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The Hiking Trip

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I had been hiking for over 10 years. I have hiked quite a few national parks and forests and the majority of those I had done solo. I hiked from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim solo. I hiked the rim of Crater Lake solo as well. I hiked several national forests from Arizona, California, Texas and Arkansas solo. I really enjoyed my solo hikes a lot and liked moving at my own pace and exploring what I wanted to explore. There was a long holiday weekend approaching and usually I would jump at the chance to go for a hike somewhere but I figured the trails might be packed so I was going to wait and do a solo hike during a week when I could take off from work and hopefully avoid the crowds. It was about a week before the long weekend and I was at work when I received a call from a friend of mine Faith. Faith and I have known each other since we were both in 4th grade together. She moved away from the area when we were in Jr. High and we never talked to each other until we reconnected again through Facebook 30 years later. I was somewhat recently divorced and Faith was a lifelong single person when we reconnected. Since we had reconnected we had gone out drinking together several times but she didn't seem interested in me in any other way except as a friend and so I never tried to push for anything else. When Faith called we chatted for a few minutes catching up with each other, and then she got to the point as to why she was calling. Faith and several of her co-workers wanted to go on a multiple day hike through a national forest in east Texas. Faith was wondering if I would be willing to guide her and her group of friends on the hike as well as loan her the equipment she would need for herself? I dint mind lending Faith what she would need to make the hike but I wasn't crazy about guiding a group of strangers on a long multi day hike. I was shocked that Faith was doing it because she was somewhat of a loner except for when we hung out. I guess Faith could hear the hesitation in my voice because she begged for me to go with her so that she would have more fun. I finally gave in reluctantly and we made the plans for the hike. I would take all of my gear to Faiths house the night before we left for the hike and I would get her set up.

Faith was about an inch or two taller than I was. She was pretty thin, and has beautiful blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. She has this amazing natural blonde super curly long hair. She has very small breasts and long thin legs. When I knocked on Faiths door the evening before we were to go on the hike she answered her door wearing baggy shorts and a white t-shirt. Faith gave me a big hug when I answered the door and thanked me for doing all of this for her. I jokingly said that she owed me big time for this. I dragged in my big storage container that I used to store my gear when I traveled. I dragged everything into Faiths living room and dropped it in the middle of the floor. Faith left the room and soon returned with a couple of beers for us. I started sorting through the gear trying to get Faith set up for the trip. Luckily I have quite a bit extra gear that she could use so she wouldn't have to buy anything. As I sorted through the gear Faith started explaining the reason why she was going with a group of co-workers on this trip. Apparently her boss was wanting to do this hike and some of her co-workers were going since their boss wanted to do this and there was a big promotion on the line. So basically they were all trying to suck up to their boss and so Faith volunteered me be their guide.

After several beers together I finally had a good idea of a setup for Faith and I partially loaded down the pack I was going to let her use. Even partially packed it was somewhat heavy and I think it surprised her some. She put the backpack on and as she let the weight of the straps rest on her shoulders it pulled the thin material of her shirt tight over her small breasts and it was very obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra because her hard nipples were sticking straight out and even though she was just an A cup she had some nice long fat nipples. (I knew she was an A cup because one night when we went out drinking she was telling me about how she hated the fact that she had such a small chest and said she would be happy if she were even a little bigger and told me she was just and A). I thought her tits were the perfect size for her body shape personally. After Faith pulled off the backpack I told her that she could either carry a one man tent in her pack or I could carry a two man tent in my pack and we could squeeze into that together. She opted for me to carry the tent so it wouldn't add any more weight and weigh her down. As it was we were going to have to pack extra clothing due to a cold front that was supposed to move through the area on our second day out. We also had the weight of the water we would have to carry with us until we made it to the first camp site on the bank of a small lake. We drank another beer and then headed off to bed. I took a quick shower since it might be my last for several days and then put on some boxers and a t-shirt and then pulled my sleeping bag out. Faith took a shower after I did and when she came out of the bathroom she was wearing short thin tank top and some white lace thong panties. She asked why I was on the floor and I told her because she didn't have a real couch so I had to sleep somewhere. She said that she had a big bed and she figured I would sleep in it with her. I didn't hesitate to agree to that especially since with her standing there in what she was wearing had me really turned on. I could see a hint of her bright pink nipples through her tank top and from the quick glances I snuck in of her lace panties it was obvious that she kept herself completely smooth. I climbed into the bed with her and laid on my back. I was expecting Faith to lay on her side of the bed and stay there but instead she moved over against me and threw her leg and arm over me and put her head on my shoulder. She told me that she was used to sleeping with a body pillow so I had to be it for her tonight. I was about to turn over and try and kiss her but right before I started to move she started to rub her hand on my body and up under my shirt. Then she started to kiss my neck and then my lips and as she kissed me she ran her hand under the waist of my boxers and rubbed my cock which quickly grew hard in her hand. Then she got up and grabbed by boxers and pulled them off of me. She slid her panties off of her and straddled me and eased herself down onto my hard cock. Faith’s pussy felt so tight but she was so wet that she was able to take my cock in completely on the first try. She started rocking on my cock slowly and as she did she pulled her tank top off. I put my hands on her breasts and played with her hard nipples. Faith started to move her hips a lot faster now and then she stop and stiffened up as she whispered that she was cumming. I was surprised that she orgasmed so quickly but I was happy for that. After her orgasm passed she lay on top of me breathing hard. I could feel her wetness running down my cock and balls now. I started to raise my hips to push my cock into her deeper. Faith sat up again and started moving her hips in rhythm to my thrusts and soon she was moaning again. I grabbed her hips to pull her down onto me as I thrust up but she grabbed my hands in hers and moved them to her breasts. She felt amazing to me because she was so tight and so wet and slick all at the same time. Her moans increased in volume and she started rocking her hips faster and as her second orgasm started her pussy tightened even more making it feel like she was gripping my cock with is. This was all I could handle myself and I thrust up into her again as I started cumming into her. She collapsed onto me and lay there on top of me panting as I was still cumming in her. I finally relaxed and she just lay there on top of me for several minutes. We were now both wet from our mixed cum. Faith slid off of me and laid her head on my chest this time and once again threw her arm and leg over me. I was going ask her if she wanted me to get a towel so I could clean us both up but before I could speak I could hear her start to snore lightly. When I woke up the next morning I was laying on my side and I was spooning Faith. She had her ass pushed up against my hard cock and my arm was around her waist. I thought she was still asleep at first but then she started to move some. She pushed her bare ass against my cock more and took my hand and placed it on one of her small breasts. I could feel that her nipple was hard again. I could also now feel the wet stickiness of the cum on both of us from the night before. As soon as I started to squeeze her firm tit some she pulled my hand away and apologized for waking me up. I told her that she didn't wake me and there was no need to apologize. She sat up in bed and said that she was going to get in the shower real quick. I asked if I could join her but she didn’t reply and instead she kept walking into the bathroom. I lay in bed until she got out and she started to get dressed. I got up and went in to rinse off real quick as well. When I got out I got dressed and found Faith in the kitchen. She handed me a cup of coffee and then immediately apologized for what she did last night. I told her not to apologize that it was amazing. She looked embarrassed and said that she still didn’t think it should have happened. She explained that she hadn’t had sex with a man in almost 5 years and she let her urges control her. I told her that Im glad they did control her last night and I gave her a big hug and kiss and told her that even if we aren’t a couple that at least we should be close enough friends to help each other out on those urges without feeling guilty or uncomfortable about it later. She agreed with me and then we hugged again and said that we had better get moving so we could meet up with her co-workers. We both went back into her room and both stripped down and started to get dressed.

