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You Cant Make This Shit Up!

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<i>Like my other stories, this one is also based upon true events. In this particular story, it is about as true as I can recall it. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with my stories, this one contains all sorts of sexual pairings, variations, fetishes and general good fun. If you are uncomfortable with bisexuality, select another author. Also, while condoms are not mentioned in this story, you can be assured that they were always in use.</i>

Here I am turning 65 and I still play with my dick like I'm in puberty. I play with it all the time. I consider it a "good" habit and I don't give a flying fuck what anyone might think. It used to bother my ex-wife that I would idly scratch and stroke my dick when we were alone. Many times, I offered it to her but more often than not, she declined and called me a pervert. As I have written here in the past, we were not sexually compatible and after my divorce, my sex life blossomed and reached its potential.

Ever since my divorce, I've had several friends where my "good" habit was appreciated and even celebrated. Many times since, I have watched and been watched as I play with myself. I even went to a meeting of a masturbation club where a dozen men and women sat around watching each other. It was extremely hot. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's not like masturbation is my kinky fetish. No, it is just a natural part of my life and I enjoy it, as well as other forms of sex. If an opportunity comes up to share it, hell, I'm there.

Also, if you have read my prior stories, you know that I am orally bisexual and my favorite encounters involve couples. True, finding bisexual couples can be a tough nut but since I moved down here to Sarasota, they may not be more plentiful but they can be found. It just takes a little work. You have to wade through a lot of bullshit and weed out a plethora of phonies. There are many guys out looking to get blown and they use the wife as bait for bisexual men who think they are speaking to a couple. Usually, he says he wants to meet first to size you up and see if you're acceptable to the wife. At one point, he will surely ask for a blowjob with no offer of reciprocity. The reality is that she never even knows what he does online, let alone his true sexual preferences and will probably never know about her husband's post. Nevertheless, with all the difficulties involved in finally hooking up with a bisexual couple, many of my encounters have been amazing and wonderful.

So here I was, on a rainy Saturday morning, looking over the pictures on my local adult swinger site and idly stroking my hairless testicles as I trolled for couples. About four pages in, I saw a picture of the fine bodies of a married couple living only about five miles away. I was immediately attracted to the fabulous female body with those large beautiful tits; it enticed me to click on their profile. "Mature discreet couple enjoys meeting bisexual people. We are very discriminating so please don't be offended if we don't get back to you. Men, women, couples, straight or bi. Contact us with pictures and what you like to do." Fortunately, their profile read that they were both bisexual, liked group masturbation and basically, were my kind of people. According to the site, we had a very high compatibility rating of 95%. I clicked onto the picture gallery which contained eight images. There were no head shots but both of them seemed to be in excellent shape. Her body was killer and he had a smallish beautifully shaped cock with a helmet that seemed oversized. There were a few pictures of her naked body. Finally, the last picture had them with some friends, all naked except for gaudy Mardi Gras masks. I looked closely at them...and then it hit me! I knew these two and I'd known them for years. Hell, I went to elementary school with them!

Donald and Lydia were longtime friends to both myself and my ex-wife. They moved from New York to Sarasota about twenty-five years ago. I'd grown up with them and had socialized with them quite a lot when I was married. She was always a knockout, quiet spoken and, while gorgeous, was not a very sensual person. She had an amazing rack that, sadly, was always hidden under prim dresses. Don was a bit of a pompous asshole but tolerable and often funny, it was all part of his salesman shtick and which Liddy (commonly called "Liddy") seemed oblivious. Many times, I had hosted them at my oceanfront East End home, sometimes for up to a couple of weeks of very friendly and polite vacation. It wasn't that they weren't good guests, they were and we often had many fun times with them but they could also be quite bland and boring. Also, as Don had made a small ton of dough (as the registered importer of expensive ladies' shoes with red soles), he also liked to spend it. We always ate and drank very well. When he sold his company, he pocketed a bundle and moved down to The Sunshine State for an early retirement of golf. That and dabbling in various businesses and real estate deals is his life, so far as I know.

Liddy became a nurse. Early in her career, she worked as the on-premise caregiver to am elderly Park Avenue lady who also happened to be one of the wealthiest heiresses in the world. She was a very good nurse and became quite in demand after the old lady died. She took a job as Head Nurse at New York Presbyterian and worked there until they decided to retire. Being idle in Sarasota wasn't working for her and so she went back to work. Today, she works as the Head Nurse of a local hospital. Childless, they always spent their money on expensive things, toys and luxury vacations. Their life seemed very very good albeit boring, so far as I knew.

Just after I moved down here, I called them. I hadn't seen them in more than ten years although we had spoken by phone during that time. We met and for several weeks, we socialized frequently which helped to ease my culture shock. At first, I enjoyed driving over to their immense house, swimming in their pool and playing a few holes on the course surrounding their home. And then Donald began to get on my nerves. Big time. Always needling me and trying to push my buttons went from annoying to exasperating. He seemed to enjoy condescending to me in a way I could not allow. He seemed to be glowering over me that he was still rolling in dough due to his acute acumen he displayed in his hobby of buying and flipping foreclosed homes. He flashed his Cuban cigars a lot. One day, while I was putting, he alluded to the fact that having suffered the financial downfall that I had, how could I afford green fees. He bordered on sneering and I ignored him putting out in two. But the end for me was when he pulled out a big bag of weed and began rolling fat spliffs. As I was new to the area and had not made any connections yet, I asked him if I could buy a little bit. Right away, he turned belligerent and told me in no uncertain terms that I could not buy from him and never to ask him again. "I'm not your 'man'!" he informed me. This wounded me. I was always free with my hospitality (and my pot) and this attitude was extremely insulting. It was not that he had said no to me but how he said it. I began to make some distance between them and until this morning, I had not seen them in almost a year. Now, I was seeing them and wow, what a view.

