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The Evolution of Our Foursome

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My best friend since childhood and I traveled to a mountain lake for a hunting - fishing vacation in the late autumn. He and I had married best friends right out of high school. Twenty years later, his marriage had dissolved and mine was still going strong. He and I are both firefighters in the same fire department, but on separate shifts. He works twenty four hours on “A” shift and I relieve him the next morning for twenty four hours on “B” shift. We try to get away at least annually for a Bro-cation.

We had just finished eating today’s catch of fried trout and were sitting out by the fire pit. I opened a bottle of scotch and filled two rock glasses. We watched the sunset across the lake and tended the fire. About a half glass of scotch down, my friend Frank began to try to tell me something that was obviously on his mind. I waited intently as he tried to put his thoughts together, when finally he blurts out, “I fucked Renee!” I looked him in the eye and paraphrased Frank’s confession. “You fucked my wife?” I asked. Frank shook his head in the affirmative. I sat in thought for a few seconds and then I asked Frank to tell me everything from the beginning.

Frank looked at me sheepishly, but began to speak. He started, “ Well, after my divorce, I was not really into the dating scene, but I just needed an occasional roll in the hay. Renee has always been a beautiful woman and friend, so I called her a few times just to talk. She was very open and a great listener. I started picturing us being intimate. I flirted with her and called her more often just to talk. I finally got the nerve to tell her I wanted to go out for dinner with her. At first, she refused, but I was persistent and finally she agreed. So one evening while you were on shift, we went out to eat. I tried to kiss her, but she resisted. I plied her with cocktails and started making some headway. By the time I drove her home, she was sufficiently tipsy and we made out in my car in front of your house. I made second base and sucked those big brown nipples. I raised her skirt and pushed her panties to the side. I fingerfucked her. When her buzz faded, she jumped out of the car and ran into the house. I waited a few days before I texted her. She opened back up to me and a few weeks later, I took her out again. This time, she invited me in for a night cap. One thing led to another and we made love on your couch. That was the most outstanding fuck of my life! We have fucked five times since that first time, but I started feeling guilty about fucking my best friends wife, so we stopped after that.”

I looked sternly at Frank, but I couldn’t hold that expression. I laughed out loud. Frank looked confused. He asked, ”What the Hell, Freddy?” I said, “Now it’s my turn to confess.” “Renee, called me the first time you reached out to her. She was worried about you. I told her to be a friend and listen to you. When you started getting flirty, she told me that too. She asked me what to do. I told her to go along with it and to see where this situation goes. Renee wasn’t very happy with me for suggesting that she participate in this scheme, but eventually, she loosened up and we had fun with it. She called me in tears the night you made out in the car. She thought she had messed up. When I told her it was fine, I think she knew that she was actually wanting to fuck you. So, long story short, I got a play by play for the whole series!”

Frank piped up, “ I really miss fucking her!” Those pretty breasts, the way she trims her pubes, the taste of her musky smelling pussy! GOD, I would love to fuck her again.” I thought for a second and then an idea came to me. I began, “What if….I try to set you and Renee up?...But, you have to tell me everything that happens.” Frank answered, “I am all in.” I told Frank I would set everything up. I have to admit, I got so horny from these confessions, that I turned into bed and launched a load of cum from stroking my turned on cock!

