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Accidental New Adventures

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My husband, Bill, and I recently became empty nesters, in our late 40’s, now taking the time to make our nest more comfortable and fit our freedom. Early last year, it was time we replace our furnace and have the duct system updated for our house. Bill, my husband, made all the arrangements, met with the engineer, and priced out the work. My job was to be home when the workmen scheduled to work. I was fine with this, my job allows me the flexibility to work from home, via computer, in our home office.

That morning, I did not feel like getting dressed, looking forward to being lazy, lounging in my sleep shirt, and why not, it is one of the perks of working at home for a day. The HVAC crew came around just after 8 am. The furnace is located in a closet in the game room sitting off the garage on the street level of our home. Easy access is provided for the HVAC guys through the garage.

Looking through the window, I could see the two guys coming to do the job. One older lead man, and a young cute blonde guy, and I mean really cute. Watching them approach the garage, I continued to stare at the young blonde, thinking that “Wow, he is too cute to be working HVAC for very long”. He fits more the pool boy stereotype, I thought to myself. While lost in thought over this worker, I was brought back to my senses noticing him walk up to the front door. With a quick knock at the door, I answered, and was face to face with this blonde young man. Up close, he was cuter than I thought. He introduced himself as Brian, and asked if I could open the garage door, my husband must have closed it out of habit as he left for work. I invited him in and led him back, down the short flight of stairs, through the game room, to the door leading to the garage. I showed him the buttons to operate the garage doors, told him to come and go as he needed. As I was talking to him, I noticed his attention directly on me, catching him looking at me in the eye. I felt a blush come over my face and could not help to smile as I looked away, trying to direct my words to the work at hand. When I looked back up, he was still looking at me, or should I say, he was looking me over, but trying to do it without looking like he was doing it. Quickly, as if not to be caught, he moved his eyes back up to mine. I told him to let me know if they had any questions and retreated back into the house as the garage door started to lift up.

I was surprised at my reaction to this young man. As I walked back through the game room, I noticed my breathing was hard and I felt flustered. It is at this point I should mention, that Bill and I are swingers, on and off, for 6 years, which is why we are familiar with this web site. It has not been easy, as we are dedicated to keep our lifestyle a secret from our family, kids, co-workers and friends, but we have had some fun experiences; Same room soft swap mostly, but a couple full swap. For me to act like a school girl over this kid was completely out of character. His good looks and youth pushed the right buttons with me. I made my way to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Looking in the mirror, I saw what Brian was looking at; my hard nipples pressing against the soft cotton fabric of the sleep shirt I was wearing. The shirt was just the right tightness to gently hug my upper body, you could see my breast’s subtle outlines, but my nipples were visibly pressing against the fabric like two pencil erasers, very obvious. This was likely caused by the cold air of the garage, maybe amplified by my attraction for this young cute blonde, what-ever the cause, the effect was giving Brian a good view that I was braless under my sleep shirt.

The specific sleep shirt on that day is a light blue cotton pullover, solid colour, no pattern, V-neck that shows just a hint of cleavage. It is not baggy but rather a slight snug fit, and reaches down halfway to my knees. On each side is a slit that open up along the leg up to crotch level, causing me to show off a lot of leg when I am sitting just right, something my husband loves about these sleep shirts. But when I stand normal, the slits are hardly noticed. As I looked in the mirror, I appreciate how I looked, pleased that a young man stared at my body. Throughout everything our busy lives contain, my husband and I never lost sight of keeping ourselves in shape and healthy. We eat healthy, we don’t smoke, we each have regular exercise routines, and we are active on weekends, spending time on our bikes, hiking, or on the water. Neither of us are shy about grooming, taking the time to look nice. Basically, if I am honest, my husband and I are fit and attractive for a late 40’s couple. Not Ken & Barbie, but attractive and fit. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I began to appreciate how I looked for Brian. Though I was still wearing what I had on in bed, I did not look like I just got out of bed.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I softly explored my body over the sleep shirt, looking at myself as Brian would see me. The more I realized how he stared at my body, completely naked except for the sleep shirt fabric, I took notice how the shirt accented the outline of my breast, the hardness of my nipples, my narrow waist. I turned sideways to the mirror, bent over slightly, allowing the slit along the legs to open up, exposing a teasing amount of thigh skin. I was fully aware how the fabric along my ass silhouetted the smooth outline of my ass without being hampered by panties. I was teasing myself watching how the slits on the side allowed the fabric to fall forward the more I bent over, exposing more side leg and front leg. I locked my legs straight, bent my body forward at the waist, grabbing the towel bar, watching the skin appear under my sleep shirt as the fabric below my waist dr*pe forward. I was excited to show myself in this exposed position, recognizing how daring I was wearing just this over my naked body, while the young man work in my house. As I teased myself, I felt the fluids from my pussy, I was making myself wet. I sensed my shaved pussy exposed when I lifted the waist line of my sleep shirt up four inches, and lean forward, exposing a glimpse of my smooth pussy to myself. I was having fun teasing myself, expressing myself in the mirror. I straightened up, leaned back against the wall, facing the mirror, I slid my hands down my sides, into the top of each slit, my fingertips feeling the warm smooth skin of my upper thighs under the fabric. As I envisioned Brian’s hand movements, my hands gently caressed my own warm thighs, slowly working toward the top of my pussy. My legs remained tight, as I explored my body under the front fabric of the sleep shirt. I was definitely turned on touching myself. I watched in the mirror how my hands glided along my thighs under the fabric. I watched how I was leaning back against the wall, pressing my chest out, forcing my nipples forward. I watched my own facial expression as this self-pleasure was taking place. I have always had an exhibition personality, but with family and work, opportunities to express my exhibition side remain limited. As I watched myself in the mirror, I fantasized exhibiting myself to Brian in a public scenario. I maintained my legs closed, denying my hands access between my legs, all part of the fantasy going through my mind, but I could feel the moisture building up in the fold between my legs.