We loaded the gear into my truck and headed out to meet her co-workers. The plan was for them to follow us to the trail head that we would leave on vehicle at and then drive on to the starting trail head to park and start our hike. It was about 5 in the morning when we met up with her co-workers in a store parking lot. Faith jumped out and told them to just follow us to the park and then we would figure out what vehicle to drop off first. She jumped back in my truck and we started the two and a half hour drive to the national forest. I figure since it was still dark and so early that Faith my fall asleep but instead she was unusually chatty with me and was sitting right up against me the whole time. She kept giving me quick kisses on my neck and cheek and eventually her hands were rubbing my legs and chest and worked down to my crotch. I told her that “she better be careful before she started something she wasn’t able to finish”. She laughed and said that I am the one that better be careful and she started to unbutton my shorts and she reached in and pulled my semi hard cock out. She then lay down on the seat and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me. I immediately got hard in her mouth and it didn’t take me long to fill her mouth with my cum. She hungrily swallowed it all down and make sure my cock was completely clean before she let it slip from her warm mouth. She sat up and smiled at me and then licked her lips and then gave me a big kiss. After I fixed myself Faith laid her head on my lap and stretched out as much as she could and took a short nap. I Faith slept with her head in my lap until I made our exit onto the rough forest road to our first stop. She sat up and looked around and smiled at me. The sun was just coming up over the tree-line of the tall pine trees that made up the majority of the forest. We stopped at a small turn off area next to a trail head and we got out of my truck and waited for the other vehicle to catch up and unload. As we waited Faith started stretching out and I noticed the shorts she was wearing. They were very short and when she stretched the moved just enough to show the curve of her but cheeks and I took in her long sexy legs. She caught me looking at her and smiling and asked what I was smiling at and I just replied that I was looking at her. The other car pulled up and it was a minivan so I decided then that it may be best to take my truck to the starting point since the rest of the road was dirt/mud and I didn’t want to get stuck halfway. At least the mud should be dried out by the time we made it back here on our hike. Faith introduced me to her co-workers and then her boss. She called him Mr. Anderson but when I shook his hand he said for me to just call him Ron. Ron was about 10 years younger than Faith and I and he had that arrogance of money and power about him that I just did not like. Faiths co-workers were all younger than us as well and they were all dressed in that uber skin tight fitness gear that all looked brand new. There was Sarah who was a very hot looking Latina that was had the perfect outfit for something besides hiking. She had on makeup and her long black hair was in a tight thick braid. Phil was very tall and very fit looking white guy that was also dressed to the T in what looked to be brand new outfit perfect for the gym. Phil also had that air of arrogance about him and that attitude of someone that thought they were better than others. Alan was about Faith’s height and seemed a little more down to earth than the others but like the others he was dressed more for an overpriced gym than a multi day hike through east Texas pine forests and swamps. Last was Ticia. Ticia was probably close to six feet tall, a very attractive black woman that was dressed and made up perfectly and had a similar new outfit but hers was low cut in the front and barely held in her enormous breasts. I guessed that she had to be a DD or even an E and she definitely liked putting them out there.

We loaded all of their gear into the back of my truck and got in. Faith sat in the front in-between me and her boss Ron. I guess she didn’t want him to close to her though because she was almost sitting on my lap it felt. It made it difficult to drive my truck down the rough muddy forest road with Faith up against me like that but I didn’t complain. It took about an hour to get to our destination and O pulled off the road into a small clearing. Off to the side of the clearing was a small marker marking the trail head that would take us between three and four days to hike back to the other vehicle. We unloaded the gear and this time I unloaded all the packs from the back of my truck. Im not sure what they had in their packs but they were all very heavy compared to mine and Faiths. I also noticed that they all had brand new gear so I knew they definitely had spent a lot of money for this trip just in gear and looking good. I gave them all a quick itinerary of the hike and told them how its best if we all stuck together because of the importance of making the lake for the purpose of refilling water and the fact that it was extremely easy to get lost. I also told them that the slowest person is the one to set the pace of the group plus there wasn’t just one trail to follow. There were many trails branching off in different directions and it made it very easy to get lost. Except for Faith I knew no one really listened to what I said so I figured that they were just going to do whatever they wanted to. We all threw our packs on and started down the trail. By now it was already 1000 in the morning and I could tell it was going to be a hot humid day because there was almost no breeze at all. We all started down the trail at a pretty brisk pace to start with. I was comfortably with the pace but after about an hour I could tell Faith was starting to slow down so I slowed my pace to match hers. She apologized for being slow but I told her to take her time. I thought to myself that as thin as she was the weight of the pack was probably zapping her energy pretty fast. I noticed that she was sweating pretty heavy and knew the pace and the weight and the heat would make this a difficult trip for her. I suggested we stop and rest, but she didn’t want to make the others stop so I yelled out to them that I had to fix my pack and that we were stopping and for them to wait on us. They were about seventy five yards ahead of us so they couldn’t really tell what we were doing and couldn’t hear us. I helped Faith get her pack off and then I took mine off and told her to keep herself hydrated. She was complaining that her pack straps were causing her bra straps to dig into her shoulders. I told her she needed to take her bra off and should wear a sports bra if she had one or go without a bra if she didn’t have one. She didn’t pack one so she stood in front of me so I blocked the view from the others and pulled her shirt off and then her bra. The whole time she did this we just looked at each other and smiled. As she put her shirt back on she told me that Im one of the very few people she has undressed in front of because she has always been embarrassed by the size of her small breasts. She said that she enjoyed the way I obviously liked looking at her and so she liked showing me. I told her that was good that her getting naked made us both happy. She laughed at that and threw her bra at me. I caught it and slid it into my pack so she wouldn’t have to worry about carrying it. I pulled some of her clothes and food from her pack to try and lighten the load some. We then put the packs back on and started walking towards the group to catch up with them. When we were about 20 yards from them they started moving on as well. I whispered to Faith that she must smell bad and they didn’t want to walk with us? She laughed again and said she was fine with that, and said that in actuality that it was my smell keeping them away along with attracting all the fly's that were buzzing around us. Faith then asked me how much farther we had to go to reach the spot on the lake and I told her about 6 miles. Faith replied that she hoped she could make it.

We continued to make our slow progress and it didn't take long for the other group to quickly pull away from us even further to the point where we could no longer see them or hear them. Faith was obviously starting to struggle again. The weight of her pack mixed with the heat and high humidity were taking a toll on her. We found a nice place to stop and I helped her get her pack off. Her shirt was so soaked in sweat that I could easily see through it. Once I got my pack off I opened hers and checked her water bladder and it was still almost full. I told her she wasn't drinking enough water and she was getting dehydrated. I had her pull off her sweaty shirt and I hung it on a branch to dry out. I told her she needed to cool off and rehydrate fast. We sat there together for about 30 minutes. I made sure Faith drank plenty of water and she eventually stood up and was ready to go. I grabbed her shirt and gave it back to her and we put our packs back on and started down the trail again. So far the trail was very easy to follow but I knew in about another half mile it would branch off into 4 different directions. We made it to the first trail intersection and it looked like our group took the correct trail. I knew there was one more big intersection before the designated stopping point on the lake. We continued to push on and not much longer Faith started cramping. It started out of calf muscle and she was able to work that out but then after another couple of hundred yards it was now both calfs knotting up. I felt so bad for her I knew how painful that was because I had experienced it in some of my very tough desert hikes. I helped get the pack off of Faith and had her sit down and lay against her pack. I massaged the cramps from her calfs and had her try to relax. Once the cramps were gone for now she started apologizing non stop for being so slow and being left behind from the group. I told her not to worry about that and to just relax and keep drinking water. I then went through my pack and pulled out a bottle of pickle juice and gave it to her. She looked at me and said "what the hell" I told her to drink about half of it but slowly so she doesn't puke. It will get rid of her cramps. I checked her water bladder and she had almost half a quart left. I told Faith to stay here and rest. It was a little over two more miles to our camp site. I would go on, drop off my pack and then come back to get her and carry her pack for her. She argued with me for about 10 seconds but she knew as well that she was spent. I told her that if she felt better she could continue on but not to go past the next trail intersection. It was very important that she wait for me there if she pushed on. She agreed and asked if I would giver her a hug. I bent down and hugged her and she kissed me deeply and said thank you for taking care of her. I smiled and said I would get back as soon as possible.

