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Then I met Susan

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Then I met Susan If you did not read “When I was in my early 20’s” I will try to fill you in. When I was in my 20’s, I was so desperate on finding a wife that I scare all the girls that I dated away. You would think that I would have no problem finding a girl. I had a good job, I just bought a house, I was good in bed, I was not demanding, I Looked good ( 5’ 11” & 175 Lb), and did I say that I was good in bed. I would try so hard, and change myself to be what I thought they wanted, that after a few dates I would scare all away. My last, so called, girlfriend (more like a infatuation on my part ) that I only been dating for 5 weeks, dumped me the day I was going to propose. After that I just gave up on dating all together.

At the time, I was working for a large frim in a large city. I did a lot of harmless flirting with the ladies that were married, at least the ones that I thought liked it. I found out that as long as I thought that they were not marriage materiel, that I could be myself.

One of the married ladies that I worked with and her husband was into Swinging and showed me the ropes (and I do mean showed me). Thus started my adventure into swinging. For the next few years I would meet up with couples, or older ladies, any female that I thought I would not fall in love with. I meet a lot of couples that the husband just wanted to watch while I fucked his wife or an older ladies that had just got a divorced and wanted to prove she still had it. I just stopped dating all together.

That bring us to Susan. I was 28 at the time. I was have sex with a couple that I had been with a few times and become good friend with. We all were relaxing just after I had fucked the wife as her husband had cum in her mouth. I guess they were into the swinging life style a lot, and had two tickets to a Swinger’s Ball that was at an upscale hotel. They indicated that they were unable to go and wanted to know if I wanted the tickets. I told them that I have always wanted to go to one, but I thought that only couples were invited. Then they said the catch was that I needed to take one of their married co-worker’s (Susan). They said that Susan was about my age, that she really wanted to go to the ball and see that it is all about, but her husband was out of town that weekend. After some more discussion, I got Susan’s e-mail and I told them that I would contacted her. I e-mailed Susan the next week. She seemed nice but very nervous. She was 26 YO and been married for 3 years. Her husband and she have been talking about swinging but they have not done any yet. I ask if her husband is OK with her going out without him. Susan said that she would be only going to see what it is all about but, --YES--, her husband is OK with it. I sent her a picture of myself, with clothes on. She did not have any pictures of herself but that she was 5’ 6” and 125 LB. She also said that she had a shaved pussy and bigger than ave. breaths with perky nipples. I laugh to myself and sent back “That was too much information”. Over the next two weeks we continued to talk by e-mail. She did not want me to pick her up at her house, so we agreed to meet at a restaurant for dinner near the Ball. The day of the Ball came, it was on a Friday night and I meet Susan for dinner as planned. She really was stunning. It was a good thing that I knew that she was marred or I would be in big trouble. Over dinner she told me that her husband is 14 years older and works out of town a lot. She also said that they do not have any children and her husband does not want any. Susan was still very nervous about going to the Ball. She had three glasses of wine at dinner and maybe a couple at home, so she was feeling no pain.

We left Susan’s car at the restaurant and I drove to the Ball. We agreed that if anybody would ask, that we are boyfriend / girlfriend. We got to the Ball and it was not as I expended. It was just like a typical company type dance. The average age was about 50+, which is Ok with me but I really think that Susan was somewhat disappointed that we were the youngest ones there. We were given two drink tickets each and I gave mine to Susan since I was driving. There were about 50 or 60 couples there with some of them dancing. After about a half hour the shock wore off and we were mingling with the best of them. Everyone was friendly and polite. Susan used up all her drink tickets so she was finally relaxed. We felt like royalty, with all the men were asking Susan to dance and I had my pick of the ladies. It was about 10:30 when things started winding down. I noticed that most of the people were leaving in groups of four or six. For the last half hour, we have been dancing and talking with this couple that looked to be in their late 40s (Mike and Linda). Mike was about 5’- 8” or 9”, a little over weight but not bad. Now Linda looked hot. She was about 5’- 5”, 115 LB. and had this devilish smile that you just know that she would eat you up in bed.

While Mike and Susan were out dancing, Linda asked if we had any plans for the rest of the night. I knew what she was getting at and BOY did I want to take her out for a spin but Susan was just hear to “look but not too tough”. I told her that Susan needed to get home but I would like to get together at some time. Just then Mike and Susan come back from dancing. Susan seemed excited, she said “Mike and Linda has a room at the hotel and they invited us to spend the night. Can we go please, please?”. I knew that Susan was a little tipsy from all she had to drink so she should not be driving and I really wanted to check out Linda’s “tunnel of love”, so I said sure.

Linda immediately grabbed my arm so Susan grabbed Mike’s. We all started to walk down the hall toward their room. Mike and Susan was ahead of us as we were walked. I knew that Susan had one-to-many drinks so she was having trouble walking a straight line but Mike also was acting like he had too much to drink. When we got to their room, Mike and Susan went over to one of the two bed. Mike started kissing Susan and unzipping her dress. At the same time, Susan was unbuckling his belt, trying to get his dick out. Linda and I went over to the other bed. We just stood there smiling as we watched our dates, tearing each other’s clothes off. Mike got Susan dress off as she pulled down his pants. Mike’s cock was still not fully hard but that did not stop Susan from dropping to her knees and putting it in her mouth.