To deny myself relief, I put an end to my game, returned to the office area. I was teasing myself by not giving to the satisfaction I wanted. I find my best orgasms are ones where the pleasure is extended out, building up the desire and a need to cum. If I deny myself self-satisfaction until later in the day, I should bring myself to a heart stopping self-inflicted orgasm. I managed about 45 min of work when I heard a voice call from the game room. As I made my way over, I smoothed out the fabric along my body. I wanted to accent any silhouette forms under the fabric, expressing my body to this young man. There at the door leading down to the game room, Brian waited, not wanting to come in the house. I could feel his eyes on my body as I walked down the short hallway to him. I watched as his eyes were unsure where to look, but continually drawn to my chest, and what I knew were my hard nipples. Reaching the doorway, I was as nonchalant as I could, focusing myself on what he was saying, but noticing his eyes catching glimpses of my body. My eyes locked on his face and his eyes, catching each movement of his for a quick glance at the cloth draping over my smooth breast. He told me that they were about to shut off a couple breakers for the furnace, just in case I needed to safe any work on my computer. Turning off the breakers should not affect the room I was working in, but better safe than sorry. I said thank you for letting me know, then, I just stood there, waiting for him to make the next move, waiting to see what if he had a follow up question or comment. It was making an awkward pause, one that he was not willing to break, with me standing in front of him as I was. I was loving it too much, teasing this cute young man, who was so obviously appreciating my attire that morning. I even pressed my chest out just a little more, part of me trying to be careful it was not obvious, and the other part of me making sure he noticed.

The pause was broken, and Brian retreated back into the game room, closing the door behind him. I delayed outside of the closed door long enough to feel myself up along my breast over the fabric. What I just did to tease him, was a big turn on to me. My breast ached to be touched and standing in the empty hallway, I worked to please the desire felt in my breast. It was this point I realized what I was doing to myself and him. I started to ask myself what was I expecting from all this sexual tension I was creating for him and myself. Bill and I had a rule about swinging; we only play together. Was I secretly wanting to play with Brian? I was unsure. I started to walk back to the office. Sitting down in front of my computer once again, I did not return to my work. I sat quietly, wondering what I was wanting of myself. Why was I teasing this young man and myself like this? Realizing, it was getting out of hand, all my fault, I decided I needed to give myself relief, to tone down this sexual desire building up in myself. I put my work off to the side, pulled up one of my favorite porn sites (yes, I love to watch porn as much as my husband does. Unusual for a woman? In the real world, I doubt it). Finding an amateur mmf threesome, a favorite fantasy of mine, I watched in silence, seated at my desk.

What I call our office is actually an open space or nook off the main living area. It is big enough to hold a desk, a comfortable chair and some shelves. The desk faces into the house, with a window behind the chair. No privacy, but we never felt the need for privacy in this area. I feel comfortable enough in this spot, where I have privately watched porn without being noticed. Along with facing into the house, the desk also had a barrier along the legs, hiding all but the feet from view. There is built in storage nooks along the back of the desk top, where the monitor sits on top, providing some visual barrier if anyone walked by. The space is open to view, but my privacy is insured,

I directed my attention to the computer, emerging myself into the world of the three attractive amateurs on the screen. I sat back, comfortably reclining. At first, I resisted my need to self-pleasure, but as I watched my show, I freely let my left hand slid along my bare left leg. As I mentioned before, sitting just the right way, the open slits on each side, allows some nice expose of the legs. My right hand still holding the mouse, I felt along my left thigh with my left hand. First along the top of my thigh, then down along the inner mid-thigh. I did not want to rush this, I wanted to get through as much teasing as I could before cumming, to enjoy the anticipation. I was enjoying the two men on screen, watching them worship the woman. Every portion of her body accepting the attention of the four hands and two mouths exploring her body. I was envious of her. I lifted my right leg, placing the foot on the chair, laying the leg on the arm rest. Both legs now bare, but he fabric remaining between my legs, still covering my bare pussy. I surrender my pussy to my left hand, allowing it to gently caress the moist opening. I was suddenly aware of how wet I was, my finger gently gliding long just past the pussy lips, from the top to the bottom. When my finger brushed against my clit, a shutter rushed through my body. I immersed myself in the pleasure, watching the film, caressing my pussy. Slowly, I was reaching the peak I so badly needed. Slowly, but steadily, with each new stroke, my fingers penetrated a little deeper. I could smell the faint hint of wet sex in the air. I gently bit my bottom lip, my eyes glued to the woman as she is penetrated slowly by one man from behind, while she gave the other man only what could be described as an uninhibited blowjob, full of enthusiasm. I pressed deeper into myself, imagining the feeling of a smooth hard cock between my lips while being slowly fucked from behind.