I put on my pack and headed on down the trail leaving Faith there to rest and eat a snack or two until I got back. I started out at my comfortable pace now which was much quicker than the one we had been moving at. I guesstimated that it would take me close to three hours to make the round trip to get back to Faith. We might be hiking in the dark for the trip back together to the spot. I cruised along pretty good, even increasing my pace some until I reached the trail intersection. Stopped at the intersection and luckily I had hiked this trail a couple of times before so I knew what trail I needed to take. From this spot the trail broke off into 5 different trails two of the trails would take you to a forest service road. One through a swampy area and one around it. One of the trails went into a different part of a swampy area but dead ended at a spot that actually had quick sand. one trail headed to a spot on the lake but it dead ended and so to get back to the main trail you would have to do almost a 4 mile return hike just to get back to this point. This is the trail the other group took. Its deceiving because the trail heads straight towards the lake but then circles it in the wrong direction for a couple of miles and dead ends on a little strip of land that is bordered by a swampy area and the lake. Its a populars spot due to its private and remote and most people that go there plan on staying in that spot for a day or two. I headed down the correct trail. It was deceiving as well because it headed away from the lake but I knew in about 50 yards it would turn and eventually after walking through thick woods it would pop out right on the shore and border the lake for about 100 yards and then turn sharp right back into the thick forest. I was glad that at least the group didn't take the swamp trails. I didn't have the energy to waste or the time if I had to chase them down. I continued down the correct trail and finally got to the spot where we would camp for the night. I dropped my pack and set up my tent real quick. I then grabbed my filter system and filtered some water into a empty water bottle I used just for this. After that I threw all of my gear in the tent and headed back down the trail will my full water bottle and head lamp at a slow jog. I made it back to Faith in record time I thought. She had hiked up to the intersection and stopped there. I was breathing really hard and fairly worn out but I knew I still had enough to make the return trip. I grabbed Faiths pack and adjusted the straps to fit me. Then I made sure she would be ok and she let me know she was fine now and could make it easily without the pack. I told her that her co-workers went the wrong way but they were in no danger. They just added almost 5 extra miles to their hike. I told Faith that if she wanted to we could go down the trail to join them but before I finished she said "hell no". I told her that was good because I had already set up the tent and I really didn't want to add the extra mileage to the hike. Plus I didn't really like her snobby gym head friends. She laughed as well and said she didn't like any of them either. Faith and I or Faith actually talked a lot on the way. I was to out of breath to do a lot of talking myself. She kept offering to carry the pack some but I told her we were making really good time like this.

We finally reached our spot. I dropped Faiths pack and sat down heavily on the ground. Faith sat down with me and asked if I was ok. I assured her I was but just needed a few minutes to recover. While I rested I asked Faith to pull my gear from the tent and then pull out my little stove and to pick a couple of the freeze dried meals for us to have for dinner. When I made my way to my feet I kicked my hiking boots off and pulled off my socks. The clearing had a floor of soft grass and pine needles and it felt great on my feet. I suggested to Faith that she do the same so to give her feet a break from the added weight. I walked the area and collected some branches and logs left behind by others and stacked them so we could have a small fire that night. The sun was starting to sink fast behind the tree line and I wanted to get somewhat set up before it got dark. We got somewhat set up and I told Faith that I was going to rinse off in the lake before I ate. I had sweat my ass off that day and she had as well and I knew I would sleep better is I wasn't all sticky from sweat. I walked into the water wearing all my clothes and she asked what I was doing. I told her that I had to wear the same clothes for the next couple of days and at least this way the sweat would be rinsed out of them. Faith looked at me for a few seconds trying to figure out my logic and then came walking into the water to join me. The water felt great on my exhausted body so I knew it had to feel good on her as well. I started pulling my clothes off in the water and scrubbing them with my hands. I walked out to the bank and found some branches to hang my clothes on to dry. I then walked back into the water naked and rejoined Faith. I kissed her and then pulled her shirt up over our head. I then helped her out of her shorts and panties and I scrubbed them for her and went and hung them up as well. I rejoined Faith in the water and she put her arms and legs around me and we kissed passionately in the water as the last bits of daylight disappeared. We started to make love in the water but I was having trouble concentrating as my legs felt like they were going to start cramping. We were both disappointed because I had just entered her and then we had to stop so it ended up being a big tease for both of us. we both walked out of the water and I dug a small towel I carried out of my pack for Faith to dry off with. I got the pickle juice from her and drank the rest of that bottle to try and keep myself from getting cramps. I started a small fire for us and then moved around the camp site slowly at first but then got into what I needed to do. Faith sat on the ground with the towel over her some and watched and smiled as I busied myself to get us situated. I asked Faith why she was smiling and she said that she thought it was so cool that I was so comfortable naked and just walking around how I was. I told her that there was no one else around and plus I really didn't want to wear wet clothes. I filtered some more water for us and then got the stove going.. I boiled some water for our meals and then sat down with Faith and we ate up our dinners pretty fast. Our bodies were hungry for the hard work today and the food re-energized us somewhat. I cleaned up the dinner stuff and put my stove away. I dug through my pack and pulled out a large plastic flask and a mesh bag and sat back down next to Faith and handed her the flask while I dug through the mesh bag. She asked me what was in the bottle and I told her it was Crown and that it would help her muscles as long as she drank plenty of water with it as well. I went through the bag and pulled out a small bottle of aspirin and told her to take a few to help with the sore muscles as well. Then I pulled out a small bottle of shampoo and a small bottle of body wash. Faith and I both took the aspirin and then we each had several swallows of crown. I got up and walked back down to the water and walked in until I was waist deep. I could feel the air was getting cooler and the temp was going to drop pretty fast. Faith joined me in the water and I had her submerge and then come back up. I used the body soap and washed her sexy body for her and then washed her hai for her. After she rinsed off she did the same for me as well. When we were done I grabbed the plastic flask and came back. The air temp was really dropping fast now but the water still was warm from the hot day. I sat back down in the water with Faith and we laid back some to enjoy the view of the lake. The moon was out and there was a bright reflection on the water and a fine mist was starting to rise from the water as the cool air sank onto the warm water. We shared some more of the Crown and she asked how I was feeling now. I told her I was much better now and she replied "good". She she slid her body onto mine and stared kissing me. We kissed passionately while she rubbed her smooth pussy down on my cock until it grew hard then she guided my col into her and we started making love to each other slowly. I don't know if it was the setting or situation or I was just the best lover in the world (lol) but Faith orgasmed several times as shoe rode my cock in the water that night. She got more and more vocal each time she came. Finally she collapsed onto me right when I was ready to cum and said she couldn't continue. She was exhausted so I sat up and she wrapped her arms and legs around me and laid her head on my shoulder as I slowly lifted her ass up and down on my cock. Her pussy felt amazing on my cock and I knew Id cum soon. I increased the pace and was soon grunting in her ear as I started to fill her pussy. Faith bit down on my neck to stifle her scream as she came again as well. We sat there holding each other for several minutes until I felt my soft cock slip from her amazing pussy. We kissed some more and then she unmounted herself from me with shaky legs. The mist on the water was now growing into a thick fog bank and the moon would soon be covered in clouds as the northern was moving in already. I got up on equally shaky legs and Faith and I stood next to the fire drying off. I handed her the towel to help because she was now starting to shiver some so I told her to get closer to the fire. I got behind her and held her to help her get warm. After her front was dry she turned around to get her back warm and try and we kissed. As we kissed she pulled away and looked embarrassed a little and put her hand between her legs. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was but that she was starting to leak my cum and didn't want it to get on me. I told her I didn't care if it did and pulled her to me and kissed her again I put my hand on her ass and slid my thigh between her slick thighs and could feel the wetness of our cum running down my thigh now as well. The temperature continued to drop and since we were both relatively dry now we decided to get into the tent and warm up some. we both slid into our sleeping bags and started to warm up nicely. Then Faith unzipped hers and unzipped mine as well so we could feel each others bodies in the dark. The clouds had now covered the moon so we were in complete darkness. Her soft hands were exploring my body and I let mine explore hers as well. She reached down and started stroking my cock and I told her I don't think I will be able to go again but she said to be patient and lets see what happens. She slid over and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck on it and work on it. It felt very good and I could feel myself slowly grow in her mouth. I am usually not a repeat performer but there was something about Faith that had me so hot and turned on for her. Faiths thigh was up by my head and so I put my arm around her waist and grab her thigh and start to pull her over on top of me to eat her pussy. She stopped sucking my cock and told me no that she was still leaking from earlier. I told her that I didn't care and that it didn't bother me and so I pulled her over on top of me and licked up from her clit through her wet pussy to her ass. Faith moaned on my cock as I repeated this over and over. I could taste are mix of cum every time. Faith moaned harder and sucked harder each time. I was now fully hard in her mouth and her sucking on my cock felt amazing. I started to suck on her clit now and she started to wiggle her ass as I did. We did this until her body stiffened and she let out a load moan as she came on my mouth. I guess her orgasm caused her to push out more of our cum because she leaked a sizable amount onto my tongue as I licked her soaking pussy. I rolled her off of me and rolled her onto her back and opened her legs wide and then I moved between her legs and I realized that overtime we had had sex so far she was on top of me. I guided my cock into her slick pussy and was able to shove my entire cock into her on the first hard thrust. She moaned out very loud and wrapped her long legs around me. This time there was no love making at all. We were fucking each other with pure lust for each other. We fucked each other with all the energy we had left. Fait had her hands on my ass pulling me into her and she raised her hips to meet my forceful thrusts. I could feel Faiths slick pussy start to tighten on my cock and knew she was going to cum. She let out a scream and arched her back as as her orgasm swept over her. Her pussy tightened on my cock and I thrust deep into her one final time to let my cum shoot into her. I know I really didn't have much cum or any left in my balls but it felt like my cum was flowing for a long time into Faiths tight accepting pussy. Faith unwrapped her legs from my waist and collapsed onto her back and lay there breathing heavy. I lay on Faith with my cock still in her and kissed her all over her breasts and neck and lips until my cock slid out of her. As soon as she felt my cock slip from her she told me to lay on my back. i did and then she got on top of me in a 69 position and she started to lick and clean my cock and I licked and cleaned her pussy. Neither one of us had the energy or strength to go again but she was able to get my cock semi hard again. After we cleaned each other she got up and we lay on our sides facing each other kissing and tasting the cum on each others lips while the cold night air cooled our hot bodies down.

