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Alex watched me fuck his two friends, and I became a hotwife

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As I dust his mahogany antique executive desk, the mouse is bumped and the computer screen illuminates brightly with vivid images of women being shared by two men, fitted randomly between what appears to be paragraphs of a sex story.

Of course, I don't mind him looking at porn, we'd even watched it a few times together. I read a few lines off his computer screen and it was about a guy that apparently likes to watch his wife have sex with other men. I scroll through a bit and see where my Alex had read numerous stories and watched videos in this genre called, hotwife.

It seems my Alex has a preference in his reading and viewing interest. All these things oriented towards the so called hot wife being shared with a best friend. Well, isn't that interesting I think, and continue with my dusting task.

I begin adding a few things up in my mind, as my house cleaning progressed. The few times we'd watched porn together, the story line was also about a husband sharing his wife, or aware she was having sex with another guy. Okay, I add that to the equation.

When we go out for informal dinners at sports bars or tiki bar, he really enjoys me, dressing down. Thin tops, no bra, show off a lot of leg, expose a bunch of breast, tiny skirt, Alex does like to show me off and I do enjoy the responses as well. I add that to the equation.

Why not, I'm only thirty. I have a good body as I work out a lot, I love a good spin class and sweating my ass off. Which is a nice ass. I have great tits and that are probably what first caught Alex's eyes when we met. I have below the shoulder sandy hair and I get hit on quite often.

I start preparing dinner, and I begin to think about Alex's behavioral patterns over our three year marriage. Oh my, little subtle things I've all but failed to see, that could be, a Da Vinci code of hidden clues.

Does my husband secretly want to share me with his friends, to let other men stick their cocks in me, fuck me. Was this something he desired but was too afraid to approach me with. The more I thought on this more my need for answers grew. I needed to find the answers.

And how would I feel, if I learned he indeed wanted to share me with other men. Can a man love a woman and watch her cum on the head of another man's cock. How would I feel sucking another dick in front of my husband, for my husband, I wondered.

He has a few really close buddies. Friends that hang out here like it's their second home. Watching football games and playing billiards, it's like a frat house for testosterone engorged college animals.

And I recall the countless times my Alex has said how sexy I looked when I'm catering “the boys” a food tray or a drink when they hang out. Comments like, I think Tim really liked that sexy outfit you had on tonight, he kept looking at your goodies and smiling, I think he so wants it, he'd laugh. I add that to the equation. I'm seeing a pattern.

Four o'clock and Alex calls, he says cancel dinner as the boys want to come over and shoot some pool while they watch UFC fights on pay per view, and wants to know if a wing tray would be possible. I tell him it was much easier than cooking and my day had been busy anyway, so I'd order a flock of wings and make sure we had enough beer.

I called up our local sports bar and order a gob of wings for pick up and would grab another case of beer on the way back with plenty of ice and other junk food for the animal pack.

As I shower and get ready to fetch the supplies, I keep thinking of all clues, the hotwife thing. Perhaps I'm all wrong, but math does not lie, you just need the right formula to find the sum. It is what it is. But as I soap my naked body in the warm shower stream, I felt that ladies twinge, that background hint of desire that seeps into your loins.

I soap my breast with my hands and thoughts of tonight enter my mind. Alex always wants me after his little buddies are played out or passed out or gone home. Sex, is doubtless on the evening agenda. I think my harmless flirting and showing some skin to his friends, just may excite my Alex more than I'd realized.

Does he think of his friends fucking me, while he makes love me. Oh my, he has fucked me doggy style and I recall him saying he bet Tex or Richie would love to be doing this to me. Had I failed to play along, by saying I bet they would, but this is your pussy, just for you. Had I unknowingly shut the door on him expressing his true desires. I run my soapy hands across my smooth shaved mound, yes, that deep down primal urge is there. I like sex with Alex. He has a nice cock and he can make me cum several times with it. I fully enjoy sucking his seven inches deep into my throat and hearing him call me his little cocksucker with awesome skills.