Suddenly, a voice from down the hall pulled me out of my fantasy, and my finger out of my pussy. A voice calling for me, the familiar voice of the young blonde, Brian. I straightened out my sleep shirt, took a long drink of water, a deep breath, and walked out to find Brian. Part of me was disappointed I did not have the opportunity to finish myself off, but part of me knew that extending this out, would make my eventual orgasm better. My face felt hot, and I was shaking slightly. So close, so close….

I meet up with Brain, still having a tough time not looking at my chest. I was anxious to look in the mirror, see just how excited the nipples were looking from masturbation just now. Brian was asking to access the crawl space, and needed to know where it was. I lead him down to a bedroom closet (why these things are in bedroom closets???). First, I had to clear out the floor for him. I crouched down and started pulling out shoes. My first arm load, I dumped on the bed, and noticed out of the corner of my eye, Brain’s eyes following me, giving me the feeling his eyes were undressing me. I loved it! Part of me felt self-conscience, another part of me wanted to express the exhibitionist inside me. As I moved from closet to bed, I sensed the quiet tension in the room. After dropping my second arm load on the bed, I put a little bounce in my step back to the closet, feeling my breast giggle under the fabric. ‘’What a fucking tease’’ I thought of myself. When I reached down to pick up shoes off the floor, I did so with straight legs, feeling the fabric stretch along my ass. I know the fabric, thin enough to show Brian I had no panties on. Passively exhibiting myself, this was turning me on so much. At one point, I made an excuse to reach up to the back of the high shelf, allowing my sleep shirt to ride up my body. I knew it was not short enough to show off any of my bare ass, but I did hope it would be enough to tease Brian’s interest. I continued back and forth between the closet and bed, refusing any offers to help from Brian, leaving him with nothing to do but wait and watch me. I felt like I was on display for him.

Finally done, Brian opened up the access panel, then dropped into the crawlspace. I quickly popped into the bathroom, needing to look at myself again in the mirror. Ohhhh, the outline of my hard nipples was on full display under the fabric. When I did a little bounce of excitement, I noticed that my breast did in fact giggled under the fabric. Brian must have noticed when I put a little bounce in my step in the bedroom. Quickly, I reached down and gave my pussy a little stroking. It made me lay my head back and release a little sigh. I had to get back to the computer, my movie, and finish myself off.

Then I heard his voice from below, but I did not hear what he said. I straighten myself out, moved back to the crawlspace access. I sat down on my knees, leaned into the opening and asked him to repeat himself. Giving him the information, I felt like I had to wait in case I was needed, I sat there with my legs tucked under my body, my bare ass on my feet, the front flap laid between my thighs, with my legs spread in an open V facing the closet as I sat. It was not any sort of porn pose, just the natural way one would sit back on your knees with your ass on your feet. But since I was naked, and with my legs spread as they were, I knew I was one thin fabric from exposing my pussy with my legs wide open. As I noticed I was a only couple feet from and facing the crawlspace access, I gave my knees a bit more space between them. Then as an afterthought, I tucked the fabric in a bit between my legs, exposing more of my bare upper thighs. Looking down at what I did, I felt my pussy tingle even more. It was not a slutty look, just a bit more daring.

When Brian finally popped his head up, ready to come up, his look was priceless. If he only knew how wet and open my pussy was just under that flap. I certainly did, and it was driving me crazy. As we talked about what was going on in the crawlspace, I was fantasizing, visualizing myself laying my upper body back against my arms, moving the fabric to the side, exposing my wide wet pussy to him, and watch his reaction as I slid my hand along my smooth skin to my pussy and play with myself right in front of him. I was lost in my fantasy, but that was in my mind, in the room, we just talked about the work in progress. I noticed for the first time a wedding ring on his hand. Curious, I asked and he confirmed he was married, four months now. I also learned he was only 24. I commented that is young to get married, but learned they were high school sweethearts. I am sure he was not ready yet to get out of the hole, but ran out of excuses to remain there at eye level, looking at my smooth firm exposed thighs while we talked about married life. He hopped out, and we left the room. He headed back to the game room, I went back to my desk and movie.

I settled in, pushed play, and placed my left hand back in position, finger fucking myself as I watched the naked woman lay on her back, making out with one guy as he rubbed her heaving breast while the other guy licked her pussy. I wanted to be in her place, I wanted two men giving me all their attention and both of their cocks.

I was taken by surprise when Brian came around the corner with a question. I did not hear him come down the hall way. I froze and tried to act as normal as possible. The table blocked his view, he could not see that I was fingering myself, and the sound was tuned off on the computer, he had no idea what I was watching. I pulled my finger out as I talked to him, and pressed pause. I was just edging and so close, now I was almost shaking with the need to cum, but I worked hard to keep a normal appearance.