Faith was unusually quiet now as we laid together in the cool darkness of my tent. I put my hand on her check and asked her if she was ok. She said she was but I could hear in her voice that she was crying. I kissed her forehead and checks and asked her what was wrong? She said that she didn't really want to talk to me about it. I kept pressing her to make sure that I did nothing wrong or I hurt her. She said it wasn't me and finally told me everything. She had only come on this hiking trip because there was a big promotion at stake here. She didn't like her boss or her co-workers but she knew that if she wanted this promotion that she would have to come on this trip and fuck her boss. Her boss Ron had a reputation for being very perverted and only giving big promotions to those that fucked him. I asked her about the two guys "you know, hans and frans or whatever their names were" she laughed at that and said that Ron was known to be somewhat bi and so they to were probably going to suck him off or something. She said that she had psyched herself up to fuck him but then after last night and today with me she didn't think she could go through with it and she really needed this promotion. badly for the money and the fact that everyone that worked with her was younger than her. I admitted to my feelings for her as well and told her to do whatever she thought would be best for her and no matter what she chose to do my feelings for her wouldn't change at all. She broke down and cried harder now and all I could do was hold her close to me. After a bit she regained herself and told me that I was the first man she had been with in a very long time and that it was nice because she trusted me and felt so comfortable with me and now this could ruin it all. I assured her again that whatever she chose would have absolutely no influence on my feelings for her. I told her that she was exhausted and maybe she could think clearer in the morning after she rested. She agreed so I kissed her softly on her lips and then I zipped up her sleeping bag and then mine and I think I passed out.

I woke up the next morning feeling like a truck had hit me. I slid quietly out of my bag and out of the tent. When I got out of the tent it was so foggy that I couldn't even se the lake or the edge of the water that was just a 20 feet away at the most. I felt our clothes to see if they were dry but the heavy for had left them damp. I rebuilt the fire quickly since it was pretty cold now and set up a make shift rack to hang our clothes close to the fire to dry. I threw on a sweat shirt I pulled from my pack so at least my upper body would warm up. I started my little stove to boil water for coffee. I could hear Faith gently snoring away. Usually I liked to be back on the trail before the sun came up but I would let her sleep knowing how exhausted she was. Once the fire got going good I moved the clothes closer. Our clothes would smell smokey but that was much better than being wet. The clothes quick dried and it felt good putting on the warm but siff underwear. Soon after I finished getting dressed I heard the tent zipper and saw Faith crawling out of the tent naked and obviously in pain. I handed her her dry clothes and she commented on how good the felt against her sore muscles. I made a fresh cup of instant coffee for her and handed it to her. She thanked me and then thanked me for taking care of her the way I had been. I told her that I am only doing it for her and that she should feel special and we both laughed at that. Faith asked if I thought the other group could find there way back in the thick fog and I told her that I honestly didn't know and it they did I don't know if they would take the correct trail? i told her that I could walk to the intersection and mark the correct trail for them. Faith didn't think that was a good idea since I made that same trip 3 times yesterday and she knew I was pretty exhausted from the hike yesterday. i told her that it wouldn't be to bad if I wasn't carrying a pack. I told her that if she packed everything up here for us that it would be a big help and i would be right back by the time she was done. She agreed and so I put on my hiking boots and headed out. I got about 10 feet away when Faith called me back and hugged me and kissed me and told me to be careful. I promised her I would and then I headed back down the trail. I started out slow for the first 15 or 20 minutes or so. My legs and back were very sore but as I walked more I started to loosen up and was able to pick up my pace. I reached the intersection after about 45 minutes and tied a red bandana around a small branch on the correct trail. I even drew a big arrow in the dirt pointing to the correct trail. I then headed back to our campsite to get Faith and continue our hike. By the time I made it back to Faith the fog had started to lift some but I could tell the day was going to be a cold gray overcast day. Faith had everything packed up and was waiting for me. I asked her if she wanted to wait for the others or move on. She said that she wanted to move on so we grabbed our packs and headed down the trail. I know Faith was having a rough time already due to being sore so I had us stop and I pulled out some more aspirin and gave her an energy bar. After about 20 minutes I could tell that her body was also starting to work out some of the aches and pains. I told her that this second leg of the trip wasn't as bad as the first and that we would stop at a creek and camp there so we could refill our water to make the final push the following day. She was happy to hear that it wouldn't be as tough today. We kept up a decent pace and Faith seemed like she was back to her old self. I didn't ask her if she had made a decision about her boss. I figured that when she did decide she would tell me. She seemed very happy today and so I didn't want to change that. We held hands when we could but the majority of the trip we had to walk single file due to the narrow trail. We chatted along the way about different things and she eventually brought up last night and told me it had been a long time since she had been sexual with anyone and hoped she wasn't to disappointing. I stopped walking and turned around to her and told her the truth that I thought she was amazing. I then kissed her and we smiled and kept walking on. She then brought up the subject of her boss and said that she didn't care about the promotion enough to do what she would have to do to get it. I told her that as long as she was happy with her decision that it was fine with me. She was quiet for a while so I know she was thinking it over so I stopped again and turned to her and looked her in the eyes. I told her maybe she should just play it by ear tonight if they even do catch up to us. I told her there was no reason to dwell on it now since we had no idea what the night held for us. I also reminded her that no matter what decision she made that it would not change anything I felt towards her. She agreed and I kissed her again and told her that I loved her. I turned around and started walking after that smiling to myself and she called out to me and asked me what I just said. I laughed and told her that if she missed it then that was her own fault and I wasn't going to say anything else. She kept bugging me to repeat what I said but I just kept walking and ignoring her. I guess she had picked up a stick along the way because she started whacking the back of my pack with it demanding I repeat what I said. I just laughed until she accidentally smacked the side of my arm with the stick. I it sounded worse that what it felt and Faith immediately dropped the stick and started apologizing. I was laughing and told her I was going to kick her ass later when my now broken arm heals. She kept apologizing and I kept laughing and told her it was ok. She apologized again and then hugged me, as I hugged her she broke down crying nd said that she didn't know what to do about tonight if she should go for the promotion tonight or not. I told her not to worry about it now and that she couldn't stop thinking about it and now that I told her that I loved her and she loved me as well made it even worse. I told her again to just see how tonight goes and that the group might not even make it to the second stop tonight. That they might have taken the wrong trail again and all be dead in the quicksand on that one trail I told her about.She just laughed and said that we could only hope. For the next mile or so the trail widened out enough that we could walk sided by side holding hands. We walked like that for a while and then the trail narrowed again for a short time before we got to our stop for the day.