I decided to get in contact with them again. I always wanted to fuck Lidda and now there seemed a possibility. More important, though, was that I wanted to see the look on Don's face when he learned of my discovery. I relished this. Just as my financial and mental turnaround had allowed me to regain my humility, Donald needed a strong dose, too. I responded to their profile but did not include any head shots or any revealing information about my identity. I was reminded of the cartoon of two dogs sitting in front of a computer and one dog says to the other "On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog." I was sexy and vague band spoke highly of circle-jerks and bi-threesomes. I added a couple of body and dick shots and pressed "send." I waited a few minutes and then called them as myself. I had a nice mindless conversation with Liddy catching up on the past year. She happily invited me over for dinner on Friday of the coming weekend. She was always perky, efficient and yet ditzy, that Liddy.

I got a response from the sex site the very next day. It appeared that they had written the response together the night before. "Liked your email. We like the same things. Him: Nice cock. I'd like to do things to it. Her: It gets me off to watch two guys. I like to be watched when I diddle myself. Both: It excites us to watch each other cum. Tell us more. What do you do for a living? What kind of place do you live in?...etc." No pain, no weird stuff, no scat - just good old fuckin' and suckin'. After a few emails back and forth, we made a date to meet at a nice bar for a drink on Saturday. I was pumped.

Friday night, I arrived at their home with a good bottle of red and a few joints of the best stuff I could find. Liddy, now mature and of a certain age, looked amazingly youthful. Although there were age lines on both their faces, they easily could have been mistaken for their early forties. Her body did not seem to age either. Her large beautiful tits were still large and beautiful. Her ass was still a butt to bring a smile. Unfortunately, she still dressed matronly and even a bit austere. I simply hated her Peter Pan collar because I couldn't glom her fine tits. Our evening was all right, even pleasant and polite, if you will. As I knew they were both still in touch with my ex, I remained cagey with most of my answers. And naturally, Don threw some cutting remarks my way before Liddy and I mildly quashed him. I was being cute with them and at one point in the evening, I could no longer contain myself. I scratched the edge.

"I have to say that I don't know how you two do it. You both don't age. Liddy, you've always had a lush body, and one that I often drooled over, but now it's even better. You are one hot and sexy woman."

She preened and waved her head back, riffling her blond hair across her face and arching her back causing those fine melons to stand up proudly. Talk about sending signals! Don picked up on it.

"You couldn't afford her, Ray."

I smiled and let it slide. A little later, he complimented me on the pot.

"This stuff is great stuff. I haven't been able to get anything nearly as good as this. Can you sell me a joint or two?"

"No. I'm not your man, Don!"

Silence. That seemed to put him in his place and for the next couple of hours, we had a pleasantly distant dinner. Not long after coffee, I left and was on my way home and all I could think about was Don's snotty attitude and how it would play during Act II.

The next day, as I drove to the fancy top-tier bar overlooking Sarasota Bay, it was still all I could think about. I went over a thousand monologues and dialogues in my head knowing full well that I would go with it as it unfolded and roll with it. I liked that I was in the driver's seat. As I pulled into the parking lot, I avoided the valet line and parked my little car in the back between a Jeep Wrangler and a Chevy Cruze. Walking toward the entrance, I was astonished by all the Bentleys lined up in the valet lot. I thought I might spy Don's Bentley but there were just too many.

We agreed to meet at the bar and as I turned toward it, I spotted them looking eagerly at the door. When our eyes locked, theirs were like deer in the headlights.

"Donald, Lydia! Funny meeting you here!"

We politely kissed. Both were clearly uncomfortable.

"Ray, what are you doing in this neighborhood? Isn't this a little out of your range?"

"Well, it all depends what you're here for and how far you range, doesn't it? So what are you two doing here?"

Liddy jumped in quickly. "Oh...uh...we're meeting a couple from our club." At best, it seemed like a lame excuse.

"A little business, you know, Ray? Plus, he still owes me from the round I killed him on last week." Don thought he was so smart. "And so, you never answered. Why are you here?"

"You probably wouldn't believe it if I told you. How 'bout buying me a drink. I'll have a Martell VSOP. Thanks. And why don't we sit out there on the terrace until your friends come." I was such a smug prick.

Once we were set up on the terrace, in a nice quiet corner, Don asked me again why I was there.

"Liddy, last night you were dressed like a nun. Tonight, I could dive into your awesome cleavage. What's with the tits?"

She feigned embarrassment. "You always say the nicest things, Ray. You have a real way with words." She persisted, "You still haven't answered. So what are you doing here?"

"Okay, I'll tell you. First off, you can both relax. What I am about to say stays between us. If you don't understand at first, I promise you, you will. Except for at the end of my marriage, I was always monogamous. Oh, we had a lot of sex during the marriage but it was boring to me and very plain vanilla even at the beginning." They both squirmed in their chairs. "Still, I did not stray. After my divorce, I had many eye-opening experiences that awakened me to endless possibilities. Yes, I was broke and beaten and yes, I lived in a wealthy resort that I could no longer afford to live in, but I did what I had to do to make ends meet and still enjoy living there. I was chastened and I might say, humbled and humiliated in many ways. Especially in the sex department... that is, until a couple picked me up and I experienced my first threesome, and a bisexual threesome at that. Ever since then, I enjoy the company of couples. I live to give and recieve pleasure. I'd say I have a strong hedonist streak. So imagine my surprise when I saw your profile on SarasotaSweetSpot..."

Don's face was dark. He was at a loss for words. Liddy was also stunned, her blue eyes turned stone gray. Suddenly, she lost the oblivion and the ditz.

"Now before you get all paranoid and crazy, be assured that I will never tell a soul and that this is between us three. By your placing a profile and by me trolling for partners, we made a silent agreement to respect our right to be discreet. Yes, I know your secret and I have honestly told you mine. I believe we are all of the same mind. I love to sit around and jerk off and watch other people jerk off...and I like to eat pussy for hours on end...and I like to fill my mouth with the spongy helmet of a fat dick until it explodes in my mouth. Just like you." I stared hard at Don. "And just like you." I acknowledged Liddy's discomfort.

