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The cottage A recent and true story

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The cottage

I travel the south Florida region for my job and like to stay in different AIR B&Bs when I can. To me it feels more like staying at home than a hotel does. I am typically in the different towns I work for 3 to 4 consecutive nights. I am just an ordinary guy who with average looks and I am 57 years old. I do my best to try to stay ahead of the aging process, light social drinking, no smoking, get to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, standard stuff. On my most recent trip, just last week, I booked a cool cottage type rental in the SW Florida area. There are about 6 maybe 7 cottages on this property and I am sure during the high tourist season it gets very busy. The location is about 1.5 miles from a great beach access point on the Gulf. I have stayed here several times now and I love the location and how quiet it is, especially now since it is the off season for tourists in steamy SW Florida. I arrived and checked in on a Monday evening after a long day of sales meetings and training sessions and was unloading my stuff and moving in to my little cottage for the next 4 nights. As I was about to carry in my 2nd load of clothes etc… someone in the next cottage over said howdy neighbor, I couldn’t see them as it was dark and they were inside the screeened in porch, but I answered anyway and said hello. The gentlemen then stepped out of the porch and asked if I needed any help…I am guessing he was every bit of 70 maybe 75 years old and was a smaller man in size, I thanked him and said I have it under control. I was tired and just wanted to get in the cottage and chill out. He walked over and introduced himself as Bob and told me he and his wife Irma was staying in the cottage for the next month. I told him my name and that I travel for work and would be his neighbor for the next 4 nights and then again in 2 weeks for 4 more nights. He seemed like a very nice man and seemed genuinely happy to meet his new short term neighbor. We said our good nights and I went in my cottage and was soon asleep. I really didn’t give that interaction with Bob a 2nd thought. The next evening after a long day of work I arrived back at my cottage and as I was jumping out of my car Bob again said howdy and asked me I wanted to join him and Irma for a cocktail on their porch. I said sure but I wanted to take a shower and get out of my work jacket and tie 1st. 20 minutes later I stepped into their screened porch and was handed a really strong gin and tonic, and it was delicious. It was dark on their porch so it was hard to get a good look at Irma, what I could see was that she was a very tiny woman, not even 5’ tall, and she had a tiny everything…she was wearing some kind of light colored summer sun dress and she had a bit of an accent that was hard for me to place exactly, from what I could tell with the limited lighting was she was of similar age to Bob and she had a sweet voice that sounded like it was coming from a much younger person. The three of us chit-chatted and had nice “get to know you” conversations. During that time we each had a couple of those strong GnT’S…I wanted to wrap up the evening and get over to my cabin to unwind a bit and said it is about time for me to hit the hay…Irma said sure but could you help me carry in the glasses and and party supplies. I said I would be happy to, and grabbed what I could and followed her into their cottage, which looked exactly like mine. Once Inside she put on the light and I got my first good look at her…she was indeed tiny, she had dark tan almost light brown skin, I thought clearly she has some Asian ancestry. She was wearing a white summer sundress and she was tiny. She had absolutely zero breasts, they were totally non-existent, her hair was gray with a few strands of black and it was pulled back into a pony tail. She looked to be in her late 60s maybe early 70s and had a very pretty but plain face with a few wrinkles. After she placed the glasses in the sink she said can I Ask you a bit of a sensitive and personal favor and then proceeded to tell me that her and Bob have been happily married for nearly 40 years and this was their anniversary trip. She said they love each other very much and that recently Bob has had some worsening medical conditions and has completely lost the ability to get errections. None of the standard medications would work and that he has been feeling a tremendous amount of guilt as sex had been such an important part of their relationship. I was kind of shocked at this part of the conversation but nodded politely and let her go on. She then proceeded to ask me if I would be willling to stand in for Bob and have sex with her tonight. She said Bob would like to be a part of it but since he cannot fully perform he was happy to share her with someone they felt comfortable with. She said how fortunate they felt to have met me and how comfortable they both felt with me so quickly. This was completely out of the blue for me but as soon as she mentioned it I felt my cock stirring with interest. