled her close and kissed her. Barb kissed her back. So as we fucked them they were kissing each other over and over again. They were both hot. Joyce pushed back against so she had more room and leaned down and sucked on her boobs. Barb gasped and moaned saying oh yes. Joyce whispered to me I am going to lick her move back a little. I moved back and Joyce moved down Barb. When she got to her pussy she licked both her and George inside her. Barbed jerked against her mouth and at the same time George went deep. Barb lost it and George pulled out giving Joyce had full contact with her pussy as she exploded on her face. Barb just kept jerking and took a long time to finish her cum looking down at Joyce eating her pussy.

George went back in and Joyce turned and gave me a kiss and I could taste Barb and she whispered fuck me hard I want to cum. I did and she did then I did. George was moaning and pulled out and Joyce grabbed his cock and took him in her mouth and he exploded and she took it all. Barb looked at Joyce and said we are very bad girls and Joyce smiled and said sure is fun. We were all tired and fell asleep. Early in the morning I woke up and watched Barb down on Joyce. They were being very quiet. Barb raised her head and saw me watching and her face was all wet. The girls ended with kisses. They left the next morning with kisses and a promise we would do it again soon. After they were gone Barb told me that in the middle of the night I and Joyce had a whispering talk. She told me how much she had enjoyed going down on me and how much it excited her. She was very nervous her first time, but once she got started it was very exciting. I had an, aha moment and wanted to know what it was like and she encouraged me and I did it. I liked it. Her taste and smell really turned me on. I probably will want to do it again now that I have had my first time. I said I liked watching you. She said I want to do it again. I said I will find you someone with no idea how to do that.

Back to George He suggested I look at singles ads, as that is where Joyce had met the girl she went to the motel with and had fun. The ads were in a local free newspaper. I leafed through the ads looking for only a girl looking for a girl or couple. Not many. I found 5 in total out of 55. One caught my interest. The ad read: female 20 looking for new experiences with another female or couple. Nothing more. I sent her a response. I heard back from her a week later interested in meeting me. We met for lunch. Her name was Sara. She was very pretty and seemed very nice. We talked about her interests and ours. I told her all about our recent experience with Joyce and George and that we were looking for another. She was quiet for a moment and said wow, my ad was about finding new friends not sexual experiences. I said ok no problem being friends is always nice and although we are older then you we may be able to find other common interest. She said ok.

I told Barb about my meeting with Sara and she said well we can see if we have anything in common, and so we invited her over for dinner. As it turned out Barb and Sara hit it off and we did some things together over the next couple of months. Sara was a lot of fun to be around with a lot of energy and liked having fun with us. Barb and she got closer and she and I liked each other. We started doing some weekend trips together and on one of them when Barb and I were getting ready for bed Sara came into our room at the motel. She said to me I have been thinking about what you told me on our first meeting and I am curious. I was a little surprised and said then you and Barb need to talk, I will leave you two alone. I went down to the bar for a drink and told them to join me later as there was a band and we could do some dancing.

A while later they showed up arm in arm. I learned later the Sara and her talked frankly about what could happen. It turns out that Sara had sex only twice in her life. Barb me while we were dancing that the last time had been several months ago. I thought very tight. Barb said she wants to sleep with us tonight. I said good but she will get only a little sleep. Barb said I think you are right by the time we are both finished with her. She knows what is going to happen and is still willing. I told her what to expect from both of us if she wants to be with us.

I asked Sara to dance and as we danced I held her close and she put her head on my shoulder. I said you are lovely and feel very good. I was hard and she could feel my cock pressing against her leg. She said thanks you are very nice. I hugged her after the music stopped and I said shall we go back to our room and she flushed a little and said yes. I told Barb she was ready and we went back to our room. In the elevator Barb whispered to me you go first.

