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When I arrived

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When I arrived at their house, L didn't waste any time with idle chatter. We went straight into the bedroom and got into it. She wasn't wearing a thing under her sundress, and my hands felt her bare ass as I pulled her into me. Meanwhile, her hands were already in my shorts, pulling on my stiffening cock. J, meanwhile, was already naked, blindfolded and tied to a chair alongside the bed, his cock rising in anticipation, his pulse evident by the movement of his hardening cock.

I guided L back to the bed and laid her down on it. Her sundress was already pulled up, revealing her wet pussy. I opened her legs and began gently eating her out immediately. L's moans instantly filled the room as my tongue danced across her clit. J was listening intently behind his blindfold; his already hard cock straining in his lap. My arms reached up under L's sundress and began to pull on her hardened nipples, which caused her to moan louder. I ate her for a few minutes, enjoying her already-soaked pussy, when I heard her say, "I need you in me."

L scooted up on the bed, expertly tugging off her sundress, and laid in the middle of the bed, legs open. I pulled off my shorts and shirt and she stared at my hard cock lustfully. I crawled up between her legs and carefully aimed my cock at her opening. She was so wet and eager that I was able to slide in fairly quickly, and her eyes got wide as she adjusted to my thickness and length. J eagerly listened as I slid in and out of her, her wetness thoroughly coating my shaft.

Not one to mince words, L reached up to my shoulders, looked into my eyes, and said, "Give it to me." None of us were here on any pretenses. She loved my massive cock and my stamina, and wanted to get her pussy pounded, so that's what I did. For the next several minutes, I drove my cock deeply into her. The harder I thrusted, the more turned on she got. She was encouraging me to go deeper and harder, clearly wanting my cock up to her throat. I slammed my hips forward, pushing as deeply as I could. With each thrust, I could feel my cock mash her cervix. I raised up and held her legs high as she started rocking her hips to get me deeper. My balls were pressed tightly against her ass, soaked from her wetness. I kept up my thrusting, each time trying to root my cock into her as deeply as possible.

L looked at J, her eyes glazed over in lust, and asked him if he liked what he heard. J was clearly turned on, because his cock was as hard as a steel pipe. As they spoke I got an idea, and repositioned us, mid-coitus, closer to him. I reached over and tugged on his cock. L's eyes went wide open in delight. She was very turned on by watching this casual male-male sex contact, and I could feel her pussy contract and gush as I continued to rock into her. This continued for a few minutes longer, as I felt J's precum begin to flow heavily. His entire cock was slick now, and it was clear I was already taking him to the edge. He blindly looked toward L with a sense of urgency and said, "I need to fuck you now." “Not yet, cuck! This is Kevin’s pussy now! And he’s gonna make me cum all afternoon. You’ll have to wait til he’s done.” she said. Then she added, “How about we just let you watch…” and she reached over and removed his blindfold so he could watch her be thoroughly taken, pleasured and satiated by my longer, thicker cock.

After quite some time of fucking her in a multitude of positions and orgasms, I needed to rest a bit, so I rolled over on my back and let L ride cowgirl. She briefly sucked my coated cock and quickly mounted me, sinking herself deeply on my cock. This position gave her ultimate control, and she made the best of it. She dropped her full weight on my cock and ground her pussy hard on my pubic bone. She looked at J and told him just how much my thick cock was spreading her open, and her hips rocking made a loud, wet sucking sound from the tightness of our union. I began to tell J about how I could feel the head of my cock was rocking deep inside her, feeling her cervix slide back and forth over the head. She was clearly filled to her limit and loving every moment of it. It was clear that L felt it was her turn and began fingering her clit as I held her tits (which gave her steady leverage). There's nothing I love more than a woman taking charge of her orgasm and doing whatever it takes to pleasure herself, and in this exact moment, I was nothing more than a hard cock to her - something to use for her own interest so that she could get off. It was a beautiful moment.