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and I looked her in the eyes and asked, are you sure? And she said, quite sure. I said yes and she quickly approached and hugged me tight saying, oh thank you you are not going to regret this. That is when I realized exactly how tiny she was, the top of her head came to just above my navel and my cock started to be noticeable. she looked down at the growing bulge and said wow I see you are interested and laughed. She said wait here while I go tell bob the good news….5 minutes later they both walked back into their cottage smiling from ear to ear. Bob walked up to me and said I can’t thank you enough. Like I said I am a pretty normal guy I don’t have a giant cock or anything crazy to tell you, I am a little longer than avg like 6.5 inches, have what I have been told as more girth than average and I am cut with a relatively large cock head. Nothing crazy but I don’t get any complaints either…as soon as they walked back in, Irma quickly lifted her sundress over her head and she was totally naked underneath it. She had no tits at all but, she did have what looked like incredibly large thick brown nipples-and a natural bush that was pretty sparse and thin and what appeared to be large (especially compared to her tiny body) visible pussy lips hanging through the sparse hair covering. My cock was now fully erect in my gym shorts and very visible. She smiled and said I guess you are interested in helping us out and giggled. Then Bob started to take his clothes off and I was shocked to see perhaps the longest, thinnest limp cock I have ever seen…it had to be 7 inches long and it was clearly soft, but only as big around as one of my fingers, and Bob had huge low hanging balls…I have never been bi but something about this just added to my excitement. Bob said to me well, do we get to see your cock? I smiled and dropped my gym shorts, I was commando after my shower. Irma stared at it and Bob said oh my that is a thick one, Irma do you think you can handle that? She just smiled and walked to me, took my hand and Bob’s hand and led us to the bedroom. She sat us each on the bed and knelt in front of us and gently touched both of,our cocks, one in each of her hands. My cock was mass producing precum like crazy, it had been days since I last jacked off and I was pent up…she was gently fondling Bob’s limp cock and she wiped up some of my precum with her fingers and licked it and said yum in her sweet sexy voice, then she surprised my by taking more of my precum and feeding it to Bob who licked her fingers clean. My mind was racing, this was by far the most erotic situation I had ever been in and I wanted it to last all night but was afraid I would blow my load as soon as she really rubbed my cock…but she continued to ever so lightly run her fingers over my big cock head and her hand was so tiny…then I felt Bob lean over and he started to caress by balls . Irma looked at me and asked if I was ok with this and I said yes, she then stood up and kissed me deeply….her tongue dancing around mine and she was caressing my body at the same time Bob moved to the floor and asked if he could taste my cock? I didn’t answer and he just started to gently lick around the head while toying with my balls in his hand. I told Irma I wanted to taste her and I laid back on the bed and she climbed up and straddled my face. Now, that meaty pussy I noticed earlier, was right in my face and it was incredible. Her outer lips and mound were covered in the long but sparse dark hair, her inner lips were very large and her clit hood seemed exceptionlly thick…Bob was now gently and lightly sucking on the head of my cock and it felt incredible. I pulled irma down so her pussy was in my mouth and I proceeded to gently lick and suck on her inner and outer lips. I completely avoided her clit for the moment. As I sucked on those inner lips they seemed to stretch and grow in my mouth and she started to leak her natural lubrication…she tasted fresh and amazing, she smelled incredibly good a mixture of slightly musky pussy, fresh clean skin and a touch of a light floral scent she was wearing…wow my body and mind were in sensory overload…yet Bob was still only lightly teasing my cock head with his mouth the sensation was incredible. I licked and gently sucked on Irmas pussy lips for several minutes and could hear her breathing get more rapid and her moaning get louder, she was very responsive and said several times oh yes that feels so good. I lightly flicked my tongue tip over her hooded clit which, had definitely grown in size, and she gasped and said please, please more…I brought my fingers up and gently eased her clit hood back exploring her engorged, small, gr*pe-sized clit. I ever so lightly licked on and around it, she shuddered at the 1st lick and tried to grind her pussy into my mouth but I held her away and kept control of her hips. I teased her like that for what seemed like a long time and she was breathing heavily and gasping and moaning with each light tease…then I flattened out my tongue and licked her from her anus all the way up her dripping pussy to her exposed clit with much more firmness. She reached down and put her hands on the sides of my face and tried to pull me into her but, I resisted and continued with the long, firm and delibere likes every few seconds. After a few minutes ofmthis teasing torture, she was begging me for more, I mean literally begging me, she said please, please lick it more please, now…instead I licked one more teasing time…I gently reached lips to her fully exposed clit And sucked it gently into my mouth. I had the hood pushed up and I sucked on that clit for a solid 90 seconds…when I felt her stiffen, and her heard literally