Brian apologized about interrupting my work. Before I realized I did it, I replied I was not working but watching a movie. I wish I had not done that. He asked me what I was watching. I did not have a good answer for him, I was just too flustered, my mind was not thinking correctly. I mumbled some stupid answer, making him laugh and saying that did not sound like a good movie. He walked over to take a look. I just sat there. I could have stopped him, but I didn’t. I let him walk around the desk and look at the monitor. There, frozen on pause, was a naked woman with two naked men. Brian did not expect to see that there. With his youth, I don’t think he expected to find a woman watching porn. But before he could look away, I clicked play. Silently, the men continued to please this woman with soft petting and oral pleasures. Brian was speechless, but he mumbled something as he tried to walk away. I grabbed him by the waist before he could, asking ‘’Don’t you like porn?’’ The question surprised him, he did not have an answer. Softly, I made a commentary about the action going on, and we both watched. My hand was still hooked in his waist line, but I moved my right hand, releasing the mouse, to my expose right thigh. Looking down, both my thighs were in plain sight, the fabric of the front flap wedged between my legs, still shielding my pussy from view. I realized that the waist was bunched up and I was showing a lot of upper thigh, almost to the pelvis bones.

With my hand on my thigh, I softly stroked it, without a second thought, my legs just instinctively spread wider, not really wide, but enough that I could gently glide my hand along the bare thigh, under the fabric. Brian continued to watch the movie, as I did. He did not attempt to move but I still had a hold of his waistband. The girl was now riding on top of one guy, with the other guy leaning in, and licking her pussy as she slid up and down on the first guy’s cock. I let out a ‘’God, that is hot,’’, and inserted a finger in my pussy. The fabric was still blocking any view, but I am sure Brian knew what was happening under there. I tilted my head against Brian’s pelvis. My left hand moves to the small of his back, gently caressing him. We silently watched the movie, no words exchanged for the longest time. I continued to softly finger myself under the not so subtle cover of my sleep shirt. In the movie, one guy on his back with the girl is riding cock, he came in her pussy, then the girl slides off him and up the other man’s body to straddle his face. He proceeds to eat out her freshly fucked pussy. It was too much for me. My right hand moved from my pussy to Brian’s pants, and along the zipper, I felt a hard cock constrained under his cloths. With the flat of my palm, I rubbed his erection though his pants, still watching the movie, I rubbed him hard. I could sense him moving his hips, pressing into my hand. When I looked up to his face, he was looking down at me and my body. I never ever intended it to go this far, and I never intended or planned to break any promises to my husband, but right there at that moment, I had needs.

I stood up, kissed him. First, he hesitated, but soon he was returning my kiss. Soft, soft kisses, exchanging touches, lots of heaving breathing. My right hand started working his pants open. He made an attempt to stop me, but when I placed his hand on my breast and the other on my ass, he was soon feeling me up through the cotton fabric as I open up his pants. His cock was rock hard. When I grasped the head, it was wet with precum. I rubbed my hand down and back up along his shaft as we kissed. With my encouragement, I felt his right-hand work under my sleep shirt, feeling my bare ass. I moaned as I felt his hand rub my smooth warm ass cheek. His other hand still working my nipples pressing the fabric to the side to access bare nipple. We explored each other as we made out.

I gave in and asked him in a hushed voice ‘’Do you want to fuck me?’’ That caught him and myself by surprise. In a whisper, Brian replied ‘’What? But I am married. You are married.’’ I made him moan as my hand made a down ware stroke along his hard cock inside his underpants. I asked him again ‘’Do you want to fuck me?’’ He did not answer this time, conflicted in his mind, obviously extremely turned on, but sensitive that he would be cheating on his wife and I would be cheating on my husband, not to mention that his co-worker was still working in the game room and garage. Leaning back in, we continued our kissing. I worked his pants down off his hips, releasing his cock, and down his leg. I let my hands roam from his cock and balls around to his ass and back. Brian’s actions also were turning more animated, both hands on my ass, kneading my cheeks, rubbing up along my back under the soft fabric. I was so turned on, one of the hottest moments of my life. Though finding it difficult to talk, I tried again; ‘’If we stop now….. you will probably go into the bathroom and jack off….. I will most certainly sit back down here and finger fuck myself…... can’t we just help each other out…. a really good hard fuck?’’ There was no patience in my passion, I had to be blunt. He was still hesitating, but I noticed his hands were still all over my body, one even rubbing my ass between the two cheeks, and he was not moving my hand away from his cock. I went ultra-bold and must have been completely out of my mind. Releasing his cock, I grabbed the bottom of his shirts to pull them over his head. He quickly grabbed my hands to stop me. Not to be deterred, feeling a hard fuck was so close, I released his shirts, and grabbed my sleep shirt. Looking at him in the eye with determination, I raised the bottom up past my waist, then grabbed the whole thing, and pulled up over my head, tossing it to side, totally naked, showing him my fit 40-something body. I was so horny, but being naked in that situation, I was experiencing new levels of sexual tension. Both his hands went for my breast and aching nipples. This time I pulled his shirts over his head with no resistance. We made out, kissing like lover, feeling his young firm warm skin against mine, only encouraged me more. Brian had no resistance left. He grabbed, rubbed, explored my naked body. We moaned softly as we made out. I grabbed his ass and pulled him tight against me, feeling his erection pressing hard against my pelvis.