When we got to the room Barb went to a chair to watch and I went up to Sara. She knew I was about to do her and was very flushed and breathing fast. I kissed her several times and her breathing calmed a little and I whispered you will be fine. She said it has been a long time, I am very nervous. I said you will stop being nervous in a little while. She laughed knowing what I meant and relaxed. I whispered to her is it ok if Barb undresses you or I can? She said barb can if she wants knowing what was going to happen later with her and Barb. I motioned to Barb and said she would like you to take her clothes off. Barb smiled and came over to us and reached out an unbuttoned her top. When she was naked I moved her to the bed and undressed. Barb got on her knees in front of me and as Sara watched went down on me getting me hard. Sara said I have never done that. Sara was beautiful with very nice boobs and a wonderful butt. I just wanted to get my hands on her. Barb went back to her chair.

Sara looked at my cock and knew what she was about to get. I walked up to her and said you are beautiful and kissed her. She looked down at my cock and I took her hand and put it on my cock and she gasped as she put her hand around it. I said I love your hands. She tentatively stroked me getting into the mood. We made eye contact and I smiled and asked like it and she just nodded and continued to stroke me. I reached down and rubbed the outside of her pussy and she shuttered and said oh. I could tell she was very wet. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and standing in front of her slipped into her pussy. She instinctively spread open for me. I whispered to her you are so tight and she whispered back you are so big.

I went deeper and her legs came up and she oh yes feels good. I went deeper and then fucked her hard. She was tight and wonderful. Once we started she was wide open and gave me her all. Her first climax was completely out of control as her pussy clamped down on my cock I could feel it quivering. I slowed down and gave her time to come down before I did her some more. We fucked and she was noisy making grunting sounds and moaning. She held on to me tight and thrusting against me had her second cum. She did this one on her own. She whispered you feel so good.

I turned her over and she looked a little confused about what I was going to do but did as I asked and facing away I went in deep. She gasped and pushed back against me. I played with her wonderful butt and she shuttered under my hands. I rode her hard and fast and she lost it giving it up to me again. She was so tight I was ready and grunting pulled out and squirted all over her butt and back. Sara fell on the bed panting and turned over looking back at me. Somewhere along the way Barb had gotten naked and moved in and lay down next to Sara and pulled her in close and just held her while she calmed down. Sara turned her head and made eye contact with Barb and Barb leaned in and gave her a long kiss.

The two naked ladies lay together kissing and holding each other. Barb was in no hurry and so took a lot of time with Sara. She let her hands roam up and down her body and finally Sara did the same to her both exploring. Each time Barb moved her hand down it got a little closer to her pussy. Finally it was resting on her hump playing with her hair. I heard Barb whisper I am going to touch you and let her hand fall from her hump down to her pussy. Her hand began to move up and down. Sara gasped at her touch and her hips were moving up and down on her hand. Barb whispered cum for me and slipped a finger into her pussy and fingered her. Sara grabbed her hand and rode it until she got off. Barb continued to finger her through her cum which helped her cum for a long time. Barb pulled her finger out and put it into her mouth and said good girl you did good and taste good. Time for a break The girls put some robes on and I put my shorts back on. Finally Sara said I feel like a very bad girl. I said oh no just a good girl being a bad girl. She smiled and said ok. You were wonderful Sara.

We had some drinks and Sara stayed close to Barb. They whispered something to each other and Barb nodded a yes and smiled. She told me later I told her I was going to lick her all over. She wanted to know if I meant all over and I nodded. We were ready for bed for the night and when we were all there Barb started kissing Sara and Sara surrender to her. I moved behind her s Barb worked her over and slipped into her pussy again. Sara moaned and let us both do our thing with her. She was so wet and Barb was moving down and I pulled out and Barb went down on her pussy. Barb had her first taste of Sara and Sara felt a woman down on her for the first time. Sara got so hot. Sara went into a new world and was totally focused on Barb.

Barb was now on her knees down on Sara with her butt in the air and I moved behind her watching her lick and finger Sara. Sara and I made eye contact and I could see pleasure on her face as Barb did her. I slipped into Barb and went in deep and she gave out a muffled moan as I gave it to her. Sara was completely lost in the moment giving herself totally up to Barb. Bara rose up for a moment her face all wet and her and Sara made eye contact and Barb said give it to me and went back down cupping her butt in both hands and pulling Sara in tight against her mouth with her tongue inside her pussy sucking on her clit. Sara gave it up to Barb moaning and thrusting against her face.