The trail opened up into a clearing and on the far side of the clearing there was a shallow creek that ran alongside the trail for about 30 yards. I told Faith that since we were first we get to pick the best spot. Faith went close to the creek and said the like the clearing by the water. I dropped my pack and helped her take hers off. I pulled the tent out and set it up while Fait went through my pack and found a couple of freeze dried meals for us. After I got the tent set up I threw our sleeping bags into the tent and Faith walked over with the flask and offered it to me. I took a swallow and asked her if she wanted a fire tonight. She said yes and more than just the camp fire and laughed. I told her that was lame and she was a bigger dork than I was. We both laughed at that and then she took another swallow and asked if I thought we had time to rinse off in the creek together. I told her I thought we did but that this water was pretty chilly compared to the lake water. Faith took off her hiking boots and walked into the water and she said that yeah it was cold. I told her we could both rinse off really fast and then warm up by the fire again. I started a small fire in the middle of the clearing and then Faith and I stripped down and got into the chilly water together. We washed each other off again but this time there was no relaxing in the water. We jumped to as soon as we were done and I gave Faith the towel to dry off and I stood close to the fire and waited for her to finish with the towel. After we both dried off the best we could she suggested that we go into the tent before the others arrived. I didn't hesitate and climbed into the tent right behind her. As soon as she got in she laid on her back and opened her legs and pulled me on top of her. We started kissing passionately and she reached down and stroked my cock until I was hard and then she guided me into her already wet pussy. I slid into her easily and then she grabbed my ass and pulled me in completely into her. She moaned out in pleasure as we made love to each other slowly. as our pace started to increase she whispered into my ear to let me know when I was getting close to cumming. I told her I would and I continued to move in and out of her tight wet pussy. As I made love to her I kissed her all over. I kissed her small breasts and her neck and her lips. I started moving in and out of her faster and harder and told her that I was close. She told me to get on my back and I did and she got on top of me in a 69 and we made each other cum like that. I came quickly into her warm mouth as she sucked me and I continued to lick her sweet pussy and clit until she came on my tongue. After she came she turned around and laid on me and kissed me. After a while of laying together we got up and got dressed and went back out. I boiled some water for us for dinner and just as we sat down to eat the group of her co-workers came staggering up. The saw our fire and were excited to see it and warm up to it. Their clothes were still damp from the prior night and they were unable to get their stove to work to boil water for their meals so they had been wet and cold and hungry since last night. Faith said she was very sorry to hear that but i could hear a little sarcasm in her voice and I held in a laugh. I offered to boil up some water for them so they could make their freeze dried meals and have something hot to eat. They all sounded excited about that and as I boiled some more water they slowly set up their tents. I could tell there was some irritation among their little group and they seemed relieved now that they were going to relax. Alan sat next to Faith on the ground and whispered that the past two days have been hell. He said that Ron insisted they follow his directions and so the ended up sleeping next to a swamp last night and got eaten alive by mosquitos and no one could get a fire started. They saw the fire we had going from across the lake and for a short time they considered hiking over to join us but then the fog rolled in and they were exhausted. Alan pulled my red bandana from his pocket and handed it to Faith and thanked us for leaving the marker. He then got up and set up his tent and after a bit the water was ready for them and I told them to bring their food packets over and I would pour the water in. I filled all their freeze dried packets and set them to the side for them. They inhaled the food when it was ready and then after that they relaxed by the fire. I told them that I had biodegradable soap and shampoo if they wanted to rinse off in the creek and they all liked the idea but none of them jumped at it. Ticia asked if we had rinsed off and Faith told her we had and then Ticia asked how we dried off and Faith told her we stood by the fire to dry off. "So you expect me to stand naked in front of all of you by the fire to dry off? Tricia asked Faith. Faith told her that she didn't have to clean up if she didn't want to, that we were just offering. I pulled the flask of crown out of my back and took a swallow of it and gave it to Faith and she took a drink. She offered it to the others and they all jumped at the chance for a drink. My flask held almost a quart and it was still three quarters of the way full. Thats co-workers were drinking quite a bit and I told them to not get drunk or they would have trouble finishing the hike tomorrow but they just kept drinking up. The flask finally made it back to us and Faith and I both took a big drink and then passed it on again. I got up and threw some more wood on the fire and then I went and got my water bottle and filter set out of my pack and walked into the darkness to the creek to filter som more water for Faith and I to drink. I heard one of the women ask Faith how I can walk around in the dark barefoot and that it was a stupid idea she thought. Faith just told her that I knew what I was doing and didn't worry about me. I walked back a little later and filled Faith and mine water bladders in our packs and then made another trip back to the creek to filter some more. I came back a few minutes later and offered the water bottle to the group to fill their water bladders as well. Only Alan took me up on it, Phil said he could take care of himself and Ron didn't answer me and the ladies ignored me as well. I sat back down on the ground next to Faith and took another swallow of Crown when Faith handed it to be. The flask was almost empty and I figured there was going to be at least one person hurting on the hike tomorrow. Alan leaned over and whispered something to Faith then he leaned back and looked at us both and smiled and had a questioning look on his face. Faith then whispered to be that Alan had a joint and was wondering if we wanted to disappear for a bit to indulge? I hadn't smoked in a long time and rarely did on my hikes since the majority of my hikes were in deep west Texas and you had to travel through drug check points go to and from them. I asked Faith if she was wanting to and she was so I said ok that I would take them to an area O knew of. I stood up and made a suggestion that if we wanted the fire to last much longer we needed more wood. It would be very nice to have in the morning to warm up to when the temperatures were really cold and it was damp. I figured I wouldn't get a response from anyone except Faith and Alan and I was right. The other 4 just looked at me and said nothing. Faith and Alan both volunteered to help and they got up as well.