I needed to be fucked so bad. There was no self-control and caution was not a factor in my life at that moment. I needed this young man’s cock in me deep. I needed a hard-passionate fuck. Trying to take control, I turned around in Brian’s arms, pressing my bare back against his bare chest. Feeling his ridged cock pressing between the folds of my ass cheeks. He wrapped his arms around me, grabbing a breast in each hand, tweaking my nipples with obvious inexperience. My arms wrapped back, around his body, grasping his skin with my nails. Grinding my ass against his cock, laying my head back, my mouth searching for his. His co-worker could have walked in and I would not care. I would not stop for a second this sexual experience, just let him watch as Brian and I continued on. But he did not come around, Brian and I were on our own to continue as we wish, and I wished to be fucked.

I leaned forward, hands on the desk, pressing my ass back harder into Brian’s cock. I was ready, more than ready. His hands still on my breast, but pressing his erection back against my ass. This was it, I reached down, between my legs, grabbed his cock, pulled against the cock’s tension, rubbing his leaking cockhead along my wet pussy. When I worked the head past the wet lips, I pressed back against it, feeling it inch in. With the head inserted, my hand returned to the desk. With my body bend over, and gripping the desk, it was just a matter of pressing back, feeling Brian’s cock work deeper in my pussy. Now, Brian was a full participant, holding my hips, pressing himself deeper in my pussy. Working together, we got him to bottom out, balls pressing against my ass. From here, just the natural motion of his hips took over, and suddenly, I was being drilled by a young hard cock. The pace just steadily increased, feeling him pump me harder and faster. I concentrated on supporting my bent over body to receive his pounding from behind, my body shaking with each impact. Receiving hit after hit of his pelvis against my ass, his cock drilling my pussy each time, impacting my body. My eyes were closed, as my body enjoyed penetration after penetration. We both attempted to remain quiet, but I noticed the room was accented with heavy breathing, grunts, flesh slapping, moaning. Finally, I was getting fucked. I let him just fuck me silly. The type of inexperienced, clumsy, hard cock, vibrant, energetic, raw fuck a young man can give.

My head laid heavily. Opening my eyes, I was facing the computer screen, finding the woman and one man sucking the other man’s ridged cock. Soon, I was cuming. Uncontrollable, I let out soft moaning squeals of pleasure. My body rolling through one after another orgasm. Brian kept increasing his energy, his cock attacking my pussy harder and harder, grunting and breathing hard. Still I came, shuttering, rippling. My legs were going weak, my upper body collapsing on the desk as Brian continued to assault my pussy. He lasted much longer than I was expecting, but when he did cum, he grunted loud, “where do you want me to cum?”. I shot back ‘’In me……cum in me…..cum in me…….fuck….oh fuck me……cum in me!!’’. Pressed deep, I felt him fill the deepest parts of my pussy, feeling him pulse over and over, grunting and gasping with each shot. I felt his grip grab hard on my hips, his body jerk uncontrollably, then relax. We were both breathing very hard, back to trying to keep quiet. Not ready to end this, his slid his spent cock in and out of me slowly, milking his cock with my pussy. He fell forward, wrapping his body around mine, feeling my breast, catching his breath, still very much deep in me. I laid on the desk, still weak, my legs barely holding me up. It was quick, it was hard and raw, it was wonderful. It was about then I realized we fucked without a condom. ‘’oh fuck’’ escaped my lips. No one but Bill has fucked me bareback since we have been together.

Brain and I regained ourselves, he pulled out, and pulled off me. I managed to find the will to stand up, but still leaned on the desk. Turning around, was a beautiful young man, fully naked except for the pants around his ankles. His semi hard cock wet with cum still pointing in my direction. I was feeling a little different about it all after my sexual needs were satisfied, feelings of guilt starting to go through my head. I gave Brian a little kiss on the lips, told him ‘’Thank you so much.’’, and walked my naked body to the bathroom for a couple towels. He was still standing there naked in the open when I came back. We cleaned ourselves up, and dressed. Brian quickly went back to work, I went for a shower.

I struggled with what I did the rest of the day. F**** this young man….f**** this young man without a condom. I was in trouble, but I knew that if I don’t come clean with Bill, that would be even worse. We have always been open about everything, it what enables us to remain together being in the lifestyle. That night, workers gone for the day, after a nice dinner, Bill and I settled on the couch for some TV. I struggled with myself, but found the courage to confess it all to Bill. At first he thought I was making it up, just telling him a sexy story to get him excited and in the mood. We have often exchanged fantasy stories like that, talking dirty, being honest with a fantasy. This was no fantasy, and he soon realized I was not talking dirty, but confessing. He sat there quietly. My voice cracking. I was so scared with what was coming next. He would not hit me, he would never hit me, but would he leave me? In the end, after telling him all the details, showing no reaction while I talked, only asking a couple questions, we just sat there quietly, facing each other. What happened next, I was not expecting in a milling years. Bill leaned in and gave me a loving tight hug. His only words were ‘’Wow, you had a much better day than I did.’’ making us both laugh. I started to cry. I love this man and he loves me. We were up late, talking it out. When we went to bed, neither of us could sleep, still talking in the darkness. The talking turned to a really nice f***. It was hard and passionate. No words exchanged, but I am sure both our minds were on the details earlier that day. Brian and I did not f*** the next day when they came to finish the job, but when they left, I watch through the window, looking at this young man who was my lover for a brief moment.