scream, I’m cumming please don’t stop…Bob stopped sucking my cock and must have watched her cum…he kept my balls in his hand and said that’s it baby cum for him…her pussy was literally drooling lube and her clit was rock hard as I continued to suck on it…I could feel her entire lower body convulsing as she continued to orgasm for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes then, she collapsed on the bed off to the side of my head and said, thank you, thank you that was incredible…. she was breathing hard but stayed still and quiet for a while after that….I sat up and looked at her tiny body and my cock throbbing and raging for release, I so wanted to fuck her right then but, Bob put a hand on my shoulder and said let’s let her rest a bit. He asked if he could suck my cock some more. I said of course but first I wanted to touch his cock, he said, it’s not going to get hard. I said I know, and reached for it. It was long and warm and uncut. Even though he was limp he too was ooozing precum and I wanted to taste it out of pure,lust and curiosity. I pulled him towards my mouth. I had never touched another man’s cock before and had never seen an uncut cock up close, I was curious and so utterly turned on I just went with it. I slid the foreskin back exposing his cockhead and put it into my mouth, as I did, I felt Irma move and she rested her head so she could watch me suck Bob’s cock up close and personal. She whispered into my ear, yes suck his cock, taste it and then kissed my ear and said I can’t wait to have your big cock in my pussy.Right now I just want to see you suck him…I did as she asked, and I reached my hand in and felt his big, low hanging ball sack. His balls were huge, as I fondled and pulled on them he moaned and said that feels nice…then I felt Irma’s hand near mine as she reached behind his balls and slid her tiny index finger into his ass…he didn’t get hard but her sure seemed to enjoy all of this action. We kept this up and gave him our full attention until Irma said to me I need your cock in me now. She sweetly helped Bob to sit on the end of the bed and said to him, watch closely ok honey, I am going to let him fuck me now. Irma climbed onto the bed next to me, laid on her back and lewdly spread her legs as wide as I have ever seen anyone spread before. Her beautiful pussy was swollen, dripping wet, and looked delicious. She sweetly but firmly said, I want your cock in me but be gentle, it has been years since I have fucked. I was literally shaking with desire. I climbed up between her legs on my knees with my raging, precum dripping cock she reached down do grab my cock and gently pulled it towards her pussy. She rubbed my cock head around her clit, down to her anus and over pussy opening opening getting it wet with her pussy juices. My cock head was glistening as she continued to do this for several minutes. A few times I pushed my hips forward and she said not yet, promise you will go slow and be gentle…then she gently pulled me forward and I felt the head start to ease into her very tight opening…tighter than any pussy I have ever been in….not surprising as she was tiny plus Bob has such a skinny cock and they had no kids. She stopped me, and said go slow, ok. I followed her lead and millimeter by millimeter worked just the head into her…she gasped as the head popped through her tight opening and said oh it feels so good….I started to move slowly, as slowly as I put it in, I withdrew the head until it was all the way out. I repeated that at least 2 dozen times…my head was reeling, I wanted nothing but to pound her hard until I shot my cum, but I resisted because I wanted this to be special for her. Next I kept the head in her and went a bit deeper with each stroke. For the next few minutes I kept up this agonizing slow fuck. She was gasping and moaning and staring directly into my eyes. I felt the bed move and Bob had climbed with his head between my legs for a closeup view of the action. My balls were literally resting on his cheek. Bob took his fingers and started to toy with my balls and then I felt his finger teasing my anus opening…wow I was in a totally different world now. This is nothing like I have ever even fantasized about…Irma said to me, I want you all the way in me, as deep as you can go, and I want your cum in me…I stroked deeper into her, but kept it at the very slow pace. Irma was breathing louder now, moaning loudly and Bob was now licking my anus. This sensation was both a little unsettling and a huge turn on at the same time…I must have slow deep stroked into her pussy 40 or 50 times when Irma said, I am close to cumming again, can you cum when I cum? I was close too, but any fast movements and I would shoot instantly. Now I was seriously concentrating to hold back long enough to feel her cum on my cock. That, in and of itself was a huge turn on only adding to my intensity….then I felt her and heard her, she said, now , I am cumming now, I want your cum in me please, please cum in me now. Her sweet sexy voice got louder with each plea for me to cum. I felt her pussy spasm as her orgasm was clearly happening. She was shaking all over, her pussy was convulsing and she starred into my eyes the entire time. She yelled, Bob I am cumming on his big cock and he is cumming inside of me. That was it for me, I lost any of the slight control I may have had and my orgasm hit me hard. My eyes closed as I felt every spurt from the 1st most powerful one to