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She was really quite pretty, all nice and tanned, great body with a cute smile. Her hair was not long but it was not one of the short male style cuts either. I decided to see if she would like to talk a bit so I walked over and said hello. She looked at me a moment then answered with a hello of her own. So far so good, I thought. The ice was broken and we moved to a table to sit and chat. Drinks were poured for both of us by our hostess. We sipped and talked, not about anything in particular, but as we chatted the talk eventually started to have a sexual overtone. She was smiling as she asked me “Why did you come and talk to me?” “Because you looked interesting.” I told her. She smiled and said, “Well so far what do you think?” I told her that so far, “I like you. You seem very nice, and kind. You did not avoid me nor did you insult me. So, yes, I like you. The fact I think you are very attractive really helps!” She giggled and threw her head back. The giggle subsided and she said “Actually I'm quite shy and I even surprised myself by not walking away to hide.” We both smiled and she reached over and took my hand in hers. She had very soft hands but there was a hint of muscle in them too. Her arms were not muscular but not frail either. When her head shook as she laughed, her red hair shimmered in the light of the Tiki Torches around the patio. All in all, I was very attracted to this woman. She really surprised me when she asked “Do you think you will get me in bed quickly? If you do you may be surprised. I am not some push-over piece of fluff you can take to bed, pump, dump and leave. I just do not care for a relationship like that.” All I could do is look at her and tell her “I think you are very attractive and if you were to bed ME then I would very much enjoy it. However, I am not here to find a “piece of fluff” as you put it. “A long relationship is what I would enjoy much more.” She laughed and her hair shook then she told me “Do you last a long time in bed?” I choked on my drink. She was a bit more forward than I had expected. “I guess I can go as long as it takes to please one of us or both of us, whatever you want. But it also depends on the request you make of me in the sack!” She said nothing but stood up, took my hand and led me to the guest room. “This is where I am staying tonight. ALL night.” I took the hint and pulled her to me, kissing her and she responded with her mouth engulfing my tongue and us holding the kiss for a minute. “Wow” I said, “That was unexpected.” She replied that “If you think that was unexpected what do you think will happen next?” I did not answer, I took her in my arms and pulled her close. My hands reached around and cupped her ass cheeks as I kissed her neck. She did not pull back nor move away. We stayed like that for another minute or two. I was enjoying the feel of this pretty redhead in my arms and the taste of her too. She maneuvered both of us to the bed and dragged me down onto it. We tangled up with our arms and legs when she suddenly said “I think we need to take off our clothes.” Standing up I took off my shirt while she say on the bed and unbuckled my belt. As the belt loosened she pulled my pants down around my ankles so I stepped out of them. For a brief second or two, her face brushed my crotch. I was getting hard quickly as she laid back and said “my turn now.” I pulled her little dress up over her head and noticed her panties were already moist. As she helped me with her dress she smiled at me. Then her hands reached out and felt my penis. My now rock hard penis. She fondled me a few seconds then pulled my underwear down, revealing it in all it's glory! Rock hard standing straight up and a thick 7 inches. She leaned forward and again surprised me. She took it all into her throat. All in one gulp. It stayed there as I felt her throat open up for me. I started pushing in and out as she looked at me. I smiled and she pushed her face completely down onto me. She took every inch all the way. I Knew that if she kept this up I would be emptying my cum into her belly very soon! As I was starting to feel the cum begin, she pulled me out of her mouth. “My turn” she said as she pulled my head down to her. I was anticipating the taste of her pussy but she wiggled and pulled my face to her ass. Her pretty ass was open and waiting. So I dived in face first. My tongue and fingers playing with her butt, opening it up, fingering it with one then two and three fingers. Then I licked the opening and she shuddered as an orgasm took her! Not fair of her I thought! She got to cum and I haven't—yet. When she settled down she kissed me. She smiled as our faces parted for a few seconds. “You like that ass? I liked it being licked and fingered. Maybe more later.” She winked and took my cock in her hands again. She rolled onto her stomach and reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks open. Her delicious, tight beautiful ass was wide open. What could I do? What did she think I would do? What I did was take my stiff pecker and rub it on her open hole, dipping in slightly and rubbing more, letting my precum lubricate the small hole. When she started moaning I smiled at her as she looked back at me and said “Fuck me”. Not a request, an order. I was really starting to like this woman. Redhead, hot body with nice tits, a gorgeous ass, a great tasting pussy and wants cock in her butt too! Close to a perfect woman! With one steady push I was balls deep inside her butt. I let her get used to it for a moment then started stroking. I got all the way up in her ass and then pulled almost all the way out, then in again and out again. I was loving it. And so was she apparently. She was smiling and sweating as I pumped her butt with my hard cock. Again I was getting close to Cumming! And again I was thwarted. She pulled away and rolled over quickly. She took my whole length into her throat again. One gulp and a couple of strokes and I was not going to be denied a cum this time! I moaned, she smiled and I emptied my nuts down her throat! As I recovered a bit she moved to take me in her hands. We laid side by side and rested. Soon I told her “I need to shower”. She grabbed me and said OK but kiss me first! I did and again she captured my tongue with her mouth as we kissed deeply. I tasted my own cum left over in her mouth and knew she had tasted her own ass on my cock. We got up and squeezed into the shower. Washing each other, we knew we would be back in bed soon as we dried off. And, it turns out, I was right.