As Linda and I continued to which, I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. I was surprised that Linda did not have a bra or panties on, she was completely nude know. Linda kissed me and started to take off my pants. (don’t you just love it when a lady takes off your clothes). I took off my shirt as Linda was pulling my pants and underwear down to my feet. I stepped out of my pants and underwear. Now we were both naked as Linda and I kissed again.

Linda and I still was watching our dates but Linda was now rubbing my dick at the same time. By now Mike had got all his clothes off and was laying down on their bed with Susan between his legs, still suck his dick. My dick was rock hard by now and Linda was ready to get into the action. She dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. Linda sucks cock better than anyone else I have been with, and in about 5 minutes I was ready to blow. I did not want to cum just yet, so I pick Linda up to her feet and we kissed so more.

I looked over and Susan was now on top of Mike, riding him. I picked up Linda and laid her gently down on our bed. Then got between her lags and started licking and sucking on her delicious pussy and clit. Linda propped her head up with both of the pillows to get a good view of being eaten. I really love eating pussy, I can eat pussy for hours, but Linda only took about 10 minutes before she was moaning and trying to pull my face into her pussy as her orgasm hit home. As Linda was coming down from her climax, Susan was just starting hers. Susan was not quiet about it either. She kept saying over and over “ Fuck!!!, fuck!!! I am cumming. O god I am cumming”. Susan collapse on top of Mike for a minute or two and then she rolled to one side of Mike. I thought that Mike would have jump on top of Susan but he looked like he had passed out form all the alcohol.

It was my turn to dip my cock into Linda’s wet and ready pussy. I crawled up on top of Linda and gave her a kiss. She was also ready for my dick to see some action. She spread her lags and brought her knees up. As I continued to kiss her, I reach down and guided my cock into her pussy slowly. For a 40+ YO, she had a tight pussy. I started fucking her slow and deep but soon I was up to speed. Linda grabbed both of her tits and was pinching each nipple. Mostly Linda just smiled as I was fucking her but every now and then she would said “fuck me baby” or “It feels so good”. After about 10 minutes of fucking Linda, I was about to blow. I told Linda that I was going to cum and was it ok to cum inside her. She said in a loud voice “GOD YES YES. I WANT IT ALL IN ME”. With that I push my cock as deep as it will go and started squirting my load in her. After a minute, I started to pull my dick out of her pussy, but Linda grabbed ahold of my butt checks and said that she liked to feel my cock in her. With that she started milking my cock with her vagina. Even though it felt great, I finally pulled my cock out and laid down next to her. I looked over and both Mike and Susan were asleep or passed out. I told Linda that she was great and gave her a long kiss. Linda then snuggled up to me and we both fell asleep. About an hour later, I woke up and had to take a pee. When I went into the bathroom, I realized that this bathroom must be made for the handicap. Besides a bar around the toilet, there was a big walk-in shower that was big enough for a wheelchair with a person to help, also there was waist high bars to hold onto on three sides and two removable shower heads. I lifted the lid of the toilet and pointed my penis to start taken I pee, when a felt a nudge on my back. It was Linda. She kissed me on the check and said “let me help you with that”, then she grabbed my penis and pointed it at the toilet. It felt strange to have someone else hold my cock while I was peeing but I was kind of turn-on by it. When I was done peeing, Linda sat down on the toilet in front of me and was taking a pee herself. At the same time she grabbed up some toilet paper and was using it to wipe off any drops lift on my cock. When she was done peeing, instead of getting up, she just gave me that devilish smile of her, then started to suck my dick. Well within a minute my dick was rock hard again and my hands were on top of her head, helping my cock to fuck her mouth. Then I remember the shower and though it would fun to fuck her in the shower. I helped her off the toilet and we kissed. We kept kissing as we made our way over to the shower. I got the water hot and we stepped in. We were having a ball kissing and soaping each other up. I would soap up her tits, pussy, clit, and butt, she would get a good lather as she was rubbing my dick. After she rinsed all the soap off my dick, she gave me another big kiss, then dropped to her knees, put my dick in her mouth and started to give me a blow-job again. I was loving the blow-job, but after about 5 minutes of sucking my cock, she stood up and kissed me on the lips, then she said “are you ready to fuck me”. Yes I sure was, I was ready to fuck anything with a cunt. After I kissed her again, I then turned her around. She knew what to do next. She bent over and grabbed the railing. I soaped up my cock to act as a lube, and got up close behind her. As I entered her, I grabbed her hips and pulled my cock into her pussy as deep as it would go. The soap helped to get up to speed so within a minute, I was pumping away. She started telling me that it feels great and not to stop fucking her. In her words it was ”Fuck::!! Don’t stop, Don’t stop”. After a few minutes of fucking her, she reached down and started to finger her clit. Within minutes, she had a big orgasm. I could barely hold on to her hips, as she was shaking so much. As she relaxed, between breaths, she was saying thing like “That feels so good” and “ Come on you stud, fuck me harder”. I did not last much longer until l was spiting my white stuff into her pussy. I needed to hold onto the shower railing to keep from falling down. As I pulled my dick out, she turned and gave me a big kiss.