"I don't know what to say, Ray. You seem to know our little secret pretty well. I find it a little surprising because after all these years, I've never considered having sex with you. We were always friends." Her response was not offensive to me. Moreover, she seemed actually shocked that I had discovered them and she was being matter-of-factful. I understood completely; our long-time relationship was part of another world.

"That's okay, Liddy. I don't intend to hook up with you two. I really wanted to see Don's face. I wanted to see my friend, pompous Donald, humbled for a change." I turned to him. "You see, I don't like your attitude toward me, Don. Who do you think you are? We both...we all come from the same place. I don't like you belittling and needling me. I've been quiet about it but no longer. We've been friends for a long time but you've become a little too big for your britches. See, you may be rich and I may not be but in so many ways, we are alike. For one thing, we both like to suck cock and eat cum. That levels the playing field somewhat, doesn't it?"

He was stunned and his face registered his shock. It was the first time he was made speechless. I rose from the table.

"If I were you, I would remove the picture with the masks, I knew it was you two immediately. Enjoy your night and I hope your friends from the "club" arrive. And Liddy, I have always loved your tits. They look better than I ever imagined and I imagined them plenty."

I turned and walked out feeling gratified. I knew I'd made my point. I knew I'd shocked the shit out of them. I doubted Don would ever diss me again. In fact, I doubted that either would ever speak to me again. I hoped they got the message. I drove home with a distinct "fuck you" working.

Things were quiet for the next couple of weeks. Between my writing assignments, I returned to trolling for couples with no results. It was okay. I mean, I still jerked off every day. I knew that when I found the right couple, it would be worth the wait. At least that's what I hoped and fantasized about as I slapped my monkey.

Liddy called me on a hot Tuesday afternoon. I'd just finished writing and I was laid out on the floor playing with my dog. Once I heard her voice, I sat up attentively as she spoke quickly. "Listen Ray, first I want to apologize to you...for me and blew us away, you know...I mean really. Really! You don't know how bad we feel. Listen, I want you to come over for dinner and the pool this weekend. Don and I want to get our friendship back on track, you know. We both feel bad. My poor husband was devastated by what you said. It shook him up so...oh, he was humbled, all right."

"I'll have to think about this." I love playing hard to get.

"Well, I'm just giving you a heads-up. Expect a call from him. And believe me, Ray, I really am sorry. I know that we took you for granted. Oh, and if it helps to convince you that we are sincere, don't bring a bathing suit."

"Okay, let's see what he has to say." Being a hard-on was one thing but her last remark gave me one.

I was still pissed though. I had doubted very much whether I would see them again and now, they are inviting me back. Seriously? Had I really made my point? I was sure that while taken aback, Don would still be full of himself and I didn't need any of his bullshit anymore. I truly doubted that I had much of an affect upon him.

About an hour later, Don called. He, too, spoke quickly and nervously. "Listen Ray, don't hang up on me...please. I called to apologize. I mean honestly apologize. You gave me a wake-up call that I really took to heart. Just come over for dinner and let's talk about this. Don't be an asshole, let us apologize to you. I've known you forever and I've always looked up to you as an honest friend and a big brother...and you proved that to me again...and I realized what a shit I've been...and I don't want to lose our friendship. We want to make it better. Neither of us want to lose you. Come on, what do you say?"

I was taken aback by his honesty. His voice sounded different. It was devoid of piss and vinegar. "Alright, Don. Saturday. I'll be there."

"Good. Don't bring your suit. There will be a few other people there I want you to meet. And by the way, your cock pictures turn us on. It's beauty... Everything will be cool, I promise."

I was curious, that much is true. Their calls had given me pause. But I was also wary. But what the fuck. Holding anger is negativity and that's no good for the soul. If there was a chance that his head had changed, I was willing to give him that chance. After all, we did have a long history. Of course, being told by both of them not to bring my suit was more than intriguing.

When Saturday rolled around, I dressed sharp. I'd showered earlier and manscaped by pubes and my balls all nice and clean. I smoked a few bowls of the good stuff and packed a little stash to take along. I picked up a bottle of Argentinean Malbec and drove the short distance to their house. When I pulled up, there were four other cars there - two Bentleys, a Mercedes and a Tesla. I supposed that he needed big-time support from his high-roller friends.

Liddy opened the door and immediately took my breath away. She was wearing a tank top and a bikini bottom. Her tank top was see-thru and those fabulous melons were on full display. I marveled at her silver-dollar nipples.

"Oh my, Liddy. Those are more beautiful than I ever imagined."

"Then take a look at the whole package, Ray."

She spun around and the bikini bottom hardly covered her butt. Her ass cheeks looked so ripe for the handling, I whistled under my breath.

"And here, my old friend, is the best part." She spun around again. "Especially for you...Camel Toe!"

Ouch! I felt my cock push against my shorts. Indeed, it was a perfectly formed camel's toe rising from her crotch. There was a moist line around her labia.

"Beautiful. Just beautiful."

"Yes, I agree...beautiful" Her hand traced the outline of my cock. She took my bottle and led me in. "Come and meet our friends. You will love them."

Out in the lanai, people in various stages of undress were chatting, drinking and toking. I absorbed the scene and stopped to stare at a woman with her private parts covered in body paint. Over at the bar was a tall man pouring a drink. My eyes focused upon his ten-inch-soft cock sporting three thick metal cock rings. This guy looked like he was sporting a tall can of beer or maybe a small keg between his legs.

I was pulled aside, handed a drink and a fat joint, the smoking kind. "Ah, my oldest friend is here. Everybody, may I have your attention? Would you all please come into the living room?" Don was showing off his lean physique with a carefully defined gold g-string pouch.

