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The Boss over for dinner

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MMF 1st time Bisexual threesome cuckold anal The Boss over for dinner

The knock on the door heralded the Boss( also a good mate) and his Wife's arrival for dinner. I opened the door and was surprised to find Jim standing there alone. ? Sorry, but Anne has one of her headaches so I hope you don't mind won't be coming ,we would have let you know earlier but she was hoping it would have cleared up by now?' ?that's ok ? I said ? come on in, grab a chair while I get you a drink?, just then my gorgeous 32 year old Wife Carol walked in wearing the low cut dress that I had asked her to wear, also no bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material,(I always get a thrill when I see Carol dressed this way, and feel good when other men ogle at her).

Jim gave her a peck on the cheek and I noticed him having a good look down her cleavage as he gave her the bottle of wine and the bunch of flowers he was carrying. (He knows how to put on the charm) ?Sorry about the missus not making it? he said ?that's alright? she replied ?all the more for us? with that she turned and walked to the kitchen saying she would get dinner ready, I got Jim and I a drink sat next to him on the settee and started a casual conversation with him which he didn't seem to take much notice of as he was too busy watching Carol set the table up for the three of us instead of four . He was no doubt looking on one of her bare boobs which I could also see as she bent over the table to put down the plates of food.

?Dinners ready if you two are, come and get it? she said, Jim seemed to have a problem getting to the table as he tried to cover up the obvious bulge in his pants which I'm sure Carol must have noticed as her nipples were now really poking out about 5cm, stretching the already tight dress she was wearing.

Dinner went well and the wine flowed the conversation was from Jim, aimed mainly at Carol, he did say I was very lucky to have not only a great cook but also a beautiful lady for a wife, which again had her nipples stiff I told him he didn't have to remind me as I found her equally attractive., Carol was now blushing bright red as Jim said he wished his wife would dress up to excite him as much as she was. ?Don't be silly? she said ?Anne is a lovely lady' She doesn't have breasts as nice as yours? he muttered ?what was that? she asked ?nothing ? he replied, but I heard it, loud and clear.

We retired to the lounge as Carol cleared up, I got the Boss a nice stiff drink and he said that that was not the only stiff he had had tonight, I laughed, said ?I noticed,? and felt proud and a little aroused, knowing that she had this effect on my Boss. who is very good looking and I know has had a lot of experience with quite a few sexy women in his time.

I must point out that Carol and I were both virgins when we married and had, what we thought was a good sex life. (How little did we know) The booze was starting to get to me as I mixed more drinks for Jim and Carol so I didn't have one this time round, Jim got up and went to the bathroom and I took the opportunity to mention the hard on that he had had when gazing at her bare tit she said she had noticed but didn't know why till I told her that one was clearly visible in all it's glory, ?O God? she said ? what will he think of me?? ?from the hard on he had, I have a very good idea? I replied.

Carol got up and said she was going to wash the dishes ? I'll help? Jim said as he walked back into the room, I think he may have heard what we were saying, but said nothing about it, I did say he was a guest and he wasn't doing any such thing, His reply was that he wanted too as he was really enjoying our company and wanted to thank Carol for the meal and for looking so lovely ,? you relax and have another drink Bob? I sat back for a moment then got up to put on some music when I heard some whispering then an audible ?No Jim?, Carol came back into the lounge room with a red face and nipples bigger than I had ever seen them, Jim was still in the kitchen so I asked if she was ok as she looked and sounded rather agitated.

She whispered that Jim had kissed her on the lips and thanked her for the dinner and had then cupped one of her breasts and said he wished his wife had boobs as big as her, as he placed his other hand on her buttocks,she didn't want to cause a scene and said nothing at first, but he took her hand and put it on his hard on, she said it felt huge and she actually squeezed it as she felt her pussy tingle, she was in a state of confusion as his hand slipped up her dress and stroked her pussy lips through her thin panties, she broke away with a ?no?, and that is when she came into the lounge room,I felt my own cock rising as I realised that my Boss had been feeling up my darling wife, and couldn't understand why, as I have always been a bit jealous of other men around Carol but didn't feel that way with Jim, in fact it got me thinking.

Carol said she hoped I wasn't mad with her, I took her hand and put onto my by now very stiff prick ?does that answer your question? I replied.