As Linda and I were drying off after the shower, Susan came into the bathroom. She did not look to good, the wine was finally getting to her. She knelt down over the toilet and a minute later she was tossing her cookies. I told Linda to go ahead to bed, that I was going to stay and help Susan. Susan rested her head on the side of the toilet. I moved some of her hair that was hanging in the toilet and then folded up a small towel and put it under her head. She laid there for a while, repeating “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry”. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Linda had crowed into bed with her husband, so I laid Susan in my bed. I got in bed with her and was rubbing her neck and shoulders, thinking that might help her to feel better. She rolled on her side and was out in seconds.

The next morning Susan was feeling better and so was Mike. We all tried to take a shower together but since Linda and I had taken a shower last night ( and what a shower) and the shower was cramped, we let Susan and Mike have most of the shower. We said our good-bys and I took Susan back to her car. She again apologized for getting sick, then gave me a quick kiss and left. Over the next month, Susan sent me a couple of e-mails, again thanking me for taking her to the ball and apologizing for having too much to drink. I did not think that I would see her again but BOY was I wrong. About a month later, I got a standard E-mail, inviting me to an exclusive Swingers party that was only about 15 minutes from my house. It was pretty expensive and it was for couple only, so I did not think any more about it. Two weeks before the party, I got another E-mail that was more focus to just me. It said that the party was looking for younger people and that if I would bring my girlfriend (Susan), then the party would be free. At 28 YO, I would not consider myself young but based on the average age of the Ball that I went to, I guess I’m young.

The party was on a Saturday so I figured that Susan would not be able to make it but I thought I would try anyway. It turn out that Susan’s husband would be out of town for two weeks, which included that weekend so Susan would love to go and she promised not to drink so much. I told her that the dress was apparently casual and that there would be a full buffet. I also told her that they have a big swimming pool so bring a swimming suit if she wanted to swim. I ask her if she would like me to pick her up at her house. She said that I could pick her up but to pick up at the park near her house so the neighbors would not see that she is going out with someone other than her husband. The day of the party arrived. The party started at 6:30 but Susan and I did not get there until after 7:00 PM. The place, is what I would call a menschen. It was on three acres. The house had six bedrooms, a game room, and library. Along with an Olympic pool there was a tennis court and a separate pool house with two bedrooms. The buffet had from pizza rolls to prime rib to crab legs. In the pool house you could get a massage with all the trimming, if you know what I mean. The party was mainly outside near the pool. I would say the average age was in the 40’s. People were dressed from a bathing suits with a t-shirts to business clothes. Everyone was ether eating, drinking, or flirting but they all seem to be having a good time.

Susan and I recognized some of the people from the Ball also. We meet the owners and they seemed nice. They showed us all around the place and gave us the grown rules. We could eat and drink as much as we want but if they feel that we had too much to drunk, we will be ask to leave. We can go swimming, get a massage, and there will be dancing starting at 8:00. And of course, they said that they have rooms upstairs provided, if we want to get to know someone better. Well we had something to eat and mingled with the crowd. Susan and I took a peek in the pool house, where there was a young man and woman with hardly any clothes on, giving a massage to a couple that did not have anything on. When the music started Susan or I was frequency being ask to dance. There were a few people in the pool (but not swimming). All-in-all we were having a great time.

The party was in full swing. Susan was out dancing and I was talking to Deb. Deb looked and acted like she was in her early 40 but I found out later that she was actually 56. Deb was only about 5’ 4” and seemed to have a smile for every buddy. She looked Asian and I have a thing for Asian ladies. Deb was telling me how she got into the lifestyle when Susan came up to me. She again seemed nerves and excited. She said that Ted ( the person that she was dancing with ) had ask her if she wanted to go upstairs and visit one of the rooms. Then she ask me if that would be alright. ”Only if you want to go” I told her. She ask me if I would come along and keep an eye on her. I was about to say OK but Deb replied first and said “why don’t we all go”. I smiled at Deb and said “why not”. Susan went back to Ted and in a few minutes they started to go upstairs. Deb took my arm and said “shall we go”, so Deb and I started to go upstairs a few minutes later. When we got upstairs, two of the bedrooms were locked, but the other four had signs on them. On two of the room doors, the signs said “Private Room”. On one of the other room doors, the sign said “Group Room”. On the other room, the sign said “Bondage Room”. I was curious, so I first peeked in the room that was marked ”Group Room”. There were three guys and two ladies all on a bed having sex. One lady was on her back with one of the guys fucking her. The other lady was on her knees, sucking one of the tits of the other lady but also getting fucked by a guy. The last guy had his dick in the mouth of the lady on her back. I did notice that the lady that was on her back, was the wife of Ted (the guy that Susan just went to fuck). Next we went to the door with the sign on it that said “Bondage Room”. I looked in the room and there was no one using it so we went in and looked around. The room was dimly lighted. There was a bed on one side of the room but on the other side, a rope was hanging down from the ceiling. In the corner of the room was a small table with all kinds of sexual devices. Besides vibrators and dildos, there was handcuffs, cotton ropes, butt plugs, nipple clamps, a small whip, masks, cloth hoods, and a few things that I did know what they were used for. Deb came up to me and ask “do you see anything that interest you”. I smiled and just said ”YES !!! --- YOU”. She smiled also and said “smart man”. We left the room and went looking for Susan and Ted.