Liddy went around the Living Room and introduced me to the assembly. I was quite taken by one petite woman built in perfect proportions. Small and perfect. She reminded me of a pedigree toy poodle. I considered how much I would love to spin her. But then another woman caught my eye. She was just what I like; about 5'4", small round breasts with small brown ariolas and little nipples popping out, nicely tan, a small bangle hanging from her navel, slim hips and long legs. She wore a small black bikini bottom that hid the tops of the tattoos on her thighs. In flowery calligraphy, the word "Pain" was tattooed down and around one thigh. Curving down her other thigh was the word "Pleasure". Separating the two was a significant crotch gap highlighted by the fine line of a camel toe. My kind of girl. I noted that I had to make her acquaintance.

"Okay, let me have your attention, please. This is me and Liddy's oldest friend, Ray. We know him since elementary school. Ray lived just a few houses away from me growing up. He was like my big brother in those days. Ray has recently moved down here from New York and I have to admit, I have not acted in a very welcoming manner. For that I apologize. In fact, I have been downright rude. Crude. Okay, I acted like an asshole. I think that maybe this lifestyle has gone to my head and I've become pretty impressed with myself. And for what? For my financial success? Actually, it's just good old dumb luck, that's all. Not unlike many of you. You know, I haven't nearly accomplished the many amazing things my friend Ray has accomplished. I just have more money now than he does. Why? Only because he was fucked over and I wasn't. Big Fucking Deal. Ray has lived a more adventurous life while I've turned into a bore and a braggart, two things Ray has never been and believe me when I tell you, he could brag and make us all look like pikers. But that's not him. That's me. Or maybe...that was me. I intend to change my ways... I've already started...In front of all of you, friends who know me better than I know myself, in front of all of you, I apologize to my dear friend, Ray, and tonight, Liddy and I want to show our appreciation." He paused in thought and then smiled.

"So a few weeks ago, Ray gave us a comeuppance which was a long time coming. We earned it. We want to make amends. We want to make things right. We wanted you, our friends, to witness this mea culpa and perhaps take this lesson to heart. Most of us here could use a little humility, it makes for better character, wouldn't you say?"

'Why don't you get on your knees and suck his cock?" A chubby man wearing a black g-string offered this suggestion. I could tell he was just a fat little wise-guy with a fat little cock.

"See, Mel, that's what I'm talking about. Sucking Ray's cock is something I've secretly always wanted to do but I don't think that's the answer. And you don't either, you're just being a smart ass. Perhaps you should listen a little closer to what I'm saying. I'm talking about soul-bearing honesty here."

"Listen, Don," I jumped in as I didn't want to hear any negativity. "I appreciate your apology but this is all unnecessary...and embarrassing. I'm glad you realize my feelings but we have been friends for a very long time and that won't end. Plus, your friends here want this party to continue and I heartily agree. So don't bring us down. Why not continue the party. Here, take this joint. Where can I put my clothes?"

Liddy spoke up. "I'll take you, Ray, just wait a second, please, there is something I want to say. My husband is right. We both deserved a comeuppance. For years, although we've always been proper friends, we've fantasized about how much fun you would be in our bed but, you know, that was our boudoir secret. It seems that we have a lot of secrets and too many masks. Our arrogance is proof of that. Why we became what we became I do not know but we missed so many opportunities to be closer to you and to let you know how much we cherished your friendship. You have no idea how much we want to express this."

As she said this, Don passed me a bong and muttered "Peace Pipe". I took a couple of deep tokes and immediately smelled and tasted some real good stuff. I nodded and smiled at him as I choked on the toke.

She continued. "I want all of you...our secrets here are welcome our friend, Ray. Make him glad he moved down here. He's a good guy - you'll like him. Now please, get something champagne, we want to make a toast."

While corks were popping and people were mingling, Mel, the wise guy, came over. "Look Ray, I should learn to shut up. Welcome to Florida." We shook hands.

Lydia and Donald approached with a glasses of the bubbly and stood on either side of me. "Friends, please raise your glasses. Here's a toast to our friend, Ray - A good man, an honest man, a soulful man. Ray reminded us that we need to get real again. Liddy and I talked about this a lot for the last few weeks. We realized just how much we love this man and are blessed by his friendship. So let's drop the artifice, the masks and all the self-importance. We love you, Ray. Please stay our friend."

"It's a deal."

Glasses clinked. I was taken by all the smiles and warm vibe in the room. Ms. Pain-and-Pleasure smiled at me. Immediately, I wanted to eat her. I wanted to walk that thin line. I gazed around. My friends had invited me into their swing group and all of a sudden, I could not think of one reason why I should not partake in the randy passion offered. Liddy seemed to read my mind and leaned into my ear, her large breast resting on my arm.

"I'm sure you feel like a kid in a candy store but I just want you to know that I'm first. I've wanted to make love to you for many years and tonight's the night."

Don looked at us and also moved closer. I felt his cock pushing against my hip. "And I want you to know that I was wrong. I am your man."

The two of them had me in a sandwich and both were caressing my fly. I looked around and saw that the party was now kicking in. Two couples were in the pool caressing each other in a tight foursome. A very cute redhead kneeled in front of Mr. Three-Cock-Rings and licked his mammoth red Robo-helmeted-head. Mr. and Mrs. Chubby had the petite brunette's lips between their faces. Ms. Pain-and-Pleasure was paired with a lusty redhead. And I had my childhood friends stroking my cock. How bad is life?

"Come with us." Liddy took my hand and led me into their bedroom. A large king-sized bed dominated the room and appeared even larger on account of the mirror above it and behind it. "Now you just sit down here," she said patting a large cushy armchair. I did as I was told.

