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You and Your Wife

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I'm sitting in this bar, about 3:30 in the morning. This rather nice looking guy comes up and offers to buy me a drink. So, I say sure, I'm pretty high anyway. So, we're talking and then he asks me if I'd go home with him. "Hey, would you mind going home with me?"

I looked at him kinda funny, "What for?" I asked him. "My wife would like to watch me make it with another guy." "She's really hot, you could fuck her too."

Well, I admit, I'm very bi, and this guy isn't bad looking. So, I just say, "Sure, why not. You're not a serial killer are you?" "I'm only kidding, sure, let's go" When we get to his place, his wife, as he had said was pretty fucking hot. She met us at the door wearing nothing but very thin thong panties, and a very sheer, short teddy. The panties barely covered her nicely trimmed pussy, and her tits were big and firm, nothing fake about them. Her nipples were hard and pushing to get through the thin material covering them. "Oh hi, I was beginning to wonder."

I just said, "Hi, pleased to me you, very pleased." And walked on in. Without any hesitation, she led us straight to the bedroom. "Come on in, take your clothes off and make yourself at home." To which I wasted no time. My cock was already fucking hard as steel, just from looking at this woman's perfect ass, long, shapely legs and imagining that hot pussy.

Her husband had his clothes off and soon we were all naked in the large, king size bed. Laying on my back, she's on my left side, he's on my right, he grabs my cock and slides it into his warm, wet mouth. "Oh shit, oh man, suck it for me," I said. His wife was massaging my balls while he was sucking and stroking my cock. She leaned over and started kissing me. It was a long, wet kiss. Her lips were full and soft, her tongue was battling with mine as she sucked my tongue into her mouth like it was my cock.

Pretty soon, he turns so that his cock is right on my face. She grabs his hard, throbbing cock and starts to stroke it. "Would like to suck on this for awhile?" I rolled over on my side and she put his cock in my mouth. HIs cock was hard, the head swollen and tight. He was cut nice and clean, just the way I like them.

She grabbed his balls, massaging them as I licked his hard cock with my tongue, taking it into my throat as far as it would go. He pushed his hips into my face, pushing his hot cock even further. I pulled his cock out, just to the head and began circling it with my tongue, sucking the pre-cum from the tip, softly biting down on the base of the head, making him moan out loud. I sucked his cock deep into my mouth, stroking it like a hot, wet pussy, my lips tight around its girth.

He was stroking and sucking my hard, hot cock like it was the last. He'd shove my cock deep into his throat so I could feel the swollen head as it rubbed the roof of my mouth. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum, shit," I said.

"Oh, not yet you don't." she said, I want to taste that cock of yours first." At that, they traded places and I continued to suck this beautiful, hard cock of his. "My pussy needs attention, you need to see what you can do about that." She pulled the teddy up over her head exposing her firm, full breasts. Next, she slid her panties off letting me see her sweet, wet pussy. "Oh, I think I can handle that."

She rolled over on her back, spread her legs wide, both hands on her pussy, spreading her lips wide for me. "Here, suck this for a while." She said.

I wasted no time. I kissed her full on the lips, working my way down, with her breasts in both hands, I began sucking on her firm, big nipples. She was rubbing her pussy, head back, moaning, "Oh, ya, my pussy, suck my pussy."

Kissing and lightly licking her stomach, I worked my way down to her now, very wet pussy. Her pussy lips were full and swollen. I would take each one, lick it and suck on it, my finger, gently rubbing the opening of her pussy. "Oh, oh yes" she moaned.

He had started sucking my cock again, with more eagerness now. I could hear him slurping, sucking, stroking my cock, working on the hot swollen head. I couldn't help but moan loudly into her pussy, which was now soaking my face with its juices.

I slid my tongue deep into her hot pussy, sucking on her pussy lips feeling her push her hips up to meet me. I began to suck on her hard clit, which was not hard and pointing out at me. I took it into my mouth and sucked it like a tiny penis. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, suck my clit, oh shit." She moaned, grabbing the back of my head, squeezing my head between her legs, thrusting her hips at me. "Oh fuck yes," she said.

It was hard to concentrate on sucking and licking this hot, wet pussy, while he was massaging my cock with his hot, wet mouth. All the while, she's stroking his cock, trying to suck it into her mouth.

"Oh god, I need your cock in my pussy, now, oh God, hurry." She said, Well, I wasted no time, even as good as he was at sucking my cock. I moved between her legs, my hot, burning cock slid easily into her hot, wet pussy. "Oh yes, that's what I need, that hot cock in my pussy, ya, fuck me, fuck me hard."

I was stroking her pussy, slow and deep. I shoved my cock deep into her pussy as far as it would go, raising up, rubbing my pelvis against her clit. "OH SHIT!" She moaned as her pussy gushed her cum, drowning my cock and soaking the sheets. "Oh fuck, oh, oh, oh," she moaned.

"Let me ride you," she said and without losing our connection, we rolled over so I was on my back, she was straddling my cock and began working her hips, thrusting into me hard and fast.

He had moved over and was sucking and licking us both at the same time. She was moving slower now, so he would lick my balls and the length of my cock up to the tight, sweet hole of her ass.

"Oh fuck, I can't hold it anymore, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." The head of my cock was burning.

She quickly jumped off and took my hard, wet cock deep into her mouth, working the back of her throat, tight against the head.

I could feel my hot, thick cum as it came up the length of my cock, erupting in her greedy mouth, thrusting my hips into her face, my hands on her head, "Oh shit, oh shit ya, suck my cock" I was moaning loudly.

She was sucking and stroking my burning cock while he had moved around and slid his hard throbbing cock into my mouth. Almost at once, he began thrusting his hips at me, **** the hard, swollen head deep in my throat. I could feel his hot, thick cum as it filled my mouth, so much I couldn't swallow fast enough.

Apparently, she hadn't swallowed all of my cum because she moves up and pulling my face to her, began kissing me hotly. God, it was fucking hot, I was sharing my cum and his cum with his wife in a deep, hot, kiss, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouth. He came around behind us, grabbing my still hard cock and guided it into her hot wet pussy. She pushed her hips down, **** my cock deep into her pussy. He slowly pushed his cock into her ass. I could feel his hard cock, moving against my cock as it moved it's way deep into her ass. "OH yes, fuck my ass, shit, give my ass your hard cock." We were all moaning, both of our cocks thrusting together, her hips moved back to meet our thrusts in unison. "Fuck, oh fuck" I could hear him moan as he filled her ass with his hot, creamy cum.

Almost on cue, my hard, throbbing cock was dumping another load of my hot cum into her hot pussy. My balls were wet with the warm juices of our cum, her pussy gushing more of her sweet juices, running downmixed together.

We finally pulled away from each other, laying on our backs, panting, near exhaustion. The room was filled with the scent of our sex, our cum, and the sweat we had all expelled.

"We really do have to do this again." She said. We just looked at each other and smiled.

"Give me an hour, I have to recharge," I said and we all laughed, even though we knew I was right.

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