Barb had to hold her down as she lost control of her body jerking and twisting and finally yelling out and collapsing with her legs completely open to Barb. Sara got very quiet and when she opened her eyes you could see the pure lust on her face as she looked down at Barb looking up at her with her face all wet and Barb said good girl. I pulled out of Barb still hard and the two girls moved together kissing and holding each other close. I heard Sara say to Barb that was incredible I came so hard I almost passed out. Barb said you were wonderful.

Sara fell asleep and Barb soon followed and I dosed off looking at these two beautiful women all wrapped up in each other thinking I am a lucky man. A while later I felt Sara move over to me and press up against me and kissing me said softly it has been a wonderful night, can I do something for you? I whispered to her you said earlier you had never been down on a man I would love for you to do that to me. She said I will try, show me what to do. I pressed on the back of her head and she moved down to my now hard cock. She opened her mouth and I slipped in and she instinctively sucked. Once she got started she figured out what to do. Her mouth felt so warm on my cock as I slowly moved in and out. I lay back just enjoying the sensations of her mouth on my cock. I looked down watching this lovely girl sucking her first cock and she looked up at me as she sucked. I whispered you are doing great.

I was going to cum this way and give her a surprise when I did. But I was in no hurry and she began to get turned on by what she was doing. I noticed her hand down between her legs as she fingered herself. She reached around me with both hands and grabbed my butt which I love and I got harder in her mouth. I was close and reached down and held her face on my cock and exploded in her mouth. She started to pull away, but held her in place as I squirted. She swallowed and still squirting I pulled out and squirted all over her face. Her eyes got wide open and she moaned as she got herself off with her fingers. She said wow. I said good girl, good girl as I fell back completely empty. Sara went to the bathroom to clean up and when she returned she got close to me and fell asleep whispering that was wild I loved doing that for you. I whispered back you are now an expert cocksucker, all you need is more practice. She giggled and said and you volunteer right and I said oh yes anytime. Sara left the next morning without doing anything more with Barb. She said next time I will do everything with you both and there would be a next time. We were planning a party with Joyce and George and Sara soon.

A month later I called Sara and invited her to the party and she asked if she could bring her new boyfriend Stan. I asked does he know what kind of party is planned. She said yes she had told him all about what she had done with us and he is all excited. I said sure bring him. I thought it is going to be a wild night at our house.

The party was on and Sara and Stan were first to arrive. Sara looked very excited as her eyes were bright and she was slightly flushed. She gave us both a kiss and a few minutes later she gave me a hug and giggling, whispered you were right I am an expert and have been practicing on Stan and I will show you later. George and Joyce arrived and it was good to see them. Joyce and Barb gave each other a lustful smile and a kiss. Barb and she had gone shopping and bought a couple of girl-girl toys for later and Barb was excited about introducing them when the girls played. One was a multi-speed vibrator and the other a dildo with a head at each end. A wild night was planned.

George and Joyce had asked if they could invite a new couple they had just met who although had yet to do a swap wanted to do it for their first time. We said of course as long as they knew what the party was all about. They were Bill and Sam his wife. They were the last to arrive. I thought wow an orgy tonight. Bill was tall and Sam short, but extremely beautiful. Sam had a terrific figure and a playboy face with hair down to her butt. They had never done anything, but were anxious to play for their first time. All I wanted was to be first with Sam. I was hard just watching her move around the room. The first event was to be a couple swaps. I lowered the lights to low and we all sat around waiting for Barb to announce who got who since she was the hostess. She knew I wanted Sam and made she I got her.

We all shifted around so we were next to our first swap. We all moved to different parts of the room still being able to see each other, but with room to play. Stan ended up with Barb and George with Sara and Bill with Joyce. Everyone sat talking to their new partner getting to know each other a little before they fucked. I looked down at Sam as she was so short and said so how are you doing with this? She smiled and said very nervous. I said you will do ok. She said that Bill has been my only man until tonight you will be my second. I said I am honored.