A few weeks later, I was on shift at the fire hall. Renee called me in the afternoon. She said she was going to the grocery store later and asked if I needed anything. I suggested some wine would be nice, but she said she was not going to the Publix, but to the Piggly Wiggly so no wine sales there. I told her I would pick up a bottle or two the next day. Renee said she was jumping in the shower and then headed to the Pig! When I got off the phone, I called Frank. I told him to get his butt to the Piggly Wiggly and coincidentally bump into Renee. I told him to do his best to keep her from calling me. I wanted to see if she would go without a copilot this time. Frank made it to the store ahead of Renee. I asked him to keep his cell in his chest coat pocket and keep me on the line so I could hear. Frank interrupted, “She’s here!” I heard the car door open and a few seconds later, I heard Frank say, “Well Hi Beautiful!” Renee replied, ”HUMMM, I thought you fell off the earth. I haven’t heard from you in months.” Frank stammered about his guilty conscience. Frank caught his stride and poured it on thick. He told her that she was the best lover of his whole life and how he wanted one more chance to make love to her. Renee gave him the hem-haw treatment, kind of agreeable and then flip flopping to maybe not. Frank was persistent and eventually I could tell by the sounds that they were kissing. Frank begged, “Let’s go to your house right now!” Renee gave in without much of a fight. They jumped into her car and headed for our home. During the drive, I could hear Renee saying things like “Stop it, people can see my breasts!” I heard her deep sighs as Frank was obviously finger fucking her. In a few minutes, I heard the sound of the garage door open and close. Frank and Renee were breathlessly running down the hall to the bedroom. I could still hear as Frank disrobed and threw his coat onto the bedside chair. From that moment on, I heard the sounds of lovemaking. There was slurping, moaning, rhythmic sounds of intercourse. They made love for nearly an hour and a half. Once it was over, I continued to listen as they drove back to the grocery store. Frank told Renee that he loved her. Renee answered that she loved making love to him, but that would be all she would ever say or feel. They parted ways at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot. Frank immediately asked me if I heard it all. I told him yes. I went up to my bunk room and stroked myself to a healthy orgasm.

Renee called me later that evening and told me she had fucked Frank. She asked if it would be ok to make it a regular thing if I was good with it. I agreed that it was ok with me. One afternoon when I was on shift, Renee called and said that She was running late getting home from work, but Frank was coming over in a few hours. I decided to take the rest of the shift off. I jumped on my bicycle and rode two blocks home to my house. I hid my bike and hid myself in the bedroom closet. It seemed like an eternity until Renee got home. I watched through the slatted closet door as she showered in the master bath and made herself pretty for Frank. When Frank arrived, they wasted no time. Clothes flew off! Frank dived head first into Renee’s freshly shaved pussy. His well trained fingers fingerfucked Renee into a spray of love juice. Renee got on top and Frank ate her pussy as she sucked his hard cock. It was amazing to see her swallow his cock all the way down to his pubes. They wrestled in the throws of love until they were both sweaty. In the final assault, Renee impaled her pussy upon Frank's cock from above. She then collapsed upon his chest. I watched as Frank’s member slowly deflated inside Renee’s pussy and it fell out, followed by a stream of milky white cum that followed her valleys onto Frank's thighs. They slept for an hour before Frank got up, got dressed and left. I sneaked out of the bedroom as Renee slept. I re-enter later as if I just arrived. I undressed and slid into the bed behind Renee. My cock immediately engorged and I pressed it between Renee’s thighs. Renee sleepily mumbled, “Oh Frank, again?” I slid my cock inside Renee’s cum filled pussy and I fucked her until I lost my load inside. Renee sighed and fell back to sleep. I wasn’t done yet. I maneuvered my head between her thighs and I sucked all of the cum from her hole. It was a beautiful musky salty cream. I got up, dressed, and decided to go back to work and finish my shift. When I returned from work the next morning, Renee had put the linens in the washer and had left for work.