Oh, wait,, awesome skills. Skills. I see it now, skills are acquired through experience. Is he subliminally saying he knows I've sucked other guys dicks in the past, before him, to develop the “Skills” that he now enjoys. Oh, my,, I add that to the equation, skills.

I rinse the soap off my flesh and towel off. I picture sucking Alex's cock while Tex takes me from behind. What the fuck, all these questions are piling up in my mind and I realize my pussy is wet and I'd had such an impure thought Alex tag teaming me with Tex. Am I like Alex.

Three hours later the gang have taken over my home. The pool room is luckily big enough to be a containment center, and they can see the fights as they shoot pool and get loud. Basically, a man child day care.

I enter from the back door and set things on the counter, but my mind is on a mathematical problem that has perplexed me since I'd seen Alex's computer screen. I decided I needed more facts. There were missing numbers, and I needed them, to resolve this fraction.

I decided to test a growing hypothesis. I needed factual data, and that meant I needed to dress sexy again tonight, and I had just the right outfit to obtain the hidden numbers. My Sea Hawk's jersey and tight leather short skirt. I am in the equation now.

I run upstairs and get dressed, and I do look hot. I am a confident woman. I can compliment another woman. I think women are sexy and beautiful. I'm aware of our powers, and not afraid to use them.

I had a few girl interactions during high school and college. I can see where I have a slight bi curious side to myself, but not so strong I'd seek it out, but it's there, maybe one day I will revisit that.

Flirting is just good clean fun. But tonight, flirtation would be a tool. I need to get to the bottom of a little mathematical problem. I needed to see if all this hot wife stuff was just an interest, or a secret desire of his, or all just in my head, and how do I fit into it.

I walk into the game room carrying the wing tray. My bra less tits jiggling as I walk always brings attention. The plunging cut neck shows off amble upper breast and my nipples poke the material like pencil erasers. Flesh can be found from several angles if one only looks.

It is cut low and my stomach is exposed and the jersey stands out at the bottom some three inches from just below my breast. And they don't miss a thing. I strut into the room all smiles and jiggly. They look on as I bend over with straight legs causing my skirt to ride up, clearly showing off an inch or two of my firm bottom, and I know the bottom of my breast can be spotted as I bend down.

I pause longer than necessary to position the platter just right, before raising back up. Indeed, they are all staring at me. I walk over to Alex and wrap my arms around him and kiss him. I drag it out a little just to make an impact on the guys.

I break away and say I will be right back boys, with some beer and goodies and head off towards the kitchen. Wow, the goodies just left, I heard the voice of Kevin. That, my boys, is why I am the alpha male, my husband says. The guys laugh and I continue on my way.

I gather up four beers for Alex, Keven, Richie, Raymond and Tex. Tex is from Ohio, so I don't get it. But I head back and make it a point to stand real close to each guy, and slowly remove the beer cap with an opener.

They are all taller than my five foot frame, and as I hold the bottle between my breast and work the cap off, they can't help but stare down my jersey, taking in as much as they can see. It's not their attention I'm really seeking. It's Alex's reactions to my flirtatious behavior I am testing. Does it excite him, to see other men look at my flesh, see a glimpse of boob and nipple, see some butt cheek.

I take Alex his beer and repeat the process. He looks me up and down and says I look very hot tonight. I smile and say hot eh, well a hot wife is better than old hag, don't you think. He looked at me grinning. I wonder if he even knew, I knew the meaning of hotwife, in adult vernacular. Maybe I said it too casually. I hand him his beer and head back to the kitchen.

I hate to see you go, but love to watch you walk away, Raymond says loud enough for all to hear. I tuck my hands in my tiny back pockets to draw more attention to my butt as I continue on.

By nature I'm usually very relaxed with dress in my home, these guys have seen a lot me I'm sure over the last three years. But tonight, I give them a little extra, and Alex's enthusiasm is showing.