You know that you will have your third and fourth before the night is over and she flushed yes I know what kind of party this is going to be and I am very excited. Bill and I knew this would be our coming out party as we have been talking about doing this for over a year and we are ready to jump in. I said great.

The mood in the room shifted and things were beginning to start. There was the sound of clothes rustlings as they came off. I heard Stan say wow as he seen Barb naked to the waist for the first time. Sara said to George oh you are big as she seen his 9 inches. And so it went the sounds in the room of people doing their thing.

I reached out and touched Sam for the first time unbuttoning her top. She watched my hands moving across her boobs and her face flushed as I took her boobs in my hands. I said you are beautiful and tweaked her nipples carefully. She moaned I love that. I leaned in and took one the then the other in my mouth. She shuttered a little holding my head as I sucked. She whispered I am so hot. I said get naked for me as I removed my own clothes. She slid her skirt off and then her panties. I put her hand on my cock and she gasped and said oh as she stroked me. I rubbed her pussy and she was very wet and I asked are you ready for your second cock and without saying anything she spread wide for me, and I went in.

She moaned and said oh yes as I went deep and held still feeling her pussy quivering around my cock and then I moved in and out of her. She held on to me whispering you feel so good. I fucked her hard and she had her first cum with another man. She was panting as I slowed down waiting for her breathing to calm. By now everyone was fucking and the room was filled with the sounds and smells of sex. I heard Sara say from across the room oh you fill me up, and I heard Barb say out loud yes fuck me. The guys were grunting and the girls moaning.

I turned Sam over and with her facing away from her husband rode her hard and fast and she gave it up to me again and I got very hard and exploded in her pussy pulling out squirting all over her butt and back. We both collapsed on the floor breathing hard. I whispered to her you were wonderful. She was quiet a little in shock at what she had just done.

The room got quiet and then sounds of clothes being put back on. I waited till the room got quiet and turned the lights back up. Everyone had that I just got fucked look. Clothes were on partially with tops open and guys in just their shorts and bras and panties lying all over the living room. Break time Sara and I had a chance to talk alone and she looked well fucked with her air still messed up and her face red. She said George is a real experience, he is so long he hit bottom and I have never felt that before. I got off immediately and then again later with him. I said Barb really likes doing him too. She smiled and said I have been practicing I laughed and said we will have to see if you have learned anything. She said I will show you soon. Barb said we are about to do some girl-girl. I am going to be with Sam. She has never done anything with another woman so I am going to introduce the dildo, no oral this time. We will do some kissing and feeling each other first. She smiled and said then I am going to fuck her good. I said you bad girl and she said and you love it.

Sam looked nervous but also excited as she and Barb sat together. Barb removed her top and Sam said wow nice and Barb said they are yours to play with and Sam reached out and cupped her boobs in her hands. Barb reached over and removed hr top and felt her up. Sam got very excited. Sam was hot. She knew what Barb had planned. Barb picked up the dildo and showed it to Sam. Sam flushed knowing what was planned and looked over to her husband and he nodded a yes. He had just Did Joyce and had a great time with her. He planned to invite her and George over so Joyce could encourage Sam to do girl-girl. Barb made her move and slipped one end of the dildo into Sam and the other into herself. She took Sam by the arms for leverage and said push. Both pushed forward and the dildo disappeared. Everyone was watching the show. I heard Barb say fuck me Sam. Barb pulled her up and Sam made fucking motions into Barb. The dildo moved in and out of Barb. Barb closed her eyes and moaned oh yes do me. Barb started to move with her and they got into a rhythm and they were fucking each other and banging their clits together. They were holding each other up and got lost in their banging each other. Sam suddenly cried out and shuttering and shaking give it up to Barb. As she had her cum Barb grunted and said yes and got off with her. The guys had all recovered so the second couple swap was next.