We found Susan and Ted in one of the rooms marked “Privet”. It was not quite privet. There were three semiprivate cubicles with six feet high partition acting like wall and with a certain for a door way into each cubicle. Each cubicle had a blow-up twine mattress to lay down on. I also notices a bowl of condoms and some tubes of personal lube on a little table. Deb saw me looking at the condoms and said “don’t you dare use one of those. I want to feel you cum in me”. I just laughed and replied “you’re the boss”. Susan and Ted were the only ones in the room at the time. The certain on Susan and Ted’s cubicle was not closed all the way. They both had all their clothes off, with Mike laying down on the mattress and Susan was between his legs, sucking Ted’s dick. Susan must have saw me out of the corner of her eye because she gave me a thumbs up. I took that as “everything is OK” so I decided it was time to start my own fuck-fest with Deb.

Deb and I went into the cubicle next to where Susan and Ted were. We kissed, probing each other’s mouth with our tongues. At the same time we were slowly taking off each other’s clothes. As soon as all our clothes were off, Deb dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock. It was feeling really really good, but I wanted a taste of Deb also. I had Deb stand back up. I kissed her again on the lips, but then I kissed my way down to her lovely tits and was sucking on them. A few minutes later, I laid down and brought Deb down with me. Deb seem to know what I we planning so she started sucking my cock again but this time she step over my head, placing her pussy within easy reach of my tough. We continued like this, Deb sucking my dick and I was licking her pussy and clit for a little bit (doing the oldie-but-goody 69 ), when I heard “O god I am cumming”. It was not from Deb, It was from Susan in the next cubicle. A minute later I heard Susan pleading with Ted to stop teasing her and just fuck her. Then a minute or so later I heard the unmistaken sound of two hips slamming together. I assume that Susan got her wish and was being fuck good. Deb stopped sucking my dick just long enough to turn her head and give me a smile, then went back to sucking my dick.

Once Ted started to fuck Susan, he did not last long. In less than 5 minutes, Ted was grunting and Susan was saying “That is it. Give me all you got”. I guess hearing Ted cum, sent Deb over the edge. She stopped sucking my dick and rested her head on my lap. She then started moaning softly. At the same time her lags tried to clamp together. ( It is such a turn-on to feel a lady cum). I kept sucking on her clit the whole time she had her orgasm, then I eased off. Most ladies want to be fucked right away, after they cum, but Deb rested for a few minutes then went right back to sucking my dick. I went back to sucking and licking on her pussy. Within 5 minutes Deb had another orgasm and this one was stronger than the first. She rested her head on my lap again, but this time she was demanding that I put my cock in her pussy and give her my creamy white stuff. I scooted out from under her and got behind Deb. I could hear Susan and Ted, they were getting on their clothes and thanking each other for such a wonderful fuck. Deb was getting impuissant, she had got on her knees and again was yelling at me to fuck her. I lined up my cock with her pussy and was slowly pushing it in. I got it in up to my balls, then would pull it all the way out. I did this only twice when Susan stuck her head in. She stared at us fucking for a few seconds with a big smile. Then she said “kept doing what you are doing. I will be down stair”. With a big smile also, I said ”OO I will”. I now focus all my attention on fucking Deb. I got a good rhythm going. (I love fucking doggy stile and I found out that Deb loves it too). I wanted Deb to cum first so I kept up a steady pace. Deb was much more vocal this time. She kept saying, in her soft voice “Fuck me hard. Fuck me”. I was fucking her for about 10 minutes or longer. I did not know if I could hold out much longer when finally her third orgasm took over her. Deb was just coming down from her orgasm when I started to dump my load in her pussy. She must felt me cumming in her because she kept repeating “ That is it ,fill me up, fill me up” We fell to our side with my dick still in her. It took about 3 or 4 minutes to catch our breath, then I pulled my dick out and rolled on my back. Deb rolled over and kissed me, then put her head on my chest. We laid there, not saying a word, then I said “did you get enough of my sperm”. She replied “It is mine now, and yes, I got plenty, you want to see”. I reached down and put two fingers in her pussy. My sperm was leaking out of her. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and they were covered in my thick white cum. She then said “We do not want any to go waste” and licked it off my fingers. I then kissed her with a lot of tough. Deb and I laid there for a few more minutes, then started to get dressed. Just as we started to go out of the room, Susan and a tall man were going in. I smiled at her and ask if she wanted me to wait in the room for her. She smiled and said “NO” that she has got this. So Deb and I went back down stairs to the party.

