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Adventures in Babysitting, 2

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Janice called and asked me if I could babysit starting about 8pm on Friday. Remembering the last time I babysat for David and Janice I accepted at once. I asked how late she thought it would be, and she told me they were planing on going to a late movie, and should be home by 11:30 or so, and that I was welcome to stay as late as I wanted. She told me that their son should be in bed by the time I got there, so it would be a very easy night.

Friday evening came, and I arrived at their home about 20 minutes early. I rang the bell, and waited for someone to answer the door. When the door finally opened, Janice was standing there in a towel to welcome me in. She told me that she wasn’t expecting me early, and was in the hot tub. David was upstairs putting their son to bed.

She brought me into the kitchen and offered me a soda before she was going to go up and get ready for the movie. I accepted, and put the soda on the table in front of me. As Janice was putting the soda bottle back in the fridge, a cat that I was sure hadn’t been there the last time I babysat jumped on the table, and knocked the full glass of soda into my lap.

Janice apologized, and offered me paper towels to clean up. I very quickly realized that my jeans were going to be wet the rest of the night. When I expressed this thought, she told me to come upstairs and she could find something for me to wear.

She led me upstairs to their bedroom, passing David on the way. He was reading a story to their son, and he waved as we passed. Once in their room, she closed the door and dropped the towel revealing her perfect Barbie doll figure, and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a suit while she had been in the hot tub. Without missing a beat, she told me to get out of my wet cloths. She went into the bathroom, and I could hear her turn on a shower. I removed my jeans, and shirt. As I was dropping my shirt to the floor she came back into the room and very clearly looked me from top to bottom, commenting that I was just as fun to look at now as I had been the last time I was over.

She insisted that I should get in the shower with her to wash the soda off before I put on fresh clothing. I wasn’t sure how we would both fit in the shower, but enjoyed the idea of finding out. As I entered the bathroom, I realized that space would not be an issue. The shower was huge, big enough for at least 3-4 people. There were shower heads at both ends, and a third in the ceiling. She opened the glass door and stepped in. I dropped my bra and thong and followed her into the hot water. The shower was fabulous. The water was hot, and coming from every direction. To this day, this shower is the shower I judge all others against.

She was using a luffa with a soft smelling body wash to get clean. I admired her body as best as I could while trying not to be to obvious about it. When she was done, she asked me if I could get her back. I was happy to do so. I washed her back with the luffa slowly, and methodically. I was careful to avoid anything she might not like. The last time I babysat, she had tasted me off David’s finger, and I had tasted her from between his legs, but we hadn’t touched. I began to lightly touch her with my bare hand while I used the luffa in my other. I slowly began to go farther and farther to the side, and then the front. As my fingers began to caress her chest she leaned back into me and my thigh went between her legs. She began moving up and down on my thigh as I massaged her breasts and nipples. I dropped the luffa and began to lower my hand to her stomach. From there she used her hand to move it down to between her legs. I used my fingers to caress he lips, and to tickle he mound between her legs. She was moaning in pleasure in very little time. I slid my finger inside her and felt her tighten up as I moved my fingers in and out being careful to caress the mound between the lips.

After I was sure she had had at least 2 orgasms I reminded her that she was going to be late for the movie. She told me she didn’t want to go anymore. She got down on her knees in front of me, and began to lick between my legs. It felt wonderful. She had no issue putting her tongue between my lips, and using it to caress the mound between my legs. I felt it grow, and stiffen, and she stopped licking, and was actually able to begin sucking me. I had my back to the glass and was leaning up against it. I felt my legs begin to buckle and told her as much. She stopped, but didn’t get off her knees. She spun me around, spread my checks while I bent over pressing my chest against the glass. She began using her tongue deep between my legs, putting her tongue as far into me as she could get. It felt good, but truth be told I preferred when she was sucking me from the front. I quickly realized however that she wasn’t staying put.

She began moving back, and had her tongue between my checks in no time. This was the first time I had felt a tongue on this part of my body, and I liked it. It reminded me of a finger, but softer, and wetter. She raised her hand and began to use her fingers between my legs. She put her finger in me, and I came for the first time.

As I was having an orgasm the door to the bathroom opened, and David came in. He was fully dressed, and I couldn’t tell if his pants were tight through the fog on the glass of the shower door, but I knew I wanted him to look at my chest pressed against the glass, and I could see that his general glaze was, in fact, on me.

He paused before saying anything, then simply reminded Janice that if they didn’t leave soon, they would miss the movie. Without removing her tongue from between my checks, she said something completely unintelligible. He asked her to repeat herself, and before she could speak I told him that I thought she was saying she didn’t care. I felt her nod her head as she slid a third finger in between my lips, and into me. I could feel my muscles tighten in preparation for another orgasm.