Now, would you like to read about the really crazy part of this story. Bill and I further talked about my dalliance. It became a popular topic while we fucked. Once I was comfortable with Bill’s comfort about it, I opened up with gritty details and feelings from that day. I liked reliving it, and Bill liked hearing about it. Then the fantasies started to be shared, like never before, including my mmf threesome fantasy. No long after, we did it, our first mmf threesome.

Together, we reconnected with Brian, learned more about each other, building a connection between Brain and Bill. Then, we all planned a day off from work. Brian showed up mid-morning. It started out slow, I served up a light breakfast and coffee, dressed in a light pull over that teased them both. Brian and Bill dressed down to their underwear. After breakfast, our kissing and light touching, evolved with us all naked on the bed, making out, the boys freely exploring my body. There was a good hour of foreplay before any cock penetrated me. Bill taking the first turn on my wet pussy. I was so turned on, laying on my back, Bill kneeling between my legs, slowly fucking me, watching as I sucked on Brian’s cock. Changing places before Bill lost his load but allowing me one orgasm, I readjusted to all fours, Brian entered me from behind, slowly, so I could still concentrate on sucking Bill’s cock as he kneeled in front of me. I was in pure heaven. I loved being naked and available for two men at the same time. I was never short of a hard cock to enjoy. Bill watched over my body, seeing Brian fuck me, holding my hips, reaching down to play with my tits. I put in every effort to give Bill a great blowjob, but when Brian picked up his pace, the sensation was beyond me, I started to stroke Bill as Brian repeatedly penetrated my pussy. Soon I could not multitask, and was left with just holding Bill’s throbbing cock, showing he was really enjoying watching Brian fuck his wife. As I want through a series of orgasms, Bill took over stroking his own cock. My eyes closed, and head collapsed to the bed with my ass up in the air, legs spread wide. My body pounded from behind, the feel of Brian’s pelvis hitting my ass. As Brian came, in my haze of contentment I faintly noticed a wet feeling along my nose and face. As I calmed down, I noticed the familiar taste of cum, looking up realizing Bill shot his load across my face and aimed in my open gasping mouth. He feed me his cock for me to suck the remaining cum in him, while Brian held his cum deep in me after releasing his load. I was filled in both ends. So fucking fantastic. This was my first time with two men, and my greatest fuck.

The three of us continued to play together for the rest of the day, providing a couple more orgasms for all of us, until Brian had to leave in the mid-afternoon. It was so much fun, that we made arrangements to meet again, three weeks later, during the work week. Once again, it was a day of hedonism. Again, I was on all fours, fucked from behind, and a cock in my mouth. I begged for them to cum and when they did, my pussy and mouth filled. I enjoyed the day taking every opportunity to be filled by both Brian & Bill’s cocks. But that day, a little something else happened. Again, Brian had to leave mid-afternoon, but as I walked Brian to the door naked, our good-bye kiss evolved into making out, and soon he was naked as well. With me sitting on the back of the couch, knees wide, Brian stood between my legs, fucking me one last time. Bill sat off to the side watching with a big smile as Brian and I both came together. Pulling out of me, my limp body fell back onto the couch, naked and satisfied, with more cum leaking from my pussy. Brian dressed, gave me a kiss and left. As I laid there, I looked at Bill, asking him if he had fun. Without a word spoken, he moved over to me, and to my shock, positioned between my legs and proceeded to eat me out. Freshly fucked, with cum along my naked body, Bill dove in, cleaning me up and eating my pussy. I love it when he eats me out after we fuck, but never in a million years would I have envisioned Bill eating me out after another man fucked me. I love my freshly fucked pussy to be eaten out, but having Bill eat me out filled with Brian’s cum, that was even hotter, and it made Bill rock hard. It quickly brought me to orgasm, and as soon as I recovered, I returned the favor, sucking my husbands ridged cock, working his erection with my mouth, and his balls with my hands, until he released his load in my mouth, sucking him clean, swallowing every drop. Just when you think there are no more surprises in life.

We had a little break before our next threesome, but we often relived all the excitement from Brian’s first two visits. The more we relived the adventures and watching threesome porn, we wondered, would it be possible to have a threesome with Brian, filmed. Then we could not just remember all the good times, we could watch them. The first step was to run it by Brian, who turned out to be ok with it if only us three would ever see it. Then, there was the matter of finding someone to film it. Luckily, we had a person in mind.