Liddy began a sensual strip for me. First, she pulled her tank-top over her head. Her breasts were encased in a slight little peek-a-boo bra showcasing her large nipples. She placed them near my face and pinched them so I could see them pop out before dropping the bra to the floor. Oh Lord, how her breasts were sooo beautiful and still so firm and...and... I felt my dick fighting my pants again. Then she dropped the bikini bottom showing me her perfect butt, the black butt-floss hidden in her cheeks. She bent over presenting her butt to me. The little pouch covering her vagina looked so enticing. Standing and turning around, she removed the thong and placing it in her palm, pressed it over my nose. Oh, her scent was redolent. Musk. A hint of cherry... Now, she stood nude in front of me and damn, if she wasn't just as beautiful as when we were kids. Maybe better.

Don began unbuttoning my Tommy Bahama floral shirt. His fingers lightly scr*ped down my chest and across my nipples. His hands went to my belt and undid it. They were both at my knees now and pulling my khaki shorts down. As usual, I'd gone commando and my cock popped out. Both of them let an-ooh-and-an-ah escape. And then I felt two tongues wrap around it, one focusing on my balls and the other licking the helmet. I closed my eyes and allowed them complete access to my cock, my balls and my ass. I felt a tongue rim me as the other tongue swallowed me whole.

One hand reached down and was rewarded with one of Liddy's large globes. It felt so big and so soft in my palm. Her nipple was hard and pressing into the center of my hand. I lightly pinched it. Then I felt a hand pull me toward the bed. I fell back down onto it. She climbed on top of me and slid her soaking pussy down my pole. While she rode me, Don licked my balls and rimmed my pucker. I looked up to see Liddy's breasts bouncing and grabbed them with both hands, causing her to bounce even more.

"You guys are going to make me cum soon." I felt it rising.

"Don't cum yet. You want a little blue pill? They're great!"

"Sure, why not."

We sat for a few minutes while I calmed down. Looking at Liddy's perfect body just turned me on again and so I slid over and placed her pink vagina with it's large outer lips over my head. My tongue slid into those fat fleshy lips and I enjoyed her flowing juices dribble onto my tongue. Yes, a hint of cherry...and maybe hazelnuts... Don was now sucking on me and he was an expert, flicking, licking and covering me in saliva. I was feeding him my cock and slightly rocking in and out. I felt it rising again. So did he.

"I want you to cum in my mouth, Ray. Cum. Don't hold back."

"Yes, Ray, fill his mouth. And I want a taste, too."

She was rolling her crotch around my lips. Her scent was floral and her taste was feral musk, vintage 1951. She leaned her pucker into my nose and the tip slid in. My hips pushed into Don's lips and I wasn't long before I was going to pop. Liddy could not hold out much longer either. I heard little gasps escape and then I felt her juices cascading down my face. She pushed into me and rolled her hips soaking my skin. This pushed me over the edge and I arched up. Don pulled off and my milky squirt covered his lips and tongue, pooling in the center. When my orgasm subsided and cum dripped down my cock, Liddy leaned forward. They shared a snowball kiss and a giggle.

"Change places," I ordered. And chuckling like the two kids I remembered, they did and now I had Don's thin cock at my lips. My tongue snaked out and gobbled it. I liked the fact that he wasn't large because I could roll his dick around my mouth and suck him deeply without choking. Liddy was washing my wand and it felt wonderful. She had this technique where she sucked my balls and then without losing any suction, traveled up and consumed the head. Because I was not hard yet, she made it seem that I was. And soon, I was.

Don placed his hands at my side and got into a push-up position, pumping his cock into me. He was seriously fucking my face. He was moaning and telling me how good it felt, how I really know how to suck cock and how close he was to cumming. I felt his cock throbbing and the mushroom head expanding. My free hand began to pump his shaft quickly. His first blast hit the back of my throat and my lips clamped around it, milking his silky semen so it rolled in globs down my throat. He didn't slow down or stop instead filling me with the largest volume of cum I think I'd ever experienced. Finally, his cock softened and slowly, with a whole lot of tenderness, slipped it from my mouth.

"God, that was great, Ray. You suck so good."

"Your no slouch in that department either, buddy."

We all lay entwined as we happily recovered.

"That was as good as I've always imaged, Ray. You can eat my pussy any time and I mean that."

"That's good but if you don't mind, I'd like to fill that pussy next...and you'll be happy to know that I shoot blanks."

"That's good to know but I don't have any eggs to fertilize anymore so please, fuck me silly."

Now, I must tell you that this woman had a most beautiful vagina. If she looked twenty years younger, her snatch was forty years younger. Shaved as smooth as the skin of a plum and with large puffy lips, it was gorgeous. I'd already discovered that her gap was so wide, my head could flail between her legs. I'd already learned that her inner lips masked a large, hard clit that I could easily flick. Now, I found out just how tight this woman was. It was obvious that she took her kegel exercises seriously as she literally sucked me up and in, while squeezing me at my base. Lordy, Lordy, this was good.

"Oh I like how you fit. This feels wonderful. Oh, Donny, you're going to love this is your ass, I promise."

She pulled me against her and we began to suck face and roll around. Her legs clamped against my hips as we fucked with abandon. Her kisses were deep and expressive. She whispered little comments like " are as good as we always pretended...oh this is so good...your cock...I love your cock." I returned the compliments. My hands were fastened around her breasts and they, too, were quite complimentary. Sucking and pulling on those sweet nipples only made her buck harder.

Don was sitting back watching us. His cock lay soft against his thigh. "Fuck him, baby. Show him how tight that pussy is."

She squeezed her muscles and did few rapid butterfly kegels. I pushed against her and began to shoot into her deepest reaches. "Oh my God, that was awesome!" This was a new experience for me. I said this over and over as I pumped more and more cum into her. Finally, I slipped out and splashed her pubes and stomach. I literally collapsed on the bed muttering just how awesome she was. I was numb. I think I passed out for a few minutes.