Alex finds me in the kitchen gathering more snacks and comes up behind me and hugs me, his hands taking liberties with my breast and his lips graze my neck. Damn, you're so hot. The guys are loving your outfit, as usual, he says. I think to myself, he is failing this test.

I tell him to go back to his buddies and I will bring them more goodies. He kisses my neck and says you are goodies enough, then heads back to the animal pack. So, I am goodies enough for his friends. I add that to the equation. Am I trying to find things or am I just gathering these tid bits as they manifest. Maybe I'm over studying.

I do the same straight leg bend and slowly find the right spot to sit more snacks onto the table. Again, eyes are on me. They glance to the television at the fight and hover around the billiard table. I take a seat that faces the tv and pool table and prop my leg up and open my beer.

My leg position leaves a small gap between my legs. I know with a good stare a view of my goodies may be found. Definitely enough to take the attention away from televised sports.

The guys circle the table, planning the next shot, but sneaking quick glances at my crotch for the tiniest view of my lady stuff. Alex steps up almost between my legs and his eyes scans me fully. His smile of approval is evident in his crotch. He seems to have a least a good semi working. I think my husbands semi is from my flirtatious behavior. I add that to my equation.

He reaches his bottle out and I tap it with mine when he is called back to the pool table for his shot. I act oblivious to the show I'm putting on for the sake of my mathematical dilemma.

They were playing two man teams, Alex and Tex versus Raymond and Kevin. Raymond had a game ending shot on the nine ball, so I find it an opportunity to flaunt myself shamelessly once again.

I get up and position myself at the chosen pocket for the nine ball and lean down resting my elbows on the table. I look up to Raymond, and he is looking straight down my top and has a full view of my tits. I just want to watch you, put it in the hole, I say softly to him.

He grins and shakes his head. I can see Alex behind him, smiling really big and looking at my breast innocently exposed to his friends. Raymond shoots, but misses. Shame, I say, it didn't go in the little hole did it.

Pocket, it's called a pocket Richie laughs. Tex laughs along with the guys adding, you can stick your hand in a pocket, but only a finger inside a hole. They guys are laughing. I said I see, and what a shame for the poor little hole. Alex, is definitely enjoying the banter.

He approaches me, mmmmm, you are being a bad girl tonight aren't you. I smile and say, not really, do you want me to be a bad girl, tonight I ask. Alex grins and says, how bad can you be. I lean in close and whisper, I can be as bad, as you're conscious allows then reach out grasping his cock, and finding it sweetly hard, full of desire for, something. Tell me what you want I scream in my mind.

I'm so close to getting the answer I need, I don't care what the math sums up to, I just need a clear resolution of the facts. Just say it, tell me you want me to fuck your friends, that you desire a true Hotwife or it's just the fictional stories and videos you enjoy, my mind echos these thoughts. His cock throbs in my grasp. I realize his friends suspect something, I can't hide my clutch on Alex's cock much longer without notice.

He smiles real big at me, you are one hot little wife, I'm so lucky he says to me. I lean in and whisper into his ear, now Alex, if I was a hotwife, I'd be fucking your friends here. Isn't that what a real hotwife does, I ask. Alex says, a real hotwife, fucks who she wants, when she wants, because she likes it.

And the husband, I ask. Alex looks at me and replies, The husband of a true Hot Wife, has three choices. He can choose to ignore it, He can accept it, understand she has needs beyond monogamy. Thirdly, he encourages her to be who she is. He embraces it fully, takes enjoyment in her pleasure as well, shares her in fun. And which are you I ask. Alex's cock throbs in my grasp. He leans in and I feel his lips lightly on my ear and whispers, I would be, the third.

Eureka! I have solved it. Mystery no more, I feel the triumph of my success race through me. I knew he wanted to share me, watch his friends fuck me, and. Wait on that. My husband wants to share me. I feel a slight panic. It's real. I could fuck all four of these guys and my Alex would probably join in.