We meet Terry at a swinging party. One of the few single males we see allowed at these events. A divorced professional 30 something guy with a great personality to fit in these events without being pushy. We never played with Terry, but remember meeting him at these parties a couple times. Bill remembered in one conversation with him tell a story how he was asked by a couple to film them fucking. A little research later, we had his number and reached out. Working together Bill & I, Brian, and Terry came up with a date that would work for all of us, Saturday this time. We were not sure if we would have a day’s worthwhile of material to record, so left it open on when Terry wanted to leave.

The Saturday arrived. Bill and I excited to have our own threesome recorded for us to enjoy watching when we wanted. The day started casual as usual, Terry mixed in well, almost started recording as soon as he arrived, recording what he thought would be worth watching. The morning started with us in panamas, having breakfast, teasing and kissing, soft petting, but like previous times, the excitement escalated, providing great material for Terry to catch. I remember in my sexual bliss with Brian and Bill’s attention on me, looking over and seeing Terry behind the digital camera watching us. That hit every button of my exhibitionist spirit. With Brian eating my pussy and Bill sucking on my nipples, my eyes were on Terry watching us. He was wearing a t-shirt that showed off his chest, and loose-fitting tan yoga pants. I could make out a semi hard cock outlined by the loose fabric. He moved around the room, catching the best angles, recording the action he thought we would want captured to view again.

The camera was always aimed on us. Whenever I took a look, I found Terry on the job, getting the best views of our intertwined bodies. Often I looked straight into the camera while in the middle of sexual attention from my boys. I felt so proud of my body, ready to expose it in any way for the camera, knowing our healthy lifestyle and exercise was paying off like never before in our lives. My naked body constantly up against Bill & Brian, both fit attractive men. This film was going to be good. And I know I was right, when I saw the outline of a hard erection under Terry’s yoga pants, very prominent. One time, I was lost in my world of pleasure with Bill & Brian, and lost track of Terry. I remember well, laying on top of Bill, making out, with Brian fucking me from behind. As Bill sucked on my nipples, I looked over, see Terry still recording us, but completely naked. At some point, he undressed, and his hard cock was standing proudly in the open air. It was a long cock, longer than Brian’s & Bill’s, and they both have respectable size cocks, but Terry’s was just longer. Bill saw it too, but it did not bother him or seem to bother him, he just continued to kiss me as Brian continued to slowly fuck me, keeping me on the edge of an orgasm. I am sure Brian saw it too.

Terry continued to film us, while he was naked. Never attempting to join in and was not invited. I keep looking at his long cock as he filmed us, watching it wave about as he continued to move for the best angles. I liked he was naked, I liked he was hard from watching us. He has a good body, his cock and balls, shaved smooth, were a pleasure to look at. So many times, he was close enough, I could just reach out and grab hold of it, feel the warm hard flesh extending from his body, but I didn’t, remaining content with the two men I had giving me their attention. The sex continued on and off for most of the day, with intermittent breaks here and there. Sometimes, it was a one on one, mostly two on one. Bill & Brian pleased me very much. I lost count of how many times I came. We were filmed in the kitchen, one time in the bathroom, but mostly in the bedroom. They gave me their cum in my pussy, my mouth or just on my breast. It was wonderful. Terry with his long erection recorded it all.

In the late afternoon, it was time that Brian has to get going. After he left, Bill, Terry and I were relaxing in the living room. Bill dressed in pajama bottoms, Terry in his toga pants, no shirts for either one. I pulled on a large t-shirt that was just long enough to cover my ass and pussy. We ended up on the couch, I was sitting between Terry and Bill, looking over some of the footage filmed that day on the little screen of the digital recorder. I was facing into Terry and Bill looking over my shoulder. We had just enjoyed a day of fucking, and all a bit tired, but it was so hot watching the action recorded for the first time. Bill started rubbing my bare leg as we watched, when we reached the point where Bill and I are in a 69, with Brain fucking me from behind, I got hot. Brain was good enough to let Bill lick my click as he fucked me, something that really turned me on. I could not see any of it, but could feel Bill’s tongue run along my clit, and was turned on by the thought of his tongue making contact with Brian’s cock With this recording, I could witness some of it. My hand moved to my pussy as I watched. Bill, seeing this, pulled my t-shirt off. I did not care, I liked being naked and exhibiting myself. As I gently fingered my pussy, Bill placed his hand over mine, encouraging my actions. We watched as Brian came in my pussy, then after pulling out, I did not move my pussy from Bill face, but raised my body from his cock. The three of us watched as I rode Bill’s face with my freshly fucked pussy, staring at the camera and most likely, Terry’s naked body and hard cock. It was so fucking hot watching me stare into the camera while riding Bill’s face as he cleaned my pussy. This was good stuff.

This is where my main fantasy became real, with the love of my husband. With Bill’s hand still over mine, he moved my hand from my pussy, and laid it over Terry’s lap. Under the yoga pants, I felt his semi hard cock. The fabric was thin, and I felt the details of his enlarged veins and smooth cock head. We continued to watch the screen as I rubbed Terry’s cock, feeling it get hard. Terry put the camera down, we were no longer interested what had happened, only in what was happening. Bill pulled the waist band up, and I reached in to grab a long hard aching cock that has not had any relief all day. I moaned with pleasure of the feel of this frustrated cock. I rubbed him from his balls up to his leaking cock. Terry leaned in for a kiss, and I did not resist. We exchanged soft open mouth kisses, until I noticed a movement; Bill slid off the couch onto the floor. Terry and I watched as Bill grabbed the waist line of Terry’s pants and pulled them off, leaving him as naked as I was on the couch. I watched as my husband of 20 some years, then proceeded to rub and stroke Terry’s hard cock in front of me. Bill was giving me a show, my own private live male on male touching as he softly stroked Terry, and Terry was good enough to let him. I was so turned on. Finally, I witnessed live male on male stroking, and it was so fucking hot.