L's pussy clamped down and she suddenly got wetter, her orgasm took her and she cried out at the sudden strength of her climax. At this moment, I couldn't have pulled my cock out of her if I'd wanted to - she was gripping it that tightly. She leaned her head back, continuing her strong orgasms as she rocked mercilessly on my cock. She was absolutely lost in the moment. She opened her eyes briefly to see another sight – I had reached over to J again so that I could tug on his steel-hard cock. As she stared at my hand wrapped around him, she began another series of orgasms from seeing this.

It took her a couple more minutes to come down from her orgasmic high, and she was panting hard, covered in a sheen of sweat. I carefully laid her on the bed and moved toward the foot of the bed. She was exhausted, and I was pretty tired too, but poor J - his cock was profusely leaking and extremely hard and shiny. I looked at L, who was laying on her side, facing J, and still breathing hard. She just smiled and told me to have J suck my cock clean.

I moved forward and stood in front of J, standing between his bound legs. He looked at me with both excitement and a bit of nervousness - all this was new to him, but he was definitely curious. He opened his mouth and took my cock into it. I gasped and my cock jumped as his tongue swished over the head of my cock, scooping up the oozing cum that was already there. He slowly descended, taking my cock a bit deeper until he took the full length of my cock into his throat, and I moaned loudly. I looked over at L and noticed that she was staring directly at us with a lust-induced gaze. She was clearly turned on, and she began to finger her clit.

L was asking me how it felt, how good his mouth was, whether I was enjoying my blowjob. J tried to speak, but couldn’t really say anything with my cock poking his throat. The sensation from his throat was amazing when he moaned. L cooed at him and said, “Be quiet Cuck and keep him nice and hard for me."

His hands tied to the chair, I held his head and throat-fucked him deeply as he opened his mouth to enable my complete penetration. Thick streams of saliva began hanging from his chin as he held his mouth open for me to brutalize his throat. When I felt my load building I backed off and made him lick and suck each of my balls and then slowly moved my cock across his mouth so he could lick the underside of my engorged cock. I then recommenced my deep penetration of his throat, ribbons of thick saliva dripping off my cock and balls and his chin cascading down his chest into a puddle in his lap, coating his own cock.

L watched me do to J what men have no doubt to her on many occasions and enjoyed the wanton display of cock lust. After a few more minutes she got up and told me to get on the bed. She was taking charge now, and we were her loyal subjects.

She untied J and he and I laid on the bed as she kneeled between us. She smiled gently as she watched us grab each other's cocks and begin stroking. She began rubbing her pussy as well, and soon we were all in the throes of a relaxed mutual masturbation session. After a few minutes had passed, L was needing some deeper attention, so she crawled over and mounted my cock again in the cowgirl position.

Whoever called it the "cowgirl" position must have definitely had L in mind, because the moment that she sank her full weight onto my thick cock, she started riding that thing like it was a bucking bronco! I could feel her entire canal wrapped around my cock, her marble-hard clit now rubbing the base of my shaft, and her cervix flipping across the head of my cock as her hips rocked back and forth. She ground herself down even harder, as if trying to get me inside her uterus. She moaned loudly as she rode back and forth, and clearly showed no signs of wanting to stop.

J had rolled over on his side to get a better view and reached behind her and began to gently fondle my balls and her ass, commenting on how wet she was. She looked back at J lovingly, her eyes half-lidded in passion as she kept riding. "Do you hear that?" she said to him - she emphasized her rocking as we all heard the noisy sounds of her wetness on my cock. My balls and pubes were already soaked, and you could clearly tell that L was proud to show off her sexuality. She was absolutely uninhibited as she took her pleasure from me. J smiled at her as he listened, staring into her eyes. These two were clearly in love, and it was amazing to watch how they integrated me into their sexual play. I was grateful that they chose me to help enhance their sexuality.