the last dribbling ones. The entire time not speeding up or slowing down. I kept my fuck strokes steady, long, deep and slow. Irma covered my face with kisses and said thank you over and over again. Bob moved back away from my balls and ass and I laid next to Irma. She reached down and gently held and lightly fondled my now softening cock. She continued to kiss me and look into my eyes. I know this is crazy but I literally fell in love with her right then and there. That was the most intensely sexual experience I had ever had and she mesmerized me. I did not want this to be the end of the night. I felt more movement on the bed and looked down to see Bob crawling between her legs. I thought, omg he is moving into position to eat her pussy. I moved to get closer look too. I wanted to see him eat my cum from his wife’s pussy. I was not disappointed, I mentioned I was pent up and the slow teasing and slow fucking really pulled a huge load from me. I could see my cum oozing from her stretched out pussy hole. It was running down over her anus and dripping onto the bedspread, he quickly licked it up and savored the cum mixed with her pussy juices. As he ate her, she pushed and a large wad of my cum oozed into Bob’s mouth. Wow, this was a huge turn on for me. I could tell it was the same for Irma too. She was cooing and saying to Bob, that’s it baby eat his cum out of my pussy. Your mouth feels so good, taste his cum honey, and kiss me so I can taste it too. He eased away from her pussy, it appeared he had a mouth full of my cum and her justices. He climbed up to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close and passionately kissed him. She let YouTube a hungry, sexy moan as they traded the cum and pussy juice back and fourth in their kiss. This whole crazy, sexy experience had me in a hazy bit of a post cum fog. Sup ring myself, I felt my cock growing hard again. I leaned down to get another look at her beautiful pussy and I wanted to taste it again so I crawled between her legs. She lifted her hips, knowinly. She was inviting with her eyes and her actions, to eat her. I went right for the clit this time, peeled back the sizeable hood, and sucked that big wet clit into my mouth. She instantly started grinding on my face and moaning into Bob’s mouth. I think she really liked the rawness of the situation. I ate her for quite a few minutes. I felt Bob climb off of her. She reached down and lifted my head and said, honey, as good as that feels, I don’t think I can cum again tonight. You have given us more than we ever dreamed. We want to thank you. She gently guided me to lay back on the bed. She moved Bob to the side and she crawled between my legs. She was getting ready to suck my cock. After all we had done tonight, this was the one thing I longed for. She did not disappoit. it took her a while to get my big cock head in her tiny mouth. The entire time I could feel her teeth scraping my cock , which was a tad uncomfortable. But, the sight of her tiny mouth wrapped around my cock. Seeing she was stretching her jaw beyond her capacity, to suck me, was enough of a turn on for me to ignore the teeth scraping my sensitive cook head. She could only get the head and a slight bit of my shaft into her mouth. Several times she gagged and then giggled. She my cock into her hands, looked me in the eyes, smiled and said I am going to make you cum now, relax and let it happen. Irma put both hands around my shaft, she could not make her tiny fingers touch it was so thick for her. Seeing that made me feel like I had a huge cock, at least for those few moments. Her stacked hands slowly and gently stroked up and down from my balls up to the the bottom of my cockhead. She leaned forward and started to lick the rim of my cock head, right in the most sensitive part with it all comes together. Wow, that was an incredible sensation. From deep down I felt my balls start to tighten up. Shockingly, she had me close to cumming again after just a few minutes, I honestly thought I would last for a long time. I soon reached that point of no return, and here it came, another powerful orgasm. she felt it start and clamped her lips over the head and used her tongue to rub the head in a circular motion. That was it for me, she continued to stroke and kept me on the edge until I could hold back no longer. Not a drop of my cum escaped her tiny mouth, she took the entire load and kept gently sucking and stroking me until I was completely soft. Irma gently let go of my cock, climbed up on my chest and kissed me deeply. I tasted myself in her mouth but it was evident she swallowed the entire load. We kissed for quite a while and then she looked me in the eyes and said I can’t thank you enough, you really made our anniversary getaway get off to an unforgettable start. Bob joined us on the bed and he thanked me as well. Irma got up and came back with a warm washcloth and proceeded to wash my cock very gently, and boy was it sensitive after all that. I dressed as they laid on the bed and said my good nights. As I was leaving, Irma said, are you free tomorrow night, and she giggled. I did go back the next night and that is another story I will share another time. I will also see them again in a week when I return back to the cottages for my next round of work in that area. By the time I got back to my cottage I was exhausted and it was well after 3am. I slept well that night.

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