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The start of the weekend

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It had been a horrible week at work, but it was Friday now. Also my wife hadn't had sex with me for two weeks. I had masturbated a couple of times and it looked like it would be all I would get for a while. It looked like the weekend was going to be horrible too.

The commute was a long one and when I finally got home it was after 7. I opened the door and was surprised to find my wife wearing a sexy red dress and heels. Had I forgotten something?

Anna said, "Welcome home, can I get you a drink?" as she was helping me off with my jacket. Surprised I nodded assent. She went to the bar and brought back a martini, just the way I liked them. She helped me get my shoes and tie off and then led me to the couch.

"I haven't been treating you well, have I? How was work?" she asked. I hesitated about answering her treatment question and told her about work being a clusterfuck.

"Well drink up, go have a long hot shower. I'll be up to help you relax" she said. I took a second martini with me and went upstairs, wondering what was going on. I finished the drink, got undressed and went to shower. It was looking like I was going to get lucky so I trimmed and manscaped the way Anna liked it. My cock was hard as a rock as I showered. If I wasn't getting lucky I would be jerking off later. I made sure I was very clean the way she liked me.

As I got out of the shower she came up to me with a towel and started drying me off. She was kneeling in front of me with my hard cock inches from her face. She kissed it, stood up and walked into the bedroom. I followed hopeful and eager. She lit up a joint, took a big hit and handed it to me. I was still naked and she trailed her fingernails across my nipples, making me moan a little. I tried to grab her but she spun away, although she was smiling.

"I have a surprise for you.", she said. Still holding in my last hit I looked at her. "I want to give you a night to remember. I want you to lay on the bed and let me do all the work." she continued. She had me lie on the bed with my head near the foot of the bed. She then held up some silk ties and told me she was going to tie me up. my cock was leaking precum, but I didn't want to stop her so I complied. She tied my wrists and legs to the bedposts. then while I watched she started to slowly undress all the while talking softly.

"I love you." she said, "and I haven't been treating you very well. I want to make that up to you or the sake of our marriage. Would you like that?" I nodded as she removed her dress and stood in a matching bra and panties. She leaned over my face and kissed me, then whispered in my ear, "Are you ready for more?" Her breasts were spilling over the bra and i nodded as I stuck out my tongue to lick them. She backed away and said "Do you like my breasts?" As she took off her bra. I nodded speechless. She took off her panties and then climbed on the bed.

She started by kissing me, I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest. She then began running her fingernails over my chest and scratching my nipples, I liked it a lot. She worked her way over my body, kissing and licking all the important places, finally she looked at me holding my straining cock in her hand. She licked her lips slowly and said "Beg me." I did, "please let me cum, please I am so horny." She laughed and began licking my cock up and down, watching me all the while she licked. "look at all this precum." she said. She licked the tip, swirling her tongue around to gather the liquid up. She then moved up my body and kissed me, pushing it into my mouth. I moaned in desire and ecstasy. She moved back down to my cock and asked, "Do you want to taste your cum?" I looked at her and said in a quiet voice, "Yes Please."

She started to suck my cock slowly, taking me all into her mouth, pushing her nose into my groin and then slowly sucking it back out. I couldn't take much more and said, "Please oh please let me cum." She giggled and took m all into hr mouth, playing with my balls. I arched my back as much as the bonds would allow and I felt my cum shooting into her mouth. She kept her eyes on me and as my body relaxed, she moved up my body again and kissed me deeply, pushing the creamy liquid into my mouth. I eagerly sucked her tongue and lips getting all the taste and favor.

"Thank you." I said, suddenly very relaxed. "Relax for a few minutes, we are not done yet." She reached for a blindfold and put it on my head. I started to speak, but she laid her finger on my lips and said "sshhh." She got up and I head her leave the room. She turned the music up and I let the smooth jazz sounds relax me.

I must have dozed off because I woke to the feeling of someone straddling my face with a pussy. It wasn't my wife because of the pierced clit that I could feel. I heard my wife say "Lick it." So I did. It tasted wonderful. I could feel a mouth on my cock and my body was responding. I licked the pussy lips and around the clit. I stuck my tongue deep into it and heard a soft moan "Oh Yes, that is so good." I was back to licking her clit when I felt someone move over my head and realized it was a man. I was alarmed at this and struggled briely, until my wife said, "Relax, its Ok, enjoy it honey."

I could feel his cock sliding over my face and sliding into the pussy. She moaned louder now as I continued licking her pussy and the shaft of the seemingly large cock that was slowly moving in and out of her pussy. She doubled down on my cock and was sucking my balls and deep-throating my cock. It seemed like heaven. The musky scent of his balls, the tasty wet pussy. I surrendered myself to the sensations and went with the flow. The man sped up his fucking and she was pushing back, my face was wet with their fluids and saliva. The man gave a grunt and thrust deep into the pussy. I could feel his balls and cock as he came, it seemed like several streams of cum. After he started to relax he pulled out of the pussy, releasing his cum which I licked up. His cock slid across my face and I licked it as much as I could. He noticed and moved the head of his cock to my mouth. I greedily sucked the head. It was a very large cock. I wondered idly who it was. My wife told me to clean up the pussy to and I felt the woman's orgasm as I did so, which released more juices and cum from her pussy. She slowly rolled off of me, turned and kissed my cum covered face and mouth. My wife asked if I was thirsty and I nodded. She lifted my head and slid a straw to my lips and I took a long drink of water. She then told me to open wide. I did so and she put a pill in my mouth and gave me the straw again. I sipped and swallowed, not knowing what to expect, but so far it was all surprising and relaxing.

My wife said, "Now its my turn with the big cock." She told m to turn my head and as I did the cock head was at my lips. "Make him hard" she said. I sucked as much as I could into my mouth and I could feel him getting harder and larger. When he was hard, my wife climbed on the bed and straddled my face with her pussy over my mouth. I could feel the large cock pushing into my wife's pussy. I kept licking as I had before.

It didn't take long for her to get in rhythm and start moaning, "Oh, Fuck me harder" I kept licking her pussy and when I could sucking on his balls. A couple of times his cock slipped from her and into my mouth. After a couple of sucks he put it back into her pussy. I felt her have several orgasms, each louder than the one before. My cock was hard as a rock but she ignored it. Finally after a very fast fucking I heard him groan and grunt, with her squealing in another orgasm. They stayed still for a few minutes and then he pulled his cock out, unleashing another load of cum and fluids directly into my mouth. Anna sat up and ordered me to lick deep into her pussy. I did as instructed, giving her another orgasm, which released more fluid into my mouth. After a while she moved off me and patting my head, she said "Good Job, Honey. Now get some rest."

I was left alone as I heard the door close. I thought about what had happened, but I couldn't reach my cock. I wondered whose cock I had sucked and whose pussy I had licked clean, other than Anna. I must have fallen asleep. I woke up with sunlight streaming through the windows. I was untied and the blindfold was gone. My face was crusty, my cock was hard and I needed to piss very quickly. In the bathroom was a note. It read, "I hope you enjoyed last night, we all did. You were great. I want you to dress very sexy in the clothes I have laid out. When you are shaved, clan and dressed text me and I will come to get you. Then we begin Round 2, Love Anna"

More to come!

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