Soon, Bill released Terry’s cock, and went between my legs and started to eat me out. Terry and I continued to make out, his attention on my breast, my hand on his cock. It was longer than Brian’s & Bills. Not freakishly long, but longer. I liked the feeling of this extra hard flesh in my hands.

Bill then escalated our situation. He pulled off my pussy, my soaking wet pussy, and positioned me to where I was on my knees straddling Terry. My back to Terry, and I was facing Bill, who was still kneeling on the floor in front of us. Bill asked Terry to set up the camera to record. Recording, Bill placed the camera on the coffee table, facing us. Terry was feeling my breast up, as I stared down at my husband. Bill, with one hand caressing my belly and pelvis, his other hand grabbed Terry’s cock and stroked it as I watched. Long erotic stroking for my viewing pleasure, and for Terry’s sexual pleasure as he let out moans giving away his pleasure of my husband’s touch. Bill then angled the hard cock with the head pressing against my pussy. He was asking me to fuck Terry. I was not expecting this, did not plan this, but it was happening. With Bill watching, I lowered my body, letting my pussy take in the longest cock I have seen in real life.

My eyes glazed over as Terry’s cock reached depths unknown to my pussy. When I bottomed out, feeling my ass against his pelvis, I was in heaven. Raising and lowering myself while still on my knees, I looked as my husband watch me slowly fucked Terry. I put myself on display for my husband’s viewing pleasure. Bill placed his hand at the top of my pussy, rubbed my clit as I moved up and down. You could hear the wetness of my pussy in the quiet room. Then, Bill, my loving husband, leaned in and started to lick my clit as I rode up and down on Terry’s rod. To my delight, I was able to look down and clearly see my husband lick my pussy and the long wet shaft of Terry’s cock. I was able to witness what I missed with us in a 69. I lost control, I became very vocal. I was breathing hard, panting, moaning…..I was talking dirty to Bill, telling him to lick up that shaft, taste my cum on Terry’s cock. I was possessed. I was raising my body, just stopping before the head popped out of my pussy, then slamming back down. I watched as Bill licked Terry’s smooth shaved balls. I encouraged him, telling him to suck on those balls. Bill’s mouth back on my clit, followed my body up the shaft, and I pulled off the cock, watched the wet smooth cock head hit my husband in the face. Bill instantly took it in his mouth and proceeded to suck on Terry’s cock, as I looked down and watched. I had the beautiful view of Terry’s smooth cock head disappearing in my husband’s mouth as he gently sucked on it. Bill properly sucking the cock, letting me see man on man oral first hand. Terry did not resist, in fact, he reached down with one hand and started to finger my clit, finger fucking me while I watch my husband. I could hear Terry’s muffled moans from behind me, knowing it was my husbands warm wet mouth creating that pleasure. It was too much, so fucking erotic, what I always wanted to experience with two men. A proper mmf threesome.

Suddenly, Bill pulled off Terry’s cock, placed it back in my pussy, and pulled me down heavy on to it so it was deep in me. Then just as suddenly, Bill stood up, pulled his pants off, exposing his very hard and excited cock. Naked, Bill stood on the couch and with his cock inches from my face, started to jack off as I continued to grind on Terry’s cock. Bill was in a trance, stroking faster and faster, inches from my face, grunting and moaning. I felt Terry’s breathing against my face, we were both watching Bill stroke faster and faster. “Open your mouth.” Bill cried. I opened my mouth and soon, rope after rope of cum shot out, landing in my mouth and on my face. I could feel Terry grip me harder, feel his mouth on my ear. As soon as Jack’s body relaxed and the cum stopped, Terry pushed me forward, laid me on the floor, spread my legs and re-entered my aching pussy. Face to face, Terry then proceeded to fuck me with raw sexual desire. He reached under my body, grabbed my ass with each hand, and slammed his cock in my pussy over and over. I still had a mouth full of cum when Terry proceeded to open my mouth with his and kiss me. I could taste Bill’s cum, so I know Terry could too. This excited me. I kissed Terry back, deep and hard. It was a fast-harsh fuck, but it was exactly what we needed. Soon, Terry’s body was jerking, and I felt the warm stream of his cum deep in my pussy.

With the final shot, Terry went limp on my body. Our kissing turned tender. He started to lick the cum off my face and then resumed our kiss. Then, he rolled off me, laying on his back next to me. Bill took his place and we exchange a passionate kiss. I love this man, and am so grateful what he gave me that afternoon. Soon, Terry got up, dressed and left, leaving us the recorded events of the day. Bill and I have reviewed the recordings many times, having sex while we relive the adventures of that day.

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