L broke her gaze with J and looked at me. She clearly had something else in mind, and she eased herself off my cock, which landed wetly on my stomach. She paused for a few minutes to suck my cock, licking her juices off passionately, then turned to J and sucked his cock as well. It was clear that he was again nearing his climax just from watching L ride me, but L wasn't ready for him to cum just yet.

L straddled my hips again, only this time facing my feet. It was so erotic to watch her hand reach between her legs as she lifted my heavy cock, aiming it squarely at her pussy, and once again sinking her full weight on it. She began rocking slowly, but this time I was even deeper than when she rode facing me. I had her stretched impossibly full, and you could tell my cock was pushing her to her limits.

I reached over and began stroking J's hard cock again, being careful not to bring him off. L turned her head and watched as my hand deftly wrapped around his shaft and began gently tugging. You could tell she was turned on watching this, because I felt her pussy get wetter and she began rocking her hips with more urgency.

I felt her fingers near the bottom of my shaft and balls - she had begun rubbing her clit. That was her signal that she intended to cum soon, and I relaxed as I looked down, seeing her pussy lips split wide apart on my hard cock as she rode up and down. Suddenly, I had a naughty idea. Not all people like back door play. Sometimes because of bad experiences in the past, sometimes because it does nothing for them. I had already known that she wasn't interested in that kind of play, but I had felt her jump (in a good way) a few times when my tongue had strayed there earlier when I was eating her. Taking that cue, I wet my fingertip and began to push it gently on her ass. I felt her briefly gasp and clench slightly as she felt my finger push against her, but she continued her rocking. Little by little, my finger disappeared into her asshole. I could feel the shaft of my cock in her pussy through the thin separation. It was an amazing sensation, both for me and, based on how she was reacting, for her.

I pushed a little further in until I could feel my head as she lifted herself halfway off my cock. I described this to J and L and it seemed to trigger L's lust even more. She began to vigorously rub her clit as she seated herself fully on my cock. Her hip motion became more still as she focused on her clit. I decided to add to the sensation by clenching my groin muscles, which caused my cock to thicken even more. She let out an audible gasp and then said, "I'm coming!" I felt her pussy clench down on my cock and her juices began flowing down my balls, but the most interesting sensation was feeling her asshole clench rhythmically on my finger. Her body was completely lost in the moment, and her orgasm continued for quite some time, her body spasming repeatedly in uncontrollable release.

As L started winding down from her climax, it was clear that she had fully expended herself. She was panting nonstop and her body was covered in a sheen of sweat. She groaned slightly as she reluctantly pulled herself off my cock and laid down on the bed between us as she caught her breath. J leaned over and began kissing her, telling her how hot it was to watch her get off with me. It was clear that they were enjoying a moment to reconnect, and I gave them the space and the time to enjoy each other's embrace.

After a few minutes, L had recovered her breath, and she reached down between J's legs to feel his still-hard cock. "What do we have here," she said devilishly, "does my baby need some attention?" J chuckled, then moaned a bit as she began tugging on his cock, already wetly covered in precum from watching the previous events.

L knew J was already at the edge of exploding and wanted his cum deep in her. She turned her body and scooted her hips to the edge of the bed, where J stood, hard and waiting. His cock was already throbbing up and down with his heartbeat, impossibly hard and shiny from his impending need to cum. He impaled L the moment her hips were lined up with his, and L moaned in delight as he pushed into her. J immediately began thrusting with an animal urgency, and L encouraged him to fill her up. I moved my cock to his face and he immediately began sucking my wet tool, sucking her juices off my hardon. He struggled to keep my cock in his mouth, as J was pounding her with full thrusts.