Jim came into the room and asked if he could have another drink and Carol went to get him one I followed saying I think I'll have a scotch Carol saying ? I think I will have one too ? she got Jim's drink and I asked Carol to take it in and give Jim a nice flash as she bent in front of him to put the drink on the coffee table she whispered ?no way, he was excited enough in the kitchen without turning him on more,? ? please? I said as she picked up Jim's drink, it's certainly got me turned on, she replied ?so am I?,I thought ?Wow?.

We then both went in to join our guest. She did bend in front of him and I felt another twitch in my prick as I saw his gaze go directly to her exposed breasts. We passed as she went to her chair and I smiled and whispered ?thanks?.and I went to join Jim on the lounge

A few more drinks were consumed, and as Carol got more and more tipsy her dress started to ride up her legs exposing a lot more than she normally did, I think she knew what she was doing though as It was so seductive and who was I to complain, this was a great turn on for me and I could see Jim had a big bulge in his pants and I'm sure he could see mine as well.

I asked Carol to come and join us , she asked why, and I told her she looked really lonely all by herself ,she got up and sat between us as I told Jim, Carol had told me what had happened in the kitchen and I didn't mind if Carol didn't ,she said she got really turned on by it but was afraid to let it go any further in case I walked in and caught them and got upset and that the feel of another man's cock sent a thrill through her fingers down to her toes Jim got up to leave and apologised for his behaviour. Carol shocked me by saying ?Bob I would like to feel Jim's prick again if its ok by you , I said ?O yes please, Jim, don't go yet? all he said was ?Yes? Carol put her arms around both of us and kissed us passionately.

There was nice soft music playing when Jim asked Carol to dance, he took her in his arms and all 6ft- 3ins of him towered over Carols 5ft-4ins her head coming somewhere around his neck as she snuggled into him and started to kiss it, he in turn started to grind his penis into her belly button, he smiled over at me as I gave him the thumbs up, he slid one of the straps of her shoulder, bared her left breast and stooping to take a nipple into his mouth, He got off to a good start as Carol loves having her teats sucked and really gets turned on, the other strap soon followed and her dress slid from her fantastic body to the floor, by now the dancing had stopped and Carol now wearing a very shear pair of panties was busy undoing Jim's pants which joined her dress on the floor, she gasped as her hand went into his boxers and pulled out a huge prick I guessed to be at least 9in long, I could not believe how small my wife's hand looked around my Bosses cock which seemed to grow even more before my eyes.

Carol sank to her knees and took the head into her mouth (something she had never done with me) I felt a little pang of jealousy at this but it soon passed as I watched what was actually a fantasy coming true, I have always got turned on by the thought of another man fucking my wife but didn't think it would happen as Carol and I could never really talk about sex and our fantasies, she started to deep throat the Bosses tool and was slurping on it at the same time.

My own rod by this time was starting to ache so I unzipped my own pants to give it some air and grasped it as I watched that big prick go further and further into her mouth much to my amazement, (I found out later that she had sucked heaps of cock as a teenager because she was afraid of getting pregnant and any way, she liked it, she never told me as I had never asked her to do it to me and I, like a fool had been to stupid to ask).

She was still sucking him while watching me stroke my own dick when she beckoned me over with her free hand as the other was still running the length of the pole in her mouth. I flew off the settee and found my prick firmly grasped and the foreskin pulled right back painfully, at first, but growing in pleasure. I reeled at first when my Wife brought our cocks together but soon enjoyed the contact of my employers dick as she took both the heads of both mine and Jim's pricks into her mouth.

The reality of the situation hit me all at once as my once sedate wife said ?I want your big cock in my cunt Jim ,please come and fuck me with your beautiful big pole?. I watched as Carol slid to the carpet, pulled off her panties, and opened her legs wide to accept another man's penis for the first time, pre- cum was running out of my own cock as I watched as Jim's mighty sword spread her fanny lips wider than they have ever been stretched before she groaned as the first few inches invaded her pussy but groans turned to moans as his cock drove deeper and deeper into her depths, she whimpered at first saying ?yes fuck me?, then built up, yes fuck meeeee?fuck my cunt with that big cock ?Oh yes, ram me, fuck me harder? I could not believe this was happening.