The three of us were dr*ped around the bed. We were quietly resting and contemplating what had just transpired when Liddy moaned, "That was as good a fuck as I've ever had. No offense, Donny, but Ray here just rocked my world. I can still feel all you cum inside me."

Don and I laughed. "I'm glad to hear that, dear."

"Yeah, it was about as good as it gets on my end, too. That was memorable. And you, Donny, you can suck me anytime."

"Likewise, my friend."

"So, tell me, how long have you guys been in the lifestyle?"

"About as long as I can remember." Liddy smiled. "We discovered it in college."

"When we were in college," Don continued, "we had an acid orgy with another couple and we both discovered how much fun it was to be uninhibited and sexually free. We sucked and fucked each other in front of each other. It opened us up and made us closer. We've been with small secret circles all our lives. What about you? I never saw you as a cocksucker."

"This is a day of surprises, isn't it? I never knew that you two swung. After all the vacations together..."

"I remember the day the girls went into the village to shop and you and I skinny-dipped, Ray. I remember wishing we would go further."

"And I remember walking into you at the outdoor shower and thinking about your beautiful cock..."

"But you two were always so straight with us...such polite friends. I am truly surprised...and impressed at your ability to hide that side so well. Me? I was always straight growing up. It was all about pussy and I had a lot of it. I learned how to eat pussy from an older woman when I was fifteen. I had some bi curiosities but nothing more than that. I looked at cocks in the locker room but nothing more than that. In college, I participated in plenty of drug-fueled orgies but no guys ever came on to me. I didn't turn bi until after my divorce. I know that you are both still close to her but this is all between us. She doesn't need to know this..."

"Yes, we still speak with her but it is all very superficial and gossipy...just like always." Liddy looked straight at me. "I know that your ex is very straight. And very very boring. I once tried to make a pass at her and see if she could loosen up. We were stoned and I got her to skinny-dip with me. I sort-of accidentally intentionally brushed her breast and she got very red-faced and uptight..."

"I tried, too, but she wouldn't go there."

"I understand. She was not a very creative lover. I tried and I tried but she wouldn't budge from the good old missionary position. We fucked a lot...we ate each other all the time... and we always made each other cum but it was rote and boring and tedious to me. Apparently, it was for her, too. I'd say that my life is far better without her. I'm more like the person I was before I married her."

"Good. Now I don't feel so bad about how much she annoys me! Whew! So how did you turn bi?"

I told them the story of being picked at a bar and being turned. (I recounted my first time in the story "My First Bi-Sexual Couple" located in the story archives.) They were both turned on by it and we started to get frisky again. I told them about the little group I was in for about ten years and that turned them on even more. A pearl of moisture hung at the peak of Liddy's labia.

I suddenly remembered that there was a party going on. "Aren't you concerned about your guests?"

"Oh, them! You want to join them and see what they're up to? Sure. Let's do some bong hits first."

We shakily walked into the Living Room. Several people were standing by the bar watching two women and a double dildo. We walked in that direction and stopped for some hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

"I have your cognac, Ray." Don said as he poured several thumbs and passed the glass.

The body-painted redhead turned to us. "Oh, this looks like a bunch of satisfied people. Did you three have a good reunion. Did you save any of this for me?"

She squeezed Liddy's nipple. "You know, there's always room for you, Christy." She pushed her nipple toward Christy's mouth who happily suckled it.

Mel and Steven joined us. "So, did you fuck Donnie's sweet ass yet?"

"Not yet, boys," Don laughed, "but he will."

"Do you mind if we prep him?" Steven sank to his knees and began to lick my ass cheeks.

"Only for you, Buddy" Mel tweaked Don's nipple and followed Steven to his knees. The two of them pushed my legs apart and began a tongue bath.

"You already knew Mel had a big mouth, right?" Don smiled and couldn't avoid the dig.

"Yeah, but this other guy is rimming me and I can hardly pay attention to Mel's blowjob." In fact, Steven was licking, rimming, and generally bathing my sphincter. He was insane about it and it felt great. When he drove his tongue up my chute and stabbed into it with the tip, I thought I would shoot right then and there. This guy could eat ass like no other.

"Yeah, well, Steve is the club's resident ass man. He's something else, right?" Don looked down at Mel. "Hey Mel, you're only supposed to get him hard for me, remember?"

"Oh, I'm plenty hard, Don."

"Good." He leaned over the couch and dug his elbows in. His ass was angled up and facing me. I paused. "What, you need a written invitation?"

Mel took a glob of lube and rubbed it around his asshole, pushing it in with two fingers. I lined my cock up to his hole and slid right in. There was no resistance. He'd been down this road before. Still, it felt damn good as I slid in and out of his hole, his sphincter gripping each slide. I was deep inside him and I could feel the head rub up against his prostate. Each time, I did this, he groaned and pulled me deeper. It felt just as great from my end as well. The nubby sensation of his gland rubbed along my helmet in a magical way. We got into a nice rhythm and I was high and wide, if you know what I mean.

I couldn't crouch any lower so Steven accomodated himself into a better position in which to suck my ass. I felt a breast slide along my back. I looked up to see that we had drawn a crowd watching in appreciation. Mel was under Don and he seemed elated as Don sawed in and out of his mouth. They were hands on my ass and more hands on my back. I could feel Don coming, I could literally feel his ass clench as his cum rose from his balls. slapping happily over Mel's face. I had Liddy on one side of me caressing my nipples, and there were those other hands, too and that mouth on my ass. People stroked my body and rubbed themselves against me. At one point, I had a moist twat riding the back of my leg. At another point, I had two fingers reach into my ass. I supposed that Steven had to come up for air. And, as a piece de resistance, there was a tongue lapping at my bouncing testicles. Maybe that's where Steven went.