As I was waiting for Susan, Deb asked me if I would like to be a Birthday present for her daughter. I ask her what she met by a Birthday present. She said that her daughter and her husband is in the lifestyle also. That her daughter’s 34th birthday is next month and that I would be a perfect present. Deb also said that if I want to bring Susan, that she would make sure that there is someone there so Susan can be entertained also. Now the thought of fucking the daughter and mother was a dream come true. I told Deb that I would make it but I will need to ask Susan to see if she wants to go also. Deb did say, that if Susan likes black men with big dicks, that she knows who she would invite for Susan. I gave Deb my E-mail and told her to send me the details It was about then that Susan came down stairs for her romp with her new found friend (sorry, but she did not get his name). He gave her a quick kiss and then he went to the pool area. Susan found her way back over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She had a big smile on her face. I ask her how her last outing was. Still smiling she said “That guy lasted only about two minutes fucking me, but OOO boy, does he know how to eat pussy. I came twice, once when he was eating me out before he fucked me and again when he was sucking his cum out of my pussy. I smiled and said that I was glad she was having a good time.

It was after midnight when we left the party. l started to drive Susan home but she said she did not want to go home to an empty house and could she spend the night with me. I know that it was not a good idea to show her where I live but I said OK. Now a little bit about my place. --- About three years before, I bought this place with the help of my parents. It was on five acres with a great view, and about three acres or so was planted with apple trees. The house was built in the early 1900’s. I know it sounds great but the house was falling apart. The 74 YO farmer that own the house was born in the house. The house really should have been torn down and rebuilt but the farmer gave me a great deal if I promise to restore the home. In the three years that I own it, I had put on a new roof, shored up the foundation, rewired the place, and remodeled the master bathroom but it still needed a lot of work. The only furniture I had was in my bedroom and a card table with chairs that I used for everything and a small TV. Back to the story

As I said, most of the house was empty of furniture so we went straight to the bedroom. Susan wanted to take a quick shower before going to bed, so as she was taking a shower, I was straitening up around my bedroom. Susan came into to room completely naked and got into bed. I got undressed and got into bed next to her. She said that she had a great time tonight, then gave me a kiss, and not just a friendly kiss either. Then she turned and laid on her side, facing away. She snuggle up so close that my cock was poking her in the ass. I tried to go to sleep but she kept moving her butt around making me horny. Soon my cock was at full mask and it was trying to berry itself in her butt cheeks. She must have been still horny also because she brought her legs up to her chest and scooted back into me, so my cock was now pushing against her pussy lips. I reach over her and started playing with those perky nipple of hers. (I quickly noticed that her nipples really stick out when she is turn-on. ) She raised one of her legs a bit so I reach down and open her pussy lips, then slowly push my hard cock in. Her pussy was so wet that I was up to my balls within a few tries. I took my time fucking her deep and slow. I also reach over her hips and was alternating playing with her nipples and rubbing her clit. In about 8 to 10 minutes she starting rubbing her clit herself. I figured that this meant that she was close to cumming, so I started pumping my cock faster in her pussy. Well I had an orgasm first, dumping my hot load of cum deep in her pussy. She had her orgasm a few seconds later. We relaxed and then we douse off with my cock still inside her.

The next morning I got up first and just slipped on a pair of short pants, then I went out to the kitchen to make breakfast. I did not have much to offer Susan, but waffles with some strawberry. When I came back with breakfast she was outside on the patio with only one of my old t-shirts on. I smiled and said “nice outfit”. She smiled back and said “Yes it is. Do you think that my husband will like it”. That brought me back to reality, that Susan is happily married. We ate breakfast, then I showed her around my place. I asked her who she liked the best of the ones she fucked last night. I was thinking between the two guys that she had at the party but she said “Of course!! It was you, when we were in bed”.

Susan spent most of the day at my place but finally I had to take her to her house. On the way I told her about the invite to Deb’s, daughter‘s birthday party. I told Susan that Deb’s daughter is in the lifestyle and Deb would like me to show her a good time as her Birthday present. Susan did not seem too excited at first but then I told her that Deb has a black friend with a big dick that she can invite if needed. Well that got Susan attention, it seems that Susan has always wanted to try out a black man, she heard they are good lovers. Susan said that she will check with her husband, but she thinks that he will be out of town that weekend, and -- “yes”-- she would love to go. I smiled a little but did not said anything.

Will the day of the birthday party was hear. Susan husband was out of town so Deb invited her friend. Susan and I arrived at 6:30 PM but the birthday girl, who was Meg, and her husband, Rick, was not to arrive until 7 PM. Deb introduce us to Jeff, who was going to be Susan’s date for the evening. He lived in the same elderly housing complex as Deb, so he must have been over 50 YO. He was married but his wife gave him a kitchen pass for the evening. Susan immediately fell in lust over Jeff. He was 6’-2” in his stocking feet and looked like he must work out a lot. He was also very friendly and polite. If Deb was right about Jeff having a big cock, then Susan is in for a great time.