Where the fuck have I been all my life, why didn't we talked to one another before now? I knelt over her and stuck my throbbing prick into her hot mouth, stifling her groans as Jim's cock went deeper and deeper into the depths of her hot box, my dick was spat out as she started her orgasm and screamed to be fucked harder ?oh yes harder ,you fucking prick, fuck meeee, oh yes, fuck me, fuck, fuck me I'm coming, shoot your cream into my hole I was in a dream as I had never heard my wife talk like a slut, but believe me, I loved it, ( she has never had an orgasm while I have had my cock in her, (another first) Jim started to shout his own obscenities as he plunged deeper into her cunt than my prick had ever been, she started another orgasm as Jim shot his load deep into her quim ? your cunt is magnificent? he yelled , ?Oh yes darling, you are the best and tightest fuck I've ever had, your cunt muscles are squeezing my cock like a vice, squeeze it ,oh yes, you are fantastic?.

They both came down from their high, as I sat and drank in what had happened, I heard my darling say ?your turn sweetheart, fuck my sloppy cunt? I was in like a flash as Jim rolled away holding his spent and juice soaked cock. My own prick fell into Carols come filled hole as I sampled seconds for the first time. I hardly felt my prick in her stretched hole, but after watching her with Jim, it soon had me shooting my load up her wet cunt, when she asked me to lick her fanny,and please make me come again, I didn't hesitate as I went down on her pussy and sucked and swallowed Jim's and my own come out of that fabulous fanny (Another first.) and as Jim sucked on her nipples and squeezed her tits she exploded in the most violent orgasm she had ever had soaking my face with her hot come, Carol looked at me and asked me to come and kiss her, she took my face in her hands and licked all of her cream off me.

Jim's manhood was again standing as stiff as a pole, Carol didn't ask this time she actually ordered my Boss to come and 'FUCK MY TITS', he must have thought all his birthdays had come at once as he shoved his prick between her 38 inches of flesh, she squeezed them around his manhood and all I could see was his huge gland pointing towards her face and this disappeared down her throat, as he thrust forward, more of his dick came into view while she sucked him and wanked his shaft with her tits, he started to shake as he shot his jism down her throat, ? Oh fuck...fuck... yes? was all he could say.

He left his knob soaking for the time it took for him to climb back down from what must have been one great orgasm, he rolled to one side and a big wad of come started rolling down my darlings chin, God! she looked a perfect slut as I looked at my wife with wonder, I kissed her and she shared Jim's come with me, pushing her tongue down my throat and I drank the rest of it from her face and neck. I wished we had done this years ago and hadn't been so naive and not talked about our thoughts before tonight.

All three of us lay cuddled together and agreed that what we had done was really incredible.

We did get to talk after Jim left and she told me she had always fancied Jim but did not think I would be to amused by her honesty we laughed as I told her I had always wanted to watch her being fucked by another man, but was also afraid to bring it up in case she thought that I was bent or something. We cuddled up together and I fell into a dream filled sleep.

We have had the Boss over quite a lot since that night, also we have had weekends away. Jim has tried to get Anne involved, but she is not interested .Still, what we share between us is great.

The green envy did surface one time as Carol offered Jim her virgin arse, and I watched as at first she squealed with pain and then her sobs turned to cries of lust as she told him, in no uncertain terms to fuck her inside out ?Shove your 9ins up my hole? she yelled as his prick was a piston, driving my now slut wife to another fantastic orgasm.

Not long after this very enjoyable night, we had a weekend away.

After we had been out and had a great meal, had a few drinks in a beach side bar, we wandered along the shore getting sand between our toes, when Carol lay down on the sand , lifted her dress ( no panties) and begged Jim to fuck her there and then . I kept watch as his magnificent tool ravaged her cunt hoping that some one would come along to witness my Boss fucking her on the beach, alas it didn't happen and after a rare fucking in the sand hills we went back to the unit. My prick was aching to get into my darlings cunt, once again sampling her come filled fanny.

I had quite a bit to drink that night , so I was really able to hold back a bit as Carol had multiple orgasms while Jim and I fucked her,I was again screwing her cum filled cunt when Carol yelled out as her final orgasm erupted and her fanny juice shot out over my balls, running down into her crack I shot off a huge load of come as Carol wrapped her legs around me and I soaked my prick in Jim's and her pussy juices.