I told Faith to grab her head lamp and Alan if he had one and he didn't so I grabbed mine and told Faith to turn hers on and put it on the red light so that it would ruin our site for night vision. I had Alan and Faith follow me down the trail and I took them about 100 yards down the trail down wind from the others. Once we got to a spot I told Faith to turn the light off and I turned mine off as well. I could here Alan fishing around for a bit until I heard him say "Bingo". There was then a bright flash as he sparked his lighter and lit the end of the joint and inhaled. The lighter went out and I was temporarily blinded until I saw the red cherry of the joint. I could smell the familiar smell and then the cherry moved out into the darkness and he said "next". I told Faith to go and she managed to get the joint from Alan and I could hear her inhale as Alan exhaled finally. Alan then said how happy he was that they finally caught up to us. He said the past two days have been hell. Faith reached out in the dark to find me and handed me the joint now. I took a big hit and held it. I then handed it back to Alan. I only took one more hit after that and let Faith and Alan finish it off. Alan told us how Ron had been a pain in the ass and basically Alan has been their pack mule and servant. How Ron insisted that everyone follow his directions and when they did finally realize they were lost that first night everyone blamed Alan and then were blaming Faith and I for not keeping up. He said that he was unable to get a fire started due to the wt firewood he found and so they were pissed at him for that. I asked Alan if thats why Ron hasn't said a word all night and he said it was. He said it was a slap in the face to him when they got to the trail intersection and they saw the red bandana hanging there and the big arrow drawn in the sand. Alan thought it was cool but the others are all too snobbish and thought that we were trying to rub it in their faces. Faith told Alan how the weight of the pack and the heat got to her and so she had problems. Then Alan told us about how that night at the first camp site how Ron and the others tried to have a little orgy there in the camp site but without a fire the mosquitos started swarming them. We all laughed at that and Alan said he just stayed in his tent listening to his iPod until he heard the girls screaming that they were getting eaten alive. Alan also said how jealous they all were when they looked across the lake and could see that we had a nice little fire going. Alan said that Ron would definitely want to make up for last night tonight. I said that was fine, let him. Alan looked at Faith as said that he would expect Faith to be out there with him, and Faith asked Alan what about him and Phil? Alan told Faith that he wasn't going to do it but that Ron was probably going to blackball him at work anyhow since he didn't try to join in last night. Thats why he's been their whipping boy on the trip. Alan looked at me and said that since I didn't work for him that he had nothing to hold over me, but Faith did and that big promotion was at stake as well as future pay raises. Faith said she didn't know what to do. She really needed that promotion and needed the extra money from whatever pay raises would come from it. Alan said that for him even if he were fired he could always go and work for his dad. It wasn't ideal but he would be able to support his family still and that no promotion was work sucking that assholes cock. Faith asked if thats what Phil had done and Alan said he had a few times already he thought. I had decided already that Alan was a pretty cool guy and I has misjudged him. I suggested that we head back but needed to grab some firewood first. I led them over to a spot and then turned on my lamp to red light and there was a small pile of logs and twigs. They both asked me how I knew it was there and I told them we had passed it on the way to the site. We gathered up what we could carry and headed back. When we got back the four were still sitting there and they just watched us as we piled the firewood up. Sarah said that it sure took us a long time and I told her that its pretty difficult to look for firewood in the dark in a thick forest. She didn't reply and just looked at the 3 of us. I was buzzing pretty good but not nearly as much as Faith and Alan I figured. Ron finally spoke and when he did he asked Alan if he had anymore pot on him? Alan looked shocked and Ron told him that he knew he was a pot head and that he thinks it would be a nice buzz to add to the Crown buzz. Alan just stammered a bit and then finally answered that he did. He went over to his pack and started digging through it. Then Ron asked me if he could go ahead and use some of my shampoo and soap. He said it would be nice to be clean for the night. I told him sure and went over to my tent and pulled it out and handed it to him. I told him that it was biodegradable so it doesn't have any scent really but you will at least feel clean. Ron stood up and and told Alan that after he finishes rolling the joint that he could build up the fire some more for them to dry off by. He then told Sarah, Ticia and Phil to go with him to clean up. Ticia protested that she wasn't going to stand there naked to dry off in front of me or Alan. I told her not to worry to much and that I would try not to look. Then Ron asked Faith if she was going to join them and Faith quietly answered that she had already bathed earlier. The four of them walked off into the darkness towards the creek. Faith turned to me and asked me what she should do? I told her that I really couldn't answer that for her that it was really her decision to make because it dealt with her career future possibly. Alan came over holding a couple of joints and handed one to Faith. "here you might want to smoke this if you decide to play his game" Alan told Faith. Alan then asked me if there was another area where he could set up his tent away from the rest and I told him there was about a quarter mile down the trail and if he liked Id take him. Alan said that it would be really cool since he didn't know the area. I told Faith that I was thinking of moving our tent as well and she just nodded and said that it would probably be for the best so that I wouldn't have to be right there no matter what she decided.

I started packing up all of our stuff. I would have to carry both Faiths pack and mine but at least it wasn't all that far and I should be able to deal with it ok. Faith offered to carry her pack and then walk back but I told her she didn't have to do that unless she was going to stay down at the new site. She said she still didn't know what to do yet?

As I finished up packing our stuff up Ron can his group came walking back. They were all wet and nude and visibly clod. Sara and Ticia got close to the fire to warm up and used their dirty clothes to cover themselves some. Phil had backed up to the fire with his back to us as well while Ron stood facing the fire and us. Ron asked why we were leaving and I told them I was going to give them their privacy to do whatever it was they wanted to do. Ron told me I should stay and watch his version of a team building event, and that there was a big promotion at stake for everyone here but me of course. Ron then asked Alan what he was doing and Alan told him that he would feel more comfortable with himself by not joining in on this part of the weekend. Alan told Ron that he left the joint and lighter for them by the fire on a rock. Ron told Alan that it was a poor career choice if he dint stay and join them but Alan just ignored his and picked up his pack and started walking onto the darkness down the trail. Sarah walked over and handed me the soap and shampoo and thanked me for letting them use it. I told her she was welcome. I was kinda surprised because thats the first and only thing she had said to me since I met them the other day.

I put my pack on and then looked at Faith and I could see the uncertainty on her face. I gave her her headlamp and told her that I would build another fire at the other site and to just head down the trail until she saw the fire. The campsite was maybe 20 or 30 yards off the main trail. Faith was silent and just nodded her head. I picked up her pack and headed down the trail behind Alan. Luckily Alan had stopped in the darkness to wait for me. When I caught up to him he grabbed one strap and I grabbed the other and we both carried Faiths pack. We walked in silence to the new location and we set down the packs. Alan started to set up his tent while I gathered some more wood for a fire. When I returned with the firewood Alan was set up and offered to build the fire so I could set up. I thanked him and set up my tent in the small clearing and soon the area was filled with light from the fire. I laughed and told Alan that he had no problem with the fire so what happened the night before when he couldn't get one started. Alan laughed and said that he purposely didn't build one just so the others would be to miserable to play there little games. I laughed at that really hard and told him he was an evil genius.

After we set up completely we both sat down by the fire to kick back some. Alan pulled out another joint and asked if I was interested? I told him that I might as well but I sure wished I had some of my Crown left to go with it. He laughed and dug into his pack and pulled out a flask. Its not Crown Alan said but its some good Scotch. Then he apologized for drinking mine up but he said that he didn't want to share with the others. In fact he said he didn't want to share with me to begin with but after today and tonight he decided he liked Faith and I enough to share. I just laughed and said thanks.

After half the joint was gone and well as half the whiskey we were both fairly gone. I found out that Alan was actually a pretty well experienced hiker and that we had done a lot of the same trails. He preferred the desert/mountainous region of west Texas like I did and looked forward to going back out for a hike in that area sometimes soon. Alan said that he would probably have to move back to his hometown in south Texas to go back to work for his dad that had his own cabinet making company. He said that it want what he wanted to do and it wouldn't give him much time for his hobbies but it was a steady income. I told him that I was sure that he could get a job with another company with his computer skills but he said that even though Ron was young, he already had a lot of powerful connections and was known to blackball people and their careers if he didn't get his way. Alan said that he was hoping the rumors of Ron weren't true and that this would be just a simple hiking trip and thats it but unfortunately that wasn't the case. He said he felt stupid for going out and buying new clothes for the weekend and like me dressed for comfort rather than fashion like the others did. Alan also said that he felt sorry for Faith because she is trapped in Rons little weekend of weirdness and didn't really have another outlet like he did.

After a while Alan and I both fell silent and we sat there lost in our own thoughts. I could feel my body melting into itself and decided I was ready for bed. I threw another small log on the fire to keep it going in case Faith decided to head over to our area. Alan said that he might walk down the trail and rinse of in a spot in the creek I had told him about earlier. He said that he had his own stuff and a towel even but didn't want to share with the others. I laughed and that but I understood. I crawled into my tent and rolled Faiths and my sleeping bag out. I then stripped down and shivered as the cold night air chilled my bare skin. I slid into by bag and got comfortable. I hoped Faith would be ok but this was her decision to make for herself. I fell asleep almost immediately from the whiskey, the pot and the physical exertion of the past couple of days.