Don started to grunt. Mel gagged as Don filled his throat. The sensation of Don's orgasm from within his ass took me over the edge and I began to fuck him hard and fast. I was grunting like an animal when I pumped my load deep into his guts. He squeezed his sphincter as I sprayed his bowels. I banged against his ass. Finally, I slipped out of him to a round of applause. Leaning back, I lost my balance but the women were there to help me sit down. Liddy took a warm, moist towel from the bar and bathed my cock. My asshole was quite clean already. When she finished with me, she handed the towel to the club's resident ass man who had just scrupulously cleaned Don's rectum with his tongue.

I lay back and took in the scene. Mr. Three-Cock-Rings approached Liddy and asked if she finally had some time for him. Liddy smiled back and ran her hand along his mighty shaft. I watched as it got hard under her gentle touch and this bad boy had to be nearly a foot long, I swear. With the addition of three silver metal cock rings, it was a sight to behold. "Oh Karl, I always have time for you." Karl was a big guy in all respects so it was no surprise when she leaped onto his hips and slowing slid down his Second Amendment Right. His hands held her butt while she bounced on him grunting in pleasure.

"Sooner or later, everyone gets a taste of Karl." Ms. Pain-and-Pleasure whispered in my ear.

"I'm not as interested in Karl as I am in you."

"Oh, don't worry, honey. You and I are going to have good times. I already got your phone number from Liddy. When is good?"

My eyes turned back to Karl and his massive thing pistoning vertically as Liddy, with a far-away look, bounced upon it. It suddenly occurred to me why Liddy did those kegels and why Don's ass was as big as the Holland Tunnel. This impressed the hell out of me.

"Sooner or later, everyone gets a taste of Karl." Ms. Pain-and-Pleasure whispered again. I leaned over and kissed her - a real lip-smackin', tongue-flappin' work of art. "Mmmm...and a good kisser, too." She rolled into my lap.

I drank a lot that night. I smoked a bunch of weed. I fucked and sucked my way around the crowd although I never did get that taste of Karl who seemed pretty much on demand. Somehow, I found myself in the guest bedroon the next morning. As I stood peeing over the toilet bowl, Liddy walked into the bathroom. All the events of the night before flashed through me. Suddenly, it was hard to pee as my bladder waged war with my morning woody. Here was that gorgeous woman again, this time in a slight silky robe highlighting the nipples beneath, and she was holding a Bloody Mary.

"I'll leave you alone so you can pee. Take a shower if you want. I'm putting up coffee..." Her voice trailed away as she walked back into the kitchen.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, Don was there holding a bathrobe and a joint.

"I hope you enjoyed last night."

"Last night was excellent."

"Good. Come on, let's join Liddy."

I dried off and threw on the terry robe. Liddy had laid out some bagels and was pouring coffee when I entered."

"Liddy, Ray told me that he had a great time last night."

"And so did we. I'm glad you enjoyed our friends. You're a member of our exclusive club now. Are you and Montana going to hook up? I gave her your number."

"Oh, that's her name. I'm flattered. I'm seeing her this week. I have to admit though that while the party was fun and an eye-opener, the best sex took place betweeen the three of us when we were in the bedroom. It was off-the hook." I sipped my coffee.

"I can't disagree, my friend. That was on another level." We sat around drinking our coffee.

"So who says we can't do it again? Like maybe right now or do you have someplace to go?" Liddy smirked in a totally saucy way. I took another sip of coffee. "Follow me, boys and bring the coffee with you." We watched her sashay into her bedroom. We were not too far behind.

"Okay, here's what I want to do. I think I must have played this scene out in my head at least a million times...I mean since we were kids. I want to sit in a circle and watch each other jerk off. And maybe help each other. Now get naked."

She positioned us in a triangle on the bed, all with folded legs and knees touching. Both Don and I were semi-hard and it looked cool to have all these shaved organs staring at me. Liddy pussy was a work of art, I swear. Her large lips unfolded like petals forming around her bump of a clit. She was moist. She placed one palm over her mound.

"So when Don and I were high school sophomores - you were a senior - I walked in on him blowing Terry Glasser in his bedroom. At first I was shocked but then it turned me on." She has making little circles around her vagina.

"I was freaked out," Don said. "Terry and I had been sucking each other off for a few years and here I was - busted. And busted by my girlfriend, whose pussy I had touched for the first time only the night before!"

"True. I let him finger me in the car. What Donny didn't know was that Sandy Alexander and I had been fingering ad licking each other since we both got tits. So it turned me on to know that my boyfriend was as dirty as I - and that we shared a secret."

She spread her lips wide and separated the lips, exposing her dark wet hole. Her inner labia pulled up over the clit hood. She played two fingers in her hole and rubbed it about. Then she removed the fingers and rubbed her clit. It popped out and up under the hood. Don and I were now idly stroking our fully hard sticks.

"It felt good to share our secret."

"After that, we were solid in every way as a couple. We did all sorts of things with and to each other. Remember the time we played with the cucumber, Don?"

"Now I understand how you could take Karl's huge cock last night."

"Once you get used to the size, you stretch around it. Karl makes me feel so full." She rubbed a little faster.

"Even my ass got used to Karl; you wanna talk full?" added Don. I nodded appreciatively. Don reached over and added his hand to mine. His grip around my cock was tighter. "I love your cock, Ray. It's beautiful. Really." I smiled and placed my fingers under his balls.

Liddy sighed as she watched us. "You have no idea how long I've dreamed of this. When we were in college, we used to lay in bed and imagine your cock, Ray. Really, we did. I knew you were fucking girls. I'd heard gossip about your skills. Fantasizing about you inspired our first threesome. Let me see you cum. I want to see it." She placed a few fingers into her pussy and slowly began to ride her hand. This produced a number of squishing sounds that caused Don and I to pick up the pace.

"You're too dry, Ray." Don leaned over and took my dick in his mouth. He licked it up and down, then sat back and continued to stroke me. "Much better."