A couple of weeks later Jim asked if he could take Carol to a convention which was to run over a few days, he had overseas clients staying at a very up market hotel in the city, and as he wanted to impress them, he thought Carols out going nature would be ideal for the job. His wife Anne was certainly not an entertainer.

I wasn't sure at first, but Carol talked me around telling me nothing would happen if I didn't want it to, I asked her straight out if she would like some thing to happen she said ?yes I think I will love to have Jim all to myself for once? and she was thrilled when I told her to go and enjoy herself,but I would want all the details of her time with Jim over the days they would be away and of course the nights.

The next 3 days dragged as I wondered what Jim and Carol were getting up to and how many times he had his big cock in her, I envied her time with him and had visions of them fucking as I pulled my own cock raw

The three days finally came to an end when I heard their car come up the driveway.

Jim dropped Carol off and gave her a big hug and very passionate kiss and said ?Thank you Bob for letting me use your lovely wife, the business meeting was a great success thanks to Carol, ?come to my office in the morning? I wondered what he meant when he said, use my wife, but it wasn't long before I found out.

As soon as Jim left I was all over Carol wanting to know all the details of her time away with Jim and how many times she enjoyed his cock, ?don't be impatient darling, let me have a long hot bath first.? as she stripped off, I looked at her great tits and body, then she sank into the suds and all but her head was visible apart from one gorgeous nipple which I playfully tweaked ?Get me a drink, please lover? she said and I told her ?your wish is my command oh. horny one?.

I left her to bathe and went to mix a couple of drinks, Just then the phone rang and I was diverted from my thoughts for a short while. I returned to the bathroom to find it empty and found my lovely wife tucked up in bed, fast asleep, her hair cascading over the pillow.

She looked so much at peace, that I felt I would be a right arse hole to wake her up.

?Oh! well? I said to no one ?I'll have to wait till tomorrow?, as I left her to her slumber I took my dick in my hand and said to myself ?Well Bob?, look how strong your wrists are getting, as I once more fantasised about Carol and Jim's trip.

I got up the next day to find Carol still sleeping so I went to work looking towards the return home and all the juicy bits she had to give me about her fucks with the Boss.

I went to Jim's office as requested the day before, he called me in and asked me to close and lock the door as he didn't want us to be disturbed.

?You might like this Bob, I put the weekend on video for you to enjoy? (what a mate ), I would have been happy to get Carols story of their time away but now I was going to watch it on disc as well.

Jim slipped the disc in and I watched as my prick was growing bigger and bigger as the movie he had made unfolded. I didn't realise it at first till I looked at Jim and saw him looking at me as I unconsciously stroked my prick through my pants,? you like watching me fuck your wife don't you.

I said,?God yes, the night you came over for dinner had been a great awakening on mine and Carol's part and made our mundane sex life into a joy to behold? ?You like tasting my come and licking Carol clean, don't you' I replied that I had been introduced into the taste of come when I was a school boy by a couple of older boys when I was about 13 years old and had had my first orgasm as they played with my cock and I sucked on theirs, (they more or less just stuck it in my mouth) but I did like it, and the feel of their pricks in my hand felt great, the hard yet silky feel had stayed in my mind all these years.

Jim undid his fly and took out the dick that had been fucking my wife all weekend and he asked me to hold it, the movie rolled on as I got more and more turned on, as what was on the screen got me really turned on and now blatantly stroking myself. I didn't hesitate and gripped his hard on in my hand I pulled his cock as I watched the same prick stretching Carols cunt wide open.

The disc rolled on and on, as I watched again what was enfolding.

Jim undid my pants and they slid to my ankles, as he stroked my foreskin up and down my throbbing penis me he said ? come and suck my cock? without any hesitation I went straight down on that magnificent prick of his and took every bit of it down my throat, he was fucking my face and pulling my prick so hard that I shot my come all over his hand as he let loose a salvo of come down my throat I gagged at first but was soon able to swallow every drop thinking I should have saved some for Carol.

I went home that night knowing that what Carol, Jim and I had going was going to last a long long time.