Did I solve the problem, or create another one. Alex is at the table taking his turn. I need to process this quickly, get it under control. I see my reflection on the glass of a picture. I look good, sexy, I can have sex with other men if want too. My husband would likely relish in the sight of my being pounded into our marital beds mattress.

I decided. I will test the waters. I will sample this hotwife thing. I can feel beyond my thoughts and in the background is my pussy. Wet, an urge there, I'm getting fucking horny. Alex wants a hotwife, and I feel it between my legs. I'm doing it. This may end in sudden tragically, or open the door to hedonistic heaven, but I'm in.

Keven gets a text from his wife, her car has broken down and he says he'd have to go get her back on the road and thanked us for having him over. Richie had gotten a ride with Keven, so likewise had to leave as well.

I walked them both to the door and gave each a big hug, making sure my breast mashed against them. Oh I need a group hug I said and the two of them sandwiched me with Richie behind me. I could feel his cock press against my backside and wiggled my ass hard against it.

They made there exit and made me promise to give them another sandwich hug. I told them I'd be a sandwich for them any time. They seemed quite pleased as the left.

Since we live in pot legal state, I broke out a big blunt and torched it in the game room. It was passed among the remaining four of us and before long we are all feeling the buzz.

I take a quick bathroom break and spot the massage oil. A plan forms in my mind. I can ease into this hotwife thing and test Alex's desire for a hotwife further.

In the game room is a six foot knee high padded bench that contains a few games and controllers. I lay down on my stomach on the bench and say, I need someone to massage me, I'm so tight, and lay the massage oil on the bench.

Raymond and Tex both speak up quickly, I'll do it, I'll give you a massage. They seem quite eager. I hear Raymond ask Alex if he minded. Not at all, do whatever she wants, he says happily.

Raymond is next to me in a flash. He picks up the oil and squirts some into his hands and begins to gently rub my lower back. He is doing a nice job, but seems too intimidated to go under my jersey to reach my shoulders and upper back.

Raymond, doesn't a massage usually get the shoulders too, I ask. Oh, yeah, sorry. He says. His hands then slide under my jersey and he begins to work my upper back. I can feel my jersey slide up to my neck and he seems to be relaxing some, so I just reach up and slip my jersey completely off.

There, isn't that nicer I say. Yes, that's much nicer, you have such nice skin, he says. He is massaging me gently, and covering my entire back, and when his hands slid up my sides he touches the sides of my breast that are pressed out to side a little. This is getting interesting.

He continues to work on me and with my head sideways I open my eyes occasionally and can see Tex and Alex about ten feet away watching and smiling in between shots at the pool table. Clearly both have at least a semi in their pants. I press on.

Don't forget my legs, Raymond, I want a full massage now. I remind him of his purpose. He gets more oil and spreads it across most of my legs and begins to massage higher up. I know from his vantage point, he can see right up my tiny skirt and see my pussy. Alex knows it too.

Raymond slides his hands underneath my skirt and begins to massage my butt checks nervously. I moan and move under his handy work. I reach down and pull my skirt up to my waist and my ass is fully exposed to three men. I can feel my pussy begin to send urges to my brain.

Raymond's hands are fully caressing my butt and running along my inner thighs. I spread my legs and offer better access. He slowly works his hands up my left thigh until his fingers rake against my pussy briefly. I moan and move with his touch. He's into this now.

My husband is watching his friend feel my naked ass and look close at my pussy, and even touch it, and he likes it. I open my eyes for a few seconds and I can see he has a full hardon in his pants. And the look on his face reveals all I need to know. He wanted a hotwife.

How's that massage going, baby, Alex asks me. I tell him it's going very well, Raymond is doing great job. Um, I can do a great job too, I hear Tex offer his help.

Well then, I say, let's see what you got, Tex. He abandons the pool game is at the bench in seconds putting oil on his hands. He starts massaging my back and now both men are fully rubbing the slick oil on my butt and backside.