We returned to the bed and there were out hosts. Sitting in chairs and smiling. They were staring at the two of us, both of them in a state of arousal. He had a nice boner and she had a very moist pussy. OK not really moist, it was WET. Dripping is the word. I had never thought of them as sex partners, only acquaintances, but here we all were in one room naked. So what should I do? What COULD I DO? I smiled and walked to the lady and kissed her, she kissed me back and grabbed my cock. My redhead had gone to the guy and grabbed his cock and kissed him also. Both ladies took both us men and led us to their master bedroom. Much bigger bed to fit us all. The ladies shoved us down on the bed on our backs and almost at the same time they straddle our faces. I was licking this new pussy as deep as I could, enjoying the taste of her cunt juice as it really started flowing. My redhead was moaning with her head thrown back as he ate her cunt too! It was only a minute or two before the ladies smiled at each other and moved from our faces to our cocks. Both cocks were suddenly inside hot cunts. Hot, wet, slippery, juicy cunts! Even though I had cum not 30 minutes before, I found myself ready to shoot a second load up our hostess' juicy hole! She moaned and told me to “cum big or not at all!” I obliged her and filled her hole to overflowing. My redhead was getting the same treatment as he emptied into her. As both ladies slowed to a stop, they eventually got up and moved to the other guy. The redhead to me and our hostess to our host, who, by the way had a really nice cock, just about an inch bigger than my 7incher. Both women were dripping cum as they moved. But they did not leave us boys alone. Both just plopped down, pussy first, on our faces. We spent the next half hour sucking cum from their cunts. First our own cum then they switched and we at the other guys cum and the ladies cum too!

When I woke I was in the bed alone. The sheets had dried up but were not clean. Before I went to find the others I walked into the bathroom and into the nice shower. All clean I put my pants on and went in search of the others. I found them in the kitchen. He was making pancakes and the girls were drinking coffee and chatting. As they saw me they smiled and greeted me with “good morning, want some? Coffee and pancakes”, they quickly added. I told them “sure, got any syrup?” Smiling back at me all three of them answered “The boys are going to provide all the syrup we want!” Laughing, I suspected they were serious. Pancakes, coffee and a sweet roll were dished up and some actual syrup too! We all chatted about last night and we all agreed it was a great time for all! The ladies, not the guys, started talking about how much they enjoyed trading partners and holes! Us guys just ate and smiled. Breakfast done, we adjourned to the living room. But we did not stay there, we went to the bedroom and it was announced by my sweet redhead, “who wants to fuck and suck!” We all raised our hands and said at once “ME ME ME!' All of us were on the bed in a flash. I was taken by our hosts and put on my back. Our hostess sucked my cock as the host moved my redhead onto my face! I tasted some of the fun left over from the night before and proceeded to do my best to make her provide her syrup for my mouth. She did and then some. I was drenched. I still felt our hostess' mouth on my cock sucking me. As my redhead moved off and turned, I saw our hostess was not sucking me, our host was! Before I could comment My redhead had turned and was now in a 69 with me. She was sharing my cock with our host as I ate her pussy. A shadow moved over me and our hostess leaned in and while I ate the pussy she stuck her tongue deep up my redheads asshole. My redhead moaned, my hostess made a pleasurable noise and I blew a load right down the throat of our host! My redhead helped with the leakage and I was, once again, empty of cum! I relaxed, our hostess moved away, my redhead moved up to kiss me deep and when she moved our host slid his cock into my mouth! He was hard as steel as he pumped my mouth! It was not long before he too emptied his cum into my mouth. As he pulled it out my redhead gave me a deep kiss. After we all showered (their shower was huge and could hold us all, even had nozzles positioned to hit our bodies from every direction. The ladies backed up on them and got flushed. The host backed up and got his but thole cleaned good too! I faced one and my redhead took me in her hand and cleaned me. She finished with a really great cock sucking and swallow! As she stopped she told me”I had to make sure you had no cum from anyone on you and also got all the soap off.” I told her “did you happen to make sure no soap is on my butt hole too?” She smiled and turned me to lick and suck every nook and cranny clean. I thoroughly enjoyed that shower.

Noon was approaching as we all went to our rides and parted ways. As I looked in the mirror I saw my redheads car following me. When I got to my house she got out and came to my window. She asked if she could come in and relax a bit. I agreed. That was six months ago. She is still here and we “relax” every day, sometimes all day!

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