I am usually a light sleeper especially when Im camping but I guess I pretty much passed out because I didn't even here the zipper on the tent when it opened and closed. I didn't wake up until I felt a cold naked body press against my warm relaxed body. I woke up to Faith squeezing into my sleeping bag with me. She was naked and her body was cold so I moved over as much as I could to give her room to slide in next to me. She put her back against my chest and asked me to hold her so I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. I decided not to say anything at all to her and to just hold her and help her warm up. I was just drifting off to sleep again when she unzipped my sleeping bag and told me to lay on my back. She got out of the gad with me and moved down my body and took my soft cock in her mouth. She held my cock in her mouth and sucked on it as she used one hand to massage my balls and the other hand held my cock as she sucked on it. I grew hard in her warm mouth and as soon as I was fully erect she slid back up my body and straddled my hips. I could feel her hand on my cock as she lowered herself onto my hard cock and she guided me into her. My cock slid in completely into her soaked pussy and she moaned out. I could tell that her pussy was to wet just to be from her own excitement and that she must of fucked Ron after all and he came in her. Faith started to fuck me hard by roughly riding my cock. It felt like she was using all of her weight to grind her pussy down on my cock. I stay up so that she was sitting in my lap and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Faith wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and buried her face in my neck and started to cry. After a few minutes Faith stopped crying and told me she was sorry for all the drama. I told her it was ok and asked her if she wanted to talk about it? She told me how Ron had thad them all lay their sleeping bags out by the fire and that he had Faith strip down and join them. The she said that Ron and Phil both took some Viagra and they smoked the joint Alan left for them. After a while Ron and Phil started touching Sarah, Ticia and herself and that Ron wanted to watch them have sex. Faith said that Sarah went down on her while Ticia went down on Sarah at the same time. Faith said it soon turned into an orgy and that both Ron and Phil ended up fucking her and both came in her. After Ron came in her he had Phil lick her pussy clean and then he had Phil fuck her. While Phil was fucking her Ron was fucking Ticia and thinks he came in her because after Phil came in Faith Ron had Phil suck his cock and clean it off and Ron ended up cumming in Phils mouth. Faith went over the events really fast and in one breath almost like she wanted to just get it out and over with. After Faith finished she just sit there in my lap still quietly with her face still buried in my neck. I really wasn't sure what to say so finally I asked her "did you at least enjoy it?" Faith laughed and nodded her head and said that she did have an orgasm when Phil was fucking her. She said that he has a really nice cock where Ron had quite a small cock. I told her that at least it wasn't all bad. I then told her that it still didn't change my feelings for her and I hugged her to me tightly. Faith lifted her head and told me she loved me also and that she was sorry for what she gave into. I told her it was ok that it was just sex. I was still inside Faith and we made slow love together with her sitting in my lap. I added my cum with the others inside of her and we laid back onto the sleeping bag together and used hers to cover us. She laughed that I was going to have to wash them and I told her it was no problem. We were now both wet and sticky with cum but we just wanted to hold each other. As we relaxed there Faith told me that Sarah came back with her but she went to Alans tent because Faith had told her there wasn't enough room in ours. I laughed and said I guess Alan got a surprise then? We both soon drifted off to sleep together.

I woke up before Faith the next morning. I crawled out of the tent and could feel a dull headache begin. Probably from the whiskey the night before. I dug through my pack and grabbed my soap and shampoo and towel and headed for the creek. I washed off the cum that was on me from the night before and walked back to the camp site with just the towel around me. I got the fire going again and stood by it to dry off and warm up. As I stood there I heard a tent zipper and looked over to see Sarah climbing out of Alans tent. Sarah stood up and was completely naked and was hopping around and told me she had to pee in a way that was more of a question than a statement, I had now idea of how to answer her so I just said "ok". She tip toed off behind some bushes as I laughed to myself and started to pull my stove and coffee from my pack. Sarah came tip toeing back and I looked up and smiled at her. She had beautiful dark tan skin and nice full firm breasts with very dark nipples. Like faith she kept herself completely smooth. She crawled back into the tent with Alan and closed it up. I could here some whispering coming from his tent and after a few minutes I could hear light moans now coming from it as well. I got dressed there by the fire and sat down next to it as I drank my coffee and took in the warmth of the two.

Faith finally stirred after about an hour and crawled out of the tent wearing just a long sweatshirt. She said that she needed to pee and wanted to rinse off as well. I handed her the soap and shampoo and walked with her down to the creek. I then told her I would be right back with the towel so she could dry off. I went back and held the towel close by the fire for a few minutes so that it would be warm for Faith when she got out of the chilly water. I walked back to the creek when I saw Faith was finishing up and wrapped the towel around her shoulders. I helped dry her off and she walked over to the fire to warm up and get dressed. I made Faith a cup of coffee and then we sat together in silence next to the fire watching the the coals glow red and the flames dance along the logs. I got up and kissed Faith on her head and she looked up and smiled at me. I then started to pack up all of our gear as she drank the rest of her coffee. As I packed up our stuff Alan and Sarah came crawling out of Alans small tent. This time Sarah had clothes on, but Alan was waring a big grin on his face and Sarah just smiled shyly. I made some coffee for them and let Sarah use my cup since all of her gear was at the other spot. She had just brought her sleeping bag and the few clothes she was wearing last night. They both thanked me and joined Faith by the fire. I finished packing up my stuff and joined them. I sat down next to Faith and asked them what the plan was now? They looked at me confused so I explained to them that we could either go back to the other site and wait for them or we could push on and wait for the other group at the van. Neither Sarah or Faith wanted to spend anymore time with the other group but no matter what we had to go back and get Sarah's gear. Alan packed up his gear and we headed back over the the other spot.

We made the short trek back to the other spot and the only person that was up and moving was Phil. He was squatting by the dead fire trying to get it going again. Sarah started packing up her gear right away with the help of Faith. Alan and I helped Phil get the fire going. I guess we both felt sorry for him because he was shivering and looked like shit. He was moving very slow like he was in pain and barely looked at us when we talked to him. Sarah came over and asked Phil for the keys to the van and when he said that he didn't have them she shouted at him asking where they were. Phil told her that Ron had them he thought so Sarah went over to his tent and unzipped it and asked Ron where the keys to the van were? I was taken back by Sarah because she had only spoken a few words around me and now she was a woman on a mission and I figured I should stay out of her way. Sarah stepped back from the opening of Rons tent to let Ticia crawl out. She stood up and she was completely nude, her huge big breasts swaying and she tried to gain her balance on the uneven ground. Ron crawled out of the tent after her looking like he had a really rough night and he asked what was going on? Ron stood there naked with his hard cock sticking up. Sarah said that she wanted the keys to the van so we could go and get my truck and leave. Ron was completely against that and said he didn't want us taking off with their only way out. Alan assured Ron that by the time they got their stuff together and made it to the end of the trail that we would be back with the van and in fact would probably beat them. Ron didn't seem like he liked our idea and neither did Ticia. She stepped up next to Ron and said that she didn't want to get stranded out here without a ride out. As she stood there I noticed that cum started running down her dark sexy black thighs. She didn't even seem to notice or didn't care? Then Phil walked gingerly over and told Ron just to give us the keys and he knew they wouldn't abandon us out here. Sarah asked Phil if he were ok but Phil didn't answer him. Tricia spoke up and said that Ron must of fucked his ass a little too hard last night and Phil told her to shut the fuck up. Sarah got up in Rons face and told him to give her the fucking keys now that she didn't want to be out here any longer with them than she had to. Ron pressed his hard cock against Sarah and asked her if she wanted his cock now since she missed out on it last night? Complete chaos was breaking out now and I turned to Faith and started laughing. Faith was in shock over the craziness that was unfolding and then looked at me laughing and she started laughing as well. I walked over to Alan and asked him how much food he had left. H said he was good for 2 days and I told him that Faith and I could go a day. Then he pulled Sarah back from the yelling match and finally got her to calm down enough to ask her how much food she had? Sarah said she had maybe two days worth left. Alan suggested that we could just hike back to my truck and we should be ok on food and we would have plenty of water if we rationed it on the last day that we made the final push to my truck. I looked at Faith and I knew by the look in her eyes that she was worried if she could make it or not? I told him Alan and Sarah that I didn't think Faith could make it that she was already hurting pretty good from the first day. Faith said that she could make it and would carry her own weight. I told her that if we had more food that we could take an extra day so she wouldn't have to push herself as hard but that I didn't think she could make it. Ron stood there stroking his hard cock while listening to us and said that we could have the rest of their food since they wouldn't need it but that it would cost us and the price was Sarah's pussy since he didn't get it last night. Sarah broke out in a barrage of custards, mostly in Spanish at Ron and then Ticia stepped up and started threatening to kick Sarah's ass. Alan pulled Sarah back and told her it was ok that we had other options. Then Phil walked up and handed me the keys. He said to just please bring it back and to leave the keys under the mat on the divers side. Ron asked Phil what the hell he was doing and I assured Ron and Ticia both that the van would be there waiting for them when they got to the end of the trail. Tricia was still quite upset and Ron had called down and said that he trusted me and that if I ever wanted to guide one of his groups he would pay me very well. I told him I would think about it and I turned and thanked Phil and headed down the trail.