It was a little after 7 PM when Meg and Rick showed up. Meg was turning 34 and looked just like her mom. She was only about 5’ 4”, and looked Asian. Now Rick was a bit older than his wife and looked European. He was about my height and weight. I guess that Meg must have known what I was there for, because she gave me a big kiss with her tough and patted my balls. For the next hour or so, it was just like a normal adult birthday party. We plays some games, had cake and ice-cream, and open presents. Then Meg said, as she was sitting down “When do I get to open my special present”, as she was looking right at me. I said “Whenever you want to”. Then she motioned to me to come closer. I went over and stood right in front of her. She then reached up, unbuckled my pants and let them fall to my feet. I quickly stepped out of them, but I still had my underwear on. Meg patted my balls and cock through my underwear a few times just to get my dick hard. She then pulled down my underwear and started stroking my dick. At this time she looked up at me and said “This is just what I wanted, a nice big hard cock with a lot of cum to play with”. With that, Meg rapped her lips around my cock and started to give me a great blow-job. The other four were just looking on until then. Susan was the first to say anything. She grabbed Jeff’s arm and said “We need a room”. Deb pointed to one of the bedrooms, so Susan and Jeff were off to their own party. A few minutes later I heard Meg say to Rick “Come on Rick, let’s let these two alone. Your mother need you”. So Meg and I was left alone with Meg’s lips still r*ped around my dick. In a few minutes Meg stood up and again gave me another big kiss with her tough and patted my balls. Then she grabbed my hard cock and led me into the master bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom, I took off the rest of my clothes and then helped Meg with hers. We then jumped into bed like we were in high school and it was our first time ever having sex. We were kissing and probing each other’s body, for what seemed like for an hour. Well just like her mother we got into a 69 position, with her on top. She was leaking a lot of pussy juices so my face was all wet but I was having too much fun to stop. In about 7 or 8 minutes Meg had her first orgasm while we were into a 69 position. She then turn around and started riding me, cowgirl stile. I ask if I needed a condom, but she said “not at all. I want you’re cum”. She had another orgasm while she was riding me. I turned her over and started fucking her like a mad man. She brought her legs up to her chest so I could fuck her up to my balls. The whole time I was fucking Meg, she was telling me that she wants my sperm deep in her. After 10 minutes or so, I finally pumped all my cum that I had deep in her, then I collapse on top of Meg. She grabbed ahold of my butt so I would not pull out my cock. We laid there with my cock still in her for a while but finally I rolled off of her.

Meg and I relaxed for a while. Meg still had her knees bent while lying on her back and I was lying beside her, rubbing one of her tits. Meg was telling me about some of the sexual adventures that she had when her mother came into the bedroom. Deb was totally naked and was smiling. She said ‘Ted fell asleep so I thought I would see what is happing with you two. Did you guys have a good fuck” as she was looking at Meg’s well fucked pussy. Meg replied “Yes. He eat me to a great orgasm and I had another with him fucking me. He finally came deep in my pussy”. Then Meg’s mother said “Yes he is a great fuck. Do you guys have room for one more”.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven, not only do I get to fuck two Asian ladies, but I get to fuck both mother and daughter at the same time, it was a fantasy come true. My pecker was hard and ready for action in seconds. I have never tried two ladies at the same time before, so I was not sure how it would work. Deb did not wait for an answer and crawled into bed with us. She started kissing me, of course with a lot of tough down my throat. Meg took her mother’s place kissing me as her mother slowly kissed her way down my chest to my throbbing cock. Meg stopped kissing me and we were both just watching as her mother as she sucking on my cock. Meg then said “Doesn’t my mother suck cock great, Ted and I play with her all the time”. I answered “like mother like daughter”.

We continued like this for a few minutes more, then Deb crawled up on me and started fucking me, gridding her clit into my pelvic bone. Meg told me that she wants another load of my seed in her, so do not cum in her mother. All I could say is “I will try”. Then Meg surprised me by rising her head and started to suck on her mother’s tits. Well in a few minutes Deb had an orgasm. She was shaking so much that my dick almost popped out of her. She collapse on top of me trying to catch her breath. I then scooted out from under Deb and crawled on top of Meg. As I was sliding my dick into Meg, she put her hands on my shoulders and had this big smile, like she had not been fucked for a year. Once I got my dick in Meg’s pussy, I grabbed ahold for her ankles and was holding them up while I was fucking her. Her mother had recovered and was now on her knees and elbows, alone side of us. She was kissing Meg and playing with her perky tits and rubbing her clit. By now Meg was breathing heave and moaning loudly. Meg’s mom started telling Meg what a great lover I was. She was say thing like “Doesn’t his cock feel good inside your pussy” and “He can fuck like this all night” and “I bet he will fill your pussy up to the max with his creamy white stuff”. I was close to cumming but I was trying to hold out until Meg have her orgasm. Then Meg, between moans, started saying “O god, I am cumming, I am cumming, give me all your cum NOW”. That did it for me, I was squirting all the cum I had, deep in Meg’s pussy. I was still holding onto Meg’s legs or I would have collapse right then. I finally recovered enough so I could let go of her lags and fall to the side, between both Meg and Deb. Then I heard Susan say “that was hot”. I looked up and saw Susan and Jeff standing at the foot of the bed, both with nothing on. Jeff‘s cock was only half way hard but I could tell it was at least an inch longer and a bit thicker than mine. I said to Susan “It looks like you were having fun with Jeff” as I was watching cum dripping down Susan lags. Then Jeff spook up “It look like you were having twice as much fun” as he was looking at Meg and her Mother.