"Hmm. You have a point, Don." I responded in kind, taking his cock deep down my throat until his pubes bounced off my nose. On the way back up, my tongue swirled around his shaft until I reached the head, where I sucked it in before popping it out with a loud "pop!" Liddy moaned. I sat back up.

"Too hot. I'm going to cum." Liddy was furiously, but with light pressure, dancing her fingers around her pussy. Clear liquid flowed down her leg. She pulled at her clit and her hips began to jerk. "Uh...ungh....ungh...cum...oh...oh." She was soaking and dripping. Her scent was powerful. She raised up her hips and pushed her other hand deep into her canal. Her eyes were closed and as her orgasm shook her, she looked beatific.

Don's cock was trembling in my hand. I picked up the pace and aimed his cock at his wife. Two long ropes shot from his cock and landed on her chest and stomach, the rest flowed out like a fountain over my hand. We were all panting and trying to catch our breath. Don began to jerk me but I stopped him. I wanted everyone to rest.

"That was fun." I said to complete agreement.

"Now it's your turn, Ray. What would you like us to do? What would you like to do to us? My only request is that I want to see you cum."

"Considering that you two have waited a long time for this...considering that this could have happened a long time ago...considering that this is like a dream come true for me...considering all that, I'm going to just lay back and let the two of you do whatever you want to me. I want to revel in this." I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wide. I heard them get off the bed, go into the bathroom and some whispering. They returned a few moments later.

Liddy placed a sleeping mask over my eyes. "We don't want you to know who is doing what. This was another fantasy of ours."

Next, I heard a vibrator turn on. It was an old-fashioned Oster-type that had springs through which you placed your palm and with the motor resting on the back of your hand. I felt a vibrating hand run up and down my cock a few times. I felt my body dissolve. Over the next while, my body was completely massaged, vibrated and buzzed. Two tongues licked at my shaft but only for a moment. "Turn over!" I was told.

Now my back and my legs were being done. Four hands, one vibrating but actually, causing my entire body to hum; an occasional mouth, and occasional tongue. Sometimes, they rubbed their genitals over me. Talk about sensuality! I was jello. A flat palm smacked my ass. "Turn over again. Get on your hands and knees!" Quite the little dominatrix.

I did as I was told. I felt the vibrating on my ass. I felt a vibrating finger circle my finger and then gently push its way in. The finger just stayed there one knuckle in vibrating and loosening my sphincter. A head slipped under me and started to nurse the head of my cock. A tongue replaced the vibrating finger and my asshole was not only being rimmed, but caressed, adored, made love to...oh, it was exquisite.

The body under me rotated. I scented approaching pussy. I lowered my antennae and slipped my face into a sopping cunt. It tasted divine. I hadn't realized just how thirsty I'd become.

Don removed his tongue from inside my hole and moved back. A few moments later, I felt his cock nudge my nose. I lifted my head and guided him into his wife making sure I licked him all the way in. I was in one of my favorite positions and I was wallowing in their genitals. Several times, I thought I would cum in Liddy's mouth but each time, she slowed up and applied pressure to my stem. This was a very good rhythm we all had as the multiple groans and sighs confirmed.

Don pulled back and away again. He moved back to licking my asshole again but after a few licks, replaced it with the head of his dick. I leaned into Liddy's snatch and raised my butt as he easily slid in. "Ohhhh..." I groaned. His cock gently slid up and back causing my cock to jump each time. "Ohhhhh..." I groaned again, this time releasing a powerful explosion of sticky milk into Liddy's craw. She held and pumped my balls as I continued to fill her. Her moaning hummed my balls. Then I felt him release his load as he groaned, too. His cum felt warm as it painted my insides. This caused me to spurt one last shot into Liddy, whose hips were now rocking my jaw. I stuck two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her spot. She began to convulse and to squirt on me. The shower first hit my nose and ran into the nostrils. Within moments I was gurgling and swallowing as quickly as I could. My mouth and my entire head, shoulders and chest were dripping from her nectar as his gooey seed dripped out of my ass and down my balls. We all fell in a heap and as one, panted and sweated for a while.

"Sex with you guys is the best. Thanks. A million times, thanks."

Liddy giggled. "I have to agree. This was worth waiting years for. The three of us really can fuck. You made me squirt. I haven't done that in years."

"I agree with both of you. Our sex is better than anything we do with our friends. That's sex and fun and diversion, this is so emotional. Yes, I am loving this!"

We lay like that for a while relishing in the intimacy. "I've really appreciated this. This has been some of the best sex I've ever had but if you don't mind. I have to push on. I'm going to shower, have another cup o' joe and head back to my place."

"Ah come on. It's Sunday. Where do you have to go?"

"Well, there's my dog and there are a few things I have to do."

"Come on, Ray. You said your dog was with neighbors. It's still early."

Once I hesitated, I was through. They began to laugh. And really, what did I have to do? "I don't know if my cock is even working after this. I need to rest up." I was serious. I really didn't think I could get hard again. I wasn't sure I hadn't already dislocated my jaw.

"Okay...Alright...we have things to do, too. Don, I wanted us to go over to the nursery..."

"Right, right. But how 'bout we do this: one day this week, we'll meet over at the bar and this time have a real meal."

"Good idea, honey. Then we'll all come back here and you'll both eat me. I'll be dessert!"

I nodded in agreement and shook my head in astonishment. These two really loved to fuck and party. Who knew? I went to take my shower. Liddy come in with a huge bath towel and insisted she dry my crotch. It felt good but my dick was done, I wasn't going to get hard again until I chilled out for a day or two. I dressed and we did a big kiss-kiss-kiss on my way out.

I drove home thinking about how this whole thing turned out and certainly, I was pleased with the results. But truth be told, as I drove home, all I could think about was booting up my computer, going online to the dating site and doing a search to see who else I knew.

<i>I hope you enjoyed this. I appreciate and welcome all comments, emails and ratings.</i>

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