We made really good time on the last part of the trail. I think the others were ready to get out of the forest and get home where I was kinda wishing that we had enough food to have hiked back down the trail the other way. I knew it would be really hard on Faith though. She was a trooper and hung tough even though her pack weighed half of what she weighed I guessed. We made it to the van and we all jumped in. Alan drove and Faith and I sat in the back together holding hands. we were about 20 minutes into our drive back to my truck when we saw a small group walking down the forest road. We stopped and asked if they were ok? It was an elderly man with 3 teenage kids and one round girl. He said that they got lost on the trail and finally made it out to the road but by then they were so turned around that they had no idea of which direction to go in. We loaded them all up into the van with us and after talking to them some and the kids and the gentleman being able to warm up in the van we discovered that they had been dropped off at the trail head by a friend and were to like back to their vehicle but they had gotten lost and were a day behind now. We drove them to their vehicle while Faith and Saran talked to them. They were parked at a small turnoff area about a mile from my truck. They unloaded their gear and thanked us over and over for helping them. The gentleman offered to give us money for gas but we refused it and said that we were happy that we could help get them back safely. One of the teen girls took our email addresses down and said that she would like to thank us for helping them out and would like to email us.

We continued on and got my truck. We threw all of our gear in the back and Faith and I followed Alan and Sarah back to drop off the van. We left the van in the same spot and left the keys in it. There was no sign of the others so we left to make the long drive home. Faith sat in the from with me and Alan and Sarah sat in the back. As soon as we got back onto smooth roads after and hour of rough torn up forest road Faith laid her head in my lap and fell asleep. I looked back at Alan and Sarah and they were both asleep as well.. I stopped to get gas and everyone got something to drink and we piled back in. We were only about 45 minutes away from town and Alan asked when I was going to head back home. I told him that I would probably head home that evening so that way I would have all day tomorrow to unload my gear and relax before I had to go back to work the following day. Alan offered for us to all go to his place. He shared a house with an old friend of his from high school. His friend made a lot of money in his line of work but it required him to travel all the time. He said they had a couple of spare rooms and that they had a hot tub that we could relax in to help out on the sore muscles. Sarah said that she was in and Faith kissed my cheek and asked if I could stay another night with her. It didn't take much to convince me so I agreed and we headed over to Alans place.

When we got to Alans place we unloaded his gear and Sarahs. Then we went in and Alan said that if we wanted to we could give him our clothes and he would wash them for us. Sarah started stripping down right away and as we kinda looked at her she said "what, you have all seen me naked already so whats the big deal?" We could see her point and we all stripped down as well. Then Alan said that he would get the clothes started and then make some margaritas for us if we wanted to go out to the hot tub. He said that there was a shower out by the hot tub if we wanted to rinse off first. The hot tub was in a glassed in deck. there was a shower head in the corned with different soaps and shampoos. Sarah got the shower going while I tried to figure out the hot tub. By the time I had it figured out, Fait was finishing up and walked over to be and slapped my ass and said it was my turn. Sarah and Faith slipped into the tub while I cleaned up. Then I slid into the hot water next to Faith just as Alan came out carrying a pitcher of margaritas and 4 glasses. Sarah poured out the drinks while Alan rinsed off and then he slipped into the tub next to Sarah. We drank our drinks and let the hot tub massage our aches and pains away. Faith seemed like she was feeling much better but since I knew her as long as I did I knew there was something on her mind. I didn't want to press her here in front of the others so I let it go for now. We quickly finished off the margaritas and Alan stood to make another batch. When he stood it was obvious that Sarah had been stroking his hard cock under the water the whole time because he was fully hard. Alan grabbed the empty pitcher and headed off to the kitchen. Saran stood up and took the few steps to come over to Faith and I and leaned in close and gave me a kiss and thanked me for being nice to her out there even though she was being a bitch. Then she moved over to Faith and kissed her deeply and thanked her for the same thing and then looking out for her last night. Faith smiled at her and told her she was welcome and then Sarah kissed Faith again and then floated back to the other side again and smiled and said that we were lucky to have each other and she was lucky to have us as new friends because of the way we took care of people around us. Alan came back in with another pitcher and climbed back into the hot tub with us. He poured us all another round and before he could sit down Sarah said that he was no longer hard for her so she moved over and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him while he stood there holding his and Sarah's drink in his hand. I figured she would just get him hard again but she kept sucking him. Faith started stroking my cock under the water as we watched and I quickly became hard. Sarah continued with Alan until he moaned out and started humming in Sarah's mouth. She swallowed his load and then sat back and smiled up at him and then reached up and gently massaged his balls as he still stood there with his now semi hard cock wet with her spit and his cum. Alan sat dawn and handed Sarah his drink and I told him how impressed I was that he didn't spill one drop even. We all laughed and Faith continued to stroke me under the water. Then Faith took my drink from me and set it to the side and told me to sit on the edge, I did as Sarah and Allan watched Faith take my hard cock into my mouth and suck me. I figured she was going to do the same as what Sarah did but then Faith stood up and turned to face Sarah and Allan and sat down on my lap while guiding my hard cock into her. Faith started grinding her pussy onto my lap and then she leaned back against me and spread her legs wide. Sarah moved over between Faiths open legs and started licking Faiths clit while my cock was still in her. It didn't take long for Faith to orgasm from all the stimulation but Sarah continued to lick Faith and soon another orgasm swept over Faith and when it did her pussy tightened down onto my cock and I knew I was close so I started thrusting my cock up into Faith. I heard Sarah tell me to let her know when I was close so I told her right away and then she pulled my cock from Faith and swallowed it. She sucked hard on my cock and I quickly exploded into her mouth where she swallowed it all down. I looked up and Alan had started to fuck Sarah from behind while Sarah had been sucking me. Faith started to get up but Sarah told Faith to stay like that but lean back again. Faith was still sitting on my lap and then Sarah told Alan to fuck Faith. Alan got between Faith's legs and easily slid into her wet pussy. He started to fuck her hard while I reached up with one hand and pulled on Faiths hard nipples and Faith soon had another orgasm. Alan was fucking Faith and kept commenting on how tight her pussy was. I could feel Alan's heavy balls rubbing against my semi hard cock as he pounded Faiths pussy. He then thrust deep into her and held himself there while he shot his load into Faiths pussy. Faith and Alan were both breathing heavy and then he stepped back and let his cock slide from her pussy and I could feel his semi hard cum covered cock resting against mine. Sarah moved back in and took mine and Alans cocks into her mouth together and cleaned us both. Then Sarah moved and started licking Faiths pussy and licked her clean and gave Faith another orgasm. Faith sat up some and slid back down into the water on shaky legs. I joined her and we all relaxed again drinking our drinks and discussing the future.

I went home the next day and unloaded my gear and rested up for work the next day. I talked to Faith everyday and she had told me how she was unable to face her boss and the other two co-workers Phil and Ticia so she had been calling in sick. I had told Faith to just quit her job and move out to the country with me until we figured something out. She said that she didn't want to be a burden on me but she would think about it. A few days later Faith called me and told me that she had a new job. The gentlemen and his grandkids that we picked up on the forest road was the father of a man who happened to be a CEO of an energy company there and he was so grateful for us helping his farther and his kids out that he had offered Faith, Alan and Sarah all a nice "reward' but after talking to Faith a bit he instead changed it to offering a position in their IT department that paid double of what she was getting. He also offered Alan and Sarah jobs in the company as well. Faith also told me that he was starting a special group where kids could go and learn some survival skills and go hiking and camping and it was just for the kids who's parents worked for him but he wanted to eventually expand it to the employees as a team building exercise and that he wanted Faith to get a hold of me to see if I would be interested in being one of the head instructors? I was speechless for a while. This was a dream job for me and what was best is I would be getting paid very well for it. I wasn't sure what to say for a while. Then Faith added another thing. Faith said and the best thing overall for her is that she could work from home or anywhere really once she got completely trained on the new systems so she could actually work from my house if I still wanted her there? I told her right away that I did still want her there and a week after she finished her training we were moving Faith into my small country home. I was worried a little it might be a hard transition for her moving from a large city out to the country in the middle of a large ranch where I rented a house but I knew she would be ok when I saw that in the warmer months she enjoyed sitting naked on the front porch and working from her lap top.

If you made it this far I hope you enjoyed it. The hiking trip part is a true story. I did actually guide a group through a National Forest in East Texas at my friends request. We did all get separated in a thick fog except for my best friend and I. Her co-workers were complete morons and assholes, and my friend and I did go skinny dipping and have wild sex outdoors in the woods. We are now living together but other than that the rest is fiction. I hope you enjoyed it.

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