(note: I found out much later that Meg was not on any type of birth control and that Meg’s husband, Mike, could not have any children. Meg was planning to get pregnant from our one time together, which she did. It is good to know that I am not shooting blanks.) Well Jeff said he was sorry but he needed to get home to his wife, so I thought it is a good time for Susan and I to be on our way also. Susan, Jeff and I got dressed and said our good-by’s, as Meg and her mother just snuggled up in bed. On the way to my place, Susan snuggled up to me and was rubbing my dick though my pants. I ask her “didn’t you get enough form Jeff?”. She replied “Yes. I had four great orgasms form Jeff and he came twice in me. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful night”. With that, she unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and started sucking it. I was rock hard in seconds. After about 10 minutes, I had to pull over or I would have gotten in a wreck for sure. Within two minutes after stopping I was filling Susan’s mouth with cum. She got every drop of cum I had. She then brought her head up to show me how much cum there was (there was a lot) in her mouth, then she swallowed it all. As I was recovering she put my cock back in my pants and zipped it up, then she gave me a quick kiss and said “that will hold you until we get home”. That surprised me that she said “until we get home” instead of “until we get to your house”. Anyway when we got to my place, I showed my thanks for the nice blow-job in the car, by eating her pussy to two orgasm and then fucking her to another one. The next morning, Susan and I took a shower together. I did not have any food in the house so I took Susan out for breakfast. After breakfast, Susan had to leave for her home because she was to pick up her husband up at noon. Before she left, she again thanked me for a great time and that she hopes that we can do more. Well the next several months, Susan would drop by almost every time her husband was out of town and her husband seemed to be out of town more and more. We did get together with Jeff and his wife (Jeff’s wife was a real screamer in bed. I am sure that the neighbor knew when she had an orgasm) a couple of times but mostly we would work on the house, go out to eat, and fuck each other. One day Susan came over really pissed at her husband. She said that her husband had set up a threesome with a guy he knew, but when they got to the guys hotel, Susan’s husband waited in the lobby, while she went to his room. The guy was a short, fat, and a half-drunk guy and was laying on his bed, naked. She started to suck his dick but in a few minutes he started to pee all over the place, then fell asleep. It turned out that this guy was actually a client of her husband’s, so to get in good with him, Susan’s husband promised to get him laded. I did feel sorry for Susan but I was relieved that Susan had not been lying to me about her husband being willing for her to have sex with other. I did also found out that Susan has never told her husband about me or any of the sexual flings that she has had. I told her that she needed to have her husband buy-in on her having sex with other. She promised me that she would.

I did not expect Susan to come over that day and I had planned to meet a couple that night, that I had sex with before. I did not want to leave Susan along so I told her that I was going to cancel with the couple, but she wanted to come along, if it was OK. I quickly E-mailed the couple and they said that they would be glad to make it a foursome. The husband (Bill) and his wife (Carol) were both in their early forty. Bill was about 6 feet and was very skinny in size. Now Carol was maybe 5’-2” or 3” with a pair of large breaths and had a few extra pounds, but I knew by experience that she was an animal in bed.

All four of us went to dinner and then dancing. As Carol and I was out dancing, Carol asked me if Susan would like to have sex with a woman. I was surprised, I didn’t know that Carol was BI. I told her that I did not know but I would find out. So I got Susan alone and asked her if she would like to have sex with Carol. She said that she has thought about want it would be like with a girl but has never done it. Again I asked her if she wanted to have sex with Carol. She thought about it a while, then finally said ”Sure, it will be interesting to see want it is like”. The next time I was out dancing with Carol, I told her that Susan was Ok with It. We dances for another hour or so and then we all went to a nearby hotel. When we all got into our room we all started to take our clothes off. Carol was helping Susan to take off her bra off, but as soon as it was off, Carol was gently kissing Susan and fondling her breaths. To my surprise, Susan started kissing her back. They both still had there panties on, so I stepped behind Carol and pulled them down so she could step out of then. I then got up close behind her, so close that my hard cock was poking her in her ass. Bill saw this, so he did the same to Susan. Now we were all naked as the day we were born. The two ladies were still kissing and playing with each other tits. While I was still behind Carol, I reached around her and started to massage her clit. This got an instant moan out of her. We all continued like this for a few more minutes, then Carol had Susan lay down on one of the beds and Carol got on top of Susan in a 69 position. A second later Carol had her tong barred deep into Susan’s pussy. Susan didn’t wastes any time and start licking Carol’s clit also. Bill and I was just standing next to the bed, rubbing our cocks, and watching our girls eat each other out.