I told Frank about watching him and Renee and then cleaning up after them. He made a joke about me sucking the juice straight out of his spigot. I laughed it off, but to be totally honest, it had crossed my mind. So I devised an idea to have a threesome. I ran it by Renee and she seemed almost excited by the idea. Frank was a little more reluctant, but he agreed. So one evening, I took some vacation time and the three of us piled onto our bed naked. I watched as Renee and Frank made out. I slid across the sheets and found my way under Renee as Frank was plowing her doggy style. I pulled my face upward until my tongue tickled Renee’s clit as Frank's cock pistoned in and out of her hole. Renee sucked my cock inside her mouth and sucked me as she was being pounded from behind. Renee handed me a pillow and I slid it under my head. This gave me a ring side seat to her pussy and Frank’s cock. I finally got the nerve to stick my tongue into Renee’s pussy as Frank’s cock continued to plunge in and out. I know he felt my tongue, but he was committed to his job. I licked and slurped the doorway where Frank’s cock and Renee’s pussy met. Frank abruptly moaned and in a second, he pulled out of Renee and shoved his cock into my mouth. In no more than three strokes, his cock launched a thick cream into my mouth. I was overwhelmed and lost my load into Renee’s throat. Frank didn’t say a word. He rolled over and went to sleep. Renee turned around and we lay face to face deep tongue kissing one another and mixing the contents of our mouths together. After a small nap, Frank woke us up with an idea of his own. He suggested that we try double penetration. Renee wasn’t as excited as Frank and I, but she said she would give it a try. Frank suggested that we try both cocks in Renee’s pussy. We lubed Renee and both our cocks. I lay face up. Renee sat on my cock and lay across my chest face up. Frank positioned himself with Renee’s knee over his shoulders and slid his cock across mine and deep inside Renee’s vagina. Our cocks quickly swelled as Frank plunged his cock full length in and out of Renee. My cock responded as Frank's cock applied friction with each stroke. Renee moaned with pleasure. In no time, my cock couldn’t handle the excitement and I emptied my balls inside Renee’s pussy. The continued friction kept me from going limp. My cock was so sensitive, that I thought I was going to die with the continued strokes from Frank. Then there was a pause and one last hard plunging stroke. Frank's warm goo filled Renee’s pussy. Again, Frank rolled off and fell asleep. Renee rolled over and climbed up my chest until her pussy sat upon my open mouth. I ate her until my jaws were tired. Renee got up and cleaned my cock with her lips.

Renee wasn’t quite done. She reached into her nightstand and retrieved a vibrating dildo. She lubed it up and pressed it inside her vagina. I listened as the whirring pitch changed with her muscle contractions. She motioned for me to roll over. I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt the vibrating sensation against my rectum. She was very gentle and the toy found its way inside me. When the vibrating head found my prostate, thin liquid poured out of my cock and I felt like I was cumming again. The noise aroused Frank. He rolled over and watched. Renee offered the same treatment to him. He shook his head, but after she asked if he was sure, he agreed. Frank got in position and Renee lubed up his hole. She played with the opening of his rectum until Frank relaxed. Renee plied forward and the toy disappeared into Frank’s rectum. He whimpered. When the toy found his prostate, Frank lost a stream of liquid just like I had done. Frank yelled, “Oh God!” We all got up after that and watched the eleven o'clock news. Frank left a bit later.

Renee and I had a wonderful open talk about the things we were doing and the future. She confided in me that she had sex with a woman from the school where she worked. She said it was enjoyable and that she might do it again if the lady asked her. Of course, I wanted to know which teacher, so we looked at the faculty photos in the yearbook. The woman was a doll! Renee asked me if I wanted to have sex with Frank. I told her I didn’t know. I did tell her that we had experimented when we were much younger. Once we figured out how to make our cocks feel good, we rubbed off on each other a few times. Renee said she thought our MMF was hot and she enjoyed the show.

A few days later at shift change, I told Frank about the conversation Renee and I had. He said he thought our threesome was hot as well. Frank asked me if I was bi? My answer was I don’t think so, I just like sex and I like to watch sex. I asked him if he was bi? His answer was similar to mine. He said to him, it was like doing new things was fun, but so far, he hasn’t had any life shattering revelations even with me and Renee. Before he left, he said if I wanted to suck his cock or wanted my ass fucked, he would think about it. He laughed and walked off.