He asked if we wanted him to join us, and remembering the hot tub, I told him yes. I watched him get naked, and get into the shower. He was as solid as any man I had ever seen. He looked at me with that smile that had made me wet in the past. He asked me if I was enjoying his wife and I nodded and told him I was hopping she was enjoying me. As if in response, I felt a fourth finger slid into me. Between her tongue in my checks, and most of her hand between my lips, I was in heaven.

David positioned himself behind his wife, and slid into her from behind. I didn’t care what he was doing to her, I just didn’t want her to stop what she was doing to me. I was having rolling orgasm after orgasm, and I didn’t want them to stop. I knew she was only a thumb away from having her whole hand in me, and I wanted it. I wasn’t sure if I could ask her to put it in, or if I should just be happy for what I was getting. As I felt her stiffen up for what I was sure was an orgasm thanks to David, I felt her move her thumb to join the rest of her hand. Janice removed her tongue from between my cheeks. She began to move her hand further into me, and I felt her move he hand inside me. She was making a fist in me.

At this point, David seemed to realize just how far into me she was. He was very interested in watching, and he slipped out of his wife, and repositioned himself in front of me. I put my hands down on his shoulders in order to take my weight off the glass so he could get a good view. He was amazed at what he was seeing his wife do to the babysitter.

The feeling was one of pain, and pleasure at the same time, and just as before, I loved the 2 contradicting feelings.

Janice slowly pulled her hand out, and stood up. I looked at her and noticed that her knees both had very large red welts. As much as I was enjoying the last few minutes, she had been in not a small amount of pain. I looked her in the eyes and asked if we could go to the bed. Without a word, she took me out of the shower and led me to the bed without even bothering to dry off, leaving David where he was. She told me to lie on the bed, face up. I did so, and without so much as a how do you do, she climbed up on me and positioned herself with my face between her thighs. She sat down on my face, and I began to use my tongue on her. I had tasted her on David the last time, but this time the flavor was coming right out of her. It was wonderful. She put her hands down and grabbed my chest. She massaged me lightly at first, but as she stiffened up on my face, she began to squeeze harder and harder. I reached up and put her breasts in my hands and gently massaged her lovely mounds.

At some point while she was sitting on my face, David came out of the bathroom, and sat on the bed. I wanted to feel his tongue on me, as I had last time, and hopping he would get the hint I spread my legs. He asked Janice if that was an invitation, and she assured him that she believed it was. He bent over, and buried his face between my legs, his lips caressing my lips as his tongue worked its way into my stretched hole. I could feel Janice tense up as she neared orgasm, and the idea that I was causing this made me approach orgasm as well. I felt my muscles tighten up as the pleasure began.

After her orgasm, Janice climbed off me and announced that she needed a drink. David said he would like one, and I told her I could go for a drink. She didn’t bother to get dressed as she went down to the kitchen.

As soon as she was out of the room, I felt David looking at me. He repositioned himself in the middle of the bed, face up. I didn’t ask him anything, but simply climbed on him, and slid him into me. I was tired, so I didn’t bounce on him, but simply enjoyed having him in me. I began running my fingers over his chest, and he began cupping my chest. This was nice, I thought. I asked him if he was enjoying the movie and he laughed.

Janice came back with three glasses, and a bottle of white wine. She didn’t flinch to see me sitting on her husband as she asked if Riesling was ok. David said it was fine, but being only eighteen, I told her I wasn’t sure I should. There was no pressure, she offered to get me a glass of water, but she also gave me the option of spending the night if I needed. I accepted the wine. She poured the whole bottle into the three large glasses, and gave me one while I was still sitting on David. I accepted it, and realizing I was thirstier then I thought I had been, I swallowed the whole glass down quickly. Janice and David just looked at each other as I finished the wine quickly.

Not wanting to keep David from his drink, I climbed off him, and rolled onto my stomach. I was surprised when he followed me, and pulled me to all fours. He slid in behind me, letting himself in me. He reached over and took his wine from his wife. The two of them also quickly finished their wine.

He put his empty glass on the bedside table, and began to quickly thrust into me. He worked himself to a vigorous pace, and I enjoyed the speed, and power of him. I wanted him to keep going, faster and harder. I asked him to go harder, faster, harder, faster, over and over again. As he sped up, and the clapping between his thighs and my bottom got louder and louder I got louder and louder before finally coming.