I feel Tex's fingers sink into the crevice of my butt cheeks and glide along my anus as he fully massages my butt, rubbing the oil into my skin. The feeling of four hands on my naked flesh is amazing.

Raymond's hand travels up my inner thigh and his fingers glide along my pussy lips, ah, yes they slip into my crack and he rubs my clit gently, working the oil onto my already wet pussy.

They appear to pretty good masseuses, Alex says to me. Yes, they are, they are doing it very well, I say. My butt is getting a lot of attention, they spread my cheeks with their hands on my firm butt. I know they are all three looking at my ass and pussy. I like this.

Tex's hand slides from my neck down the center of my back and into my butt crack then sinks a finger just inside my tight wet pussy. I moan and raise my ass to find more and he goes deeper, sinking his finger fully into my cunt.

Yea, that's a good massage, I hear Alex. That erased all doubt I may have had, I instantly felt free to do whatever I wanted. So I say, I think it would better if my masseuses were naked too, though.

They must of looked at Alex, I hear his voice. It's her massage, do whatever the lady ask, he says. Their hands abandon me and I hear the sounds of zippers going down and cloths falling to the floor and I feel my pussy juice up even more. I roll over onto my back, but keep my tiny skirt pulled above my waist. I want them to see my nakeness.

Fuuuuck, I hear Raymond, utter his approval. Whoa, fuck is right, Tex chimes in. And that, my boys, is why I am the Alpha male, Alex says to his buddies. They are agreeing with my husband. Beautiful, Tex says.

Alex steps up to the bench and takes the massage oil bottle and I look up at him. He tilts the bottle and a shiny, thin thread of oil begins to spill onto my breast, trail down my stomach and onto my pussy. He smiles at me, I smile back then see Tex's cock.

Holy shit, I know why they call him Tex now. Alex has seven inches and I know that thing is at least two inches longer, and thick as hell. I glance over to Raymond, fuck these guys are mutants. Raymond must have eight inches is about as thick as Tex. I'd never thought my husbands cock could ever, be the smallest in the room.

Raymond begins rubbing the coconut oil across my legs while Tex smears the slick oil nicely about my stomach, and begins to knead my breast and gently pinch my nipples. Nice, they are just going for it.

I open my eyes as Alex tosses his underwear aside. His cock is hard and he winks at me as he strokes it a few pumps. Goddamn him, he knows me better than I know myself. He probably knew this day would come, what I could become.

Raymond's hands glide up my thighs and he beings to massage my mound. His thumbs working along the sides of my pussy lips. I am so damn horny.

Tex steps to the head of the bench and he leans over me, his hands cupping my breast, then slowly they slip down towards my waist and I feel his cock touch my face. I open my lips and he guides his fat cock's head into my mouth. I'm sucking another man's cock and my husband is watching, stroking his. I like it.

Raymond sinks a finger deep into my pussy and I moan on the thick cock in my mouth. I reach up and grasp Tex's shaft and stroke it's length, tongue the head. I feel it pulse and throb in my mouth and hand. I open my throat and take more than half of his fuck beast into my mouth and he moans his delight. I'm a natural at this, I think.

Raymond pushes my legs back and he puts his mouth on me. His lips cover my entire pussy, then his tongue presses onto my clit and out of nowhere my orgasm pounds my body into a violent quake that shutters my entire being.

I cry out, but the thick cock in my throat muffles my scream. They all know I came. I'd just came in front of three men and I wanted to instantly do it again. I look up at my husband, stroking his hard cock in his fist, smiling and watching me being ravaged, and a monster cock lodged in my mouth I love that man.

Raymond pushes my leg higher and he scoots across the bench and underneath my legs. I feel his cock against my pussy. More hands, I open my eyes and see my husband holding my feet now, pulling my legs wide so his friend was unobstructed. He wants me fucked.

Raymond grasp his cock and taps it firmly against my clit. I feel a jolt of electricity course through my body with each tap. Tex sinks more cock into my throat and I suck it hard, working my tongue on his Texas pony sized cock.