When I arrived , I was greeted by a goddess, my lovely darling was dressed in a see through nightie that I had seen in the video, and had been bought by my Boss, at first I wished I had got it for her, but as she came to me and shoved her tongue down my throat I didn't give it a second thought.

The lights were dim and soft music was playing as we sat down to the fantastic meal awaiting me.

As we ate she started telling me about the fucking she had got from Jim when they arrived at the hotel, it turned out that he had booked the whole top floor for them and his clients who where arriving the following day. She told me that Jim had been a very patient lover as she came to grips with the fact that she was alone for the first time and was going to give herself to another man while I wasn't there. He had fucked her for hours and she lost count of the number of orgasms she had, she said she felt really wicked because I wasn't there, which enhanced the lovemaking with Jim, as an after thought, she added that she had missed me though. ?yeh right? I replied.

The rest of the weekend ,she said, was spent serving drinks and generally looking after the bosses clients and she had worn the red dress she had on that first time with Jim as he had asked and the three men there had commented on how nice she looked and felt her up as she handed out drinks etc. she never said any thing to them as she didn't want to upset them, but she said that it did turn her on being the centre of attention and later that night after dinner her and Jim had retired to the bedroom and screwed the night away.

I asked for all the details and she replied that it was much the same as the first night. I then got up and put a disc into the player and she asked if I had gone and bought a porn movie while she was away with Jim,I replied ?not quite? as I turned it on and put my arm around her and pulled her to me I told her she was going to enjoy this.

The movie started with Carol walking out of the bathroom wrapped up in a towel and Jim asking her to give him a flash she opened the towel quickly and then closed it just as quick telling Jim she didn't want to be on camera and to please turn it off which he did (or so she thought) he placed it on the table facing the bed, she let out a gasp as she saw herself lying on the bed stroking her pussy lips and telling Jim to ?come and fuck my tits?.

Carol pulled away from me and started to apologise saying ?I didn't know that the camera was on, your going to hate me? I pulled her back to me again, gave her a big kiss and told her ?when this movie was over all I was going to do was fuck her senseless,? my hard on was quite prominent and I guided her hand to it to let her know that it was ok by me and loved watching her on the screen being a slut with my mate.

I asked her then if she wanted to tell me the full story or watch it unfold on the television screen,she said ?you know what happened don't you?? ?yes? I replied ?but I want you to tell me all about it?.

The first night was as she had told me earlier, but now she started to tell me about the rest of her time away.

They had dinner in the penthouse which she served to Jim and his guests and sat with them at the table and drank quite a lot of very nice wine and started to really enjoy once again the compliments being given to her. All the wine she had drunk made her very tipsy so she gave her apologies and got up to go to bed .

Jim took her in his arms and as she looked up at him he thanked her for being the perfect hostess and gave her a very passionate kiss in full view of the rest of the men in the room who all thanked her as well and also kissed her rather longer than she thought appropriate and wished her a very good night.

The attention she received had made her rather horny so she asked Jim not to be too long with a little smile on her face, she could hear the men talking and laughing and her name being mentioned from time to time from inside the bedroom as she got undressed, turned out the light and climbed into bed naked, as she always does.

She lay there feeling naughty and started stroking her clit when the door opened and Jim walked in and turned the light back on catching her as she shoved three fingers up her cunt.

?Don't stop Carol that is so fucking horny to see? he said as he came and kissed her passionately on each of her erect nipples, she was so engrossed with Jim's ministrations that she didn't see the other men enter the room, also seeing her with her fingers in her snatch and Jim sucking on her tit, she became aware of them as she felt the bed move as one of them sat down and ran his hand up her leg, when she realised, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and protested to Jim that they were in the room with them and she was not getting involved in this as the hand on her leg reached her wet box and started stroking her lips .Jim put his mouth over hers and started kissing her so she couldn't talk for a moment as she felt a mouth close over her tit and a hand start feeling her other one.

She started to protest again as Jim moved away from her and saw that all the men were nude and a big cock was put in each hand which was held there in turn by the owners hand, the hand on her clit was replaced by a tongue as she kept saying ?NOOO O! GOD NO!? which soon became ?O! GOD YES? suck me you bastard, suck my cunt? she then lost all her inhibitions as she started pulling the two pricks in her hand.

Jim meanwhile was busy with the camera getting every delightful bit of the orgy unfolding on the bed.