Well Carol was the first one of the two girls to have an orgasm. She stopped suck on Susan’s pussy and just rested her head on Susan’s lap. Susan must have sense this and grabbed ahold of Carol’s hips to pull her head in tight to get ready for Carol to cum. A second later Carol started to move her head from side to side, moaning and was saying “O fuck, O Fuck”. Carol also was trying to arch her back but Susan was holding it down. A gush of pussy fluids covered Susan’s whole face but she just kelp on eating Carol’s pussy. When Carol’s orgasm was over, she rolled off Susan and just laid there, breathing heavy. Between breaths Carol said “That girl can EAT pussy”

Bill and I was still were standard, watching our ladies and stroking our cocks. Then Bill ask me if he could suck my cock. I was very surprised, I did not say anything for a few seconds. Then Carol spoke up ”Bill gives the best blow-jobs”. I finally say OK. Bill dropped to his knees and immediately took my cock into his mouth. Both Carol and Susan scooted closer so they could get a good look at my first male blow-job. I must say, he was good, he started by sucking my cock all the way to my balls and hold it there for a few seconds. He did this a few times just to lube up my cock with his spit. But then the real thing that had me going was he would put about two inches of my cock in his mouth and suck hard, while one of his hands was stroking the shaft of my cock and the other hand had a finger in my ass. After about 5 minutes I grabbed his head and unloaded into his mouth. He made sure that he got every drop I had, then he stood up. His wife was right there to give him a long kiss and to take her share of my cum. Susan wanted some also so she started kissing Bill when Carol was done getting her share. While Susan was getting my cum from Bill’s mouth, Carol looked at me and said ”Do you feel left out, well hear you go” then she scooted over and we kissed. When everyone was done kissing and swopping my cum we just looked at each other and smiled.

While I was relaxing waiting to get a hard-on again, Carol had laid Susan on her back again, but this time, instant of getting on top of Susan, she started licking Susan’s cunt while laying between her legs. Bill finally got into the action by kneeling near Susan’s head and letting her start sucking his cock. In about 8 or 9 minutes, Susan stopped sucking Bill’s dick and laid there saying “fuck fuck, do not stop “. She was having her first, second, third, and maybe her fourth, orgasm of the night. She was having one orgasm after another, which she has never had before. Carol stopped sucking Susan’s clit so she was able to relax but only for a moment. As Carol backed away, Bill got between Susan’s lags and started fucking her.

By now my dick was hard and ready to fuck somebody. Carol was standing next to the bed watching her husband fuck Susan. I got up behind Carol, bent her over the bed, and then stuck my dick in her very wet pussy. It was going to be a race on who was going to come first. Well Bill won the prize, He only lasted about 4 minutes before he was filling Susan’s pussy up with his sperm. The two of then relaxed on the bed as I was still fucking Carol. I was taking my time fucking Carol. I had grabbed her hips and was ramming my dick in her up to my balls than slowly pull it out, then ramming it in again. Carol had an orgasm after about 5 minutes but I keep slowly fucking her. Carol reached down and started fingering her clit. At the same she was pleading with me, to stop teasing her and fill her cunt up. Susan got in the act and was telling Carol that I can fuck for hours. Well I lasted another 5 minutes or so, then I was filling Carol up with me cum. As I pulled my cock out of Carol, Bill jumped off the bed and wrapped his mouth around my cock to clean it off, then stuck his face into Carol’s pussy, to lap up my cum as it was dripping out of Carol. When Bill was done we just all relaxed and was telling stories. Carol told us that she started having sex with women about 5 years ago, and her husband started playing with men about 3 years ago.

It was getting late for Susan and I, so we got dressed and said our good-buys. As we were leaving I saw Carol get out of her purse a 6” strap-on, I guess to fuck her husband with. When we got to my house, we went straight to bed and started playing around. As I was on top of Linda, fucking her, I asked if she had a good time having sex with Carol. Between breaths she replied “It was nice but I likes men better”. Still breathing heave, she then asked if I liked getting my cock sucked by a man. Well I said about the same thing “It was nice but your blow-jobs are so much better”. Her reply was “good boy”. It was only about another 5 minutes, that I came in Susan and we went to sleep. Susan went to her house the next day. A little over a week later, Susan showed up at my house, crying and saying that her husband has left her. I thought at first that Susan must have finally told her husband about her swinging life style, but Susan said that he found another woman. Over the next week or so, I piece together want came down. It turned out that Susan’s husband, on one of his business trips about two years ago, met this lady, that was about his age, has never been married and had three kids ( 18, 13, 10 years old). He kept seeing her and they had a kid together. He now loves her. He also said that he never did love Susan. That the only reason that he married Susan was to get his parents off his back about being married. He quit his job and moved in with his girlfriend that lived about 200 miles away, after taken all there saving, (about $7000). They were renting so she end up with the car, all the furniture and house hold goods. Well Susan moved in with me and a year and a half later we got married. Before we were married we did play around with others a few time, mostly with Jeff and his wife. It has been bin five great years since Susan and I got married. We have two wonderful boys and we still see Jeff and his wife but not for sex. Susan and I are talking about swinging again but we have just been enjoying each other since we got married. Lately, while we are having sex, Susan talks about having sex with more than just one men at the same time. She says that it really get me to fuck her harder, and it does, but I think she would like to have four or five guys be fucking her nonstop.

I hope you enjoyed my story. By for now.

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