Fuck, Raymond's cock slides into me, spreading my pussy wide and stretching me out, deeper it goes in and I cum on his dick. I scream onto the cock in my mouth and I feel my body betray me again and fuck, he goes deeper, pulls back and slams his fat, long cock fully into my tight pussy as I continue to climax like the slut wife I am.

I pry my eyes open, Alex is fisting his cock faster, watching me cum on Raymond's cock so easily, how effortlessly I spew my juices across another man's cock and my husband, thrilled by the sight.

Tex pulls is cock out of my mouth and I gasp for air, my orgasm took all I had. Raymond begins to fuck me. He's pumping his nice thick cock in and out of me like he owns my pussy.

Alex keeps one hand on my feet, pulling me open for his friend to fuck and jerks off with the other. I reach up and grasp my knees, and pull my legs back until they press against my tits. Fuck me, I demand, fuck my pussy, I growl at Raymond. Who am I.

Raymond begins to slam his cock into me. I feel him rise off the bench onto one knee and begin to pound my pussy harder, driving it deep and his balls slapping my cunt with a sounding smack. That's it, give the lady what she wants, my husband encourages the men sexing me up.

Raymond fucks me a few more strokes then pulls out. I let go of my legs and he says, switch it up. Raymond helps me up then lays on is back with his head at edge and he pulls me down onto him. I swing my leg over his head and settle my pussy on his face. I look down at his hard cock, soaked and wet from my juices and my cum. His tongue finds my clit as I take his cock into my mouth. We sixty nine.

I feel hands on my ass and I can tell it's Tex. He is going to fuck me doggy style while Raymond is licking my clit. I cannot grasp what is going on here. He wants to fuck me while Raymond is licking my sweet pussy. Ohhhhh god, I cry out, I feel Tex's horse cock press into my pussy. Ohhhhh, god, I pray onto the cock in my mouth.

I raise my head up and gasp out, Ohhhhh god yet again, as my pussy is forced wide and this man's cock finds depths no cock had ever touched before. Holy fucking god yes, fuck yes, I swear and hear my words fill the billiard room and resonate off the walls. Fuck yes.

I look at my Alex, I'm quivering. Goddamn you, I say to him as I feel myself squirt and my insides explode. I feel my juices shoot along Tex's massive cock and push out of my slit and my clit is being tortured by Raymond, without mercy.

Alex steps onto the bench and his cock is hard, swollen and stiff and pointing at my face. I give myself freely to the men tearing up my pussy and suck my husbands cock as deep as I can pull him into my face and I want it to rock his world.

That's my little Hotwife, he says. I grab his ass cheeks and pull him harder, deep as his cock could go into my throat, and he tenderly strokes my sweaty hair off my cheek. Goddamn him.

I gasp for air and suck him back into my mouth. Tex is fucking me slow. Pulling that white snake back to the tip, and pushing it deep and deliberate into my tight wet pussy. Raymond just keeps sucking and licking my clit, flicking it with his tongue. It' too much, I'm fucked.

I spit my husbands cock out of my mouth and look up at him. Kiss me, I say. He bends down and our lips press together as another orgasm rattles me to bone. I'm cumming all over Tex's cock, and I can feel my husbands smile in our kiss.

My orgasm fades to a mild tremor and Tex pulls his cock out me. Alex steps off the bench and I move forward so Raymond can sit up. He grabs my hips and keeps me in doggy style, while he moves into position and just shoves his cock into me to the hilt and goes right into a hard fast pound, grinding his loins into my butt to get all the way in.

Tex scoots underneath me, his cock so long I hardly need to bend down to take it into my mouth. I taste my juices on his cock. I lick his thick shaft from base to tip, licking and cleaning my cum off his meat. He fucked me well and I reward his cock.

Alex grabs my hair and pulls my head back and shoves his tongue deep into my mouth. My hand finds his head and I pull him harder to me and let him taste me. Now watch me, say to myself.