Carol put the two cocks to her lips and took turns sucking them down her throat and was soon groaning as her orgasm built around the mouth on her cunt,and started yelling to be fucked and felt a huge knob push against her labia, ? O! Yes , fuck me, please fuck me, put your prick up me , fuck me hard O YES, YES I`m coming, fuck me-fuck me-fuck me,?she reached her climax as the cock in her cunt swelled and she felt every spurt of his come splash against her womb, he pulled out and was quickly replaced by one of the cocks she had released as her come had hit her, he pulled out for a moment and rolled her onto her hands and knees then rammed his weapon back up her snatch.

She was then impaled in her mouth as the other man knelt in front of her they got into a rhythm as one prick slid down the other came up, she felt another cum building as the knob in her mouth swelled and filled her mouth with juice, the stud up her cunt really started pounding into her and as she felt her second load of cum shoot into her womb Carol erupted with another mind blowing climax.

She ended up being fucked by all four of them and at one time had all three holes filled with cock, as the fourth guy got it all onto the disc which we were now watching.

She told me she lost count of how many times she had been fucked and how many cums she had over the days she was away, but enjoyed every one of them and hopes to get another invite from my Boss if it is ok by me.

Who am I to argue as I get to see all the details anyway.

I bent Carol over the arm of the chair and slid my throbbing cock into her hot pussy and started slowly to slide in and out of her, she was pushing back at me then started to squeeze my dick with her cunt muscles.

I started going faster and faster and my prick slipped out and hit her sphincter,?Yes oh!! God yes fuck my ass fuck me you bastard fuck mee!!! I'm coming, I shoved my cock in her hole and she clamped down on me and as I shot my load up into her bowels she had a almighty orgasm of her own, her legs gave way and we slid to the floor with me stuck up inside her, I had to go with her or she would have snapped my prick off at the roots.

I pulled out and went down on her clitoris and sucked her to another orgasm then licked her sweet hole and my come from her ass.

Winding down slowly and cuddling in each others arms.

Jim and I have watched our movie, (as we refer to it) a few times now in the office and I end up have the pleasure of sucking his cock on a regular basis while watching it.

I get so turned on when I have his prick down my throat that one time I begged Jim to fuck my own hole he replied ?why not, lets see if you are as tight as Carol.? he lubed me up and soon had a couple of his fingers in me and I found the feeling just incredible, I was bent over his desk in the classic doggy position as he slowly inserted the head of his 9?cock into me it hurt like hell but I wanted it so bad, I begged him to keep going and once the head was in and he slid the remainder of it up to his balls which were actually banging against mine.

I was screaming to be fucked harder and harder, Carol had told me that when Jim fucks her and he is about to cum, she could feel his cock head swell inside her, believe me she was so right, I felt it swell and the spurting of his juices as he came inside me. At the same time he started pulling my prick faster and faster and I shot the biggest load ever in my life. What a fantastic stud he is, and knowing that he has now fucked me and Carol, gives me a feeling of utter perverted delight and I am so thankful to him for changing our sex life from so, so, to fucking brilliant.

I now enjoy Jim's cock up inside me as I fuck Carols cunt and have enjoyed fucking him as his cock fucks the hell out of my wife.

Carol loves to see Jim and I in a sixty nine or fucking each other and often cleans us both up after a session of pure unadulterated lust taking both of our cocks into her mouth.

One of our greatest sessions was when Carol asked us both to fuck her at the same time,the feeling of Jim's meat sliding in and out of her arse as I fucked her cunt was incredible, just a thin wall between us really enhanced the friction and Carol just kept yelling to be fucked harder and harder.

I'd like to say we all came together in a final orgasm, but I came soon after Carols first cum and slid out from under her and lay watching Jim's prick slamming in and out of my wife's butt hole while my cum leaked out of her cunt.

Jim and Carol had an incredible orgasm together and as his cock slid out of her ,I couldn't help but go down on her and cleaned up all the cum mixture from her cunt and arse.

We lay together enjoying the afterglow and fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.

Our inhibitions are completely gone and we now enjoy our sex life to the full with Jim and others, have joined Carol and I on many an occasion, but those stories will have to wait.


I don't think this would have ever happened if I hadn't invited THE BOSS OVER FOR DINNER.

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