As I was coming, I realized I wasn’t the only one. Jen was also loudly enjoying herself, using the wine bottle between her legs. As David climbed off me, she told him to come stand in front of her, and he did as he was told. With the bottle still between her legs, she positioned herself on her still red knees, and began to suck him.

Remembering the last time we had all been together, when I had been sucking on David I remembered that Janice had gotten in behind him and used her tongue between his cheeks. Feeling the wine begin to make my head fuzzy, and not wanting to disappoint, I came up behind him and used my fingers to spread his cheeks, while I put my tongue between them. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard again.

Janice took him to the bed, letting the bottle fall from between her legs on the way. I picked the bottle up, and sat in the chair she had just vacated. I watched as she climbed on him and bounced herself up and down. I enjoyed watching her breasts bounce and jiggle while they enjoyed each other. I began to use the wine bottle between my legs, and found that i enjoyed the hard, cold glass in me. I pushed it deeper and deeper in myself. I could tell that I wasn’t going to orgasm, but I liked having it in there.

Janice rode David for some time like that, and I counted 2 orgasms on her part. For my part, I just stayed in the chair, with the bottle. I began to feel like I was intruding, and decided to go to the kitchen for a drink.

I walked down the hall, and down stairs completely naked while David leaked out of me. I felt him leak from between my legs and down my thigh. I enjoyed the feeling, and didn’t bother to clean it off me. I got 3 glasses, and retrieved the soda from the fridge. I headed back up the stairs to the bedroom. I was feeling the wine as I poured three glasses of soda, and handed one to Janice, who was still on top of David. She took it and drank it down handing me the empty glass. I drank mine down, and put the two empty glasses, and one full one on the floor out of the way.

Janice told me to come to her, and to straddle David’s face. I did, and his tongue was in me again, this time while he was also in Janice. She and I were facing each other, and she began to kiss me and fondle me again. The feeling of her lips on mine was wonderful, her tongue intertwined with mine and my juices began to flow all over David’s face. We stayed like that for a few minutes before I felt David tighten beneath me, and he let out an audible moan as he came in his wife. At the same time, she squeezed my breasts tightly, and also let out a moan. I didn’t realize how close to orgasm I was until I too came, all over David’s face.

Janice climbed off of him, and I bent over to suck all her juices off of David. The taste of the two of them together was like candy in my mouth, and although there was no indication he would be able to perform in the near future, I kept sucking until all the flavor had slid down my throat. When I was done with David I climbed off, and went to Janice. She asked what I was doing and I simply replied that I couldn’t leave her dirty. I knelt in front of her and looked down her inner thigh where there was a clear trail of David running from between her legs. I started at the bottom and licked all the way up her thigh and back to the source of the mess. I used my tongue there until I could no longer taste him in her, then stood up next to her and kissed her on the mouth.

David picked up the soda he had not drunk yet, and drank it down. When he was done, Janice gently but firmly grabbed him between his legs, and led him downstairs. As he walked out the bedroom door, he motioned for me to follow, and I did. We went down to the kitchen and out to the back porch. The hot tub was open, and Janice led him into it, while I followed along like a little puppy. We made ourselves comfortable and relaxed. We began to talk about what we had just done. Janice wanted to know if I was happy with everything, and when I assured her I was she seemed happy with that.

I asked if they had had this arrangement with their previous babysitter and they told me it was not. They explained that they did have another couple that they played with regularly, (Chris and Kristy) but other then that there was no one. I asked about condoms, and David looked worried as Janice asked if I was on the pill. When I told her I was he visibly relaxed. They explained that the couple they played with had insisted on all four of them being tested, and that since I had only had one partner and since he had also been only with me that they were sure there were no STDs in the group. When I asked if they were sure their friends were not playing with anyone I was surprised to hear that they also had a friend. His name was Rich, and he was their live in nanny. He was also tested and not sleeping with anyone.

There was a lot of trust in the circle, and we talked about how one week link could infect everyone. I told them that there was no one I was sleeping with, or wanted to be sleeping with, which was true.

From there the conversation turned to the following month when they had an overnight trip planned. They asked if I would be interested in joining them. I told them I would have to check my schedule, but that it sounded fun. They told me that Chris and Kristy would be there as well, and they were not sure about Rich.

On my way home that night I wondered if this was usual for adults. Was everyone this free, or had I been lucky to find the right babysitting clients. I supposed I would find out when I was older.

I didn’t shower before bed that night, I enjoyed the idea that they were still on me. I could smell Janice on my face, and feel David continue to drip out of me as I fell asleep, hoping I wouldn’t have to wait the 3 weeks until they were taking me away to see them again.

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