L gently pushed him onto his back and rose up on her knees. She straddled his hips and guided his cock into her, all while looking deeply into his eyes. It was clear that she was mounting him to give him relief, rewarding him for his patience. She started gently rocking her hips as she took him into her fully, his hands holding her tits to give her leverage. It was clear that J wouldn't last long. She smiled as her pussy wetly glided up and down over his steel-hard shaft. J's breathing rapidly escalated and he grunted loudly, his hips suddenly pushed upward as his orgasm ejected deeply into L. L closed her eyes as she clearly felt the heat of his cum coat her insides. J was finally, completely spent and let out a loud groan as his cock began pumping squirt after squirt deep into her pussy. L cooed as she felt his cum fill her.

J left his cock in her, making small movements to avoid overstimulating his now drained and sensitive cock. L looked at my cock, then up to me and smiled. I knew what she wanted next and was more than glad to comply. As I laid next to them, I looked at L with an impish grin. "You know, it would be a shame if all that cum inside you got all over the bed. Perhaps we should do something about that?"

L smiled back at me and slowly raised her hips off J. She expertly swung herself around and planted her pussy directly on my face, then raised up to allow J's cum to easily slide out of her. She moaned as my tongue danced over her. L moaned loudly again as she felt my tongue snake into her, scooping out J's semen. She began frantically rubbing her clit as I tongued her, but I knew what she really wanted, so I stopped licking and moved up, driving my cock deeply into her.

I could immediately feel J's cum all around my shaft, and L's eyes opened wide again as she felt her first "sloppy seconds" experience. She began vocally telling us both how she loved feeling J's cum deep in her as my cock churned away inside her. I pulled her legs up again and continued the deep thrusting that she loved. I looked down and saw that my shaft and her pussy lips were coated in a frothy white foam of her pussy juice and J's cum. My thick shaft stretched her impossibly wide-open (which she loved) as their combined juices made a loud, wet noise in the room. I could feel my copious precum dripping through my cock as well, so that all three of us were contributing to the wetness. It was heavenly. I leaned forward and kissed L, and she went nuts as she tasted J's cum on my lips. Once again, I felt her contract and gush on my cock as she reveled in this new experience.

L rolled off my cock breathing deeply, and positioned her pussy over my face while she leaned down and began sucking the head of my cock. A couple minutes later, I felt two mouths down there, taking turns deeply sucking my cock. Having licked her pussy clean of J’s cum I decided it was J’s turn to eat my cum. I rose and stood by the side of the bed and forced my cock into his mouth again. He began working my cock like a champion as I held his head and fucked his face. I looked at L and said, "I'm gonna cum." L looked at me knowingly, watching me drive my cock into his mouth, as he took my full length down his throat.

I could feel my cock become impossibly hard. I pushed as much of my cock as I could into his mouth, as he started moving his tongue over the head of my cock. We all knew what was going to happen next. My cock began leaping and throbbing and I felt the first spurt come out hard, rocketing straight down his throat. I pulled my cock back and held his head up, mouth open, carefully placed to see each subsequent spurt deposit in his mouth, quickly filling it. L squealed in delight as she watched this scene. She could see my shaft clenching and jerking, outside his mouth, as each throb delivered more cum into his mouth. Her fingers were flying over her clit as she watched.

J covered my cock with his mouth and gently waited for my spurts to subside. He knew how sensitive my cock would be as my orgasm ended. Slowly, I pulled my cock from his mouth as he gently sucked the remaining cum out of my shaft. He kept his mouth closed, now filled with my cum, and looked at L. She had a somewhat puzzled look on her face, but then he pushed at her hips to roll her on her back, then immediately put his mouth on her pussy, pushing my fresh cum up inside her.

L immediately freaked at this amazing sensation. Cum was being squirted inside her by his mouth. Her thighs clamped around his head in delight as she felt this unexpected sensation. Once most of my cum was in her, he raised up and again sunk his cock deep into her, once again revisiting the "sloppy seconds" sensations and slamming balls-deep into her. She looked up at him and said, "kiss me!" J leaned down and deeply kissed her, letting her taste the remaining cum he had kept in his mouth. Their tongues passed my cum back and forth. This was a first for me as well, and we were all clearly enjoying this absolutely depraved experience.

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