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Vanilla no more

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I am a first time story writer here and I wanted to share with all of you my experience that happened a few weeks ago.

I am a nice looking fifty-year-old guy who have been single for a little over a year, after my girlfriend broke up with me. She claimed I was a bit too "vanilla" in the bedroom and she was right. It wasn't my cock size - 7 3/4" - but that she really wanted to get into some freaky stuff which at the time, I was uncomfortable with.

It wasn't until I met Mariella and Bill that my whole sexual outlook was about to change. The weather in NJ has been so freaking cold this year and today was no exception. It started snowing and I didn't feel like being stuck in traffic for 5 hours trying to get home, so I decided to check into a nearby hotel instead. I was happy they had a bar, I checked in, then went to have some cocktails. Because of the weather, the bar was slow and the only other person at the bar, Bill, started chatting with me.

We were both BS-ing about the weather, and wishing the warm weather would get here soon!! Bill was about 50, 5'9", 180 pounds, tanned, with an athletic build. Bill told me he was from Myrtle Beach and here on business. I told Bill I love Myrtle Beach and all the golf courses and was planning a trip in April. It turns out Bill is a big golfer as well; so we ordered more drinks and continue to BS.

After about forty five minutes, his phone rang and Bill said, "I am at the bar having some drinks with Rick." That was when Mariella showed up. She was tall - 5' 10", also tanned, with long brown hair, wearing a tight yellow dress showing off her legs and curves. She was stunning and smelled incredible!!

Bill introduced me to her and I shook her hand and said, "Nice to meet you," even though my brain was saying, "God, you're so fucking hot!!" I asked the bartender to get us all another round but Bill declined and said that they had dinner plans.

I said, "Well, it was nice meeting both of you." I watched her fine ass walk out the door and I figured, "Well, I will be jacking off to her tonight!!"

I ordered some food and drinks and sat at a table, just chilling out. About an hour later, I saw Mariella and Bill walking back into the bar and they said, "You're still here, good!"

"That was a quick dinner."

"The roads are so bad, we turned around," Bill said. The two of them ordered some food and drinks and we continued to chat.

After some time, Mariella excused herself to go to the bathroom and that was when Bill asked a question that was about to change me. "Would you be interested in coming back to our room tonight?" I could feel my heart pounding. I told Bill that I had never been with another couple before. And after breaking up with my last girlfriend because I was too "vanilla," I said "Sure, why not."

When Mariella got back from the ladies room, Bill said, "Rick will be joining us tonight and he is a newbie!!" Mariella looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and brushed her long brown hair and said, "We are going to have so much fun!"

We paid our tab and headed to their room, Mariella holding my hand while Bill led the way. Once we were inside their room, Mariella pulled me close and we started to kiss. She had a really long tongue and I loved having it in my mouth. I started to suck on her tongue while my hands grabbed her ass. I was in another world until I felt a kiss on my neck which made me break off my kiss with Mariella.

Mariella looked at me and said, "Bill is bi. Is that ok with you?" I would have done anything for a taste of Mariella and I said, "There is always a first time."

"Baby, you have no idea," Mariella said!

As I was standing between the two of them, Mariella was unbuttoning my shirt. Bill then took my shirt off and I felt his hands rubbing over my nipples, which felt so good. Mariella asked me if I liked that and I said, "I do!" The two of them started to lick and suck my nipples and I could feel my cock throbbing because I was so turned on!

Mariella then told Bill to take off his clothes and go sit in the chair. As he sat in the chair he watched as Mariella and I resumed our kissing. All I was thinking about was fucking this hot woman and licking her pussy! "Would you do something for me, Rick?"

"What, Mariella?" I replied.

She then told me to get on my knees and suck Bill's cock! My head was spinning. I felt dizzy, "What am I doing?" I had never sucked a cock before but this was so erotic and taboo that before I knew it, I was on my knees and I heard, "Go ahead. Let me see you suck his cock." I was happy to see he was shaved and I got between Bill's legs and took his cock in my mouth. It was so warm. I wanted to feel it get hard in my mouth. so I started to suck on it. Being a guy, I know what turns me on and was working it on Bill.

I could feel him getting harder and the harder I made him, the more excited I got. I could feel myself start to gag as he was growing and he would hold my head in place while I was gagging, covering his cock with my spit and I wanted more. I was so into sucking Bill's cock when Mariella said, "You're doing great. I am getting so turned on!"

While I was sucking my first cock, Mariella was underneath me sucking my cock. This was so fucking great! I then felt my ass cheeks being parted and Mariella was licking my hole. I have never had anyone do that before and it felt weird but good. That was when I felt her finger slide into my ass, My cock was so hard that I started to jack myself off while I was sucking a cock and getting my ass fingered. Fuck, why haven't I done this before? I guess my ex was right after all!

Suddenly, Mariella moved my hand and grabbed hold of my cock and I felt a second finger stretching my ass and I moaned. Bill said he was about to cum and Mariella told me to slow down, "Don't make him cum yet." And I did as I was told. She said, "Just tease him a bit, but don't make him cum."

I squeezed the base of his cock and held it and licked his shaft. While I was doing this, I felt a warm liquid running down my crack, a hand on my left hip and something pushing against my hole. I turned to see the gorgeous Mariella holding her lubed cock and starting to slide it into me. Yup, Mariella was a tranny!! She said, "Just relax and go back to sucking Bill's cock."

I did as I was told and could feel the head of her cock entering my ass. Here I was, a vanilla sex guy, giving a blow job and getting fucked by a tranny. My heart was pumping as Mariella pushed more of her cock into me, my moans became louder as I had Bill's cock in my mouth. Before I knew it, she was completely inside of my ass and it felt full but sensual. As Mariella started to slowly fuck me, I was starting to meet Mariella's thrusts and it felt so fucking good.

Bill grabbed my head and put it back on his cock, which I went back to suck while getting fucked from behind. Bill said he was going to cum and Mariella said, "Make him cum." As Bill started to cum, he held my head right on his cock and I swallowed Bill's cum. I felt Mariella grip my hips tighter and I knew what was coming next, Mariella! I felt her thrusts getting harder as she unloaded deep inside of me.

As Bill sat in the chair, Mariella and I kissed and I asked her, "Can I please fuck you?" Without saying anything, she dropped to her knees and started to suck on Bill's cock. I lubed up my rock hard cock and slid it into Mariella's tight hole. It felt so warm and tight. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her slowly then picked up the pace. I started ramming my cock into Mariella and she said, "I want to feel you cum in my ass, Rick" With that, I unloaded one of the biggest loads I had ever had. We spent the rest of that night fucking and sucking each other.

Later that night I really enjoyed sucking Mariella's 8" cock and making her cum in my mouth. They had opened up a whole new world of sexual fun for me and I couldn't wait to see them in April. Mariella told me she had some very sexy and kinky girlfriends she would hook me up with when I am down there. I can't wait!!

I'm also going to show this to my ex and maybe if it turns out well, she will join me on my Myrtle trip in April!!

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