The next weekend, Renee said she wanted her boys back together for a threesome. I called Frank. He was off duty so he said he would be right over. Renee was already drinking cocktails at noon when Frank arrived. She was floating around in our pool on an inflatable lounge. Frank and I walked out to the poolside. Renee grabbed at her bikini top and gave it a sling in our direction. Frank begged for the bottoms. The strings untied and the bottoms were airborne as well. Renee perched like a queen on her floating throne, demanding a margarita. I went inside and mixed her one. I looked through the window as Frank disrobed. Frank plopped down on the edge of the pool. Renee rolled off her inflatable and swam over to him. By the time I returned with her drink, she was sucking Frank’s cock. I sat her drink at poolside and undressed myself. I jumped in and swam up to the couple to watch. Renee is so talented at oral! Renee suddenly pulled away and hit me on the arm. “Tag, your turn!” I looked at Frank. He shrugged his shoulders. So I swam over and positioned myself between his thighs and started sucking. In my mind, I thought, ok, this is one thing to check off my bucket list! I must have been really good, because it wasn’t long before Frank begged me to stop and he pulled back. He said he almost lost his load! Renee had downed another cocktail and was getting a bit more assertive. She grabbed her cell and called someone. A short time later, the woman from the yearbook walked through the gate. Renee told her to get naked and jump in. She told me to mix her and her friend a drink. I complied. Frank followed me inside and asked who this other lady was. I explained that it was Renee’s girl sex partner. We made the drinks and returned to the pool to find Renee eating the pretty young lady poolside. The lady looked to be about 35. She had long brown hair, a shaved pussy and gr*pefruit sized tits. Me and Frank were both throbbing from our swollen cocks while we watched Renee and her friend. Frank tried to join in, but Renee repelled him. She said, “Go fuck Freddy!” Frank backed off. Renee said it again. “I said, Go Fuck Him Now!” Frank looked over at me. I shrugged my shoulders. I pulled some lube out of our pool bag and gave it to Frank. Frank lubed his cock and gave the bottle back to me. I squirted the lube on my finger and plunged it inside my bottom. I spread a towel on the pool deck and got on all fours. Frank got on his knees behind me and pressed his half hard cock into my rectum. Renee’s friend began to gasp and she whispered I am cumming! Frank responded by gaining his erection back, He pressed forward. I felt a stretching pain in my ass. With constant pressure, Frank's cock eased inside and it was like pop and it was all in. Frank was gentle and the pain subsided. His curved cock was hitting my prostate. My juice streamed out and onto the pool deck. Frank apparently was enjoying the sensation and began to all out fuck me. The girls chanted, ”Cum! Cum! Cum!....” Frank Groaned aloud and pressed his cock as deep as it would go inside me. I felt his cock pulsate as he ejaculated inside me. After that, the four of us rotated through pleasing each other. I really enjoyed fucking Renee’s friend Joyce’s tight shaved hole. I have never fucked so much as I did that day. As the sun went down, Renee and Joyce went inside for a nap. Frank and I snored on the deck lounges. When we awoke, Frank started talking about today’s events. He loved fucking Renee and Joyce. He even admitted that I had the tightest hole he had ever fucked.

In the weeks that followed, Frank and Joyce and Renee and I stopped scheduling and planning. We just let things happen. Joyce would sometimes take off from school and come over on my off day and we would fuck all day. Some mornings I would come home to find Renee and Joyce in bed together or Renee and Frank. It was all good. One day, out of nowhere, I had just gotten off work and got home. There was a knock at my front door. I opened the door to find Frank standing there. I invited him inside. He asked for a beer. I gave him one. He popped the top and said he took the day off. He asked if I wanted to fool around. I answered, “Sure, why not”. Frank unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. He looked at it, fondled it, and then swallowed it. Frank had never shown any interest in giving me oral. He was nervous, but in minutes, I felt my orgasm building. I warned Frank, but he kept sucking. I grunted aloud with each rope of cum that streamed out of my cock. Frank swallowed. I started to put my cock away and zip my pants. Frank said no, not yet. He asked me to get naked. I did and he did the same. We asked me if he could fuck my tight hole. I asked him to let me get prepared. I went to the bathroom and douched my ass several times. I applied desensitizing lubricant inside my ass. I lay down on the bed. Frank wanted me face up. I slid my legs across his shoulders as he rolled me up so my ass was easily accessible. Frank's cock was throbbing hard as he pressed it into service. I told him this was my first missionary anal. His cock disappeared into my hole as I watched. It seemed to be less painful than before. Of course I had googled how to make anal more pleasurable, thus the douche and the desensitizing lube! He fucked me like he wanted this to last all day. I broke out into a heavy sweat as time went by. Frank’s sweat dripped on my body. Frank was getting close to the point of no return. I heard his breathing change to deep gasps. I felt his rhythm and depth change to slow and deep. And then POW and a grunt. Frank’s cock pulsated and he spewed his seed inside me. Frank collapsed on me and let his cock slowly wither into flaccidness. His cum began to leak out of my ass.

So now, I know what the future holds. Our foursome will continue. We will enjoy each other for times to come. I hear a knock at my door, I wonder which friend is on the other side!

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