This time it was ladies choice. They all picked the same guy they had on the first swap, but all wanted it to be in private this time. So I got Sam again and was not disappointed. Sam and I went into our bedroom and closed the door. She was all over me hot to do it. She said I am having a great time and wanted to be alone with you so I can a really bad girl as I am being a bad girl tonight. I had a great time with Barb. I asked what do you want to do. I can be very bad at times and like having my hair pulled and sometimes I like being spanked. I said wow ok I can do that for you. She asked how about you. I looked at this beautiful young woman and we made eye contact and I said well I like it when a woman talks dirty to me as I fuck her and I asked do you swallow? She looked back at me and flushed and said sometimes, and I will do that for you. I love to fuck and I want you to fuck me good. Mostly I want you to spank me as I am being a very bad girl and disserve to be spanked. It gets me off.

So the stage was set. I moved up to her and unbuttoned her top. No bra on so her boobs fell out. I said nice and reached in and played with them. She said I am so hot and dropped to her knees in front of me and unbuckled my pants and unzipped me and they fell to the floor. She pulled my shorts down and off and took my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and it felt wonderful. She sucked me for a time looking up at my face as we made eye contact. She pulled away and asked am I a good cocksucker and I said you are the best. She smiled and said I want you to fuck me. I said get on your hands and knees. She turned around and I pushed her skirt up. No panties on.

I said you are such a bad girl no panties, and slapped her butt. She shuttered and said oh yes. I slipped into her and went deep and she moaned as I fucked her hard and fast. Loudly she said oh yes fuck me. I reached down and grabbed handfuls of her hair and pulled her head up and said you are such a good fuck and slapped her butt again and pulled back. She grunted several times and got off. She said again and I pulled back on her hair and slapped her butt harder this time. Her butt was red and she cried out and got off again. I fucked her harder and her pussy was quivering around my cock. I turned her around and we were face to face and her face was very red and in her eyes I could see pure lust as I fucked her more. She said I love fucking you. I said you are a great fuck.

She said you have a wonderful cock and it feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me. As I moved in and out of her I reached down and slapped her thigh and she shuttered and gave it up to me again. I was really into what I was doing to her. I got very hard and knew I was ready to cum and said cum and her eyes opened and she said in my mouth and I pulled out and she grabbed my cock and pulled me into her mouth. She grabbed my butt in both hands and tweaked my balls and I exploded in her mouth and down her throat and she just kept sucking as I squirted. I whispered to her slap my butt and she slapped it and I grunted and totally emptied my balls down her throat. I collapsed on top of her with my cock still in her mouth. She kept sucking until I went limp in her mouth. Our breathing calmed and she kissed me and said you can fuck me anytime you want, just call me. it will be our secret. I said oh yes our secret. She added I would rather my husband not know how bad I just was with you. I said our secret. We got dressed and as we were heading back to the living room I pulled her close and said you were fun, and you are a great cocksucker. She laughed and whispered back I loved sucking you off. I added you are very good at talking dirty and she said new for me, but it was fun.

As we walked back to the living room we could hear that some of the couples were still at it as we passed the rooms they were in. I heard Barb yelling yes fuck me as she got off. I said wild night. Everyone was finally in the living room and it was obvious the guys needed a break so we all went out to the patio with beers to recovery. The ladies gathered in the living room giggling and talking about their latest experiences and what might be next. Barb was the center of attention. What they were talking about, as I learned later was Sam and Sara, and did they want to do a girl-girl with Joyce and Barb meaning going all the way. Meaning getting their first taste as neither had done that yet. Joyce and Sara sat talking and Sam and Barb.

We all gather in the living for the final event of the evening. Barb turned the lights down to their lowest setting and the four ladies all sat together. Barb had Sam and Joyce had Sara. The kissing started. Barb made her move on Sam and undressed her and then herself. Barb did the lead and Sam followed her. Barb was hot for Sam. Sam was flushed as Barb played with her touching her all over and licking her ears and sucking on her boobs with a lot of kissing. Sam was getting hot. She had been bad with me and was about to be bad with Barb.

To be continued

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