I drop my head down on Tex's fat horse cock again. I begin jerking off the shaft while sucking the head of his cock, working my tongue on the tender under side of the head. I suck his fat cock like a whore.

I feel his balls tighten up and his cock steel up in my grasp. Raymond is pounding his cock into me harder and faster. I'm going to cum, where do you want it, Raymond calls out.

It's her massage, Alex says. Instantly the words spewed from my lips, cum in my pussy, fill my pussy with your cum, Raymond. He slams his meat into me even faster and I feel is cock get ridiculously hard, and then he pushes all he had fully into me, his balls pressing into my clit then I feel it pulse.

Another man is cumming in my pussy, and I want it, every fucking drop. Ahhhh, fuck he calls out. Then Tex calls out, I'm cumming. I pump his cock faster and suck it deep into mouth just in time to feel my mouth fill with a sudden burst of hot cum.

Ahhh, fuck, fuck, fuck, Raymond is pumping the last of his seed into my pussy and I feel it soaking my insides and dripping from my hole and at the same time I am swallowing a massive load of cum down my throat. God I felt so hot and sexual, taking from both ends.

Ohhhhh god, Tex moans out, still piping another load of his sweet tasting cum onto my tongue. I can't take it all, god this man holds a lot of jism. Some of his cum escapes my lips and falls onto the bench in a small puddle. I rub the cum puddle and wipe it on my breast.

I stay put. I let them enjoy the moment in my body. Spent, they fall away like dominoes. That's, why I am the Alpha male, Alex says proudly. They agree, he is the alpha male.

The guys get dressed and I lay naked on the bench. They both gasp their delight and compliments of the evening as Alex see's them out. There's a game next Friday, he reminds them. They both enthusiastically say they will be here if asked.

Alex closes the door and walks slowly into the room. He switches off the lights and shuts down the entertainment center. He walks over to me, picks up my jersey and bends to scoop me up off the bench.

He carries me, kissing me as he takes me into the bedroom and lays me gently on the bed. He gets on the bed and takes my ankles into his hands and spreads my legs.

Alex climbs between my welcoming thighs and he says, when my Hotwife has been bad, she gets this, then shoves his cock deep inside me and begins to fuck me hard.

I pull my legs up high and give him all of me. He fucked me. My husband did not make love to me, he fucked me like the slut I had become and I spread my legs wider for him.

Goddamn, your pussy feels so wonderful, he moans. Does it feel as good to you, he asked with a sincere passion. It does, I say, god you feel so good inside me, I gasped, my god it feels good.

Damn, shit, why haven't we done this before, he says. I push my hips up to meet each of my husbands hard thrust. We will again, baby, fucking bet your ass this is happening again, oh god fuck my used pussy, I cry out into the dark bedroom.

I can't hold out, Goddamn, your cum filled pussy feels too fucking good, I'm going to cum baby, I'm going to, Ohhhhh fuck, he calls out and I feel his cock explode inside my soaking wet pussy. Fuck, he shouts out. Don't stop, I'm going to cum, fuck me, fuck me I scream out loud in a panic to let my orgasm happen on my husband's cock.

Alex keeps pounding me as he fills my pussy, yet again with the second load of the night and my orgasm arrives just in time. I jerked and spasm in a fierce and hostile lose of my entire body. I simply become, an orgasm.

My husband finally takes a deep breath. We'd stop breathing. He falls to the side and we snuggle up. Sweat drips off our bodies. The cum of two men flows from my pussy, and the taste of Tex's sperm lingers on my lips.

How did you know, I ask in broken, windless words panted out from an exhausted soul. I, just felt it,, I can't explain it,,,, he breaths deep. I just felt you needed, more. Eventually, the thought, of you, doing this,, excited me, very much.

I snuggle in close to my husband. I rubbed his cheek and kissed him with love and respect, as Raymond's cum slipped from my pussy lips.

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